SPLM ex-detainees set to return to Juba and re-unite with Kiir

By FRED OLUOCH, TheEastAfrican Special Correspondent, May/30/2015, SSN;

The return — which is part of the reunification of the three SPLM factions as per the Arusha agreement signed in January — is seen as a major boost to President Kiir’s side after the government in March issued a decree of amnesty to all those in exile.
The adoption came as a result of diplomatic efforts by Kenyan and Ethiopian foreign ministers, plus mediators of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, who in the past week consulted President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and President Kiir.
The new arrangement gives 10 former detainees, who were released after President Kenyatta intervened, a major role in reconciling the warring factions.
However, the rebels led by Dr Machar, said the former detainees were simply trying to gain relevance at a time when there was still increased fighting between the two warring sides.

Negotiators of the South Sudan peace process in Addis Ababa have adopted the Arusha Accord in a fresh bid to end the 17-month civil war.

The Accord — signed by those loyal to President Salva Kiir, former vice president and SPLM-IO head Riek Machar and party officials — seeks to reunite the three SPLM factions.

The adoption came as a result of diplomatic efforts by Kenyan and Ethiopian foreign ministers, plus mediators of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, who in the past week consulted President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and President Kiir.

The new arrangement gives 10 former detainees, who were released after President Kenyatta intervened, a major role in reconciling the warring factions.

Five of the former detainees were scheduled to travel to Juba on June 1 for two-day consultations in a bid to reunite the three SPLM factions.

Former Cabinet Affairs minister Deng Alor will lead former Finance minister Kosti Manibe, former Justice minister John Luk, former Postal Services and Telecommunications minister Madut Biar, and Cirino Hiteng, a former minister for Culture, Youth and Sports.

Dr Hiteng told The EastAfrican that the former detainees would work to narrow the gap between President Kiir and Dr Machar and hasten the implementation of the Arusha Accord and the Addis Ababa process.

“We have remained moderate and have not been an obstacle to the peace process,” said Dr Hiteng. He added that after Juba, the group would visit Pagak to deliver the same message to Dr Machar.

The five were set to leave for Juba, accompanied by South African Vice-President Cyrile Ramaphosa, Tanzania’s Chama Cha Mapinduzi Secretary-General Abdulrahman Kinana, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, and Ethiopian Minister for Foreign Affairs Tedros Adhamon.

President Kenyatta on May 29 met the 10 former SPLM officials and former detainees, representatives and guarantors of the Arusha Accord.

Those in the meeting were Mr Adhamon, who is the chairman of the Igad Council of Ministers, Ms Mohamed, Mr Kinana, representatives of Igad and two special envoys from South Africa, Reddy Mampane and Mandlenkosi Memela.

Pagan Amum, the former SPLM secretary-general, said their first task was to unite the SPLM party and to deal with obstacles blocking the Igad process, which had not made significant progress because the South Sudanese leaders, including himself, had been stubborn.

The return — which is part of the reunification of the three SPLM factions as per the Arusha agreement signed in January — is seen as a major boost to President Kiir’s side after the government in March issued a decree of amnesty to all those in exile.

South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya Mariano Deng told The EastAfrican that the government had guaranteed the security of the former detainees based on the Constitution and had even allowed them a minimum of 60 soldiers from countries of their choice to witness their protection while on the ground.

However, the rebels led by Dr Machar, said the former detainees were simply trying to gain relevance at a time when there was still increased fighting between the two warring sides.

The SPLM-IO representative in Kenya Adel Sandrai said the credibility of the former detainees was dented because the conflict was brought about by the mismanagement of institutions that the detainees were part of.

The former detainees — who were among 11 politicians arrested in December 2013 for disturbance, and charged with treason — have been in exile in Kenya for over a year.

The initial seven were released in late January 2014, with the remaining four released in April after the government dropped charges against them. The four are Mr Amum, former security minister Oyay Deng Ajak, former deputy defense minister Majok D’Agoot Atem, and former envoy for Southern Sudan to the United States, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth.

The government maintains treason charges against Dr Machar, former governor of Unity state Taban Deng Gai and Alfred Ladu Gore, the former Environment minister, who are accused of being behind a coup on December 15, 2013. END


  1. Mawien Magol says:

    Personal, I thanks those SPLM political detainees for not supporting violence since their arrested in 2013, this is how the politicians does things, because you try to distancing yourselves from the use of deadly violence. I hope the Southern Sudanese people will respected those 10 SPLM political detainees for not taking guns against their own citizens. Many Southern Sudanese people have a strong believes that, the conflict would have been maintains in Juba about 17 Months ago if the former vice president was not addicted to creation of rebellion. Also I view Dr. Lam Akol as the real politician guy who never fear for being arrest just like Dr. Hassan al Traubi does in the Northern Sudan. I have come to belief that, the former vice president is not actual a politician this is why he had never understand how politics are play particular, when the nation is combining too many tribes like South Sudan then, the politician should avoiding supporting violence.

    As a native of South Sudan, I would like to take this chance to welcome you all 10 SPLM detainees back to your country and works so hard to to bring peace. I am also advice you not to feel negative for having arrest because for being in jailing does not mean you are guilty but until it is proven guilty and also it is very likely to be jail at any time if thought about leadership and politics. General speaking, the Southern Sudanese people have no problems with you although your associated with former vice president was not clear why many SPLM members were desperately for one position of president instead working for the people and the nation first than person interest. Once again, welcome back to your country and feel free to walked and talks to your friends, relatives, citizens and living as normal but keep away from being accused again because all eyes of Southern Sudanese people are going to facing you every single day and night base on what you says. For former vice president Riek Machar, I think he had ink the Arusha for three SPLM Reunification and he has the choice to make between accepted peace deal or continuation of unnecessary civil war which have led people suffering and lives lost for political differences and I belief the former vice president will never recover from his too much baggage.

    • Chul Mi Bor says:


      Very poor English. “This is how the politicians does things”, ” I hope the Southern Sudanese people will respected those 10 SPLM”, ” I would like to take this chance to welcome you all 10 SPLM detainees back to your country”, ” For Riek Machar, …. has the choice to make between accepted peace deal or continuation of unnecessary civil war”.

      As I stated above, your English is absolutely poor! Moreover, who are you to welcome G-10? Are you spokesperson of Kiir’s gov’t? Who are you to tell Dr. Riek to make a choice between war & peace?

      I advise you to take English language course and learn how to write proper English. Take my advice or leave it!

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Chul Mi Bor,
        This has nothing to do with one having poor English when it comes to the issue here. So, brother Mawien has the right to say his opinion whether he was wrong or right. Your point is awful after all when people we call doctor do poorly opposite after their study and one of them is Dr. Riek. So, why your people are suffering when Machar is an English doctor. Please, whether you are buying into it or not, this is going to be the matter of deal or no deal. Let them take it or leave it. It is as simple as that!!!

        • Chul Mi Bor says:

          Rubbish & nonsense.

          Hey, Mr. Bill-ngoth do you know that your king Inu (Kiir) has a PhD from University of Great Lakes in Kenya. But here is the funny thing though: whenever he talks (Kiir) in public or to a foreign media in English, which is not bad, he always uses the word “INU”, which is weird to those who do not understand Arabic including Mr. INU himself!

          Please do not be jealous of Dr. Riek academic achievement! Mr. Inu is a PhD holder as well! But you know what, Dr. Inu failed to prove Riak (Riek) Machar’s “Atem Kou” (attempted coup). Even Dr. Inu’s father, M7 of Uganda, has failed to prove the atem kou as well! But M7 cannot let his only begotten son to be kicked out of power, thus M7 troops remain in S Sudan!

          Bring it on! Enjoy corruption, embezzlement, tribalism, and nepotism for the time being!

          Take it easy!

      • Kong P. Tongluot. SS says:

        Chul mi bor

        This guy called, Mawien magol is an another poor dinka, similar those poor majority dinkas who are daily advising their primitive paramount chief Slava kiir, that caused all these malpractices in our nation. They are diehard supporting him of getting licenses, just for looting not for peace.

    • GatNor says:

      Mawien Magol,
      As you indirectly said, the government should immediately issue a formal public apology to the exonerated former detainee in which it should be announced that their names have been completely cleared. This is the civilized way of doing things. Thus the coup narrative was a lie. can we all agree on that?

  2. Raankan says:

    Good move for Former Detained to return home to work for peace and Nation building

  3. Eguatorians says:

    False move by the G10 group, as they have completely forgotten the root causes of the conflict. Self interests shouldn’t override your principles and pretend that there were no issues that led to the crisis of Dec. 15th. 2013. To make things worse, tens of thousands civilians lost their lives in the conflict and it is still ongoing. Shouldn’t we fix those problems instead of sweeping them under the carpet. Volcanic eruptions are unpredictable and south Sudanese problems,if not addressed, may erupt again.

    • Joana Adams says:

      What else can we expect from treacherous opportunists. They have exhausted the money they looted while they were cabinet ministers for 9 years and want to claw their nails back to grab some more. Besides they must be terribly missing the power that comes with powerful constitutional positions. Age old wisdom says: a leopard cannot change its spot. These grey hair middle aged men are terribly mistaken. Just because Kiir has come under fire from SPLM -IO, various rebel activities throughout the country, collapse of the economy, plus diplomatic squeeze from the international community,doesn’t mean he will have a change of heart in their favour. Well lets wait and see. Next time Riek or the international community will not be there to plead for their safety and release.
      Secondly, it must be pointed out that East Africans must stop meddling in South Sudanese affairs. It is morally wrong for them to trade our national interests for economic benefits. South Afica and Tanzania in particular should not think that the genocidal SPLM party is like the ANC or Chama Cha Mapinduzi which are national organisations run by reasonably civilised people not uncultured blood thirty thugs who have plunged the country into war and are daily gratifying their blood thirst by butchering our people across the country, raping, looting and causing untold humanitarian crisis.
      The ANC and Chama Cha Mapinduzi must be ashamed of doing business with the genocidal party and regime of Salva Kiir. What do these two countries have against the people of South Sudan that thy are ready to derail the Addis Ababa peace talks in favour of an SPLM intra-party unification when they know too well that the root causes of the civil war: kleptocracy, insittutional tribalism, tyranny, totalitarian dictatorship, suppression and oppression, marginalization and subjugation of minority tribes and worst of all ethnically targeted killings in Dec 2013, and continued ethnic cleansing in the army and among civilians are national issues and not party issues. Why do these countries want to unify the SPLM to continue oppressing and marginalising South Sudanese when they practice democracy in their own countries and treat their own citizens with respect. The SPLM is a tribal organisation rotten to the core and must be demolished!
      Mwalimu Julious Nyerere was a true son of Africa who would never have betrayed the people of South Sudan for blood money looted from the public coffers being routinely used for bribing presidents and officials from the neighbouring countries to close their eyes to the plight of the suffering masses of Southerners. These African politicians are birds of the same feathers and must to be condemned and disowned. Even the president of Angola who doesn’t share any border with us and is probably clueless about what is really happening in the country, want to jump on the boat to defend a criminal who should really be shunned by any decent people’s of the world. I have no respect for African presidents who know that genocide is a crime against humanity punishable under nternational law but want it to be tolerated in South Sudan.
      We will continue to pray for the failure of any wicked plans against all or section of the people of South Sudan by any country or entity, African or otherwise.

      Joana Adams

      • Choromke Jas says:

        Well put. ANC is corrupt and I suspect is the mentor of the SPLM on corruption. Evidence: President Zuma stealing 24m USD to build his own house and ANC government paying 10 m USD for World Cup to FIFA. CCM is treading on a slippery slope. Nyerere must be turning in his grave.

      • Joan Adams,

        Truly, you have made exceptional comments. As always, your words indicate that you are real patriot, sister, mother, and a best friend of all South Sudanese citizens no matter what region and tribes they belong to. I agree with you that Kiir is bribing all African presidents so that they can cover the series of untold crimes Kiir is committing against innocent civilians and cynics in South Sudan.

        Joan Adams, please keep up your citizenship spirit until a genuine democracy is realize in our country.

  4. alex says:

    This is what we want to see in South Sudan. We are the same people, one people and one nation. There is no need for us to fight again. We are tired of wars and we should allow our children to study so that we join the rest of the world in persuing development. I know in a family we may have desputes but we should always try to settle it peacefully. What is important now is to teach our people tolerence, respect for our constitution, Protection of our country from foreign aggression democracy based on differences of political idology not tribal differences. Guns are for wicked people who did not believe in democracy. We should put the interest of our people first not our own interest. The young people should embark on intellectural politics not those cheap backword tribal politics. The youth must disassociate themselves from any politician who is trying to use tribal politics. We should humilite such politician so that they will not be able to mislead us and die prematurely. They are wise because their children are studying in foreign lands and they come to kill the poor men children while keeping their children safe. The youths should understand that prosperty can not and will never be achieved by guns because guns can not and will not defeat the will of the people. The G 10 should be praised because blessed are the peace makers for God will call them his children. The step they have taken is a wise one and they deserve a praise because they listened to the common man cry in our country. May God bless G10.


    • Charles says:

      From other sources, this information is not completely correct. The G10 instaed have now assumed a different role that of mediation. They are said to be going to Juba, not to re-join the SPLM-IG but to plead for them to narrow their differences with the SPLM-IO. They will later also travel to Pagak to meet with the SPLM-IO for the same. I for one do not see their mission producing any success, given the fact that both warring parties are not happy that this group has not joined either of them. This is mission impossible. But I guess, they have to try.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Indeed, the mission of these traitorous ‘returnees’ appears very confused.
        During their arrival in Juba today, as seen on SSTV, they were welcome by the smaller SPLM youth leader, Paul Akol, Kiir’s tribal youngster who is clearly being groomed as the next SPLM general secretary. This Akol made it very plainly that the returnees have come for the unification of the party.
        Same to the speech of South African Cyril Ramaphosa, who reiterated that their combined efforts with the Tanzanian Chama Chama Mapenduzi and others (Kenya and Ethiopia) was to seek the same goal of SPLM unification.
        However, a very subdued Deng Alor meekly spoke of their mission’s goal as to ‘explore for peace with those in Juba and the others in opposition,’ an obvious reference to SPLM-IO.
        Obviously, by reading the cool reception accorded these returnees and the long faces of those SPLM guys in Juba, I would concur with you that Deng Alor and company are on a ‘mission impossible.’
        My take is that with the avaricious ‘man-eat-man’ appetite within the SPLM, those inside who have already inherited the positions vacated by the returnees will ensure that they are not shoved aside. Nobody in Juba wants to suffer the legendary stupidity of Wani Igga voluntary abdication of his Number Three post to Dr. Riek Machar in 1992, by giving up their current positions. Kiir would rather stick with those who remained in Juba and fought with him in this war period and not with those emulating Machar’s legendary treachery.
        Let’s wait to see the drama unfold.

  5. james mulbah says:

    This fight between the government and the rebels is meant to put South Sudan on the path to democracy. And at the end of this war, no single South Sudanese leader including the president will rule or want to rule for life.Every South Sudanese will be able to run for office, and there will be a presidential term limits of two terms after which another person will be given the opportunity to be voted into office.
    Those who will be elected will be accountable to the people and if they do not perform, the people of South Sudan will vote them out of office. And in Uganda, where Mussevini, is ruling for life, democracy in South Sudan will be a big threat because of the developments that democracy will achieve in such a short period of time.
    Finally, South Sudan will understand why Mussevini is a spoiler. And the chance will be given to all South Sudanese to be what they want to be in Democratic South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:


      I wish your prediction cones to pass. I like it.

      The Eastern Rock

    • James Mulbah,

      I agree with you. The rebels are fighting for the rule of laws, freedom of every citizen to run for the office of their interest, enforcement of term limits, neutral army, and strong judicial system. I believe this war will change the structure of corrupt government. Blah Blah Blah alone fail to give us independent in 1947.

      Blah Blah alone failed to give Tibet independent, Blah alone failed miserably to free Tibetans from slavery, Blah Blah alone failed to secure Black American freedom. The United States got her independent in 1776, but the war did not finish until 1864 after the Black Americans took matters on their own hands. I appreciate you and other South Sudanese who support change by whatever means it take to bring change into South Sudan.

  6. Citizen311 says:

    Its hard to determine whether the G10 have made the best decision at this point. Firstly they are of no threat to the government considering what can they really do? Secondly they were granted Amnesty which can be revoked anytime with impunity from the Kiir regime, it will only require a misguided decree and all of them are back in jail.

    Human beings can only be oppressed for a certain period of time and after that they will react and fight back. There are so many root causes to where we are right now but the most obvious ones being Tribalism and Corruption. For a multi cultural country like South Sudan 80% of the government being DINKA while at the same time they’re crying of being marginalised just makes you understand there will never be peace in South Sudan unless the system is restructured. Otherwise cheaply claiming a right to everything based on a childish idea that you liberated the country will keep Machar in the bush also to Liberate South Sudan people from the TYRANNY of KIIR and his henchmen.

  7. Ogalam says:

    G nothing is trying to gain legitimacy to look as Peacemakers while they were the one who failed to build institutions that led to massacre in our country. G nothing should not be give a chance to unite SPLM again to loot our country. SPLM is not South Sudan. South Sudan is for all political parties and if at all there is a move to unite parties, it should not be now but after the peace talk in Addis Ababa. And it should be done for all the parties to avoid awakening the SPLM monster.

  8. jok lual says:

    bravo mr Deng Alor brothers can fight and forgive well come back.the problem is not you is Riek machar and nyandend

  9. Francis says:

    Good move, let them come back home to their country and I hope too that the internet war mongers do the same. War is not good. It is easy to fight it online but it is difficult to fight it on the front line.
    Welcome home G10 and anybody of good will.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The problem in South Sudan isn’t ‘good will’ but the pervasiveness of Kiir’s trained murderers aka…SPLA.. to inflict terror and murder and absolute circumvention of the rule of law.
      These tribal guys in the personalities of the Marials, the Pinys and the Paul Malongs, are trained and unapologetic murderers and these traitorous G10 will sooner find themselves in Juba being denied their basic human and civil rights, like Dr. Lam Akol, and some of them might be eviscerated sooner.
      Kiir, like his predecessors Mengistu, Mobutu, Obote, Amin, Bokassa, Gaddafi….etc, has tasted the sweetness of power and he has all those jiengs who have immensely benefited from that power in Kiir and as typical of megalomaniacs….especially the semi-educated like Kiir, he won’t abdicate voluntarily or accept conducting an election that is going to depose him.
      So, only expect these G10 returnees sell-outs and thieves to destroy the hopes of the oppressed South Sudanese whose only hope was to see Kiir and his henchmen to face the guillotine or the hangman’s noose, not some jubilant welcome reception.

  10. Elhag Paul says:

    Turkeys overwhelmingly voting for Christmas. President Salva Kiir and his murderers will enjoy a rich feast this season.

  11. Dhuor says:

    Their coming will never change anything.Their planned going to Pagak is just a PR.

  12. The simmering situation in S.Sudan is not an ending saga. I hope the political detainees have done their work thoroughly before making such a decision of returning to south Sudan. Many politicians in the country are now undecided, either to stay or to run out of the country. The situation in the country is a melting volcano where the larva keeps on creeping with devastating effect.
    The situation in Upper Nile is a cancer, the economy is in shambles, new war arise in Mundri, and tribalism is in a high gear. The president is puzzled with the phenomenon and he has no idea how to tackle south Sudan tsunami, except war and firing generals.
    The Political detainees opting to return in such a country, to the Lion Den is a catastrophic move that must be regretted. I hope they are not lured by cash and empty promises by the government, I wished they had a second thought. They are not the solution of the SPLA woes but they are the cause of upheaval in the country.
    The president will only be happy to see that his rivals are now riding the same jeep with him to cheering crowds in Juba town. But as one of the African writers once wrote, “I laugh with my white teeth but my heart bleeds.”
    They president may be happy that they are now back home, but his heart may be full of venom and he will be looking for revenge and how the get rid of the detainees. They are the source of his problems and let’s not be surprised about this. Let’s pray for them and I hope they will be wise enough while living in the country.

  13. i appreciate the rules of play by the government for having received the former ex-detainees upon returning from neighboring Kenya to south Sudan in order to bring peace, unity and stability in the our country.

  14. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    I think it is a right decision for these detainees to come back, no matter how confused they are. Forgiveness is very important and I encourage them to apologize to Southern Sudanese who are suffering because of their political disagreement. Many people think the war in South Sudan is the meaningless and useless war and no need to fight for the leadership you are already in.

    They are heroes of our struggle, but I do not supported their disagreement with President Kiir and because of these disagreement is what killed thousands of people. I appreciated Southern Sudanese for their humbleness to welcome them to see how suffering the people they have been fighting for 21 years with Dr. John Garang and same Salve Kiir they are against.
    Because they are in Juba, I am very happy for President Kiir for his being easy to forgive and easy to listen to people, but many people time take this as weakness. Yes, sometime a leader has to be careful because human beings are not always perfect, some people can take this as opportunity to harm you. But God is always with those who are humble and easy to forgive.

    Through forgiveness, I think this is a movement Southern Sudanese have to come together and begins to develop their country instead of causing longsuffering to one another. During the independence many people around the world used to say South Sudan would be like Somalia. Today South Sudan is a second to Somalia and who will deny it again. How many rebels are now fighting against the government just because of leadership? Again the message for these detainees should be clear otherwise their being in Juba would be meaningless. God bless South Sudan.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    That’s it.C’est fini.La politique à l’fricaine.It couldn’t be any different.Money to be made is the objective.The protagonists in the struggle have realized to have neutralized themselves to the point none of them can conquer power alone.For SPLM-Juba,the G11 are more than welcomed comrades.The G11 will conyjor up down to earth tricks to bring SPLM-IO on board.It will never be a surprise to see the latter concocting face saving rubbish and end up joining the club just as in the old days.The soldiers on the most remote front lines will only learn that the war is over if one of their comrades come to Juba to be chocked by the most unexpected surprise of seeing Kiir,Riak and Pagan dining togather around the same table.There they will talk about petrol and money.Forget about RSS,it’s future with the society and the need for development.God have mercy!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Faux Millionaire ,
      Ne soyez pas sorti ; ce n’est que le début! This is just the beginning!

      Once rats exhaust what they have stashed away, they come out looking for what to eat predisposing them to the dangers of hawks and cats.

      Cry the beloved country!

  16. Choromke Jas says:

    Dr Garang once told fugitive SPLA officers that, unlike the (sic) buguazy, they were not employable anywhere in the world except in the SPLA. It appears that Kiir is also doing a Garang. These guys cannot survive without the extreme corruption of the SPLA/M system. I am baffled by Hiteng, particularly, who is well qualified to teach in any of the growing Kenyan universities and get an honest pay. But lo! he is back where he used to steal contractors’ monies! Shame on you Cirino! Even their fabled businesses cannot survive without the unjust subsidies they used to receive from the corrupt SPLM government. This time you will have to bend double and literally leak the boot of Kiir before you can recover some of your ill-gotten riches. Woe unto your houses!

    • Eastern says:

      Hi Choromke Jas,

      That’s hilarious. Dr. Hiteng has shelved his Ph.D for SPLM coupon for free money for which one does not have to sweat.

      Ill gotten wealth cannot be grown; these folks have exhausted their dimes on scotch and hotel accommodation. Remember Kenyan MPs raised a flage at the prospect of president Uhuru accommodating these fugitives last year.

      It’s a shame for people of Dr. Cirino’s calibre to cling on this kleptocratic regime for their daily morsel.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Being a minister and a thief in Kiir’s kleptocratic government is a much easier life than working as a professor sweating making research and marking exam papers or essays for little money.
        Anyway, Cirino wasn’t or isn’t the only Ph.D. professor to serve in the gang of thieving ministers under Kiir. Start counting from 2005 upto today….. no bad intention….. I just wanted to verify the statistics…

        • Eastern says:


          Agreed. The easy money in Juba attracted both the good and evil guys in equal measures to South Sudan.

          Brilliant guys and loafers became ‘leaders’ in Juba resulting in the current predicament the country is in.

  17. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Again, our leaders are easy to be manipulated this Kenyan President is a manipulator, but these Southern Sudanese innocents leaders do not know how harmful the Kenyan President is. There is no anywhere on this earth one person can do two things in same time, supporting the war and peace, Kenyan President is a double-edged. You cannot support the rebels and support the government. Let me send you back to see the photo he took with these innocent -minded leaders of South Sudan, look how they are laughing. What do you think they have in their mind? Look and study the photo how our leaders laugh amazing, I never see Dr. John Garang open his mouth like that during his crisis.

    Many Southern Sudanese leaders think they learnt the leadership from Dr. John Garang, but they did not learn anything from him otherwise they should not always allowed themselves to be manipulated by other leaders. Very opposite their neighbors leaders are those who learned from Dr. John Garang leadership and they are benefiting in economical and politically. Look how did Dr. John Garang students laugh with Kenyan President? Do you think they learned anything from Dr. John Garang? Leader has to be an open-minded and I would like our leaders to be strong like our late leader Dr. John Garang.
    Yes, Dr. John Garang is the gift from God, but we have to learn from him not to be like him, but learn his attitudes of leadership. Look his videos how he used to laughed with other leaders and manipulated them, you also need to be manipulators because he trained you to become his successors. I am not challenging you or against you Southern Sudanese leaders, but I want you to be strong and know what they are doing especially you G11 you should have to be effective leaders because most of you are graduates. Why do you allowed yourselves to be always manipulated by other leaders? You are very intelligent and powerful to bring down whoever is trying to play the dirty games against your country you have been suffering. l love you and I want you to be an open-minded leaders. God bless South Sudan.

  18. GatNor says:

    Former detainees are a living poof that there were no coup attempted by neither. I wonder if the G10 or whatever they called themselves will have their first public address includes their earlier calls of needing to reform SPLM’s liberation councils which violently got them arrested. Will the government of South Sudan issue a public apology and officially clearing the former detainees or will it be business as usual. This we might have to wait and see.

    • Joana Adams says:


      This country will be liberated from the claws of these kleptocrats, no matter how long it will take. They can come and join their partners in crime in Jubà before the oil wells are closed or dried up, but they must never forget that as long as they have directly or indirectly caused the death of many innocent South Sudanese; they have sent many to their graves prematurely; they will never enjoy peace of mind ever again in their lives.
      The blood of those innocent people who were murdered in Jubà in Dec 2013; the blood of all those who have since perished in the battle fields across the length and breath of the South; the thousands who have since died of preventable diseases or hunger; the pains of all those who were subjected to untold violence including sexual violence against women and children and God forbids sexual violence against fellow men. And all those who were denied decent burials and left to be feasted upon by vultures of the air- the blood of these people are crying out from the ground! The pain and agony endured by survivors, thousands of fathers and husbands, mothers, wives, and siblings, relatives and friends who have lost their loved ones, their pains shall not be in vain.
      These people – these power hungry SPLM vultures must be ashamed of themselves. They must be disowned by colleagues and acquaintances. They must be treated like people who have leprosy and people must cross the roads when you see them.
      Leaders are suppose to put their people first. Where have these vultures parading as leaders come from? Whose leaders re they anyway when most of them were rejected by their constituencies in national elections in 2010. Failures always look for favours. But to seek favours from a wanted man who has committed genocide and war crimes against his own citizens; and to seek favours from a man who has run down the country’s economy; and to seek favours from a man who has turned our country into a laughing stock the world over, is truly shocking. Lest we forget that Salva Kiir has killed more Southerners than all those who died in battle during the 17years war and the 21 years war combined. He has conducted a more brutal military campaign against his own people than the British invaders, the Turks and Egyptians and the Jallaba combined. Have we also lost our humanity, to be yoked together – to eat and wine, and share some sick jokes and to publicly stand by the lucifer in black hat?
      Instead of joining the national call for resistance and open rebellion against tyrant Kiir, instead of calling for the resignation of Kiir, or expediting his exit to The Hague, or instead of joining a colleague who struggled for your release from the lion’s jaw and den, the G-10, chose an easier option, an option of personal comfort and easy free money. That shows the type of dehumanised monsters they are. Like Kiir, they deserve nothing less than being held accountable socially, politically and legally for destruction of South Sudan. They must be held responsible for the near still birth of our country. I must tell you the G-10, that your mothers must be turning in their graves if dead, or burryi g their heads in shame if alive. They must be cursing the wombs that nursed you and gave you life. No matter what you do, never forget that in the Holy Book of Genesis 3-17-19, God forbade free easy living and commanded Adam to toil for his food and eat and feed his family out of his sweat for all the days of his life until he returns to the ground from where he was made. There are consequences for disobedience and corporate national theft.
      Remember too, that your lust for power is futile, because again in Gen 1:26 Then God said, “let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; let them have dominion over … all the creatures of the earth “, but not over each other. God never created nor instructed fellow men to have dominion over each other. Doing so, is sin and it will have consequences. I challenge any one, to show me where God commanded men to rule, i.e to have dominion over other men and women, never mind misruling them.
      May God Almighty have mercy and do the right thing for the people of South Sudan. May He open the ground to swallow these so called leaders and their partners in crime in Juba, to redeem his people. Amen!

      Joana Adams

  19. Easy Money says:

    The G10 are broke to their bones. Life has become hard in exile and so The Arusha agreement promised their return to resume the posts they held, prior to July 2013. Forget about whatever happened in the past. The people of South Sudan will never reward you for your Prostitution. Just let Kiir do your ass for $10000. So quit the scene quietly.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Mr. Easy Money,

      We are not talking about money again, we are talking about peace otherwise money has gone like those who have been dying around the country. I read the article on Sudan tribune saying that Deng Alor Kuol is coming to rescue the country from collapsing. He has also said I do not want the vision and leadership of our late Dr. John Garang to die. Amazing, I appreciated him for remembering the vision of our founder leader Dr. John Garang, but He has to have his own vision as leader right now in South Sudan.

      So I would like you and many more to forget those money they have been corrupted and let talk about how they will continue with the peace they are talking about. Because they decided to come back to South Sudan, let us see how they will keep their move. South Sudanese are keeping their eyes on them right now and I think the memory of being called thief is the biggest shame on them. I encourage Mr. Deng Alor Kuol to continue and go ahead with that memory of Dr. John Garang. As South Sudanese I appreciate his coming back to apologize, but not to rescue the country because the country is already in the dish since they were disagreeing over the leadership.

      In the Bible there is a story of two boys who are working with their father, but young one took his all money and run away and the old one remained continue working with his father. After the while the young one came back after spending all his money, but his father still welcome him because he is his son. Unfortunately, the old one who remains continuing working with his father feel upset and say what make him come back again while he took all his money and run away with? This is not fair, but the father said he is your brother and he does not know what his is doing.

      These leaders who took all South Sudanese money and run away with are still our brothers, but they should have to know that South Sudanese are not blind. There are many people are easy to forgive, but they will never forget what they did. Mr. Easy Money, I truly understand your pain, but we need the peace to rescue the lives of our children under the trees. Those who are living under the trees are more important than money they took. I love South Sudanese and God bless them.

  20. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    How they feel walking in Red Carpet in their own country? Are they received as enemies or citizens? It is a time for G11 to think very smart and effectively to rescue their political future, no matter how confused they are. I have seen how extremely their brothers and sisters hugged them and greeted them. This welcoming it showed people around the world that Southern Sudanese love one another. In this world there is nothing like forgiveness, but brothers and sisters do not take this forgiveness as weakness. Forgiveness is the way of renewing the relationship and begins to heal the wounded.

    I think the present of these G11 would open the new page, the new page for reconciliation and unity within the party. What I have seen in South Sudan Airport during the arrival of these confusing Groups is the love welcoming and I think there is no fear. Yes, there is a pain in hearts especially those who lost their love one because of their disagreement with government in December 2013. Without forgiveness and apology the peace will never come to South Sudan. Many people died because of their meaningless disagreement, but I would like those who are maintaining the power in South Sudan should have to forgive because we are all Southern Sudanese to look ahead. We will not bringing back those who died because of their meaningless political disagreement. To stop the longsuffering, I would like our mothers and fathers who lost their love one to forgives, but do not forget. Forgiveness is very important because it will renew the relationship and reconciliation in hearts. I also would like our orphans and widows to listen to these politicians who betrayed them. These politicians who caused the death of thousands and displaced the millions of people around the country should have to understand the weakness and poverty they bring to the country

    Reconciliations: I think Southern Sudanese need the reconciliation with action, but not the reconciliation without action. Enough is enough, there are thousands people died around the country just because of their political disagreement. This is a time we need our leaders to think how suffering we are; we should have to learn from the past, but not continue repeating same mistake. Remember, the reconciliation first study inside the heart and if you do not have peace in your hearts unfortunately the reconciliation will not work. Finally, I love to see you Southern Sudanese to patriciate all your hearts to make this reconciliation work. Thank you and God bless you all.

  21. james mulbah says:

    Any decision to keep Kir in power for life is a disgrace to South Sudan. South Sudan needs democracy, and a transitional system that will allow a president to rule for four or five years for each term and a limited two years terms if he delivers services and is accounted to the people. And the people of South Sudan should be allowed to vote a president out of office if he fails to deliver services to the people.
    In Liberia, a country of four millions people,for instance, we fought for fourteen years in order to have a democratic system that allows a limited presidential terms. And no president can rule for life.
    Mussivini of Uganda is a spoiler. He wants Kir to rule for life. And this will allow him to install his son as the next ruler of Uganda. Democracy in South Sudan will lead to Mussivini downfall,and will be arrested and treated like Qaddafi of Libya or the late Nicholas Chaschasko of of Romania.
    Africa is witnessing a democratic change, and South Sudan needs to be part of it. And to catch up with the rest of the world, you need democracy and a rule of law in South Sudan.
    Fight until Kir can tell you when he wants to leave power. He should not be allowed to rule for life. You suffer for your freedom to allow someone like Kir to rule you for life.
    South Sudan is not Uganda. There are so many presidential materials in South Sudan who can equally compete for the presidency when the ground is level. And this level ground is worth fighting for by all who wants a better South Sudan.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      James Mulbah,

      You should have to know that Nuer, Dinka and many other tribes in South Sudan have no king or queen why just because we do not accept nonsense. In South Sudan no one to rule for life never if Dinka themselves cannot allow that to happen in South Sudan because we are democracy and warriors people. We do not afraid for any human beings except God. Kiir is not there to rule for his life, but he was elected by South Sudanese and people are waiting for his term. As South Sudanese I blamed Dr. Riek for his lack of patience because has been prepared by South Sudanese to become the next president, but now it is very difficult.

      Again the South Sudanese and IGAD agreed to give Kiir three years just because of crisis, but remember three years are like three months soon they will finish, but Kiir will never go for election otherwise no one will elect him again to the office. There are many South Sudanese to rule, South Sudan is belonging to all of us and everybody is qualify to rule if he/she is capable.

      At this time, I would like South Sudanese to be patience and wait for these three years to finish than we can see what Kiir is going to say after this. I myself I would like to see the different president in the office after three years period. This is my opinion because I want South Sudan to adapt the two years terms and no more three years terms in the office. We have many effective leaders to lead the country Kiir is already did his best, but this is a time to give other people opportunity to rule. I love my country

  22. james mulbah says:

    Liberia is the first country in Africa to elect a female president. This was only possible after fighting for democracy for fourteen years. The war put an end to a president ruling for life. And there is a multi party system in Liberia with many different political parties represented in the senate and house of representatives.
    Democracy is the best solution for South Sudan and Africa. It has stopped Nigeria from disintegrating, Burkina Faso from fighting, and Kenya from ethnic violence.
    Dictatorship or one man rule is bad for South Sudan and Africa. It has brought fighting in South Sudan, Hyper inflation in Zimbabwe, corruption and mafia rule in Uganda, and demonstration for limited presidential terms in Burundi.
    It is better to fight for freedom and Democracy because they are the best values for man. And fighting for it is winnable in any part of the world.

  23. FDF FOUNDER says:

    WILL kiir accept the SPLM convention, will he accept to be replace by another leader for the SPLM party as long as the party manifesto is concern.ok what about the dinka council of elders will they accept this process, what about the life of dinkas when kiir is not the president of the republic in connection to non-dinka?
    ? what about the military wing in the opposition will they accept kiir as a president for the coming period? What about the 20,000 which they killed in juba will kiir will accept to be accountable for that? arosha is for political consumption nothing we will gain out of that….

  24. alex says:


    Those who wish to see war continuing in S. Sudan are the real enemies of peace. We will not give you a breathing space. The people have time and time again spoken we are tired of war but some people here in this net seems not to be happy. The massege to you is, we are one people and one nation. Preaching hatred is old uncivilised political idology. This is the indication that some of you are not even fit to lead a payam. Peace have to come to S. Sudan and those rejecting peace have to be disarmed by force. The SPLA now is a conventional mordern army that is determined to get rid of all rebellions, criminals, thugs, treators, tribalistic conspritors and fithcolombs. The ball is in the hands of the splm-in opp either to take the olive branch of peace or they choose military confortation. The generals in the SPLA army are ready and determind to guide the nation until full democracy is attained in S. Sudan. This is also a chilling warning to the few mentaly enslaved diaspora who act like the whiteman massangers and lairs carriers you do not have a place in S. Sudan. The mighty power of the whites can not defeat the will of the people. We know some of you always believe on the ready cooked food on the table. You talk much but do little, talk of democracy but you did not now what is intellectual politics, you talk of nation building while you are lazy and you talk of human right while you even do not know you are still tight to tribal politics, regionalism, hatred and blames. We want you to change and brings skills home not just sitting on criticing while doing nothing. You should be peace makers and teach our people how the europeans overcomed their dark era in the history but not encouraging hate speech and tribalism. Those who refuse peace will be considered irrelevant to our unity. God will help SPLA to build a nation of power in Africa which will be admired by other nations.
    SPLA OYE, OYE, OYE Victory is certain.

  25. Easy Money says:

    Dear Francis Mangok Angier, thank you for your wisdom, to elaborate your analysis of the current confusion in our country. Firstly, Mr. Deng Alor, and the rest of the G10, were top Government leaders of our country. If they realized Dr. John ‘s vision, from day one, South Sudan wouldn’t be in this mess or a laughing stock the world has ever seen. However, I concur with you on a second chance, as prodigal son was awarded by the father. I thank you once again. God bless you.

  26. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Readers Men,Women,Boys And Girls:

    The coming together of SPLM ruling party members,it will never be trusting at all! The reunity in the ruling party SPLM in the South Sudan government,in the Republic,it needs the most important political fundamental affairs, to be sort all out which beginning from start to end! Otherwise,fighting against President Salva Kirr regime,will keep on!

    The coming home of SPLM detainees in Kenya, is as good as bad! The way both countries in the parties in Tanzania,and in South Africa, handling the move,is not well satisfied! They should made THE PLATFORM for the crisis in the government in the country in the South Sudan in Republic.The reunity should encompass SPLM in Northern Sector those of Dr.Mansour Khalid,Yasir Arman,Malik Agar, Ali Abdullah Aziz.

    Talking in partiality,without touching the causes of political dissessions in the ruling party SPLM of 15,December 2013, episode,it will not bring any RELIEF at all for a peace to come to people in the country. It will always leaving South Sudanese people living in political upheaval throughout years to emanate from!

    Sorry. I am not protesting in this matter. I like a peace settlement to our people at home! Dying for public powers for people,is not a healthy isues! People should give democracy a big chance way forward! because it will minimize a prices for humans for their bloods for their livings

    Missouri,Kansas USA

  27. alex says:

    Chief Abiko

    Everything was agreed even Riak himself sign the document of the renification. So it is time for Riek and his group to jump to the peace train wagon to stop the suffering of our people or he just want to remain begging Omar el Bashir for more arms to prolong the suffering of our people. Everybody should come home and those who have committed crime will be invegisted and tried. Whether from goverment side or in the rebel side. The killing does not only happen in Juba. There were people killed in Juba , Bor, Bentue , Malakal, Akobo and many other places and those responsible should be brought to books.
    What we want right now is peace because our people have suffered for long time. In addition, we are the same people so there is no need for us to be killing ourselves. We have one common enemy and that enemy is Khartoum. Riek should distance himself from our common enemy and stop taking guns from the Arabs. We need peace in our country anyone who does not like peace is our great enemy. So Riek is welcome home and we start a new page.


  28. kuron says:

    If peace, lt must address the root caucses of the comflict to avoid more future conflicts. Leaderdship is from the heart and the mind!! Please, minimize tribalism and nepotism if we want a peaciful and prosperous South Sudan!!!!

  29. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Accountability takes priority then peace. Those responsible are to be held accountable and prosecuted first before any peace is sign. This way, the victims will have reason to accept peace. Kiir needs to go public and apology to the victims of his madness and accept to be accountable for all since he was and continue to be the aggressor. Otherwise, we have very long way to go. Tough times never last, but tough people do. Let the Nuer suffer for their freedom, why not? We all agree that freedom is costly and it is what it is.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      God bless you for this insightful remark. I totally agree: accountability first then peace follows. You can not have a criminal like President Kiir and his SPLM coterie negotiating peace when they are the real culprits. Anybody who wants peace must not forget the innocent South Sudanese killed by the SPLM/A for being who they were by virtue of their birth. Those people were exactly like us with rights to life. Worse still they did not do anything to deserve being killed. Accountability is a MUST for peace.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Elhag Paul,

        We absolutely agree. We can preach peace until we are blue in the face, but it will never come to fruition. Just peace needs to start with accountability. The innocent South Sudanese perished senselessly will not forgive us if justice isn’t provided for them. Those responsible for this madness are to be isolated and punished for just peace to come. This is what our Jiengs’ country men don’t understand. They think signing bogus peace is the panacea and stop of war. It is not and will never be. If those criminals aren’t punished, the next criminal will do the same thing. Punishment is deterrent and the best corrective action needed right now and in the future.

  30. Dear:Alex

    It is true to the best of your understanding that Riak Machar,had consented in Intra-Party Reunification of SPLM.But the Reunification,has gone astray off the way!because it has become only in one faction in the pary issue the so called G-10-G-11 the so called political detainees in REunification because it has Seclude Riak Machar from it!

    Be apprised that Reunity of SPLM in the ruling party,it will never take place place.Reunity is not a right way to stop the ongoing current crisis in the country in the government in the South Sudan Republic!

    Talking a peace settlement while using HYPOCRISY AND POLITICAL GAMES,it is totally dangerous because it will never bring a concrete peace dividend in the country to the government of South Sudan

    The going peace efforts in Ethiopia, between the warring rivals in the ruling party SPLM between Chairman Kirr and his Deputy Chairman Riak Machar,they should inform IGAD to step aside from the peace effort in the South Sudan.They should talk only by themselves alone to enable them to clear out the differences at once that were backfired in the pary on 15,December 2013.They should also include opposition in political parties those Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin the Chairman of SPLM-DC.They should not wasting time on IGAD and AU in negotiation efforts!

    Missouri,Kansas USA

  31. Prof. Siddaw says:

    I’m spending my tedious time, reading your nonsensical comments, junubeen.

    Prof. Siddawdit from Juba, South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:

      “Prof. Siddaw” or Siddawdit,

      You sound rather idiot! Why do you choose to tediously spend your time reading nonsensical comments from South Sudanese?

      You must be the Professor of All Fools in the world!

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