Taking a closer look at the controversial 28 states

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, MAY/29/2016, SSN;

Since the announcement of the presidential establishment order for the creation of 28 new states, the regime and its supporters have maintained the assertion that it was an answer to a popular demand. They sought to sell that line of argument which is false to foreign entities and individuals with little knowledge about what is taking place in South Sudan.

The central point that they failed to prove is that the 28 states were a topical issue in the media or among the populace before the presidential decree. In fact there has never been a nationwide debate regarding increasing the number of states. We never heard of proposals or deliberations whether at the level of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) or the Council of States’ level.

There was no mention of the involvement of a technical committee in conducting feasibility studies before the presidential order. Moreover, the opposition parties in the NLA and even the SPLM members were taken by surprise when the presidential decree was read over SSTV.

The first time the issue of increasing the number of states came to public attention was when SPLM/A-IO proposed establishment of 21 new states based on the British colonial districts during the peace negotiations. As we all know, the regime strongly opposed the proposal and even refused to discuss it in the negotiations.

The great irony is that the government that has refused new 21 states, came up with even a larger number of states based on nothing but ethnic interests.

It’s no secret that the 28 new states originated from the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). Thus to say that it was the fulfillment of a popular demand by the government is nothing but an outright fallacy.

At best it could be viewed as a request by a portion but not the whole Jieng community. And even if the entire Jieng community supports the creation of the new states, it will remain the demand of one tribe out of the 64 tribes that form South Sudan.

The regime also propagated a claim that having more states would facilitate the delivery of services and bring about development to the remote areas of the country. It would, as its supporters insist, take towns to villages in agreement with a well-established SPLM objective.

Well, it’s quite easy especially in a dictatorship to enact a particular policy and use the government propaganda machine to organise public demonstrations in support of what the government did. But people would soon realise that their lives haven’t changed much and what were disseminated by the regime were just slogans for public consumption.

There hasn’t been any considerable development of our cities and towns at the expense of the rural areas. Over a decade in power hasn’t brought safe running water to the majority of the households in the capital city, Juba. Apart from the privileged people, the majority of the citizens drink water straight from river Nile ( Supiri ) or wells.

This alone exposes the weakness of the regime’s argument. If it could fail to set up a primary infrastructure like safe water supply for the capital, how plausible that it would succeed in building the far more costly infrastructures like highways, bridges and railways by merely increasing the number of states?

Little details have reached the public domain regarding the 21 states suggested by SPLM/A-IO during the peace talks in Addis Ababa. The proposal is far from being perfect or ideal for the following reasons:
— a) Although it sounds reasonable that it was based on the British colonial districts, however, it didn’t take into account the demographic changes and the economic realities that have occurred since the departure of the British. 60 years after the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium is quite a long time and with our reduced life expectancy this could well be the entire lifetime for a sizeable number of South Sudanese. It means the majority of the people in those districts is now composed of a new generation of South Sudanese. With a new generation of people, significant changes are bound to happen thus the British colonial districts may not accurately reflect the demographic and economic facts on the ground.

— b) Similar to the 28 states, there was no national debate about the pros and cons of having 21 new states. Therefore, it runs the risk of being viewed by some as non-inclusive or lacking a broad-based support.

— c) Despite the fact that SPLM/A-IO represents all the communities of South Sudan, the 21 states’ proposal may not escape the accusation of being heavily pro-Nuer interests. However, the difference between the two is that the 28 states are being illegally operationalised while the 21 states’ system is a proposal subject to discussion and amendments.

Both the proponents of the two views can hardly demonstrate to or convince honest people that all communities in South Sudan have been consulted or their perspectives were taken into consideration.

The views of the Equatorians and the other tribes appear to have been largely ignored. It must be clear that there are on-going grievances in greater Equatoria even with the ten states’ system. The former three regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal have comparable population sizes. Therefore in fairness, there should have been an equal number of states as a result of breaking up the former regions.

Also looking at some of the new states with populations barely reaching 100,000 and meagre or non-existent infrastructure, you realise towns like Kajo Keji and Lainya with area populations of 196,000 and 89,315 respectively according to the 2008 census should have qualified to be made states in their rights.

The biggest grievance, however, is in the allocation of counties. Again the 2008 census showed the populations of Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states as 1,103,592, 1,200,000, 964,353 and 600,000 respectively. Only six (6) counties were allocated to Central Equatoria State (CES) while (11), (13) and (9) were assigned to Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states respectively.

Juba city, the most populous city in South Sudan with a population of 368,436 which is more than half the entire population of each of Lakes state (685,730) and Unity state as above, was maliciously “compressed” into one (1) county while Lakes state enjoys (8) counties.

The case of Mongalla in Jubek State, is kind of interesting hence making elaboration irresistible. Mongalla was the first capital of South Sudan before being moved to Juba in 1930. History tells us that it was the only town in South Sudan visited by the American President Theodore Roosevelt in 1910. A town of great economic potentials as evidenced by the fact that as early as the 1920’s the foundation for growing cotton and a textile industry were established.

A sugar processing factory and a clothing mill were operational albeit for a short period. There were even plans in place for a paper mill that depends on growing the eucalyptus plants. Yet Mongalla was never made a county until recently. It just shows how arbitrary is the process of allocating counties in the Republic of South Sudan.

The process is never straightforward or based on a sound selection criteria. It’s more often than not tainted with the whims and tribal inclinations of the rulers.

The question that comes to mind is – do we need more states? Which is more believable – that lack of development is caused by the ten states’ system or that it is the result of poor leadership coupled with corruption and incompetence?

It is a well known fact that 4 billion US Dollars was embezzled in Juba under the President’s very nose. Also, few incidents of theft and embezzlement involving thousands and millions of US Dollars occurred in the office of the President. With all that in mind – how likely that the situation would improve with the creation of the new 28 states and the expansion of the government apparatus?

In the context of good governance, the issue of the number of states is a secondary one. The primary issue is the system of governance that is acceptable to the people of South Sudan.

Historically, federalism has been the demand of the people since 1947 and remains popular among the overwhelming majority to this day. Therefore, and contrary to the regime’s rhetoric, the 28 states is not a popular demand, federalism is.

Moving the country forward requires visionary leadership, innovative planning, administrative and fiscal discipline and hard work. In essence, the decision to increase the number of states should be based on economic benefits rather than on political or tribal gains.

When a tourist planning to visit our country learns about the new states through the media, and being cognizant of the international norms, he or she would expect nothing less than airports, hotels, restaurants, highways, 24 hours electricity supply, Clean water supply and above all security.

Good Lord! We do not have a single easily passable road between Bor and Pibor. The Road between Malakal and Naser is seasonal and the same applies to many parts of South Sudan. The total length of tarmac roads in the whole of South Sudan is less than 150 miles.

Having a tap water supply in your household is a luxury in the 21st century South Sudan.

Rather than increasing government spending by creating more unproductive posts with the risk of increasing the number of embezzlers – why not use those funds in building the infrastructure all over the country?

Increasing the number of counties to ensure equitable representation in the NLA would be a wiser option at extremely low cost than increasing the number of states.

It has been recognised worldwide that big government seldom delivers the results that people have hoped to attain. It’s prone to maddening bureaucracy and rampant corruption. The keys to prosperity are small government, strategic planning, anti-corruption stance and fiscal conservatism.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Ishakho says:

    Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok,
    let me praise you as one of the most stupid, coward, timid and nonsensical PhD holders in South Sudan. Why? okay because whatever you studied will never help your family leave alone Equatoria and South Sudan. WHY is Kokora popular and 28 States isn’t? okay when the 28 States is reversed what will you reclaimed as a success? what are you doing to your Equatorians and South Sudanese as a learned mind apart from ranting in social media? please let from me as a Dinka from Bor. we liberated Yambio, Tumbora, Yei and other towns in Equatoria as your guys were refugees somewhere.

    • Kokora II says:

      It is pitiful to hear that you liberated all those places and yet you couldn’t liberate yourselves from Murle and white army, nor mentally. What a shame eh?

      • Kokora II says:

        Are you from Bor north or south?

        • Ishakho says:

          Kokora II,

          Am from North Bor if that will give you anything to think about.Yes we liberated those places only that you can not accept the the truth.

          By the are MURLE people? no they are animals, even worst than animals so there is no day they will understand anything about neighberhood, peace and coexistent. do you want us to wipe them out of the face of South Sudan? we are capable of doing that my dear.

          • Kokora II says:

            The reason I ask is because my best friend’s wife is from Bor North and she hates people from Bor South, I just don’t know why. Could you explain?

          • Kokora II says:

            You called Murle animals but its better for animals to deal with other animals. I don’t think you can do anything to Murle, they have tormented you for centuries. Look, Kuol Manyang is the defence minister from Bor and guess who is the deputy, a Murle an ex-priest Gen. David Yau Yau. don’t you think Murle’s are your worse nightmare?

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Your name looks really funny. Whether you are South Sudanese or not is up in the air. That aside, why name calling when you should critically disproved Dr. Lako maturely. What does this say about you and your likes?

      Creating more tribal enclaves is no biggy if done correctly or rightly. Annexing others’ people ancestral land is what make it extremely unfathomable. On top of that, the August agreement was based on 10 states. Let us first implement the agreement to the letter and than we can plan accordingly on dividing the states according to your liking. If Ishakho wants to have a state of his or her own, it is no problem so as long you don’t try to annex your neighbor’s piece of land. Be insightful and help Dr. Lako try to understand you in a civil manner.

      • Ishakho says:


        am a pure South Sudanese, purer than you who is an Ethiopian from Gambela like Dak Duop Bichok and Lol Gatkuoth.am the heart, kidney and brain of South Sudan.

        I called the distinguished professor Dr Lako names because he has gone down so low to match those descriptions, so served him right.

        go to your state and develop it. be a governor yourself.

    • Josh says:

      Ishakho or who ever you call yourself, please liberate yourself first. It seems that your suffering from DinNuer illness.
      If you have means, please leave, this time not kokora but popoko.

  2. Tangata Riri says:

    It’s clear to me that 28 states was never about administrative efficiency, local democracy, gerrymandering, land grabbing or even ‘jobs for the boys’. These were introduced after the decision was taken, either as: (a) retrospective justification; or (b) simple opportunism.

    The real reason was to separate Jieng populations from the Nuer. The level of bitterness felt by elements (on both sides I may add) has made the idea of living together, or under a local administration run by the ‘other side’, near unbearable. Look at this Sunday’s shocking events in the house of God. This is why many who back 28 states insist it is to ‘secure peace’ and blame anyone who is against it as being ‘against peace’. They are not ready to give up old hatreds, so better to separate.

    Having 28 states is outright unaffordable, unfeasible to administer & destined to cause more trouble than it solves for the whole nation. But having backed themselves into a corner, SPLM/IG see no way out. Their political survival could now be at risk if their impotence is made obvious by an embarrassing u-turn on what they keep insisting is a ‘red line’. They will fight against repeal tooth & nail. I expect a tough few months ahead as this issue is addressed.

    • Bol says:

      Tangata Riri,
      This is an excellent scrutiny. May I just add that, 28 State is the first step towards breaking up RSS into 3 or more different states….The level of hatred you just mentioned can be felt and touched, not just in the House of God, but also when travelling on Equatorian Highways or buying a property in Juba…..Why should people waste time and resource in a futile unity? The (Genius), the (Civilised) and the (Manic) should be let go their own way, the quicker people understand this fact, better for everyone.
      The cost of running these states is much less in comparison to cost of next round of violence. Imagine what would have happened, if those who walked out of the church knew in advance that Dr Reik will be coming to the church that morning? Is it possible that they might have armed themselves with firearms in an attempt to assassinate him? In such event, RSS would on fire, whether Reik survived or not. Peace maintenance is not entirely in the hands of President Kiir and Dr Reik or even the IGAD Plus, because a single person in the street can trigger another war in the most anticipated way.

  3. Excellent analysis but who is there to acknowledge or understand such plans. South Sudan will selfdestroy it’s fabric of existence as a nation until God’s judgement Day. We are either brainless or ignorant to understand all these devlopmental strategies. So what? They have been to other developing and developed parts of the world and they seem to like those countries. However buying villas or mansions abroad is a clear understanding of hatred for you country. Remember, charity begins at HOME.

  4. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dr. Lako,
    That/ it sounds good.

  5. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, I thought you were a doctor that can bring practical solution to our problems in South Sudan. However, according to your article you are on defensive position defending small size government the same argument that we have been hearing since the establishment of South Sudan in 2005. I differ with you on what you are saying. if we look at small government in term of development in South Sudan the country will never develop because the government officials are so corrupt that they will never allow money for development. Why 28 States are good is that we do not need development in term of roads this time but we need to transform the cattle keeping communities. The governors to be appointed can help transform them. That is my concern. Transformation first and then development later. Because cattle keepers do not know the word development unless control first and then later taught to develop mental. You have never put your minds to what has been going on in Dinka communities under ten states they were put together like animals were they committed crimes against humanity under inefficient governors. At the moment they are being controlled and no killing is going on in some states which show that the idea of 28 states is working.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Daniel,

      Let me quote part of your respond to Dr. Laku:

      “Why 28 States are good is that we do not need development in term of roads this time but we need to transform the cattle keeping communities”

      “Because cattle keepers do not know the word development unless control first and then later taught to develop mental. You have never put your minds to what has been going on in Dinka communities under ten states they were put together like animals were they committed crimes against humanity under inefficient governors. At the moment they are being controlled and no killing is going on in some states which show that the idea of 28 states is working”

      The issue of creating 28 or more states must not be only to address dinka problems, from your respond as partially quotes above, you referring to situations in Lakes under Eng. Chol Tong, Warrap under Nyandeng Meliec, Jonglei under Kuol Manyang, etc.This is the type of mindset in JCE that advised Kiir to split the country to contain some of the aforementioned issues.

      So according the dinka community in South Sudan, the Fertit in the far west, the Equatorian in the southern parts of South Sudan and the large proportion of the nuer people who were either displaced out of the country, confined to the numerous PoCs in the country or were fighting in the bush don’t matter in determining such important governance issues like creating new administrative areas, governance systems, etc. So which people were “consulted” to arrive at the conclusion that need for splitting the 10 states into 28 states was a “popular demand of the people”?

      Please reread Dr Laku’s bullet points a), b) and d) in his article.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        The unilateral creation of 28 states is the popular demand of Dinka because as you know the Dinka president we have in South Sudan goes very much with what Dinka want but not what the majority of South Sudanese demand.
        Daniel Juol Nhomngek is a self-claim Dinka’s lawyer who lives in Uganda and who wants only to hear the words such as Dinka are good people and Kiir is great president. Although they know that Dinka are criminal and kiir is visionless and the most foolish, war criminal and power greedy president on earth.

        • Josh says:

          Both, Dink and Nuer are criminal, and power greedy people. South Sudan is in problem because of them. However, time will come when Khartoum refuse to give food and guns.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

      ” Why 28 states are good is that we do not need development in term of roads this time but we need to transform the cattle keeping communities.” I find it unbecoming of an educated person like you to say something like that! Even the uneducated understand the importance of having good roads. It’s a common knowledge that schools, hospitals, Animal husbandry, agricultural products, trade and markets all need good roads. Roads are also needed to beef up security. You did acknowledge that government officials are so corrupt that they will not give money for development. But if the centre which is the source of funds is corrupt, how possible that the peripheries would act differently? The previous caretaker Governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, Salva Chol Ayat was less than a month in office when accusations of embezzlement of millions of SSPs surfaced. His successor, Akot Deng Akot was hardly 2 months as the new caretaker governor when accused of embezzling 3.29 million SSPs. Don’t you think increasing the number of governors unnecessarily would likely exacerbate the corruption? You preferred controlling the Dinka communities before development. But how did the iron fist policy of the previous caretaker Governor of Lakes state, Matur Chut Dhuol played out? Despite the on-going killings within the Dinka communities in the state, yet the community members refused to cooperate with the police and the security organs. Ultimately, Governor Matur Chut Dhuol survived an assassination attempt but his elder brother, Chief Apareer Chut Dhuol was not so lucky as he was gunned down by unknown gunman some weeks or months earlier. Cattle rustling and revenge killings are cultural issues before they become a security concern. This is why educated people like you should work hard within those communities to effect changes towards embracing the culture of peaceful co-existence. The JCE rather than immersing itself into matters of national politics should look after its community and avoid acting like a political party.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:

        Dr. Kwajok,

        Let me quote some of your words “It’s a common knowledge that schools, hospitals, Animal husbandry, agricultural products, trade and markets all need good roads. Roads are also needed to beef up security”. Talking about the construction of better hospitals, Animal husbandry and agricultural products is a violation of current South Sudan constitutions as well an invitation of more violence into South Sudan for Dinka worldwide.

        If you want to bring peace and harmony that Dinka want in South Sudan, say: President Kiir will rule South Sudan for 100 years, the next president will be Kuol Manyang, after Kuol would be Malong Awan, and then Majak Agoot, Dinka make up 80% of South Sudanese population, SPLA belong to Dinka, only Dinka fought for South Sudan. What certify Dinka is leadership. If the aforementioned statements, then Dinka will call you smart man, nationalist and president kiir would respond by either appointing you governor to one of the unilateral created 28 states or he (Kiir) would make you an advisor to Dinka Council of elders.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Tangata Riri,
    U must be a black english man.How else should u be viewed for understanding the problem more than any one else!!!

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      False Millionaire,

      You’re a joker. There is nothing like black English man.. you’re either black person or white man. English language belongs to England and that is all we know. If Dr. Lako is invalid in all he mentioned, debunked him maturely.

  7. gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lako,

    This is a super-splendid article that is full of nationalistic observations and practical solutions.

    Gatdarwich, 100% agreed with all it contents!

  8. Wad Nyatong says:

    Good analysis Dr. Lako. Please continue with such interjections. It is sad enough to read some comments here that are trying to convince us with illusions and imaginations which can neither build a country or make a nation. Governance issues should be based on wider consultations and thorough analysis, and should also be based on a uniform criterion that applies all over the country. So it should not be selective and divisive.

  9. Southdan says:

    Tangsta Riri

    Your agree the reason beyond creation of 28 States was that the Dinkas does not want nuer to leave among them it is known Nuers living side by side in three states: jonglei, Unity Bantiu and Upper Nile. Thus Dinkas in mentioned States have conspired and coup in results separated them from Nuer. Dinkas had created an apartheid state of South Sudan. This should not happened in such way. My suggestion to Dinkas elders jeing please the peaceful way to separate your beloved Dinkas Bor from Nuer simply annexes them to Lake state and Dinka Padang and Ngock Dinkas to Elbhar Gazhal so there remainins ten 10 States in South Sudan

  10. lujang lugworo says:

    Interesting analysis by Dr lako. I don’t know that we southern have people like u. Bro I run out top words.Y do we really suffer if we had pple like u. Oh God?

  11. lujang lugworo says:

    People who ve a vision rather a good skills of leadership like Dr Laku. The government has to abolish claiming the creation of 28 states as the demand of people of south Sudan. Y should a government accused its citizens that they demand it, while it is political/ Tribalist interesting? Do u think we re doom and ignorant rather brainless? Do not shames us. What we need is peace and unity among our masses but not sanctions without a clearly boundary/reasons. Ye if u don’t mind about the sanction, what about the poor. Who will u lead?

  12. Maguen says:

    To Daniel Juol
    The idea of creating 28 states to control cattle keeping communities is misplaced. Why? Back in 80s and beyond we were keeping these same cattle but really there was coexistence among the communities especially in Lakes state but this mutual relationship is dead with coming of CPA and death of the man who had the vision for the people of South Sudan. I remember vividly back then, we used to move with cows from Yirol up to in Cueibet the current Gok state. As it stands now, this cannot happened not because of number states but due to negligence of the government by giving the power to the civilians and expect to them behave. As per the issue of 28 or 21 states is being used as political tool to gain credits from the common folks. Those divisions have been there since time in memorial, why widening them instead bridging them. If they want credits, let them build roads, hospitals, schools just to mention but a few for them to to be worshipped as they want. If staying together is bad why joining the EAC ? it is because as block, people stand a good chance of handling issues affecting them. As a matter of fact, there are burning issues that should be given priorities, starting with security both physical and food security, then the economy, reforms in the institutions especially service sector. Lives are stake dilly dally will not reset the current situation we are in, the issue of 28 states, our current leaders need names or fame, which is cheap one. We need bold leaders who are concern with lives of their subjects. Dr. Lako might not have a magical solution but we should not let our country go down with these current leaders, the SPLM VIRUS is contagious, everybody thinks and sees SPLM, there is need for prevention and control for its divide and rule strategy which they copied from the North. We need something with national outlook not tribalism.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    As of today,the presidency has resolved to review the 28 states decree.Those of Nyamilepedia were quick to characterize the three persons in the presidency as equatoria,upper nile and bahar el ghazal solving their problems without external intervention.One thing is clear,the review will either undo the decree,find a middle ground between it and those of Dr Riak’s 21 states with cojunction to Wani’s probable number of states in the name of equatoria or simply decide the recourse to the 10 states.
    The question is,would the reviw commitee of 15 persons the majority of whom would come from SPLA-IO,SPLA-IG and 5 foreign stake holders symbplize the genuine representation of the citizens to foresee the outcome as up to the criteria of popular consensus?
    But what if it’s the same animal named SPLM/A showing it’s different hydra head deciding in the name of the masses with the global backing?That’s the pricise urgent point where the debate should be shifted.

  14. alex says:

    Brothers and sisters
    our leaders have come up with a very good suggestions. We want them to form the committee and go to determine what they want to find or do. We are tired of senseless argument with people who are far And they do not understand the Feelings of our people. We are suffering because of our so called political leaders and internet warriors. The government is determine to bring peace by all cost and expose the war mongers. Like the issue contonment sites have been agreed no we want to deals with the criminals. Anyone who will be involved in looting and killing our people on the roads will be regarded as criminal. So let the team be formed and go to determine the states issues so that we can live in peace. We want to separate jobseekers, Khartoum agents, tribal politicians, war Lords and those who want to argue for the sake of making their names to be known. These idiots must be told they do not have a political future in S.Sudan. I thank the president and hid two deputies for comings up with this brilliant suggestion which even those phd critics are not able to come up with. Theirs is only barrels of negative criticism without any solutions or suggestions. So let the committee go and listen from the people what they want and it is a wise decision because we have TORIKA and two African countries included as a witnesses. So it is now up to the people to decide whether they want a country with no states, 28, 21, 10, or any number they want. So our people SPLM will not betray you. There are people who want power but they use all these arguments to cover their ill intentions. It is wrong to get power by using cheap childish politics. If they can not agree then the issue can be put in memorandum. We have seen now how some of them want us to go to ten states without listening to our people. It is now up to the people in those 28 states to choose whether they want their state to exist or not. For example, if the states in equitrio want, they can remain or form greater equatoria state. One state. President Kirr , Vice president Riack and second vice president Wani you have come up with great ideas. If this issue is finished will it be difficult to deal with the reconstitution of the parliament. So it id up to Ladu to advise the Bari people either to abandon Jubek state but for the other people we are going ahead.

  15. David Lokosang says:

    Dr Lako, I totally agree with you in most of the argument you made in your article. What I would like to clarify is the assumption that the creation of the 28 states is based on the SPLM objective of taking towns to the people.
    The SPLM objective of taking towns to the people doesn’t mean creation of more states, that is a foolish argument. It simply means provision of services to the people wherever they reside. Let me take Western Equatoria state as an example, let me say there are 6 counties and 15 Payams in Westen Equatoria. If you connect all those counties and Payams with good road system, connect them with electricity, build hospitals and schools and they get whatever they want in their locality what else would they want in big cities like Juba , Malakal or Wau.
    The creation of more states is only a policy of divide and rule as planed by Jieng Council of Elders. Can any reasonable minded person convince me and the rest of the tribes why one tribe having 14 states half of the 28? Is this tribe so special that they need service more than others? If the government can not provide basic service in the 10 states logically how are they going to provides services to the people in the 28 states given the current economic fragility?

    No reasonable and sound minded person can accept the creation of the 28 states except those idiots who don’t understand what is social and economic development. It is not just a matter of arguing on this website but let us look at the facts on the ground. The economy is moving downwards, some of the public servants have not received their wages for the last three to four months because no revenue. The oil production is down and can not longer generate enough revenue to cover all government expenses. People are moving to Sudan and Uganda in thousands due to famine and insecurity yet we are wasting time and energy on insistence on the 28 states. This is a crazy ideas and should be abolish immediately before the country collapse.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear David Lokosang,

      I met a British guy who never bothered travelling to London in 36 years. His town is only 165 miles away from London. When he saw that I was surprised – he added, what for? Whatever is available in London could be found in his hometown. What you said is absolutely correct – if the locals in the rural areas get the services they deserved, the exodus to towns would certainly cease.

      • johnjerry says:

        yes,this is what we need and want in RSS. Juba,Wau and Malakal should not be the only Towns where everyone wants to live.There should be no exodus to big towns.Development should come to you and not you following development. All that is needed is good roads to connect the people. We need a network of roads to connect with the people and the States where it is most needed.

  16. Abiel says:

    Fork it well known to South Sudanese that the war and hatred among Southerners started before the presidential stabishement order for the creation of 28 new States,so what you had been published on website is called strwman fallacy and that fallacy will not work in newest country like South Sudan.

  17. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi All,
    Never waste time alot on commenting any article written by Lako.He is an other weak equatorian like lonely opportunist man Lado Gore.They speak alot but with empty barrel.Equatorians like preaching a lot of hatred which can caused war but when the war come they are the first to run away.All the road killers are Equatorians they don,t confront people but more coward.

    • alex says:

      Thanks brother Yien
      Let Lako and Lokosang listen if they have ears.
      Lako brought the issue of land it back fired. Bari and Mundari now fighting over Mangala. He brought the issue of states now the question is, is he going to retract Jubek state and will the Bari people agree to his proposal.
      The problem with S. Sudanese people is that,we are good at criticism but we we could not find solution to our problems. We talk a lot but do little. Could the country be lacking food when we have people like Lokosang. On voluntarily basis he could have helped his own people to produce food with the huge knowledge he has if he is not ready to help the whole country. Many S. Sudanese have thr required knowledge to move our country forward if they love their country but these guys only want to wotk if they are given a position. People who love their country can help his people voluntary. They can leave the comfort live in West and go to help their people even for short time

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Comrade kien Wew,

      People like you, Alex and the guy with the corrupted name according to Southdan keep repeating the same nonsensical words time and again. Your comments are mostly unrelated to the subject of the articles. You have got no constructive ideas and no substance whatsoever. Those who contribute by posting articles or comments on this forum are actually giving you a lifeline to survive because your rants are the justification for payment by your masters in Juba.

      • alex says:

        Mr Lako I am an independent thinker who will never follow a tribal thinker like you.
        it is that thinking that makes you not to understand your self as being evil to your own people. If you think all those who oppose your shallow writings are in Juba pay role then you are fooling yourself. You will not get a position by just using such cheap politics. If you lack knowledge and solution to our problems just stay in your comfort in England than making your own Bari people to die for no reason. If we need development we have to start by ourselves. We should not be expecting someone to develop your country. You are s doctor yet you even failed yo develop yourself nor have given help or done anything to improve the live of Bari people. Brother it is easy to sing this could be done and that could be done but come and try. Many people who have heart for their country, have left the luxury of the West and are now contributing in the development of the country. How will a country develop when evil people like you are working to divide our people. Stop your nonsense if you do not have any solution. Leave the presidency to put the country right. For you , you are a curse to your people.

    • Josh says:

      You are right my friend because Equatorians are human not Animals like you. We live in civilized world where reasoning is the tool.

  18. Southdan says:

    Your allegedly name is so corrupted. I’m sure it not yours, as I believe you from Dinkas Bor. I spoke Dinka, but not Bor accent. I never come across such a Dinka name ishakho so what does it means in Dinkas languages? Nothing! unless you are stealing money, other peoples names by using hieroglyphic. To me your name looks like this, (Ashoka the great, the king of India 13 century BC)

  19. Yien Mathew and Alex, this forum I believe is not for you because you don’t understand the essence of democracy and freedom of expression. You are just followers of whoever you believe is your messiah. It is for people with intellectual mines and ideas which can contribute for the prosper of the nation. Is it not a shame to see our ordinary people dependent on humanitarian assistant, no salary for 4 months, no treatment in hospitals due to lack of electricity, Us dollar is equivalent to 4.2 pounds, the economy is going down, innocent people are being kill by unknown gun men in the cities, and yet you are against ideas that can contribute for better reforms. people are criticizing not because they are against the government or any particular person but, the wrong doings. It is a positive criticisms that if those in the government can hear and put in to practice you can see a positive change. Stop being blind and followers, use your mine and think what is right and wrong.
    Next time I want to see your positive contribution how we can establish a good governance that can create services to the people not just supporting those who provide you with stolen public money.

  20. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi All,
    I dream last night as if Fake Dr.Lako was crashed dead by the car in London,it became a very good dream,please take care my dreams are always positive.Second,i also dream lonely man Lado gore was also dead.Let us wait and see.
    Comrade Yien Mathew

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I am no longer sure of your mental stability and as such, your comments won’t be published on this site anymore.
      My free advice to you- Get some treatment immediately for your PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

      • Bol says:

        There are many commentators and opinion writer’s whose mental health are highly questionable. You may look for another reason to block Mr Mathew again such as harshly targeting the Royal Family! Editor, how uncomfortable is it when people speak their mind about other communities? The pain, or call it uneasiness you’re feeling now is the difference between Freedom of Expression and Abuse of Freedom of Expression. This uneasiness is what some of us have been trying to explain when we come across such comments and articles, and I hope you would be more understanding next time if some of us whinge about comments and articles written by a lunatic or hatred preacher under the pretext of Freedom of Expression. Cheers.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          The reason I reached the decision to sanction Mr. Yien Mathew’s comments is because his language lately has become completely unacceptable. As editor, I read these comments first before publishing them for others to read and I can tell you the latest comments from Yien Mathew are just intolerable.
          If he improves his language in future, his comments will be published again.

  21. GatCharwearbol says:

    It is unethical to wish someone death. Nobody is friend to death. If we know where death lives, the entire world would unite against it so we can defeat it for good. Looks like Yien Mathew has intimate relationship with death. Yet Mr. Mathew needs to be careful because death doesn’t segregate. It doesn’t segregate Equatoria, Nuer, Dinka, white man, or those with PTSD for that matter. You might be the first to get into car accident before Dr. Lako.

    God blessed you anyway since you don’t know what you are doing!

  22. Toria says:

    Good job for finally taking a bold stance, and so should Alex and some idiots who contributes nothing worth beneficial. We need people with ideas and constructive criticism. Why don’t they go to gurtong, or their tribally related news outlets if all they want to say are hate speeches?

    • alex says:

      Toria what constructive argument . I do no care whether you sanction me. I have other important things to do than arguing with people who has a narrow thinking. If a guy like you did not know that Abiyei belong to S. Sudan then why waste my time people. It is people like who can not differentiate about what is a debate, preaching hate and constructive argument that continue to believe you are contributing anything but I am to tell you that, you are internet agents of war. We S. Sudanese are no longer interested in a senseless war. We want peace and we will never be pushed to tribal war by Dr Laku. This is a guy who has done nothing to his own people in terms of development. If he is a man of people he should come down here to S. Sudan and see things by his own eyes.

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