SPLM strategically disempowers the people with dirty tricks


SPLM is at it again using lies, intrigues and deception to dilute the provision of interim government in the agreement of 9th May 2014 between President Salvatore Kiir and Dr Riek Machar in Addis Ababa.

It is not a secret that the government of President Kiir abhors the idea of interim government. The Vice President James Wani Igga and other members of the cabinet have made their views on the subject very clear in the last couple of weeks prior to the agreement expressing their dislike to this noble idea.

In their utterance, they went as far as saying they would not allow an interim government to happen in South Sudan.

As a result of pressure from the international community, SPLM had no other option but to sign up to the agreement. The government of President Kiir is now desperately trying to wriggle out of it.

In its endeavour to unhook itself, it has decided to silence the internal front, especially the prominent stakeholders inside the country. The government appears to have taken this position to disempower these groups to enable it eventually to face down the external front (Riek’s group and the SPLM G11) without internal noises.

Since its inception, whenever SPLM has found itself in a difficult situation, they revert to the people with cries of danger! Danger! Danger! But if the supposedly trumpeted danger is carefully examined, what comes out is a dirty trick to disempower the people with the intention to cling to power.

I shall elaborate on this point somewhere further on in this article in relation to how SPLM tricked the South Sudan opposition parties in 2008 to consolidate power.

Dirty tricks are exactly what unfolded in the country on Monday 19th May 2014. Unexpectedly and suddenly the government made an announcement over Radio South Sudan at 8.00 p.m. local time calling on all the leaders of the political parties, civil society organisations and church organisations to attend what was said to be a briefing on the following day by the government delegation to the negotiations at Addis Ababa.

On Tuesday 20th May 2014, during this so called briefing, Michael Makuei and Bashir Gbendi supported by Joseph Ukel and others ostensibly presented a twisted picture of the talks in Addis Ababa. They argued that the government was facing serious problems which they outlined as follows:

1) That the number of the stakeholders is too big and that they must consider opting for a small number of political parties to represent them.
2) That there is a Western conspiracy to deal badly with the government and it is incumbent on all to support the government which is facing external conspiracy.
3) That IGAD mediators are coming on 28th May 2014 to advice on the modalities of representation at the talks and as such there is going to be a meeting of political parties soon to consider a joint position of all which will be given to IGAD.
4) That this is not a time for federalism.

These points encapsulating the concern of the government on face value, constitute a serious national problem especially when phrases like “external conspiracy” are taken into consideration.

But, hold on! Without us being swept away by emotions and fear, it is imperative to look closely at these issues point by point.

First, the government claim that the number of the stakeholders is too big and therefore they must consider opting for a small number of political parties to represent them, is a very strange assertion because at the core of it, there is the intent to take away the right of expression and participation of the stakeholders concerned.

By doing this the process obviously becomes undemocratic which defeats the logic of ‘South Sudanese’ finding solutions to the problems of the country. Why should the stakeholders be represented by a small number of political parties that they do not support?

Here it can clearly be discerned that the small number of political parties referred to are those parties that have allied themselves with the government.

In addition, the assertion works stealthily as an indirect recruitment process for these parties which in turn strengthens them and weakens the people. It is important for this small number of political parties to be identified.

So the question is then, which are the small parties and what would be the criteria for their preferential treatment?

Above all, why do Makuei et al want to disempower the people? In whose interest is the muzzling of the people? Is it in the interest of the SPLM or the country?

Given what has happened in the country, the size and numbers of the stakeholders is irrelevant because they are stakeholders and they must be listened to. Further to this the cost and funding would not be borne by the government of South Sudan but IGAD and the internal community.

A critical look clearly shows that the government has no point to make here other than it wants to disempower the people and recruit new members to its satellite parties.

Therefore, the government is using buzz words to silence the people to dilute the provision of the interim government.

Secondly, the government claim that it has knowledge of a conspiracy by the West to deal badly with the government, is groundless and dangerous. Whipping up panic to gain support is not a good way to deal with sensitive issues.

The government should know that some people (for instance, the crude and ruthless security) could literally take what they say seriously thereby creating serious risk to citizens of Western countries living in South Sudan.

The government needs to be aware of their responsibility and duty of care. Such loose talk can create hatred and lead to an unnecessarily negative outcome.

But let us suppose that their claim is true, why are they not specifically naming the countries involved in this conspiracy and the nature of the conspiracy itself?

The truth is that the western countries (Troika, Canada and EU) have been excessively lenient towards president Kiir and his murderous government. The evidence to this can be seen in the way the western countries have kept quiet about the grave crimes against humanity committed in Juba.

So far the western countries armed with full knowledge of the atrocities have refused to refer the case to International Criminal Court (ICC).

Given this information, why should South Sudanese buy the government story? The real problem why Juba hates the west is due to the west’s support for an interim government as the initial solution to the wider democratization of South Sudan.

If this is the case, why is it a bad thing when the government has failed to carry out its cardinal duty to protect its citizens? Makuei et al need to be transparent. Seeking blanket support for the government through lies framed around ‘external conspiracy’ clouded with intimidation should not be bought by South Sudanese.

It is the government that unnecessarily created the current mess and it is the government that invited external conspiracy by bringing Uganda into South Sudan to soar up a tribal system.

Thus the real external conspiracy threat comes from president Kiir’s closest ally in the region. Please watch NBS Morning Breeze South Sudan at a glance and read Sudan Tribune report titled, ‘South Sudan defence minister flies to Uganda amid rebel demands for foreign forces to withdraw’.

Here are the links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLpkUZpJw1o and http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article51103

In the Sudan Tribune report, President Kiir’s trusted ally not only rubbishes him but actually severely undermines the sovereignty of South Sudan with the following factual but undiplomatic comment.

“I (President Yoweri Museveni) have never called the United Nations to guard your (Uganda) security. Me, Yoweri Museveni, to say that I have failed to protect my people and I call in the UN. I would rather hang myself. We prioritised national security by developing a strong army otherwise our Uganda would be like DRC, South Sudan, Somalia or Nigeria where militias have disappeared with school children. It would be a vote of no confidence to our country (Uganda) and citizens if we can’t guarantee our security. What kind of persons would we be?”

South Sudanese are not fools to be corralled into supporting the real culprit in South Sudan which is the government of president Kiir. If anybody buys this nonsense outlined by Makuei et al and supports this murderous government, know that you will in the near future find yourself a target of this tribal system as others have now found out at a high cost.

Thirdly, in the meeting of the parties, South Sudanese should carefully watch and note those parties that sign up to the government agenda. Those who sign up will have sold out their rights to participation in shaping their own future in the country in the historic talks in Addis Ababa.

With all that have taken place in the country, it would only be opportunists and unpatriotic parties that would let down the aspiration of the people for a proper interim government that will work towards a peaceful South Sudan.

When thinking about South Sudan now, it is absolutely important to ask the question: who started the war, where and why? Then further ask the question – why are there talks in Addis Ababa?

The answer to the first question identifies the aggressor, the place of aggression and provides explanation to the context. The answer to the second question points to a search for solutions.

The talks are important because of the horrendous events of 15th December 2013 followed by the resistance mounted by Dr Riek Machar and others.

The consequence of President Kiir’s action has been catastrophic pushing the country into war with expected severe famine forecasted to lead into huge loss of lives.

The talks in Addis Ababa did not come easily. Here, Riek must be commended. It is his resistance that triggered it. The South Sudanese fed up of being misgoverned by SPLM rightly decided to speak out and as a result they called for peace and an interim government.

Please see, ‘A new and neutral government is the only solution to South Sudan’s problems’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201402241138.html

South Sudan has paid dearly for these talks to happen. These talks offer the best opportunity for South Sudanese to sort out the mess created by president Kiir and his SPLM.

Fourthly, Bashir Gbendi, the newly pacified Equatorian puppet argues that this is not the time for federalism. When then is the right time for federalism? As far as Equatorians are concerned federalism should have been in operation right from 2005.

The issue of federalism can not be wished away. For Gbendi to present the issue of federalism to the stakeholders as something not desirable and essential is an insult on the people of Equatoria as a whole.

This is understandable because the tribal system in Juba is intolerant of federalism since it will not allow them to use state power as now for promoting their interest.

However, this is more the reason why stakeholders must not sell out, so that the will of the South Sudanese people is heard clearly and understood in the talks in Addis Ababa.

The idiom “A leopard can’t change its spots” is true in the case of the SPLM. This trick that they are now using to rally support to the government was applied in 2008 to disempower the political parties in South Sudan to ensure the political space was prepared for SPLM to monopolise power.

Using the overall interest of South Sudan to secede, knowing very well that SPLM’s main objective of united Sudan had lost currency; SPLM paradoxically wrapped itself in separatist garment and went to shamelessly masquerade as a unifier of South Sudanese people, when in fact it was the divider of South Sudanese by firing their first bullets at the separatists in 1983.

In a foxy pretence the SPLM brought all the opposition parties under an umbrella called “The Alliance of South Sudanese political parties”. Then it tricked this alliance to nominate Kiir as the only candidate for the presidency of South Sudan autonomous region in the general election of April 2010 in the then Sudan.

This was accepted by the political parties in good faith. Once the general election was held and Kiir won the election, SPLM reneged on all the promises it made.

Please see the position paper of the alliance which President Kiir signed up to and later tore it to pieces. It is arguable had Kiir kept his promise, perhaps South Sudan would not be in the current predicament. http://pachodo.org/latest-news-articles/pachodo-english-articles/1965-position-of-south-sudan-political-parties-on-the-transition

Now the SPLM has come again with the same trick to outwit the stakeholders to ensure that they become the only power in Addis Ababa mandated by the people to face Riek et al and the SPLM G11 in order to increase its chances of maintaining power under president Kiir.

In this game what matters is the use of language of national security and subtle threats to frighten and browbeat the people into submission.

Therefore, all the political parties, civil society organisations and faith based groups regardless of their numbers need to be in Addis Ababa to express their views and bring about a lasting peace.

They can not afford to sell out their rights to a tribal system and certainly they should not cave in to intimidation and threats. If they are intimidated, they should call for emergency general meetings of their parties to seek a mandate on the issue.

Alternatively, they should report their difficulties to the mediators and boycott the talks. This in itself will send a message to the mediators and the international community that something is not right.

Parties behaving like wild whores have no place in the emerging South Sudan. Hence, the talk of big numbers and external conspiracy flashed by Makuei et al, is nothing but hogwash to deceive the people to support Kiir’s failed administration to cling to power.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. monychol says:

    Hey, Paul, I agrees with you.I’m a supporter of the SPLM from its inception in 1983,but I agrees with you and everyone who says something is seriously wrong with the SPLM running the country that is why we are such in a massive disaster.. Only a fool South Sudanese citizen or entity can listen to Makuei’s explanations of the problem in the country and how it can be resolved.We Dinkas knows that Makuei is a professional dishonest crook, an archswindler, liar and hooligan whose conspiracy with Kiir thugs led to the death of money Dinkas in Juba lets alone the many who are dying at the front lines fighting a wrong war and defending indefensible government.
    There must be a federal interim government let by a neutral person.
    Kiir’s elected term is ending on July 9th 2015 and Kiir and gang are going to become illegal occupants of the state house and government ministries.Anyone and entity that will attempt to drive themout by any means shall be justified as they are there illegally.

    Now Makuei is coming back to decieve the public to cheat them of realities and authorisation.They must not be allowed.
    Let me advise you that the current government doesnot represents the Dinka tribe but clans such as Rek and Bor of Tom.They are only attempting to use the tribal card in the hopes that their tribesmen we in the Dinka will listen and identify with their misdeeds.Let me warns you if you needs good success out of this mess, you must ceased and deceased fro

  2. monychol says:

    You must cease and decease from attacking the Dinka.Many Dinkas are now to the opinion that there was no coup plot lets alone a coup attempt.Most Dinkas are realising that it is Kiir and his military junta that throws the country into this big mess in order to aggrandize themselves in power.
    They must go and make ways from an interim federal government led by a neutral person.

  3. Defender says:

    El Hag Paul,

    You never disappoint with your analysis. President Kiir made it clear that he was pressured to signed the May 9th Agreement. This in itself a confession and a justification that what he signed he will not honor. Thus, using the defunct political parties in South Sudan to thwart the current negotiations is another poly the SPLM want to use in order to continue to stay in power. They sing their songs that the current problem is a national problem but at the same time turn back and say that only those who possess the means of causing violence are accorded place in the negotiation table. This poor set of thinking is just a continuation of the absurdity that is called the SPLM.

    I think the what is happening in South Sudan the issue of moral integrity and ethics of public service. Most if not all are interested in securing themselves future opportunities. This type of leadership is what has got us here in the first place and ruined the future of our country.

    Keep exposing the reality of those who only see their interest as constant and that of the people of South Sudan as a tool to be tramped on.

  4. Thank you Elhag Paul. South Sudan needs well informed citizens to enlighten the public about national and political issues. May God spare you from their illful plans. It is enough that they have deprived South Sudanese from the intelligence of Isaiah Abraham, our smart journalist and writer.

    This government is a copy cat of El Numeri regime. Kiir (Kiirler) and his cohort are students of El Numeri. They created a lie to justify their killing. And they still think that South Sudanese are stupid and can be deceived further. Have a little respect dignity for yourselves.

    Gbendi understands that Equatorians suggested federal system as an ideal method of governance to avoid any tribal and regional misapropriation of resources and domination. Igga ignorantly deceiving Equatorians by saying that the federal system Riek Machar advocates for is not true. Equatorians should not follow Dr Riek Machar because Riek is a liar. What a stooge politician. Igga becomes a laughing stock in Equatoria and is now resorting to treating Equatorian with sarcasm. But Equatorians should be vigilant and look into his eyes and say “enough, enough of your redicule.”

    Equatorians are for federalism as it is their demand since Juba conference in 1947. So, as Clement Wani said “I am speaking on behalf of Equatorians that the next interim constitution should be a federal constitution. Equatorians rally behind this noble provision tabled by the SPLM/A in opposition in the Addis Ababa peace talks.”

    The culture of this government is to lie, deceive and treat South Sudanese intelligentia with mockery. However, South Sudanese are wiser than what they think about this nation. Dr Riek Machar has exposed them to the whole world that they are vampires, blood suckers. Leaders without a dream (vision) for the welfare of the nation. It is true that a nation without a vision perish.

    If Gbendi, Igga including other Equatorians in the government of Kiir are serious about the demand of a federal constititution, a precious need of their fellow Equatorian citizens, they should resign from this government and stand firm with their people’s demand. Otherwise, these Equatorian government officials are just belly politicians. They respresent themselves and not Equatorians citizens.

    So, Dr Riek Machar is a true Equatorian who did not forget the demand of fellow Equatorians. South Sudanese support you, Gar Machar. Keep it up. We believe victory is on our side because we have the substance and a vision for our country.

    • Nikalongo says:

      South Sudan-iam, There are not many times contributions on SSN are driven by a sincere desire for peace and justice. Dinka contributors think there was a coup and those killed in Juba were soldiers. Nuer contributors never mention the killings in Bor and Malakal. There is a cycle of violent confrontation between the Nuer and Dinka. The peace talks is Adis could as well have taken place under a tamarine tree in Bentui or Mayom where the number of delegates would be limitless. Few white bulls slaughtered and jumped over, some barrels of gumzud, asalia and whatever would do. It has been done before. Why not now? Ex detainees (bunch of thieves), civil society, church leaders, SSN readers, etc. can do nothing as long as war mongering Nuer and Dinka see no reason why they must stop fighting and killing each other. The most affected innocent victims of the conflict are the Shilluks. Dinka and Nuer leaders want to fight the war but in Shilluk country. To a large extent, that is the case today. Peace loving Equatoria refuses to take side and with support from the UPDF remains a no go zone.

      South Sudan-aim,
      Riak had the opportunity from his hideouts to condemn the killings in Juba and call for a UN sanctioned investigations into those killings. He should have known that the killings in Juba angered all South Sudanese not only the Nuers. Had he (Riak) done that, Kiir would be out of office today and languishing somewhere in The Hague. Today Riak is no different from Kiir. By joining the murderous gangs of commanders, Riak like Kiir effectively became a tribal leader. Just like before as it has always been, Dinka and Nuer will make peace but at a cost to the people of South Sudan. Elections is postponed, there will be a large cabinet to absorb the Riaks and civil society activists and the 500 + legislators will continue as usual. Has it ever occur to you that our parliament is home to more legistaors than India with a population of over a billion. How is all that going to be funded? If I were Riak, I would negotiate for free space to be supervised by the UN, IGAD and Troika leading to a free and fair election in 2015 and not later. Prolonging Kiir’s mandate and Parliament will only accelerate more looting and mismanagement of the country resources. Kiir and Riak have nothing to offer and both will be defeated in a free and fair election.

      Elhag/South Sudan-iam, Equatoria politicians have no blood of innocent Dinka and Nuer on their hands. Attacking and calling them names is deviationary. They are accountable to the their constituencies who will either re-elect them in the next elections or dump them. Why must they resign? 99.9 % of looters and 100 % of murderers are SPLM/A members from Nuer and Dinkaland. Why don’t you call for their resignations? Yes! Igga and Clement Konga have differences about the system of governance. Equatorians are not going to run wild like idiots evicting and killing each other because of that. That is politics. My vision against yours. The best seller gains. Personally, I think in a multicultural nation like ours, States are the best solution because it guarantees the participation of every group. We only need to empower the states and minimise the role of the central government. Having said my mind, I am not about to wage war to maintain the 10 states. People must be allowed to decide in a peaceful how they want to be governed.

      • @Nikalongo, thank you for your input.

        You said in the last paragraph “Equatorians will not have blood of innocent dinka and nuer in their hands. Attacking and calling them names is deviationary.” I concur with the notion that Equatorians will never engage in killing innocent blood simply because they are peace loving nationals. However, it is equally true that dinka should not provoke Equatorians to do the unexpected. They (dinka) grab the land of Equatorians in Ma’diland. A dinka wrote from USA saying that Equatorians should not harm those internally displaced persons (idp) seeking safe heaven in Equatoria. Two days ago on sstv, the government of Kiir announced a strategy to demarcate a land in Ma’diland to settle those 38000 idps from dinka bor community. This is not only in Equatoria, it is also in Western Bahr Elgaziel (Wau) and Upper Nile where dinka are grabbing lands of balanda, jur, Shilluk and other nondinka tribes.

        South Sudan is our land, and God has allocated each ethnic group within a portion of land. God did the same thing to the 12 tribes of Israel. Why don’t they (dinka) live in their land with all respect and dignity and stay away from other people’s affairs? South Sudanese will enjoy life if we encourage willingness to stay together. But condoning grabbing other people’s land because dinka are in power is not acceptable. Coercive tribal coexistence is a recipe for tribal intolerance.

        Bentiu Ramaran said that “India has 1888 tribes but they do not fight against each other because their government treat them equally and Indian constitution treat everyone equal. The president of India is not above the law.” Unfortunately South Sudan has only 64 tribes but they are not peaceful to each other. So centralized government has proved unworkable because of inequality and injustice of the central government. The issue of grabbing land by dinka community is a proof centralized system of Kiir is abhorrent. Federalism would be the only viable means to give each person in the country a right to manage their own affairs.

        Equatorians and other nondinka speaking tribes in South Sudan do not trust a president from dinka community anymore. You (dinka) have proved yourself racist, unjust, corrupt and un nationalistic. So federalism is the way to go. Hence, I would encourage all South Sudanese to rally behind Dr Riek Machar who understands the suffering of the people and called for a federal constitution as a means of restructuring the system of governance in the country. Despite my support for this noble call, I would not call for South Sudanese to kill themselves for this objective but if the central government of Kiir refuse to listen the call of the people, then there is no option other than arm struggle.

        Equatorians called for federalism in 1947 but non listened. 67 years later Dr Riek Machar, the leader of the opposition 2013/2014, is calling for federalism as a viable means for good governance. So, now is the time to peacefully make them (the government) listen to the call of the people. Otherwise, war in the east, war in the west war up north, war down south and we won’t quit till we get our share.

        • Nikalongo says:

          South Sudan-iam,
          Dinka and Nuer only understand there are people in Equatoria in times of self inflicted crisis. Who cares about Equatoria when it comes to looting? War mongers whether from Aweil or Akobo will not be allowed to export their wars to Equatoria. You started ur wars, fight it out and in your backyards. Who is not grabbing land in Equatoria? Ask the Mayor of Juba and he will tell you that the enclave hideouts of Nuer and Dinka in Juba are built of grabbed land. Nimule will be reclaimed (nothing last for ever – Where is Bashir and his janjawin militias?) and perpetrators against locals will be brought to justice.

          South Sudan-iam, federalism if it were accepted as a mode of governance would still work well in Equatoria. What about Upper Nile? Remember the three states of Upper Nile are the worst managed states. There will be more confusion, war, cattle rustling and all the ills you can allow yourself to imagine. Secondly, governments do not distribute fedaralism. It is to be agreed upon by the people through a referndum or an elected assembly. Instead of fighting (that is ur way og getting federalism), convince me why federalism is better than what we have now.

          South Sudan-iam, how will federalism stop looting, insecurity, enhance justice (People behind the duga saga and the group of 84 looters are walking free), build roads, be inclusive, etc. Most important of all, how will federalism prevent the ever war mongering Nuer and Dinka to live and die in peace? I do not see a magic solution in federalism as an instrument of justice and benevolence. Is possible you see what I do not see. What Equatoria wanted or did not want is history lesson for another generation and should not be used as rallying slogans by people who are on a charm offensive in Equatoria.

          • Nikalongo
            Do you know why Jonglei state welcomed the independence of South Sudan by a bullet rather than roses and flowers of peace? I reached to a conclusion that the concept of taking towns and government to the people in the countrytowns, a slogan raised by Dr John Garang, did not come out of blue. It is a brilliant thought which stems from the fact that the government should be inclusive. David Yau Yau, the leader of the Bibor people is a good example. The Bibor people felt they are deprived of contributing in the development and administration of their own affairs. They felt neglected. You know that Bibor has no roads, schools, hospitals … etc, basic needs for a decent dignified life of a dignified citizen.

            Out of your input, one could extrapolate that you believe in a federal system of governance but your concern is the inability of those nomadic tribes in Upper Nile to tolerate and accept to live in a peaceful environment with each other. Have you asked yourself: why are they (Equatorians and other non dinka tribes in parts of Bahr Elgaziel) tolerant while you in Upper Nile are not? Hiding behind others to avoid the challenge (tribalism, fighting intolerance …. etc) will never help us achieve the unity, the nationalism, freedom and justice we longed for. A genuine unity comes when powers are relinquished and given to the people through a federal constitution.

            A serious sense of belonging and nationhood will have meaning when South Sudanese are radically free. If Equatorians and the Aweil people of northern Bahr Elgaziel are tolerant, why not the Upper Nilotic nomads. The centrifugal problem of South Sudan is centralization of powers which cripples our intrinsic freedoms.

            Today we are in a controlled style of government. What benefits did we reap out of such a government other than fighting, injustice, bondage, poverty, corruption … etc.

            History has already been written since 1947. Lack of political will to implement federalism in the 1950s resulted in the first anyanya war lead by Saturlino Ohore which was then succeeded by Joseph Lagu. I hope the government in Juba learns from history otherwise Nikalongo better remind them of that history or it will take us another generation to learn from the past. Dr Riek Machar’s roadmap for political governance is logical and reasonable. South Sudanese have the will to solve the problems of the country by implementing a federal constitution or chose to refuse to put an end to the problem by imposing centralism.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Nikalongo
        Is it really true that some Equatorians do not have blood in their hands? Come on! please let us be honest with ourselves. Having blood in one’s hand is not necessarily a matter of being involved in shooting or physical slaughter of people. Supporting and providing intellectual aid in ethnic cleansing is equal to participation in killing. President Kiir’s government is supported vehemently by some Equatorians who shamelessly deny the mass killings in Juba has taken place. Is such a denial not complicity in killing. Simply put, president Kiir’s government has committed ethnic cleansing against its own citizens. All the members of Kiir’s cabinet are collectively responsible for this crime and as such their hands are stained with the blood of innocent South Sudanese people. Therefore, those Equatorians in the cabinet are not clean. If they were, they should have resigned to show that they were not in agreement and they did not take a part in the decision leading to ethnic cleansing. But those Equatorians in the cabinet have gone to far to try to cover the ethnic cleansing by singing loudly: Coup! Coup! Coup! Tell me are their hands still clean? Come on Nakongo let live in the real world

        • Nikalongo says:

          I do not agree with that analyses. In the real world, Dinka killed Nuer and Nuer killed Dinka. Equatoria killed none. The cycle of violence and war mongering between the Dinka and Nuer is known and need no input from politicians in Equatoria. What you are writing amounts to nothing but character assassination. No politician in Equatoria has been quoted denying the killings in Juba. I challenge you to put forward evidence to that effect if you have any. Truth is the first casualty of the events of Dec. 15. The killings in Juba, Bor, Malakal, etc. has nothing to do with South Sudan or how it should be governed or reformed. It has everything to do with the egos of the two communities (Dinka and Nuer). Yes, Equatoria politicians have no blood of innocent Nuer and Dinka on their hands. They bear no responsibility for the atrocities and therefore no reason to resign. Clement Wani, Lobong, Bakasoro, Igga, Lomoro, Gbendi, Obutu, national and state MPs and many others can rest assured that they have nothing to fear because they have not resigned their positions. Their constituencies are their legal employers not opinions in the streets of Juba or some other places in the world. If and when elections are held, Igga will face the electorate in Lobonok and Bakasoro the angry and disappointed people of Western Equatoria for massive support and trust they gave him in 2011.

          Elhag, both Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak committed mass murder in the names of their tribes. They are tribal leaders not national. As I have always said, it is unpatriotic for the rest of us to begin taking sides instead of helping the two tribes settle their long standing quarrels amicably. We are in position to tell them why they must not fight because fighting brings death and destruction. There is a beautiful article by Pagan Amum. It is worth reading. If you have influence (which I think you do) on the warring parties, persuade them to lay down their arms and make peace. There are influential Nuer and Dinka politicians in government and the opposition and generals in the SPLA who should be asked to resign including Kiir and Riak. Asking politicians in Equatoria to resign because Dinka Kiir killed Nuer or Nuer Riak killed Dinka is asking too much of Equatoria. A neighbour cannot be blamed because a wild cat has taken the dominant cock of a village chief. Beside, we /Equatoria) do not know with clarity why the cycle of violence is so violent this time. There is probably a materialistic explanation to this. 99.9 % of looters are Nuer and Dinka elites. Someone some where is taking more than the share agreed upon.


          • Nikalongo says:

            Equatoria waking up to what? To sweep South Sudan clean of Nuer and Dinka. Is that what you want?
            What are Equatoria politicians suffering from? Collective amnesia? Collective guilt? What is it? They have nothing to fear from the actions of Dinka Kiir or Nuer Riak. Politicians from Equatoria fear the electorate not whether they resigned from Kiir’s government or supported Riak. Life goes on in Equatoria regardless of the wars in the towns and bushes of Upper Nile. Juba and Yei is booming. Torit and Yambio is not far behind either. Farmers in Zandeland and the chief Akapolon in Kapoeta are busy minding their business. The people you should call irresponsible are politicians, elders and youths in Dinka and Nuerland.

            Editor, for your information, people in Equatoria do not follow generals and leaders blindly. The interests of leaders and generals are not always the interests of the people. Leaders must be sensitive to the needs of their people. Lado Gore will be supported and followed if his interests is in conformity with the interests of the people of Equatoria. Blind support for Kiir and Riak is killing thousands of Dinka and Nuer youths and sending hundreds more to a life of misery in exile. Equatoria will have none of that. Yes Editor, the elephants are fighting but Equatoria is not the grass because it remains a no go zone for agents of war and death.

          • Choromke Jas says:

            This guy called Nikalongo is fake. No Equatorians writes like he does. Equatorians do not equate Dinka with Nuer in their mendacity. This is just a ruse by his ilks to attempt to dissuade some unsuspecting Equatoriasn from taking side. This won’t work. I met an Equatorian man yesterday. He was taking his job application to a ministry’s office very early in the morning. He walked straight into a stealing scheme where young Dinka men were lining up to be dished government money just like that. Because no questions were asked, this Equatorian also moved to the head of the line, and lo! he was dished a cool USD 30,000 in bundles of 100 dollar bills. He turned, while trembling and ran straight to his village thinking that the Dinka might discover the mistake. This is what the Dinka government is now doing to our country. There is no way Equatorians can treat Dinka and Nuer equally: the Dinka are the offenders. So, just shut up Nikalongo or take another line of argument.

            HI, CHROMOKE JAS,

          • Omang Rollo says:

            A liar like Chromoke Jas makes us look like second- class nation, I hope his disgusting lies will start eating him from bottom up. death to his family and friends.

  5. Yanga says:

    To the south of South Sudan, there is a president who has ruled for 28 years non-stop. The northern neighbour too is not lagging behind with 25 good years to their name. To the west, somebody routed out a dictator only to replace him with one who refuses to leave office, come what may. So what we are suffering from is not Western countries conspiracy against South Sudan but neighbours’ bad influence. In short, why shouldn’t President Kiir be in power for as long as the neighbours have? Note also that in Sudan, the Western conspiracy against the government is a song that everybody knows too well. If a water pipe breaks, it is foreign conspiracy; if you burn your food in the kitchen, who else is to blame but the Western countries whose business it is to make you go hungry, being jealous of your civilization.

    Should we continue wasting our time with these old songs? Get down to business, put in systems and listen to the people. The federal system of government was demanded by south Sudanese as early as the 1950s and therefore, there could be no better time to implement it than now. Mr Gbendi should read a little bit of history if in doubt.

  6. john jerry says:

    IF Federalism is what the majority of people want in RSS why don’t you give it them. Federalism is tested and proven to be the best type of good Governance. USA ,CANADA ,INDIA ,Germany ,Russia and a lot many countries not mentioned here are Federal Republics or states and have been so for many years .Federalized system brings the Government closer to the people than the remote centralized system .The notion that federalized type of Governance is dividing the people is not true. Follow the will of the people otherwise RSS will not be at peace which is an element of good governance

    • John Jerry,

      It looks like you are terrified by the word federalism. The USA that you are talking about is the center of federalization and decentralization. Canada, India, and Germany have combination of federalism and socialism. Russia has mix federalism and communism.

      Your Kiir’s government has nothing to do with decentralization, federalization, socialism, and communism, but has a vision of dictatorship rule, which would allow him (Kiir) to stay in power as long as he is alive like Yoweri Museveni.

      For Russia, As you know Russians have fair elections and Russians presidents have term limit. Russian presidents do not stick in power like Kiir. For India, the western nations named India “world biggest democracy nation” because of their free elections, fair constitutions that limit the power of presidents in India and treat every Indian citizens equal. The Indian term limit rules, limits the duration of Indian presidents’ presidency.

      India has 1888 tribes and they do not fight among themselves because their government treat them equal and Indian constitutions treat everyone equal. The president of India is not above the law like the president of South Sudan.

      Cousins: you need to think about the safety of our country but not about how to stick in power for life.

    • To John Jerry. Do you remember Dr John Garang’s words in his first visit to Egypt? While addressing people in a conference hall in Cairo, Dr Garang said whoever gives a thing to you, he has become your lord. “If federalism is what the majority of the people want in the RSS, why don’t you give it to them” you said. John, South Sudan and the people of South Sudan are greater than Kiir, the disgraced president. The people of South Sudan want federalism so, they are the very people implement it whether Kiir likes it or not. So if you, John Jerry, a south sudanese, want federalism, it is your inalienable right to get it. None should give it to you because you are the lord to yourself. With due respect, South Sudan and the South Sudanese people are not kiir’s properties. Kiir is not the lord. We are free people as well as you are. We, the people of South Sudan, will get it whether Michael Makuei Lueth likes it or not.

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    The peace process is now dependent on what Dr Riek and his supporters decide not Makuei and his accomplices. It is now accepted that Dr Riek can over run Juba if he so wishes. Indeed, he would have done this a long time ago but for advice he received from “friends” in the international community. Kiir and Makuei have no choice but to accept federalism; this is just as as NCP had to accept referendum for self-determination during the Naivasha talks. If Kiir/Makuei pretend they have some card to play, then they will see a rug pulled from under their feet. Museveni is already preparing to abandon Kiir with his pointed statement quoted in the article. Removal of Museveni from South Sudan will sound a death knell to the Kiir regime.

    Those of Gbendis, who do not read the sign of time will either be buried with the carcass of the dead cows like unsuspecting ticks or they will be the next “orphans”. This time round, political orphans will have to work harder to be accepted back in the fold. The game is up for the Makueis of this world.

  8. Akwot Diok says:

    Thanks Paul for writing this piece to caution our people from the SPLM/A’s deceptions. I think the people of South Sudan have seen enough how the so-called SPLM is ruling or running the country of ours. A person with a sound mind would not again buy the lies of the leadership of the SPLM. You may agree with me or not that the nation of South Sudan didn’t reach the stage that we are in now even during our struggle with the North. But the SPLM/A has led the country into this chaotic situation that we are facing now. Therefore, the federation system will be the best option for us if we really need peace and stability to prevail in South Sudan. The proposed interim government should be led by the neutral person as some commentators said; so that he/ she with his/ her team would put the country’s institutions in place. I wonder why some people are rejecting the idea by saying if the interim government is not led by the current president that would not work. Is it because we don’t have other leaders in SS or what?

  9. alex says:


    I think we South Sudanese have mental problem and can not listen well though we have ears. Is it English which is the problem to South Sudanese or tribal hatred that makes people to interpret whatever is said in their own favour. It is a waste of time to talk about the interim government. Everybody knows it will take place whether people like it or not. What is the most important is after the interim government. We want to see those who claim they are popular wether they will win the elections. It is only people who did not know how to calculate well who will still believe the opposition will win the next elections. The best way is for Riek to retire from politics and seek his pervious career.
    Secondly journalists or reporters like Paul should start to practice professional journalism not tribal journalism. The war is over. The 20-000 people lost were mislead by those who thing there are wise and can mislead their own people to death by using cheap politics. The parents of those death children and the those who survive in the rebellion will look for answers if their children have died for a real cause and one day somebody have to give them the answers. So journalist like paul will have to convince such people. I think it is a setback for those who want to overthrow an elected government. This is a lesson to all of us that no body will be allowed to play with the constitution, how big he or she is and from now onwards we should respect the constitution. Well done SPLA for the good job done you labour is not in vain. So Paul what we need from you is ethical reporting. I think it was your writings and the one of others which has made the supporters of the rebels to realise that Riek and his followers are not politically matured and they will not be able to win the confidence of South Sudanese people. They force him to sign for peace because he does not command the popularity of South Sudanese people. The reality is now open. The rebellion has no allies within the South Sudanese political parties. The 12 fellow friends are now even distancing them selves from the rebellion. So what is the future of the group? Will they win the coming elections? They even face opposition within their own tribe so they are not a nationalistic group. The leaders and some of the supporters, you need to learn modern civilised politics. Tribal politics can not and will not work in South Sudan. Politics are not about certain group of people. It is about differences in ideology and philosophy. So whoever rules does not matter. What matter is the political programme. The time of those old hate politics in planted to us by the Arabs is no longer working in South Sudan. The SPLA is a visionary institution and they are prepared to protect the nation and its constitution at all cost and until the last drop of the blood. The ball is now on the politicians to practise acceptable modern politics not based on tribe. Those who are still booked in tribal politics will not be allowed to rule South Sudan. So this is the time for any party to transform itself if they want to rule and lead the people of South Sudan or else they will humiliated by the people’s will.


    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Why meddle us into your own mental problem? Do not say we, say you have mental problem. The rest of South Sudanese are normal with exception of you. We hope you find a psychriatric who will help you through this terrible problem.

      • alex says:

        You have metal problem because war is not an option. A metal possessed person does not have a concern for others people’s life so you are mentally sick. A normal civilised person will not insist on senseless fighting or issues which divide one people. Greed is the metal sickness which need to be treated from your head. If you can not accept it , go to consult a doctor he will tell you, your are not normal. A normal person talks language of peace not killings. A mentally sound person will think of development not wars and fabricating lies to cause instability or divide his or her own people unless such individual is a primitive uncivilised person that did not value human life. A mental sick man talks his own mind but not what the general people talks. He will interpret what the demons said in his mind not what people hear. So brother seek psychiatrist help before it is too late.



        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Alex
          I have been observing your comments with interest. I strongly believe that it is you who are mentally sick. Truly you need medical help because you are a compulsive liar who can not help yourself. I hope you take my advice seriously. Ciao!!!!!!!!

          • alex says:

            Mr Elhag Paul

            I thing you have lost professionalism. You need to be giving people true stories rather than lies and encouraging war. The people in South Sudan and in the region does not believe in a lair and poor opportunistic person like you. You are a shame to South Sudanese people in general and the those who read your articles will think all south Sudanese have tribal mind set like you. You have no place in politics and your journalistic style of writing is of primitive wounded person who is only expressing his rage but not real national issues. It is only people of your short of thinking that you will entertain. A sick person is like you who is writing what the demons of the war and destabilization is speaking in your head. It is pity for you and your group to be spending time in writing useless lies to convince people while the evens and the facts in the ground are different. You and your group have failed politically miserably and you should learn from it. The facts speak by itself if you think I am sick in mind address these net, do you see there is prospect for you and the opposition winning the next elections. Write back to me after 2017 to prove your political maturity. This today’s age is not like the past age where they can be mislead easily brother. This is a modern age and we know our own destiny. You worked hard to divide South Sudanese people with lies but brother you failed. The next thing after peace is to scrutinise our journalist and their way or reporting. Those who are unfit should be referred back to school and you are on the top list among the group.


      • Omang Rollo says:

        I like GatCharwearbol, I hope he will marry Dinka woman and be dinkanize like our lovely, smart Lobong of Tapossa.

        • Dear Omang Rollo:

          Sorry, Brother, Dinka does not marry a fool and a coward, otherwise we would have married Dr.Riek Machar and Mr. Elhag Paul. Please marry him because we don’t have a room for him in our hearts. Thank you for the offer though.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Omang Rollo:

          There is fine line between lunatic who does not care about his or her identity and GatCharwearbol who cares about his identity. I do not see anything wrong marrying to Dinka woman. I can marry 10 of them and will never be dinkanize as you think. In fact, my Cousin and Nephew marriage to Dinka women, these women has taken on Nuer culture. They are now in UNMISS compound in support of their husbands who are now in frontline fighting Salva Kiir’s failed government. If you think I can be dinkanized by your women, think again my countryman.

  10. kikisik says:

    Thank Mr. Elhag for your wonderful article. There are those Morons who still think that by being elected you can do what ever you like. I don’t know may be they live in different planet. If history can teach us, where are those powerful African leaders who where elected? Being elected should not be used as a pretext to murder your own people.

    For those who are still dreaming that President Innu is going to lead this country forever, he/she should wake up democracy and federalism is on march. The president Innu is now as I write, in the process of concealing. the state documents because things are not in his favor as time is again him. But Mr. president, you can destroy whatever secret documents you have, you can run as fast as you can; but the people of South Sudan will get you!
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  11. Holo Kor says:

    Hey you, here! Alex…or, whatever, anyway, forget about it and that I’ve said a word to you.
    Ooh! ugh, I’ve headache, it is just caused by a poor, pooh-pooh, a philosopher Alex.

    I cry my poor thing, my poor country-Alex
    Alex, seriously, give me some napkin, five pieces or so
    I cry my country, yester yrs, it was just born naked to this poor mamma
    Now and morrow, it is all about nag nag, oh boy, these days, it is all about…namby-pamby

    Alex, are you still with me, please, it is Addis Ababa but not baba, you get it!
    9 May 2014, in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, it was business as usual Alex, namby-pamby!
    Oh Goddess of all rives and the mountains of South, where is a poor philosopher, I say poor Alex
    I beg you Alex, please, please, give back life to my people

    Alex, this is only between me and you, don’t tell this to Micheal Makuei Lueth because
    this guy will come after my head.

    Bye, Bye Alex, please go to bed but for me, I don’t know, maybe I’ve to stay-up. It’ll be a long night-though.

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Jay Johnson, Majongdit, Dmajak, Shamga, LGG:

    We in opposition would like to inform you that you have missed your deadline of getting rid of us. Particularly our democratic leader, Dr. Machar!

    Paul Malong Awan should just now hang his head in shame. The 30 days promised has become another lie on top of all the lies utter by Makuei Lueth.

    In the beginning, Museveni gave us only 4 days to surrender lest face defeat. This has come to an shameless hope and the master is now begging the Democratic Leader to come visit him in his full of HIV state. The ever shrewd politician, Dr. Machar told him in no uncertain terms to go jump in the lake. Notwithstanding this, he is still begging the Democratic leader.

    Salva Kiir was fair enough when gave us 3 months to either surrender or face extinct. This has proven to be mere wishful thinking. 3 months period has passed and we are still lingering and facing you squarely. Now he becomes a chicken with its head cut off; running from country to country begging for help. Soon, he will run to Jupiter with hope to find a final solution to the opposition. Hopefully he will find a better army in Jupiter than on the planet earth.
    What is next? It is high time to get rid of Paul Malong Awan and replace him with most respected one in your camp that is Micheal Makuei Lueth. Hopefully he has learnt something in the past 5 months and he will give us maximum of ten years to either surrender or extinct in his Godfather’s hand, Museveni. Oh wait! Museveni wants to chicken out now, so if you do not sharpen your feet licking skill, you will have no Godfather soon. God forbid!

    JJ & LGG, my beloved foes, how is dish washing and cooking coming with you. I hope your fingernails haven’t worn away.

    • alex says:

      This another sickness
      brother forget everything and start talking language of peace before the world ignore us. Your group will fight and will not achieve anything. Instead begin to prepare for 2017 elections than talking such big lies. Such lies will only get room from your supporters. Is t5his really time to be proud when we are faced with unspeakable human suffering in our country. 2017 will tell us who has played his/her cards well but not we have won in the battle field. The Solinke rebels in Central African Republic won in the battle field now where are they? For now you can claim to have won the war but did your group won the hearts of peace loving South Sudanese? The winner in this war will be determined in 2017 but not irresponsible talks. Do not be surprised that if you are not careful the same president will be your president if he played his cards well. America was clear to all the worrying parties to implement the sign peace deal so if your group think they are tough fighters tell them to ignore what IGAD, America and South Sudanese people are saying. All people are calling for peace should anybody tamper with that, their braveness will then be seen in the battle field. so it is time to make wise decisions otherwise your group will be humiliated beyond believe. Let us control our tongs


      • Eastern says:

        Alex, I couldn’t control my laughter! So you have toned down today. You used to be a braggand praising the Juba and government and lambasting those in the opposition.

        Thanks for your message though; all we need is peace and GOOD GOVERNANCE.

        • alex says:


          All my writings are still in the net. Since the beginning of the war, I have been constantly advocating for peace but your group were fabricating lies and encouraging war. Indeed it was the same people like you who were saying before peace president Kirr Should step down, IGAD is bias, Riek should not accept peace talks, SPLA should stage a coup to remove president Kiir, Dinka should not be allowed to rule South Sudan, Dinkcracy, and many other nonsense. I refer you to read this web again and again. It has come exactly to what I was calling. I did not call for war, I did not encourage war But I was strongly opposed to those who were against SPLA . I said we should respect these people because they are liberators. People I praise were nationalistic patriotic leaders like John nyong kong, the former Army chief of staff because they stood for the unity of our people. I do not and will not support the opposition because their war was taking tribal dimension, destruction of properties, killing of innocent people and not sticking to our constitution. If there was anything wrong in the government, tell me who among the opposition was not running the country. Accept Wani Tombe who jointed recently but the rest were the one running the affairs of the country so how can they jump out of the mess they have all created. So get that article I wrote praising the leaders in Juba so that I can clarify why I praise them and indeed if somebody has done something good he/she deserve to be praised but not blaming people for nothing. So brother show me that part of writing were you say I was constantly praising the leaders in juba and I can show you the writings of your supporters if they are patriotic. Some of you were even acting like children to the white people telling lies and were working as agents with the hope of getting reword. Now what happened it has come back to my call for peace. I constantly say the opposition should not take power by force because if they did, we will drove them out like the SONIKE rebels in Central African Republic by people’s power. We have a constitution we must all follow that constitution. Whoever want to go to the state house in Juba must first convince South Sudanese but not just waking up at night that I want to change the government. That should not be allowed and will not be allowed. Lastly anyone who want to use tribe to divide our unity will not be allowed to rule South Sudan and our army SPLA is there to stay. Nobody should be allowed to touch or destroy these people because they are liberators and they deserve our respect. So eastern I am waiting for you to provide those writings before I add you to the group of those lairs. All my writings can still be found on this net so please I need you to provide it as soon as possible. We do not want lairs so I need the prove but not just laughter for nothing.


    • Deng says:

      If you were not aware that Riek left South Sudan before General Malong 30 days dateline; then you need to ask to know whether or not that information were true!

    • Dear Cousin, GatCharwearbol,

      Please note that General Paul Malong Awan has chased Dr. Riek Machar and his food lovers and looters to Ethiopia. Losing Nasir to General Paul Malong Awan was indeed the end of Riek Machar’s rebellion and hope to ascend onto the presidency by force. In fact, General Paul Malong Awan would have skinned Riek Machar alive if he did not flee to Ethiopia. Dr. Riek Machar would not set his bloody feet in the soil of South Sudan until the peace is signed. Where is Dr. Riek Machar now? Is he not hiding from General Paul Malong Awan in Ethiopia? You are dealing with Muonyjang, my Cousin!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Chef,

        The tree of good governance which Dr. Machar’s office is located is never in Nasir. Why would a man who is fighting various fronts hide from coward who has been running around asking for military help? Even your hero, Museveni is begging him to visit Uganda. This logic exists only in mentally sick, cowards, and fools of Bhar el Ghazel.

        A brave man wouldn’t ask for military help from various countries. This is only Chefs of South Sudan’s bravery.

        Back to my question that you never answer, are you still calling for UPDF to withdraw in South Sudan? Do not make that mistake chef!

  13. zambrau says:

    There is talk of federalsm in here, one thing nobody has suggested how the Upper nile and Jonglei states would be partitioned: fromk recent carnage and wanton killings plus uncalled for distruction, there exists voices from certain groups like cholo who detest fedarating with there tormentors.

    • Eastern says:

      Zambrau, the Murle people of Jonglei have already sealed a deal with the Juba government to create their own enclave in that state.

      I can assure you, South Sudan is going to splinter many entities than the current ten states. A yeti people sometimes back had indicated reluctance to be under Warrap state.

      Watch this space!

  14. Hi Elhag Paul,

    I must respect you for being truth teller. I know Kiir wants those who flatter him with the following words; Goood leader, Visionery leader, He has zero tolerancy to corruption….
    But hates those who tell truth like Dr. JAC Ramba, Elhag Paul, ….
    What a dam leader!

  15. alex says:

    Dear Holo Kor
    If you want peace do not get involve on lies and you should denounce people telling lies. Rumours and changing the truth of whatever has been said is immoral. Let us learn to talk the truth because truth always set us free. Journalist should learn ethical reporting as they are sources of information but if a journalist turn to tribal journalistic practice it is no longer a responsible reporting and for those who are keen in following the issues in our country, it will give bad reputation. There were many people witnessing the peace signing both foreign and South Sudanese so what the writer above was talking was what he thought but not the actual facts. If we can follow the issues properly it was America who proposed the elections should be delayed to 2017. So lies are not good brothers. Lets learn to tell the truth. So brothers lets talk things that can develop our country and unite our people but not scaring mongering. We need our mothers, children to feel safe but not feeding them with fear and false information. We want our children to go to school but not to be feed with a false information so that they will continue to stay in the ID camps. Those who fabricate those lies and fears have their own children in schools while they want to keep other’s children behind. So you enlightened Nuer youths have to follow some of your courageous and peace loving brothers to help end this war so that our children can get a decent education, go to dig, move freely but not feeding them with lies. Why should we allow our own brothers and sisters to continue to live in the deplorable conditions in the ID camps while peace has been signed. So it is our responsibility to give a responsible and correct information to them. In all parts of South Sudan there are Nuers living in peace and they have not been threaten, why not our fellow brothers come out instead of us continuing to scaring them. The peace which was sign is real, our people should come out and all of us will go to vote in 2017 to elect our leader. So brother no more wars and no more to lies. We want peace, development and educational progress. To hell to those who are fighting for positions and power. We should not allow them to exploit us anymore. The countries in the region has spoken that there should be peace in South Sudan including the international community so why create lies and rumours to misinform our people. What we need now is reconciliation not war brother. So stop your childish poem . You are too young in international politics. If you are still dreaming of war coming back to South Sudan, you are laying. Only vote is the only option now which we can exercise power.
    Give peace a chance you people who hate peace our people have suffered enough and enough is enough we need peace .



  16. Holo Kor says:

    Dear Alex,

    I hope I’ll be humble and humanize as much as I can.
    First of all, thank you for lifting up my spirit as your assumption might have betrayed you by thinking that I am some kind of a kid playing with his father’s computer in the basement. Although my culture will never buy into this big man status, or you might call it mardit (sp.), but nonetheless, think you-anyway.

    Alex, I am not a Nuer-you know, thank you with that, too. Because I really like Nuer people, because they’re good people, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart- and no Nuer man had done something bad to my people. Do you know what I mean? They’re the brothers and sisters, but not fake one like you-Alex.

    Again Alex, let’s be serious, but propaganda as you and the alike will like some of us to believe them, is just a fib-deceit and nothing else. So, the propaganda that you’re trying so much to push down through a porous system of yours and the Dinka, will not hold but, it’ll just seep out as we saw it now. For the rest of us, Alex, we’re too smart to be fooled by you and alike. However, we’re enlighten group of South Sudanese, but not to be deceived by some group of clans, like a poor Joe (Alex). Because, SPLM/SPLA is byzantine system, that is all and nothing else. It is indeed fizzling away and it is only needed to be chiseled off a bit by bit-do you remember the Berlin wall, that is it, just like that thing, do you understand, and you poor Alex- you got it!

    You asked me, if I wrote poem-yes, of course, I do. Oh, there is something, something like America or something like 2017. Alex, really! I don’t really care and that is your hoodoo and keep it because I don’t need it and I’ve nothing to do with it.


  17. alex says:

    Dear Holo Kor

    I do not know whether you read your writings. Although you claimed to be enlightened, if someone read what you write, you are jumping from one main issue to the other. No body is against your love for Nuers that is what people like me are pushing for such spirit of love and unity for all the people of South Sudan. National unity is our first priority and respect for our constitution and our army.

  18. Holo Kor says:

    Hi Alex,

    Alex, don’t be ridiculous and by the way, what are you trying to say really, and by this :” I do not know whether you read your writing”.

    Please don’t try to be funny but, you, in the real sense, you are just a high-hatted and a quack. And, what else can anybody, whether he or she is a reasonable person or not-will say about you, a snootier that you are. Ooh, one more thing, you’re a fake sophist.So, here you’ve it, from me. I hope you were not spark off and that you start to go berserk just only because I have made my intention and a love of my brothers and sisters who are Nuer, well known to you. Please, you better know that and get it also in your head that Nuer are not my enemies.

    (…), jumping from one main issue to the other. Anyway, never mind. And to hell with you but I have to go. I time to bay seat you right now, Mr. Alex.

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