SPLM/A: Jieng vehicle for land grab

BY: ELHAG Paul, FEB/27/2015, SSN;

The destruction of the fabric of Equatoria’s society by the Jieng through routine herding of cattle into established settlements to cause disruptions in life style followed by massive violence can not under any circumstance be termed as an acceptable norm of social interaction.

President Salva Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) have failed squarely on issues of social and human management. Their plan to install themselves as elites in South Sudan already looks tattered.

To get the point just access and watch this URL: ‘Independent South Sudan: A Failure of Leadership’ http://www.foreign.senate.gov/hearings/independent-south-sudan-a-failure-of-leadership-121015

The recent problem in Lobonok (Vice President James Wani Igga’s home area) in southern Bari is not the first and it will not be the last. http://www.southsudannation.com/?s=lobonok

The same intruders and aggressors have been doing it since 2005 throughout Equatoria. Nimule, Mundri… etc, stand out as examples. The aggressive cattle herders have consistently refused to behave and promote peaceful coexistence with the local people and their way of living.

Wherever they go in Equatoria the Jieng wantonly aggress the locals with impunity with the government looking the other way pretending not to see.

Always there are no investigations to crimes committed by the heavily armed cattle herders (Jieng) with their victims’ grievances remaining unaddressed by the government.

In the then Sudan, the government had a firm grip on law and order keeping the Jieng on check which made them to behave and respect law and order. However, with South Sudan becoming independent with the government in Juba fully dominated by the Jieng the problem has become unbearable.

Reason: Simple! The Jieng “hijacked” the state of South Sudan and they armed the average Jieng while disarming all the Equatorian people creating a situation of huge power imbalance in their favour.

Worse still, they have disabled the judiciary deliberately to be blind to non-Jieng grievances.

The only tribes that have managed to defend themselves against the Jieng are the Murle and the Nuer to a certain extent simply because these tribes are equally armed.

Were the Equatorians to be armed, the Jieng would not be traversing freely in Equatoria as there would be a cost to such aggressions. While the Jieng are still abusing state power, this problem is unlikely to go away without it being addressed adequately by the Equatorians.

In absence of a properly functioning state as now in South Sudan there is need for Equatorians to find a way of how to survive the ongoing onslaught on their way of life.

The deliberate intrusion of the Jieng into Equatorian way of life with its painful disruptions of normal daily life appears to be a Jieng strategy to achieve their much trumpeted objective of “born to rule”.

All the signs are that they want to achieve their objective in an atmosphere of chaos. Now if one surveys the landscape of Equatoria, Jieng aggression stands out. This is even at this time when the country is supposed to be in peace.

Certainly, for the average South Sudanese peace has not yet come. For those who would argue to the contrary, let them explain to us why are the United Nations Protection camps still swelling with people seeking protection.

These innocent people live under constant fear due to being preyed on by the SPLA, the Jieng military machine.

For example, in this week the SPLA attacked the civilians who have taken refuge in Malakal UN Protection Camp. Please see, ‘Mass killing at UN protection site in South Sudan’ https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/mass-killing-un-protection-site-s-sudan

Let them also explain to us why South Sudanese are flocking to Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda as refugees seeking safety.

Internally, look at what is happening in Nimule, Mundri, Yambio, Wonduruba etc. Does this show prevalence of peace or a state of war?

The Agreement for Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) is supposed to be the saviour, but this unfortunately is now questionable given the glaring violations of its provisions by the government.

On the other hand the poor and ineffective leadership of Dr Riek Machar is not helping. The SPLM-IO has already committed serious blunders in the implementation process.

Peter Lokarlo in his article, ‘Firm Foundation first and the roof later, Mr Mogae,’ draws the attention of those concerned to the pitfalls ahead should they continue on this perilous path. http://www.southsudannation.com/firm-foundations-first-and-the-roof-later-mr-mogae/

Riek lackadaisically has given the government that created war with its own people and committed ethnic cleansing of its own people the upper hand in slicing the agreement apart.

Depressingly, the government appears to be operating a ‘violate-ARCISS-and-prevail’ strategy without any stiff opposition.

If Riek wants a positive outcome, he needs to wake up from his political slumber and use the mechanisms in ARCISS to hold the president and his acolyte to account. He needs to involve the guarantors at this stage because things are not looking good.

Otherwise this implementation process will be drawn out for a long period allowing President Kiir and the JCE to buy ruling time at the expense of the suffering of the people. There is a risk in this scenario.

The longer the implementation process takes time the more likely the international community becomes fatigued leading to its slow withdrawal with possibility of South Sudanese returning into all out civil war. Agreements not implemented in time often breakdown at the end.

So far the implementation of this agreement does not indicate South Sudan will see any meaningful reforms. The signs are that Riek and SPLM-IO are being conditioned to return to the fold with the tribal system returning to their ways of looting and misgovernance as usual.

All the destruction done by the SPLM including the killing of tenth of thousands of innocent people and the massive displacement of people is going to be sacrificed for SPLM unity and return to business as usual.

For those who have believed and thought Riek would be a saviour, they have another thing coming. Leopards do not change their skins.

SPLM’s unity means the repair of the Jieng broken down killing machine. It means South Sudanese are again empowering the Jieng to continue with their abuse of the state. If the other 62 tribes of South Sudan want to see peace in South Sudan they had better walk away from this monster called the SPLM.

This horrible organisation only benefits the Jieng and their informers. It is of no benefit whatsoever to South Sudan. Leave it to the Jieng and join your fellow countrymen in the other parties to realise a democratic peaceful South Sudan.

Contrary to what South Sudan Television Station preaches, the unity of SPLM is not a unity of South Sudanese people. It is the empowerment of the Jieng and it will not bring peace. It will bring more catastrophes with Jieng oppression.

So what does this mean to Equatoria in context of peaceful life? Will it stop the constant disruptions of life in Equatoria such as in Lobonok? Unfortunately not.

The pattern of Jieng aggression in Equatoria since 2005 has been consistent with support of the government. For example, the Jieng invasion and occupation of Nimule and the irresponsible utterance of the former Minister of Interior Aleu Ayeny Aleu.

The Jieng invasion of Mundri etc with the latest being Lobonok suggest the Jieng have a strategy to establish settlements in Equatoria to realise their objective of “born to rule” through promotion of chaos and instability.

It must be remembered that the Jieng are known for displacing peaceful communities deliberately to acquire land. For example, Tonj originally was a Bongo land. The Jieng encroached on it and wrestled it away from the Bongo people forcing most of them to relocate to Central African Republic.

The Jieng themselves are victims of displacement. It is possible that they learnt this behaviour from the Arabs who displaced them forcefully from Shendi all the way to Khartoum in the Sudan to their present locations.

Their latest experience is Abyei. The present area demarcated as Abyei is less than 20 percent of the original Abyei which includes Muglad and Meiram. This Arab land grab is done in day light with the so-called “born to rule” being completely paralysed. Now they are transferring what has been done on them on the Equatorians.

Therefore, the disruption of normal life in Equatoria consistently and persistently appears to be designed to breakdown the social, economic and political structures of the various social groups to weaken them in order to allow the Jieng to settle and install themselves as the rulers.

So the ongoing chaos is done to create a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Such feeling is part of a process of achieving subjugation of the people.

Central to this feeling of helplessness and hopelessness is the absence of community leadership. With Equatorian leaders of all levels frequently being eliminated, people find themselves voiceless, demoralised and hopeless.

In effect, what the Jieng are doing is that they are normalising chaos in order to condition the people in Equatoria to accept the unacceptable as normal while at the same time constructing a new culture where they as holders of power are by default accommodated in their new conquests and colonies.

Crucially it must be noted that in all the chaos going on in Equatoria, the Jieng do not feel the negativity of all the horrible things they are doing to the Equatorians. To the contrary they feel good and they like it which motivates them to carry on.

This is why President Kiir and the JCE do not see any need for a genuine reform and peaceful co-existence. It was not for nothing when both Dr John Garang and Mr Ambrose Riing Thiik (the chairman of the Jieng Council of Elders) in the Rumbek meeting of 2004 argued against any reforms in SPLM/A.

Garang said, “Our imperfect structures have brought us (the Jieng) to the present day. Let us (the Jieng) not throw away these structures now, otherwise we will throw ourselves (Jieng) away.”

Ambrose concurred reinforcing the point by saying, “I want to say that a lot has been done by a few. Most of the things done are imperfect, but they have served us (Jieng).”

Note the structures being referred to here are the SPLM/A and the state of chaos in the country. If you are an Equatorian or a non-Jieng, ask yourself as to why you should support these structures.

In a nutshell, the real problem in South Sudan is the SPLM/A because it is the vehicle through which the Jieng drive their tribal agenda of land grab and supremacist ideas.

Therefore, the logical thing to do if you are an Equatorian or a non-Jieng is to quietly detach yourself from this Jieng machine of terror and join the other parties.

If you do this, you will have played a big role in beginning your own emancipation, the emancipation of Equatoria and the emancipation of South Sudan.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul elhagpaul@aol.com


  1. yien Mathew says:

    Bro, Elhag Paul’
    Let me hop that you might be outside S.Sudan.Crises of S.Sudan require some body who is with in S.Sudan.Don,t make noise please,I don,t believe much in you Equatorians you are coward p,ple who know only how to make noise.You can,t mobilized any one to joint yr noise.You would have cary yr AK 47 and follow yr lonely men such as Lado Gore and Martin Kenyi in SPLM/IO but you resort battle to internet which can not help u.END never waste my time.Comrade Yien Mathew

    • Raan Naath says:

      Elhag Paul,

      While your article makes a lot of sense, I however, expected you not to fall short of calling on Equatorians to arm themselves like the Murle and the Nuer in order to liberate themselves from the Jieng domination and occupation of their ancestral lands. Mark that the word “liberation” does not only work by joining unarmed political parties which can be barred by the armed, but also to arm yourselves and liberate yourselves using the same language being used by the Jieng (Dinka). Otherwise, your usual and unworkable peaceful approach will be meaningless and will be interpreted, or already being interpreted by many, as not about peacefulness, but about being cowards and helpless complainers. Do something as the situation dictates. Anya Nya One led by an Equatorian took up arms. So don’t expect your articles to stop the Jieng actions.

  2. Force_1 says:

    Elhag Paul;

    It’s a common knowledge that the farms should be off-limit from cattle destruction; because no farmer would want his farms destroyed by cattle! Dinka have farms as well and wouldn’t want their farms destroyed by cattle.

    The issue here is that; it’s not about the cattle destruction of farmers’ farms but the issue is some communities in Equatoria think the land is only theirs and not South Sudanese land.

    Did you forgot that the British were there and you never say they grabbed your land? Did you also forgot that the Arabs were there and you never claim that they grabbed your land?

    Now you think you got the balls to say Dinka grabbed your land? The bottom-line is; the land is every South Sudanese property; if you think it’s only your and also think you’ll be attacking people living it; well; you may not live long enough to attack other people to defend the land!

    And that’s the bitter truth one wouldn’t want to here!

  3. False Millionaire says:

    A comedian or a daring stone cutting professor of a none documented history,one or the other,the other or the one is still the same one.
    But what’s news about REMNASSA?
    Have they vanished to Juba to share in the elephant named compromise peace agreement?!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      Whatever! The comedians are the ones doing what is in this URL throughout the country. http://www.southsudanliberty.com/news/index.php/latest-news/957-mass-grave-discovered-in-yambio-wes-an-act-of-the-dinka-centric-government-of-salva-kiir-mayerdit They are delusional short sighted losers. The Jieng will not achieve their wish in South Sudan. You the Jieng have set yourselves to fail big time. The time of accountability is fast coming whether you like or not.

      • Force_1 says:


        Make no mistake about it; if what’s in the URL is true; you Elhag Paul personally have blood in your hands as well; and the reason is; if you incite violence in the media that result in your people or the Arrow-boys ambushing and killing SPLA soldiers. The national army is not going sit and allow it members to be killed by Arrow-boy without going after the Arrow-boy. If you kill others; then don’t expect not to be killed.

        Why is it that the killing only happened in the WES and not in EES or CES? If people of WES don’t want to live with Dinka; then they should find any country in Africa that doesn’t have Dinka and move to or else we will fight it out until of us leave South Sudan for good!

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Force_1
          Don’t begin to fidget and squirm so early. We will insist to have all the criminal generals and politicians of the SPLM/A to account for thier crimes. If you happen to be one of them, you too will be held accountable. The evidence of your crimes are all over South Sudan and you can do nothing to erase it because it is well documented. Better begin to think how you will answer the judges of the Hybride court. There will be no hiding place for criminal tribalists in South Sudan

  4. Okuc says:


    Whoever demand less than freedom is born slave.

  5. Chan says:

    Dinka+ JCE+SPLM/A+ Uganda UDF = massacre+land grabing and above all they are master of creating chaos. Because with out SPLM/A back up by Uganda UDF; South Sudan could have been in peace now or Dinka would have gone to hell. Dinka are Islamic state (IS) which are trying to grab land from Irag and syria and create a country from no where.

  6. Gatdarwich says:


    The highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, killer NyanKiir and the lunatic-fanatic Jenges council of evils won’t and shall never make their kinsmen in Equatoria leave, unless, you, the Equatorians, evicts them–using silver bullets–not diplomatic means. You can do it if you all unites against these Land grabbers-invaders!
    As per SPLA-Juba being the Jenges killing machine, is undeniable fact!
    Just for the record, SPLA-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek and General Lado will not and shall never revives the Jenges killing machine–but will and shall imminently cremates it–total and irreversible dismantlement period
    Just be patient a little bit patriot–El hag Paul!

    Peace and Ngundeng bless,

    Patriot, Gatdarwich

  7. Dutajiing says:

    FINE US in the frontlines, any war have allies and that helped the Britain won the world wars, so those who think bringing in the UPDF is cowardice are beyond what is termed as stupidity b’se after all what matters is who won the war not battles so i dont blame the primitive tribe of Nuer b’se they have never have friends in their vocabulary you guys know what is called NATO period. It is a group of countries that have joined their military strengthens to ditter any threat to them so keep sleeping that u guys will win the war against the Dinka that is impossible we can bring in the angels if humans finished on earth b’se we know how to make friends that matter not just food lovers like NUERS AND THE LIKES

    • Chan says:

      Hi Dutajiing
      Well, where were those who sing song everyday and their allies that they liberated South Sudan? When white army went Bor, they found only innocence chickens who couldn’t fly and again Agweelk force lead by Johnson Olny went to Maluth again they found innocence lizards running on walls of houses there. Dinka run all the way to Equaitoria,because they know Equaitorians are holding Bible not bullet, Then starting behaving cowardly again after they have been welcome. Do not hid bind national army (SPLM/A). Make pour Dinka army and stand your ground with your allies. There is another coward call Chol Thon who is still living in illusion in Malakal now while he is hiding his family some were. He uses Dinka militia to attack civilians in PoC in Malakal. Tell me which community in South Sudan is friend to Dinka? Let me tell you the truth,if there is a vote now to which community can be put to death, 63 communities of South Sudan will vote yes for Dinka community to be put to death.

  8. Aguer says:

    First of all Equatoria is not. a tribe or ethinic group like Nuba. Thefore U Shld.be talking abuot Ur own town or tribe.
    S Sudan is a country now , each citizen has a right to choose where to lives.

  9. Aguer says:

    And. For those who choose violence. Be carefull what U wish for.U may end up in exile for life just like Palestine there are many ways to get Ur rights , not through war and violences S Sudan belongs to all of us ,we can manage it to gether.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Aguer
      Please take note of your own advice and apply it to yourselves. Is it not you the Jieng who have brought violence to South Sudan? Who committed ethnic cleansing in December 2013? Is it not you the Jieng? Who is grabbing other peoples lands in South Sudan? Is it not you the Jieng? Who are digging mass graves for other ethnicities in South Sudan? Is it not you the Jieng? I suggest you reflect over the evil you the Jieng have brought to South Sudan. Wish you good luck in your delusions of grandeur.

      • Force_1 says:

        To Paul;

        Ethnic cleansing didn’t start in 2013; unless you were born after 1991; 1991 that’s known as Bor Massacre today wasn’t done by Dinka but the Nuer you claim to an advocate of! You must either be ignorance of history in South Sudan or you’re insanely out of your mind! Ask those who are well-informed about South Sudan history to inform you of about the ethnic group or tribe who made the massacre in Bor region in 1991.

        When it comes to the land; which land did we fight and die for and the land you claim to be yours? If you think you have your own land that have been grabbed; then what are you waiting for other than to come over fight and take it by force? When we were fighting Arabs; we believe our lands were occupied by Arabs and that’s the reason we fought and die in millions to have the land own today.

        So Paul; if you think someone grab your land; then come fight and die for to own it or else stop the aimless noise!

        • Toria says:

          When people are presenting their points peacefully in writing and talking, it means those people are much wiser than the ones who just ambush without warning. It is easy to ask for war but the outcomes of war is the result of what we have today in South Sudan, so if I may ask; Is there anything you are enjoying in South Sudan today? Unless you do enjoy the blood sheds and starvations, no schools, no hospitals, no fuel, no roads etc then you are a dumb ass to ask for more war.
          What you idiots failed to understand is that the power of writing especially in today’s media saturated World Wide Web, people are listening across the globe. There will come a time when everything that you claimed to have fought for will melt away from your grips in your very eyes and when that time comes all you can do is to watch it powerless slip away. If you are wise, you wouldn’t be inviting people to wage wars against your so-called Jenge government.
          And just to let you know, what Paul Elhag writes here do appeal to good size of population in the country if you are not aware of that.

      • alex says:

        Elhag are you okay in mind or you need help
        who started to shoot the bullet
        Why did Riack ran . There were innocent people cough up during the fight but you need to know this war id Riack’s project of 1991 which he had wanted to destroy SPLM with the help of our enemy Khartoum. We are glad he is coming back to work under SPLM. So for you, your mission to plan hate among our people will not work. Our people will remain United what ever the case maybe. Your lies will never help you. It will only make you to fear coming back home.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Alex
          What unity are you talking about? Two weeks ago Koul Manyang Juuk emptied his anger on Paul Malong sending him to a hospital in Nairobi. The reason being he accused Malong of making South Sudanese hate the Jieng. Juuk punched Malong brutally sending him to the floor shattering Malong’s jaws. The doctors had to work hard to repair your master killer. Is this what you call unity? If the Jieng generals themselves are divided, what about the country? The end of Jieng glory is fast coming to an end.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            ElHag Paul,
            What a interesting scenario and predicament. Hi, why didn’t Kuol Manyang just draw his pistol and boooooom, Malong is forever eviscerated!!
            South Sudan might be at peace now, believe me.

          • johnjerry says:

            Kuol Manyang Juuk did the right thing by giving Malong a blow he will remember for a long ,long, long time. without the intervention of Kuol manyang , Malong would have used chemical war heads in Upper Nile and WES. Malong is the one single person causing insecurity in the Country. President Salva Kiir should used his everyday Presidential Decree to retire Paul Malong and his Malitia men then real peace will return to RSS. There is no need for uprising that will add to the death of many people who have died in cold blood. The dead of one South Sudanese is just too much. Life is very precious. Let us all hope for peace in the coming TGNU leading to a free general election after 30 Months that is when and where you will exercise your right to vote for the right party to lead the Country.There are many parties and capable party leaders who can do a good job not necessarily SALVA KIIR OR RIAK MACHAR.

    • Eastern says:


      I hope I am not replying to Phillip Aguer Panyang! You have just confused yourself by your obviously limited knowledge about the Nuba people. The so called nubs people is not made up of one single tribe/ethinic group but a number of tribes practicing similar livelihoods activities and coexisting with one another.

      This is the same with Equatoria; made of different tribes but you don’t hear of Ladu from Central Equatoria going all the way to Kapoeta to still the cows of Lorika or want from Eastern Equatoria going to Nzara to still the cassava of Dabgayo.

      You don’t hear of the wanton intertribal killings in Equatoria but what’s the problem with you dinkas in Tonj South county? Why are swimming in blood spilt as a result of intra tribal fighting? You claimed to have your state but it has just triggered the bloodletting amongst you folks.

      We are proude as Equatorians.

  10. alex says:

    You are wasting g time with this Paul Elhag. The man is busy fighting bottles of whiskey in Britain.
    His children are paid by the government in their schools. So let the fools listen to him, they will face the music.
    He is a failure in life and he want the whole country to fail as himself. We the nationalistic must reject with pull force the motion of hate because we are one people. There is no land which has been taken from somebody in Nimule and the people who are there are the IDPS and the nationals of Nimule. Can somebody show or tell us which land was taken from Nimule? Unless if you sold your land to someone. ElHag is depending on rumours and he want to use it for his political gains but people are intelligent. Can Elhag tell us when was the last time he wAS IN s. sudan and where did he get all those lairs. This is a lost man and he has no vision. Let Riack go ahead with the peace implementation. If Elhag want let him go and start another rebellion. I advice anyone who will want to join him, let him or her ask Elhag to send his children to the struggle because any war needs human lives..

    • Alex,

      Stop using abusive language, instead used constructive criticism. Even if Paul Elhag is “fighting with bottles of whiskey in Brain” he has never instigated violence that resulted in death of over 30000 in one week as Dinka do. Dinka Kiir and Malong are 24 hours drunkards and their level of drinking has gone to high that is why they are making unthinkable decisions from time to time. Most of Dinka reasoning ability is damaged by alcohol and that is why they are killing people randomly everywhere in South Sudan.

    • Toria says:

      You are a failure to work for Kirr because his tyrannical regime is running a dead end one way street.

  11. Beek says:

    Some John Garang’s visions were wrong when he wanted men like him to be afraid of him,even women can’t accept those ideologists. Riek Machar is going back and he has to puts in his skull that nobody want to be afraid of him. SPLM have to change and stop those Garang’s and his cronies treat. Tell people what good and wrong.

  12. Beek says:

    ElHag Paul himself is a land Grab and Equatorians themselves are land Grabs. It is Equatorian’s councils who sell Lands to the so-called Jienge Council of Elders because there is nobody who can settle or Grab a huge land for farming without documents from rural council.Those people have to pay Tax and they also provide work to local people.Norwegians also pay their Taxes to Torit Council and give jobs to local people. Are Norwegians are Land Grab? No full stop.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Professor Elhag,
    Why do u brush off to talk about the fate of REMNASSA rebels?
    If they didn’t vanish to Juba to take part in implementaion of the compromise peace agreement,did they get liquidated?
    If they got liquidated,how can u be sure the mass graves you are taking about aren’t their’s?
    If they didn’t get liquidated,how do u know they aren’t the ones who murdered innocent citizens and buried them in the mass graves in question?
    But pour quoi vous n’avez pas réagi aux commentaires d’Yien Mathew?
    Does that mean u agree with him?!!!

    • False Millionaire

      REMNASSA rebels merged with SPLA-IO, so they are the ones kicking Dinka ass in Western Equatoria.

      • Deng Monymor says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,

        REMNASSA was an alleged rebellion led by Martin Kenyi who cowardly ended up joining SPLA-IO. However, according to SPLA-IO insiders right here on the ground as well as on this website, Martin Kenyi joined Riek Machar’s Movement with only a single soldier with him. In other words, he was a “lonely man” who had no battalion when he joined as Yien Mathew has been lecturing you all along. In fact, REMNASSA was an intellectual masturbation of those hateful preachers from our beloved region of “Civilized” who have been fighting war on Internet, using inexistence names for their Movements. Stop following their empty rhetoric but go get marry and produce more White Army, that all you need, Cousin.

        As regards to forces fighting in Western Equatoria, their fate is unknown as the fate of REMNASSA because those who are claiming responsibility are SSNF and Arrow Boys, REMNASSA has connection with it. Although we do not currently know exactly who are these forces, because they are just hit and run cowards, we are trying to exact who really are they and found out, we will deal with them as we did with White Army. When all sudden done, we will see which war effects situation, could it be the one fought on Internet or the one fought on the ground.


        • Eastern says:


          Stop living in denial. If Martin Kenyi joined SPLA-io with only one soldier as you allege, what has caused a whole battalion on mathiang anyor to be deployed in Pageri Administrative area? Was it it the one soldier that walloped the hapless mathiang anyor in Pageri sometime last year?

          Do you use your mind to think?

          • Deng Monymor says:


            I don’t live under assumption as most of you do. The fact that Martin Kenyi joined SPLM-OI as “lonely man” tells a lot of who is living in denial. For your information, the circulation of this matter is not the making of Deng Monymor, it is a well known fact which we keep gathering everyday from many SPLM-OI insiders. Instead of you accusing me of denial, it is time you come to term with truth as suppose to you lying to yourself. You and your kinds have been lying to yourselves for so long to the extent that this lie will catch up with you pretty soon if you keep holding on that attitude. Yes, Mathiang Anyor has been deployed, not only in Pageri administrative area, it has been deployed over Equatoria and I am not going to tell you the reason for doing so because you are too naïve to ask this question. I thought you pay attention to what your loud mouth is releasing everyday in your private setting as well as public setting.

            There will never be peace until we counter this hatred being preached all over, be it against those to whom it is directed to or against those who are preaching it. As to whether I use my “mind to think,” I woke up many times before with snake looking right into my face and so I don’t blink at what we are seeing now. A lot of forgiveness has been given before and the results we have seen so far don’t persuade us to be that naïve again.

      • Force_1 says:

        Bentiu Ramaran;

        If you join force with REMNASSA in Western Equatoria; at least don’t call yourselves civilians in front of UN later on when SPLA deal with you face to face!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millioniare
      Simply not in our character. When Equatorians spearheaded the liberation of South Sudan from 1950s onward, did you ever hear of killings of civilians or innocent people?

  14. Kwacha says:

    South Sudan belongs to all of us. “true”. But we should live in peace and harmony. The economy of South Sudan is soon collapsing because of the actions of few greedy individuals like Athorbei and Koryom. The theft of 14 million USD in the office of the President. All these and more makes SS a failed state just because of a few individuals.

  15. Peacemaker says:

    Force_ 1 So you are telling us that dinkas are free to move and settle wherever they wanted and with out the consent of host communities because they are the….Let them shut up and simply succumb or else leave the land for you. Great, you are very brave to say it openly that South Sudan is on its way to another Rwanda. Let’s wait and see if your army will hold its ground for another Month from now.

  16. Force_1 says:


    Did you consent the British settlers in the early colonial days in South Sudan? Did you also consent Arabs when they were all over South Sudan? Besides; where did you ran to when we started fighting Arabs for the liberation of South Sudan? Why do you have to wait for a month to kill all Dinka in South Sudan? Shouldn’t you do it now?

    I know you call yourselves “Arrow-boys” when you attack SPLA forces; but when SPLA fight back you call yourselves civilians. The Arrow-boys easily turnout to be civilians under the consequences! Shouldn’t be brave enough to still call yourselves Arrow-boys even under the consequences? Then would be the point of fighting the national army if you just going deny who you’re under the stress of fighting national army? The SPLA weren’t fighting like that in the 1980s and 90s otherwise we wouldn’t have South Sudan today.

    You guys push your own people in the open graves in South Sudan while living under your comfort apartment in the western countries! Your people in South Sudan are unsophisticated enough to know that they are just being pushed helplessly into an open graves by people living comfortably in their western Apartments.

    • Toria says:

      What government are you referring to? SPLA is not government nor national army, they are militias of warlords and gang looters. You will not scare everyone by your nonsensical threats of mass graves. And nothing will stop we the people until we bring real governance into existence.
      Just remember that, the British and the Arabs which you are trying to copy were both defeated though they killed us in thousands today they not on our lands, and so will Dinkas be defeated. The difference between British/Arabs and Jenge is that the former came with both knowledge and religion, but Jenge came only butt naked to be clothed by Equatorians. You will loose everything at the end, because if you think the war is over, you are lying to yourself pal.

  17. Gatdarwich says:

    Force-1, Aguer, false millionaire, Dutajenge, Alex, & all the delusional Jenges extremists,

    Equatorians’ lands belongs to the Equatorians period
    It’s doesn’t belongs to the cattle rustlers–wanderers Jenges, or the 64 tribes in South Sudan. Any non-Equatorian person can only live or reside in Equatoria as a visitor, on federal government duty assignment, or a welcomed emigrant there. You, the treacherous Jenges, have to literally drills in thy traitorous brains this indisputable fact.
    Any contrary reasoning or arguments as to why Equatorians’ lands doesn’t rightfully belongs to the Equatorians is simply too hellish and perilous to the outlaws and non-boundary abided wanderers period

    Good luck–land grabbers–wanderers, Jenges

    Patriot, Gatdarwich

    • Force_1 says:

      The bottom-line is; if everybody in South Sudan want peace and coexistence with Jiengs; Dinka will be the first one to lead them to that destination of peace and coexistence. But if you want violent against Jiengs as a solution; Dinka will raise that bar to the level that you wouldn’t be able to climb but to come back down and begged for peace unconditionally!

      You Nuer try it before but I don’t think it ended well for you! And you Nuer should be the ones to advise others who never learn to not try what you attempted to do it Dinka in the last 20 months.

      The land grabbing thing in Equatoria is just a load of garbage! When is the last time you hear Massaai of Kenya complaining that their land have been grabbed by Kikuyu or by any other tribe in Kenya. If you happened to be in Nairobi; how many Massaai own lands and businesses in and out Nairobi areas?

      All you guys know how to do is lies and tough talk against Jiengs and nothing else!

  18. Francis says:

    I quote the author of this piece: “SPLM…..Leave it to the Jieng and join your fellow countrymen in the other parties to realise a democratic peaceful South Sudan.” Surprisingly this intellectual is part of what is tearing South Sudan apart with his rhetoric full of poison. This means the trouble in South Sudan are not up yet, till the author of the articles sees another suffering caused by his hate of Jieng. Not all Jieng are bad as not all the other tribes are good. There are bad apples within each of these ethnic groups in South Sudan. There are innocent Jieng who are not aware of what you are talking about. SPLM is a South Sudanese party as is the rest of the parties but if the writer wants to tell me that other parties belong to different ethnic groups and SPLM belong to Jieng….then something is wrong with the so-called political parties system after all and does not fit to be used in South Sudan because even the well educated and those stationed in London/first world could make this blunder. Then just forget it. A few elderly men from Jieng caused a lot of headache to you, then you are just a tribalism giant in Europe.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Francis
      I do not know what you are talking. You are accusing me of inciting hatred – really? Was I the one who advised President Kiir and the JCE to commit ethnic cleansing of the Nuer? Was I the one who adviced the Jieng to claim being “born to rule”? Was I the one who advised Jieng to grab other people’s lands? Was I the one who told the Jieng to kill other South Sudanese and as a result create numerous mass graves around the country? You the Jieng with your short sighted leaders out of your own volition decided to embark on this messy path. This is your own making and it is up to you the Jieng to make amends with South Sudanese. But make no mistake there will be no amends without accountability. You will have to account like the Nazis did in Germany. So stop your nonsense of blaming others for your own mess. You made your bed – you sleep in it.

  19. Toney Toney Matot says:

    Elhag Paul is inciting a war he will never fight.making noise always on the internet has nothing to do with what you are preaching. you will bark till you will keep quite.there is no one from equatoria who will l listen to you and fight you war bro. mark my words.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Mr Matot
      What incitement of war are you talking about? Are you for real? Please check yourself before you start to yap. You created the mess in the country and it is up to you to fix it. Don’t look for scapegoats at this time.

  20. mading says:

    Toria war is going on now in South Sudan when are you going to join martin kenyi in the bush? instead of fighting war on the internet? those who call for war among tribes in So Sudan some don not even know what is mean to be at war.

  21. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Paul,

    I said it before and I will say it again. The problem of South Sudan isn’t Dinka nor the SPLM/A acronym. The problem is GatCharwearbol, Elhag Paul, and others who let Jieng’s horns grow beyond control. It is our normalcy bias that prevent us from planning and preparing for the worst. 3 years back, you and Dr. Ramba wrote to ICC pertaining to injustice being done by Kiir and his cohorts. It was very good move but writing alone isn’t cutting it. Jiengs alone are not close to our number. Nonetheless, numerical strength isn’t a ticket to winning war. Shrewdness in battle field is what matter. Even if numerical figures had to matter, the Jieng cannot be equaled to all others South Sudanese they are oppressing. So I’m not blaming Jieng for our lack of uniting ourselves against them. When it was started, it was seen as Nuer’s problem. Nikalongo boastfully drilled it to our heads that Equatorian is heaven and untouchable, what happens to the untouchable land now? You know the answer. The panacea to Jieng hegemony is with us and we are too afraid to use it. Our unity is needed against Jieng. The East Africa has already united against the Nuer for obvious reason, their shrewdness in battle field.

  22. Joana Adams says:

    Dear El Hag Paul,

    I admire your tenacity but honestly feel you ought to be investing your valuable time in things which will reap returns. Don’t worry about the SPLM let them unite because then they will begin to slaughter each other again. It is rather interesting that some Jieng extremists feel less human until they interact with Equatorians albeit forcefully. Why on earth would anyone want to live with people who have not socially evolved enough to live in peace with themselves and among themselves let alone with others?

    Did I hear that Equatorians should stop referring to themselves as Equatorians simply because the Jieng hate the word and the identity it implies? Now that sounds like collective mental illness! Why would you want to engage with a mentally ill community?

    Don’t get me wrong. I think a lot has been achieved since our struggle started in 2011. Goss turned against themselves and took the country to war. They have committed genocide and have ruined the economy and had no choice but to sign an agreement they are violating left and right on daily basis. Kiir has demolished all state institutions and have surrendered the country to Jieng extremists called JCE. They won’t go much longer. Just don’t give them the impetus to push on.

    Angola and Russia and Venezuela thought they were dealing with normal human beings when they objected to UN sanctions. Today Angola is backtracking and calling for arms embargo! Trust me, it won’t take much longer for South Africa and Tanzania to discover that they are wrong in supporting SPLM reunification. They will soon discover by themselves without anyone telling them that SPLM is not a revolutionary movement nor a political party but a tribal organisation. Of course tribal organisations promote tribal interests. South Africans and Tanzanias would be horrified to discover that their leaders are privy to tribal as opposed to national causes.

    As to Riek Machar, I suggest as I have always said that we need to exercise discretion. You may want to believe that our people know much more than they’ll like to admit in public. The Jeng have destroyed South Sudan and the country will never be the same again. Riek and Kiir may forge a temporary alliance but we all know that both sides have been stockpiling weapons and each side is positioning itself to eliminate the other. Equatorians need to strategise but not in public. I also suggest we stop serious public intellectual discourses that may only benefit the enemy.

    Don’t give out more than you are taking back in return. I’m sure you know what I mean.


    Joana Adams.

  23. Bol says:

    I am startled by the frequency of the writer exchange with commentators in this particular article! Normally, this writer would dropped his anti Dinka bomb, leave the crime scene at light speed, let the Equatorians and few Nuer celebrate their cyber victory for days and weeks, but this time around, for some odd reasons, he decide to stand guard day and night with his jubilant fans and the more he cheers them on, the more they become euphoric!
    Back to the article, there is nothing new in it, as it follows the writer’s well known formula of (Dinka behaviour+ Crocodile tears on Nuer victims+ Equatorians abuse+ made up stories…. like Dinka taking his own life in PoC3 out of embarrassment or well-dressed up Equatorians teaching Dinka how to dress, while forgetting their own nude tribesmen…… all these are equal to El Hag fantastic article)….The fans goes WOW…WOW…WOW! This reminds me of how much money I did waste watching Indian movies with identical plot! Good luck Mr writer. Enjoy the ride before the fans realise they reading same plot over and over….enjoy the ride before the fans realise you are sending them to graveyards before due time.

  24. MALCOM X says:

    THE Society is in danger when those who have not learn to obey are given the right to command. I have come to understand that SPLM is for all and SPLA is for the DINKA.

  25. Mony-etet says:

    Dear Alphag ,

    Someone would wonder about what you are after . Having been a reader of your articles on this website since 2010, I thought you would be among the generals who were fighting the government because your criticism was beyond our imagination . But to my surprise , I realized that you are internet warrior who is good at criticizing . For your information , even those who were fighting have realized that fighting is not the good solution . Avoid attacking tribes in your writing , is SPLM for Jieng alone or it is a political party for the nation. Deal with personalities but not tribe please . Even is enough with your tribal centred criticism …..

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