Struggle between democracy & barbarism in South Sudan

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, KAMPALA, APR/26/2014, SSN;

Democracy is the antithesis of human rights violations. Those who violate human rights with the aim of restoring democracy are actually destroying democracy indirectly because violation of human rights is a direct violation of democracy.

In this Article, I will try to be as simple as possible in order to expose the intention behind Riek and his rebels’ fighting in South Sudan using the recent killing of 200 people in Bentiu and other incidents that have never been reported as case examples with the intention of showing that in real sense the intention of Riek is not to restore democracy in South Sudan but to create Nuer’s hegemony or Nuerism.

On April 21, 2014, the action of the rebels came into light when it was reported on SudanTribune that the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said that over 200 civilians were massacred in Unity state through targeted killings.

What do the targeted killings mean and what does it explain about Riek’s democratic and political ambition? Is Riek in the bush to restore democracy? What is the difference between Riek and Kiir? In real sense, democracy under Riek is worse than dictatorship under Kiir.

Democracy where people are targeted because they are not South Sudanese or because they are not Nuer people is worse than dictatorship that preserves lives. So, the question again is: what are targeted killings?

It means the premeditated killing of an individual or groups by a state organization or institution outside a judicial procedure or a battlefield.

The definition appears to exclude rebels but in actual sense, it includes rebels who have the intention to destroy a specific group or enemy. Such advanced plans are carried out to achieve a certain goal by destroying any obstacles that deny the groups to achieve the goal.

In order to understand why it is a crime, there is a need to define the word “premeditated”. Premeditated means something done deliberately or planned in advance.

Therefore, if what happens in Bentiu was to be investigated, it would have been found out that such killings was planned somewhere before the killings was carried out.

Nevertheless, even if there is no any investigation into such massive killings, the plan to kill such innocent people even when they ran to God can still be established through circumstantial evidence.

The evidence is that after capturing Bentiu, the rebels started using Radio Bentiu to spread tribal hatred through hate-speeches as reported by the UNMISS.

Hence, targeted killings are a method of frustrated groups who do not have any hope of achieving their goal and in this case rebels see Sudanese as obstacles to capturing power in South Sudan; hence, the only hope for them to achieve such a goal is to destroy anybody that come cross their path.

As understood from the definition above, targeted killings is used by many people not only rebels in South Sudan.

In order to understand the extent to which targeted killings are used and in which places, it is important to use examples of some places where these killings have taken place. This means that it is not only in South Sudan where it is used but in other countries as well.

They were, for instance, employed extensively by death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Haiti within the context of civil unrest and war during the 1980s and 1990s.
Furthermore, targeted killings have also been used in Somalia, Rwanda, and in the Balkans during the Yugoslav Wars.

Currently, the US government practices targeted killings semi-publicly, as with the killing of Osama Bin-Laden and Al-Awlaki. Targeted killings have also been used by narcotics traffickers.

Today, the use of targeted killings is done by conventional military forces which are a commonplace in Israel during and after the Second Intifada, when Israeli security forces used the tactic to kill Palestinian opponents.

Though it has been in use for a very long time in the world, targeted killings are unlawful when directed against non-military objects. In narrow sense, non-military objects under humanitarian law are civilians who are not participating in combat.

Once, non-military objects are targeted by warring parties, then, such an action can be considered as war crime or crime against humanity under ICC statute depending on the way it is conducted.

The gruesome nature and seriousness of this type of warfare explains why some human rights groups and ex-CIA station chief in Islamabad, Robert Grenier, have criticized targeted killings and compared them to assassinations or extrajudicial killings which according to ex-CIA chief are illegal within the United States and under international law.

Having discussed the targeted killings above, we do back to the question whether Riek Machar is in the bush for democracy and reform? If he were there for democracy and reform, why is Riek allowing uncouth militias under him to kill innocent civilians?

Not only what happened in Bentiu but in some other places. In fact, the killings have never abated since the war started in 2013 why?

Why the killings go on continuously may be explained by the fact that Riek does not care about the lives of the people of South Sudan and also he does not have any control over his group.

When Late Leader Dr. Garang was a rebel leader, there was a true government as it was characterized by the rule of law and respect for human rights in liberated areas. That meant that Garang had control over his rebel which Riek actually lacks.

Riek is not interested in saving lives but he is trying to apply the principle of end justifies the means. To Riek, it does not matter whether people died in large numbers or not provided that he gets power.

As I have stated above that killings have never stopped since two 2013, killings of people by rebels have been going unreported because the international community did not have any interest in people who were killed by rebels.

It was only after the killings in Bentiu the world became active yet the world has been keeping quiet simply because less important people were being killed. How many people died in Bor?

The report by the government shown on radios and TV indicated that about 2700 people were killed in Bor by rebels but no international community pointed finger at the rebels.

Yet when government complained of the way the UNMISS was conducting itself in relation to the rebels, the UN responded swiftly by condemning South Sudan of harassing the UN officials by calling government of South Sudan uncivilized.

What is uncivilized in complaining about the violation of one’s right? The UN members know.
Again, when hundreds of people were killed in Bentiu and Malakal, the International community took no step to investigate the matter. This prompted SudanTribune to question the inability of the UN and the international Community to respond to such grievous human rights violation.

On January 17, 2014, for instance, Sudan Tribune newspaper was reported to have asked a fundamental question “why are the UN and the international community maintaining silence over these unwarranted and disheartening atrocities caused by the rebels lead by Riek Machar in Bentiu, Bor, Malakal, Bailiet, Akobo, Jalle, and Kolnyang?” This was a good question but it went unanswered.

As the saying goes that there is no smoke without fire, the malicious actions by rebels against humanity was now revealed in a day light in Bentiu. The rebels as we all know are pathological liars. They have been committing atrocities and denied accountability putting all blames on government, which is a bad sign for the group fighting to restore democracy.

The rebels’ habit of denying all atrocities they commit every time they capture town was rebutted in Bentiu when they massacred 200 Sudanese traders at day light.

As their habit of carrying out an act denying responsibility as the same time, rebels even try their level best to deny the accusation by claiming that government soldiers were the ones who killed them. A story that a reasonable person cannot believe for three reasons:

Firstly, why are soldiers from the government killing Sudanese traders at that particular time yet they have been trading in that town since it was recaptured from them some months back?

Secondly, why government soldiers kill their friends who support them in fighting the rebels as Rebel leader, Riek Machar claims? One of the claims by Riek Machar is that Rebels from Darfur are helping South Sudan government to fight him and his group. If that is the case, why is government killing them?

Thirdly, the UNMISS was an eye-witness when they were butchering such innocent civilians in front of God. Let their souls rest in peace!

In light of the above three arguments, it is hard to believe that government soldiers were responsible for the mass killings in Bentiu.

Besides the above arguments, even in President Obama’s statement when he was condemning killings he succinctly stated that rebels were responsible for the killings in Bentiu when he said that rebels betrayed the trust that he had for them. Why did he trust them is unanswered question.

Being pathological liars, rebels have got used to lying to the extent that they have forgotten that the world is watching every step they take. They were finally exposed beyond a reasonable doubt by the massacre in Bentiu.

In killing such innocent people in cold blood, the intention and plan of the rebels with their leaders have been exposed. Their intention and plan is not to restore democracy but to destroy South Sudan in order to rebuild South Sudan of Nuer tribe only, a policy of Roman Emperor which is very impossible.

It is impossible because South Sudan does not belong to any particular tribe. It belongs to all as provided for by Article 9 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan.

Article 9 (1) of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution provides that South Sudan is built on the rule of law as a result of covenant among the people of South Sudan and between them and their government at every level and a commitment to respect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in this Constitution.

According to the provision of the constitution above rule of law is the cornerstone of social justice, equality and democracy, which implies that whether people fight for change or anything for the development of South Sudan, for it to be successful, it must be agreed by all tribes in South Sudan. Otherwise, the success will never come if one tribe tries to destroy other tribes.

The desire to destroy other tribes comes because of the lack of moral integrity and fear of God by the leaders and their supporters as shown by the rebel group behaviours. This was revealed by the recent killings of 200 people in Mosque by the Rebels.

The action of rebels was incomprehensible and madness. Any sane person cannot kill a person in front of God. It therefore appears that rebels do not have any morals or fear of God at all, because any normal human beings with normal human values cannot kill another human being who is not a threat to him or her. Moreover, who has sought a refuge in the house of God?

Such high level of immorality indicates that South Sudanese rebels do not have morals at all and is very dangerous to other citizens. It is the defect in the foundation of civilization of South Sudanese people.

South Sudanese have built their civilization on the graveyard of barbarism, meaning that barbaric acts are an enemy of civilization. It was because barbarism had been eradicated that is why civilization is able to be built not only in South Sudan but in the world at large.

Civilization or civilization (in British English) refers to state polities which combine basic institutions, having one or more of each: a ceremonial centre; a formal gathering place for social and cultural activities, a system of writing, and a city.

Hence, civilization means being in community to build one another and serve one another without destroying one another. In other words, it means going by reason but not by instinct.

Having explained above, it is important to point out that democracy and civilization are related in one way or the other. They are related to each other because democracy is rooted in the respect of human values, love and prosperity.

Hence, democracy means observing the rule of law by all whether in power or having power. There is need to differentiate the two terms: having power and being in power.

Being in power means being in position or authority while having power means holding something that can kill or scare or controls someone. It is actually associated with force and destruction.

The presence of these two components defines a strong society. That is why we have the president and army. The present is in position of the authority while the army is having power and it can actually destroy the people.

However, the society can only be strong when we employ these two components through caring and protecting each other. This means that to live in such a society, there is need for forgiveness and humility. This means that we can live in harmony in the society.

In order to be in community and co-exist peacefully, we must learn how to use power we hold and power we have for the benefit of all members without exploiting the ignorance of masses and their weaknesses for our own advantages. In other words, we must respect law and rule of the society that protect people’s lives.

This means that further means that there is a need to respect rule of law whether rebels or government. The rule of law means to adhere to universally acceptable principles of good governance, democracy, observance of human rights and social justice.

Article 9 of the Constitution as explained above gives us the important of what the rule of law is: a cornerstone of social justice, equality and democracy. When we talk of governance we mean that there are some values such as human rights and social justice that every person must observe whether rebels or government.

Without the observance of these two fundamental principles, the chaos and anarchies will be the order of the day in that society. In fact, Rule of law is one of the basic requirements to be fulfilled first by any person who claims to be democrat, for instance, like Riek Machar and his group, before being considered so.

A person cannot claim to be practicing or fighting for democracy if he or she does not know values of humanity. I have never been convinced by Riek’s claim of fighting for democracy because Riek himself has never been a democrat.

He has never been democrat because he does not know what is meant by democracy as his behaviour shows in many occasions whenever he broke away to form his rebels. If you do not believe in what I say here, read a book entitled, “An Insider’s view” by Adwok Nyaba and you will understand my assertion.

The book in summary discusses Riek leadership during Nasser coup in 1990s. In that book, Nyaba regretted for joining Riek because Riek preaches to the world what he does not practice. Such leaders are very dangerous to the new societies like South Sudan which needs trust and commitment in order to get united and progress.

The way Riek behaves whenever he is a rebel leader shows who he really is. There is a saying that what one does in privacy shows what that person really is. In the same way, the way Riek behaves whenever he is a rebel leader shows exactly what he will be when he takes the leadership of the country. God forbids.

Riek is even worse than Kiir because he does not have an ability to control the situation. What does that mean? It means that he is likely to become very serious dictator in the future when things are not going to be easy for him.

He will only seek refuge behind the status apparatus that will be out there to silence every dissenting voice and opinion against him.

The question the behaviour of Riek and his group begs is: is Riek Machar really for democracy or he is fighting for Nuer hegemony? This is a fundamental question which seeks answers from every person that will be reading this article.

If the person reads this article, he or she must answer it in comment after reflecting on the behaviour of Riek and his rebels especially their conduct in respect to human right respect since the war starts.

Another question that needs answers is: is Riek a substitute for Kiir? In my opinion Kiir’s dictatorship in Juba as many claims is better than Riek’s democracy in the bush.

Riek and his rebels claim to be fighting in order to restore democracy in South Sudan which Kiir’s government and his dictatorship have destroyed. What I can say on this claim is that it is a good claim but implemented through wrong intention by wrong groups led by wrong leader and try to win the war through the use of wrong methods.

I have asserted in the aforementioned paragraph that it is a good claim but implemented through wrong intention by wrong groups led by wrong leader and who try to win the war through the use of wrong methods because all South Sudanese loves democracy but it is wrong intention because Riek and his group are not in the forest to restore democracy but to impose Nuer’s hegemony not only on Dinka but on all tribes in South Sudan and to run the country according to Nuer’s aspirations and thoughts. In other word, they want to plant Nuerism in South Sudan and destroy other tribes.

It is spearheaded by wrong groups because the group is out there to destroy everything call South Sudan including human beings.

This was shown in the recent killings of 200 people in Bentiu and other massive killings that had gone unreported since the conflict began. No person without future ahead of him or her who can lead a country.

In the same way Riek and his rebels do not have any future because they would have not taken the mission of destruction as their mission.

The rebellion is headed by a wrong leader because Riek is not patriotic enough. His mission of being in the Bush is not to restore democracy but to get power and the rest will be history.

Riek is simply infatuated by the greed of power monger and he is in the bush to do anything to get power whether by crook or fair means. This takes me back to the title of this article whether Riek is for democracy.

What makes methods used by rebels wrong is because rebels have adopted impunity methods of war which has striking similarity between LRA like methods of war.

However, even LRA in Uganda was better because there were survivors and infrastructure was not destroyed completely; the way our rebels destroy every town that they capture. I can only compare the rebels of South Sudan with locus who eats whatever grass found in their ways.

South Sudanese rebels do not know anything like saving lives. They survive on the policy of extermination and destruction. This is shown by the fact that every town captured by rebels is always found destroyed beyond recognition.

What does this imply? It implies that Riek did not take up arms to restore democracy but he took up arms due to the frustration since he badly wanted to rule the country, which he failed so far.

Unfortunately, Riek exploits ignorance and ingrained tribal hatred of many Nuer people as a means achieving his narrow political ambition. I do not think whether he can achieve such ambition.

I do not think whether Riek will ever be successful in getting power because South Sudan is inhabited by more than sixty tribes and in order to rule the country, a person must have at least agreement of the three quarters of those tribes.

Even the Dinka President would have not ruled South Sudan if he did not seek for the consent of other tribes. Let me be clear here: there is a difference between ruling in peace and ruling but with many troubles.

Although someone uses force to get power, he or she will never be in peace unless people endorse him or her in that power. Power belongs to the people as Article 2 of the Transitional Constitution provides.

In this case, without the consent of other tribes, Dinka president would have not led the country to independence and beyond. But because other tribes agreed that Kiir is their president that is why up to now Kiir still a president.

NB//The Author is a fourth year Law Student in Makerere University and he can he reached through the following contacts:; +25783579256


  1. Eli says:

    More lies, lies, lies from another fourth year university student dinka so-called educated self-righteous individual like this author. Makerere Uni. used to be one of the respected Universities in East Africa but ever since M7 took control of it this is the type of students coming from there. You are bias and a bigot, totally one sided and tribalism is what I read from your article. And these are the kind of people supposedly to come back to S. Sudan to be in courts and run the judiciary system. Joul people of your kind who called themselves law student or dinka lawyers are wasting our resources by going to school where you learn nothing but to become liars and cheaters. Our money is used to raise more tribal leaders right here. I think you went there to learn about M7s tribalism and autocratic system but not law.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      It is not the matter of being sentimentality the truth should be told. Thanks for abusing me but you will never achieve anything. I am for the sake of everybody including innocent Nuer who are dying. I am not pleasing anybody but I have to tell the truth.

      • Lavina Lual says:


        Although I agree with part of your article and disagree with some parts of the article, I however appreciate your polite response to Eli.

      • Eli says:

        Daniel Joul
        I do not see what you call truth or balanced approach in your article. Your tribesmen the dinkas has caused too much grieves in these periods of your almighty dinkatatorship in the history of South Sudan, whether it was under late John Garang or at present under Kirr. You keep criticizing Dr. Riek even though Riek is only defending himself from attacks from Kirr as well as from Garang in 1991. He Riek even apologized to your community and asked to form a committee of truth and reconciliation, although it was Garang who offended Riek and called the Nuers names first. You should know that we are not children to lie to, we know all the history. I have no apologies for hating you the dinkas.

  2. Billbap says:

    These people are JEM soldiers as far as I know, they were not ordinary civilians as you put it. research your source again my friend. Peace

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Ya Dinka, you who is studying in Makerere with our national money awarded to you by your Dinka Dictator, need to know the rest of us know the truth. Your Kiir killed innocent Nuer Women and Children in Juba by the thousands and now we have heard near Wau, Nuer recruits close to 200 hundreds have been murdered in cold blood!
    What traders in war zone? These are Northerners fighting for Kiir, Kiir has blackmail his own comrades the like of Pagan, Madam Rebecca, so what make you think he would not slaughter these Darfurians for publicity as long as it help keep him in power?
    If Riek did not escape, we would have no Riek to talk about today. He had no Choice but to fight! And the rest of the nation will soon Join since you have now clearly turn the government into Dinka business!

    • jay jonson says:


      How much does your Equatoria region contribute to south sudan treasury? Secondly, the allegation by the rebels that the government murdered civilians in Bentiu, malakal, Akobo and Bor is illogical. It simply does not make sense to claim that the government have anything to do with such inhumane massacre. To their credit, the government have condemned the killing of Nuer in Juba and the recent one in Bor town. The rebels have never condemn any killing under their command.

      it is time for the rebels to accept responsibility and stop cheap propaganda. And by the way, no body believe rebels version of Bentiu massacre. not even their European allies and UNMISS. The rebels have to change otherwise they risk alienating their coup sponsors; the U.S. E.U and UNMISS

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Jay as I said above, This government will kill you in a blinking of an eye! Remember Isaiah Abraham, They Blackmailed even the Widow of the dead leader, they would have excited their own comrades, what make you think this government is not capable of such atrocities?

        By the way does South Sudan have any treasury or it is Dinka Treasury? You see all those illiterate Dinkas sitting on the streets of Juba changing the Dinka treasury monies? by the way take you treasury and go with it to your land. Keep your Oil money! As you can see we have no desire to move from our ancestral land because the wealth is right there! Sorry you did not see it, it contribute to keep you alive today. If you were in your ancestral lands who knows If you will still be here today without the foreign mercenaries fighting for you from the North to Ugandans

      • Eastern says:

        jay jonson, tell this forum who’s alliented the US or EU and gotten away with it. Just mention ONE country that crossed the path of US in recent history and has it leader still in control of that country.

        South Sudan cannot or MUST not try to antagonise these entities; because their wrath will not only consume those gullible folks in power but the entire nation. Stay warned!

        Remember US is warning Russia and North Korea; are these countries any match to our rag-tag SPLA soldiers here. Do we have anything to boast of as a national defense in place. Ha, ha, let’s be realistic.

        South Sudan joined the world body and therefore must abide by its rules of engagement period.

      • Lavina Lual says:

        Dincorats are as usless and brainless like the curse oil money. The Equatorians are saying to hell with the cursed oil money-haven’t you heard about this sang all over?

        All the buildings in Juba today were constructed by Lagu without oil money. Dincorats should go away with oil money because Equatoria like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and all African countries that have no oil can make it much better

        Equatoria States itself gets less than 1% from oil revenue share and their taxes are also taken out form them by dincokrats.

        The oil itself comes from Nuer with only 27% from dinka villages. In addition the same oil is squander by kiir and dincokrats in the name of 5% oil share to communities, 24% for oil transit fees, 17% for future generation fund, 4% for management fee making the oil drilled from dinka less than 3% contribution to the public purse. Whom will you jieng disives the most educated class in the country-my uncles (fadia mafi)?

      • Lavina Lual says:

        At least Equatoria contributes by 17% to the national purse and Upper Nile complement by 83% mostly from Nuer lands. How about the Barh Elgazal-zero% contribution to the national treasury because Abyei is still under contest and we may loose Abyei for the jalaba.

        This is the exact reason why barh elgazal refused to the idea of federal states because they have nothing to be federal states. Equatori is very ok and they are the one who spear head this and it should be non of your business since they say to hell with Upper Nile oil

  4. Majongdit says:

    Nice article Moulana Juol Nhomngek. Very good views. And I agree with you in totality.

  5. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear My Compatriot Contributor Mr.Daniel Juol Nhomngek:

    You have picked the news of Bentiu issue from a wrong reliable sources!You condemned the opposition freedom fighters in the bush,without knowing what took place in Bentiu.The United Nation Mission in South Sudan,their work is to keep the peace to people.But not to be intelligence on government matters in the country that are always happening to people on the ground on daily basis in the country in the government.Riak Machar,is not a baby who does not always know a dangerous things to people in life! He was before in 1983 civil war.He had seen good things and bad things.

    Those people 200 those who were killed in Bentiu,they were found dressed in uniforms from north from Sudan government sided with Juba government of President Salva Kirr.Who let them go to Bentiu???? Was it the rebels in opposition? Or It was the government of President Salva Kirr Mayardi??.The soldiers,those who were killed in combat,they were not from JEM in Darfur in the movement?They were purely the common enemies people from Sudan government army forces! Bear hard in mind! Believe me sir! They have been there because of a damned peace the so called THE COOPERATION AGREEMENT that was signed in Ethiopian capitlal Addis Ababa between Juba in South and Khartoum in north on Security Arrangement Issue on the borders? When was the country demarcated between south and north???? Kirr and his friend President Omer El Beshir,he had killed the peace agreement CPA of 2005 by himself in the South Sudan!!!!!

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      I have not picked the news as you may think I watch them live and I have some people within the UN mission who gives me first hand information.

  6. arabbmoi says:

    I like Nuer the way they teach Jengers a big lesson after Dinka King Salva Kiir Mayardit started killed Nuer in Juba last year. I would like Equatorian to learn from this when un rule jengers moved to our land they started their usual arrogant and kill people. Equatorian should act like Nuer in order to safe ourselves from these savage Jengers.

  7. Defender says:

    Dear writer of this article,

    You are taught in law school to be objective. This is what I thought the title of your article was portraying. upon reading further, it became clear that you are just hollowed your ignorance to the whole world to see. For starter, you seem to wholeheartedly devoting your article to slaying Dr. Machar, but forgot to equally, slay the big dragon in Juba–President Kiir, the person who is solely responsible for the current quagmire. It is said in physics, to ever force there is an opposing force. So, the killing of Nuer in Juba by Kiir henchmen, who is at the seat of government, was met with equal force. Killing, no matter who commits it must be condemned. You have failed to condemned the death of Nuer in Juba, as such you cannot claim to be seeking truth, if you are actually running away from it. It has become clear to all that people in Juba or their surrogates from around the world have resorted to identifying themselves with democracy and legitimacy of the rule of law that it is becoming pathetic. Hearing the Minister of Defamation and Foreign Fiasco (Foreign Affairs) one naturally know that they are lying when the continue to say in one sentence, legitimate government more the five times. This is only apparent when one is lying and trying hard to make listeners buy their claim to fame.

    So, for your own sanity, continue to study your Law and hope that you will have the chance of practicing it when institutions that respects the right of the citizens to life exist in South Sudan. If we are to go by current state of affairs, adding to it, your half-baked education, then the whole system that we are hoping to build will continue to suffer at the hands of people who are not tuned to the issues of consciousness and ethics of preserving the entity of the jurisprudence.

    Next time you write, please make sure not to associate yourself with respected institution of higher learning that has produced well respected scholars of African arts, science, politics and law. So, next time be balanced with your writing, lest your readers take you for your ethnicity instead of your articulation of an idea that you so dearly believe in.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Defender, I see you have problem of South Sudan in you. I have given all my details in my letter because I am ready to prove what I have written and talked about in this article. However, you do not want to tell the truth that is why you do not to want to tell the truth that is why you hide your name. I am studying law and I can practice anywhere not only in South Sudan but I should not leave to tell the truth because I am not going to practice. What will money do to me when country is being destroyed by Nuer and Dinka. I rather tell the truth rather hiding behind the fake name and go on fueling the hatred among people and against innocent people. I have given my true name so that whatever I say is ready to be backed up with proof. Thanks for ignorance.

  8. David GatYoung says:

    Dear South Sudanese

    you all know the truth, but you don’t want to say it because truth hurt. we all bias this is truth, but we know one simple rule of leadership. when someone becomes the leader a country, he or she will be praise for a successful of a country and be blame for failure of a country. Therefore, kiir should take responsible and propose the solution for this crisis and people of south sudan will consider him as legitimate leader. he should stop blaming the opposition.

  9. Jason Pitia says:


    I see full of tribalism rhetoric and hatred instigation towards Nuer people, as you claimed to be law student I have great amount of doubt in my mind how are you going to apply the principles of human rights after your graduation, if your eyes can’t the idiot stupid mistakes made by Kiir and you only concentrate on one side? This is bastard inhuman and senseless article i have ever seen, this imply the true character of general dinka people, do you even have feeling or concern for innocent Nuer people massacred by so called youth mob justice of Dinka? we all know the so called youth mob justice who went to UNMISS to deliver petition were notorious Dinka security officers who dressed in plain clothes. they were working directly under the order of Michael Makuei Lueth, what about the 192 nuer trainees who were hunted and killed in Mapal in Bahr El Ghanzal? are they rebels? or they were working to restore the constitutional right of Kiir? I am telling you dinka will have no place to hide very soon when it begins to rain, you will be hit out from your hideout places, it doesn’t matter where, we will follow you even in Uganda, Dinka have started this they will regret it.

    • Abiel says:

      Ti have been seen like some people are celebrating the war between the Dinka and Nuer the commentators are used to add flamer on the fire especially people from Greater my advise to you Dinka and Nuer you have to think again and again on this war.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Jason, I need just to tell you one simple rule of the game. We do not regret threat but action speaks louder than words. Dinka may not regret but Nuer may. However, I cannot go into such details because I do not want innocent people to die but you come to kill me I will defend myself and you may regret for starting the problems. I know what the war entails but you are on bandwagon and I pity you brother. You are wrong person born within the right group.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      I condemned the killing Bor last time. If you are sane enough you would understand what I am talking about here. I cannot please anybody because I have to serve the truth. However, brother you may hope to get help from somewhere that Dinka may be killed all but that is a hopeless, futile hope, futile imagination and lack of ingenuity. You may hope that you may kill Dinka all may the opposite may be true. Dinka will never attack any Nuer Village but you come with any guns or anything you will regret it. We do not provoke but we know how to defense ourselves. I was writing this article not to hurt Nuer but to tell the truth about Nuer. Does mean that your were revenging by killing people in Bentiu because of the people who were killed in Bor or what do you mean? You must learn how to differentiate things. However, your own desire will kill you! All Dinka will never kill anybody maliciously but they know how to defend themselves. Coming to the law, I know the law and I can work even with the UN. So do not nurse a fake hope that will never materialize.

  10. Dear Daniel Juol Nhomngek:

    Now,you pulled a noose on your own neck.You said,you have watched the news that was happening in Bentiu live.Then,later you heard from the United Nations.Tell to us the ways how the rebels have grouped people out base
    on human identity that were later got summarily shot by the rebels??? How many people from each tribe have been separated among themselves before they got shot?? And how many people from each tribe have been taken in safe places from among others???

    The United Nations in the South Sudan,they are not suppose to report the security matters in the mass media. After all,they are not fighting in the frontlines.That is only for military matters!They are very strict to be disseminated any how without a full permission from warring party in the conflict? Their sole work is that to protect people from fight.But to make themselves a police in other away!

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      I have two system I watched SSTV at home and BBC and then also I confirm the same thing from UNMISS. At least if it were from SSTV alone I would have said that government has made up the whole thing.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      My synpahy to you chief becausew there are funeral all over in EES I heard from Bentiu massacre because most soliders in Bentiue are the Equatoria people form EES

  11. Alier Gai says:

    You are still in the jungle of a naive thinking, brother. Where in the world you would want accuses to deliver fairness when you have no recollection of the cause? The fallout in mapel, renk, and wau is a nuer way of fighting dinka for their tribal liberation, I am alluding to december coup which inflamed upper nile states in rebellions. Akobo killing, bor killing, binteu killing, pashoda killing, and malkal killing are just reproductions of the nuer way of doing things. So, killing nuers is not the point here. Why nuers keep killing dinka and the rest? A rebellion taking place in the series of the existing rebellions, is the same version of the plan legerdomainly executed by desire. You better not lie, for everything associated to rebellion and killing is nuer by its plain meaning. It is nuers who are rebelling killing innocent dinkas. You talk peace or otherwise no emerging winner in the end.

  12. Marik Lueth says:

    War of words will never bring unity at all!
    Those fools from abroad who support ” Nuerism” which they are fighting for, can never be realized ever in South sudan.
    How much contribution do you think ”Nuers” have done in South Sudan? they have been rebels all long since sudan was one and even now when it becomes South Sudan. So if you support ”Nuerism type of government” in South Sudan, then you better home for real fight to liberate”Dinkocrat government” otherwise it is better for you to take care of household’s pets in ”Western countries” to get a fat wage for your living. Leave this war to us and the end will justify the means. Dinka will take care of this little mess caused by uncivilized leader and his supporters.
    No worry though!

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