Suddenly it has become more and more of New York & Washington in South Sudan, lesser of Addis Ababa

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, SEPT/01/2016, SSN;

“How many more of these ping-pong sessions, before the UN Security Council & the US administration realizes that this J.C.E pariah regime in Juba is in fact the problem and moves to final take action in South Sudan!”

Those following the ping-pong of negotiations that have suddenly developed between the UN Security Council & the US administration on one side and the Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders (J.C.E) Pariah regime in Juba on the other, over the deployment of the protection force in Juba, will notice that much is now coming from New York and Washington and less and less from Addis Ababa!

If this regime that had initially said it would not cooperate with the newly enlarged protection force, but since then it has said it was still considering its position, thinks this ping-pong engagement would buy it more time, let it rethink the whole strategy over again.

For now we are being told that the U.N. Security Council diplomats are expected to visit Juba this week.

Down the road, the J.C.E pariah regime in cooperation with the SPLM-IO Renegade General Taban Deng Gai thought, their failed attempt on the life of the country’s legitimate First Vice president, Dr Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon could provide them with a carte blanche to run the show the way they so wished!

Unfortunately for the regime this is not to be simply because the US government whose citizens were sexually abused in Juba is also seeking the same carte blanche in order to protect its interests in South Sudan.

With the Juba under the J.C.E pariah regime being characterized as the most lawless spot in Africa today ( Boko Haram Nigeria included), the fierce fighting in the capital Juba last month has only increased fears that the five-year-old nation could relapse into civil war and hence a hot spot for more anti-Western activities.

This is in fact what prompted the United Nations to authorize the deployment of the extra troops for the 12,000-strong U.N. mission there.

It also explains why last month, the Security Council approved a 4,000-strong protection force for South Sudan’s capital of Juba as part of the UNMISS peacekeeping mission that had its mandate extended in July.

For those virtually hostages of the regime in Juba and only rely on Michael Makuei dis-information propaganda broadcasted day in and day out over the SSBC, there is a need for you to know that all is not rosy as Makuie wishes you to believe.

The truth of the matter is that the J.C.E pariah regime has not only complicated matters for South Sudanese by illegally dismissing the legal FVP Dr. Riek Machar and replacing him with this ego-centric renegade General Taban Deng Gai, but it has in fact compounded the poor civilian population’s sufferings,

This is the reality, in spite of the loose talk from people like John Kerry who seems to only see the Democratic party’s immediate interest at an election time like this.

The UNMISS head, Ellen Margrethe Loej is already on record for this, “We will have together with the government and the minister of foreign affairs to work out programs so that the members of the Security Council (UNSC) can meet the President and government of South Sudan (and) continue discussing how we improve the situation making sure we have peace,” she said.

What we are seeing here is that the UNSC has now practically taken over the dossier of “War & peace in South Sudan” from the IGAD regional body and is determined to take on the J.C.E pariah regime head on.

My question to those “oppose first, then reason later, if ever” politicians in Juba is – how many ping-pong sessions did Saddam Hussein or Mua’mar Ghadafi had with the duo (UNSC & US) before they both became history?

Author: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. Concerned South Sudanese residing in the United Kingdom.


  1. Mr Ramaga you can waste your time in interpretation but no body can follow fools
    The peace belong to S. Sudanese but not to Machar. Does it means if Machar died the whole peacr is death? Such shallow reasoning and interpretation belongs to a cheap jobseeker mentality who has no where to get job but from a self proclaimed messiah Machar. Kerry is right and any sane person can agree with him that the process was legal.

    Secondly, the war is not about position of the FV-ship . If Machar group wants peace, you can join the peace process as a different group. Machar has missed several opportunities and Machar has a leadership problem which I am sure a blind political follower obsessed with tribal hatred will be able to understand and look at the matter in a right angle.

    Machar had problems with the icon Garang, Omer el Bashir, Lam Akol, Gadet, and many others including Kirr. Gai did excellent thing to keep the peace alive and he has made it clear if Machar comes, he will step down provided Machar renounce violence and no more huge spla opposition fighters to come to Juba until integration. MACHAR will be guarded by UN forces since that is what he wants.

    So brother, Machar had wanted to take the country back to war but the peace lovers within his group have saved the country and we need to praise them for courageous act of standing up for peace. One thing we need to know is, we are one people and we are the one who will be able to solve our own problems. Relaying too much on foreigners to fix our problems will not help. No peace can be worn by war and Machar’s aim of telling spla opposition politicians to run away from Juba was unwise decision.

    Machar has come to learn that, he is not popular even through free and fair elections he will never win,that is why, he wanted to take the country back to war so that he could take power by force. So it is up to Machar to declare his position, whether he is a peace maker or a war monger. He has been deceiving the world that he is a peace maker and now is time to show himself that he truly cares for the suffering of our people or he doesn’t.

  2. Deng says:

    I stopped commenting on this forum since April this year hoping that South Sudanese failed politicians & leaders have learned some valuable lessons from their man-made civil war and so they will stick to the peace agreement they signed to make sure no return to war again. But little did I know that those few idiots from Equatoria & Nuer communities both in government and in the IO will allow themselves to be used again to prolong the suffering of the innocence masses!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Those against your government also include Mabior Garang, the heir-apparent of Dr. John Garang, and Dr. Majak Agoot and others. In fact, it’s clear that the whole family of late hero, Dr. John Garang, is against your government and this shows that had Dr. John lived up to date, he would never have allowed Kiir and his JCE to come up to power in J1 at all.
      So, don’t blame Equatorians and Nuer only.

      • Mt inf. I think it is the time you people have to support the reality. The whole world knows how Machar was escorted to his residences in Juba. If there was a plan to kill Machar, the day his forces attached the body guards of Kirr in J1 could be the end of Machar but be cause Kirr knows the country will be plunged to war if he kill despite the fact that Machar started the war. There was nothing that could prevent Kirr from killing Machar if he had wanted to be cause Machar forces started the war.
        Secondly, people like Magoot just want to sell their own country and even Mavhsr himself is one of those people because he knew he has no big support across the country. Mavhsr’s own party is now divided. Those who want peace let by Taban Gai and those who want war let by Machar. Recently we have seen Machsr’s barbarism in Yei town where his supporters come and kill innocent civilians with machetes and pangas at night for having been a government supporters. You are the one chasing the civilians away. Your first Weapon is spreading lies and rumors of possible attack and taking over Towns. Second is killings and you mr inf use the term unknown gunmen when you know very well it is spla in opposition forces doing it. Thirdly, Machar’s forces kill civilians on the roads who are carrying on with their daily lives and have nothing to do with government yet you people without shame open wide mouths that you are fighting got their freedom. Fourthly you people deliberately crate a tribal hatred so that, the small tribes see themselves threaten. Now with all your evil plan, we have reached to a point where it is easy to identify the war mongers and Positions seekers. If Machar is not a war monger, he should send his representative to the Juba if he feels Taban Gai anf the group is not representing his group. Mavkar is already a wounded politician. Do not believe if he could afford to win or succeed in any discussion when you have a division within the party. So mr info keep away from Machar politics or otherwise you will make you own people in the village to rise Against you and you will end up being a rejected person.

      • Deng says:

        Dear Editor, I hope skim reading was not an issue here otherwise my comment was/is very clear and so your response doesn’t make sense to me at all. As you may be aware of, we have other commentators on this forum that are using the same name “Deng” of which some of them are certainly die-hard supporters of the failed government however, I can assure you that I am not one of those blind supporters who follow incompetence leaders/politicians simply because they come from their communities.

        Therefore, my message was about these few fainthearted leaders/politicians from Equatoria & Nuer communities among others whether in the government or in the IO whose their careless action every often proved to be the very reason why this incompetence government is still using terror against its own citizens as a mean to stay in power. Of course, it is a human nature to use anything in their disposal to try to survive or stay alive for example, as human being we use firewood/coal for various use including keeping ourselves warm, we use shoes to protect our feet, we use shelter to protect us from rain among others, even condoms to prevent HIV/AIDs infection and the list goes on. In this case, I am well aware of the strategy that the government has been utilising and continue to apply it to make sure it will remain in government as long as they wish, and this include the policy of divide & rule that this government has been using for sometime now.

        It was this very policy of divide & rule that the government used to destroy the Compromise Peace Agreement by splitting the IO politicians in Juba just before J1’s violence outbreak, should these fainthearted stand their grounds against this evil act of divide & rule policy supported by members of the two communities mentioned above who have been siding with the failed government for sometime that is actually mistreating their people then the CPA could have been holding now. I am not going to waste my time trying to explain what is obvious even to those allowing themselves to be manipulated from time to time, so my question is when are these fainthearted leaders/politicians from Equatoria & Nuer communities among others would realized that they’re being used as condoms?

  3. mading says:

    Editor. John Garang family joined Riek out of jealousy, because they missed when they used to run a round the world with our movement SPLM/SPLA bank account in their pockets, that is all not because Kiir Mayar did anything wrong. not long when Riek almost throw Garang out of power in the SPLM through military quo in the bush.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    “The US government seeking…the blanche carte to proteect its interests in south sudan”,is the very correct assertion that was the cause that kilt Garang,drove Dr Riek into a rebellion,imposed the peace that brougt Dr Riek back to Juba and compelled Dr Riek into provoking the J1’s events that almost cost him his life.
    The end justifies the means in this case.So stay tuned and never be surprised if u ever see the americans siding with the,”JCE pariah regime”,if that’s where they could achieve their interests in case Dr Riek and the rest of the self proclaimed oppositions become toothless shadow creatures to be of any use.

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    False millionaire,

    The United States of America can’t and shall never side with the terrorists and traitorous evils, the Jenges Council of Evils, Killer Nyankiir, murderer Kuol Manyany, Jenges’ warlord-killer Malong, and the treasonous evil-Hussein Taban–Gatnyakeek period
    It’s just a matter of time before the U.S.A. cremate these terrorists-criminal gangs-mafias-thieves–their D-day is eminent full stop

  6. Mr Gatdarwich

  7. Toria says:

    Hey you muslim-imam or whatever ………stupid title

    Who is this idiot who can’t even pick a name but using some stupid web address? You are a COWARD.

    What the hell is:
    Next time use your brain and come up with a fake name or something.

  8. Toria says:

    False M aka Chameleon
    Here we go again you and your endless stupidity. Why do you think America is so obsessed with jenges? Each time you think America is coming to install your tribe’s man in power things turn the other direction. According to you the Americans don’t have brain to think for themselves? The first reason why Americans supported SPLA was to dismantle the NIF regime which they succeeded in doing so. The second reason is to open American base in Sub Saharan region, SS happens to be a perfect spot with Uganda, DRC and CAR already on boat. Third; during John Garang’s time, he sold the story of Muslims killing Christians and so-called slavery in Sudan, that got the Christians in US enraged and so they supported SPLA. Fourth; they are now looking for someone who will end the war in Darfur and Nuba Mountains, unfortunately non of your warlords have the guts to stand up to the challenge.
    So, tell us Mr False. What is that special interest that you think the Americans would have in any Dinka as we speak? Do you think US is interested in establishing a corrupt tribal JCE kingdom in SS, after these illiterate militias raped American women and abused their citizens in Juba? Who shot at US diplomat vehicle in Juba? Who looted UN warehouses in Juba? Aren’t them your very toothless jenges? Who marched on the streets of SS chanting “down down Troika and UNMISS? Isn’t it the same JCE who created the illegal 28 states? I could go on and on………endless stupidity.
    The Americans are still angry at Salva Kirr when for the last time he visited US and he unashamedly lied to Pres. Obama’s face.
    I think you are living in an oblivious planet if you think America is so in love with your barbaric tribal demagogues.

  9. Gatdarwich says:


    Very commendable comments!
    The traitorous Jenge-Dinka-False Millionaire is completely delusional to think that Americans are happy with them(the traitorous blood-Dinka) given their constant treasonous actions against the American citizens in Juba.

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    Rape is something sexual.
    If it concerned gown up healthy adults,please give us a report if the presumed victims didn’t like it.
    Secondly:The end justifies the means in business. It ‘s like prostitution.
    If the JCE and jieng role out the red carpet for the americans to take over the RSS ‘ natural resources today,the problem will be solved and there will be no more of u for ever.

  11. mirabeau says:

    Unless they kill the whole of southerners if they think Dr Machar is problem in this current conflicts?

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