SPLM-IO proposes removal of Vice Pres. Wani Igga, so Machar is next


Latest BREAKING NEWS: The SPLM-In-Opposition faction led by Riek Machar have dropped their demand for President Salva Kiir to step down but now propose instead the removal of Vice President James Wani Igga as well as the elimination of the vice presidency itself.

Igga was appointed vice president in August 2013, a month after President Salva Kiir sacked his deputy Riek Machar. He belongs to the same party as Kiir but hails from a different region of the country, Central Equatoria.

Now the armed opposition faction SPLM-IO is calling for his removal as part of a power-sharing deal that is being negotiated at peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“We believe that the positions of the Vice President and the two deputies to the Prime Minister will complicate the working relations between the two principals [Kiir and Machar] and therefore should be expunged from the government structure,” SPLM/A-IO chief negotiator Taban Deng announced on Monday.

Taban argued that SPLM-IO has already made “strategic concessions” on the issue of the powers of the Prime Minister, during the most recent talks held at the IGAD Summit meeting in Addis Ababa late last week.

In particular, SPLM-IO conceded their earlier demands that Riek Machar should be considered head of government and chair the Council of Ministers.

“This means that we have given him [Kiir] everything. He is now the head of state and the head of government. We have nothing to concede more,” said Taban Deng at a press conference in Addis Ababa on Monday.

He noted that Salva Kiir’s negotiators have proposed that the leadership of the transitional government should consist of a president, vice president, prime minister and two or three deputies to the prime minister.

Taban opposed this structure saying it would “lead into confusion,” adding, “too many cooks spoil the broth.”

He called on Kiir’s party to make ‘sacrifices’ to reciprocate SPLM-IO’s concessions and bring peace. He compared the proposal to remove Igga to a Sudanese precedent, in which the vice president in 2005 was demoted in order to bring rebel leader John Garang into the government.

“We have given the example of the CPA [Comprehensive Peace Agreement]: Ali Othman was the First Vice President. But because President Bashir wanted peace in his country and he wanted the war to end he has to make that big sacrifice, removing Ali Othman and putting John Garang in his place.”

Taban Deng suggested that Igga could return to the parliament after his removal from the vice presidency: “The current vice president was the Speaker of the Parliament, and as you know Speaker of Parliament is a very high position.”

It is not yet clear whether Igga’s position is a red line for SPLM-Juba negotiators or instead some might be open to considering the proposal.

Igga was reportedly not Kiir’s first choice for the vice presidency; the current health minister Riek Gai Kok was approached to accept the position but declined.

The vice president has also been in tension with some leading Equatorian politicians. During a dispute within the ruling party in July, involving Equatorian proponents of federalism, Igga was referred to derisively by another very senior Equatorian politician who implied that he was a mere puppet of the president.

Igga is from Central Equatoria but he is not from the state capital Juba, instead hailing from Lobonok Payam south of the city.

The SPLM-Juba faction headed by Salva Kiir is yet to make a public response to the proposal to remove the position of vice president, though Igga himself has previously said he is not willing to stand aside for Riek Machar to take his place.

On a related matter, it is unclear whether the negotiators have yet discussed options for the line of succession for the proposed transitional government. Taban Deng’s proposal did not specify whether, in the absence of a vice president, the Prime Minister would be next in line for the presidency.

Such a line of succession would be unacceptable to the SPLM-Juba negotiators because it would put Riek Machar second in line to the presidency.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the SPLM-Juba delegation Michael Makuei told press on arrival at Juba Airport yesterday that the two sides made progress in the most recent talks in Addis Ababa.

He said the talks were adjourned until 25 November to allow for further consultations on the proposed structure of the transitional government. In the meantime, a joint security committee will begin meeting to discuss implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement.


  1. Force says:

    Machar is only next here on South Sudan-nation site but not in South Sudan! That’s the dreamless dream you’ll dream until you die!

  2. Editor,

    This is a pure lie someone wrote on behave of Taban Deng Gai to tarnish the image of SPLA-IO, Riek, and Taban. The SPLA-IO and SPLM- in government did not meet on Monday, November 10, 2014 either. The peace talk was postponed on Friday for two weeks until November 24. This is a white lie article written by the liar, devil, and heartless individual to make the SPLA-IO chief negotiator looks bad to the readers of this article.

    • info@southsudannation says:


  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    The SPLM-in Opposition, in the war,under the leading of Riak Machar leadership,they are going now IN WRONG DIRECTION!They are not going IN GOOD DIRECTION! I do not want to show for them their wrong direction.I want them to correct their wrong way for a right direction solely for themselves alone in the bush!They will be a possible LOSERS if they had taken a wrong direction! The government in Juba under the leadership of His Excellency President Salva Kirr,will be a a great possible winner!

    According to their overtures for the peace talk for agreement,and with the government in Juba,in the country, in IGAD,in Ethiopia, in Addis Ababa,it will not bring any meaningful peace dividend in the country!They would like to pursue on war because they would like to prolong the ongoing political upheaval happening on December 15,2013!


  4. upiu says:

    so after all the rebellion is about power and positions, not the killing in Juba, not about federalism, not Kiir failures.
    for Bentiu R., the press release from SPLM-IO is out everywhere signed by Taban stating what this article is talking about. it is not a lie, it’s a fact.
    my problem is not about who is in what position, presidency or premiership. my biggest worry about the agreement signed is the protocol on separate armies. this is a recipe for a future all out war. it’s a short sighted and quick fix sort of agreement whose outcome will be more disastrous than the current situation. God forbids that South Sudan will be dragged to elections with two separate armies. whose supporters are going to concede defeat in election? Riek has already conceded his fear that his white army and their field commanders aren’t going to buy into the signed protocol. if the commander in chief can release that confession, what does that mean?

  5. LONG says:


    I wish you read this article. I refused to believe that we Equatorians are weak, we have the terrain, the people, the Geo location to create hell in South Sudan. Its time to demand our independence.

    Our cousins in Northern Uganda and Congo. The battle line is drawn, let claim our lost history from this primates

    Honestly we need the Acholi, the Lugbara, the Langi, the Etesot, the Karmoja and all Equatorians to get prepared .

    All Dinka Refugee in Ladu Enclave in Uganda must be treated like enemies.

    WANI Igga! human worshiper shame on uuuu

    • Majongdit says:


      I thought you, as Equatorians, would unite and fight the Nuer, not Dinka. I said from the beginning of this conflict that Equatoria must now stand up and the see the Nuer in the face. The Nuer do not consider Equatorians seriously. One of the chief causes of this war is why a Nuer was replaced by an Equatorian as the Vice President. Let me tell you, if Taban Deng Gai was appointed VP to replace Dr. Riek Machar there would have been no war now.

      Please Long please what would you fight the Dinka for? What wrong have the Dinka done to you? It’s Riek (Nuer) who wants the position already given to Wani Igga (Equatorian). If you want to fight Dinka then it is because you find it easy to fight them.

      Anyway, I don’t believe war is the solution to our problems. It is better to seek other alternatives than to engage in war and bring suffering to our people. However, if it still give you anything then please go on and fight the Dinka. I hae so many Equatorians friend if there is anything good from war then they will tell me.

    • Gulung says:

      @ Long;
      I have neither believe you Equatorians are weak nor innocent … I am one person who take you so serious for what you stand for. War? yes, I think it is high time to try and fight it out. I urge and call on all Malual, Tuwich, Agook, Awan, Apuk, Luac, Rek, Gook, Agar, Atout, Ciec, Aliab, Bour, Tuwi, Padaang, Rurweng, Ageer and the rest to get their spears ready … All Nyam-nyam beggars, prostitutes and unnationalistic individuals working as servants to white people in the UN camps in all Monyi-jang land are enemy and legitimate targets … It is time to chase them away, let them go and be servants to the Congolese and Ugandans … At least it is good to serve a fellow African than the imperialist Kawajat!

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        You are almost there bro, and be assured that Malual Giernyang is ever ready so that we can evaluates ourselves with these Nyamnyam ones and for all, these common and well known cowards are now trying to misuse their free food opportunity under the leadership of Dinka sympathizers.
        I am pretty sure the time and action will tell who is who in South Sudan since the current whistle blowers have chose threats and violence as the only mean to go, so be it!

    • Wani Adalla says:

      Do not jump into insults. We Equatorians will this time tell these wrong wishers to go to Upper Nile or Bahr El Gazal Regions to continue with their confusions. Equatoria is the Paradise to all South Sudanese. We will be giving the last nail on the coffin of South Sudanese. Also, it should be remembered that we fight to the last man/woman to surrender Equatoria as others wish. Wait and see. Igga will not step down what so ever. Belief me or not he (Igga) will be the successor of Salva soon for peace and prosperity for all.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Wani Adalla:

        You have said it all Comrade. This is the first time I have ever heard an Equatorian making a great statement. Yes, indeed Wani Igga will be the successor of president Kiir Mayardit no matter how long it takes. Wani should never be removed from the position of Vice president and replace him with Riek Machar. Riek Machar should accept the non executive prime minister position or continue to fight until he surrenders or dies in exile period.

        Wani Igga is a leader and liberator. He deserves to be the next president of South Sudan whether Nuer wants it or not. Wani stood with the SPLA/M and the people of South Sudan for the worst and good times. Now it is our time to support his leadership with all costs possible. If anyone does not agree with this statement or proposal, he/she is free to move out of South Sudan and die there. For my Nuer Brothers, I would like to emphasize that Wani Igga is not a pure Nyam-nyam but a different kind of Nyam-nyam who is much better than Riek Machar. We are willing to die for the leadership of Wani Igga period.

      • nothing will remove Wani Igga from his Vice President position, I see you Mr Long and those of Dinka who exchanging words of hatred, this argument will not take you nowhere, just shut up and watch what will leaders of South Sudan for mismanaging the country

  6. Tangata Riri says:

    The worst case scenario is a TGONU where there is no clear boundary between different positions and each begins to squabble with the other on jurisdiction.

    As it is, the office of Vice President has no real executive power, so this is a pointless request.

  7. AW Joseph says:

    No one in Equatoria cares about this DINKA puppet (……) called Wani Igga except LOBONOK village..!!

    • Kondokoro says:

      what is your problem with wani?
      when he was in the bush fighting jalaba did you send him madida or forege?
      it is his life oportunity you will die in oposition for ever not giving services to your people, wani is sending services to his community and south sudan in general

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      AW Joseph:

      It doesn’t matter whether you care about Wani Igga or not. The man (Igga) is in the good hand of Dinka and Lobonok villagers. Please wait in exile for the coming of your tribal leader, the Pojulu president of South Sudan. Be ready to provide protection and security for your Pojulu president otherwise Nuer will enslave him/her in the presidential Palace because they have no regard for the Nyam-nyam president. By the way Nyamnyam is the Nuer word or name for the Equatorians and Fertit tribes. It means food lovers in Thong Naath/Nuer language.

      • AW Joseph says:

        Its good that you are talking about POJULU. Its not wise for you DINKA to messy around us. If you do you will regret it. I am sure you do remember incidents which occurred after you crossed our paths. We made history in Sudan and we will make again in South Sudan.

  8. LONG says:

    god news we will start eliminating the one after the other in Uganda

  9. LONG says:

    Dont beb surprise when the MADi’s and Lugbraras will join in the messn they die like …..

  10. AGUMUT says:

    Both were PSEUDONYMS or played by John Garang and later Riek’s Turned against innocents people of Bor.

  11. Yanga says:

    So the war has been fruitless as we can now see clearly that it is all about positions in government. Whatever has happened to the real grievances of the people of South Sudan – corruption, underdevelopment, insecurity, bad governance etc? If these issues are not resolved, there is no guarantee that South Sudan will be peaceful.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Do not get carried away. What is taking place in Addis Ababa is not the solution to our problem. We have very long way to go. Addis Ababa peace table is officially a money-making machine. VP position isn’t the problem at all. Deep down, we know what the problem is and nobody dares to come out clean and pronounce it like it is. Nuer genocide is the problem and it is going to haunt this nation for very long time. The Band-Aid solution in Addis Ababa will only last for short-while and we will be at it again. Brace yourself and do not expect the future of this nation to be any brighter anytime soon. Peace to you!

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        I totally agreed with you about the peace talk in Addis Ababa. Nuer and Dinka have been fighting since they were born and nobody has ever intervened to mediate peace between them until recently.. Nuer and Dinka fought from 1983 to 1989 and then made their own peace. Nuer and Dinka fought again from 1991 to 2002 and then made peace again. So the intervention of the foreign entities has complicated the peace between Nuer and Dinka. Culturallly, we don’t believe in peace mediation, we believe in defeat and surrender.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Bol Akuol,

          Yes indeed. Had it not been for Uganda and the entire East Africa involvement, a solution to this problem was in reach. Either Dinka were going to give up or Nuer give up. Do you follow how Uganda has been boasting about saving Kiir and his Dinka from Nuer? True, it would have been a mess in Juba between the gelweng and Nuer White Army. What I know so far, Gelweng were already in Uganda when they heard the White Army overran Bor and were on their way to Juba. That is went Kiir starts running around signing deals with devils in the name of if you do not come for our rescue, Nuer will consume us. In Dinka they said, Museveni koi hok, Nuer abi hok thol… Nuer a koch rach!! That was the chorus of the song they were singing to Museveni.

          • b says:


            Please let us be honest when addressing the national issues on the national forum such as this. Let me take you back a little bit to what happened between Nuer and Dinka in 1980s and 1990s. There were no Ugandan troops nor UNMISS when Dinka and Nuer fought from 1983 to 1989 under the leadership of Abdallah Chuol and Gordon Koang. The Nuer was defeated and surrendered to the Dinka. Nuer and Dinka fought again from 1991 to 2002 under the leadership of Riek Machar. Athough the Nuer allied its forces with Jalaba, it was again defeated and Riek Machar fled to Khartoum. In 2002, Riek Machar returned to the SPLA/M and begged late Dr. John Garang and Kiir Mayardit to be forgiven.

            On December 15th, 2013, Riek Machar was defeated with his food lovers in Juba without the involvement of the Ugandan troops. The White Army left Juba for Gelweng/Gelpeny. Now that the headquarter of Riek Machar in Nasir is captured by the Dinka and Riek Machar is chased to Ethiopia and that is Why he is staying in Addiss Ababa. He had been chased away from South Sudan since General Paul Malong Awan took over the SPLA command in April 2014. Riek Machar will never return to South Sudan unless otherwise he accepted the Non executive or Symbolic position of prime ministeer. Riek Machar will never be a president of South Sudan under the Dinka’s watch. Any Nuer, or Any South Sudanese could be a president of South Sudan but not Riek Machar period.

            Please let me correct your broken Dinka. Museven, Koi hok, means help Cows, however the correct term is Kony wok which means help us. Nuer abi hok thol, means Nuer will finish all the cows. But the correct term is that Nuer abi wok thol which means Nuer will finish us. Nuer a koch rach which means that Nuer are Bad people. The accurate term is Nuer aKoc rac. The true statement among all these shits is the one that says Nuer are Bad people. They are truly Bad people and this was proved by their actions of looting and burned down their own regions or States. Non good people would get mad at president Kiir and looted and destroyed all their States, Cities, Counties, Booms or villages. This is indeed a typical behavior of Lunatic and bad people. Nuer are indeed bad people as you uttered in the Dinka language.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear b,

            A mirror image of you cannot be me. As far as the whole world is concerned, there was no single member of the Nuer White Army in Juba during December 15 incident. Hence, your claim that your Gelweng defeated White Army in Juba only happened in your mind. The figments of your imagination cannot be equated to truth. The known fact is that UPDF of Uganda pushed the Nuer White Army back with their powerful airforce in Bor. This is what the whole world knows. As for the Dinka dialect, at least you get the picture and admitted your defeat which prompts you to beg Uganda for help.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    So finally we have the complet picture of sterile power n money having more value over the country n citizens.How so unfortunate the foot soldiers don’t understand being simple fire woods?!!!

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      False Millionaire:

      Politicians will not tell you the truth. Another name for a politician is a liar. Whatever they tell you is completely the opposite of their intention or they will tell you what you want to hear but not really the case. Even if Dr. Machar is given the Presidential seat, it is not the solution to our problem. The problem is lack of accountability. Nuers’ genocide is the issue and what led to rebellion. Some fear to pronounce it as such but deep down inside their hearts, they know it is the root cause. Failure to address means bigger problem awaiting to erupte again. If accountability is given, Nuer would be happy and we would go back to our way of life and this would pave way to future prosperity. Without justice, do not expect peace in that land my friend. You can get excited as you want, but you are excited in the wrong.

      • GatCharwearbol,

        Please do not waste your valuable time answering babies comments. The article title “Removal of Wani Igga” is a written series of liars by Nuer oppressors to tarnish the image of Taban Deng and SPLM-IO in general. The writer of this article said Taban Deng Gai proposed replacing Wani with Riek on Monday in the peace talk in Ethiopia. However, the peace talk was postponed on Friday, November 7 and the talk will be resumed on November 24. On Monday, November 10 there was no talk taken place between the rebels and the government. And event the government which is critical and main rival of SPLM-IO dismissed the claim made on this article. They said, the government was not aware about the proposal by the rebels because it was not brought up in the talk in Addis Ababa last week. You can read the government response to the article by clicking the following links. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article53019

        • Kondokoro says:

          Bentiu Rahman
          Is not baby coments but it is the media propaganda of riak supporters who continue to mislead Riak by brain washing him that they can put him as the president of the republic by marching to Juba and till now they never took Juba only had killed inocent white looters from luakad

        • BILL KUCH says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,
          Who cares about your denial? Just because you are one of Nuers in Opposition and you are sensitive about your position, then that does not make any difference with the rest of the Nuers. Well, Nuers are still Nuers at the end of the day and no matter what! There should be no power sharing with the tribe and you must bear that in mind!

          • Kondokoro and Bill Kuch:

            Dear supporters of primitive, power hungry, and heartless tribal chief Kiir Mayar. Your tribal chief was initially honoured and given the position of president base on the range position he held during struggle. However, Kiir forfeit all the rights to the presidency because he overindulged ethnic cleansing and he over used his power to undermine the right of citizens of South Sudan. Hence, Kiir is not longer a legitimate president of South Sudan.

            The rebels called to replace the position of vice president with prime minister is a right thing if it is true because in every country that has both president and prime minister particularly in a stable nations, the prime minister is always the head of the government. The president would be there like a king doing nothing. What the president would need the vice president for when he does not play any role?

            For example, Italy has president and prime minister. The prime minister is the head of the government with all the powers. Russia, has president and prime minister. The prime minister does the work with all the executive powers. Israel has president and prime minister but the prime minister is the head of the government. India has president and prime minister but the president is doing nothing, while the prime minister does every thing with all the executive powers. In Ethiopia, there are president and prime minister, but the president is there like king doing nothing, while the prime minister does all the government works with the executive powers. If the president is doing less work, what do you think will vice president do?

            Since Dinka cousins are overwhelming and addicted with leadership that the keep abusing, it is wise idea to have president and prime minister positions so the Dinka can keep the president with less executive powers for life. However, the other tribes can rotate through election the position of prime minister that has more executive powers like the one in Italy, Russia, Israel, Japan, and India.

            Bill Kuch, you said the government should not share power with the tribe. Well, if you know Nuer is only one of the tribes in South Sudan that fighting the government, then why you invited into South Sudan several foreign troops that caused mountains of debts just for one tribe while all the 63 tribes are with you? Your tribal chief keeps on running to different countries all over the world seeking military help just for one tribe. Since your tribal chief instigated the war in Juba in December 2013, he keeps on borrowing $300 millions every three months. yet your South Sudan army do not get pay either. All the money borrowed from foreign nations is used to pay the rental military that are fighting Nuer. There is no doubt the full time drunkard president’s war with Nuer caused the government of South nearly trillion. This is one factor “Nuer- Another Israel in East Africa” calls you slave because you change master to master.

            Kondokoro, for your information, Riak in Nuer is not the same as Riak in Dinka. I clearly explained to you not too long ago that the name “Riek” is not the same “Riak” in Dinka. Riak is the name of bird in Nuer language, but in Dinka language means destruction. If you want to translate the name “Riek” in your dialect its means “Wuor” in Dinka. Because Riek sounds like Riak does not means they have similar meaning. If you are in desperate of wanting to know what destruction means or call in Nuer language, it is call “Dak” or “Nyuon” like “James Gatdet Dak and William Nyuon”. Salva has been doing Nyuon in Juba since 2005 and the result of Nyuon he had done is Dak in Greater Upper Nile.

      • Gulung says:

        It is this traitor and black-heartedness that puts you and your likes in hell with Satan … Because if the fight is against the Monyi-jang people, why would you put the stability and security of the other South Sudanese at stake? don’t you know where Monyi-jang are? The only good thing is that some militia minded Jalaba agents like you reveal your intentions – only to make us get ready for you.
        Of course if militiamen and traitors of Riek Mi-Char and his Jech Mi-bor militias are to be rewarded with government seats and positions, then that is a very bad piece of peace. This time round we would make sure that traitor Riek Mi-Char, Gat-deet, Tang-ginya, and your other militias never work free from Juba … They must account for what they have, and other traitors must learn from them not to kill innocent Monyi-jang people!

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          A pot cannot call kettle black. Listen to yourself first.

        • Kondokoro says:

          YOU HAVE LOST THE COUP AND YOU HAVE KILLED INNOCENT CIVILIANS you mobolised to over throw democratic elected leader with out finishing his term, now you become soo hungry for power that you tried to grab equatorians to join you but now your mask had open up when you turn against the only equatorian and nationalist vice president to quit for riak is not fair even lado gore is having a second thought about this tribalistic 10 percent nuer followers of the kujur or witch craft leader who promised to instal riak as president

  13. Morthon Akol says:

    comrade Long, its your right to move to any one of these countries you mention them. But don’t forget you will leave the land because its belong to the people of South Sudan not to Ugandan or Congolese.

  14. Kong Puok Tongluot - SS says:

    That’s good article in my view, because a so called Wanni Igga like mercenary of Uganda UPDF, whom has taken side to lootes money with Salva in South Sudan during current war. Wanni a man without functional says, and only opportunist of every crisis in SS since struggle era. Cde. Wanni an egolistic, he orginally from Ruanda, he deserved to quit us now. Salva Kiir, in treatment with an Ebola infection, he was collideddown in Khartoum Airport big shame. He, He, He, He, oil money curse.

  15. simba says:

    It has always been about positions, not principles. That is plain to see.

    • One tribe against the world says:

      If you want the job done correctly, do it yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for the position so you can do the job correctly yourself.

  16. Mayomdit says:

    The Vp should come from any Tribe in South Sudan,why the Nuer like Equatoria to behind and this tribalism used by rebells of Riek Machar.Taban demand to replace JW by Nuer,so Riek Macar always rebelled and came for Equatoria to compromise for position.this time Equatoria will not accept that or may be Salva Kiir is step down and Mr.JW is take over Presidency

  17. AGUMUT says:

    South Sudanese Women need to be very carefully about the so-called Tops body weight men in government,if women wanted to become the future politicians of South Sudan. Don’t do it if you want a clean future,try to come up by your own.It is the same with generals because most of them were those who adored John Garang and Riek Machar and now a nightmare. There is no generals in future without EDUCATION.

  18. Gulung says:

    @ Kong Puok Tongluot – SS;
    Cdr. James Wani is, and has been a revolutionary without a doubt all through the struggle for liberty and the fight for the emancipation of the South Sudanese people … he need no certificate from me (another revolutionary like him), leave alone a traitor and Jalaba agent like you … He is the next President of the Republic of South Sudan. And all traitors – Riek Mi-Char included – must bow to him to be appointed as ministers or whatever!

  19. omoni says:

    who cares about wani Nigga.?

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dinka the Mighty Tribe in South Sudan cares much about him (Patriotic Wani IGGA) and we mean it because we believe in realities and patriotism, believe me NIGGA, the next future President of South Sudan is none other than H.E. 1st LT. Gen. Comrade James Wani Igga, he will make it to the top seat with or without your goddamn assistance whether you like it or not and that is the deal ma Nigga.

      • AW Joseph says:

        J.Chin Jacob
        You must be having mental problem or else have delusional thoughts as was the case always with DINKA who are born naturally psychopaths.
        Keep dreaming about your puppet WANI IGGA. He will become president when all Equatorians are all in their graves. As long Equatorians lives Wani Igga won’t use us again for his personal gains.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          FROM EDITOR:

  20. Hahahaha.Big shame to hear the name Wani i gga in my state C.E.S our Governor H.E clement Wani is one billion % better than this good for nothing V.P in the greater Equatoria region and i very much doubt that,this short animal called Wani Igga to be the President in South Sudan.What difference does he make with this current illiterate president of South Sudan called Kirr ??????? may be president in Warrap and Bhar El ghazal region!!!!!!apart from becoming president of South Sudan,He can not even win any election in our state C.E.S if its conducted in a fair and free manner apart from his village south of Juba.This man called Igga is dispeakable and disgrace to the Bari community in particular and Equatorians in general shame on you Wani Good for nothing comedian of stone age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Kondokoro says:

      shame on you in the jungle raping and killing inocent south sudanese even your mothers you are blinded wani will be president after the new Kiir term in 2020 election

      • AW Joseph says:

        I beg your pardon Mr Kondokoro. OOh..!! my God. Did I hear you say Wani Igga will be president after the end of the Stone Age man and Medieval DINKA KING Salvatore Kiir’s term in 2020 election. “Waa Laahii Laazim, Balaad daah klaash intehaad….”

  21. Mayomdit says:

    Riek Machar droped President Post and calling VP to step down lol.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Equatoria OYEEE.

  22. Kulang says:

    Could some please enlighten me but I’m not aware of any other government structure which hosts a President, Vice President and a Prime minister, In this case both the President and Prime minister both posses executive powers so the Vice basically serves as a powerless middle man. To those complaining of Riek replacing Wani Igga, you’ve misunderstood Taban’s point, the Prime minister posses more power than the Vice (Igga) so whether he keeps his post or not is irrelevant, but the point is that keeping such a post in the structure will complicate communications between the President and the Premier. Salva is obviously going to be seeing red at the mere suggestion of this as Wani Igga serves as a miracle pill for equatorian loyalty and he fears the withdrawal symptoms.

    • Kondokoro says:

      Power hunger
      these pipol are not for peace but want power to control ,another name for prime minister is cabinet affairs minister
      right now we do have cabinet affairs minister who is equivalent to prime minister he chairs the cabinet meetings and run the cabinet affairs of the goverment, riak want to be a prime minister with powers at the same time if he kill Kiir he can take over or it will be easy to make a coup, he basically want to eliminate Kiir and take over, but he cant this time, SPLA will not allow him to impose his will on the people of south sudan

  23. AGUMUT says:

    My opinion,there is no room for Mr.PHD in the South. Who is going to protect women when all moral declines SPLM behaved like the PIMPS.

  24. Chaa Ping says:

    You guys seem to not getting the memo weeks ago; president Kiir made it clear that there will be no power sharing with rebels! It couldn’t be more clearer than that.

  25. Martin L says:

    Are these people serious? What is the reason for having a VP, Prime Minster and two assistants for PM? Have we learned from previous bloated cabinets and current corrupted government anything at all? Scrape the goddamn VP and the two PM assistants posts! Frankly, it doen’s matter who is a VP, whether it is Wani or someone else, Kiir controls very much everything.

  26. Chol Malual says:

    The rebel have come down to the last show by:engaging in begging for positions to be offered to them by the same gov’t they defected from.O my God!!!!!?

  27. cos says:

    I don’t see the dangers of removing Wanni Igga since he is just there to fill a gap of the Vice president.
    Even though now Wanni is removed from power and he claims to threaten a war,no any single Equatorian will follow him since tribalism and regionalism is the only way to gain more support.
    Days are gone the time when he was the zonal commander for Equatorians whom we all joined the movement with a hope that he will shade away our tears and represent our demands on federalism,land grabbing,cool blood murder etc,unfortunately he became a puppet like Semii Kakugulu of Uganda who bterayed the Kabaka during the British rule in Uganda.
    I see no reason why Bentiu Ramaran rebuked the editor on such information.Its a pleasure to see him appearing in south Sudan self television (SSSTV) addressing citizens.
    Whether is true or not Iggas position is to please the Equestrians but it did not yield any fruit.
    What ever comes new in the talk should be viewed as the structuring of the government that has gone wrong.
    Infact I will be happy if a new change comes that Kirr and Machar have stepped down for any positions and has given chance to a visionary leader full of wisdom like Bishop pareda Taban.
    The government should continue accepting that they have to large extend failed this Movement of Our Hero Dr John Garang De Mabior and we need total reforms from the Head to the Bottom.Never the less who will head.
    Those OLD and above 50+ years MPs in the parliament with war ideologies who claimed the country is still young should retire and give people with potent ional energy to drive the country in to global world.

  28. Amum Machar says:

    Political struggle doesn’t take away individual’s rights. Because the case of power struggles in the South S. leaders’ ambiguous are not going away sooner unless leaders have faith dialogues, accept their differences and uniqueness, viewers might think the same Juba will not take both this time. However, South S. government should create PM and keep the VP, but reject any proposal that accommodate two armies with separate power is unacceptable in the S. Sudan. This case should be treated like when Dr. John G. was fighting with Sudan regime leader then later signed CPA after South S. lost more than 2. million lives.

    • Jake says:

      Wani’s clown ass, can keep his Vp position since it will be of no relevance. He will not have any executive powers. His position only serves to calm those coward dinkas hearts. Who fear Kiir is dying of Alcohol abuse, and Machar being 2nd Guarantees, their doom and end.

  29. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t think Machar will go back.

  30. Jake says:

    As for the case of 2 separate armies. Let’s see how brave and Arrogant this Dinkas are when we all have guns in Juba and not only Kiir’s tribal Guards. Machar just became the Strongest Warlord,Politician and Man in south Sudan. If Kiir refuses proper democratic procedures. War will always be an option. Now the while greater Uppernile is armed to the teeth. Should there be another war. It will be in Juba and we will head to Warrap and Burn Awan Chan and every Village in that region to Oblivion.

  31. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Dear AW Joseph the LOSER,
    Did you mean to say as the case with Dinka who ‘re naturally born-to-rule or something?
    What is wrong with you Nyamnyam aka Equatorians?
    Why don’t you be proud of few patriotics like James Wani Igga, I saac Mabuto Mammur and some other commanders who ‘ve represented you during liberation struggles?
    Do you want all Equatorians to be traitors and Western Puppets like you or what are your intentions actually?
    Please I would like to assure you that you and the likes will definitely made your destiny as you protest because Dinka alone are capable of sending you to your graves as you predict.
    The legacy of Comrade James Wani Igga is clear and safe and i am sure you & your family are aware of his patriotism.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Hello Elhag Paul,
      Do you know how shameful and funny it is for someone like you to have refused to say the truth and instead opts for lies and assumptions for the sake of creating more confusions among innocent civilians like that of Nuer who have plainly sells their shameful lies to their Western allies that Dinka are like this and that and thus we are capable of ousting them out of leadership (power) militarily and when they try it, then the results or consequences of their idiotic move are now best known to the same Nuer and their allies in the West.
      I am begging you to refrains from selling your cheap lies and baseless percentages about Dinka i am telling you this because some primitive and innocent civilians will buy your cheap agenda and again they will gonna fall in same ditch as that of Nuer while the Cooks and Evil doers like you will be far from the realities on ground, since your position and intention is all about influencing Nyamnyam and other tribes against Dinka, so i want to promise you that we were Dinka, we are now Dinka and we shall always remains Dinka and thus, we will be ready to defend our pride, legacy, originality, vision and Integrity at any cost no matter what the cost may be because we are good as bad.
      Do your research properly even if the outcome of your findings about Dinka’ s population will be 10 people still it doesn’t make difference as we are still known & remains Dinka period.
      It is very bad for a big person like you to resorts in lies and fact denials.

  32. Bol Akuol. says:

    Dear Elhag Paul:

    It appears that you are very ignorant about the Dinka population in South Sudan. Believe it or not, the family of the former Paramount chief of the Ngok Dinka of Abyie, Chief Deng Kuol (Deng Majok), the Father of Dr. Francis Mading Deng and Dr. Luka Biong Deng could out number your own tribe in Equatoria leave alone the entire Ngok Dinka. The population of Dinka Malual of Northern Bhar El Ghazal could be more than the population of the entire Central and Eastern Equatoria.

    Also there is another brand new tribe emerging in South Sudan and it is called Dinkaquatoria. The Dinkaquatoria is a new tribe comprised with the children born by the Dinkas who are married to the Equatorian women and Dinka women married to Equatorian men. The Dinka soldiers have been producing children with the Equatorian women since 1983. Some of those children have become fathers themselves and their populations is rapidly growing in South Sudan and particularly in greater Equatoria region. Please pay a visit to South Sudan and see it for yourself. There are more Dinkas and Dinkaquatorians in greater Equatoria region than anywhere else in South Sudan. Those people we call them Equatorian-Dinkas and Dinkaquatorians. So the population of the Dinka and Dinkaquatoria tribes is growing faster in your backyards while you are sleeping around with Kawajats in London- England. Who will increase the population of the greater Equatoria when you are not doing your part?
    Please come home and marry another wife so that you can help increased the population of the greater Equatoria region otherwise the Dinkas will out numbered your population in 20 years from now.

    According to the Nuer statistic reports, 20-30.000 Nuers were massacred in Juba between December 15 and 17, 2013. Another 40-50.000 Nuers are hiding in the UNMISS Camp in Juba and more than 50-60.000 are still working and being protected by the government of president Kiir Mayardit. If the population of Nuer is this big in Juba, How would the population of the Dinka who has been fighting and living in Equatoria since 1983 be? Please stop beating around the Bush and accept the reality.

  33. monychol says:

    Wani Igga bodyguard almost assassinated the US ambassador in Juba.That could had been a real redline redder then the abolishment of his position as the US military in Ndjibouti could had moved swiftly and heads could have rolled in the street of Juba with some fat heads ending in the sea like Osama Bin Laden head.
    These leaders in Juba are now crossing real redlines.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      I’m so glad to hear that. It means that our leaders are well protected in Juba. President Obama of the United States of America and the prime minister of Canada, Hon. Steven Harper was almost assassinated in their offices recently. Please tell your Mother Nyadeng Chol Atem to stop bitching about the government of South Sudan otherwise our national security will drown her in her toilet water tank and this not a joke. We are becoming impatient with the Twic East traitors.

      • monychol says:

        Bol, that is where you are and your mind is.By the way where is your national security? Why was your entire county eraased into ashes if you claims to have national security? Wait we will see.It was the destruction of your county yesterday, tommorrow will be the assassination of your Bor county thugs in the daylight in this Juba.Wait we will see if those of Kuol, Makuei and Malaak will survive in the hands of South Sudanese.We will expose you and your enemies are already many and they willl be more then you can see now.Just wait.Your county fate was a child play even your cattle camps will be evicted from Equatoria we will encourage them to deport you back to your county where you will face the final solution.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          Please refrain from addressing me as Dinka Bor. There is nothing wrong of being called Dinka Bor because they are not cowards, greedy and traitors like Dinka Nyadeng Chol Atem and Majak D’Agoot.
          However, I’m not really from Dinka Bor. I’m a Muonyjang and I believe you know precisely where the Muonyjang is located in South Sudan. Please leave Dinka Bor alone and address me as me, the Muonyjang. By the way, I’m too embarrassed and ashamed to call you a Dinka. Dinka Bor and I will give you up for the Nuer’s slavery. Please go and be a slave of Gatcharwearbol and Bentiu Ramran.

  34. AGUMUT says:

    Anyanya are Anyanya even they change their names into the so-called the main SPLM or SPLM-In Opposition,they are still Anyanya.

  35. Kulang says:

    Personally I think the Governor of Central Equatoria state Clement Wanni Konga is a far more competent leader than James Wani Igga. Plus he has the approval and support of his people unlike these useless incompetent yes men governors, Joseph Monytuil and Simon Kuon Puoch, that have been forced upon the people of Greater Upper Nile.

  36. Jake says:

    Whoever still buys Salva Kiir’s Coup narrative is just an idiot and Ignorant. Even salva’s own commanders admit there was no coup. Marial and James Hoth openly admitted the cause of the Dec 15 mutiny as an ethically motivated disarmament of the Nuers elements within the tiger battalion. Now with 2 armies proposed, Salva is being advised to refuse the proposal, since a real coup could now occur and Kiir’s weak army cannot defend him. He has no choice though but to accept 2 armies otherwise the innocent Nuers civilians he massacred their love ones will never leave the protection camps and refugee camps. That would mean the Nuers will be in rebellion until he is ousted. Plus he’s husband ‘s army UPDF is exhausted and cash strapped like his government. JEM, Olony ‘s militias, Bapiny militia, SPLM-n are almost wiped out. Hence the reason why JEM commanders are negotiating directly with Khartoum. They no longer have an army or supply routes. This rebellion of the Nuers has solved khartuom ‘s rebel issue. It has also set south sudan in a proper direction, no more rampant corruption, Tribalism, Nepotism will exist after this war. South sudan will be in the straight and narrow. Without fake pride and born to rule mentality because the Nuers proved it to be Meer words from cowards, too scared to man up to them.

    • Kulang says:

      Exactly the only reason Salva’s forces have a chance in Bentiu and Malakal is because of GaatMonytuil’s betrayal and Olony’s Chollo Defence Force. Remove those two from the equation and we would be witnessing considerably different front-lines, even the bulk of the SPLA forces that occupy Nassir are Nuer loyalist..

  37. One tribe against the world says:

    J. Chin Jacob:

    Do you hear yourself? When did west becomes Nuer allies? Have you forgotten that Nuer are fighting west especially America with their puppets, Museveni?

    In fact, Nuer is against the whole world. We have no ally at all. We are shouldering this on our own. We have long ago defeated Dinka and the 63 tribes. It is now Nuer against the entire East Africa. Who doesn’t know this? How old are you first of all? Children should remain in their hiding place. Keep quiet and let Nuer and East Africa mecernaries twist their armies in a manly manner.

    After we defeat your East African rental troops, we will come to your western allies. China is ready to bring in troops in your support and I’m sure America is ready to chip in soon. This is the entire world. One tribe against the world… You are pathetic!!

  38. my Southern Sudanese it is good for all citizens to know what is hurting them, then fight war between tribes of our country. This country must have one tribe as we are SPLM/SPLA! Let us forget what happen and find the solutions to our next generations to come. We have stood up against Khartoum government fighting for longtime and until we defeated the Khartoum by votes! “What it simples is that” What our President Kiir and his sacked Vice President Dr. Riek done was totally selfishness and should be address for future, why it difficult to be solved it is because everyone took side. Therefore, they will never knew their mistake. Am I encouraging you to abandon all those thoughts of tribalism ideologies and let us level ourselves as SPLM/SPLA tribe.

  39. KONDOKORO,or whatever you call your self,Don’t ever again say Dr .Riek want impose his will to the people of South Sudan ,am an Equatorian from the C.E.S ,But instead you the Arian Jiengs are the ones who are imposing your naked mentalities /will to the people of South Sudan in particular our region Equatoria and Upper Nile :

    1- By Land grabbing in the Equatoria Region (Nimule,Kaya,and Yei)
    2- Raping of our Sisters and Mothers from Equatoria
    3- Killing of the Bari community in Juba and Yei in a broader day light.
    4- Killing of the innocent Nuer tribe in the name of protecting Dinka Kingdom and the illiterate King of Warrap know as kirr and yet you expect others not to talk .But thank God that,the Nuer alone without Equatorians yet was able to …. Jiengs properly without help from Uganda you could take refugee for Life.

    5-Un necessary promotion of the most illiterate community known as Arian Jiengs in the Government,Ministries,National Army,Police,prisons and Wild life with all this crimes mentioned above the Arian Jieng community want only legalize their Kingdom by appointing this current comedian without political skill as VP to make us happy and my kind request to Jieng is that ,let try serious elections Kirr,plus Wani equals to nothing.But Dr Riek plus another Great Equatorian like already Lado or Bakosoro equals to success and that is what we Equatorians want and if its fails Bullets will figure it out as the language always feared by the Arian Jiengs.Shame on them once again.

  40. Riek has been given a position of VP in the first Kiir proposal but he refused to take over. now no chance again, the position is for Equatorian.

  41. TITIKECI says:

    Hi all
    Kiir And Wani should leave the office for for the people who can put the country right

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