SSHURSA condemns attack on Twic East

From: Biel Boutros Biel
Subject: SSHURSA condemns attack on Twic East
Country: USA and South Sudan

Message Body:
SSHURSA Press Statement: For Immediate Release: October 20, 2013, SSN;


The South Sudan Human Rights Society For Advocacy(SSHURSA), condemns in strongest terms possible the deadly attack on the people of Twic East County in Jonglei State that happened today October 20, 2013. The attack targetted one cattle camp at Ajuong Payam and two cattle camps at Paker Payam. SSHURSA sends also its most heartfelt condolences to the entire Twic East Community and particularly to all families of the victims. Sources SSHURSA spoke to on the ground stated 42 persons including children and women have been confirmed dead and 44 people wounded with 5 children abducted.

“The situation is deadly, the attackers used AK 47 and Rocket-Propelled Grenades(RPG)” the County Commissioner sadly told SSHURSA. He believed the attackers were rebels of General David Yauyau operating in Jonglei State as in response by the limited police force against the attack, one person among the attackers has been killed and identified as from the Yauyau’s rebels. Sources on the ground revealed to SSHURSA that the presence of the rebels was realized in the area and appeals were raised to the higher authorities of governments in the state and National levels to deploy the national army, the SPLA but nothing was done.

As SSHURSA strongly condemns the attack, it also gets concerned with the reckless handling of the security of the citizens by the Government of South Sudan. The attack on Twic East would have been prevented if South Sudan has a caring government. The negligence in protecting the people and their property is a fundamental failure of the government. The security of the people always remains as a first and serious responsibility of a responsible government but South Sudan’s, has shown the contrary. Article 53 and Schedule A of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 directly task the Government with the responsibility to provide the security to the people and their property in South Sudan. The right to life is the first right which leads to the enjoyment of all other human rights and as provided under Article 11 of the Constitution and under international human rights law and isntruments which oblige the state to observe. Such a failure is unacceptable because the government cannot exist without the living citizens. SSHURSA condemns in strongest terms possible such negligence by the people’s government.


(a) To the Government of South Sudan to:

(i) immediately deploy the national army in Twic East County to protect the citizens and prevent regular attacks in the area.
(ii) strengthen the presence of the SPLA forces in Jonglei State’s insecure Counties that have suffered frequent and preventable attacks by the rebels and cattle rustlers.
(iii) devise honest and peaceful mechanisms to address the rebellion in Jonglei state to bring frequent attacks permanently to an end.
(iv) continue working genuinely to reach peaceful solutions to tribal conflicts in Jonglei state and deliver tangible services that will change the lives of the warring tribes to abandon savagery.
(v) maintain continued presence of the SPLA in all insecure states in South Sudan.

(b) To United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS) to:

(i) deploy immediately UN troops in Twic East County to prevent further attacks.
(ii) maintain continued presence of UN peacekeeping troops to protect people and their property in insecure and vulnerable areas which the government of South Sudan has always failed to provide with security.

(c) To the States and National Legislative Assemblies to:

(i) raise a hot motion against the government for its inability and negligence to protect the citizens which is its first responsibility under the Constitution.
(ii) impeach any Minister or any personnel of any office whose responsibility is to protect the people and their property in South Sudan but has failed to do so.
(iii) genuinely get concerned, leaving politics aside, think about the lives of their constituents and viability of South Sudan as a state in transition, work with grassroots communities and put tough pressures on governments for peaceful solutions to stop the frequent deaths in Jonglei state and South Sudan generally.

(d) To the Twic East and other Communities in Jonglei State to:

(i) remain calm and avoid any revenge attacks despite the deadly attack on them
(ii) respect all the times the importance of human dignity and life.
(iii) work for unity and peaceful co-existence with each other for better South Sudan.

(e) To rebels of David Yauyau and others in South Sudan to:

(i) respect human rights and respect closely the right to life
(ii) respect the norms, rules and principles of the International Humanitarian Law.
(iii) end rebellion and pursue peaceful means with the government as the only best solutions to resolve conflicts among the civilized people.

SSHURSA is a non political and nonprofit making National Human Rights Organization founded in 2007 by South Sudanese Lawyers and Law Students at Makerere’s Law Development Centre (LDC), Kampala Uganda. For more information on this statement or about SSHURSA contact:

1. Biel Boutros Biel: Executive Director, Tel. +16464318960, E-mail:,, New York, USA.

2. Beny Gideon Mabor: Senior Project Officer: E-mail:, Juba, South Sudan.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    It is a shame that the government that has an absolute power does not place emphasis in security as its number one priority! WIthout Security we can not develop our country. The citizen will have no need for arms if there is rule of law
    in the country. If the rule of law protects your interests and brings to book those who violated your rights, then what need will there be for anyone or group of people to take up arms to defend their rights since the rule of law takes care of that?

    We can not even call for punishment of evil perpetrators if there is no rule of law, for how can we be sure that the so called perpetrators are not scapegoats and how can we trust the procedure used to reach guilty verdict without the rule of law…
    So my fellow countrymen…WHAT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS IS URGENT EMPHASIS ON RULE OF LAW not the respect and fears of few elites and nonsensical ideology, the brave Vs coward tribes….etc and born to rule nonsense.

    I long for the day in which in our country a person or a group of person is honored and respected for their civility, intelligence and contribution to our country rather than their perceived and self proclaimed bravery and violence. Until then we are in absolute darkness and life is cheap and has lost its meaning!

    Boutrous, I join the rest of our countrymen in sadness for the lost of our fellow countrymen yet again today!

  2. Just A Thought says:

    I’d like to know if David Yau Yau really exists. Has anyone ever met him? Is the photo above really a photo of a man named Yau Yau? Journalists should ask these basic questions. He might be a figment of a consortium’s imagination – same consortium that brought/bought Joseph Kony to the region. Check out the wiki entry of Yau Yau and monitor it over time. Ask for an updated photo. Do a google image search of Yau Yau and see how various South Sudanese politicians pop up. Dangerous 21st Century press play!

  3. Dear Mr.Biel Boutrous Biel

    Talk to President Kirr directly! He President Kirr himself, should be blamed on the very bad things happening in the country. I do not like him right now! Why did he disarm people without providing civilians in the country side adequate security??? HE IS WASTING HIS TIME WITH COOPERATION AGREEMENT HE SIGNED WITH PRESIDENT OMER HASSAN EL BESHIR!!! CPA IS DONE AT ONCE!!!!

    Massacre in last week in Jonglei cattle camps, it could not been gone very high on people lives if they had guns for self-defense!

    Biel: United Nations Mission in the South, they will not protect people in the country!! I do not know why the government in the South still keeping them in the country??? It is not good to see people dying after the peace in the country! Shame!

  4. Just A Thought says:

    A well known consortium operative was known to have said something to the effect of ”We will know we have succeeded when everything the people believe is false.” He was speaking about the American people but that empire is extensive and includes overseas colonies such as RSS. Has anyone here or elsewhere ever SEEN or MET Yau Yau? Has anyone in Jonglei or among the Murle ever SEEN or MET Yau Yau?

    • I Thought Yau Yau came and lived in Juba two years ago. Perhaps, the former information minister, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin Biel and Malaak Ayuen Ajok met him when he responded to president Kiir’s first Amnesty. Yes, David Yau Yau exists and who knows he could be you in disguise. How long would you continue to massacre Nuer and Dinka in Jonglei?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  5. Aj says:

    Last time Nuer and SPLM marched to Murle Villages and murdered thousands, government didn’t say nothing and Dinkas and Nuer said they want to wipe Murle on Earth. Now is no different. Yau Yau is not involved in this attack.

    Truth must be told that Kiir failed entire nation and he should be blamed to provide adequate protection of all citizens but he is not. Last time, Kiir said bad things about Murle and now he sits put.

    Sorry, I didn’t delete, so rest at peace, brother. EDITOR.

  6. Logocho says:

    I will share any thing with you people

  7. frieght zone says:

    this incident really bothers as been carried by most primitive society who does not know the meaning of life of innocent innocent person. If the victims avenge then recurrence of situation. When people were fighting for liberation this idiot community was with coloniser (Arab), now after independence they are still getting support from Khartoum to undermine peace. If they are for south Sudan then they should be abide by law. Abducting children, killing people and raiding cattle will make you remain backward. It’s good to live with what you have and join new world instead looting population and resources from other societies. since this Murle are against peace, i believe SPLA should use 1987 approach in handling MURLE because they now Bagaara of south Sudan and living uncivilized life.

  8. This is a perfect government for Leader, Dau-network, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, and Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, there is no change needed.

  9. Guar says:

    Twic East county must think twice to defend themselves as none is coming nowhere.

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