Stop Killing Nuer and talking nonsense, Pres. Kiir

BY: Peter Gai Manyuon, RSS, JAN/24/2014, SSN;

President Kiir had been the President of South Sudan for nearly a decade, and the way he was leading people lacks intellectual dynamism, good capacity of reasoning or analyzing issues of the national interest not individuals wills that had destroyed the destiny and the integrity of the South Sudanese through the way he has been advocating for tribalism, corruption, breaking rule of law and human rights in South Sudan.

Above all, his education background had been too low; many people have regarded him as very shallow minded in intellectual world globally. Instead for him to seek for good advice from well informed persons, he is just being mis-advised by a fake legal adviser whose qualification was not recognized by the legislative last year in 2013.

What a nation? God Almighty, rescue my people from darkness.

I don’t mind whether some people will take my article wrongly, but in my nature as a person, I’m ever open and will still remain like that no matter what other people will think about me. The bible says, “Tell the truth and you will be set free”. If we don’t tell the facts that are happening on the ground, who will come from heaven and begin advocating on our behalf?

My role is to advocate for the voiceless and condemn the violations of human rights that had been happening in South Sudan under the primitive and disorganized government I ever seen on earth.

To come to the point, yesterday 21th of January 2014 there was a statement from the President of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit where he said UNMISS is running a parallel government in South Sudan, which people globally have viewed as a desperate speech ever and others term it as an indication of preaching tribalism and hatred among the South Sudanese people.

How can persons with guns be allowed to enter United Nation Mission (UNMISS) Compound in South Sudan? Have Kiir and Makuei Lueth forgotten the genocide they have committed to the Nuer in Juba?

However, the number of intellectuals, youth, women, girls and elderly people who were killed for no good reason in Juba from the 16th, 17th, 18th of December 2013, by soldiers loyal to Kiir, their blood will liberate the South Sudanese from dictatorial tendencies, tribalism, selfishness, corruption within this year 2014 based on my own perception and prediction.

For those who were in Juba the capital city of the Republic of South Sudan when Nuer were massacred, they will not deny the fact that Kiir Mayardit, killed those who voted for him in 2010 elections wrongly without basis.

They were killed due to the fact that they were Nuer and the man who opposed Kiir in Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) was a Nuer, which is a very wrong perception to advocate for, unless those who are having mental disorder can say those ill advices.

Not all Nuer that are supporters of Dr Machar in South Sudan, the reasons behind their killings need good investigation and those responsible to be charged for treason for giving the order to the soldiers, that have led to the killing or elimination of one tribe in South Sudan, which to me cannot happen in that way.

I was very confused on the 17th of December of 2013 in Juba when I was captured in my house in Juba, when soldiers took me with my brothers.

There were people (Dinka) lined up in Jebel Kujur Market just looking at the people who were killed and the people like us who were captured alive due to the wrong ideology that was in some Dinka minds that Nuer want the leadership by force which is not the case, others were celebrating throwing words that were inciting violence.

When my hands were tied behind, people were saying Nuer people should see with their own eyes why they support Dr Machar always?

When I heard that, I asked the person who was saying that word, I asked him who told him that all Nuer are the supporters of Riek Machar?

I also assured him of not provoking the situation in the Country, because the Republic of South Sudan should not and will not belong to one particular tribe, there are almost 62 tribes or more.

However, looking at the way innocent lives were sent to heaven by Kiir Loyalists, raping Nuer girls and women, forcing people to eat human flesh, taking civilians properties like Cars and many more in Juba because of the name Nuer, will lead to the end of the regime in Juba.

Who can say, those who were killed might not call for the immediate death of some leaders in South Sudan? Who can say, their death was good in Nuer society?

In conclusion, it is our participation through advocacy that will let us free from Constitutional crisis, tribalism, nepotism and too much corruption that is happening in the Republic of South Sudan.

Therefore, I will end with the quotation which says, “you cannot blame the mirror when your face is distorted” from Rick Warren; therefore President Kiir should not kill Nuer and he still call himself the President of South Sudan and also he should not blame people of fighting his dictatorial tendencies.

The author is the Independent Journalist and a writer who had written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. You can contact him though; He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media from Uganda and perusing MA in International Relations and Diplomacy, he is writing a book on tribalism and corruption in South Sudan. You can follow him on tweeter @Peter G Manyuon and face book as well.


  1. Juba Boy says:

    Dear Journalist Gai,
    Your articles always are facts and real.
    Thank and God bless u

  2. Jackson Bith says:

    A great man, can be seen from the way he present his ideas.
    We pray that God may protect you Manyuon wherever you are.

  3. Tom says:

    7500 innocent Nuer were murdered in Juba by govt. militias because of being Nuer while Nuer soldiers were participating
    in containing the rebellion. The number is increasing daily. There is little control. I advice the Nuer soldiers on rebellion side not to be dragged to killing innocent Dinka; an act we all condemn world wide.

  4. Lare Justice says:

    After the death of our innocent people who were kill in cold blood in Juba by Warrap coward Salva Kiir, I advice our freedom fighters to kill anything that moved from that tiny ugly Warrap or Bhar El Ghazal region. Salva Kiir and his Warrap gangs/thugs must get the taste of their own medicine.

  5. Naath Male says:

    Ladies and gentlemen my message to all of Nuer world wide our mothers and fathers children are not staying safely because of planing made by people of great Bhar Algazel to killed 15,000 Nuer civilians last December it is a big lost to us to get back the numbers like this but we still to remembers what great of Bhar Al Gazel did to us and we also make the planing to reveng attack to warrap to kill anything alive whether birds, or animals,human,we can kill them all until they said sorry to us for what they did to us. Secondly let us spoke to Nuer soldiers still with Salva Kiir soldiers to defected to Freedom fighters side before we make reveng attack to Warrap state capital Kuachjok

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