SPLM bigger than sum of our individual interests: Putting house in order

BY: Sabrino Majok Majok, Aweil, South Sudan, AUG/03/2013, SSN;

Now that President Salva Kiir has appointed the new cabinet which, in my opinion, is in line with current austerity situation, I would like to concentrate the gist of this article on issues pertaining to the ruling party, the SPLM. Before the Third National Convention is held, SPLM should focus on two main issues: 1- passing of basic documents and, 2- carrying out accurate registration of SPLM membership throughout the Republic of South Sudan.

When these two tasks are completed with satisfaction of all stakeholders, SPLM leadership should then design representative selection mechanism for Convention delegates, putting into consideration membership strength per State.

It has to be noted that there are many major problems that arise as a result of disregarding the above mentioned concerns. Take for example, the representation in SPLM National Secretariat, National Liberation Council and Political Bureau is disproportional if membership strength per State is to be considered.

This is why it’s imperative that SPLM leadership design new mechanism for representation which, in my humble opinion, should be based on membership strength per state as stated above.

However, registration of SPLM membership of 2013 shouldn’t be administered like the fraudulent 2010 census when historically smaller states were dominant over more populous states, hence qualifying the latter for more representation in National Legislative Assembly and Cabinet.

Therefore a misguided history must not be allowed to repeat itself when consequences of the said census are fresh in the victims’ minds, especially on distribution of national cake which is being enjoyed by a few.

If this imbalance of distribution of national wealth and power continues, those affected may feel excluded and marginalized: a sad replay of fundamental reasons why people of South Sudan took up arms in the first place against the successive regimes in Khartoum.

I want to emphasize on the importance of approval of SPLM basic documents, SPLM membership registration and holding of SPLM third National Convention.

1. Approval of Basic Documents
It’s urgent that SPLM passes its basic documents sooner than later so as to enable its existence as a legal entity in the country. It is needless to emphasis that such a historic Movement, now turned Political Party, can’t be run without legal or guiding documents which are currently in draft forms.

2. SPLM Membership Registration
In order for SPLM membership registrations and updates to be effective and creditable, many factors need to be put into consideration.
First, SPLM National and States Secretariats should conduct extensive awareness campaign across the country.
Second, adequate material and human resources need to be availed for this important exercise.
Third, the registration itself should be given enough time to execute the task fully.
If these factors are put into serious consideration, I am sure the past mistakes encountered during other important national exercises such as census can be avoided.

3. The Third National Convention
The holding of third SPLM National Convention is crucial. But SPLM leadership needs to rethink its plans and strategies in as far as forthcoming convention is concerned. From experiences of SPLM Second National Convention of 2008, I feel obliged to advice the SPLM leadership that the third SPLM National Convention should be held in historic town of Chukudum where the first and successful convention was held or in any other secured location outside Juba such as Yambio or Wau.

The reason for this advice is grounded on the fact that the conduct of the Second SPLM National Convention of 2008 in Juba resulted into unprecedented confusion. Because the convention was so diluted in such a way that majority of those who were not delegates to the convention converged on the venue and created unnecessary confusion and instigation.

Some of those uninvited “guests” acted as spokespersons for leaders or camps of their choice, hence furthering confusion days before convention commenced. In order to avoid similar problems, SPLM should choose a venue that is secure, isolated and free from unnecessary interference from non-delegates. And only creditable media houses should be allowed to cover the convention.

It’s my firm believe that if this recommendations are considered, the third SPLM National Convention will be successful and a lot of SPLM problems can be amicably resolved.

On current power struggle, there is no doubt in my mind that SPLM will prevail because it has proven records of triumphs over divisions and temptations throughout the liberation struggle.

Each time SPLM was tempted to fail as a Movement from 1983-2005, it quickly organized and prepared itself for the task at hand until Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005 which culminated into historic independence of the Republic of South Sudan on July 9, 2011. It is therefore obvious that the SPLM will stand the test of ongoing turbulent or political wrangling.

Finally, the SPLM, being a liberation Movement turned political party of an independent nation for which people of South Sudan sacrificed enormously, should be a role model to current political parties and those aspiring to join politics.

As such, SPLM leadership should not accept to be divided over minor, sometimes administrative issues when there are established legislative and executive structures; namely, General Assembly, SPLM National Liberation Council and Political Bureau where such issues can be addressed.

In his speech marking Eighth martyrs’ Day, on July 30th, 2013, President Kiir stated: “SPLM is not about one person. It is bigger than all of us. We have a lot of people. SPLM is all of us and it is going to clean itself and those who will not be found fit in the SPLM formula should leave on their own or SPLM will throw them out. That is all because at the end of the day our people want services. They need roads; they need schools; they need hospitals; clean drinking water.”

As correctly observed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, SPLM is bigger than sum of our individual interests. I commend comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit for exercising wisdom and patience during this rather difficult political situation in the country and for taking tangible measures to form a lean government for greater good of the people of South Sudan.

I equally appreciate comrades who were affected during the recent major cabinet reshuffle for accepting their relief with honor. After all, cabinet appointments and reshuffling are constitutional rights of the President and are normal exercise in every democratic country.

Sabrino Majok Majok is a former member of Anya–Nya II in the early eighties and joined SPLM/SPLA on May 15th, 1984. He can be reached via sabrino.m.majok@gmail.com


  1. Jijury says:

    If SPLM is not about one person and bigger than sum of our individual interests as the president has stated; why Pagan is in detention literally for airing out his opinion?

    • Jijury:

      Mr. Pagan Amum is in the detention because he arrogantly thought he was bigger than the SPLM and he looked down on his Boss, president Kiir Mayardit with contempt and disrespect. Pagan has got what he was looking for. He had dug his own political grave and asked president Kiir to bury him alive. Please let him carry his own cross alone and let his political soul rest in peace. President Kiir has done the right thing to get rid of him.

      • Machar says:

        My question to Mr Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr Al Ghazal as you wish to present your names.
        What did Kiir offer the SPLA since inception apart from keeping silent and only talking in 2004 to be saved by some of the people he is prosecuting. What ideas did he contribute towards the liberation of this country apart from conspiring and killing many compatriots?
        Even the unity of S. Sudan that you are attempting to capture through the combination of your names has been ripped in the bud by appointing more than 13 from his ethnic community with more ministers from Warrap than other states and you know how big is Warrap.
        Has Kiir investigated his kin who looted S. Sudan dry including Koryom and AMBC boss plus others who stole and got reinstated?
        Pagan may be guilty of something yet to be known, but every South Sudanese should respect his contribution and sacrifices for the Liberation of this country while some people looted and enabled their kins to loot. Kiir must ask himself how did he negotiate with Pagan in Boma in 1983 and when did Pagan realise the plight of his people.
        It is a shame for president Kiir to prosecute his party senior members to appease Khartoum. All those supporting Kiir be ready to embrace the Jallaba as oppressors once more. Kiir has annexed S. Sudan as another backyard garden of Khartoum. Trust me fellow compatriots this is what is in the making.
        President Kiir has left all his allies including the West and is ready to follow the foot step of dictatorship and disrespect to human rights. What he is doing now is to scare the chicken away to get away with the chicks and the eggs.
        All freedom loving S. Sudanese should realise where the country is been directed to. If Kiir is serious let him call the political bureau

  2. Sabrino Majok Majok says:

    Dear Jijury:
    We will find out when investigation is completed.

  3. BigO says:

    Before he (or any of the others) complain too much, ask him to reveal the contents of his various bank accounts. He can retire nicely. We have other things to worry about.

    • Sabrino Majok Majok:

      Dear Sabrinodit:

      It is with great pleasure to read your beautiful article again. It has been a while since I read your article. Where have you been hiding all this time, Brother? I used to read your articles from the SPLA Diaspora website. please convey my heartfelt greetings to your beloved people of Aweil and particularly the brave and generous residents of Werawar. I used to visit Aweil and Werawar when I was combating Jalaba troops at Kiiradiem/Mile 14. I missed those kind people of Aweil and Weawar so dearly.

      Although I’m not a native of Aweil and Abyei, my heart and soul is always there with the people of Mading Aweil, Raja Panthou, Abyei and Northern Upper Nile. Please don’t let the Jalaba take over Kiiradiem/mile 14. I’m presently stationed in Juba, however, I don’t mind returning and fight for the liberation of Kiiradiem/mile 14, Abyei and the rest of our disputed areas. Our People should know that our main problem in South Sudan is not the presidency of Riek Machar, Pagan Amum and Kiir Mayardit. In fact, our problem is the land which took the lives of 2.5 million South Sudanese and is still being claimed by the Jalaba/Arabs. Does Kiir, Pagan and Riek hold and wave their AK47 at the Jalaba troops in the disputed areas in Raja, Aweil, Abyei, Unity State and Northern Upper Nile State? Why worry about their big, fat bellies and presidency in Juba? Personally, I’m not that much concerned about their political fate. What have they done to us in the last 10 years of their rule in Juba?

      I’m much concerned about the land and not the presidency of those corrupted and visionless politicians in Juba. I would like to have all our disputed areas back in South Sudan, therefore I risked my life killing and dodging bullets in Kiiradiem/mile 14, Raja, Abyei, panthou and Northern Upper Nile. Please stay safe and take it easy, Wun-Aluet!

    • Junbi says:

      Let Pagan and everybody else, including members of the execative reveal their various bank Acc. Pagan have the right to say I AM NOT ALONE. All were been in the mess. Good luck RSS

  4. manyok maluk GOI says:

    let who ever is being affected by the degree of the president to carry his or her own cross. from top to the bottom all contribute for the welfare of this nation but doesn’t mean that the government will contain all these robbers who can not even appreciate the government.

  5. Kon kel says:

    Where on this Earth can you form a lean goverment, when yourself you are not lean? that is a joke. Kiir has a chronic failure which will not recuperate.

  6. Issac Deng says:

    Of late, Pagan Amum has been very arrogant and behaving like a spoiled kid. Pagan Amum must go because has nothing fresh to the party. But, Kiir has also made a big mistake for refusing to accept his voluntary resignation earlier. Now he has to deal with party’s hardliners from every direction.
    Equally, it is wrong for president to appoint some well-known food lovers like mujahed Abdullah Deng Nhial of Muslim Brotherhood of Turabi’s Popular Congress Party, and the head of former NCP southern sector Riak Gai Kok who blasted the SPLM last time for lacking vision of how to maintain democratic transformation in the south.

    Telar Ring Deng and Aleu Ayeny Aleu were indirectly NCP surrogates in Khartoum who one time called president Kiir a dictator without a vision ruling south Sudan. Yesterday’s adversaries becoming today’s best ever political advisers. What is wrong with Kiir?

    President Kiir owes the people of south Sudan and the SPLM party members an explanation why he is bringing more PCP and NCP loyalists to his government while dumping and leaving our freedom fighters in the cold. Is he slowly replacing SPLMers with Black Muslims Brotherhood?

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