SPLM in the carnage of civilians in South Sudan

BY: Aluong Deng Bul, SOUTH SUDAN, FEB/25/2014, SSN;

In the personality of Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, SPLM is an empty political entity with a leadership void and a liability to the people of South Sudan. SPLM had lost track in between translating its programs into national agenda and running a genuine stable state with inheritable functioning institutions.

This guerrilla mass movement which turned into a ruling political party on signing the CPA found itself mesmerized with achievement of peace which was essentially attributed to its only brain, Dr. John Garang De Mabior.

With his sudden death, SPLM became a political orphan with nowhere to rely on in terms of brains but faced a well-built National Congress Party NCP, a partner in the implementation of the agreement.

SPLM had never had any semblance of structures of governing a modern state but only had a guerrilla war council whose members later on turned into parliamentarians.

The only governing tool these guerrilla generals who later turned into politicians in a matter of night had were stories of war fought, and that became a short lived story.

Constituencies had huge expectations to be met by these self-anointed politicians.

President Kiir and his former VP Dr. Riek Machar got themselves engulfed in meeting seas of people’s expectations yet they were literally political orphans of their own ignorance, especially Salva Kiir, Garang’s most preferred long time close friend and deputy chairman in the SPLM.

He also proved himself the worst in terms of knowledge gained from late leader Dr. Garang whom many described as charismatic leader.

Kiir’s long time association with Garang would have been an added advantage compared to his current empty handedness in leadership styles.

Those who inherited the party upon the death of Dr. John Garang found themselves hypnotized given the absence of desired skills in managing a modern state.

The personality of President Kiir as bandwagon in the SPLM vision had none to offer other than continual bragging-reciting expired credits of having stayed on in the movement without lifting feet anywhere, something which saddened movement’s prostitutes or those who bowed cheaper in the course of liberation struggle.

Dr. Riek Machar, the de facto leader of those described had ever found himself no equal to Salva Kiir in terms of leadership skills though the movement had a queued seniority based on date of arrival during its formation or date of joining the movement in 1983.

Former vice President Dr. Riek Machar, a self-proclaimed heir of ancient Nuer divine leader-cum Prophet Ngundeng Bong had reluctantly accepted to work as Kiir’s subordinate.

Kiir, suspicious of himself, knew that and vice versa. The two great Nuer and Dinka opportunists rocked the boat sailing South Sudan to implementation of CPA.

Salva Kiir, like his former vice president could hardly concentrate in overseeing affairs of the South in the collegiate presidency in Khartoum.

Dr. Riek was left behind to plant his fame to take leadership, something which made Kiir restless in Khartoum.

Machar on the other hand found no time to concentrate in building inheritable modern state structures. He too was busy weighing on Kiir’s weaknesses.

The SPLM as a party found itself turned into bedbugs, killing its own supporters in order to elongate it fragile life.

Translating SPLM guerrilla political programs into running affairs of autonomous region stalled on explainable account. The two men could only busy themselves in the fight to holding onto and taking of power.

President Kiir who hardly takes initiative in face to face confrontations in resolving leadership crisis, failed to face his vice president in his unwanted behaviors.

Kiir thought exposing Dr. Riek to public would either exonerate his reluctant sluggish leadership.

Riek on the same account had foolishly too thought failure of government would only be attributed to Kiir as an individual.

In Riek’s view, Kiir was just a dead log before a sailing boat, thus he deserves no place in nation building theatre.

His only prayer was to let chaos reign so that public outcry could easily frustrate him to pave way.

As somebody who hardly sees where he had gone wrong, Kiir held on to power through supports of non-constituencies’ politicians he single-handedly brought to cabinet.

In 2010 Sudan’s general elections, majority of those Kiir accused of coup now, failed to secure parliamentary seats, thus presidential powers plus SPLM 5% allotted powers to the chairman, redeemed them from shame of losing elections in their constituencies.

It was in the same 2010 general elections that SPLM’s civilians’ carnage in the name of protecting the Golden boys started.

Late George Athor Deng felt cheated in favour of Kuol Manyang, the current minister of defense. SPLM had already mastered the art of killing people in the name of preserving the golden geese.

Thousands of people perished in Jonglei and Unity states in Deng’s related rebellion.

Without understanding complex power struggle within the ruling SPLM, one would always remain an outsider who sees South Sudanese as chaotic and ungovernable.

The issue at hand is the party with sluggish ideas which could hardly be improved upon. The party could not exert effort to review its programs without Dr. John Garang, and this is where one would arrive at a conclusion that there can’t be a rejuvenated SPLM without Dr. Garang.

SPLM is indeed an evil of the people of South Sudan.

If President Salva Kiir who brags about pronouncing himself as a founding member of the party in 1983, you wonder the level of knowledge he had at the time given that human being keeps on improving and perfecting in aspirations.

The harsh reality the current party leadership can go to bed with is that late Garang founded the Movement alone while those claiming membership in it were just mere bystanders in the process.

The end is justifying the means. Another harsh reality they should also go home with despite occupying high echelons in the party for long, is that they were mere spectators in the daily running of the movement, and as such they don’t have what’s needed to transform this deformed party.

In order to keep public on lack of developmental programs, the SPLM thugs had to manufacture this war as a means of lengthening their political lives, something NCP has perfected in Sudan.


  1. okuc says:

    Dear Aloung, your analysis of Spla party is correct. The party has lost vision and track since the death of Dr. Grang and those left don’t know why they are in power in South Sudan and to make things worst president Kirr hasn’t any clue with an expected power he inherited after the death of Garang.
    People of South Sudan have to consign Spla party to history after event of 15th Dec 2013. It is not fit to govern in South Sudan.

    • I am truly wondered by your inclined and twisted logic, yes our late Charismatic leader Dr. John Garang have really devoted his entire life to champion for the just cause of the peoples of South Sudan, but frankly speaking, it could have not been possible for him to succeed if he has no other instrumental elements in support of him or standing by him, the incumbent Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit was the right arm in the security intelligence in the SPLA forces, those of late justice Majer Gai contributed immensely by writing the SPM/SPLA Manifesto though he has to loose his life before the CPA when he got executed by the same law he had written! without the backing from late Kerubino Kuanyin, Willam Nyuon and Salva Kiir, Dr. John would have found it extremely difficult to defeat the late Akuot Atem, Gai Tut, William Abdalla Chuol and the rest. logic is always good and the truth always hurts but it has to be said if we are intellectuals.

  2. Thanks Aloung,

    Only thives of this new country of ours can support Kirr with is usless leadership style .The president is dead politicaly ,just a matter of time before his burial which means steping down or runing to Uganda. There is no president on the earth who does not measure his performance on self evaluations apart from Kirr.Goodleaders work with their citizens not his home tribemates as the case with Kirr.

  3. Ajak says:

    A good observation, but the chairman of the SPLM/A played a high handedness in the process of struggle because he elevated the weaks and imprisoned the very politicians that could have succeeded him in case.

  4. Dear Bul Deng,

    South Sudan is now in Un hand with intensive care unit. Forget about Salva Kiir Kingdom, his mind is somewhere in world of unknown. Imagine when you can farted alone at night when someone smells your fart, you tell others someone else was farting. That’s what Kiir did on December fifteen, two thousand thirteen. Such behaviour should not be tolerated to continue his kingdom. Let us all tell him to step down no more bla bla bla with ignorant man.


  5. Comrade Yaya says:

    @ Aluong, all you have mentioned is truth, nothing else but the truth.

  6. Kong Puok Tong - Finland says:

    Brother, Aluong
    Hi !!!
    That*s the good ideas, what you said, late our father Dr. John Garang De Mabior’s suddenly death. SPLM has became a political with orphan nowhere to rely on in terms of brains. Well done, Dear Aluong Deng Bul.
    Salva Kiir a hero of world newly nation SS of mastermined corrutional, powerabuser, bribal, tribal. He does’s listening any advice from who and whom, that why our beloved country is plunges again to meaningless war. In our people nobody free while others oppressed. Salva caused on our people sefere, and he is rely on lies said coup marrative by his XE VP.Thanks Our heavenly father may bless you ! ! !.

  7. Diversity says:

    When violence becomes too weak to sustain control, the SPLM/A resorts to deception and lies, which serve to justify and mask the rule by violence.

    The SPLM/A promised land to the communities, factories to the workers, freedom and democracy to the intellectuals, and peace to all. None of these promises has ever been realized. One generation of S. Sudanese died deceived and another generation continues to be cheated. This is the biggest sorrow of the S. Sudanese people, the most unfortunate aspect of the S. Sudanese nation.

    • Pan says:

      Very well put, Diversity. Very well put. The real SPLM and the fake SPLM and the what-and-the-what SPLM have all miserably failed despite their hefty paychecks and liberation rhetoric. Because they’ve ”lost their vision” they go around trying to gouge out everyone’s eyes. They are the kind of comrades who will sink their own political Titanic and then push aside women, children and the elderly in order to take sole advantage of the life boats. To our comrades Democracy means they get in the boat first.


  8. Tyson says:

    The SPLM was created as a terror and murderous/killing machinery. It was run by Garang as a personal property. The rest of members were mere follows and boot leakers. This spins from the fact that not all SPLM members are good. Some of them (at the time) were running from justice in one form or another to seek refuge in SPLM in the name of freedom fighters, while they are actually criminals. Some SPLM members are also malignant thieves. They started stealing from Nimeiri’s time till the formation of their Government of Self- Service (GOSS).
    The current rift is not because these SPLM bigots care about South Sudan and welfare of its people rather it is about amassing wealth. Of course Kiir has siphoned more than any one of them coupled with his incompetence. That is why the quarrel is much louder.
    Now they are re-negotiating themselves back to power to continue sucking this country.
    It is up to the people of this beloved country to wake up. None of these criminals should get to power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. john says:

    It is true that the SPLA’s leadership has failed the people of South Sudan under Salve Kiir guidances. So let wish for the best in the new interim government that will unite all the citizens of the new nation.

  10. Pastor says:

    Kiir & Machar, No good Nation without Children and No good lives without nation.thinking of life is better than war you thinks.Pharaoh received a report that the Israelites had escaped. When he heard this, he and his officials changed their minds about what they had done. Pharaoh said, “Why did we let the Israelites leave? Why did we let them run away? Now we have lost our slaves!” He took 600 of his best men and all of his chariots. There was an officer in each chariot. The Israelites were leaving with their arms raised in victory. But the Lord caused Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to become brave. And Pharaoh chased the Israelites. The Egyptian army had many horse soldiers and chariots. They chased the Israelites and caught up with them while they were camped near the Red Sea at Pi Hahiroth, east of Baal Zephon. When the Israelites saw Pharaoh and his army coming toward them, they were very frightened and cried to the Lord for help. They said to Moses, “Why did you bring us out of Egypt? Did you bring us out here in the desert to die? We could have died peacefully in Egypt; there were plenty of graves in Egypt. We told you this would happen! In Egypt we said, ‘Please don’t bother us. Let us stay and serve the Egyptians.’ It would have been better for us to stay and be slaves than to come out here and die in the desert.” But Moses answered, “Don’t be afraid! Don’t run away! Stand where you are and watch the Lord save you today. You will never see these Egyptians again. You will not have to do anything but stay calm. The Lord will do the fighting for you.” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you still crying to me? Tell the Israelites to start moving. Raise the walking stick in your hand over the Red Sea, and the sea will split. Then the people can go across on dry land. I have made the Egyptians brave, so they will chase you. But I will show you that I am more powerful than Pharaoh and all of his horses and chariots. Then Egypt will know that I am the Lord. They will honor me when I defeat Pharaoh and his horse soldiers and chariots.”

  11. Bol Deng says:

    It’s good, but there something left out.

  12. Shamga says:

    Most articles and comments on almost every south sudanese web are about the situation in our country currently. We all know the cause of it is man-made. And when I say “man-made” it should ring a bell straight in the minds of our wise ones that some individuals and communities are responsible. The individuals being Risky masochist and Salva Kiir; and the community being nuer. Here we should know we are dealing with stupid and foolish individuals and communities. And thereafter is their foolishness in order and the explanation that follows. Stupid and foolish 1. nuer: the nuer are naturally stupid and foolish that, so stupid and foolish, emotional, and spontaneous that when incited their reaction is through instinct rather than rationale and we are witnessing this currently.
    Stupid and foolish 2. Riek Machar or Risky Masochist. Masochist is so callous and foolish that despite the death of thousands and call from many to talk to his spontaneous ugly group (nuer) to stop causing themselves death and to others he is calling for more of it pretexting freedom as a tool to incite more death. It is as if he feeds on the blood of the dead.
    Stupid 3. Salva Kirr. Kiir is so stupid and foolish that he surrounds himself with just bunch of fools who together with him treat the sophisticated problems in the country in a simplistic manner. So stupid that lying is now his gangsters’ second nature when they should instead declare they have failed and resign.

    Now that we know we have three big stupids and foolish in hand, what is our responsibility? The answer is simple. Lets get back to the book of wisdom, the Bible and its proverbs to devised a way to deal with them. Proverb 26: 4-5. 4 when arguing with fools, don’t answer their foolish arguments, or you will become as foolish as they are. 5 When arguing with fools, be sure to answer their foolish arguments, or they will become wise in their own estimation.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      The problem with South Sudan all boils down to DINKOCRACY. Dinkas are the ones who ruined the country. Until they accept that, nothing is going to change. Blaming the problems of South Sudan on either Dr. Riek Machar or Nuers is stupidity of the highest order only a luak mentality can conceive.

      • Shamga says:

        Diktor Agaraf,
        A fool may be known by six things: anger, without cause; speech, without profit; change, without progress; inquiry, without object; putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends” Arabian Proverb quotes. This sums it all up on your freaked nuer nature. This class of disorder as manifested in you as well as Mr Risky is usually linked to brain damage, most commonly caused by demon posession – a condition my friend refered to as nuer DEMON-CRAZY as opposed to DINKOCRACY. It shows amazingly in all of you.

        Many of you including Masochist are working with demons – Urnyang, Ngundeng, Dak Kueth and Teny Dhurgon, and have all formed the same opinion that demons can be trusted more than your own human minds. But be advise that no matter how nice, gentle or wise a demon may appear, it is still a demon and eventually will act like one. So instead of becoming foolish and stupid through demons treat them like a bastard slave with insults and curses.

        The very fact that you have worked with these beings without regard to human power of mind shows that your Masochist lack integrity and will not endure the test of time as a leader , and we will strife to make sure that we do not get rulled by demon-crazy as a system. Why on Earth would you be dependent on demons? Diktor Agaraf, there is nothing a demon can do that a nuer mind can’t. However, the creature have already started working on your mind, though you will of course be totally unaware of it until it is too late, not knowing the difficulties you have been experiencing mentally are indeed caused by the demons you are hoping to save you from dinka.

        Basically, use some common sense. A demon is a DEMON. There is a reason it is called that. If you evoke a demon and the demon actually shows in you as can be witnessed in all nuer behaviors including the educated ones alike then you would have found yourself in a hole that is very hard to get out of, which is where you are currently Diktor agaraf.

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