SPLM/A-IO claims capture of Mundri, in Western Equatoria

Press release. MAY/22/2015.

Dear all: Freedom fighters, supporters, sympathizers both at home, the diaspora and the entire public, we would like to announce to you that Our forces have taken control of Mundri town of Mundri west county, Western Equatoria state this afternoon after fierce battle between government troops and SPLA forces under direct command of Col. Wesley Welebe and overall command of Maj.Gen.Elias Lino Jada.

Fighting is still ongoing as we file this report according to our military source within the scene.

In addition to this field report on May 19, 2015, our SPLA forces under command of Maj. Gen. Elias Lino Jada, the deputy chief of Staff for Administration and finance successfully launched a attack on convoy of government troops in Mvolo county in Western Equatoria.

According to the information we have at hand is that our forces had successfully launched an attack against government convoy at Rumbek road between Mabara and Mawaiya in Mvolo county of Western Equatoria state.

In this encounter, our forces have inflicted great losses on government troops both in equipments and lives. 10 soldiers are confirmed killed and wounded several others as well as two Toyota pick-ups which were transporting food supply are destroyed and reduced to ashes.

Separately today May 22, 2015, the SPLA-IO forces have launched another successful attack against government troops of Salva Kiir’s tribal militias in Mundri West county which resulted in killing of Mundri west county’s top official working as executive director of the area among other heavy loses.

Our forces are in control of the town right now and the fighting still going around the town is a mop up operation around the military barracks.

We would like to inform and call up on all our people, the civilians to stay away from military zones in Greater Equatoria region to avoid being reckless cross-fire victims and the leadership of SPLM/SPLA is very concerned about civilian safety in the area.

The latter operations that happened yesterday and today are carried out by SPLM/SPLA under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and not REMNASA as allegedly claimed by its spokesperson or wrongly reported by media houses and we call at all media houses to first confirm the source of information before publication.

Regards Nyarji Roman, D/Spokesperson and director of media Office of the chairman


  1. Joana Adams says:


    If true, this could be the beginning of the end of the evil dinkocratic regime. Arise Equatoria arise! Let the mother of lions arise! One day the freedom and dignity of our people will be restored. This is the time for Machiavellian politics of the end justifying the means. Commander Johnson Olony has done it spectacularly in Malakal and left the dinkocrats gasping for air in Juba. What I mean is it doesnt matter where we get the arms from to free ourselves from Kiir’s totalitarian dictatorship. What matters is that we should get rid of him by all means available. Another bloody nose in Mundri will be just fine. Where there is a will, there will be a way no matter how long it takes.

    Joana Adams

  2. alex says:

    Nyarji Roman

    How brave you are to expose your cheap lair in the social media. Be advised to contact one of your supporter in London Mr Rumbogo to tell you the truth indeed if your rebels capture Mundiri because that is his home town. You even ashemed him. I do not know how he will struggle to put right the SPLM-in Opp reputatition in London. Right now I am in Mundiri so tell Rumbogo to despute me and we suprise you with another TV footage. Are you not yet struggling to accept the reality in Melut which you people tried to destorted. How shame to walk the street of a would be depolmat. You made the Equatorians to laugh and even now to reliase that all your talks are nonsence and has not truth in it. Melut humilating defeat of the splm in opp have exposed your lies and have damaged the movement reputation. Hundereds of innocent young men have been luered by your lies to meet their faith in grusome way. You lured Ted in America to go and fight in S.Sudan he now suffering limbless and non of you is now taking care of his family in America. What a shame. Will Riek travell to USA to confort the family or he has just luered him and that is finished.


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