SPLM’s corrosive culture of victimisation

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, JAN/31/2014, SSN;

Mr Paulino Wanawilla Unango, the minister of Justice of the republic of South Sudan ruffled his feathers vigorously like an angry cock ready for a dirty fight. Bullishly he said, “Rebel leader Machar, former Unity state governor Taban Deng Gai and ex-environmental minister Alfred Lado Gore would have to be tried for treason in absentia. Others like Pagan Amum, Majak D’Agoot, Oyayi Deng Ajak and Ezekiel Lul Gatkouth would not be released pending their trial.” He went on to declare release of the other 7 senior members of the SPLM.

This issue of the freedom of the senior members of the SPLM appears to be taking a different turn from what is expected – a straight forward release to coincide with the negotiations in Addis Ababa. Let us look at this new development announced by Unango carefully. It throws forth two issues.

One is the nature of categorisation applied by the government and secondly the entrenchment of the lie that there was an attempted coup.

Unango has divided the group of the senior members of SPLM opposed to president Kiir into three smaller groups for him to proceed with their prosecution.

The first group consists of Riek Machar, Taban Deng Gai, and Alfred Lado Gore. The second group consists of Pagan Amum Okiech, Majak D’Agoot, Oyayi Deng Ajak and Ezekiel Lul Gatkouth. And the third group consists of Ahmed Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, Dr Peter Nyaba, John Luke Jok, Madut Biar Yel, Dr Cirino Hiteng and Gier Chuong Aluong.

Looking critically at Unango’s grouping of the senior members of SPLM, it begins to make sense in relation to the larger picture of the struggle for power in the SPLM.

The first group is intensely hated by president Kiir’s government. Riek is one of the people now openly vying for the seat of the presidency. In addition to that historically Riek, Dr Lam Akol and John Koang rebelled against Dr John Garang and his vision of United Sudan in favour of secession of South Sudan from the Sudan.

Riek and his colleagues then led a protracted rebellion which damaged SPLM/A considerably forcing it to accept the principle of self determination. It seems president Kiir has not forgiven Riek for this, because prior to 15th December 2013 he bitterly kept making reference to that rebellion.

Again president Kiir in various occasions has displayed bitterness towards Alfred Lado Gore. Kiir personally supervised the rigging of the gubernatorial election in Equatoria, in order to deprive Gore of his legitimate win, imposing the current governor.

The reason for president Kiir’s behaviour may be linked to the rebellion that Gore mounted in late 1990s. The matter of importance to Kiir here is the subjugation of Equatoria and the determination of the Jieng not to see an Equatorian leader rise.

In terms of direct threat to president Kiir and their project of Jienganisation this group therefore is seen as posing a serious threat to Jieng hegemony.

The treason charges thus brought against this group is intended to remove the perceived threat of Nuer to the leadership now and the entrenchment of Jieng hegemony.

President Kiir wants to remove Gore to ensure that Equatoria must not recover from its subjugation and thus any emerging leader in Equatoria is gotten rid off.

The second group is feared for the influence it accumulated during the years of war of liberation. They are usually referred to as Garang boys due to their unwavering loyalty to the late SPLM/A leader Dr John Garang.

An example of this loyalty can be gleaned from the story of Garang’s burial in 2005 when Pagan Amum tore off the flag of the Sudan from Garang’s coffin replacing it with the flag of SPLM/A while all the rest including Kiir himself could not master the courage to do so.

Because of the loyalty of this group, they are associated with the SPLM/A Bor faction which is in direct rivalry with president Kiir and the SPLM/A Bahr El Ghazal faction.

The reluctance of Kiir to release this group specifically is related to the fact that Pagan has clearly expressed his wish to contest for the presidency of SPLM like Riek Machar. Therefore Pagan is seen as a direct threat by president Kiir.

Turning to Oyayi and Ezekiel, they are feared for their formidable influence in the army and the international community respectively. The former is a renowned fighter with distinguished record in the SPLA while the latter is believed to have developed good diplomatic contacts in the West while in Washington.

In an event that Addis Ababa talks collapse the duo would be a treasure to the rebels. The weakest but crucial link in this group is Majak D’Agoot due to his ethnic background as someone from Bor and a student of late Dr John Garang.

With this brief picture it is easy to understand why president Kiir is dead afraid of releasing them. As a group they could do maximum damage to Kiir’s ambition of continuing leadership.

This group has considerable support in the army. Again as in the case of the first group, president Kiir has personal interest to see them either locked away for a long time or removed.

The last group is that of Ahmed Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, John Luke, Madut Biar Yel, Cirino Hiteng, Gier Chuong Aluong and Dr Peter Adwok.

Although this group politically and peacefully rebelled against president Kiir with the others, it is not seen as a threat ostensibly because the members lack any followership in the SPLM/A and the wider society.

Remember a good number of them failed to win any seats in the April 2010 general election and subsequently they were imposed on the people by president Kiir through appointments into the parliament.

The members of this group are neither popular within their tribes nor influential in the wider society. Since they do not pose any threat to president Kiir’s leadership other than through the Liberation Council, the government feels safe to despatch them to Kenya.

Viewing the grouping of the senior members of the SPLM/A from this perspective it becomes easy to see why president Kiir wants to slice the entire SPLM leadership to remove those he failed to silence on 15th December 2013.

Thus the treason charges should not be taken as a joke because the president realises that he has no leg to stand on now whether through the talks or through a protracted rebellion.

This takes us to the second part of Unango’s announcement which is to do with the entrenchment of the lie that there was an attempted coup.

Unango’s announcement is indicative of a government that is unable to live with a blatant lie it created: “attempted coup to overthrow a democratically elected government.” This statement alone carries two lies.

The first lie is that there was an attempted coup which the whole world has clearly dismissed. President Obama of USA, an ally of South Sudan has correctly and consistently stressed that there was no coup. Many other countries have also come to this conclusion.

The second lie is that the government of president Kiir is a democratically elected government which is not. Since South Sudan came to existence on 9th July 2011 there has not been an elections held in the Republic of South Sudan.

Anyone arguing to the contrary, must answer the following questions: When was president Kiir and SPLM elected democratically? Which month was Salva Kiir democratically elected? Which electoral commission, in independent South Sudan conducted the election?

President Kiir’s government is desperate to hold on to these lies because they form the backbone of his propaganda.

Firstly it covers the lie that the events of the week starting 15th December 2013 were an attempt at a coup, which has since been disproven. The tragic events of that week were a direct result of actions of president Kiir’s tribal militia.

President Kiir unleashed his tribal force on the Nuer people in Juba. He declared a curfew to contain and isolate the Nuer people in their homes and then his militia went on from door to door shooting them.

Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of Late Dr John Garang has sufficiently given the background story in the London post, ‘Rebecca Nyandeng Garang reveals all – How Salva Kiir’s ‘private army’ prompted the current conflict.’ http://www.thelondoneveningpost.com/exclusive-rebecca-nyandeng-garang-reveals-all-how-salva-kiirs-private-army-prompted-the-current-conflict/

Secondly, the government wants to firmly secure and maintain the military and diplomatic support of Ugandan/IGAD on its side. Pertinently, this support is supposedly being extended on the grounds that president Kiir’s government is a democratically elected government even when it is clear that the SPLM just imposed itself on the people of South Sudan.

Please see ‘President Kiir’s SPLM Government Is Not Democratically Elected’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201401271167.html

Kiir’s government is scared and unsure of how the international community would react in the event that the truth of its existence as a non-elected government comes to light.

The fact that the SPLM’s assumption of power in South Sudan is not based on a democratic foundation is creating unease in the whole tribal system. President Kiir was not voted into power in an independent South Sudan.

Hence, the bravado of Unango’s coup charges is designed to destruct attention of the people from the lie hatched by president Kiir and his coterie.

The purpose is to maintain some form of credibility and legitimacy in the face of the crimes committed by Koch Beny (Kiir’s tribal militia). In other words it is a face saving trick involving victimisation of innocent people which itself is a crime. Charging innocent people falsely to cover president Kiir’s crimes.

SPLM/A has a corrosive culture of victimising innocent people. During the bush years many people lost their lives in the hands of its powerful members for trivial of reasons. A good example can be found in Nyaba’s book, ‘The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan: An Insider’s View’.

He points out that Dr Juac Erjok, a veterinary doctor from Ngok Dinka, Mr Lokurunyang Lado, a leftist activist and member of the South Sudan Patriotic Front and a certain Yahyah, a trade unionist who joined the ranks of SPLA, were framed as agents of Nimeiri and executed by firing squad during the graduation of the first brigade of the Jarad division in 1985.

There was no investigation carried out and there was no appeal against the death sentences before execution.

Lam Akol in his book, ‘SPLM/SPLA Inside African Revolution’ goes further to explain that Pagan Amum, Nyachugak Nyachiluk and Lokurnyang Lado were members of one group led by the latter. Pagan and Nyachugak conspired against Lokurnyang, arrested him and handed him over to SPLA leading to his execution.

Now what kind of a government is president Kiir’s government which blatantly fabricates a coup and now proceeds to charge innocent people of treason? Is it not a rogue regime?

Surely taking SPLM/A’s entire history into account, it becomes clear that the government in Juba has not moved away from its criminal behaviour. If anybody doubts this, let him/her revisit the events of December 2013.

The false charges brought against the senior members of SPLM/A illuminates the behaviour of this totalitarian regime and nothing else. SPLM/A itself does not believe in law and order.

If they did, why have we not seen it on the case of Arthur Akuen Chol who was freed by tribal gang from prison in Juba and then appointed to Upper House by none other the president himself? Why has this gang which stormed a government institution not brought to book?

Also, what about the cases of Equatorian polices officers shot by Jieng soldiers in Yambio; the killing of civilians in Kemiru; the killings of families in Yei; the killing of a Doctor in Yei; the killing of engineer John Lewis; the slaughter of sergeant Banyjoth Matoat Tap; the killing of people in Lorema; the killing of people in Wau and the list goes on.

Why have people in all these cases denied justice? Fundamentally all these cases have solid grounds and the perpetrators are none other than the Jieng in uniform.

What can Unango say about his own direct negligence in pursuing these cases? How fair is Unango? Does his current behaviour tally with his oath at the time he gained in law degree?

By bringing the false charges, what does the government hope to gain? It hopes to salvage itself from embarrassment caused by its lies and also to cement the lie that it is a democratically elected government.

But what they have not taken into consideration is that such approach may motivate and energize those in the bush to take a hard line thereby making things difficult.

What is important is that the people should not take their eyes off the ball – namely from the critical issue which is that president Kiir and his government must step down. Kiir has forfeited his right to rule and he must go.

In conclusion, the charges of treason brought against the senior members of SPLM/A must be rejected on principle as a clear message to President Kiir and his government that the people of South Sudan will not put up with injustice and victimisation because if allowed no one will be safe.

As a major suspect of ethnic cleansing, president Kiir must make way for a new and neutral government to sort out the mess in the country.

The people’s attention must not be distracted from this crucial point by Unango’s unfounded charges against his own Oyee colleagues.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Defender says:

    Elhag Paul,

    As always, your analysis of the situation in our homeland is riveting! It is plain, simple and leaves little to speculation. The charges that has been brought against the leaders of the SPLM is a trumped up charges. There is no supporting evidence to that effect. It just informs those who are clear minded about the situation in South Sudan that, our country’s race to the bottom has commenced in earnest. With these charges of treason, the government has left no room for addressing the issues that led to the problem in the first place. The Cessation of Hostilities agreement that has been signed is now in clear jeopardy, not because the SPLM in opposition are not interested in peace, but Kiir’s regime is the one fear negotiated settlement to the current crisis. And in order to continue to create rift within the country, Kiir and his folks will, by any means, continue to detain these political detainees and hope against all hope that the international community will by the rule of law claim. Thus, as you indicated, once a lie has been spoken, more lies must be fabricated so that the make belief sticks. This just exposes the president and his cronies to the world and their intention to silence any reform minded people to take the mantle of change. If fair minded people take to exposing this reality of Kiir’s regime, shame and lack of judgment may eventually catch up to them. Because the cause for change in South Sudan is not about supporting Riek Machar, but supporting facts and the right of people in South Sudan to have political space to express their free will against the mismanagement in leadership and poor judgment.

  2. Tyson says:

    El Hag
    You have got the point.
    Kiir and his clique are using delaying tactics to cling to power. This is gone case!!!
    Kiir MUST relinquish power and he should prepare to defend himself in the Hague. The Jieng project that culminated in murdering innocent South Sudanese will be investigated so that the murderers, rapists, economic looters and land grabbers are persecuted in a competent court of Justice not the kangaroo court of Kiir and Unango .
    The naked lies cannot redeem them. It is time to go!!!!!!!!

  3. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Paul,

    I do not know if you ever taken a law class during your countless years in exile. The reason being, crimes are not the same. Put it differently, criminals are not alike and there is even differently with regard to severity of the crime committed. A murder or homicide is more severe than rapes, theft of food or possession of illegal drugs.

    If you understand the law, and especially the severity of the crime committed, you would not be blaming the honorable minster of justice for categorizing these criminals and traitors into three groups.

    The first group is composed of the dangerous traitors, betrayers and nyageet who almost derailed the people moment and aspiration back in the early 1990s. they are greedy, dangerous and unpredictable. If convicted of crime of treason, which carries the death penalty, they must either be hang or fired squad if south sudan need a peace and development. They deserve to be in jail or hell where they rightly belong.

    Not all convicted criminals get death penalty or live in prison. some petty criminals can be release after community services or a day or so in jail. So please read sentencing guidelines and you will appreciate where the minister of justice is coming from.

    You have also repeatedly claim that Salva Kiir was not democratically elected, which is baffling to most people. Just because he was elected when south sudan was still a region of Sudan does not make him un democratic president. What about your equatorians governors who were elected during 2010 general election as Kiir, Are they not democratically elected? what about the members of parliament, are they too not democratically elected. Are you being hypocritical or what.

    If Kiir is not a democratically elected president as you claim because he was elected when south sudan was still a part of Sudan, then you need to ask for the resignation of a member of parliament representing your constituency as well as the three Equatorian governors if you want to be taken seriously .

    Just because president Kiir fail to implement the divisive kokora policy of Equatoria region for equatorians only, does not make him an illegitimate or an un democratically president. Please wake up because you have immerse your self in the world of hypocrisy and idealism. The world in which you and I live in, is a real world, but not some imagined world where every fantasy would automatically fulfill itself

    The SPLM party will dominate south sudan politics for the next 10 years. there is no strong political opposition party to wrestle power from the SPLM in the foreseeable future. SPLM-DC can not get itself out of Shilluk Kingdom. Likewise, the Equatorian south sudan democratic something are fixated and drunk from anti jiengism to the point that they do not want to get out of Equatoria region politically. There is no single opposition party in south sudan represented by more than 5 members of parliaments.

    we need to put up with the splm party, the supposedly devil you hate death, if you the opposition do not put Kokora, tribalism, hatred of Dinka who constitute 40% of the population, and personal ego aside

    • Defender says:


      Your are airing you ignorance for the whole world to see. Who in the right mind can claim that minister of justice is the one to charge people with crime? May be only in South Sudan. Even if someone commits a petty crime, it is not the minister of justice the charges. Where is the prosecutor? There is none! that is why politics and law are mingled so that the innocents are unfairly charged with crimes outside of the constitutional constraints of the nation. If this is what you are calling justice or law, you are in for rude awakening. Minister of justice is a political appointee and in no way can deliver justice to any accused.

      Talking about the difference between misdemeanors and high crimes, the law is not rendered effective by an opinion from a politician. The law must be rendered equally for crime according to their impact, and based on law and not personal opinions. It is either the law enforcement agents or the prosecutor that presents their claim before a competent court of law and not public opinion. Instead of lecturing people who know what is law, please find another tree to climb.

      That is why, Jay, you need not to comment on any topic when you are not versed on what the author is saying. You will just continue to show the gap in knowledge around issues being discussed.

      • jay johnson says:


        You got it wrong my friend. Whether you call it attorney general or minister of justice, it is the same. Minister of justice or attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer in any country with prosecutorial powers. perhaps if you have done a little research, you would have not utter such nonsenses which are unfit for public consumptions.

        And of course he, the minister of justice or attorney general is a political appointee. He or she is part of cabinet and is answerable to the president or whoever appointed him/her. The fact that they are political appointees does not raise question about their impartiality and independence as well as their commitment to rule of law and justice.

        Just to give you an example of Eric Holder, USA attorney general. Eric Holder was appointed by president Obama in 2009 and is still serving as we speak. He is chief prosecutor in the nation. He is also a member of cabinet and is answerable to president of Obama.

        The name does not matter. Call it attorney general or minister of justice, the job description and function is the same. please stop being silly

        • Defender says:


          Eric Holder does not answer to the president. He is a chief prosecutor of the United States, a solely independent arm of the government–which is answering to the law and constitution. If Obama breaks US law now, holder will be the first to file a legal complaint against him. With regards to what you are calling impartiality,45 days ago when the charge was laid by the president against the alleged coup plotters, who is the real chief prosecutor, were was your minister of justice?

          So, what you are saying here is that the law is second and the president is above the law? If that is the case, then you have a case, but if the law is the basis on which charges are brought against suspected individuals, then you do not have a case at all.

          As well, If your impartial minister was interested in executing the rule of law, why hasn’t he investigated the massacres in Juba and other parts of the country? Isn’t he responsible for the protection of rights of all? If he cannot bring those people who are responsible in the killing of Nuers in Juba to justice, how impartial could he be?

          So, to conclude, Jay, find a shorter tree to climb that fits with your understanding of the law. Because the law that you propagating here is the one that has brought us here in the first place. The kind of law that you are talking about is not even practiced at a village level in South Sudan, let alone a comparison to the most advanced jurisprudence like the United States.

          • jay johnson says:


            You are becoming ridiculous to say the least. this is what you said in your response.

            “Eric Holder does not answer to the president. He is the chief prosecutor of the United States, a solely independent arm of the government-which is answering to the law and constitution”

            Taking from the above quotation, it appears that you do not know what you are talking about. If Eric Holder is not answerable to Obama, and yet he was nominated by him, then I do not know what “ANSWERABLE OR ACCOUNTABILITY” mean in layman term. You are answerable to the person who nominated or appoint you regardless whether it is justice, defense, foreign affairs and you name it.

            Justice department or ministry of justice what ever you call it is a cabinet position as oppose to an independent branch or arm of government as you put it. Is it your understanding that Eric Holder, the US attorney general is not a member of president Obama cabinet?

            Lawyers are professionals committed to the rule of law and are given certain degree of independence from political influence. Their decision to prosecute a crime is subject to judicial review. Where did honorable minister of Justice Wanawilla Unago err? Often there is charge of politically motivated prosecution, but it is not the case here. Coup attempt against a democratically elected president plus rebellion that have killed thousand of people can not be reasonably call ” politically motivated prosecution”

            It is even silly to debate elementary topic like whether the minister of Justice or attorney general is a member of president cabinet. Cabinet members are accountable to the president. Was Eric Holder elected to the office or was he appointed by president Obama?

          • Defender says:


            You are the one who is out to lunch. Let me explain to you what you did not understand from the passage the you quoted. Yes, the president of the United States nominates the attorney general but the congress confirms him/her to the position. In his position, even if a political appointee, his main aim is to protect the rights of citizen, not based on the interest of president Obama, but that of the constitution. This is part of the role of the Attorney General that you have not understood and may not even understand. Being political appointee is not a problem, but neglecting to implement the laws is. And that is important my friend. If you failed to understand this important part of the role of Minister of Justice or Attorney General for that matter, it is your problem. I rest my case because sometime it is hard to teach people who are hell bent on believing in fantasy to see their illusion about what the law says.

  4. Andrew Jenge says:

    Dear Elhag
    Please allow me to register my disappointment with you. Firstly, you and others have disappeared from cyber space for awhile despite all that is happening to our country, we look up to you guys to educate and enlighten our common people to make right decision regarding this nation. This country of ours badly needs you guys than ever before, just imagine if there was a free and fair election to be held in South Sudan in one month time, would you think our common persons can make a sound decision in choosing right leader to represent them?! Please this is the time for you now, and keep the articles coming. Otherwise dodgy individuals such as Bashir Bandi and Wani Iga will get another opportunity to manipulate common person and handover their vote to an idiot like Salva Kiir!

    Lastly, the fact that you don’t support Riek Machar to contest for presidency. I still can not get my head around it, unless you want to endorse Jienge statement that whether by ballot or bullet Riek Machar( that means only Jienge will call a shot) will never become president of RSS! Riek is a citizen of this nation, and has equal right like any other citizen in this nation to contest for presidency, even Salva Kiir has a right to contest again if there would be an election, and he is not indicted by ICC!

  5. Alfred says:

    El hag

    Your are Number one truth Teller?

  6. Ohi'de says:

    El Hag

    I think it was Gordon Koang not John Koang who rebelled against Dr John Garang.

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    El Hag,

    As always you do not fail us. Kiir is now with his back on the wall. He has no reason to hold those still in detention. I know why he is doing that. Once these people are out, the UN report on genocide will be released and the no body will be flying to Juba to consult with the genocide suspect. Indeed, all along the 11 have been hostages and any pretense to the the rule of law by the Kiir government flies in the face of the practice of this government. Is this the same government that offends the constitution by dismissing elected governors and then appointing replacement governors illegally that talks about constitutionality? Then there is this issue of creating an illegal army which later committed genocide in Juba? Who really should be accused of treason? Kiir and his group are in deep trouble. The sooner they are kicked out the better is for everybody here in South Sudan and those who have invested so much so that we may be free.

    Like my compatriot above, you need to settle for a lesser devil if it is called for in order to chase away the real Lucifer. Riek is not an angel but he has the fire to frighten the real Chief of Satan to run away. I think I do remember your well written article that posited that people in Equatoria might elect Riek in an open election if the choices were really bad (or something to that effect). Let us join a broad church of an imperfect people in South Sudan in order to save our country from this no-system and anarchic Dinkocracy.

    By the way have you added an addendum to our petition to the ICC? Now the case against Kiir must be water tight following the Juba genocide

    Well done.

  8. Peter Madual says:

    Jay Johnson
    For your information,none- Dinka and Nuer tribes comprise over 61% of population while Naath & Jeing 39% of South Sudanese population. Therefore the simple question is, who is the ultimate king maker in South Sudan? Is it Dr. Machar, the real threat to the Dinka kingdom and 61 tribes that can influence any decisions about who will become next president in our country.
    What a shame, your coward president is protected by foreigners troops.

    • jay johnson says:


      You got your demographic data wrong. Which source did you got that figure from?. Can you check south sudan national bureau of statistics and tell me which demographic data you disputed?

      Dinka constitute 40% of population as I have stated earlier. The Nuer are the second largest with 20%. together, the Dinka and Nuer constitute 60% of south sudan population. Which is why there is this false perception that the Dinka and Nuer have dominated everything in south sudan, which is rubbish.

      The point being that, the opposition need to put up with Dinka as a demographic majority. No politician will win south sudan presidency without the support of Dinka community. The Dinka need to be embrace instead of being demonize as the most evil community in the nation.

      That is the point I was trying to make. Where did you get the 39% figure you cited for Nuer and Dinka?. please give me your source and I will apologize to my fellow discussants here on south sudan nation site.

      • Defender says:

        South Sudan has not completed any credible census since the bogus one that was done before 2010 National Election in Sudan, where president Kiir was elected First Vice president of Sudan and head of GOSS.So do not throw stats at people with conformity when there is none. The last household census that was completed before the general election in Sudan did not identify ethnicity in any shape or form. Citing something that is not in existence is intellectual fallacy at best and forgery at worst. When South Sudan completes its full household census, which is a required element in order to conduct the next national election, then you can cite it as an authoritative figure. Anything more or less is just bogus claim indicating that Denka constitute 40% of the population in South Sudan.

        When you are trying to lie about something, make it a little bit reasonable. The National Bureau of Statistics in South Sudan did not have the capacity or has no capacity to do anything not because they lack the skills, but politicians and those who do not want to know the truth about ethnic makeup of South Sudan will continue to frustrate its work for their own benefit.

        • jay johnson says:


          I am conscious of demographic politics. It is a contested issue world wide given the fact that it does have political implication. The Kikuyu who are reported to constituted 22% of Kenya demographic is still disputed by Luyha and Luo. The Acholi-Lango in Uganda do not acknowledge that the Buganda are demographic majority.

          And whether or not the Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa-Fulani are demographic majority in Nigeria is subject to debate and depend on who you ask and talk to. The point being, demographic data and census is a politically contest issue and it is politically controversial. Even if that creditable and authoritative census you wish is conducted, there will still be controversy with regard to who is majority.

          Having said that, you raise the question of creditability with regard to 2010 census. Well, the then government of south sudan did raise question about the creditability of the census. But then used those figures to conduct parliamentary and presidential election. South Sudan 10 million population is based on that census you dismiss as lacking creditability. So for now and until that creditable census you want is conducted, the 2010 census figure is what is used by the government.

          With regard to creditability, I would say that the census figure you disputed are more creditable than a claim by DR. Riek and Anya Nya II militias that South Sudan independent was their making, when in fact they collaborated with the enemy until to the end. Secondly there was not a single town that was captured from Jalaba by the so call friendly forces who stabbed the people moment, the SPLA/M at the back when their help was most urgently needed. So the census figures are more creditable than the claim by traitors and backstabbers that they are one who liberated south sudan from the enemy

          It is true that the census did not include ethnicity, but we know where each ethnic group reside in the republic of south sudan. We know which states, counties and Payam Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Madi, Zande, Taposa or Bari occupy. For instance, Tonj North is not a Nuer county but a Danka’s. Likewise, Kapoeta South and Fashoda counties are inhabited by Taposa and Shilluk respectively. We can talk about the margin of error with regard to calculating the population of each ethnic group. nevertheless we know where each tribe live.

          Did you know that the Dinka were the demographic majority in the old Sudan, with 18% of total population as per 1973 census? That is the basis from which I based 40% population of Dinka according to 2010 census.

  9. Simon Luk says:

    Elhag Paul & Chorome Jas,

    I love my country (South Sudan), so do you and other commentators in this forum. My honest fear is that we are intentionally or unintentionally rifting the country apart. In the event of December crisis,I have been pondering with chronic bitterness……..wondering about how this shameful crisis would come to an end and the future of the country.

    Get me right, I am not happy with the status quo, and I have No problem at all with the way you succinctly expressed your frustrations and dissatisfaction with the political establishment.

    However, it is critically important to take note of the following nerve-touching issues:

    The current government is Not for Dinka! And using divisive words such as “Dinkacracy or Jiengenization” is inappropriate and a sign of weak guts feeling.

    SPLM is Not an ethnic political organization! It is a historical liberation movement that has given us South Sudan. Thus, we should point fingers to the entrenched political problems and weaknesses inside SPLM’s leadership and find some ways to push for reforms from within as Prof. Nyaba articulated in his previous articles.

    Don’t push many of us to approach or view a legitimate national debate through ethnic or regional lens. Fellows, this pathway is truly dangerous for the country! We are all proud of our local or regional identities, but nationalism speaks volume.

    Last but not the least, please don’t paint Dinka on the same brush. And when you take a shot at Dinka, which is okay, try to acknowledge both strengths and weaknesses so that we don’t picture you as tribal fanatics.

    The future of a great South Sudan is in our hands and we shouldn’t deviate from a legitimate national debate.

    • Ww says:

      Mr. Simon Luk,

      I don’t think I can express it any better than the way you put it. Intellectuals need to dig deeper than simply put everything shallowly the way Mr. Elhag does. I can agree with you irrespective of your tribe just makes logical arguements. Mr. Elhag and his types are becoming too unbearable and bias in their views.

  10. Ww says:

    One day, here in South sudan, writers like this would have to face justice for hate speech and tribal incitement. For far too long Mr. Elhag is left to incite violence against jieng. The current violence is as a result of writing and spreading lies calling them facts. His obsession with Jieng will make him die a bitter man. His ears are smoking with hate of Dinka but I could care less, the victims are those who are consuming this garbage and failed to see through Elhag dirty soul. At it core Elhag is a tribalist and he will die As one. It’s never wise to generalize any group.
    I’m a proud Jieng but I agree with those who say this government has misled our country. I’m not the only Dinka who believes so. Ask me who I would vote for in the elections in 2015 and my candidates would be Wani Igga, Dr marial Benjamin, and western equatoria state governor if they choose to run. Kiir will not run in 2015 to let you in on a secret not because of Dr. Evil Riek machar but because he was going to retire regardless.


    • Ww says:

      Don’t get too excited, Mr. president has to finish his legal term Mister Secretary of Dr. Evil riek machar. If Dr. Blood riek’s wish is your wish, keep dreaming baby. Come through elections not shoot your way to the throne.

  11. Leader says:

    Who told you Riek Machar, Taban Deng and Alfred Lado Gore are in a separate group from Dr. Majak D’Agot, Oyai Deng, Pagan Amum and Lol Gatkuoth.
    Don’t manufacture lies and call them truth.

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