Stop Pres. Kiir’s 28 States: PR South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights

Press Release South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights. Jan 12, 2016

We the organizations of South Sudanese Human Rights Activists in Solidarity with others NGOS, would like to call upon the International Community including IGAD, the African Union, the United States of America; Troika; the European Union and the UN to stop presidential order No/36/2015 which brings into effect the creation of 28 states in place of the current 10.

It is all but certain that the implementation of order No/36/2015 will plunge South Sudan into another catastrophic round of bloodshed. It is, therefore, imperative that there be a broad based condemnation of this order so as to avoid returning South Sudan into further conflict. A sustainable peace cannot be achieved otherwise.

Human rights activist Simon Deng has petitioned the global community to stop the creation of the aforementioned 28 states repeatedly iterating that the creation of the 28 states is an unwarranted redistribution of resources and land that works against the spirit of peace. Mr. Deng’s petition is contained in the November 2, 2015 issue of the Sudan Tribune online publication.

In conjunction with the threatening nature of No/36/2015, there is strong evidence that Salva Kiir’s regime has trained another ethnic militia composed of Dinka recruits from Northern Bhar Ghazal and Warap States. Reports indicate that this militia is named “Amiathnum” a Dinka word meaning “last rain” and has already arrived in Juba (January 07, 2016,

Reports of this nature cannot be taken lightly. The last such government funded militia was responsible for a genocide that saw the ethnic cleansing of over Tens of thousands Nuer men, women and children in Juba on December 15, 2013.

It was this state sanctioned mass murder that setoff this current civil war. For that reason we call upon the world to standby those who condemn both order No/36/2015 the continued presence of the Amiathnum militia and thereby help to prevent a second genocide.

Peter Gatkuoth wadar kuel
SSIAHR Executive Director

Simon Deng
Human Rights Activists

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  1. David says:

    Do Kirr and his Dinka elders know how many population, area and service need for state to be qualify to be made state? Well, Iam scare .Some one should ask him.

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