Stand Up With Governor BAKASORO !

BY: DR. Lako Jada Kwajok, AUG/21/2015, SSN;

The world is gradually getting used to the unthinkable taking place in the Republic of South Sudan. It’s apparent that some people there have special talents for the bad reasons. It seems more likely that South Sudan would be an endless source of dismay and ridicule as long as this regime remains in power.

It ranges from embarrassing its friends by lack of achievements whatsoever and rampant corruption, through committing atrocities against its own citizens and finally causing the unprecedented diplomatic scandal by Kiir refusal to sign the compromise peace agreement.

Who in his right mind would refuse to sign a peace agreement that stops the killing of his people on both sides of the warring camps ?! It is no wonder that South Sudan is becoming a laughing stock in the international arena.

The events of last week left even the layperson with the impression that South Sudan is being led by incompetent and self-serving people. It was obvious that the welfare of their citizens was the last thing in their minds if at all.

First there was confusion about the continuation of the peace talks. The Cabinet Affairs minister, Dr Martin Elia Lomuro stated over SSTV that the government delegation was being pulled out of the peace talks. He was actually deported by the Ethiopian authorities after entering the peace negotiation venue uninvited.

The ridiculous circus went on with the spokesperson for the the government delegation, Information minister Michael Makuei contradicting the Cabinet Affairs minister that the government delegation has not been withdrawn and was continuing to negotiate with the rebels.

He went on to accuse what he called as ” scrupulous media ” of spreading rumours. We know that a piece of information could be manipulated or changed while moving from one end to the other and this could turn into a rumour.

But Martin Elia was watched delivering the statement over the SSTV so it can not be a rumour and there is no such thing as ” visible rumour “. Salva Kiir was told by his inner circle to delegate V.P Wani Igga to sign the peace agreement document on his behalf. Only to change his mind within few hours to travel to Addis Ababa apparently following a call from president Museveni.

All these simply demonstrate how the so-called president has become a sort of a clown. However the final act that left the mouths gaping was Kiir refusal to sign the peace agreement document. The reason given was that he needs a couple of weeks to consult with his colleagues in the government before putting his signature on the document.

This is quite unusual and probably unheard of in the history of diplomatic agreements and treaties. The usual procedure is for the head of the delegation to go back for consultation prior to the principal coming down for signing.

But in this case the unbelievable happened as Kiir travelled back to Juba to seek approval from his colleagues. But now we know from Pagan Amum who signed the document on behalf of the G 10 that there was no excuse for Kiir not to sign as all consultations were done before coming to Addis Ababa.

It appears Kiir is not the final authority in South Sudan. Could it be that Kiir was seeking the approval of the JCE rather than his cabinet members ?!

But how is this going to play out in future should the government of national unity is finally formed. Would there be any world leader who would give any value to talks or agreements with Kiir knowing that he will still seek approval from the JCE?!

Coming to the main subject of this article, one day before travelling to Addis Ababa, Salva Kiir sacked 5 state governors from their positions including Governor Bakasoro. They were lured to what was said a ” National Soliderity Conference ” in order to release a statement condemning the IGAD-PLUS peace talks.

The governors were also asked to be critical of the western powers trying to impose ( white man peace agreement ). It is interesting that the ” white man peace ” phrase was coined by president Museveni in the Entebbe meeting of the so-called front line states on the 10/08/2015. So does it mean that the Ugandan president is now a co-ruler of South Sudan?

Leaving this aside and going back to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement ( CPA ) which ended up with the independence of South Sudan, Is there any reasonable person who would dispute the role of the white man in bringing that agreement into fruition?!

And by the way the white man engagement in the CPA was quite intense and sustained as compared to IGAD-PLUS peace process. Did any one including president Museveni, called the CPA a white man peace imposed on the South Sudanese people?!

Is it not abundantly clear that Kiir and his cohorts are just after satisfying their ego’s and personal interests ?!

Dismissing the governors is not the issue here. It is the singling out of governor Bakasoro and his detention. It is also the way this was carried out, as his wife stated that security forces stormed his house and looted money and property. Looting, brutality and property destruction have become the trademark of the security forces in South Sudan even when conducting a high profile arrest.

It is quite outrageous that Kiir’s illegitimate regime opted for this dangerous path. Bakasoro is a popular governor and has a wide following in Equatoria in general and in western Equatoria in particular.

So at the time when people are about to open a new page of peace and stability in the country, Kiir sticks a knife into the body of national unity by such unlawful act. So far no charges have been brought against him and yet he remains under arrest against the law of the land.

The 24 hours window of detaining a citizen without charges has already closed.

The news that the Equatoria caucus in the government demanded immediate release of governor Bakasoro without any conditions is very encouraging to the Equatorian masses and to the rest of the peace loving South Sudanese.

However we expect further actions to be taken within the next hours not days to keep the pressure on. It is now time for the Equatorians in the government to side with their people and face tyranny. There is a wealth of evidence that the regime does not enjoy any popularity whatsoever in Equatoria.

If they really care about their constituency and want to earn their respect then they should resign their posts if the regime refuses to release the governor. By doing so they will rehabilitate themselves and people would accept them with a big hug into the community, after all they are our lost lambs.

In fact this would be their best strategy for political survival and a chance presented to them on a golden plate. There is no meaning for life without dignity and being at odds with your community.

The last resort would be widespread civil disobedience all over Equatoria. Let Kiir and his JCE be left to soil themselves in the mud.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. bismark says:

    .Lako Jada, you have said it all. The reason our compatriots went to join Garang in the bush was for the welfare of our people and the land. Now all those values are being trodden by the very system the made to take shape. What else is remaining when our own are being imprisoned innocently, murdered without any reason but for telling the truth, it is high time this system is brought to its knees.

    • Dear Bismark,

      Change is bound to happened either through peaceful means or through other means. This regime is a paper tiger and is vulnerable to different kinds of pressures. Just remember their humiliating defeat near Bor and how Museveni saved the day for them. Museveni himself could be subjected to pressure and will certainly succumb then we would see who would prevail. I have no doubt about the identity of the victor.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    In my opinion,i think Western Equatoria need to grow up and talk like a norma humanl. Stop of being Childish because not the all Dinka are living in Western Equatoria.Stop Xenophobia,Kokora is not going to help.

    • johnjerry says:

      It is not about “kokora”as such it is all about you people the “Dinka” who do not want change and see change as if change is a “Cobra” if you want “Change you have to change first”.Dinkas are found everywhere in South Sudan and they want to sit on everybody where they are in south Sudan and even in Uganda in Ajumani Camp and elsewhere, where they are refugees. Stop behaving like your Animals because you are dealing with human beings and not Animals.

  3. Tyson says:

    Go and embrace villages rather stealing and pretending to be human beings!
    Equatorians will not leave you to continue with this madness! It is naked shame and jealosy against Bakasoro. You cannot compare him to your mindless Cattle Chief- Kiir and your council of Haram droplets.
    I urge you to tell your serial killer-Kiir and the mad JCE to strongly resist signing of the peace agreement by the end of this month so that you can know how the world is governed. We are celebrating to receive Obama’s plan B!!!!!

    • Tyson,
      Why don’t you thank Dinka for the job well done, Dinka ‘ve brought you out of the jungle and teach you how to eat a meat from domestic animals though your blood was used to that of wild animals and that is exactly why majority of you behaves like wild animals where you don’t know the different between those who ‘ve enslaved you for decades and those who ‘ve rescued you from slavery and all sorts of humiliations.
      Dinka ‘ve committed no crime at all instead they ‘d appointed Equatorians sons and daughters to occupies various positions in the cabinet, Assembly, Civil Services, Army and Judiciary and other government Institutions as well, believe it or not your people ‘ve never ever hold these positions in their life time such as Vice President, SSNLA Speaker, Cabinet Affairs Ministry, National Security Ministry, Interior Ministry, Finance Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Housing and Planning Ministry, Electricity, Dam & Irrigation Ministry, Health Ministry, D/CoGS for Training, CDRs of various Divisions and Brigades, Undersecretaries of various Ministries and Chairpersons of Commissions & Chambers, so what is it that remaining apart from top Position which is only presidency while the time for electing president has not yet approached so that your person won the election and denied his chance to lead or rule but currently, you don’t seems to admit or recognize those facts and instead you only opts to hauls your filfthy mouths on innocent Dinka for no guinine reason other than natural hatred and jealousy.
      That is the reason why I call or compares your behaviours with those of monkeys’ characters that destroys people’s farms after which satisfactory and freely feeds them without sweats or hard won as the same animals can any time surprising you by turning to destroys the same basket that feeds them.

  4. Dear John Jerry and Tyson,

    With all due respect to both of you, I think you would make a better use of your time by not responding to the rubbish posted by people like Agumut and J. Chin Jacob.

  5. kondokoro says:

    well Lako
    you want to bring war to bari land
    for no reason you will have to pay the price this is a sence less war of the positions and stomach but we will not allow you to bring mercenaries as we had defeated jalaba we will defeat you

  6. Dear Lako Jada Kwajok,
    I don’t know when will you and the like of Tyson and other heartless inciters will learn to accept the truth one day one time or would you first remove your big logs out of your own eyes before extending your misleading advice to others?
    Thank God i am not yet a doctor but i ‘ve learnt alot from the self-proclaimed Doctors who turns their specialisations into politics of incitments, lies, traitorous, hatreds, conspiracy, jealousy, stupidity, tribalism and regionalism.
    Does this below quote from your right hand boy sound patriotic to you?
    UNQUOTE; your boy would ‘ve talk of waiting to celebrate Obama’s Plan B should his allies in the West succeed to achieve their evil dream but not celebrating to receive as admired by your good boy coz he don’t know what will come with the so called Plan B rather than death and suffering of innocent South Sudanese, so why should a reasonable and a trusted person by someone who called himself Dr. jumps into a conclusion of celebrating such an event while he don’t wants to analyze on how his evil wishes will happen without consequences?
    All in all, you need to rub your bulshit first from the public view before reaching others coz it is your crapped post that has invited us to put our thoughts.
    Equatorians and Nuer Doctors (PhDs Holders) will spoils the value and authenticity of Doctorates (walai alaziim) believe me!!!

  7. Kondokoro,

    War is already there. You said you had defeated the Jalaba, really ?! Why is Abyei still under the Jalaba rule?, Why did Salva Kiir retreated in disgrace from Panthou? And what about the kilo 14 in northern Bahr El Gazal state that was taken by the Mundukuru’s ? Do you mean you have already surrendered your lands to the Mundukuru’s and instead would settle for war against Equatorians ?! The one thing you should know is that the land owners will always have the last laugh.

  8. Dr. Lako, the question that we must ask and need to know why does the Dinka behave the way they do. Very arrogance, bully, nepotist, tribal, corrupt etc. Their world is only Dinka world, they are worst than the Arabs whom we unseated from the country. None of them seems to realized the outcry against them, despite that no body likes them, and nobody will ever like them because of their behavior. Everywhere they go and live is only chaos and death. Equatoria seems to be their promise land because when they are told to leave Equatoria they enrage like honey butcher. I have not seen a people who refuses to go back to their home like the Dinka. Now with the Salva Kiir government hey thinks that might is right, and now they butcher innocent people merciless in Upper Nile and Equatoria. Our governors Bakosoro and Wani were releaved from their post without any crime. Worst of all governor Barbarossa, was the only governor that served south Sudan profoundly. Besides, he ran on independent ticket, a brave man, and he spoke his mind against the Dinka atrocities in WE state and around the country. By removing him unjustly does not mean it will silence him, I am sure he will come back strongly. Equatoria needs to stand up for Bakosoro and unjust government. Shell our like Elias Lomoro and stooge Wani Iga must not be given second chance to serve our people again. Now Salva Kiiir has no choice but to go and ink the peace agreement next week after failing to rally opposition to the peace process. It is a shame and what a waste of money, time, and the effort of peace loving people. South Sudanese must wake up.

    • Dear Oyet J. Lokilchong,

      You have pointed out one of the root causes of conflict in South Sudan and Equatoria in particular. The issue of land grabbing and IDP’s refusal to return to their lands will remain a focus of conflict if left unresolved. In fact it may lead to South Sudan falling apart.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Oyet-Bakasoro is the next Presiedent for the RSS.


  9. alex says:

    People who say Arabs are better than Dinka where not there when people where being s slaughtered in Juba
    Many of our girls were raped in Juba. In Al Shiba hospital many people where lured tp change their names moslim just because food Our resources where taken to Khartoum while Juba remained undeveloped. Our talented army officers like Kamilo adongi where murdered
    professionals like Taban Elida where murdered in cold blood. Martin Kenyis son was killed because of possessing dollars. Piyo yukwank was poisoned. Peter Sirillo was bitten nearly to death. Eliyaba Sururu was bitten nearly to death. Many women where bitten because of distilling alcohol. Demolition of houses of junubin in khartoum and Many atrocities. For someone called a doctor to praise Arabs is unbelievable unless he is one of those people who were used by the Arabs to betray their own brothers because of money. A doctor to be a tribal and engage in hate speak and yet claiming to be living in England is really a big shame to the reputation of S. Sudanese professionals. Even the bush men are more civilised.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      As you are always a supporter of the rotten SPLM-Kiir system in Juba, at least try not to maliciously distort the factual history of South Sudan.
      Those generals (with the exception of Eliaba Surur) you mentioned as having been killed by Khartoum were in reality surrogates and agents of the Arabs whom they subserviently worked for. They were paid to kill and arrest and even torture their own fellow southerners and in fact they exacerbated the flight of Southerners into exile and the SPLM/A.
      What happened in the end of their usefulness, Khartoum either killed them or tortured and imprisoned these once-obedient servants of Khartoum El Bashir.
      Tell the truth, please.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      All you said were true but not comparable to the jaang anarchy in Equatoria general because the Arabs were selective, humble, polite and even it was the southerners betraying themselves in Juba to the arabs.

      With the jaang, killings are on daily bases and all over, rapes and forced marraiages are practice on day broad light, corruption and intimidations of non-jaang are just to the climax, nepotism and tribalism to the core, and many worst things the people of this states have not expereince during the soft arab regime.

      Infact the arabs used to pay much respect to the Equatorians as they termed them informed people and what have you…

      I do not know how will the jaang comprise this?


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