Taban Gai agrees to step down for Riek Machar as Kiir accepts regional troops deployment

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, AUG/06/2016, (Various sources);

Newly-appointed South Sudan First Vice President Taban Deng Gai, who led South Sudan government delegation to the summit known as Igad-Plus in Addis Ababa, emerged to say that he was ready to step down from his position and give it to Riek Machar once he returns to Juba.

Igad is the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development and the IGAD-Plus summit included representatives of the United Nations, African Union, and the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission that monitors the progress in implementation of the peace agreement in Africa’s youngest nation.

The executive secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development Mahboub Maalim said the Heads of State of member states have directed the chiefs of staff to go to Juba and discuss the modalities of deployment of the protection force with the government of South Sudan.

According to Al Jazeera, the number of troops and the countries where they will come from will be decided with the agreement of the Kiir’s government in Juba, something that might prove unacceptable to Dr. Riek Machar’s faction, the SPLA/M-IO.

SUMMARY: *Country asked to start cantonment of armed forces to separate the forces.
*Mr Kenyatta pressed the South Sudan leaders to take responsibility for the latest upheavals in their country.

“The government of South Sudan has accepted with no condition the deployment of protection force,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta joined other regional leaders at the summit hosted by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.


Mr Kenyatta pressed the South Sudan leaders to take responsibility for the latest upheavals in their country and work to find a sustainable solution.

Goi Jooyul Yol, SPLM/IO representative to AU, who led representatives of Riek Machar to the meeting, said his team is pleased with the new arrangement although modalities of deployment are yet to be discussed.

He said a joint meeting of chiefs of staff of all member states will be held to discuss logistics of deploying more regional troops to South Sudan.

President Kenyatta, a key player in the South Sudan peace process and the Igad rapporteur on the subject, had urged South Sudan leaders to embrace the peace deal they signed last August to prevent the recurrence of conflict.

President Kenyatta called on the parties to the conflict to live up to the expectations of their people, the region, and the international community by keeping their commitments under the Agreement.

“I assure them of our unwavering support as long as they stay this course and are seen to be doing so,” the President said.

He pointed out that failure to adhere to this Agreement would have catastrophic implications not only to South Sudan but also to the region.

“Certainly, we cannot stand by and let this happen,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State emphasised that the leadership of South Sudan has to make a decision to remove the people of South Sudan from the abyss of uncertainty to peace, stability and socio-economic development.

“The South Sudanese look upon you and us for leadership and direction and we must not let them down,” President Kenyatta told the South Sudan leaders.

The President also sought some quick wins.

He expressed the need to, first, address the recent violence in Juba and elsewhere in South Sudan to end the recurrence of the breakdown of law and order.

He pointedly asked for accountability from the South Sudan leaders.

“This would serve to restore a measure of confidence and trust between the parties,” President Kenyatta said.

Second, the transitional government of national unity must urgently establish the security architecture envisaged in the peace agreement, President Kenyatta said.

He said the security plan must also provide unhindered access to the monitoring and verification teams under the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring Mechanism.


The President said the South Sudan government must also embark on the immediate cantonment of armed forces throughout the country, to separate the forces in accordance with the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements.

“The re-integration of the Defence Forces must begin in earnest,” the Head of State said.

He said the peace deal must be safeguarded at all cost and asked the South Sudanese leadership to embark on dialogue and reconciliation.

“The people of South Sudan must come first, second and third. They deserve and must be assured of peace, stability and economic development,” President Kenyatta added.

The president stressed that a unified and coherent regional and international front must be maintained to bring collective leverage to bear for the full implementation of the Peace Agreement and anchor lasting peace to South Sudan.

The meeting was chaired by the current chairperson of the Igad Assembly of Heads of State and Government who is also the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Other IGAD member state leaders who attended the meeting include, Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia and Ismaïl Omar Guelleh of Djibouti.


  1. L. Stephens says:

    This must come. We the people of South Sudan have for too long waited for this.

  2. If you force. Dr Risk Machar back likely you forcing new problems to the old problems of South Sudan,OK do it.

  3. Force_1 says:

    First of all; you guys need to make sure that your guy Riek Machar is alive to come and take over his position; because it’s the position designated to him by God and only him can bring peace to you.
    Second: Regional protective forces are different from the regime change forces; and therefore Uganda People Defense Forces deployed by president Kiir to protect civilians in Bor 24 months ago were no different than or from Regional Forces that you are most excited for if you guys don’t know the distinction.
    Weren’t you excited less than 24 months ago when Addis Agreement was signed by president Kiir? Where did that excitement go? Just dim down your excitement!

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Gatnyakeek is doing a superb job that would imminently be beneficial to the NaathNation. I am hundred percent with her and her witty team.
      The traitorous Jenges’ kingdom is destined to die pretty soon period

  4. Unango Udo says:

    South Sudanese People should rest assured that under the able leadership of Dr.Riek Machar with his unmatchable knowledge,education,life experience,and wisdom justice will always be served and in the end of the day the Jieng Council of Elders, with their associates,sympathizers and their non Jieng carpetbaggers such as Taban Deng will be the biggest loser of all the time.
    It just couldn’t get into to my mind how could the Jiengs believe that they could suppress the other 63 South Sudanese ethnicities and appropriate all the country’s resources to themselves,keep disrespecting and mocking regional and international leaders and nonchalantly naively,believe that they would get way with all these barbarity they are inflicting on the innocent unarmed civilians in South Sudan?
    It is true that “A little learning is a dangerous thing ” Mr Cowboy!

  5. Tyson says:

    True headless chicken!

  6. Bukjokdit says:

    Let us look at them first for what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. And that must be the wish of the weakest public figures and citizens in the country especially in term of nationalism.

  7. Bukjokdit says:

    What do you exactly like about their coming to your own country?

  8. Eastern says:

    Now what happens to the losse cannons in Kmpala who on Friday, August 5, 2026, that Dr Machar “is a bad cook”? Where’s is Mr Oyet with his godfather Dr Ricahrd Mullah? Please those in SPLM-IO clouded in confusing must read the ARCISS in its enterity.

    The meeting yesterday at Protea hotel in Kampala was for sycomphants and boot lickers!

  9. oyhath says:

    This is not the first time I hear about a regional force to come to Juba to separate between Kiir and DrbRiek forces. According to media news the IGAD met when the recent crisis first erupted on July 8; so we heard of a meeting and agreement by the IGAD to send a force to Juba. Kiir first agreed but then rescinded, swearing he wouldn’t allow a single foreign soldier into the country, because there was already 12 thousands serving under UNMISS in the country. So, the fact that the IGAD met last Friday (August 5) in Addis Ababa and agreed to send a regional force to Juba doesn’t sound like news to me, because we heard that before. We did get from that? Well, nothing!

    I am afraid this is another bold tactic from Kiir in order to buy him time to engineer a third attempt to physically eliminate his enemy, Dr Riek. Dr Riek needs to be careful not repeat the same mistake. Look everyone, Albert Einstein, the guy who invented the nuclear power once said: if you repeat the same steps of a process all the time, you will get the same results all the time. So, I guess this a lesson from an all-time scientist that Dr. Riek should reflect on very carefully in order to prevent a repeat attempt on his life by president Kiir and Jenge Council of Elders, the real parliament under Kiir government. Kiir and Jenge Council of Elders, the real parliament under Kiir government, is not interested in peace. For them, it’s like: Physically eliminate Dr Riek and we will force everybody else into cowardice and rule south Sudan forever because its we who liberated it. Dr Riek, don’t repeat the same mistake. The piece deal is dead and Kiir. Kiir has kill ACRSS and is trying to buy time to deploy another time to eliminate. Don’t let him foul you. IGAD will push you to go, but when it gets ugly they will be nowhere to come to your rescue. It happened before and we all watched when the IGAD and IGAD-Plus pushed Dr Riek to go to Juba and form the Government of National Unity with Kiir, but when Kiir dishonored his pledge and attempted to kill Dr Riek, the IGAD and IGAD-Plus were nowhere to even condemn Kiir and, instead to pointing a finger to Kiir for refusing to implement the peace agreement, all they keep saying is that the “leaders” of south Sudan have failed to implement the agreement.

  10. Gatdarwich says:

    Gatkeek is implementing plan B, and the indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek Machar Tent Dhurgon’s is demand being implementing. To hell with the traitorous Dinka–gluttonous Jenges full stop

  11. Lokosang says:

    What a quick retreat! I thought that the government of Jieng Council of elders will stick to its gut by refusing the deployment of the regional force. Yesterday the regime in Juba was forcing innocent civilians to vocal on its behalf in towns control by their ethnic tribes, saying down, down Banki Moon and the UNIMIS and today it accept the deployment of the regional force through the back door what a shame!
    Following the military activities on all the war fronts and particularly in Equatoria, the regime is under hot pressure. It is losing towns after towns and its forces are being pursued and hunted in the bushes like rats. They are now panicking in Juba and soon Juba will be under artillery range and possibly assault, that prompted them to accept the deployment of the regional force. Some days ago the traitor call Taban Gai was saying let Dr Machar relinquish politics and take refuge in any neighbouring country but, yesterday in Addis he changed his tone, what a disgrace!
    Recently I commented that wars are not won because of numbers of people or military hardware but because of good tactics, clear objectives, genuine cause and determination and now it has become apparent that what I said is happening now in all the front lines.
    Time has come that the brutal regime in Juba has to be change either politically or military. IGAD and TRIKER countries should not even waste time by trying to keep the rotten apples on the same basket because they will cause harm. Logically or biologically, you can not keep a parasite within the population.
    Let us put our efforts together diplomatically, militarily and politically to chase the devils out of power.

    • alex says:

      Lokasang are you okay in mind, which towns have splm in opposition taken. If they have that capacity to attack Juba why are you people crying for protection force. Splm in opposition is destroying it self alone now. Things does not look health for Riack. If you are not careful, this is the end of his career. His own men will be the one liquidate him in Juba. Some Nuers are ready to give him the final blow if he is joking. It seems they have started crying now in Bentue that the government is attacking them while they were fighting among themselves
      It is you people who have no direction who are still following this fallen devil wait and we will see the latest development.
      You are humiliating yourself with a lies. You will shame yourself and your family for such naked lies. Name those towns and when they were captured. I think you are dreaming brother.

  12. Atom says:

    Mr. Editor, honestly the acceptance of foreign troops in south Sudan is a bad idea, but now we have to deal with it anyway. IGAD has to decide because the Dinka government in Juba has failed to protect the lives of innocent people and even of the Dinka themselves. They failed to make peace attractive. What the Dinka militia and the Dinka soldiers did in Juba this time is worst than what the Arabs did. The Dinka soldiers raped women (non Dinka women), young girls, looted properties, and killed innocent people. Then at the end, they send all their people (women and children) into exile to Uganda, Kenya, and the Sudan (Khartoum). So IGAD has to decide, they have to stop senseless killing, and halt the war from spilling into neighboring countries. The war in south Sudan at this time will destabilize, not only our fledgling nation but the whole of East Africa. I think president Salva Kiir must take hemlock at this time, whether for good or for the worst. Dr. Riak Machar may be a bad cook, but Salva Kiir incompetency is beyond comprehension.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Atom,
      Absolutely, when peace comes again in the nation, I’d like to envision a political manifestation whereby all free-thinking people abandon the SPLM and coalesce around newer political parties or party, with the final goal of unseating the tribal SPLM of Kiir and the jieng council of elders.
      It’s clear now, as attested by public statements of Dr. Lam and Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, there is “only a tribal (jieng) army in the nation,” which has already tainted the image of the nation, and as such, the first act of the transitional government and the peace keepers is to create a new ‘national army.’
      No peace will ever come to South Sudan unless and until the security sectors (army, security, police and prisons) truly reflect a much fairer national balance and picture.
      Perhaps, the other long lasting solution for all the crises in the country is to revisit the ‘kokora’ again, that’s political devolution, where we have a smaller central government in Ramciel and stronger states’ governments. After all, this is the only way you can get true manifestation of development reaching Aweil, Gok, Biel, Ruweng and all those fake states now supposedly in some form or shape of existence.
      No cause for apprehension, for Juba will remain the commercial center for all South Sudanese, just like Johannesburg in South Africa is today, so the thieves won’t fear being expelled from Juba until the law comes calling. Then, all the stolen money will be recovered from them.
      Finally, without the above transformations, I can only predict that all those of Dr. Machar, Dr. Lam, Pagan, and the others will be eliminated silently by the Mayardit tribal security. Then, another cycle of instability will be ignited again….

      • Mr info go to school of political analysis. SPLM will remain a dominant political force for another 50 years.
        Most political parties like tribalism. Lam Akol tried there is no change he stick to tribalism. Splm in opposition now is fighting within it self and it will go up to the bones. Those who can see and envision things splm in opposition is heading for break up sooner than later. Amum is calling for UN trusteeship a cheap idea even people who do not know politics will not buy it. You not underestimate those people who demonstrate against the intervention force. You arr writing in the West but come down to S. Sudan. What I see is there are people whom have known they not going to win any election are the one making noises. It is quite clear now that splm in opposition will never any elections whether now or even in future. With all your dreams of working to dismantle SPLM it will not work anf we ate aware sudan tribune was created for that purpose by the Arabs. We are united by nationalism but you are driven by power greed and being agency workers. You will not and never defeat the will of the people. A house build with lairs will never stand that is why splm in opposition is heading for break up. It isa big homework for you people.

  13. Simba says:

    Mr Kiir has come to his sense and accepted the inevitable. One observation i make is Mr Kiir is now officially the flip-flop president. He now did it twice. First he refused to sign the peace deal but then signed it under pressure. Recently he opposed international forces by also conducting phony state sponsored demonstrations using his loyalists but here he is succumbing once again to pressure. Two major flil flops within a year. It shows complete lack of understanding the political reality,or maybe he is hostage to some very unstable advisors.

  14. GatNor says:

    South Sudan is part of the world community that calls on the international partners for assistant in search for peace and stability, disaster managements and so forth. When their internal conflicts goes out of controls affecting the world at large and their neighboring country they called for help and IGADs or should I said M7 was the first to respond by moving in with troops and not priests and nuns carrying bibles. To those hypocrites who think the world revolves around them I should tell you that it is the same world community of coalitions that are currently spoon feeding South Sudan’s displaced, welcoming them into their countries as many are refugees and sheltering them in UN Camp. I think that’s is a major sacrifice the world community have shown in acknowledging that South Sudan is a part of this planet earth in which its problems such as this out of controlled civil war will be solves by themselves and if not by the world communities.

    The issue of South Sudan conflict landed in the laps of IGADs+ countries weather they like it or not it is a problem that is and will continue to affect them as countries and logical option is to see to it that it is resolve since South Sudanese FAILED in conjuring up magical solution neither by military might or have South Sudanese(leaders and actors including all their tribes) humbles themselves to a reasonable state of mind to compromise on any peaceful resolution. Those who have no better solution to the problem should not talk much because they have failed already.

    The intervention force is part and parcel of tools IGADs+ uses to go about solving such conflicts such as the case in South Sudan where rules of engagements is foreign to the warring factions and leaders giving commands and orders.

    My point is you can not ask for to a problem you failed to solve and expect to dictate what and how your helper does their job. I mean baggers can not be choosers if that makes any sense at all.

    Look at it this way UPDFs have cause more damage in their participation and contribution to the conflict than any damage that will be caused by the intervention forces if the intervention forces were to stay in South Sudan for the next 15 years hypothetically speaking.

    In regards to South Sudan, had its leaders been wise enough they would have realized that to mutually find a happy medium and compromise on some minimal peace and stability’ the issue of intervention forces would not be a part of today’s topic. in regards to South Sudan.

  15. Eastern says:

    El Tabani Gai may want to “step down” for Dr Machar, the boss of SPLM-IO, but his employers, the dinkas won’t accept that!

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