SPLM to reinstate some ex-members in 2 weeks

EYE RADIO, Hellen Achayo | February 22, 2015

Members of the SPLM who were dismissed from the party will be reinstated within two weeks as an implementation of the Arusha Agreement, the Minister of Information has said.

They include Pagan Amum, Majak Agoot, Deng Alor and amongst others.

Michael Makuei says the reinstatement will not include Dr. Riek Machar, Taban Deng Gai and Alfred Lado Gore.

Addressing the media in Addis Ababa, Mr. Makuei said the move is to ensure the legitimacy of the ruling party.

“Anybody who was dismissed in something not connected with the conflict will not benefit from that,” Mr Makuei stated.

“And from the party are three – it is Dr. Riek Machar, it is Taban Deng Gai and Alfred Lado Goro and the rest were not originally dismissed. Up to now they are still members of the SPLM.

“Some are still members of political bureau; others are members of NLC and so forth. They will come back to their positions.

“This is what is meant by the revocation of the former decision and it will be implemented by the President within 14 days.”

Last month, President Salva Kiir had said SPLM may reconsider the reinstatement of the members who were dismissed after the December 15th incident.

Source: Eye Radio.

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  1. Charles Placido Wani Lako says:

    All these time when Riek defected with others following the 15th December, 2013 incident and then later followed also by the release of the so called ex-members or now called the political detainees, nicked name as the G11 and later dwindled to G7. What people of South Sudan and the world knew was that, these ex-members who soon shall come back to South Sudan, were arrested and detained for having connection with Riek rebellion, and later released as a negotiation card and pressure from Riek and other international community members. On contrary, after securering their release and granted to leave the country, “they turned out to be neither with Riek nor with Kiir,” but demanded that they must be recognized as a separate political entity, creating confusion in the peace talks negotiations in ADDIS by IGAD led initiatives. For instance asking for share in the power sharing/ Interim government. How come this happen, and on what basis. What I expect from the negotiating team of Kiir and Riek to post a question to the G11/7 saying please decide, ” Are you with the government or with the rebels?, Once president Bush said, ” choose! either with us or with the enemy”. If you carefully observed these scenarios, there is something hidden and which neither Riek, Kiir and the G7 do not want to reveal, and this I guess is, all ( Riek and G11/7) want to push out Kiir from current position, claiming for party SPLM democratic transformation, but it is also the desire of the SPLM-proper ( Kiir and some in the G7) who do not favor Riek Machar taking the leadership of the party that culminates with being party nominee to presidential elections who with no doubt shall win the elections because of majority party members support in the South Sudan. The other hidden reason is that, SPLM in the name of Kiir, Riek, , Pagan and Alor went to Arusha to keep the status quo. The last hidden item was the non-existence of FEDERALISM in the vocabulary and dictionary of SPLM. It is a co-incident, resulting from Riek defection that today Federalism became an agenda whose faith is not yet determined whether it will succeed or die a natural death. In conclusion, there now seems three major issues confronting our country, i.e one, the Interim government, who to lead and who to be in or secure position for him/herself, two, if party reconciliation succeed, what will be the role or functions of the SPLM National Convention, National Liberation Council and the Political Bauru in regards to elections of the party leader who automatically becomes presidential candidate for the party, three, when and how Federal System of Governance commence. This time if peace is achieved, the name of the Party SPLM/A need to change to connote a national feelings or aspirations, and we continue to sympathize and support the SPLM/A in the SUDAN. Kiir had a challenge of quitting his position, but Riek had worst challenge of either accepting to be first vice president or president and forgetting all the Nuers who died in his defense just to come for a position and not demanding fair system of governance/Federalism that will compensate the Nuers and Riek’s
    complicated character. SPLM, please give him the chance to lead this country for the sake of peace, as First president of the Federal States of South Sudan. I am confident, Riek will not re-unite us with Khartoum although currently he gets support from, this is every south Sudanese fear.

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