Targeting of Ma’di business & community leaders by Dinka security: Where’s Minister Obutu Mamur?

From: David Aju Kanyara, JUBA, SEP/24/2014, SSN;

As the war enters its tenth month, South Sudanese undercover security dogs have caused significant miseries to the ordinary law abiding citizens of this great nation from North to South and from west to east. In the Ma’di corridor, this had started even before the outbreak of the Juba Massacre, Our Head Chief in Nimule was gunned down and as is the hallmark of the Juba government, this was a blackmail, they then twisted the stories leading to humiliating, jailing and torturing of our leaders including the supreme leader of the Ma’di people.

The horror has now returned in full swing hanging over the Madi people. The lawless security apparatus have now intensified their unlawful targeted arrests of Ma’di young people, men in general and business community in particular.

I wish to bring to the attention of the South Sudanese people, the number of our community members disappearing is alarming, this includes members of the business community, opinion and community leaders.

Many of the Ma’di business community in particular have been targeted, tortured, arrested, bullied, intimidated by Kiir security dogs operating in the peaceful Ma’diland where there are no rebel activities reported.

Since the beginning of August till September 12 -2014, there have been more than 7 high profile arrests of Ma’di businessmen, some have been detained in secret security locations for unknown reasons, families have not been informed neither are they given explanations.

Others have been snatched in bright daylight from their homes, taken to unknown location, interrogated by security forces for reasons never revealed to them, while others were harassed, beaten and made to pay high ransoms for their freedoms.

This is happening while the local offices of chiefs were not notified; some were hunted on their ways from their business locations back to their residential areas. The most recent alarming case has set the community in high alert and anger and since then no government representative nor the police in the areas came to inform the family about the disappearance of a prominent business man by name Bosco Wayi who has residence both in Nimule, Loa, and has businesses in Nimule and Elegu.

On Friday the 12th September 2014, in early evening, Mr Bosco Wayi, a well-known, respected Ma’di businessman since 1980’s and a law abiding citizen, who never hold any grudge with anyone nor with the security officers in the areas, was returning from Nimule where his main business is based, and while passing the Aswa River, a journey he repeated every morning and every evening for the last 7 years or so without having problems with traffic police.

On 12 September after passing the traffic police at Aswa river station as usual, this time it was reported that he was followed by men who according to eye witnesses dressed in traffic police uniforms.

The men in traffic police uniforms according to eyewitnesses followed Bosco Wayi up to Orobe village a distant of about 4 kilometer from Aswa River police station. The eyes witnesses have reported seeing the men in traffic police uniform stopping Bosco, and proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious.

They threw him and his motor bike into a white Toyota Pickup which arrived at the scene 15 minutes after the men in white police traffic uniform had stopped Mr. Bosco. After bundling him into the pickup they then headed back to the direction of Nimule.

The men in white traffic police uniforms were heard by the eye witnesses speaking in both Dinka and Arabic.

A woman who was passing by, coming from fetching water from nearby borehole heard Bosco crying in Ma’di “why are you killing me?” and “what have I done wrong to be tortured?”

According the woman who doesn’t want her name to be made public due to fear of repression, she said Bosco did not resist but he was pleading to be brought to Loa chief if there is anything he did wrong, but after the men in uniforms had cocked their guns and pointed it to Bosco’s head.

The cry subsided and at that point she said she too ran quickly to avoid being noticed and beaten by the men.

Since 12 September an attempt to look for Bosco through the public police office in Nimule did not yield any result, as the police there said they have no record nor a name of such individual in their custody.

This raised severe concerns about the security detention center where Bosco could be kept, and the question that begged to be answered is why traffic police are arresting and torturing people? Why traffic police are arresting someone passing the same route without breaking traffic law?

Since 12 September the people of the area and specially the family members of Bosco and his business associates are living in fear and they are worried that something bad has happened to their son, since the police in Nimule denied that Mr. Bosco Wayi has been brought to their custody, and they couldn’t confirm anyone arrested by their police on Nimule–Loa road.

The fact that these arbitrary arrests and tortures are happening exactly one year after the paramount chief of Nimule was gunned down cold blooded that fateful night of 8 September, whose death was blamed on Ma’di community elders by both governments in Juba and Torit, and since then innocent Ma’di Supreme leader, the ‘Lopirigo” Yaba Ret Ambassador Vugo and his deputy Lagu Jabakana and many other community leaders were falsely blackmailed by Juba Security with the help of Dr Anna Itto Leonardo and Amb. John Andruga Duku.

After months of nightmares in Torit prison the leaders were one by one released without any charges and there were no compensation by the government for the tortures inflicted on them by the prison ward while in Torit in particular. This was done to humiliate the Madi leaders to passiveness and their goal has been achieved!

The fact that this unlawful and targeted arrests are happening again, coinciding with the event of killing of late chief has raised serious concerns and furor, and perhaps the hard question that needs to be answered is what does the government gain by torturing Ma’di people who so far have been peaceful and have accommodated the Dinka internally displaced persons without violence despite the constant humiliations of the Madi people by the Dinkas in our ancestral land?

What is the objective of this Dinka led government towards the existence of minority tribes in South Sudan, but the Ma’di people in particular? Could it be that they are preparing another blackmailing in order to jail more of our people as they did last year, could it be they are provoking the Madi people to anger so as to give the Dinkas the excuse to massacre the Madi people as they massacred the Nuer in Juba?

We want our fellow countrymen to be informed about this evil the Dinkas are doing and planning in the Madi land.

Until the security officers who snatched Bosco on his motor bike brings him back unhurt and alive, we the Ma’di community will hold the Commander in Chief accountable for his indifference to the suffering of the Madi people who unanimously voted for him during 2010 presidential election.

President kiir is deaf and blind when it comes to Madi issues, hundreds of letters were sent to his office in regards to IDP roaming with their animals and AK47s in agricultural lands and in market places in Nimule, from the day the late Chief Ajugo was killed, to the forceful imposition of Nimule Town council designed to license and legitimize his Dinka cattle kraal to illegally remain in Nimule now 9 years after CPA and three year after south Sudan gained its independence.

Until now several people have been tortured and Bosco Wayi snatched on his motorbike by none other than Dinka security operatives in Nimule, while they, these Dinkas are unable to control insecurity in Warrap, Lakes state and the violent states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.

Why are they importing their insecurity in all parts of South Sudan?

These abusive security personnel in Nimule and other Ma’di areas being paid by public money, have also targeted the people who contributed money to help the widow and the children of late chief Ajugo.

The question is why the government is targeting the individuals for helping a widow, while the government should have been the one looking after the family of the late because he was killed while on duty for this government.

Doesn’t this make it plain that the government was the one that gunned down late Ajugo for renouncing the bloody dirty game created by then deputy interior Minister Salva Matok?

We the community want to summon all the Ma’di politicians, Ma’di MPs both from Torit and Juba to press the security personnel and minister for the security of our people and all those that have disappeared.

We ask Mr. Obote Mamur to find out why the Dinka Security men grabbed Bosco and his whereabouts? What happened to him and others like him? Who ordered his arrest? What kinds of charges are brought against him… etc?

Until these are done in a constitutional manner, we will hold the police traffic at Aswa River station accountable, we will not cease until justice is done and Bosco is given back to us in healthy condition and we want the government to guarantee his security after his return.

Furthermore, we want anyone who is found guilty of carrying out these unlawful targeted arrests, tortures and intimidation on high profile Ma’di businessmen should be brought to face justice, and the government to stop repressions going on in Ma’di corridor against our business community and opinion leaders across the Ma’di land.

The Voice for the voiceless
David Aju Kanyara,
Juba, South Sudan


  1. Dear Mr.David Aju Kanyara:

    No smoke without a fire! No child without intimacy! I read your article you wrote,and I understood your great concern for Mr.Bosco Wayi whereabouts! His matter is simple! Do not generalize the tribe for Dinka people.They are not all traffic police officers who have arrested Bosco Wayi.

    What I need is that the government should arrest those traffice police officers in Aswa River.They should investigate them in order to find out the true event of his arrest for Bosco Wayi.

    If something happen for Bosco Wayi,they the traffic police officers,should be accountable for his well being! Have a nice day! Live in peace with your fellow compatriots in your country! They are not your potentia enemies! POLITICS IN YOUR ENEMY!


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      While Dinka continue to not rebuke their security forces and government, while their people in the thousands continue to occupy the Madiland, then why not blame the whole tribe!
      Tell me why would Dinka IDPs in the current war cross all the way from the very north of the Country to the very South, Nimule and the surrounding area?
      They have been given Kapoeta, but they refuse! This is because they want the Madiland for themselves! You can not escape the blame on the entire tribe as long as this kind of thing continues to happen.
      We and the Arabs were of the same country and compatriots, how come we did not accept them bullying us in our own ancestral land, what is the difference between Dinka and Arabs, if any the DInkas are worst.

      • Aj says:

        Samuel and David,
        you guys stop reasoning with idiot dinkas. All you need is pick up gun and start shooting those securities day and night period. This is the only language we are going to communicate in this country and crying on the net won’t help you madi get your place.

        Some of you will cry to peaceful in resolving issues, dinkas does not know what resolving matters in reasoning manner and way for them to know that people are saying no is to cut off their head by killing them. That’s what we do best and they know best from us.

        Take my advice and inform your youth to act and your will see the results less than a week. People like Abiko should never be give any chance when you see them in equatoria, just kill him and even if he has young kids and unborn, clean everything for they unborn will continues the same traits you are trying to eradicate.


        • Deng Bol says:

          Mr. AJ,
          Why are you sending other people to go and shoot the securities day and night? If you are that brave, why can’t you go and shoot the police day and night the way you suggest it yourself? Just don’t talk tough on the net if you just want to send innocent people in harm ways.

          • Aj says:

            Deng Bol,
            in my county no such things as security snatch and killing people. I am telling the author what to do to protect themselves. Get that into tinny & narrow brain!


        • Force One says:

          The nobodies or inferiors are the ones who cry everyday that Dinka oppressed them, first Dinka overwhelmingly forced Arabs out of South Sudan; second Dinka are the overwhelming force everywhere in South Sudan including your own house and if that’s a recipe of a tinny brain and idiocy then those two word had lost their true meaning.
          You on the other hand; what have you done that made you any significant than Dinka in South Sudan other than just whining like children who haven’t got what they want to eat? The only thing you’re left to say is to just say “Idiot and tinny brain and nothing else to back them up because you can’t go over there and fight. Are you personally want to be a freedom fighter? Then you’re highly welcome and stop whining for nothing!

          • Aj says:

            Force one,
            you can rant your mouth as you want but I am telling you point blank,you and your dinkas are nothing to me and am not event feeling any shits you’re trying to say. I am not whining as you put but informing the author on how to deal with animal like you since your brain is useless to be call human.

            Talking about chasing Arabs,I can tell you that most people who are Arab are you dinkas after running and working as a slave in Khartoum under sharia law. After, Arab never have any interest in you dung mura. So, don’t even try to tell me you chased Arab.I will appreciate if you tell me you were chasing food.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    He looks like a LOKASSA musician,shake your body.

  3. wanilosake says:

    you will seem to loose because instead to go to the Law you seem to focus on Dinka and Kiir security forces that shows you are pabricating things for oposition benefit, this are the atitudes of tribalist people, without other tribes you would had not madi land you talking about this is south sudan not Madi land , if he is arrested why not find out may be he had been smuggling on the boarder as is known to most people on the boarder,
    high one passed through Nimule and look at the high rise buildings coming up

    • Aj says:

      what is this animal is talking about? Whose security is it? Isn’t the government not run by your idiot kiir who know nothing but killing others. Just enjoy what you have on the plate soon when that is over just pack and run north bud.


  4. Red Bull says:

    You sounded the alarm! The Madi people have been sounding the alarm as you said even before the Juba Nuer killings. If the rest of South Sudan were to hear your cries and press the government of Juba to respect minority and Human rights then maybe Juba massacre and the subsequent needless loss of lives could have been prevented.
    Juba has indeed been blackmailing those who are opposed to them. They do things then accused those they want to target for whatever reason, blame them and throw them in Jail just as they did to the supposed coup plotters! Now it is this!
    The Madi need to wake up, Equatoria in general need to wake up and watch over each other. If anything will one day give the Dinka the entire south Sudan, it is their success in divide and conquer techniques.
    The indifference that it is the Nuer, it is the Madi, it is the Kukus act will give south Sudan squarely in the hands of the Dinkas.

  5. Elijah Samuel says:

    Aju Kanyara,
    The Dinkas have a predatory nature, they dream of not only ruling South Sudan for thousands of years to come, reason they want to take the Nuer down for the Nuer threaten this dream of the Dinkas, but they also dream of occupying the entire South Sudan particularly that of the minor tribes like the Madi people.
    The Madi Saga with the Dinka government also has to do with the Dinkas blaming Joseph Lagu for Kokora. The Dinkas are a vengeful group of people, they like hurting others but when touched they cling to grudges.
    Is this not why Juba 2013 massacre happened, did we not remember Kiir invoking 1991 Bor massacre?
    Dinkas are also provoking the Madi so that the Madi start fighting to give the Dinkas reason to massacre them just as you said but we, the rest of South Sudanese, will not allow genocide like that of Juba to happen in any other parts again.
    Keep speaking for your people, Aju, while your politicians are all sold out to the Dinkas.

  6. Monye E Bai says:

    David; we don’t have madiland but South Sudan; so if you think you’re the only one who belong there; then you’re inviting on your own trouble and for that reason; you should carry your own cross.

  7. Joseph Shwaka Tombe says:

    The arrest in Madiland is not new. It started long before CPA and independent of South Sudan. Dinka targeting Madi had been published by Dinka themselves that “Madi Stumbling Block for Dinkazation of Equatoria”. Most people knew Dinka are targeting Madi people for a reason. Since 1980s, individuals from the Acholi tribe were used to killed and do all evil act aganist Madi people. Killing Madi head chief, the arrest of their elders, torture, and inprisonment without trial was very much cordinated with some Acholi politicians which include Brig. J. J. Okot, Clement Otto and others.
    According to the secret document signed by Dr. John Garang and leaders from Acholi community in 1985, Dinka has a long term plan. They wanted to push Madi tribe out of Sudan and replaced them. The Acholi tribe also agreed to help Dinka to achieve that plan on condition that they also want a portion. Opari, Owniy ki Bul, Ammwee were the target of Acholi tribe. After CPA and Independent, we know a lot about what evil is happening in Nimule. These evils are been manufacture by Top governemnt official in Juba and Bor. The author of this article sound like he is madi himself. But I would like to asure you that Dinka had seriously caused a lot of damages to the Madi people in term of life lost, resouces, disgrace, humilation, torture, and all shorts of Evil you can name it.
    The secret document signed by Dr. John Garang and Acholi elders was recovered from a top governemnt official from Dinka tribe. The photo copies are now hanging in the hands of some intellectuals across the counrty. I hope one day Madi will come a cross a copy of this document to see how their own grave were dug when they were still a life. The grave of Nimule Head chief killed not long time ago was dug in 1985. If Bosco Wayi was killed on 12/9/2014, his grave was dug in 1985. All evil happening in Madiland were systematically planned. You have to think critically, No Human Being on earth can live under such condition in the 21 century. Its unfortuate that some Madi politicians and elders are blocked from responding or saying a word to what Dinka are doing to their people.
    Joseph Shwaka Tombe
    Juba-South Sudan

    • johnjerry says:

      Mr.Joseph Shwaka Tombe there is no such secret document signed by Dr.John Garang and the Acholi elders.During Anyanya one Dr.John was in Owiny ki Bul and later Lobone.He knows which land belongs to who. If the said document is indeed there with a photo copy in the hands of some individuals the facts will one day surface. Leave Opari, Owiny ki Bul and Amme to where they belong to Acoliland. It is the Dinkas that you should be talking about because of their misbehavior not only in Madiland,but in the entire Country.One day when the wind change direction things will return to normal. It takes only one person to make that change through the wise though of God. That person could be from Madi,Balanda,Buya or even from another Dinka. The power rest with God as there is nothing imposible with GOD. He can built a bridge across the Ocean or open it like it happened in the Biblical time when the Red Sea was wide Open to the escaping jews. Do not call names pray and God will listen.

  8. w.o.k says:

    crying babies.who touches the mule men now. well,what u think nuers made of? don’t what u guys got in your -eags or balls!. liberate yourselves not me u.history says so. will b there before dry season.see u.

  9. Eli says:

    As Ma’di we need to defend our own selves, don’t expect help from somewhere else, Kirr is a dictator supported by other dictators both within and outside the country. Every dictatorship shall come to an end, while the situation is getting worse everyday the end is far from over. Let’s not lose heart but rather this is a way to unite the minority groups, it should be easy for the minority groups to find a reason to unite and embrace the rebellion. Let those who have fire arms keep it and not hand them over to the government and those who dont have any you need to start buying more guns. South Sudan is a lawless state and hence only the Warlords shall survive. Even if it means each region breaking away in the future let us get ready for unexpected. We can not share a nations with savages such as dinkas. This is their time but ours is coming as we all know in Africa politics changes like wind. Number is nothing, dinkas are like pack of hyenas, they make lots of noise but when things get serious their heels show the back. And asking for justice from a dinka is like surrendering, the only way is to take it,” by guns they came by guns they will go”. Had it not been Museveni’s protecting them like babies dinkas would have crumble and succumb easily, but now we in opposition need to get Museveni out of the way then face dinkas once an for all. Don’t lose heart help is on the way, but we must all work together.

    • ELi,

      I agree with everything you said in your comments. Salva Kiir is listening to the barrels only. Those South Sudanese who believe in Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah to bring about change have fail completely. There would be no change through Blah, Blah only in South Sudan. If Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah can bring change and independent, then South Sudan would have been gotten her independent in 1947. In addition, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah only had fail to bring peace in 1950s, 1960s, 1970’s and 1980s.

      Military struggle work much better with dictators that is why eventually South Sudan got her independent and because of military struggle, Kiir is now paying attention to our freedom fighters and accept to negotiate with them. Salva Kiir has been deaf to hear the voice of citizens who call for federal system of government, blind to see the suffering of South Sudanese, and foolish to predict what the dictatorship rules will bring to our belove country.

  10. Luka Loker says:

    What ever Dinka are doing in Madiland and anywhere in South Sudan will one day turn against them. Idi Amin behave badly in Uganda. Do you Dinka people know what is left of his name? What Dinka are doing in South Sudan as a whole is not politics. Dinka are South Sudan Cancer if they continue the way they are doing, we are all victims. Even those tribes we have not yet heard from had more enough. But change is coming and we will see where they are going to stay especial Dinka who are currently living in Equatoria with their guns, cattle and families. We know Dinka are not all in Equatoria, but those one committing crimes in Equatoria are well known. Let them continue, but Pay Day is near. For Madi people, one day your home and villages will be freed from this tribe. We don’t have a government in South Sudan.

  11. pitya lo tongun says:

    don’t worry bro David Aju, the blood of our own brothers are now following them and hurting them down starting from bor, lakes and now in northern bahr el ghazal. these people are just curse generation and what do you get from curse people is only misfortunes and misery. the history is very clear, the Azanda kingdom did many bad things and it was having an intention of clearing certain ethnic groups but what happen to it and where is Azanda kingdom now? it’s only matter of time that they will wear the black clothes that they made us to wear. no kingdom will survive by killing, intimidation and occupation of others ancestral land.
    there is no changes that will come without revolution.

  12. Johnson, says:


    You have a point in trying to press for the whereabouts of Bosco Wayi if at all it is not a fabrication, but you should be mindful that Oboto Mamur is a National Figure and you should not drag him into issues that can be dealt with by Eastern Equatoria Govt or other local security establishments in the State. I am confused here whether you are calling upon Oboto Mammur as a Madi or a Minister of National Security. Caution: let us not destroy our leaders by tribalizing them. Oboto can see to it to address any problem(s) in Nimuli if they are of general nature just the way he has been exerting his efforts for stability for Lakes State in general.

  13. Force One says:

    David Aju;
    If you think you’re going to disobey the police because you think there is a land you personally call your own; then you don’t need to complain when you get what you deserve! What do you think your Mamur is going to do? Scare the government with his sad face! His power probably the same as yours! Go and tell your Mamur what to do!

  14. Mabok Baak says:

    You Madi

    Where were you during the dark days of struggle? Adjumuni refugees camp. Hehe now you want to preach that Dinkas are bad and we liberated you out from the camps just to come with your forge degrees and we entertained you by giving you jobs yet saying nonsense. You may talk of Idi Amin but don’t talk of Dinka because Idi Amin was not a powerful tribe like Dinka but he was just a man. If you continue to talk like that we know you and we shall silence you very soon mother …. leave alone your damn Bosco.

    • Aj says:

      Mabok Baak,
      Bring it to EES far East. It would be good match if you got that balls. Where did Deng Akwang teeth got broken down?
      Bring that language and we shall dance the same tune.

      • Majongdit says:

        Can you break anybody’s teeth? You first of all need to have teeth…stupid boy!

        • Aj says:

          You idiot Majongdit has no idea what I said. Read between the line. See who is STUPID now? It’s just you like your STUPID KIIR. I have no point reasoning you only things I can do for you if you are close here is to kill you period. You don’t deserve to be call human at all. Got that right that’s why I said I don’t give a second chance to your likes only death will teach you new lives, that’s sleep forever!


          • Majongdit says:

            When are you going to kill me? Tell me where can we meet so that you are availed that oppertunity to kill me. I will willingly come wherever you are. Champion of Talk, Mr Aj.

      • Force One says:

        If you have that power, why don’t you liberate equatorial? Do you know that even the gazelle can talk tough the same way as you’re to a lion? Have you ever heard of a phrase “Talk is cheaper than action”? You should be asking Nuer for advice on how to take down Dinka and they will be happy to school you.
        Do you remember your bishop Lokuku in Juba who said and I quote “There are no freedom fighters; they are all dead”! I believe what he said should ring a bell on your ears!

        • Aj says:

          Force One,
          you hiding from your true color, enjoy a foreign food and also think of you future. Useless as you are has nothing to offer me just keeping be IDPs and you die as an IDP.


        • torelomatat says:

          People are blindly talking of liberation. Who liberated who? So according to you Equatoria is not liberated? How do you compare Equatoria and those places now becoming battle fields just because of their animalistic behaviors. All are now in Equatoria seeking refuge, yet creating nonsense, looting, killing every day and night. Federal system will solve all these barbaric action foolishly created by you animals. You need to stay alone, kill yourselves, the Equatorians will host you despite all your animalistic behavior. I believe, the whole of the Greater bahr-El-Ghazal will disintegrate, they will never live together for the rest of their lives. Maybe Greater upper Nile will do well or join the Equatorians since most of them are peaceful.

  15. Dear Eli (Oduho Obuto Otuho):

    Otuho people in the tribe,they are peace keeping force!They do not have people naturally! Your obessession on Dinka,it will not make Otuho people to follow your cheap politics at all! Otuho people do not have any problem with Dinka.They Dinka they are part of South Sudan family.

    If you want to buy a gun,do it alone to yourself! Stop urging people to do wrong things! There are northerners living everywhere in the South.They have been treated better to Dinka people the onwers of the homeland! Go to hell with your envy and jealousy!! Thanks! I am obligating to my freedom of expression in my human democracy!

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Mr. Abiko Akuranyang,it seems that you’re hypocrite and opportunist. Yesterday you used to criticized dictator Kiir harshly and now you are the die-hard and Pro-Dinka. The Equatorian leaders have joined the SPLM/ IO and yet you are not denying the death of Madi People but also you are highly praising the Dinka. Mr. Abiko,I think it’s a great shame for you to be Salva Kiir stooge while some tribes in Equatoria are being subjugate by Jaang. For your information, Mabuto Mamur’ s son is a deputy chairperson of the SPLM IO chapter in Canada Ontario. In fact, he’s sooner rather later going join the fight and facing his father in Eastern Equatoria. Like wise, Zachariah Joseph Garang, the deputy governor of Western Bahr Gaziel is facing a big problem to mobile Jur Chol tribe to be the supporters of Kiir government for his younger brother is a Chairperson of the SPLM IO chapter in Ottawa, the political capital city of Canada. His main goal is to mobile Jur Chol and Friuts in Bar el-Ghazil and in diaspora to jion the revolution. Even Dinka people are now turning away against Kiir government because they realise that he (Kiir)made a big mistake by not only killing their fellow citizens but also cousins.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        I would like to correct some grammar error here. Please let me elaborate on the above comment clearly. What I’m trying to say is that the son of gen. Obutu Mamur Peter, has already joined the SPLM IO here in Canada. Currently, he’s the deputy chairperson of the SPLM IO chapter in Toronto Ontario. Unlike Chief Abiko who is now becoming the slave of Dinka for the sake of money. Whereas, Abiko, Martin Lamor, Wani Agga, Aannah Ato, Jumma Kumba, Steven Peterino, Susan Jambo, and many more, are jumping up licking Dinka shoes, gen. Gore, Dr. Wani Tombei, Dr. Richard Mula, Peter Obutu Mamur and etc. are in the right side. The slave-minded Abiko is not only denying the killing of his fellow citizens in Eastern Equatoria by Kiir but also praising the Jieng. Mr. Akurangany, you’re brought shame on the whole Otuho tribe. When were school kids in Bentiu in late 80’s, our teachers from Nuer tribe used to tell us that Latuka people were south Sudanese heroes and therefore, we must respect any Latuka who visited or worked in GREATER Upper Nile. However, I’m wondering now what happened. I’m also don’t understand why the youth of Equatoria are frightened of Dinka militias who have been killing their brothers, mothers sisters and brothers on daily basis. Gen. Lado Gore became hysterical for the Equatoria people betrayed him.

  16. Tangata Riri says:

    My lament for the Equatorian Peoples.

    If you are Acholi, Avokaya, Azande, Baka, Balanda, Bari, Didinga, Kakwa, Keliko, Kuku, Lango, Lokoya, Narim, Lopit, Lugbwara, Lulubo, Madi, Makaraka, Moru, Mundari, Mundu, Nyangbwara, Otuho, Pari, Pojulu, Tenet or Toposa – remember that you are an Equatorian and that you are your brother’s keeper.

    Each stick is easy to snap if handled on its own, but when there are many sticks in a bundle, no matter how hard you try, you will find them impossible to break.

    Today, the Ma’di are calling to their brothers for help. They find themselves standing alone and like that single stick believe themselves to be near breaking point. Is there no one amongst their Equatorian family who will stand with them?

    Yesterday it was the Bari, with land grabs, intimidation and murders over plots in the capital. We Equatorians as a family did nothing. We said nothing. When the Azande faced the banditry of the LRA we offered no help. We did nothing. We said nothing. We left them to fend off the bandits on their own using bows & arrows against modern rifles. Today, it is the Ma’di because the border town of Nimule is a rich prize. We do nothing, we say nothing.

    Who will it be tomorrow? Equatorian solidarity has been tested and proven to be shallow and wanting. All I hear is “Why do you want to involve us in your quarrel, MY people have no problem with such & such a group”. Is this not a shame?

    Divided, we are each tribe a minority. Easily ignored, sidelined or discriminated against. United, we are a majority – a social and political force to be reckoned with. Is it not a shame that we don’t see ourselves as others see us i.e. Equatorian first and this or that tribe a distant second.

    • Majongdit says:

      Look at this rebel boy, Tangata Riri…Your name suggests, you are a real Tangata and you are Mr. Ririririr.
      How many tribes can you put together to form another tribe called ‘Equatoria’. You don’t know the scenarios of this country, don’t be surprised that one day the Dinka and the Nuer can unite against you. Apart from this madness, the Dinka have one lineage. They are mad at one another now but I am sure you Equatorians will unite them.

      • Holo Kor says:

        Majongdit, it is all the obvious which is coming from you; and it is the scare tactics and it is tomfoolery.
        Calling on the Nuer to clean your mess, it is by itself part of tomfoolery. Inviting some one else to share your own sin is very stupid of you. Nuer, these are the people, as we’re talking here or write, now and yesterday, you wanted them to be cleared off-the-face of the earth and, so, and which one are your allies, or you’re talking about those spectres whom are now looking on you down from the heaven? So, those are the Nuer you are talking about-to my understand.

        Anyway, it cannot be better than that.

        I have to go. But good luck with everything.

        • Majongdit says:

          Nuer and Dinka are cousins and very close and share a lot in common. The Nuer call the Dinka Jang, which is the same as jieng, but they call Equatoria Nyamnyam

          • Holo Kor says:

            Majongdit, just go away because I, I’ll start to stoop as low as to your level and therefore, that will encourage you to assume that I and you are cut from the same cloth. It is only me and only me alone, who is walking down the street everyday here, in ignominy, thinking of sharing a country with a vagabonds, thieves, and as bloodily up to the bones, corrupted people like-you. So Majongdit, what is that the thing which is making you to gloat around the world at the large and with such a hollow snoot, while we know who you are? It is just you- and it is the same you that any straightforward: adjectives, adverbs or the verbs cannot ever pain, or can put forward a perfect picture nor a good image. Only we, or I will only wallow and howl and live in this crappy life in South Sudan at your sense of satanic filth. Thou thorny life made out of thou image tho jangle but brute. And that is all Mr. Majongdit and that is my msge to-you-and-to others like you. Go, Majongdit, go raving-lunatic with the rest of our lives in our hands. You just go and make fun of it. Just go baby, just go! For your time one day will also come.

            A poor man dies, child, a woman or the money are looted by… but, what made you to gloats this much and walk with your head-high, but nothing but a blind usual hope of yours. But for me, I am sick of all of your people, because they are the reason why this country is in the failing states and nothing is to be compared with the rest of the world. It is down on the bottom! I was told.

            Please, just promise me, go away and leave the people alone.

  17. Micheal Lohitu Mete says:

    Response of John Jerry about the Secret Document is a lie.
    The document signed by Dr. John Garang and some Acholi community elders exist. In the eve of the current crisis, an Acholi chief was accused for moblising the youth to fight the government. A claim which was unfounded, but some individuals from Dinka reacted and threatened the Acholi community leaders that if they want to change direction to the opsition the document (secret treaty) singened in 1985 will be brought to light. The Acholi comunity members who were aganist the secret document too acknowldge that indeed some of their elders were decieved by Dr. John Garang to signed the document which paved way to Dr. John Garang to visit Ownyi Ki Bull and creation of Ownyi Ki Bull bridge. These are realities.
    I want you to know that I am Latuka Mr. John. Today your people are pround to call Magwi a County. But do you know the origin of the word Magwi? Magwi is not Acholi word. Is a word drived from Latuka Amagwi, referring to a given class of vegetable. Do you think our people will one day claim ownership of Magwi County because the name originate from us the Latuka? No, is something historical.
    You people went as far as signing docement with Dr. Garang to claim ownship of Opari and Owyi Ki Bull. That is very dangerous trespassing. The land is strickly Madiland. All the surrounding tribes know the land belong to Madi tribe. The Turkish found them there, Arabs found them there, and finally the British found them there too. Event Dinka who turned to be Evil in Equatoria today found them there. Finally, for your elders to meet Dr John Garang and sign Secret Document to claim Madiland is because the Madi people were already there. Mr. John Jerry, think about South Sudan. Dinka are living soon, but Madi people are your permanet neigbhour. Believe me or not, tomorrow things will be different.
    Micheal Lohitu Mete
    Torit-South Sudan

  18. Marii says:

    Obote Mamur is a dog without a teeth. He was humiliated the same way by the very government he is serving by being jailed for two years and yet he came back to ally with his torturers. We know our history very well. The CPA was negotiated peacefully. Those who claim that they fought for the land, how come they forgot to liberate Abyeii, Kafia Kenji, Kor Nehas and so many disputed areas that are still under the government of Sudan. This is a clear indication that, those who sign the slogan of being liberators do not know what is happening. Mabok Baak give me the names of the dinka areas that were under SPLA during the liberation. The whole of Bahr El Ghazal except Rumbek and the whole of Upper Nile except a few were under the government. While in Equatoria, Juba was the only town under the government and you claim to have come to liberate Equatoria leaving your own backyard to be terrorized by Arabs? This does not make sense in whatsoever case. It is time Madi also take up arms and liberate themselves from these heinous people. Dinka cannot maintain security in a single payam in their area, how do you expect them to maintain security in the whole South Sudan.

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    David AJu Akanyara,
    Well, that is where you go wrong when you talked about Dinka as a tribe. Of course, an action of one Dinka could not be used to generalize all Dinkas because some Dinkas don’t support any crime or impunity and never live in Equatoria either. So, the way I look at your complains is seemingly pure politicking and representing rebels will. But I have been pleased by some comments from real Equatorians geniuses who are peace loving citizens for they know that one Dinka criminal has nothing to do with all. Therefore, you should take that up with police and let authorities deal with crooks in system accordingly. Equatorians deserve better than your proposals! Thanks.

  20. Mayen Adol says:

    David Aju Kanyara;
    Do you think general Mamur share the same idiocy are you are? No; Mamur is a respected national leader and he expect not to be drawn into your land and tribal lunacy because he has a lot to take care of nationally.

  21. Eli says:

    Hey brother I do not understand why some of our Equatorian brothers are drinking the blood of our own people by collaborating with the enemy dinkas, no matter how you are trying to appease your dinka culprits you are on the wrong side. Dont be deceived the current situation that seems to favour the dinkas, they are not as successful as it looks. Yes dinkas are South Sudanese but they are not welcome in Equatoria even in hundreds of years we will preach the history for the whole world to understand until dinkas will be relocated back to their swamps and cattle caves. Now they are losing grounds in Upper Nile and Lakes States, they think Nimule is their hiding place because its near th Uganda incase of any danger they can cross the border.
    First of all, the Madi people did not choose to be on the border but it was the British who divided us into both sides of the borders (Uganda/ former Sudan) to weaken us because we were threats to the might British invasion, we did not surrender to the Turks, or Arabs or British why should we surrender to ignorant dinkas?
    They can torture and kill and they did it many other tribes since the beginning of the corrupt and evil SPLA, have they silence anybody since? Instead the more they mistreat us the more pressure we will put on them, and all tribes will soon unite against them all over South Sudan. For example they killed the Murles in thousands but today Murles are more stronger than ever, they killed Didingas, Toposas, Latukos, Mundaris, Balandas, Kakwas, Kukus, Madis, Nuers, Shilluks, Anyuaks, and so on goes the list, you tell me which tribes dinkas didnt kill? Today they are targeting Madis and Nuers and Balandas etc, thats because some of these targeted tribes are not buying into dinkas stupidity and ignorance.
    Yes we need to arm ourselves even with traditional weapons like the magical arrows and bows and any kind of weapon we can lay hands on and face this insects as Omer Beshir calls them, even if it means going back to seek for help from Jalabas LET US DO IT for the sake of bringing peace and rule of law in the new nation. Dinkas are tribalist, racist, looters, corrupt, greedy maliciously jealous of others success, they can only be equated to German Hitler Nazis, American kkk, or the South Africa Boers Apartheid regimes. Evil has befallen upon us and we must face evil face to face.

  22. Majongdit says:

    Dear all,
    Can you ask yourselves why David Aju Karanja writes only against Dinka when the delegations are at talks in Addis Ababa? David Aju is a rebel mobilizer and propagandist. He thinks with his writing he can achive two things: to get Equatorians to join rebellion and press the Govt to concede to rebels on the table in Addis. Yet, he fails terribly.
    David must know that he is dealing with people as a solid as a rock. South Sudanese are some of the people you can not fool. The citizens of Equatroia know and trust the Govt. I am a Dinka but I have a cousin who was arrested since January here in Juba but we have not complained. We are only seeking justice and we have not gone public about it. Your problem you Equatorians is that you make mountain out of anything small. You are cry babies. Now hundreds of thousands have been displaced from Bor and are residing in Aliab(Awerial County) but the Aliab Dinka never said anything about them. The Bor IDPs came with their animals, guns and many other things but people completely never complain. Why is it you always complaining? What is wrong with you? And what are all these useless threats for? That is total nonsense.

  23. Micheal Lohitu Mete says:

    Response of John Jerry about the Secret Document is a lie.
    The document signed by Dr. John Garang and some Acholi community elders exist. In the eve of the current crisis, an Acholi chief was accused for moblising the youth to fight the government. A claim which was unfounded, but some individuals from Dinka reacted and threatened the Acholi community leaders that if they want to change direction to the oposition the document (secret treaty) signed in 1985 will be brought to light. The Acholi community members who were aganist the secret document too acknowledged that indeed some of their elders were deceived by Dr. John Garang to signed the document which paved way to Dr. John Garang to visit Ownyi Ki Bull and creation of Ownyi Ki Bull bridge. These are realities you can’t denied.
    I want you to know that I am Latuka Mr. John. Today your people are proud to call Magwi a County. But do you know the origin of the word Magwi? Magwi is not Acholi word. Is a word derived from Latuka Amagwi, referring to a given class of vegetable. Do you think our people will one day claim ownership of Magwi County because the name originated from us the Latuka? No, is something historical.
    You people went as far as signing docement with Dr. John Garang to claim ownship of Opari and Owyi Ki Bull. That is very dangerous mind set of Dinka and a serious trespassing. The land is strickly Madiland. All the surrounding tribes know the land belong to Madi tribe. The Turkish found them there, Arabs found them there, the British found them there too. Event Dinka who turned to be Evil in Equatoria today found them there. Finally, for your elders to meet Dr John Garang and sign Secret Document to claim Madiland is because the Madi people were already there. Mr. John Jerry, think about South Sudan. Dinka are living soon, but Madi people are your permanent neighbour. Believe me or not, tomorrow things will be different. If you insist on claiming what is naturally is not yours at this age, you are directly inviting trouble on you. Your people and Dinka in the government blocked Madi people from getting a County to promote protocol of this secret document. There is no peace in Madiland for a long time due to this secret document. Each time there is trouble in Madiland, some Dinka and some individuals from Acholi will quickly come-up to block it as nothing happened or Madi people did it themselves. If there is not such document, why do you think there is such incidences in Madiland all these time? why do you think no other tribe is there except Dinka and Acholi are the one claiming Madiland? Can you John Jerry tell the Equatorians why Dinka IDPs are still in Nimule and other parts of Equatoria as we know it? You better refrain Mr. John Jerry and join your Equatorian brothers than making Dinka with whom you have no border your ally. Don’t fight a loosing battle, better fight a battle you can win.
    Micheal Lohitu Mete
    Torit-South Sudan

    • johnjerry says:

      Mr. Michael mete, there are two things here Amagwi and Magwi. Which one is which that connects Magwi County with latuka. Amagwi is a eatable plant that was found in plenty on the foot of Got Ondire (Got is mountain in Acoli) where the people lived. The Acoli people do not have a name for that plant. The Ofrika who we believe are latuka assimilated into the Acoli community used to eat this plant .On a number of occasions things called in latuka names by the Ofrikas and the Acoli adapt them because they live along side by side. The people of Magwi used to stay up in the mountain Ondire and come down to collect this plant you call Amagwi from the foot of Got Ondire. So Magwi has never been Latuka in history,but latuka people came to Magwi .Owiny ki Bul brigade was formed by runaway SPLA soldiers from the frontline notably by sons of Acoli,becuase the Madi people never joined the movement and instead joint government militia force to fight the SPLA. To come to the said document whether that document exist or not I do not know .But those piece of land of Opare, owiny ki Bul and Amme are in Acoliland from the time of creation. The Dinka IDPS will one day leave for their homeland. I do not encourage the Dinkas to stay in Equatoria as this is seen as mass migration .Internal mass migration by the Dinka in Equatoria is a big security issue the Equatorian know this.

  24. Itikwili says:

    The dinka days are numbered if they think they can survive with this kind of barbarism in the 21st century. look they created the mess and since have been running like women all over the place, flocking to refugees camps like chickens at a time when the rest of South Sudan enjoys peace. Are they human beings really or some semblance of cattle-incarnate? every talk is about gun as if that is how they can only reason. Their politicians and warlords are using their poor people like things to give them security, surrounding themselves with human shields. look each time there is a fight, hundreds are killed and the warlords escape to gather more around himself. i have never seen how easily you can use people as things. Gun for what when you have education as your weapon! be warned!

  25. False Millionaire says:


    In reality I am msot unhappy with events in madiland as narrated in the article n in the reaction comments.But not intending to minimize,Rumbek is on fire already n the same seems in wait to happen every where in our country.All this becouse the government has failed miserably.I find your comments to b very constructive.You imply unity among us.So no matter how the bad government acts to divide us,we should manage some strength to be able to stay calm,participate in dialoque among us n proceed to struggle togather becouse at the end we will manage to come under a government led by good leaders that will change the course of events exactly as you have put it.

    • False Millionaire,

      You are most foolish participant in this forum who said things that do make any sense and have no evidence. Who put Rumbek on fire tell us? Cattle raiding is outside of Rumbek and those villagers do not have intention to attack Rumbek either.

  26. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest Micheal Lohitu Mete:

    In fact many of us are very unaware of such facts as secret agreements involving SPLM n local tribe leaders in Madi n Acholie lands giving undue ownership of lands to ones n inflicting injustice on others.I thank you for your contribution.South Sudan as a country is very large n we are spread too apart from each other.We can only know so much if we are in dialoque with each other.This being the case,Two sides of a given subject of a conflict,in any given place in our country,are useful for understanding.At the end we are for justice n against injustice.

  27. Romano Pitiya says:

    The behaviour of Dinka IDPs in Madiland had gone beyond legislation. From the time of CPA and after Independent of South Sudan, the Madi people were forced to mourn as others celebrate. All the activities of Dinka in Nimule and some parts of Madiland have its record. But I would like to tell Equatorians that Dinka are all set to go to their land. Since they refuted the easy way, the hard way is going to hurt. If they don’t allow a single Equatorian to own land in their ancestral place, who are they to claim land in the name of IDPs in Equatoria? Madi are not suffering on their own behave, but on behave of Equatorians. If they are regarded as stumbling block, what do you expects in other parts of Equatoria if finally they are defeated?
    The Secret Document Singed by Dr. Garang and some Acholi leaders was a complicated mistake. If indeed the land of Opari and Ownyi Ki Bull is Acholi land, why do they have to sign such a document to claim it? The Acholi community should better close this chapter instead focus on development of their county. The border of Madi and Acholi
    tribe is known to be after Ownyi Ki Bull. Its a shock to talk about Opari and Ammee. Historically, Lou are the latest group of people to immigrate in Africa and the Acholi tribe is not exceptional. John Jerry practically don’t know history of immigration in Africa and he should better revisit the history. What ever was put on your lips by Dinka will not work. Dinka want to destroy Equatoria. But don’t join them. The land you are claiming belonged to Madi tribe and nothing will change that. As Bari, we know our border with Madi people. I hope my word will not offend anybody, truly the crisis between Madi and Acholi was set by Dinka. But the disputed land belong to Madi by right.
    Romano Pitiya
    South Sudan-Juba Na Bari

  28. Eli says:

    I still think we Equatorians are united in an over all sense. But it is materialism that is bringing this divisions, can anybody tell me which equatorian politician who has been offered position of authority said no? Even during Jalaba period it has always been like that, we sell out our brothers and sisters for cheap meterials and positions.
    For your information we can not be united just because we are Equatorians, that alone is not enough, there has to be a driving force behind every unity or desire to succeed. I believe one of the reason for our common personality is that we have seen the benefit of Christianity and education as a bright light in the dark sky. I think it will be an uphill battle at this point to convince Equatorians to pick up arms to defend only Equatorian lands. But today we are faced by real threats, the threats from a group of people who love everything anti education and Christian culture and development. These are real threats which deserve our attentions, no matter how we handle this situation we are going to have to deal with it today or leave if for our children to suffer in the hands of these bandits. Whatever approach we want to take let us be mindful that our fore fathers stood up against aggressors from outside and within, Kirr and his dinkas are the the aggressors from within.
    Whether you are like Dr Anna Itto or Mobuto Mamur or James Wani Igga today, tomorrow you will become a victim and because you our Equatorian politicians who refuse to speak on behalf of your suffering brothers and sisters when your time comes who is going to be behind you?
    Yes Equatorians like Anna Itto and Wani Igga who are lone riders need to reconsoder their thinking, just today you may be living in a villa with generators powering your residences and have in-house- maids cooking and doing your laundry, while all around you there are your own brothers and sisters walking the street barefoot and sleeping hungry every night.

    And for those Equatorian politicians today in Juba or in state capitals if I was you I will start to worry about my future, because you are very quiet now while watching the negotiation in Ethiopia is changing dimentions without your presence on the negotiation table. How comes none of our Equatorian politiacian has a big voice in the IGAD mediated peace process, soon you will start to come back to your own constituents to seek for their support when you lose you jobs.

    Let us be wise, even as you are trying to put food on table for your children but you need to be mindful of your roots and this regime that you work for is just as wicked as the Jalabas, know that your obligation is to serve and stand with your own.
    This dinka dominated terror regime is here only to drain your knowledge and sweat and use you, soon you will be on street looking for another job, and hence you become a begger in your own native land. I SAID NO, DONT BEG OR ASK FOR WHAT IS ALREADY YOURS BUT TAKE IT.
    I stand for justice, in pursuit of freedom and liberty to all. May God bless South Sudan.
    Eli Wani


  29. mindra says:

    Dear Aju,good articles,
    when will south Sudanese get to know to be a good debtor on line when it comes to public matters each time they sound abusive and uncivilized especial when making comments on articles of importance.that is how we are being embarrassed in other country.try as much as possible to put things rights and convinced people on the media, to understand the messages.
    it seem to me right that south Sudanese are war monger not peace loving people because they are preaching about war,each person is praising their generals,what will happen to those without Generals and where will they go for refuge,
    i argue the moderator to check well before the comments is put for public consumption.treat this a matter of importance,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam-madi corridor

  30. Romano Pitiya says:

    Fellow country Men and Women. Young and Old, I salute you. The crisis in Madiland is an issue which require solution than quarrels. I strongly believe the misunderstanding between madi and Acholi can be resolve by dialogue. The major obstacle to the resolution is the influence of Dinka not only in Madiland but in Equatoria in general. Dinka want Madiland of Nimule to accomplish their mission in Equatoria. That is the facts. That is the roots of the crisis in Madiland. Let me make it plain and clear.
    About the sercret document in question, I heard about this document sometimes back. What Shwaka posted is a repetition. If the document is practically there, then you better blame our politicians, but not the chiefs and elders. As Acholi, some of our Chiefs and Elders are ignorant of such document. Our community members which met Dr. John Garang in 1985 are the politicians and those in the military today. If mistakenly they signed such document, that is politics. Its for their own interest, not for the interest of Acholi community. But shameful.
    Annexing Madiland of Owiny Ki Bull, Opari, Moli, Amee and Kit was ideas of J.J. Okot and Clement Otto without the knowledge of some of our Chiefs and Elders. They started to make it public after CPA. The true is, it is also a surprise to some of us. Our chiefs one time made it clear, “annexation of Madiland will ignite a long term war between Madi and Acholi”. Take it from me, the land I mentioned above is geographically Madiland. What aspired after CPA was the message from J.J. Okot to annex the land.
    Its the Politicians and those in the military insisting to politically annex those parts of Madiland to Acholi Payam. Our chiefs and elders who were directly or indirectly involved were pushed for political interests. The activities of those politicians should not be used to generalise Acholi as a whole. Some of us will never ever get involve in the policy of annexation of land of others. We know that land is not ours. Let us unite to fight the common enemy. If the idealogy of Dinka in Equatoria can be defeated, the issues between Madi and Acholi will normalise. In a nut cell, the ideas of J.J. Okot and Clement Otto should not be use to generalise us. We are peace loving people and we are Equatorians.
    Michael Okia Amuru
    Professional Teacher
    Republic of South Sudan

  31. Michael Okia Amuru says:

    Fellow country Men and Women. Young and Old, I salute everyone of you. The crisis in Madiland is an issue which require solution than quarrels. I strongly believe the misunderstanding between madi and Acholi can be resolve by dialogue. The major obstacle to the resolution is the influence of Dinka not only in Madiland but in Equatoria in general. Dinka want Madiland of Nimule to accomplish their mission in Equatoria. That is the facts. That is the roots of the crisis in Madiland. Let me make it plain and clear.
    About the sercret document in question, I heard about this document sometimes back. What Shwaka posted is a repetition. If the document is practically there, then you better blame our politicians, but not the chiefs and elders. As Acholi, some of our Chiefs and Elders are ignorant of such document. Our community members which met Dr. John Garang in 1985 are the politicians and those in the military today. If mistakenly they signed such document, that is politics. Its for their own interest, not for the interest of Acholi community. But shameful.
    Annexing Madiland of Owiny Ki Bull, Opari, Moli, Amee and Kit was ideas of J.J. Okot and Clement Otto without the knowledge of some of our Chiefs and Elders. They started to make it public after CPA. The true is, it is also a surprise to some of us. Our chiefs one time made it clear, “annexation of Madiland will ignite a long term war between Madi and Acholi”. Take it from me, the land I mentioned above is geographically Madiland. What aspired after CPA was the message from J.J. Okot to annex the land.
    Its the Politicians and those in the military insisting to politically annex those parts of Madiland to Acholi Payam. Our chiefs and elders who were directly or indirectly involved were pushed for political interests. The activities of those politicians should not be used to generalise Acholi as a whole. Some of us will never ever get involve in the policy of annexation of land of others. We know that land is not ours. Let us unite to fight the common enemy. If the idealogy of Dinka in Equatoria can be defeated, the issues between Madi and Acholi will normalise. In a nut cell, the ideas of J.J. Okot and Clement Otto should not be use to generalise us. We are peace loving people and we are Equatorians.
    Michael Okia Amuru
    Professional Teacher
    Republic of South Sudan

  32. arabbmoi says:


  33. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Deng Hanbol:

    I laught at you! What you have said for your comment in the forum,on me,they are HARMLESS.I criticized the President Salva Kirr in good PRINCIPLES AND VERY CLEAR OBJECTIVES! I have no any idea if President Salva Kirr is a dictactor! I am a layman! I am out from SUDAN POLITICS!

    Very funny.You mention SUBJUGATION.How did you become subjugate by Dinka tribe in Equatoria?? What type of subjugation do you receive from them in the tribe in the South?? Define.Explain,Deliver.

    For Obuto son problem,he is a humna being.He is free to do things on his own like alone.He is not his father anymore! He is a man.If he had joined the rebels SPLM in Opposition,that will be his right to do so! All human being have different life regardless of being a parent a father and a mother! He know his reasons why he joined the rebels in Oppposition!

    For me,I will not drop down any Southerner blood down! Mine is just to give them ULTIMATE FREEDOM POLITICALLY!!! That is the bottomline! Thank you.Back to you to the audience in the forum Discussion Board South Sudan Nation(SSN)


  34. Eli says:

    Dear compartroits
    Once again we are faced with a challenge, in the past we all stood together to face invading forces like the British Empire, the Turks, the Arabs etc. Those days we didn’t have guns or sofisticated weapons to fight the enemies but we used every traditional weapons like spears, arrows and bows, and many other local tools to face the enemies. We did succeeded in repulsing them.
    Today, the enemy is one of our own country men and women, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE DINKA REGIME IN JUBA, THEY ARE THE ENEMY NOW. Let me warn you if you think I am being bias or tribalist, no I am not tribalist, but I am a lover of freedom, justice and equality for all, I stand for pursuits of happiness for all not just group of people. Dinkas are here to kill and destroy everything. You tell me if you think I am wrong what has they done to benefit the new nation since Kirr took power? NOTHING, instead he destroyed whatever was built. He sowed the seeds of hatred, tribalism, corruption, barbarism, intimidation, looting, humiliation, land grabbing and on and on goes the list.
    Once again, I ask for your hearts and minds to be strong and brave and don’t give in to Dinkas terrorism, don’t surrender to their intimidations, don’t fear them, and don’t agree with their lies, don’t even listen to anything they want to make you believe in their shallow propagandas.
    We the freedom fighters are here for you, we will not let you down. We must all work together to bring down this evil terrorists in Juba once and for all. Let us give chance for Dr. Riek Machar to lead this nation into prosperity, freedom, peace, equality, democracy and above all FEDERAL SYSTEM.

    Dear South Sudanese, you are your own masters, now we have seen the light, stand up for your rights. Wherever you are let your voice be heard and stand up for justice and the truth. I am asking for your contributions to work for the downfall of this terrorists regime of Kirr and his tribesmen followers the dinkas and non dinka kirr’s supporters, their end is nearing and they will NOT get away with all the crimes they commited.
    Eli Wani

  35. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Abiko & Mindira.
    thanks you very much colleagues for your comments regarding the articles posted by enemies of peace like Mr. Abu Kanyara whose his name sound like foreigners not event South Sudanese.
    the way he talked, was indicated that all his article on the net is full of hatred and tribalism. the traffic police was in white uniform and follow the Bosco along his way to 4 kilometers out of Nimule town and beaten him until he became conscious and put it in pick up. where did he get the pick up and he was footing?
    he said that the man was in the bush and crying for help the eyes witness told him he was speaking both Dinka & Arabic how did she know that is Dinka Language and she event don’t speak dinka? in Traffic police at Nimule are they Dinka only?
    any way in my analysis the articles was fabricated by enemies of peace to create the hearted among South Sudanese people like those who rush in and posts their comments based on tribal line let me assured guys who used to talked on Dinka name all the time, for your information you have been told to do what ever you wanted to do and we shall see weather it will be dark days or red days for all of us in that particulars time enough is enough and no time for bullshit comments against Dinka if your son of man not coward nyam-nyam.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      The reasons why the Equatorians are calling us the jieng animals is because we eat and shit in the same plate as you just did in your response to Abiko, Mindra and Ajo.

      I hope God gives you wisdom to understand things!

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Lavina Lual,
        Stop blaming or correcting others when you are such a slave-minded bogy, why do you choose Dinka name to intrudes other Dinkas’ comments and dishonored or disowned your true identity?
        Are you afraid or ashamed of your true identity?
        Fyi, we are not in the mood of condoning nonsense from any tribe or section because we use to detects your true colour through your tribalistic and hate comments, please come out clearly so that you can be able to win your intents from your own Region or Tribe should you manage to sweep Dinka out of South Sudan but i beg you to refrains from using Dinka names for defamation and degradations.

  36. Emanuel Jada says:

    Dear Micheal Okia Amuru,
    Thank your very much for the clarification. What you mentioned are some core missing information most South Sudanese were waiting to hear. The major dilema surrunding most people is what actually prompted the Acholi tribe to claim land which is typical and geographically Madiland. As you said is annexation, I think most South Sudanese which come a cross your message will be relief. Its now clear that some Acholi tribemates are doing to the Madi people what the Dinka are doing to Madi and Equatorians. I think if there are enough Acholi like you, the relationship between Madi and Acholi could have been much better. Thanks again for your courage.

    • john jerry says:

      I fail to understand why a professional teacher like Michael Okia who lives in Magwi County does not know from geography lessons where the Acholi and Madi borderline are?.

  37. Taban Mawa says:

    The suffering of Madi people and other tribes in the hands of the Dinka operated government is all on display for the World to see.

    A President who goes onto the World stage and talk like a P.7 pupil (inu, la anu) is leading you into a deep pit as a tribe. We all know he initiated the killings of innocent Nuer men, women and children but refuses to accept responsibility for his failure.

    They can abuse, torture and kill the peace loving Madi and fellow Equatorians but soon or later, the tab will turn against them. We will use measures that are already in trial phase to fight them silently. They should not forget what the Western Equatorians have done to them in the past. Our silence now could prove to be serious pain for the opporesors in the nearest future. too much talking or naming people by tribe won’t achieve the long term outcome, but surely, the future of Madi area without Dinka’s looks promising.

    There will never be peace in S.Sudan till these brainless humans are punished in one way or another. Some of you are wondering what I am talking about. Well, I’ll leave you guesing because not every battle tactics are shown to your opponents till the last minute.

    Those who believe or are taught to believe they can occupy any piece of Madiland should think again and perhaps choose the path to peaceful coexistance to avoid the unimaginable future on our soil.

    Your own cattles that are roaming the farms/gardens of the Madi and Equatorian peoples’ will turn into rubble and the Gods of the soil will eat you and your families slowly till you all vanish to send strong signal to those dreaming to follow you into Madiland.

    For now, you can use your guns and security operatives on us but not long.

  38. Micheal Okia Amuru says:

    John Jerry, don’t work just to create complications. Borderline of Acholi and Madi existed long before this generation. If you want to see practically; I don’t have to tell you, go to East of Owiny Ki Bull. You will fine a river. Then ask the community which live a long that area for border between Acholi and Madi, you will get the answer you deserve. The community along that area is Madi populated community.
    From Acholpii Camp in Northern Uganda we had similar debate about this border. Our own elders gave the same explanation. If you don’t mind, live the aggression of J.J. Okot and Clement Otto on Madi to themselves. Don’t include the larger Acholi community members if you are their supporter. To be honest with you, the claim of Brig. J.J Okot and Clement Otto will fall with fall of Dinka rule in South Sudan. Be honest, the support from Dinka to claim parts of Madi land is an illusion. I am asking you one question John Jerry. Do you know that both J.J. Okot and Clement Otto are bloodedly related to Madi? These individuals are been used to carry an act which will never ever benefit our people, instate create trouble for our generations and generations to come. Do you think anything can change Clement Otto from calling The Madi uncle? Shading the blood of your own people will one day translate on you in time to come. The Dinka act in Equatoria is serious evil. refrain from supporting it. We are independent, but we don’t have government in South Sudan yet. The day a real system of government is established will mark the beginning of such looting of land of others. You will see Dinka packing hurriedly to go home. You will see what they called their colonises in Equatorian coming a nightmare. You will see luciferases of Equatorians falling once and for all. John Jerry is a brother of mine from Magwi County. Don’t dependent on the teaching of Dinka, J.J. Okot and Clement Otto. Above all, don’t lie. Tell the truth and the truth will set you free.
    Micheal Okia Amuru

  39. Zico Paul says:

    Michael Okia Amuru is a real teacher with whom I spent a lot of time in different Refugee Camp in Uganda. In early 1980s, we were the first recruits of Ownyi Ki Bull brigade. When Dr. John Garang visited Ownyi Ki Bull, he talked about lack of Heath Cares and Schools and feeder roads in the area. He actually talked a lot, but these are core points I can remember. If Michael Okia had taken this step to mention certain things more openly. He is right. The teaching at that time was extremely wrong. Hatred was the Bible carried by Dr. John Garang and given to SPLA commanders from his tribe . When he left the commanders on the ground started to imposed the hatreds on the local population. Rape, torture, killing, looting, segregation, and all source of demoniac act were forced on the surrounding population. In Laphon, some Dinka when as far as using Rosa blade for cutting young girls to penetrate them. I was one of the SPLA soldier when Opari detach was over run by SPLA in 1980s. The people there were Madi. Not us the Acholi. The coming of Dr. Garang to Ownyi Ki Bull was a journey of pure deception. Today when it turn out that J.J. Okot and Clement Otto plotted to annex Madiland. I am not surprise. The first person with Evil heart about The Madi people are not the Acholi, but Dr. John Garang himself and Dinka tribe. Politically Dr. Garang damaged J.J. Okot and Clement Otto to indirectly fight the Madi people: a fight he could have fought himself. Okia is right, the border between Madi and Acholi is geographically beyond Ownyi Ki Bull. Annexing Madi land was actually the idea of Dr. John Garang. That is why he brought Dinka and dumbed them in Nimule and Mugali. Sincerity is the key to peace, The land of Amee, Moli, Opari, Ownyi Ki Bull which J.J. Okot and Clement Otto want to annex to Acholi Payam belong to the Madi people. To avoid future confusions, the statement of Okia should be taken seriously by any peace loving South Sudanese. When Madi were chased from Magwi County Head quarter, it was J.J. Okot and Clement Otto. The resent killing of Madi people, the killing of their head chief and tortures that follows was disgrace for which they must be blame.
    Zico Paul

  40. Dear: Mr Zico Paul

    Your respond to Mr.Micheal Okia Amuru,is very interested to read! What you said on Dr.John Garang De Mabior politics in the movement,it was somehow good! But in one way another,it was not good at all! His was war,he fought,it was having a big confusion on his war on Sudan for all! His absence,has left a disaster everywhere in the Sudan!Do not believe that South Sudan has separated from united Sudan! His freedom fighters in the north South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Northern Democratic Alliance(NDA) they have got nothing from their hard earning! Keep on struggle in term of education benefit! Instead of capital in the west!

    As you may know, the way he brought the counties,in the South,brought them without given to them the budgets.The counties are there without any function at all! I heard from my tribesfolks Otuho.He annexed many places in different places. Obira village where Mr.Joseph Oduho was born and raised to Isoke in center no:2.

    For Acholi people,and Madi people,they are neighbors.They have been living for long time in peace and harmony.All them knew their homelands very well.What made them to bring a bloodshed among themselves right now?? Anyway they should settle their lands in dispute amicably! Have a nice day! In Australia. Greet for me Mr.Bosco Tagwara, and Akot,and Abraham Ngor from Dinka Bor.He moved from Missouri in USA. And many other fellow countrymen!

  41. Micheal Lohitu Mete says:

    John Jerry, go on preaching Evil, but remember aregretia is on your way.
    I believe you are the most blood tasty Acholi I know. The teaching of Dinka, the teaching of your own people like J.J. Okot and Clement Otto will not help you. You said ” But those piece of land of Opare, owiny ki Bul and Amme are in Acoliland from the time of creation”. Here you sound senseless. If you are true Acholi how come you can’t tell your origin? The Acholi people immigrated to the current seat from somewhere else, you better follow it up. As you mentioned the Acholi assimilated our word amagwi and shortened it to magwi due to mispronunciation. You are right: in the same context your ancestors found the Madi people are already there. Its through assimilation that the Madiland of Ayiiba became Ownyi Ki Bull. You can go a head and confiscate land of others with Dinka. You can go on preaching to Dinka that those pieces of Madiland are yours. But time will come, Dinka will leave Equatoria once and for all. And do you know what? you will remain Equatorians. If that pieces of land are part of Acholiland, why do you have to wait to sign secret document with Dinka? Its shameful miscalculation. You allied with Dinka to fight the Madi tribe. Dinka taking parts of Madiland in one way any you Acholi are taking another parts. You killed their chief, tortured their elders and intellectuals so that you can succeed, but you are failing. Thinking you can easily tear them apart, but Madi people are still there and we the neighbouring tribes are watching. This kind of complication will lead you no where John Jerry. In latuka we have a word “aregretia” is derived from English regret. As you are saying this today, don’t expect there will be No aregretia tomorrow.
    Micheal Lohitu Mete

  42. Abiko! says:

    Dear Micheal Lohitu Mete:

    Answer John Jerry question! Why you make yourself a mouthpiece for Acholi people,and Madi people business??Both tribes, they have been neighbors ever since long time.They knew their prehistorical issues.

    Acholiland,is Otuho homeland! It was called OMULE! Even Otuho Prince Omuluk.He got his children in Acholi.Otuho let the place.They came and lived in Ido,Imuruk,Ohufe,Iyere,Ofiriha,Mokoru,Iyodo and many unemetion! Thank you.Distant yourself from their own businesses for their own interests!


  43. Micheal Lohitu Mete says:

    Chief Abiko; if you are concern about the future of Equatorians as a people, you will understand what is going on in Madiland of Nimule. If you think the problem in Nimule will just end there, that is where you are locked behind a bar. Crisis in Madiland is just the beginning of crisis in Equatoria as a whole. If you are not concern about what Dinka are doing in South Sudan today, you are out of your mind. Individuals like John Jerry are agent of Dinka. He think I am none Latuka, let him come to Torit. I am neither speaker of Madi nor speaking for Acholi people. But I am voicing out what is right. You don’t understand the magnitude of South Sudan’s politics. Complicating our history would mean a long term war. What John Jerry can’t understand is that, there is not such claim from Acholi tribe to annex Madiland for generations. If it was, why such a deal with Dinka? The truth is, Dinka came to Equatoria for robbery, and some Acholi like John Jerry think they can also have the portion. The Madi people who are the immediate neighbours were targeted. You can’t ask me to answer John Jerry questions. Why should I waste time answering such valueless questions? Just for your information, a bill to torture the Equatorians and none Dinka in the country had been passed. Most MPs boycotted. In Equatoria it was mentioned that only Acholi MPs participated in passing the Bill, the rest of the MPs walked out. From East, Central and West. Do you know the meaning of that? Chief Abiko, I thought you are responsible person. But I thought wrong.

  44. Eli says:

    Abiko and John Jery,
    You keep beating the drums of war but soon it will catch up to you. What you two puppets and your types need to do is to distance yourselves from the immoral and decayed politics of the dinkas. If you think we the Ma’di as a tribe are finished I urge and warn you to think twice, at the moment the arch enemy is the dinka, one day dinkas WILL leave our lands, we still consider them as IDPs who have nowhere to go, the bible teaches that; “give home to the homeless”.
    Majority of those IDPs are from dinka of Bor and their homelands are ravaged and destroyedd by their neighbouring tribes due to their ignorance and stupidity of having no respect to others just as they are trying to proke us the Ma’dis into meaningless attrocities, we understand thier plans and we know when to launch our own counter offensives, it will be in our own terms not theirs, just like a lion picks a weak and wounded buffalo in the herds, dinkas are close to their weak points so we are watching patiantly.
    But for puppets like your types shall be lynched on the streets for public to witnessed. Acholi and Otuho people are good people in general but there are some elements like Abiko and John Jery are betrayers to be dealt with accordingly.
    This war is not over yet, my hope is that SPLA IO will bring the war to Equatoria in the near future and the rest of the country, we need to support them and remove the evil regime in Juba first and then we Equatorians need to put our differences to rest once and for all by whatever means.
    Justice shall be served one day.

  45. Dear Mr.Micheal Lohitu Mete:

    I thank you very you much with your respond I read your respond with utmost care! You look a perosn of interest! Let me tell to you frankly speaking. Dinka people,the IDP,they did not take Madiland by force.They came there for secuity reason.

    Before, the civil war,there had been nothing so called IDP.They lived before in the home of ancestors.IDP,they knew their villages.They found Madiand and other places in the South,is suited for them to settle down.Madi people,should give a warm welcome.They should absorb them in their community base in the motherland with open hands! They should intergrate them among themselves in the tribe

    As you know,remember that the children,who are born in Madi,they are belong to Madi people in the tribe! But if there are people who are attacking people in the homeland in Madiland for no reasons,the government will deal with them individually.accordingly! Meanwhile they can leave others in peace to stay!

    Now,I knew why there are some few elements from Madi people.They are Madi politiciansThey do not like strangers.
    .Take example from the author Mr.Aju Kanyara. He is a tribalist minded person! Thank you. Love peoppe in their tribes like you love your own people in Otuho tribe!

  46. bismark says:

    Dear Dr Wankomo,

    I rushed this article and made a number of mistakes. I would happy if post it as shown below:

    It is sad that we have people like Chief Abiko among us. They lack wide political vision on things that might eventually affect them. For that reason it is hard for them to react to any evil thing that takes place slightly away from them. Abiko does not know any injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. The germ of injustice spreads everywhere rapidly like ebola germ. It is therefore necessary to stop it from spreading at its source. I think the problem of such types of people is either ignorance or negligence that can be finally detrimental to them. From my understanding of Abiko’s writing he seems to lack natural wisdom that our people have, let alone if he has ever seen a blackboard and a chalk in a bush school in the then Torit district where General Taffeng and Father Saturino were born in short where South Sudanism was born from the bellies of ammunitions of Equatoria Corps. We can not afford to be divided when the enemy of peace is working to dismantle our fraternity. United we stand, divided we fall. Stand for truth and justice. Today is Madi heaven knows whether tomorrow may he Otuho. Acholi must not be deceived by people who seek to destroy our cemented relationship that existed before foreign civilisation came to our land.

  47. john jerry says:

    Mr Bismark, Dr Wankomo is just a messenger he has nothing to do with the opinion of Chief Abiko and john jerry who are also sons of greater Equatoria. As for the relationship between the two tribes Acoli and madi we are one people who have lived side by side for along time and have mingled up in marriages and others do not even know where they belong and call themselves Acoli-madi. If the Madi people want to talk about the Jeng people ,let them talk to the Jeng who are occupying their land.Blaming General jj Okot,clement and john jerry is not the reasons why the Dinka are in Madi land. The Dinkas will leave Madiland as they are IDPS and not settlers and if they want to stay they must adopt to the Madi way of life and not think that they are in Bor.Stop blaming people when you know exactly where the problem came from.The Acoli people are not being deceived we know who we are and where we are headed.

  48. Batali says:

    So, those of Obutu Mamur are not immuned! Is there a new personnel that Mr. President will give that power to?

    Natl. Security ‘not immune from prosecution’
    JUBA (10 Oct.)

    Under a new National Security bill, officers and personnel of South Sudan’s National Security Service will not be immune from criminal prosecution, according to members of parliament (MPs) and the text of the new bill.

    A previous version of the bill included a provision that “No criminal proceedings shall be initiated against any members of the Service… without permission from the Minister in case of the officers or from the Director General concerned in case of other ranks.”

    That provision, Article 52 in the previous draft, has now been struck entirely from the latest version of the bill.

    “They are not immune from prosecution,” said MP Paul Mayom, a member of the Defense, Security and Public Order Committee, referring to security personnel.
    Mark Nyipuoc, the deputy speaker and another ruling party member, likewise confirmed that the bill was revised to remove the immunity provision: “A lot of changes have been made. If you have read the new bill, you find a lot of differences.”
    “The immunity of the security personnel has been removed. They no longer have immunity now,” said the deputy speaker.

    Paul Mayom also said that new mechanisms will be put in place to ensure operatives do not abuse their powers, pointing to plans to establish a legal department and a board to receive public complaints.

    The parliamentarian said also that someone who is not satisfied with the work of the complaints board can take his grievance to a court of law: “There is also a board to look into complaints and if someone is not satisfied with the work of the board, there is another room for appeal to the high court,” he said.

    MPs voted on the bill on Wednesday afternoon. Some members of the ruling party claim that the bill was passed unanimously, while others claim that a quorum was not reached, causing the vote taken that day to be invalid.


    Document: South Sudan’s revised National Security Bill (10 Oct.)

  49. Micheal Lohitu Mete says:

    Its unfortunate that we have people like Gordon Buay among us in Equatoria. Some individuals like Chief Abiko Akuranyang can rightfully be considered as traitors of Equatorians. As John Jerry writes, he had Equatorians in his mind. But as Gordon Buay writes for money from Salva Kirr, does he have anything in mind for the Dinka government to stop killing his people. Not at all. The more money he gets, the more accusations he makes against the innocent Nuer civilians. Likewise, the more money Chief Abiko Akuranyang gets from Dinka, the more Equatorians will continue to suffer. For those who stand against the Rights of Equatorians including you Chief Abiko Akuranyang, your doom days will come. You went beyond the context of what John Jerry wrote. If the best you can do is to spelled out how Dinka should settle in Equatoria, there is not such settlement where the sons and daughters of Equatoria will remained locked in refugees camps in the neighbouring countries as Dinka IDPs rumors in Equatoria. The mentality of Dinka government in Equatoria is 100% wrong. Don’t think we can’t solve these problems, we are capable and we will. Chief Abiko Akuranyang, don’t consterate on money, think much about the future of Equatorians. But it is equally good to know mind set of some Equatorians who are working against its people like Gordon Buay, Dr. Benjamin Marial, and Juda Iscariot “James T. Mai”. The former Chief of Staff. I said this for God and the Right of Equatorians, Dinka are worst than the Arabs.

  50. Wani Mathias says:

    Chief Abiko, remain where you are. So you are one of those individuals involved in illicit market with Dinka in Equatoria? Sorry brother, you lost your direction. Lets see how the future will treat us. As we talk about Madi and Acholi every day, what about us the Bari. We really don’t care much about the activities of Acholi in the border with us. But they didn’t only claim to annex Madiland, we are experiencing similar trespassing. These are our brothers and sisters. We know how to resolve our differences if the common enemy can be defeated. In Juba we are faced by brutal land occupation. But no matter what, we will get our land back. There is no such brutal land occupation by government without compensation. Juba government is a wounded government. It will die soon than later…

  51. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Member The Reader:Mr.Wani Mathias

    Dinka people in the tribe, they are not your common enemies.Bear in mind! They are your family at your home! The common enemies are northerners Arabs living in north! Do you really understand the meaning of common enemies in your sense??

    To me,I call all tribes in the South Sudan in my heart my true family by nature! I do not care how human diversities are looking like!

    Now,you have said right by your own words came out from your mouth when saying Acholi and Madi,they are brothers and sisters.


    Dinka people in the tribe,they are not occupiers! When did they invade the South? Stop lying Mr.Wani! Thank you.


  52. Wani Mathias says:

    They are not occupiers? keep that word to yourself. Living in U.S.A truly made some Equatorians not to know what is existing on the ground. Live your dreams in U.S.A. If you are knowledgeable, how can you quickly drown such conclusion. Help them, we will help us self to get them out. There will be regret and grinding of teethes. You will see sons and daughters of Equatoria rising-up in deviance of tyranny in our land.

  53. Gobwa says:

    next time

  54. The madi people are peaceful community but the AJ guy would want to destroy them.

  55. Dear Lokorioka Muzee:

    Why AJ, wants to destroy Madi people when they are peaceful people in the community in the first place??There are no people on this earth to attack peaceful people in the community simply for nothing!! I have known Madi people very well in my observation.They are very close!They are not open! They like themselves like the chickens!They stay in groups whenever they are staying with people! I am a public officer! I knew all human beings socialities most!

    The open tribes in the South Sudan in general and in Sudan in particular,they are my tribe Otuho in Eastern Equatorial State,Pajulo in central Equatoria, and Toposa in eastern Equatorial.They are not close down like other tribes in Sudan.Thank you! back to you to the audience in the forum!


    • Eli says:

      Chief Abiko
      That’s where you went wrong again, I have always been critical of your comments, I have no issue if you are a supporter of the dinka regime, but don’t mixed that mentality of cow herdsmen with education, what you said about Ma’di in your last comment is totally wrong and bogus, you need to apologize for it. I am a proud Ma’di and we dont hide or avoid others or live in isolation as you are implying. You are a liar and tribalist, maybe you are the group of people jealous of the success of Ma’di people. Yes the 1955 rebellion was started by Fr Saturnino Ohure a respect Otuho man, but he lacks the skills and military expertise and that’s when General Joseph Lagu stepped in to lead the movement for seveteen years. And then after that a jealous dinka call Abel Alier a traitor sabotaged the movement and betryaed the movement.
      So you call yourself a chief and a public officer and yet you incite hatred by calling Ma’di behaves like chicken? I think you are the biggest chicken hiding in Missouri USA and beating the drums of war, while Torit and whole Equatoria is control by Kirr’s evil dinka regime and you are kissing their asses, while it is the Ma’di still facing and standing up to dinkas arrogance, it is the Ma’di people running the affairs in Torit, it was the Ma’di whom you called chicken who saved SPLA in 90s when the last SPLA stronghold left was Nimule. Had we Ma’di behaved like you the rest animals of Eastern Equatoria, SPLA would have been a history. You Abiko are no match to any Ma’di so why don’t you do me a favor and shut your big mouth.
      A Ma’di will again lead South Sudan away from this mess and blindness of animal keepers, our time is coming and we will open your eyes once again.

  56. son of man says:

    why can Dinkas unite and kick the asses of those stupid cockroaches called equatorians out of eqautoria that land is not their by the way. their land is in uganda everyone knows that, the land belong to dinka bor.

  57. Batali says:

    Son of man (devil) and others of your kind.
    Be Very Careful!
    “why can Dinkas unite and kick the asses of those stupid cockroaches called equatorians out of eqautoria that land is not their by the way. their land is in uganda everyone knows that, the land belong to dinka bor.”

    Evil never lasts long. The whole world know who are those called Dinka and it’s a disgrace to South Sudanese to have your kind. Some of my friends have asked to know who are those called Dinka? They say Dinka are very rude people.
    Dose that sound good for you? While the rest of the world is civilised, but there are people called rude and uncivilised?

  58. Dominique Obwoya says:

    What a nation. Where on earth does traffic police take law in their hands and kill motorist ? In developing world, traffic police can only arrest motorist only if traffic laws is violated, or a ticket issued to motorist to pay. Madi community should by now understand that they are under any Dinka in uniform and incidences like this will continue to happen all the time if noting is done about it.

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