Stupidity or Irresponsibility? What’s become of Central Equatoria State governor and ex-governor?


Whilst thousands of innocent and traumatized citizens in Wonduruba, Katigiri and the surrounding areas have been forcefully displaced as victims of ethnic cleansing, and whilst many are still being murdered by the day by none other than the so-called national army, the very SPLA, a situation which the Episcopal Bishop Paul Wani Yugusuk aptly described as ‘totally disastrous,’ there emerges ex-governor Clement Wani Konga and his protégé, Governor Juma Ali Malou, in an unprecedented charade donating millions of South Sudanese pound houses to ex-presidents Lagu and Alier.

The unprecedented incident took place on September 21, 2015 broadcast on national television, perhaps intentionally calculated by Konga and Malou, in collaboration with the genocidal government of president Salva Kiir as a deliberate diversion from the plight of the suffering Wonduruba and surrounding areas citizens who barely have no food, shelter and security.

Untimely irresponsible as well as stupid the occasion was, these two self-seeking Central Equatoria so-called ‘leaders’ have no business donating gratis such ostentatious luxuries to the two national ex-presidents when that should rightly be the responsibility and jurisdiction of the national government of president Kiir to take care of such charity.

But more painfully, however, for those refugees of Wonduruba and precincts, neither governor Malou nor his godfather, ex-governor Clement Konga have publicly condemned the so-called national army, SPLA, for the perpetuation on this targeted ethnic cleansing and more irresponsibly, neither of the two ex-militia/military men had the guts to personally and officially visit Wonduruba massacre scene.

Fortunately, Bishop Paul Wani Yugusuk, who visited the crime scene though himself not a native of that area, pointedly described the situation this way: ‘This is a total destruction where even the Central Equatoria flag was pulled down and torn.’

Further, the Bishop regretfully surmised about the devilish actions of the SPLA: ‘I don’t know what kind of heart do we have as South Sudanese.’

First, going back to the deliberate and inopportune diversionary action of the Central Equatoria governor Malou and his godfather, ex-governor Konga, perhaps any Central Equatorian and any concerned citizen has the right to ask the question: Under what mandate or law did ex-governor Clement had to build houses freely for ex-presidents using state money?

From his own mouth and loudly reiterated by his prodigy, governor Malou, ex-governor Clement revealed on national television that he had always “promised to do something big for the two ex-presidents.”

Surely, by his own confession, this was seemingly either a personal delusion of magnanimity to atone for some past bad political/human crimes he commissioned/committed or just sheer stupidity and irresponsibility to callously misuse state money by the two governors.

Certainly, one can conclude that the money used was not approved by Central Equatoria State parliament or by the people themselves in full transparency.

The sensible alternative for this redundant expenditure, if indeed it can be so described, would have been for these two fortunate Mundari tribesmen to utilize that money to build a secondary school in their under-development Mundari land, an area just north of Juba that has been substantially and perpetually neglected by the rulers in Juba.

As a matter of fact, among all the Bari-speaking tribes in Central Equatoria State, the Mundari tribe has been unfortunately ‘marginalized’ since the earlier 1950’s, with only one elementary school.

Incidentally, the same Abel Alier, as first president of the Regional government in 1972 contributed in the marginalization of the Mundari by not building a single school in the large area of the Mundari.

Down the years, the Mundari under governor Clement Konga became recruits to militia gangsterism raiding neighboring tribes and finally, in the last war, the Mundari fell victims to Islamist recruitment as jihadist fighters for Khartoum Islamic government till the comprehensive peace was concluded in 2003.

With their latest political fortitude of having two consecutive governors of Central Equatoria state from Mundari, one would have thought that Clement and Juma Ali Malou would have prudently utilized any money available to help their own misused and exploited people by building at least a senior school and some college in Terekeka town or good roads, anything would be better that building presidential palaces.

Second, since these two former presidents of the extinct South Sudan regional government were constitutionally retired and fully pensioned by their former employer, the Sudan government under the Arab North in Khartoum, one thing is sure, that’s Lagu and Abel were both gratuitously and graciously recompensed in cash and kind in spite of their legendary antagonistic politics.

Moreover, never once has news come to the public that Lagu and Alier were going naked, thirsty, hungry or homeless, and neither was it reported that their families were eating from the trees or the garbage, in comparison to the majority of the less fortunate South Sudanese orphans and widows!

It might be of interest to recall that by the time both Lagu and Alier were bitter rivals who never saw each other eye-to-eye, they both in alternation served as presidents to the detriment of one another, be it in Juba or in Khartoum.

Then, at the time when Lagu and Alier were cutting each other’s throat for political survival against the other, Clement was just a middle level Sudan Army officer nowhere then in the South Sudan regional political limelight, whilst the younger Juma Ali was in utter oblivion.

Third, not only has governors Maloud’s and Konga’s combined irresponsibility and stupidity gone wilder and bizarre, but shockingly and incredibly, these soulless and unrepentant duo publicly promised that in perpetuity of their foolishness, the next South Sudan presidents, starting with Kiir, when they retire, will likewise be automatically accorded the same generosity of free millions-of-pounds houses, thanks again to the generosity of the same Central Equatoria State, Amen!

If anything, this is the direct responsibility of the so-called Government of the Republic of South Sudan to gratuitously provide the lawful amenities like houses and pensions to those ex-presidents and other constitutional post holders, by law.

Oh, God, president Salva Kiir must be graciously counting his blessings brought about by the sheer stupidity of these two Equatoria political buffoons…. he will be now planning renting out his numerous properties in Juba and Yei and across East Africa, reaping billions more on top of the alleged 1.5 billion dollars already allegedly stolen, according to his former comrade, Edward Lino, now in opposition.

Isn’t that what is truly prophesied in the Scriptures about the rich getting richer while the poor getting more poorer, as even the little they have will be taken away!

Certainly, the Central Equatorian poor will be impelled into more poverty, thanks to the stupendous blunders of their supposed son/leaders!!!!

Lastly, whilst making it publicly abundant that I have nothing personal or political with the two beneficiaries of the irresponsibility and dumbness of the governor and his ex-governor and current mentor, my deepest concerns relate to the unfortunate timing of the occasion and, secondly to the perpetuation and the formalization of this uncalled for tectonic generosity.

In all reality, Central Equatoria state, under the blatant corruption regime of the ex-governor and that is now being palpably replicated by the new governor, who is a direct appointment of the evil Kiir’s government, is neither the Kuwait nor Dubai of South Sudan.

Central Equatoria, admittedly, is a microcosm of the kleptocratic government of South Sudan under president Kiir, and as such it closely duplicates all that is bad and despicable within the Kiir’s government.

With its own share of gross iniquities and misrule, theft and pillaging of its limited resources for the benefit of a few in the Clement Konga’s government circle, Central Equatoria is the last one state to offer such exorbitant benefits to the ex-presidents in ‘perpetuity’ as elaborated by both Konga and baby-governor Malou.

For the information of governors Konga and Malou, it’s indisputably apparent that President Kiir is now on his final “political death-bed,” the man is beyond any feasible political resuscitation and whatever happens, he’s starkly facing the one-way out into oblivion.

Moreover, after irresponsibly and callously exacerbating the ethnic/tribal animosities as well as fatally murdering the solidarity that once enabled our people to resist the Northern Jellaba Arabs during the struggle for independence, Kiir has devastatingly turned his guns on fellow citizens.

What just recently took place in Wonduruba and surrounding areas is a glaring reflection of a so-called leader who has irreversibly turned into a serial killer of his supposed co-citizens just for the survival of himself and his tribal clique.

South Sudan is an asphyxiated nation run by the decrepit SPLA and militia generals who’re clearly now behaving like hired tribal assassins killing for a pay.

God forbid, another Wonduruba could be soon unsurprisingly replicated anywhere, anytime sooner in Central Equatoria or the other Equatorias.

Clearly, it seems Governor Juma Ali Malou doesn’t look like a responsible and serious leader of the state to press for total redress, justice and prosecution of those SPLA soldiers and their top commanders who went on rampage raping and killing young boys and old women for no reason whatsoever.

Central Equatorians should rightfully demand from governor Malou the immediate eviction of all the so-called land grabbers and property grabbers from Central Equatoria state even if he has to put his job on the line.

In conclusion, rise up, governor, if you really care for your people or else this proves the rumor that you are just a puppet of the fading, soon-to-be-extinct president Kiir.


  1. taban lowani says:

    Unfortunately, those governors are not elected by the will of the people. It’s by the will of the president kiir. They are serving kiir and his community interest, not the people of the state. Where on earth people of your state been killed in hundreds and as a governor has no any comments or visiting the crime scene. He should resign right away. Shame to you Mr Juma. How you can be a governor without Solidarity to your people.
    Clement and Juma, you should resign unless you condemn or visit Wonduruba. This is the result of dictatorship. Democracy is the only tone of the free society.
    Thank you, editor, for bringing this important issue up.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Taban lowani,
      Thanks, actually this is not the problem now, the most seriously one is coming and that concerns the issue of moving the SPLA to the 25 mile distance from Juba.
      If you watch the news on SSTV today, you will see that the generals led by murderer Paul Malong, the Chief of SPLA killing squad, was on a tour of land grabbing, getting all the lands on Juba-Nimule road, Juba-Mongalla road, Juba-Maridi Road, Juba-Yei road and Juba-Kajo-kaji road.
      Why…. this is the final occupation plan, thanks to Machar.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        Actually relocation of the armed forces to locations outside Juba would prove a nightmare since they will be operating out of sight of any overseeing mechanism. These relocated forces are likely to be stationed along the main arteries connecting Juba to Nimule, Torit, Yambio, Bor, etc. they will stage road blocks were the checks will lead to excessive extortions, detentions, etc.

        Overall, demilitarisation of Juba is a great move since most of the robberies and killings in Juba have been linked to folks moving in an organised way, lending credence to the claims that in fact it is the organised forces involved in these acts.

        Stay well!

  2. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Editor or Satan,
    this country was liberated by SPLA ,and where do you want them to go bitch? we don’t know you. are you from Arab or rebel of Riek Machar?

    • Bol says:

      Mr Alier-kon,
      Calm down brother….You are addressing an old man. Please remember there are better ways of explaining you views. Please leave this language to the less-able individuals.Cheers.

  3. BILL KUCH says:

    Mr. Editor and Taban,
    I am not supporting killing of innocent civilians by their own national army. But it seems like you don’t want to touch on the route causes of what’s going on in that area. Why and why not? Well, I personally believe and I know that it was caused by Dr. Machar supporters in the state. You should direct your blame to those rebels supporters who don’t know much about the war consequences. They should go to where Machar is hiding in order to avoid bringing it home or their backyards. The concept of war is that simply like this; you want to kill others and likewise you will be killed. So, please, don’t point your fingers to someone who never initiated the killings. Thanks.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bill Kuch,
      If you closely read my article, I only pointed the fact of the killing of old women and the simple villagers. If there were rebels are you are alleging, of course the SPLA has to carry out its duty and the fight would be a fair fight. Even with the fighting in Upper Nile and other places, we don’t comment about the casualties of the SPLA and the SPLA rebels except the intentional killing of simple and innocent civilians.
      In Wonduruba, the SPLA simply went on the rampage killing anybody even children and women who are never rebels by any description. Anyway, let’s await the report of the investigative committee, the truth will obviously come out.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Dear Mr. Editor,
        Neither did I want women nor children to be killed. I read your article alright, but I did not read a single word condemning rebels who claimed responsibility of carrying out an attacks on the numerous sites of Western Equatoria State. Also, we should not forget that those elderly women being killed by the army have their sons out there killing others in the name of Riek Machar rebels. Moreover, what I was saying is that, you should have condemned those who are still fighting in the name of Dr. Riek who has already signed the peace. I am not here to convince rebels fighters to disown rebel leader, but I am encouraging you to go to main frontline for real war and not to be using innocent civil populations as your shield. Thanks.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Mr. BILL KUCH,

          I failed to grasp the logic in your argument. My son’s sin can never be mine. God will judge us separately and so is the court of Law. If my son committed a crime, I cannot be held accountable for his deeds in a completent court of Law. Your logic only fits you well. The reason of these elderly women killing can never logically be because their sons might be doing killing in other part of the country. How would tell who has or has no son doing the killing somewhere else? This blanket assumption needs to remain in the Luak. God save South Sudanese from themselves and from stupidity.

          • BILL KUCH says:

            Of course, you are a Nuer and at the same a rebel leader supporter and who has been a elderly killer! Where do you expect to get your logic? You pretended as if Nuers never did the killing of women or children before. Leave that perfection to Equatorian because Nuers can never claim anything they do right and let alone education for yours knowledge is regression.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Editor,

        What happen yesterday … you have forgot to pay your software bill … the error message was “509 bandwidth limit exceeded” looked it up … I couldn’t help with financial support $$$$, I will be glad to donate to southsudannation website to keep it up 24/7 from being shuts down.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Hi, Guet Athina Guet,
          Thanks a lot for your concern. Indeed, what happened yesterday as you saw precisely was that the website had supposedly exceeded the bandwidth limit and this was attributable to the increased traffic which exceeded more than I had already paid for.
          As a policy, SSN doesn’t look for or ask for direct financial donation. The website wholly depends on the little money we get when visitors to the website like you care to make a few clicks on these advertisements that appear on each page or posting. Perhaps that’s how you can help, something we shall greatly appreciate.
          We live in a Western world economy, as you are well aware of, where the cost of everything goes up every time, such as the hosting fees paid to put this website online for you.
          Best regards and much appreciation for your concern.

          • Dear Editor,

            The on-going atrocities in the Wonduruba area is quite hurting to the Equatorians and to all peace loving South Sudanese. It is a disgrace that the governor is keeping quiet while his citizens are being slaughtered. The fact that he was hand-picked by Salva Kiir speaks volumes. As for former governor, Clement Wani Konga, he was quite vocal about federalism 2 years ago, then his voice became mysteriously weak and barely heard over the last year ending in mutism in the last 6 months. Priority should be given to alleviating the plight of the people of Wonduruba. Despite the bad timing, people would be okay with what the governors want to do for General Lagu because he has done a lot for the people of Equatoria. However, how would the governors justify the gift to Abel Alier whose infamous policies in Equatoria led to Kokora ?! The move is quite suspicious of giving favours in order to secure a place in the soon to be administration. Inclusion of General Lagu is for disguise.

          • Guet Athina Guet says:

            Mr. Editor,

            Thank you, I will do like wise, and hope the rest will do the same. However, if you need to upgrade southsudannation and need help financially just ask. I hope southsudannation will be a big news reporting and a good source of intelligent discussion board some day for all to enjoy.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    While this editorial is an interesting master piece,it’s so unfortunately that the last cry,”rise up governor if u really care for your people…”,may be just another wishful thinking that will never materialize in an earthly RSS.

    Editor,I am surprised to understand that u have chosen to ignore the true fact that politics is business.
    Political elites are also business elites.They scratch each others’ backs.
    A jew businessman in the shadow is never an enemy to an arab marchant in day light.
    Everything they do to each other is an investment with fruits to reap in near or distant future.
    That’s why it isn’t a surprise to see the governors Konga and Malou grant houses to our former presidents Alier and Lagou.

    Governor Malou has just been appointed,a rare golden opportunity for him and his entourage to enrich themselves.
    He could have played so wisely behind a smoke screen between grabing economic enrichments and giving minimum attention to such tragedies as the recent events in central equatoria.
    But that’s only if circumstances were different.
    With,”the compromise peace agreement”,bound to be implemented soon,he is running against time.
    Out of such context,he is only obliged to achieve one single priority.
    That’s grabing economic means in any way possible before losing his place and never caring for the innocent lives!!!

  5. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. False Millionaire,

    I, for one, utterly agree with you. These so-called leaders are businessmen/women. Mr. Editor should have known this or perhaps he knows but it had slipped. He is only human, remember!
    The recently hand-picked governor of Central Equatoria, Mr. Malou was appointed for one thing, to do what his boss desired. What is it that the big man desired actually? The blood of our innocent civilians. Condemning the atrocities meted on our innocent civilians in Wonduruba would sorely defeat the purpose of his appointment. What is in it for Mr. Malou? The economic opportunity (Money) as you correctly stated. Ergo, there is only one thing to expect from this man, more death.

    But even a dying horse has to try kicking before its finally deceased. We are unfortunately the dying horse and we must try to defend ourselves before we completely kick the bucket. That is human nature. May be, just maybe someone out there might hear our cry and would rush to our rescue. This is what Mr. Editor is doing. Thank you Mr. Editor for trying. May our creator comes to our rescue from these businessmen/women.. Amen.

  6. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    {As a policy, SSN doesn’t look for or ask for direct financial donation.}
    Pride kills….Collecting donation is not buying you or your website…..I disagree with most of your editorial policies, which is healthy as long as no face is scratched or a hand twisted, but shutting down a Free Press is a bad sign…..Please put up a link for donation, brainstorm others ways of generate more money…Take the project to next level of financial viability and deep-rooted press. Think of it as a business and service at the same time, not one of your family members, where donation becomes really sensitive.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thanks for your comment which seems sincerely truthful, may be the best ever, not antagonistic, and personally encouraging.
      Indeed, when I decided from the start of the SSN website not to solicit or receive donations, the rationale was that I wanted absolute independence. I didn’t want the SSN to be under anybody’s or group’s control.
      Over the years (since it started in 2003), the SSN has grown bigger and popular and that’s way it experienced the recent ‘bandwidth limit.’
      I will look into your suggestion seriously.

  7. Easy Money says:

    For sure, going after the civil population because you have been defeated on the battlefield, is cowardly. The national army is to protect the citizens against foreign attack.However, this is designed to frighten others because they (SPLA) is a tribal army, to advance the JIENG agenda. To be clear, time is against them as the tide is changing direction. The peace agreement, though not perfect, has turned the clock back to where we were prior to Dec. 15,2013. Strictly speaking, it has good clauses to protect our democratization. Finally,there are opportunities to write a permanent constitution, reorganization of our armed forces, institutionalized federal system, free and fare elections towards the end of the 30 months of the interim government and a participatory inclusive democracy, for all. Anything less,will not deliver the Federal Republic of South Sudan to prosperity.

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