SPLM-IO’s flawed peace strategy against Kiir

By: Duop Chak Wuol, South Sudan, AUG/11/2018, SSN;

The recently signed Khartoum’s power-sharing deal between the incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM-IO), South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), Former Detainees (FDs), and Other Political Parties (OPP) has flaws that need methodical scrutiny.

This seemingly Juba’s predetermined pact will not bring about changes demanded by the people of South Sudan.

The agreement shows that the SPLM-IO abandons its ambitious reform agenda which it has been fighting for more than four years. This is a serious political blunder and pure embracement for the tyrannical system which the armed opposition countlessly vows to reform.

This is an attempt to show that the SPLM-IO’s overall peace strategy is seriously flawed; perhaps it is on life-support if it is not dead.

There are many political mistakes that the supposedly reformist SPLM-IO party has committed. These mistakes include expansion of the government, the issue of 32 states, transitional security arrangements, failure to address the root causes of the civil war, among others.

But the most important strategic blunder made by the SPLM-IO is probably the legislative one.

Since early 2014, the armed opposition has consistently claimed that its main goal is to change the political system in the country.

The people of South Sudan embrace the idea because they know the only way to reform the current oppressive system is by having a truly and independent legislative body to pass laws that reflect South Sudanese wishes.

But the recent pact clearly failed the people. It is baffling to see the leadership of the SPLM-IO abandoning demands of the people by accepting a deal which embraces Salva Kiir’s ruthlessness.

If this peace ends the conflict, it will be good for the country. But the irony is that it will still maintain Kiir’s tyranny because the SPLM-IO parliamentarians will have no means to limit his grip on power.

In any nation, reforms are done through legislative means, not by wild assumptions. It would be a mistake to think that Kiir will support the armed opposition reform agenda in the parliament.

The man still fantasizes about his one-man rule. He likes ruling the country through presidential decrees.

So, the notion that reforms will be done after the SPLM-IO rejoined the government is a pure fantasy.

Statistically, Kiir has the numbers to deny any reform agenda he does not like or want. He can do it by instructing his parliamentarians not to vote for any bill that would limit his powers.

The signed document, for example, proposes that the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) will have 550 Members of Parliament (MPs).

The revitalized text gave the incumbent TGoNU 332 MPs (60.4%), whereas 23.3% (128 MPs) will represent the SPLM-IO, 50 MPs (9.1%) allocated to SSOA, 5.5% (30 MPs to OPP, and 10 MPs (1.8%) are awarded to FDs.

In the war of numbers, it is 60.4% vs. 39.6%. Meaning, the government MPs clearly outnumbered all opposition MPs combined.

It is strikingly a solemn misjudgment on the SPLM-IO’s part. It is worth noting that the government does not have a two-thirds majority in the TNLA — which would have been 366.7 MPs (66.7% to 33.3%) out of the proposed 550 MPs.

This calculation has a +1 margin of error. In a logical sense, Kiir parliamentary bloc needs an additional 34.7 MPs to pass any law it wants.

Remember, South Sudan is full of briefcase political parties. Most of these parties are not fighting for the people of South Sudan, they are fighting for themselves.

For them, it is a war over positions and Kiir could still bribe 34.7 MPs from these self-serving parties to pass any law he wants. These are Mathematical truths.

The SPLM-IO can create its own excuses, but I am certain that any opposing view, denying these facts would be indisputably counterintuitive.

The SPLM-IO’s central argument is that it signed the deal because it wants South Sudanese refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to have a sense of peace and possibly return to their homes, let alone its reform agenda.

This is indisputably a good humanitarian gesture. However, signing an agreement simply because you want IDPs and refugees currently under the protection of the United Nations (UN) peacekeepers to come out and go back to their houses is not a plausible idea.

The SPLM-IO cannot force civilians it cannot possibly protect to go back to their homes where they will be vulnerable to Juba’s brutality.

It would be better for the SPLM-IO to just sign any pact it desires and not allow any provision in any deal that would then force refugees and IDPs to leave UN-run camps for their homes where insecurity is widespread.

Calling for innocent civilians to leave their secured places for their homes which are under the control of Juba’s oppressive regime reminds me of Salva Kiir who always wants to grant an amnesty to anyone who opposes his regime so that he can prolong his tyranny without a formidable opposition.

I suggest the leadership of the SPLM-IO thinks deeply about this issue.

Why would the SPLM-IO sign a peace which embraces Kiir’s ruthlessness, forgets the victims of the SPLM self-made war, and ignores people’s demands for change?

Did the armed opposition forget what it has been fighting for the last four-and-a-half years? What really happens to SPLM-IO’s reform agenda? Is the armed opposition reform agenda dead?

There is no doubt in my mind that the legislative branch will pose a daunting challenge to the SPLM-IO and other opposition parties.

However, this challenge could be minimized or even frustrated if all opposition MPs work together as a united bloc in the parliament.

If this happens, then the incumbent government could be forced to collaborate or make deals with opposition MPs which would then allow the SPLM-IO and other political parties to enact some laws.

Leaving this obvious political risk aside, I honestly believe that political and economic reforms under this deal will not be feasible given the fact that Kiir still cherishes the idea of appointing and removing people through his dictatorial decrees.

As I have already indicated, the agreement has many pro-Kiir provisions.

But ending the suffering of South Sudanese who are now living under dire conditions in refugee camps and foreign countries is the number one priority.

If the incumbent TGoNU and the SPLM-IO are serious about peace and fully implement it, then they will be thanked by the people of South Sudan for ending the war.

However, the fact that the armed opposition lacks the necessary number of MPs to reform the political system in the country is even worse.

It would be a wishful thinking for the SPLM-IO to assume that its transformation agenda will be magically done when it knows the number of its MPs is not enough to execute its policies through parliamentary processes.

The Khartoum’s power-sharing deal will not bring the much-needed political reforms in the country.

This agreement is merely a classic case of a new political marriage between the government and SPLM-IO.

This pact is also a reminder for the people of South Sudan that reforms championed by the armed opposition could be a thing of the past.

It is clear, however, that all factions of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) seem to be interested in reuniting themselves under the same old dictatorial umbrella.

It is good to remind people that Kiir and Machar have already agreed to cantonments of their troops and deployment of the East African and African Union forces to enforce the cessation of hostilities.

However, this is not new since the two leaders had previously signed many agreements before and violated them. One of these violations occurred in July 2016, when Kiir colluded with the current First Vice President Taban Deng to hijack the August 2015 compromise deal.

Kiir is not for a lasting peace in the country.

His main concern is not to end the war, rather it is to sign any peace that maintains its ruthlessness, lures leaders of the SPLM-IO to Juba in a pretext of the pact and refuses to implement the agreement.

Kiir demonstrated his unwillingness to implement the deal on August 8 at Bilpham military headquarters when he told his troops that they should be prepared to receive and integrate the armed opposition soldiers.

This is not what the security arrangements stipulate. The security pact specifies that both incumbent government and rebel forces shall be screened and classified based on established military standards and those who pass such a screening will be combined and given proper training during the Pre-transitional period.

This provision was included in the proposal to make sure South Sudan has a professional army after the three transitional periods.

Kiir is the one who does not want peace to return to the country. He violated many pacts by refusing to release the armed opposition officials he kidnapped as well as Prisoners of Wars (POWs) even though this demand was clearly stipulated in the previous ceasefire agreements.

The people of South Sudan are not interested in this elitist agreement. As you can see, Kiir is trying to deceive people before the deal is even finalized — this is how he operates.

The man is a cunning oppressor who cannot be trusted when it comes to peace. The armed opposition should not succumb to this dubious accord — an accord which irrefutably castoffs reforms demanded by the people.

Having a defined and well-developed political doctrine is essential for any political party to succeed.

The SPLM-IO is theoretically an opposition party. It’ll, supposedly, if all things go as planned, have its own political and economic agendas that it would want to be passed by the parliament.

The armed opposition knows its success in the TNLA may not be feasible given the fact that it lacks numbers to wage a successful legislative fight.

Politics is all about strategies, numbers, games, back-stabbing, making closed-door deals, and selling your policies to the people.

If the SPLM-IO wants its reform agenda to survive, it must have specific policies in place and these policies must be staunchly championed and defended by the leadership of the SPLM-IO as well as its proposed parliamentarians.

If the armed opposition deserts its reform agenda, then it will be a new chapter for Kiir’s cruelty to continue and the death for a democratic hope for the country — it would be a chapter that the people of South Sudan would not like to see happening.

The SPLM-IO must not allow its democratic vision to die; it must continue to use all necessary means to make sure that those who lost their lives in the war did not die in vain.

The leadership of the SPLM-IO must rethink its peace strategy or it risks being an extension of Salva Kiir’s tyrannical regime.

The author can be reached at duop282@gmail.com.


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Duop Chak,
    According my understanding, a person who analysis and discusses topic or theme in politics is called a commentator. Political commentators use their knowledge of political behavior and governance systems to offer insightful analyses of political issues to diverse audiences. Their awareness of contemporary issues and events is remarkable.
    Coming to your article, please act or comment rationally. Dr. Riek Machar was a political prisoner, and therefore, releasing him (Riek) from an illegal detention in South Africa, was the SPLA-IO’s goal.

    • Eastern says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      So after releasing (I don’t care by who), from his “illegal detention” (again by who), is Dr. Machar able to dictate terms and conditions? The next upcoming two weeks will mean a lot to the South Sudanese populace, the fighting lot as known elsewhere….

      Subduing Machar’s SPLA-IO won’t pacify the country nor bring about peace in the country as long long as those considered as MINORITIES are not reckoned with…

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Deng
      People of South Sudan are fed-up with unfounded excuse from SPLM IO, you either fight for what you think is right and just for people of South Sudan or you never. It’s ridiculous to said Riek had signed the agreement for his freedom and if that was the case, it’s selfish, had he stood for good governance and wants reform, he would rather suffer to death instead of selling our oil to Khartoum. Remember CPA, which Rieh and Slaver hijacked, for their tribal war was a product of 21 years imprisonment in the bush, but Dr John stood firm to his position of equality and self-determination at the end he and the mighty SPLM/A, which Rieh and Slaver have now turn to their tribal militia emerged with CPA that gave us opportunity to determine our destiny (independent South Sudan).

  2. J. Malooma says:

    Mr. Duop,
    I like your in-depth analysis. If the IO has missed the opportunity that would consolidate their position against the regime at the negotiating table, then it’s absolutely right to challenge them. But, make no mistake, there was no better deal or chance of peace that the opposition parties including IO could have achieved than this current one being negotiated in Khartoum Sudan.
    Imagine if the IO chairman was not in Khartoum, engaged with regional and international partners and participated in peace negotiations; do you think the negotiated chapters would have been possible and concluded in a short period of time as it happened now?
    The answer is no. The regime would have dragged its feet and wouldn’t negotiate in good faith knowing that the rebel leader (Riek) is being detained; and why would they share power with a disorganized rebel/organization whose leader was isolated and damped in a distant land?
    You should have also acknowledged the IO’s strategic goals and achievements which include the release of their chairman (Dr. Riek) from a sponsored detention in SA; the provision for the withdrawal of hostile forces from all civilian populated areas which will allows the UN and Regional forces to take over the security in those areas and also monitor elections.
    Mr. Duop!
    What is ungently needed shouldn’t be about sharing power with Kirr on an equal footing, but, it should be about how to stop the regime’s hostile forces from killing and starving civilians.
    The main focus was about creating an environment of which the humanitarian assistance can reach to the suffering population throughout SS., as well as allowing social and political spaces for the people of South Sudan to peacefully debate their future without any fear or intimidation from Kirr-JCE hostile forces.

  3. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dr. Riek Machar is a linkage actor who exercises greater access in the policy-making in South Sudan and that without him nothing was made…. Yea… all attempts did not come true.

    The saddest sight in this tribal war is the way in which Nuer civilians were massacred in Juba and the so called free world does not want to talk about since the US and the UK have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

    In actual fact, the people of South Sudan are facing the dilemma of getting rid of the tribal regime in Juba;therefore, leaders of all oppositions in South Sudan need to work together to achieve their ultimate goal.

    Coming back to our questions “by who?” [by whom?], My ans. is: Taban Deng was the one who came up with the idea and carried out by Susan Rice, John Kerry as well as M7. “Is Dr. Mahar able to dictate terms and conditions?” My answer to the second question is yes. Anyway, J. Malooma has answered your questions correctly.

    • Eastern says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      Just because I don’t COMPREHEND the English language, I haven’t seen any answer to my subtle question from what J. Malooma wrote.

      So whoever incarcerated Dr. Machar and feels they have the leverage over him to act the way he acts will continue to have blood of South Sudanese in their hands….I am using a third person for obvious reasons!

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Dear Eastern,
        What went wrong with you? Your comment is too pejorative for me. “So whoever incarcerated Dr. Machar and feels they have the leverage over him to act the way he acts will continue to have blood….”
        Any way, what I can tell you is that there is no one whatsoever he/she has a power to force Dr. Machar to accept anything against the interest of the people of South Sudan. Neither Kiir Mayar nor his boss M7 is having a leverage over him.

        With regard to ongoing negotiation in Khartoum, I can assure you that no peace enforcement. Dr. Machar bearing an olive branch in one hand, and the SPLM-IO gun in the other. If Salva Kiir and his tribe men let olive branch fall from Dr. Machar hand’s South Sudan will automatically disintegrate.
        In actuality, South Sudan has three political and military groups. The tribal regime or the isolationist government in Juba, the separatist movement of Thomas Crillino and the SPLA-IO.
        In contrast, the isolationist tend to control the political system in South Sudan by maintaining the status quo. Where as the separatists movement of Thomas Cirillo is an untring advocates of the independent of Equatoria region and rejects Dinka domination. Yet, the SPLA-IO is already waning as more and more politicians and military generals from upper Nile and Equatoria preach the gospel of a unitary system of government and pluralism and denouncing the tribal regime and the separatists movement as well.
        All in all, the SPLA-IO presents a different picture on these two variables. The question is: is the SPLA-IO a solution to Cirillo- Dinka deadlock?

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Deng Hanbol,
          It’s a bit presumptious on you to classify Cirillo’s movement as ‘separatist,’ a word that has never been uttered by Gen. Cirillo or any of his officials.
          The popular advocacy for ‘federalism’ among many citizens is a right that deserves to be given to them. As a nation very much controlled by the jieng mafia and killers, South Sudan rightly deserves some radical solution to resolve the serious dichotomy among its citizens.
          South Sudan is the size of three Uganda’s or 15 Rwanda’s. We can and should cut it into pieces for the sake of peace and harmony among us all.

        • Eastern says:

          Deng Hanbol,

          Permissive or not, I have made my point about the path Dr. Machar’s SPLA-IO is taking.

          The u-turn Nuers have made on the call for federalism is no surprising when you call NAS a separatist movement! The fact that you and likeminded have lumped federalism and Kokora together is not surprising as well. Both Nuer and Dinka left Juba when Kokora was implemented with a lot of bitterness.

          Now that the draft of the final document making rounds in the media concentrates ALL POWER on Kiir, whereupon, he will use rubber stamp parliament to hand him life presidency soon, tell this forum, why Dr. Machar wasted all this time and lives to settle at par with all the other 4 VPs who never experienced the 40 days and night hot persuit?

          I may be the only person on this forum asking or making pejorative comments to those who still think they can make an authoritarian military dictatorship change from within? Military dictatorship is flowing down the Nile river…..Starting from Entebbe in Uganda, through the two Sudan and into the Meditarrenean sea…..! Watch out boy!

          • Deng Hanbol says:

            Gen. Thomas Crilio’s quotes: “The people of Equatoria must unite their ranks to push Nuer and Dinka from Equatoria region in order to have and independent( Federal Republic of Equatoria) state or emerge Equatoria region with Uganda as alternative”

            Thomas Cirilo Swaka
            Founder of National Salvation Front(NSA)
            March 2017-Nairobi, Kenya
            First, Dr. Machar’s reputation will not be tarnished by your antipathetic comment, because many people still see him as the only country’s greater leader who capable of defeating Dinka and their ally M7. Additionally, the SPLA-IO’s leader is not only struggling in order to end Dinka misrule but also to inaugurate political democracy and rule of law in South Sudan. So it’s worse than imprudent of Eastern to have turned Machar into an enemy, and shoving him into Jaang’s camp.
            Second, my argument is consistent with Gen. Thomas Cirilo’s statement so there is no justification whatsoever to be accused of being audacious or presumptuous. Those with hubris such as Cirilo, are often willing to take dangerous risks. I hope our Editor would have advised Eastern be cautious on controversial issues such as Kokora.
            My message goes to everyone if you turn a blind eye to Nuer sacrifices now, history will turn a blind eye to you later. …
            Finally, the SPLA-IO is actually NSA’s ally, on the age-old principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  4. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Alimasi,
    Some people tend criticize others for the sake of criticism. By the way, what is your point?

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      That’s your opinion, however the point is that, we shouldn’t give excuses, if any party or supporter of a party believed reason for fighting was partially fulfilled within the Khartoum agreement that is well and good. But Dr Riek’s house detention in South Africa, has never been a reason of war and it can’t be the reason to sign peace agreement. Dr Riek was detained two years after he already had rebelled and his purposed for fighting the government in Juba was clearly outlined and none of those reasons were on the Khartoum agreement.

  5. mading says:

    Mr. Taban Alimasi. People like Deng H. and Gatdarwech do not see what other smart people like you see. Because they have been blind by Nguendeng history to the point they can not see other things in day light.

  6. Deng Hanbol says:

    With whom are you talking about?

  7. J. Malooma says:

    Be a good freedom fighter! Nuer didn’t made a U-turn on federalism or any sort of change that would bring peace and freedom to our people as we speak, nor do they hates Equatorian’s victory on “Kokora” of 1980s.
    Just a reminder; according to the current trends in both social, economic, security and political environment, it would be a mutual take for any leader or organization who had opposed the current regime to not rally and signed a memorandum of understanding with the IO. Because it’s, and would be only the IO who have the ability at all fronts to hold the regime by its horns.
    Mr Mading,
    For how long are you going to be a hostage of ignorance and deny Ngundeng’s ability to deter any conspiracy manufactured against Nuer/naath nation in general, and Riek Machar’s quest to lead the nation (SS) in particular?
    Remember, Ngundeng Bong was a contemporary Nuer/naath leader and commander in chief during colonial times like any living Nuer of today.
    Was it not him (Ngundeng) who decisively defeated the JCE’s forces a long with their collaborators in 1874? What do you think should happen differently today? Think about it!

    • Eastern says:

      J. Malooma,

      Is it the Malooma you folks attained in Khartoum that’s this deficient….? There was no Equatorian victory through the Kokora per say, all what was intended through the Kokora was for EVERY LAZY CHAP TO WAKE UP EVER MORNING IN THEIR DORM HOUSE, DRESS THEIR BED, WASH THEIR PLATTER AFTER EVERY MEAL AND PARTICIPATE IN EVERY DOMESTIC CHORE….! Equatoria was a leader in demanding that (don’t ask me from whom!)….

      J. Malooma, let’s see how far this Khartoum Peace Jokes will go….!

  8. Hoiloom says:


    Take it easy brother. The Naath have not turned their back on federalism or reforms in the government. We all know this peace will not last but perhaps it’s the only way of getting closer to JCE enemy. Now let’s focus on security arrangements as IO deputy chairman, Henry Odwar stated in radiotamazuj interview some days ago. Let us be objective as we need one another in this struggle.


  9. mading says:

    J.Malooma, and Deng H. We Muonyjaang are not known for betraying people of South Sudan liberations. Only Nuers are known for that, Riek Machar in 1991, Pualino Matep, Peter Gatdet Yak,and Gordon Kong are living examples of how you Nuers betrayed people of South Sudan over and over during our struggled with Arab governments at that time. So Malooma don’t keep making up passed stories you can not back up now like what I did here by naming your Nuer big Nyagaats of the present time. Nuers like you talked about defeating Muonyjaang all the time why don’t you prove it one time in our live time Mr. Malooma ?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Remember the name of William Deng Nhial, the father of Nhial Deng, some 36 years ago?
      Surely, he was the first traitor and betrayer of South Sudan in 1965 when he sold out the Anya Movement and ran back to the Khartoum jellaba Arabs with all the secrets of the first truly nationalistic freedom movement.
      Then during the Garang’s SPLA/M war, those jieng like Bona Malual and Aldo Ajo, now shamelessly members of the diabolical so-called jieng council of elders, were traitors and betrayers of their own jieng, Garang and Kiir during the war. They feasted on the blood of the liberators killed successively by jellaba Niemery, Saddiq and El Bashir.
      Today, sadly, their sons and daughters are enjoying the ‘liberation’ more than the sons and daughters of the very comrades who died for it.

  10. Eastern says:

    Deng Hanbol,

    I have my kids gloves off in any dealings with Kiir; a man being mentored by Museveni. Where Machar’s SPLA-IO is heading is only known to him.

    I don’t need the editor’s or indeed anybody’s counsel on these issues. South Sudan is worse than a military dictatorship. The country is led by a man who only see South Sudanese as dinka people.

    Now a simple ambassador threatens Dr. Machar with further incarceration in South Africa and there are no consequences for that what do you think awaits you when you set foot in Juba? Did Dr. Machar waste the lives and properties of South Sudan so that he remains at the levels of Wani Igga, Taban Deng and any other whimsical “Vice President?”….How will the reforms he so much talked about be realised if SPLA-IO lumps themselves with these choristers in Juba? Is it the pain and agony of those holed up in the PoCs in Juba making SPLA-IO to act this way?

  11. J. Malooma says:

    Although it was not in my intention to be a Jeing hater, nevertheless, no matter how much you avoided, the situation will forced you to joint the conversations.
    Nothing will changed these trends in Jeing culture: Cowardice; which is the failure of character in the face of challenges.
    Betrayal behavior; which is the failure to protect the nation’s sovereignty including its citizens from within and from foriegn actors.
    Mr Mading,
    The philosophy of “means justify the ends”, what does this mean in your Jeing culture? Can you honestly narrated to this forum if there was any initiative that a Jeing military and political class has ever initiated and spearheaded from scratch and later on helped by other Tribes of SS. and then, achieved its objective? To give you hits/ideas, Dr. John Grang (RIP) together with Kirr etc., joined the “separatist movement” A2 in 1983, 8yrs after it formation. Therefore, Grang and co. Hijacked the movement’s assets including manpower both military political, and killed its leaders using foreign actors! Did Garng and co. achieved their objective of “New whole Sudan”? The answer is yours!
    Kirr-JCE the current Jeing lifesaving medicine with the help of M7 have spearheaded and initiated a brutal dictatorship of all times in the land; does/will it succeed and delivered the most awaiting kingdom of Jeing, perhaps in a long run? You must to provide us with facts.
    Those Nuer/Naath Generals and politicians you Jeing vilified as betrayals and traitors are/were in fact legends because they have done their parts and have the obligation of encountering the Jeing’s misrules and deceptive policies. According to Jeing, the history of South Sudan must starts with a jeing leaderships. It was started with Abell Alier a Jeing in the 1970s -1980s, and when the Kokora took hold and dismantled the Jeing leadership, the history became irrelevant …..! And when John Garang a (Jeing) took over the movement’s leadership in 1983, then the history becomes relevant again. So, what’s wrong with you Mr. Mading?
    Do you know that South Sudan should have been as an independent entity/society from this period: (1800s-1900s, during Nuer and Azanda (Equatorians) resistance, 1950s-1970s Terit and A1 movement, if Jeing did not acted as traitors and conspirators?

  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Malooma,
    You’ve said it all. Mading, why do 63 ethnic groups despise Dinka? Why it’s that they find it easy to look at you Jaang with disgust? Brother Malooma, it’s completely futile trying to reason with a dullard person.

  13. mading says:

    Deng H. and Malooma. Some people feel jealousy when Muonyjaang is doing something right, because when we Jieng put our hands in something it is always work out. For example Joseph Lagau signed 19972 peace with Arabs only for him learned hard way that he was cheated. Riek Machar in 1997 did the same thing only to ran back to John Garang like a run a way woman who did not find the husband she was dreaming of in 2002. John Garang Signed peace with Arabs, we have our country South Sudan today. To Mr. Editor, Keep talking and winning on your website and that is all.

  14. mading says:

    Editor. I was not here during Deng Nhial time, but your story of him Deng being a traitor sound like your normal anti Muonyjaang, because Deng was killed by Arabs you said to his allied. In my life time I never heard enemy killing it informat, people like Celement Wani and late Paulino Matip were the most trusted South Sudanese by Arabs, they never touch them until CPA was signed.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Once again, you badly need lessons in history. The jellaba Arab masters to whom William Deng betrayed the Anya Nya liberation movement to, finally got rid of Deng Nhial. They said ‘tricks have short legs,’ they will always be caught. William Deng could not think he can persist in tricking the Arabs. When Deng Nhial first ran to the bush to join the Anya Movement in early 60’s he claimed he ran away with the most ‘secret documents’ against the jellaba Arabs.
      Upto today, nobody has ever known of what those secrets documents contained. His peers and colleagues in the Anya Nya One movement never trusted him and that’s why he come back to the khartoum Arab rulers.
      Sometimes history can be painful to learn from.
      Your Salva Kiir was in the same Arab Security Service before running to join the SPLM/A in 1983, that’s why Arab Beshir can twist his balls.
      Tomorrow if Kiir betrays the jellaba by dishonoring all the secret dealings he made with el Bashir recently, specially the oil and Abyei deals, the Arabs will kill him like William Deng.
      Stay tune to these developments and as they say, ‘history always repeats itself.’

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Malooma,
    It’s hard to make out what the significance of your internet name is.But one thing is clear.You are a scholar but only an inferior one for that Matter.
    If Anya Anya 2 had existed for 8 years before Dr Garang hijacked it,why didn’t you narrat what it had achieved in all those eight years?
    The backward mindset that’s the basis of your thaughts in any political and social initiatives that you force to take without second thaughts will drive you to hell long before you come any closer to your daylight dream of extermination of jieng in RSS.
    You miscalculated the events of 1991 to mean a struggle against jieng when you should have fought to tople Dr Garang from power and that was why you failed and had your ngundeng’s earmarked prophet for the naath nation named Riek Machar driven to Khartoum like a dog.
    Be carfull my friend how you project your thaughts here.There will be no sky for you to run to if you fail to limit yourself to aspects of power struggle than ranting with such rubbish as deserving to be smeared on jieng without distinction.

    • J. Malooma says:

      “………but only an inferior one”! Why should a non-jieng scholar/academia become inferior and second class citizen in the eyes of jeing? This term that was invented by colonial powers to intertimindes and describes their subjects or people of color wouldn’t be wise to use, because it will backfire on you jieng!
      Mr FM, I can assured you, jeing will never asserted themselves as superior to Nuer in any terms; because you don’t had, and will never have what its takes to be superior on others! But, Naath people had that superiority and still have it as we speak. You did called the 1991 as a miscalculated move, which is also misleading! This is what it mean the “means justify the ends”. Dr Riek is still alive with an erratic moves as we speak. His action of 1991 against the “whole New Sudan” objective of Dr John and Kirr, to a self-determination for the people SS has materialized, and rest became history; fingers crossed!
      Mr FM,
      Never tried to take prides on this run away superiority of yours to begin with! Again, no one, no body want to “exterminate” jieng as community from their existence whatsoever! But, one thing is certain; South Sudan will never settle and experience peace, democracy, development and peaceful coexistence until when the leadership of the land is not a jieng thing anymore.
      Now, let’s come to conclusion; non-jieng people of South Sudan need to research and precisely understand the genesis and moral values of jieng. Prove me right if I’m wrong! As a matter of fact, no one convinced upto this moment that jieng people are homogeneous entity/tribe; but, mixture and combinations of smal different black African tribes. Thus, with the help of nature/evolution, they then managed to speak a common dialect. But, those social, physical and cultural differences are still exist today.
      When its comes to morality; and to understand and get the full picture of what is happening in South Sudan under the jieng government, you need to go back to the whole Sudan. To speak the truth, jieng were toping the list of statistics in the Sudan’s capital cities on crimes including thefts, prostitution, begging on streets and public squares/stations, and homelessness etc. So, where is the moral and courage to
      be proud off Mr MF and co.?

    • J. Malooma says:

      Oh, did you talked of second thoughts! What second? Nuer/naath gave you jieng 8yrs after hijacking the movement and killed its leaders so that you can think about why should we not used our resources and manpower for the independence of South Sudan. But, only to get an intimidation of arrests and killings of the top educated politicians and military leaders! Reunification of 2002 that led to a successful conclusion of CPA, eventually “INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN”. But, only to kills Nuer civilians using state resources and manpower including foreign troops only to eliminate your perceived threat, the “Nuer”! When Nuer and their allies give it a second “thoughts” and signed a peace with the jieng led government, hence, only to open the “Nation’s Central Bank” and withdraw 5 plus million US dollars for operations to hunt down and kill the partner of peace! So, what is this Mr False?

  16. Hoiloom says:

    J. Malooma!

    Great job but I am afraid you are wasting your precious time to lecture a stone head called FM. This fellow as most of his likes has got some twisted logic in his thinking. RSS will only achieve a lasting peace under non Jaang leadership and that is a bitter truth.


  17. False Millionnaire says:

    I am struck dead to make out that u must be a fellow from the sky so disconnected from the earthly affairs of RSS.
    Who gives a damn if it isn’t a jaang on the helm of power in RSS?
    Kiir is in J1. Go get him and spare us the empty arrogance.

  18. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. False Millionnaire,
    you think the Dinka military is the one that is keeping your president in power, but it is the support of M7, SPLA-N, Darfur, as well as Bull Nuer which keep him in power. In fact, Jaang military has no gut to fight mighty Naath alone.

    E. E. Evans-Pritchard’s quote: We have already described how Nuer scorn Dinka and presistenly raid them, but they do not treat those Dinka who are permanent members, of their community definitely from its Nuer members….And we have seen that persons of Dinka descent from probably at least half the population of most tribes. These Dinka are either children of captives and immigrants who grant who are residing permanently among Nuer.
    They are ‘Jaang-Nath’, ‘Dinka-Nuer’, and it is said, ‘caa Nath’, ‘They have become Nuer’ I think many Dinka intellectuals are obsessed with the past and therefore they hate Nuer to death.
    Please read Nuer conquest.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Dear editor,
      . …I read the above quotation. … But,I didn’t introduced it in that way… I actually submitted in paper format, in other words, I set it off as a block quotation because it’s not a short one. Any way, this is another long quote: Evan Pritchard The Nuer
      The Nuer, a tall, thin, pastoral, cattle-herding people, are constantly
      at war with the Dinka. The Dinka also speak a Nilotic language, are
      also characteristically tall and thin, they also cattle herders. An outsider
      would likely have trouble telling the two groups apart. And yet the
      Nuer look down upon the Dinka with disdain and disgust, regarding
      them are nearly subhuman, and never hesitate to inflict violent raids
      upon them.

  19. mading says:

    J. Malooma, Deng .H. and Hoiloom.
    Let me put it in your small Nuer heads, it is the function of any government to have military cooperation with any government in the world . That is why SPLA soldiers captured many foreign soldiers during our war with government of Sudan, Iraqis and Libyans to be specifics. The same thing to our government, that is the reason Uganda sent in troops to help put down Nuer rebellion on 15/ 12/ 2013. Simple lesson, back to your unfounded stories of nuer being superior to Muonygaangdit in term of fighting, you know the answer even members of other tribes in our country now know your Nuer war like stories are just internet stories. There are many Nuer internal displace persons in my home town now.

    • J. Malooma says:

      “………small Nuer heads…….”! What does this mean? How would this be possible for these great people who have had discovered and conquered lands, rivers, forests etc. from wild beasts and people in the late 1700s and early 1800s centuries been small heads in the 20-1st century? “…….Uganda sent in toops to help put down Nuer rebellion…….”, you see! You will lives with this moral guilt for the rest of human history.
      !…. what the hell to help put down a one tribe out of 63’s rebellion?

  20. False Millionnaire says:

    Deng Hanbol,
    Your point agreed.
    Dinka are naath and naath are dinka.
    Any other point of debate?

  21. Hoiloom says:

    Mading, the fool…

    Deng has provided evidence of Nuer raides including abducting Jaang(slaves), which explain why the Jaang want to eliminate Nuer to settle old scores of 1800 and 1900 centuries but in vain. It’s a common knowledge throughout Sudan Jang is no match to Nuer in a battle field.. try something else. Your project of ruling RSS for the next 200 years will never materialize in our present.


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