Sudan should allow South Sudan oil to flow!

Sudan and South Sudan agreed on September 27, 2012 on many issues, one of which was oil. The two sides at the moment are closer to disagreement and a breakdown as Khartoum insists that the security for South Kordofan and Blue Nile must go hand in hand with the permission to let the oil from South Sudan to the market through their country.

The two ministers of the two countries met in Juba last week (10.11.2012) and have reached nowhere. Khartoum was/is wrong, and Juba was/right.
As things stand, there is not much desire to infuse and confuse things when the agreement was crystal clear on security and oil. Therefore Khartoum should re-examine its decision and let the oil companies start pumping oil to the outside world.

The delay isn’t wise and will not be in the interest of the two countries. The two leaders of Sudan and South Sudan were commended for their courage and determination to peace and harmony. President Omar Al Bashir would be received in Juba with pomp and dances if ever the well-publicized and politicized visit will take place. President Al Bashir is respected here and shall continue to enjoy being respected because of his Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) with our hero Dr. John Garang de Mabior. No Northern politician has that gut like that of Gen. Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir.

The current standoff over oil is a making of his hawks and radicals whose agenda then and now is to bring down the government in Juba. They are joined by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin of the Democratic Change. Dr. Ajawin’s invisible hand can’t go unnoticed. He’s a sworn enemy of the people of this republic and one of his card is deny Juba the hard currency so to satiate his egoism.

He went to the Arabs and European countries preaching hate that there is no leadership in the country and that hence he should be considered as an alternative. If he could then throw parties when Southern Army (SPLA) lost a garrison to the Northern army, what would prevent him for doing the same today?

We must rally as people of South Sudan behind our president and stop traitors from undoing our gains. We will not bow down to Khartoum’s moves. It is better we die in dignity than return to the wilderness under Khartoum. We are better off without food on our tables.

Dr. Lam must not deceive himself that our people will surrender to the North again. It is only here that we have a weak leader who is led, we couldn’t have given away Panthou, Hofra Al Nahas, Kafi Kingi, Warawar/Mile 14 and Abyei.

In light of the situation before our country, our leadership must gather pace and do the following urgent measures. The threat against oil production from the Sudan is real and must not be ignored. Signs are on the wall that Khartoum will not accept or honor its bargaining side of the oil agreement and thus anytime they might either confiscate or block the oil from flowing.

Our government must go back to the drawing board and if it needs another Addis Ababa talk so be it. Things will not be fair unless there is robust mechanism to be put in place now.

Our government must not be seen as desperate and helpless, after all, Dr. Marial Awou (state minister of finance) and Central Bank Governor, Cornelio Koryom, have assured the world of no liquidity issue. The government can’t be seen as helpless under its rich land.

Mr. President as a matter of urgency should reduce his government and go for a lean and efficient government. Disband the Council of States, remove the Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Commissions. Aggressively levy taxes especially on hotels and housing, while deploying Mobile Refineries to reduce and subsidize consumption goods. Urgent times require drastic actions.

Nothing will flow to the mouth of an African from the West or China unless it costs sweat and blood. Free things aren’t indeed free. The aid and assistance to the continent are nothing but baits by the rich and powerful to advance their interests. South Sudan must not catch the whims of the so-called developed world. We must be ourselves, work hard and stand to fight for our own survival.

The North can’t intimidate our people; we have every right to say it emphatically that it is not anymore.

Isaiah Abraham lives in Juba; he’s on
(Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and not of the website)


  1. Anyangaliec says:

    It’s a shame brought to our shore by our leadership in Juba. We’ve no one else to blame but ourselves. Our leaders inability to pland in advance is frankly causing us too much.!

  2. John Ojulu says:

    What’s up, Mr. Isaiah and what provoked and stirred you up against Dr. Lam while the issue is on Oil and Security arrangements between South Sudan and North Sudan government?
    The failure of general president Kiir Mayardit does not need to be diverted to someone else, and you as citizen of a failed state or country of South Sudan misdirected your anger instead to Dr. Lam.
    I don’t know if you know about many things that Mr. president and his corrupt evil cabinet were doing but you can appreciate the kinds of respects South Sudanese have given to that devil man and his vice president who’s just a symbol. Dr. Riek vice is the worst that’s killing everything in South Sudan. If you don’t understand, he’s wasting important position that could be occupied by a right person who can do something, and somebody that could work with the cabinet and SPLM ruling party decision-making.
    Dr. Riek was just included and given a ride with SPLM haul, his position has no function at all, if he’s rational likes other politicians, he would resign and wait for his term if he has any vision and knows he’s capable to lead likes rest of South Sudan politicians.
    This is the reason why the failure of our country is too great.
    If he resigns, president Kiir can appoint somebody he likes and work together with Kiir not to be a person that works parallel with a misleading dream.
    Dr. Riek thinks he will be president of South Sudan someday, this is an illusion in his mind but he knows how to play with civilians minds and make sure that now people are aware.
    Please Mr. Abraham, go and rewrite your articles toward Kiir Mayardit and his symbol vice. Make sure Mr. president occupied two important positions because he’s the president and vice at the same time regardless of Daniel Wet Akot who tries to plan everything for the president and South Sudan.
    You understand that Dr. Lam Akol will come to be our next president very soon, but you will recognize what I am trying to tell you.

    • Ojulu, a hero always people call him a devil. So president Kiir is a devil for he has overcome the regime which you are loyal to, and led his people to the freedom. You are now in freedom, that is why you talk the way you like.

  3. Brother Isaiah, Khartoum always dishonored Addis Ababa agreement, and they have done this several times. Only AU can pressure Khartoum on this issue, and south Sudan must put on practice some of what you have mentioned in your article.

  4. sengar says:

    You are one of those who supported the oil shut down, so what took place now?

  5. Manut Michael Lual says:

    Isaiah Abraham, well tried, thanks a lot. Dr Lam has nothing to do in south Sudan. For example, when you need to be honorable you are supposed to be show honor to your community, after that you join your country but you can start from your community first. Lam Akol should be innocent and he should know that there is leadership in south Sudan. Lam’s community should agree with him as a leader first…. shame on him….

  6. Michaelson lual says:

    Dr Lam will not and never be president to this young nation. If there is no good person in south Sudan, then better to bring a foreigner to rule this nation. Somebody who is selling his people and land to be president…. shame on him. You clear yourself first. Who are you in this nation who didn’t vote for the future of South Sudan and you need to rules… to rule who?

    • John Ojulu says:

      Isaiah, Lual and Mr. Akuei: Dr. Lam Akol is innocent in our on-going crisis either within South Sudan or with Khartoum government. Since we all rejected him or not elected him as he was in his intention and motivation to help his own people and lead them in the right directions. He kept silent and waited for the government of South Sudan to give him any post or position, but president and his evil cabinet isolated him.
      What else can he do, do you want him to rebel as many devils try to scare him. Dr. Lam is an intelligent person and he knows what to do. He knows how the future will change. He’s aware that people of South Sudan are not stupid as those negative people think.
      One of you said Dr. Lam can start participation in his community and become leader there before becoming a South Sudan leader. This is wrong thinking, Dr. Lam is respected by his people and whole South Sudan.
      In comparison, if president Kiir was respected by his people, why don’t they listen to him and live peacefully, and not being hostile to each other, killing themselves day and night.

  7. Alfred Atem says:

    Mr Isaiah, this is indeed a clear scapegoat. Dr Lam is not a president and has nothing to do with the oil accord signed in Addis Ababa. What is wrong with us in the South with security arrangement? We need our oil to go to the market, we also need a clear border security. Let’s be honest or we shall be labeled against our own statement one day?

  8. Nelson Y Mau Mau says:

    As a new nation we must have good plans for the future of our nation. We must take action not only talk and talk without taking action to what we have decided to do. We have wasted a lot of resources going out lobbying for construction of a pipeline to go through Kenya to Mombasa on the Indian Ocean but up till now no clear information about the process to begin. And many other things pending we just continue to sing…

    • AbielAkol says:

      Come on, Mr.Ojulu, did you say South Sudanese isolated Dr.Lam Akol? Dr Lam isolated himself not S. Sudanese. He betrayed himself and South when he rebelled against the SPLA in 1991 and again when he lost his position as minister of foreign affairs. And you asking people of South if they want Dr.Lam to rebel against the govt? He allegedly had a militia in Upper Nile if you don’t know. Dr.Lam is more evil than the evil you mentioned in your comment. Lam will not and never be president to South Sudan.

  9. Diu J.Kuek says:

    Mr Isaiah Abraham, the current standoff over oil resumption production, security and the rest of unresolved issues such as Abyei Referendum and border demarcation and so on that are yet to be implemented between Khartoum and Juba, when it comes to such situations from political point of view, some of us may understand it differently as any analyst is entitled to his/her own opinion.
    Yes, Dr Lam Akol may be having interests over instability of South Sudan like working against his political rival, SPLM-led Government but in my analysis it will not be the major point that brings this procrastination of South Sudan oil flow through Sudan to International market. So I say this, I am in position of defending Dr Lam Akol from your criticism since he’s residing in Khartoum while South Sudan is at war with Sudan as it becomes a different issue.
    We can see there is no point for Sudan that’s complicating the implementation of the Addis Agreement to take the security issue as an excuse and hand over to them their rebel leaders who fought along side with us just because we will be exporting our oil through Sudan. That is impossible, so, as you said, may be Dr Lam Akol could play his little part on this issue but ultimately dealing with Sudan is too complicated.

  10. Sosa Mole says:

    Isaiah Abraham is as wrong as the regime in Juba. Who forced the Kiir regime to shut down the oil? Wasn’t it Kiir without taking the time to consult with either the South Sudanese parliament or people? What happened to Kiir’s plan B when he deprived himself of the oil revenue? Isaiah Abraham, before you start making sweeping accusation against Khartoum you’re well advised to test the soundness of your logic otherwise your risk sounding hollow like an empty safiya.

  11. Sudan will not allow South Sudan at this time, people.

  12. Manut Michael Lual says:

    Hi, since I heard that the oil of south should be transported through Sudan pipelines, I wondered why and I heard that there is MOU signed between south Sudan and Kenya about pipelines, and also they say it will finish after six months. Was the government was lying to its people?

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