SPLM a pathological organisation

BY: ELHAG Paul, 29/NOV/2015, SSN;

The behaviour of the SPLM/A since its inception has demonstrated symptoms of organisational illness, but this has continued to be ignored by the people either due to ignorance or opportunism.

Pathological organisations often reflect the collective ill mind of its members and this comes out clearly in the manner it conducts its business. SPLM/A’s pathology manifested itself initially with the killing of Samuel Gai Tut and Akwot Atem.

In his book, “SPLM-SPLA: Inside an African Revolution,” on page 260, Dr Lam Akol referring to an armed confrontation in the early stages of the movement points out that, “Samuel Gai Tut himself was killed during the fighting. This was on March 30, 1984. His body was not discovered until two days later. On receiving the news, Dr John Garang and Kerubino Kwanyin Bol flew by a helicopter to Adura where Kerubino lashed the decomposing body of Gai Tut fifty strokes while Garang looked on in appreciation. The body by then was beyond recognition were it not for the characteristic finger of Gai Tut.”

This surely is not normal behaviour, lashing a dead body is certainly the actions of a deranged mind. In this bizarre behaviour there are issues of pathological hatred and an abnormal thought process devoid of South Sudanese cultural beliefs and values.

With hindsight, the question can be asked: why was the body of Samuel Gai Tut (a Nuer) mutilated and that of his Jieng colleague not? Can this specific act portend the deadly relationship between the Nuer and Jieng in the SPLM/A?

The answer to this question only helps in understanding what has transpired since then, but can not provide a clue to the pathology of the SPLM/A as an organisation.

To understand the likely source of this malaise we have to go back to 1970s. On 3rd March 1972 when Anyanya forces under the leadership of General Joseph Lagu won regional autonomy for South Sudan, he allowed Mr Abel Alier to be the President of the High Executive Council, the highest body governing South Sudan.

Alier, unlike Lagu who devoted his time to develop a new generation of South Sudanese military leaders, engaged in promoting tribalism.

At the time an idea emerged from the Jieng politicians and intellectuals that they the (Jieng) are “born to rule”. The Jieng intellectuals led by late Dr Justin Yac and others loudly verbalised this phrase and put it into action.

In spite of the fact that this was an illusion, Alier systematically began to tribalise the government. He Jienganised the police force through Major General Ruben Mach.

What was bad was that most of the police force now consisted of illiterate officers who hardly knew how to write their names let alone taking a statement from a suspect or statement about an incident.

Pumped up with the belief of superiority they began to misbehave and abuse the people which led to Kokora. Kokora is a Bari word meaning division.

Basically the Equatorians called for Kokora (division of South Sudan into three self governing regions) to free themselves from Jieng abuse.

As can be seen, the implementation of the ideology of “born to rule” was concocted at the expense of the other tribes and of the unity of the South Sudanese people.

With the explosion of corruption in the Sudanese army in the Southern Command, Division 105 stationed in Bor led by Col. Kerubino Kwanyin rebelled sparking the war in 1983.

The coincidence of the rebellion and the redivision of South Sudan into three regions motivated the Jieng who hated the new system to flock to the bush.

The very promoters of Jieng supremacy joined the new rebellion and assumed positions of responsibility, and they continued on with their project in the emerging movement.

Please see, Fudging the Issue: President Kiir and Corruption in RSS http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/articles/fudging-the-issue-president-kiir-and-corruption-in-rss

From 1983 to 2013, this group operated in the SPLM/A effectively but clandestinely. Albeit Dr Garang himself was a believer of this idea of the born to rule, he had greater ambitions of realising the born to rule ideology in his own project, ‘the New Sudan’.

The evidence for this can be gleaned from the way he filled all the important positions in the movement with his tribes mate, while he worked hand in hand with the Jieng supremacists.

The desire for dominance by the Jieng leaders therefore is not a new thing, it has been there for a long time and what is happening in Juba today is the pursuance of this policy.

Following the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in Juba in December 2013, they the Jieng leaders came out openly under the name of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

Unsurprisingly all the members of this group are the same personalities in Abel Alier’s government in the 1970s, who coined and spearheaded the ideology of the “born to rule”.

Why this group decided to come out at that particular time is unclear.

Perhaps this could be due to a new found confidence that they now have fully tribalised the army through the amalgamation of their various militia groups such as Dootku Beny, Mathiang Anyoor and Gelweng into the national army in addition to controlling the levers of the state.

In a sense their crimes of ethnic cleansing have given them confidence and assurance of possession of power.

Now that this group has come out publicly it is important to examine the characters of the membership of this group in future, so as to understand why this organisation exhibits such belligerence.

So the insanity that started in the 1970s with the utterance of few short-sighted individuals became group insanity taking its own self perpetuating life, infecting the SPLM/A.

As the organisation is supposed to be a liberation movement, those at the head of the liberation struggle automatically become the rulers. To oppose them, or to point to their mistake becomes an act of treason.

SPLM/A becomes Jieng and Jieng becomes SPLM/A. In fact the minutes of the Jieng meeting of 2009 in Ark Hotel in Kampala, Uganda declares this point.

Equally, SPLM/A becomes the state of South Sudan and the state of South Sudan becomes SPLM/A. The three are moulded into one.

Thus by default the Jieng are the party and the state. This abnormality comes out clearly in the letters of the JCE to IGAD in opposition to the then proposed Compromise Peace Agreement.

Please see, ‘JCE Response to the Latest IGAD Proposal on Power Sharing’ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/JCE%20-%20Response%20to%20IGAD%20Proposal%20on%20Power%20Sharing%20(1).pdf and ‘Position of the JCE on the IGAD-Plus Proposal Compromise Agreement‘ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/JCE%20-%20Position%20on%20Proposed%20Compromise%20Agreement%20(1).pdf

SPLM/A as a result has become a tool of the JCE’s ideology of supremacy. This ideology is doomed to fail with incalculable consequences to the followers for two reasons.

First, internally it is unlikely to survive due to issues of management, contradictions and lack of a coherent supportive narrative. The ideology entirely depends on extreme violence for its survival.

Secondly, externally it constantly faces fierce resistance from the other tribes who believe in another ideology namely democracy.

The JCE’s insanity now is manifested in their claim of being the legitimate conveyors of South Sudan’s wishes as exemplified by the recent letters referred to above.

Corralling the masses like cattle under duress in order to deceive the world that the ideas of the JCE are a legitimate representation of the people of South Sudan will not work, especially as it is only in order to serve the interests of the JCE.

This unsustainable act of political fraudulence will not let the government off the hook, nor will it stop the hemorrhaging of support for the Juba regime.

This process is already in action. The supporters of this pathological ideology of the ‘born to rule’ are simply burning their bridges with all the other people of South Sudan for a short lived glory.

In its popular broadcast, South Sudan in Focus, Voice of America on the 22nd September 2015 shed some light on what is going on in the country in an interview with Mr Pagan Amum:
“John Tanza (VOA): which tribe is trying to hijack the SPLM?

Pagan Amum: of course you know, what is happening now in Juba, you have a Dinka or Jieng Elders Council which is almost becoming the leadership of the party that is in power.

It is the one that is determining every policy and it is the one that is making campaigns against other tribes in South Sudan (like the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer; the dispossession of Equatorian tribes, Chollo and Fertit people of their lands etc). It is very very unfortunate.”

For Amum to reach this correct conclusion about his beloved pathological organisation is very encouraging. He specifically played a very important role in nurturing this microbe that has critically infected South Sudanese society.

He doggedly defended the dysfunction and abuses of the SPLM/A blindly thinking they were liberating a country for all.

SPLM/A has a lot of unstable personalities in its leadership. This is no exaggeration or idle insult, but the fact and reality of the situation.

One of the main traits of the SPLM/A that distinguishes it from all other political organisations that existed in South Sudan is its extreme nonsensical brutality without any accountability.

This says a lot about the mind set of this organisation and the minds of the people who run it, and the minds of its members.

The SPLM in its totality, including all its factions are beyond any comprehension the evidence is plentiful.

For example, a clear examination of Dr Peter Nyaba’s book, Dr Lam Akol’s book, Minutes of the Rumbek meeting of 2004, the report of African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, Human Rights Watch reports and others, will testify of such incomprehensible behaviour.

If an organisation wilfully remains chaotic and kills its own people, kills its young people, kills its women, kills its own members, this clearly shows that fundamentally something is wrong with it.

They castrate boys and leave them to die. They rape women and after that abomination they shoot them dead.

They throw babies and toddlers into fire etc.

The question is: how can a society have a future without women, children and the educated? Killing these groups is killing the very basis of the society itself and the country.

The article, Fight of the Beast in the Luak, was precisely written to make people think about the dire situation in the country but the message fell on deaf ears, and unfortunately the cost has been monumental in terms of lost lives, and the continuous destruction to our country South Sudan. http://www.southsudannation.com/?s=the+fight+of+the+beast+in+the+luak

SPLM/A’s actions prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is not a humane organisation and it needs to be restrained for its members and South Sudan’s own good.

It is a danger to South Sudanese society as well as itself, and if left unchecked it will certainly destroy South Sudan.

Take for example the lunacy of the ‘Establishment Order.’ Without any feasibility study on the issue of states and boundary changes; without any respect for the interim constitution; and without honouring of the Compromise Peace Agreement, the SPLM goes ahead and imposes the creation of 28 states with the potential to further destabilise the country. Do you see the irrationality?

This pathological insanity that has firmly gripped SPLM/A can easily be seen by normal rational people as concerning.

However, if one wears the shoe of the supremacists that believe in the ‘born to rule’ ideology this very insanity makes sense from their perspective.

Let us look again at the behaviour of Dr John Garang and Kerubino Kwanyin with the body of Samuel Gai Tut.

Garang’s look of appreciation at the mutilation of Samuel Gai Tut’s body was an act of establishing the ultimate power for the Jieng in the new movement, and indeed from that time onwards Garang supported by Dr Justin Yac, Salva Kiir, Koul Manyang Juuk and others continued to inflict brutalities on the people of South Sudan to assert the idea of Jieng supremacy.

For example the massacres of the Nuer in the mid 1980s, the massacres of the Uduk people at the same time, the massacres of the Taposa people in the 1990s and so on.

At the root of the pathological behaviour of the SPLM is the objective of establishing the Jieng as the ultimate rulers of South Sudan. To the JCE, there is nothing wrong with SPLM.

Simply put, it is their tool of achieving the prioritisation of their interest in South Sudan.

The monopolisation of institutions by the Jieng is not a new thing. It has been there since Garang’s time and what President Kiir is doing now in Juba is the continuation of that agenda.

The execution of this supremacist program has not been done without the support of others.

From Garang’s time allies have been co-opted from other tribes to help this supremacist agenda.

In a nutshell the pathology of the SPLM/A is embedded in the delusional idea of the ‘born to rule’, which started in the 1970s during the self rule of South Sudan, and was later transferred to SPLM/A by the same pioneers of the idea who now call themselves officially the Jieng Council of Elders.

In conclusion, SPLM/A is unsalvageable. It is terminally infected, and in order for South Sudan to be rescued SPLM/A has to be disbanded or people should just walk away from it so it dies of its own accord.

Whether it is SPLM-IO or SPLM-G10 or SPLM-DC or SPLM-IG, they are all equally infected either pursuing tribal interest or individual personal opportunism.

The outcome of their programs has brought disaster for the people of South Sudan. The people now need to organize and mobilize under a new multi-tribal body that is truly representative of the people of South Sudan, to face down this insane monster SPLM/A once and for all.

Such a new body must be seen to do the right thing for the country as a whole.

In ‘Legitimacy of Violence as a Political Act,’ Noam Chomsky argues that, “A new society rises out of the actions, that are taken to form it and the institutions and the ideology it develops are not independent of those actions; in fact, they are shaped by them in many ways. And one can expect that actions that are cynical and vicious, whatever their intent, will inevitably condition and deface the quality of the ends that are achieved.”

Is it any wonder that the behavior of SPLM/A is all over the place?

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Beek says:

    Dear Mr.Elhag Paul
    A medical or a doctor can also become mad. I don’t speak Arabic nor English like your Dr.Justine Yaac as you had mentioned that.

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    You are absolutely correct! SPLA, is the Jiengs’ ultimate tool of marginalization of the non-Dinka tribes and the killings machine organization. It will, and shall remains as such, unless it is completely dismantled period. All the 63 tribes in South Sudan must know this undeniable fact, and should unreservedly work collectively to destroy it by whatever means necessary.

    • Southdn says:

      Mr Elhag Paul
      you the root causes of current upheavals was caused Able, he mentored Garang to preach ideology of born to rule. It reminds me once, a commercial on the TV advertising.A financial counselor, telling investor ” you account has lat charge fees, hidden charge fees which you don’t know”. Investor, what I’m I going to do, I’m just 400 pounds Gorilla.
      Mr.Paul, I appreciate your article is sharp as bolt so keep going forward, no let you intermediate by wolf pack, Dinka have long consider Nuer and the rest 64 tribes as such 400 pounds gorilla.

  3. Choromke Jas says:

    People stick with the SPLM because it has been unconstitutionally accessing government funds while other parties have been denied this access. For people to quit the party, a constitutional requirement must be enacted which forbids political party accessing government resources illegally. Parties may receive public funds based on their electoral strength as is the case in Kenya. The rest of the monies parties get should be subscription from their membership. With culture of getting free money from government, not very many people will support the SPLM. This can then open and level up the political playground where other parties can fairly compete with the behemoth. The IO should not merge with the Juba SPLM. They must chart their own destiny by renaming their party and dumping the SPLM prefix. International orgnizations should also cease supporting the SPLM as some have been doing so in good faith. Funds received from abroad and foreigners by parties must also be declared.

  4. wau nar says:

    you are my teacher, and I will not miss you subject. Perfect.

  5. Beek says:

    Those people were mad. Every human beings in this world like PHD ,Professor,scientist,physician,psychologist, or a medical doctor can get crazy,but SPLM have hide their madness. Can anyone believe those people were evil and can anyone imagine those people have destroyed friendship,neighbor even they destroyed their own home.Nobody believe what that human had done over here.Those people were not interest in peace ,but only themselves.My life will not be the same again because i have being abused. The secret of those people was to stay on until they die and leave South like that. Divide and rule,but exactly they did. They were like Hilter when he killed his entire children.

  6. Malouda says:

    Elhaj, you are not a liberator you are someone been liberated and you do not know the history of South Sudan, Kerubino Kuanyin was a major not Col as you mentioned, Jieng do not rebelled because of the division of South Sudan in to three regions they rebelled to liberate you as you are proud today. Do you believe as South Sudanese citizen or not ? I think you believe, then it is a enough we liberated you to be an independent citizen and it is because of the power of Jieng. Jieng will not leave themselves to be kill like dog as your people are doing now on the main roads leading to Juba as you planned already, we will depend ourselves and let us start mobilizing ourselves as you started. I agreed with you in the point of the SPLM/A to be disbanded but do not talk about the tribe as I always advise you.

  7. alex says:

    What some of you is talking is jalousie. Some have PHD but did nothing in their lives.
    Greed and proud Ness is your disease. Lam Akol was send by the Arabs to campaign against S
    Sudan independence. Riak went to Khartoum and join forces with Bashir to fight SPLA. Lodu Gore got money from Riack when he was with the Arabs and tried to trcruit S. Sudanese in Uganda to go and fight SPLA. The wicked who are enemies of SPLM are those who were working to stratify their stomach
    SPLM is in our blood you will never discourage us. Those baking even do not have experience in nation building and even in their host country have never done any professional jobs. They were campaigning to be hand picked to rule us. Your Internet war will never take you any where. We have learned you have become lairs than women. Your work is always gossip and idleness. Riack claim he is s democratic person while he fall out with Gadet because of tribalism and dictatorial working. Even he is not able to manage his own tribe met. I want the government to bring Gadet in to expose your lairs. I was pleased when John Kerry made it point blank for Riack to come to Juba. For the rest theirs is frustration because they can not even do things for themselves or their country. You talk and waste times fighting in the net. Democracy can not be used by you to give you lances to lair. Long live SPLM long live the people who fought and won islamazation of African people. Long live SPLM those who thought we will fail this nation will come back begging for forgiveness. Soon the lairs will be defeated. Victory is certain let the struggle continues until lairs like Elhag are ashamed beyond their believe

  8. False Millionaire says:

    You have the right to freedom of expression and your article deserves great appreciation.
    There are only a few points that can be refuted.
    1 The case of the police force consisting of “illiterate officers,” was largely a product of the integration of the Anya Anya forces. It’s irresponsible to forget to remember that general Laou’s foot soldiers were mainly country side masses who never went to school.
    2 The case of KOKORA which u explained as an Equatorian wish, “to free themselves from jieng abuse”, is a bit off the mark.
    I give u one example. Personally speaking, there couldn’t be any one including u who can be considered as a best insider to the events that led to KOKORA than late honorable Charles Ali Bilal who was presumably the right hand to late James Tambora who was the president of the South Sudan executive council at the time of KOKORA.
    The particularity of my assertion is compelled by one single lucky moment of coincidence.
    I was traveling in Azande land among north sudanese merchants in a truck which stopped in the honorable’s home village of Nandi by his messenger’s orders.
    He was then the commissioner of western equatoria. He had the background heavily charged with long years of civil service that witnessed an occasion of him presiding as the mayor of Wau, the capital of the greater Bahr el Ghazal.
    He came in an awesome landrover. Alighting from the car and seeing me among the passengers, he came to me with eyes closed, picked me up, edged me aside and began to speak to me in dinka language.
    The fraternal emotions as south sudanese citizens prevailed in the climate as he held my hand purely as his child.
    He pointed to the northerners near the truck as our enemies and told me that the division of south sudan was provoked by greed.
    “It’s like two brothers who share their meals”, he said. “That if one brother takes all the pieces of meat in the broth in a given day in disregard to the rights of the other brother”, he continued, “it can be tolerated as an accident. But that if the same brother repeats the same conduct again and again, it becomes abnormal. Therefore it’s imperative to end the plan of eating together while remaining as brothers”.

    South Sudan is an independent state today but under rampant corruption.
    If it was deemed as a solution to divide south sudan into three regions as a way of ending the greed at the time of KOKORA, it’s still a best solution to end corruption dominated by the jieng today. So there is no need to beat around the bush. The hour has come in my opinion, it has become a great responsibility not to dismiss the concepts of federalism as of Dr Riak’s 21 states and Kiir’s 28 states decrees. Even if the two propositions appear tribal, the courage should be mastered to negotiate them to produce an administrative formula that can suit the circumstances of the present needs. That would mean not eating together but still remaining as fellow RSS citizens.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      I always pity you for shooting in the dark!

      Why do you want to insinuate that the little-known Charles Ali Bilal solely has the patent to Kokora? Yes, Kokora was an antidote collectively sought by majority Equatorians to rid themselves of the dinka excesses during the regional government – that is the very gist of the genesis of Kokora. As a result, dinkas left Equatoria with lots of bitterness sending them to Ethiopia in droves. The rest is history as they say!

      Again after signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, SPLA/M came to town to settle scores with the Equatorians. It was observed from the time that SPLA set foot in Juba, there was always going to be trouble because the very people who were ‘humiliated’ by Kokora are now the ones with the reigns of power so Equatorians are once again at the receiving end!

      I don’t mince words nor do I like the use of semantics, I prefer being blunt.

  9. GatNor says:

    The behaviour nature of SPLM/A has been consistent, molded with that of the tribes that are mainly incharge of policy making and dispensatiin and this tribe by no fluke coincident but by designed happened to be Jaang.

    Mutilation and dodomizing decomposing body is a behavior consistent with the ways deceased bodies are handled by the Juba Hospital managed by Jaang. Their lack of respect to deads and burriel grounds and site is a behavior unique and strange to all man kinds not only to other south Sudanese. They destroyed burriel grounds in Ewuatoria and shot at and destroyed grave site of Matip Nhial just to name a few supporting incidents that justify my statement.
    Anything that is compelling a fellow human being to a behavior such as forcing another human to eat the flesh of a human is a behavior not like that of a human.

    These are facts Elhag has articulated in his article and we must deal with the facts as presented instead of running away from them by presenting unproductive counter arguements

  10. False Millionaire says:

    1 Please admit not to have understood my point in citing honorable Charles Ali Bilal as a credible insider to the events that lead to KOKORA than a single handed maker of KOKRA.
    2 If u feel the burden of jieng on equatorians today in much the same way as it had been with the events that lead to KOKORA as implied by your assertion of,”SPLA/M came to town to settle scores with the equatorians”,better sue for KOKORA II.
    There is a dignified way to sugar coat it without suffering any consequence.
    That is by supporting Dr Riak’s and Kiir’s federal prpositions so that an accetable one for all can be nigotiated from them.
    Good luck sir!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Veiled threats ain’t gonna work! Dinkocracy will be dismantled by patriotic South Sudanese, among whom of course are dinkas. You are free to join the noble cause.


  11. Deng Deng says:

    Good piece Elhag although you are very diplomatic to say SPLM/SPLA is a CULT. Just recall the lunacy and blunder this very party and the army (SPLM/A) have created!Unless the so called “Jieng Council of Elders” (JCE) is totally disbanded, Southerners should expect more recipe of disaster and chaos! God Bless SS

  12. Alier Gai says:

    Can we undo the twenty years of struggle and the independence of South Sudan without war? I am just wondering?
    well, let me repeat my constant point and the recent Nikalango’s point: the people who are governing the system are the problem not the system itself. Leadership is not in their DNA, whether be it Kiir, Riek, Lam or anyone unmentioned out there, they are all together poor leaders. They do know disorganizations than organizations; the system of governance they basically run is like an orphan child without care. Any new party that will be formed and called it Riek Machar, Ngundeng, Lam Akol, Anyakang, Lado, Deng Nhial, Gai or whatever you might name it, honestly, nothing is going to change the status for power struggle as we are seeing it now from the Splm party. All of them have been vying for the first spot without room for compromise. SPLA/M name is not a problem, but those who are running their different agendas within the system are the problem. They tarnished the name. And for that reason, there will be no good system or good governance in South Sudan unless those wrongful elements are reduced or quit politics for good.

  13. survior says:

    Running around, analyzing, researching and making inferences or formulating theories based on several unconnected events. The facts is, SPLM/A of today and the culture of impunity that has taken over this organization. Is rather a historical trends. Through the history of Africa and that of the world for that matter.
    The syndrome of liberators tuned tormentors, is something that is in the record book; it is something that comes not a surprise for someone who know a thing or two about liberation wars.
    Not to sound like I am in anyways shape or form defending or excusing the current states affaires in our beloved South Sudan.
    My only point of contention is the fact that you have taken this historical phenomenon and formulate it in a way that make it seems as though it was some sort of clandestine scheme by the Dinka/Jieng. When it is instead a phenomenon that comes as the result of the circumstances.
    And these circumstances are.
    1. A highly tribalised society.
    2. Ill-educated guerrilla fighters-who know nothing about governance-tuned politicians
    3. The Black Gold (the curse that is oil)
    4. Various international interest groups vying for interest
    5. Vengeful neighbor (Sudan) who would stop at nothing to see the new-break-away nation fail at all cost.
    And the list goes on.
    Instead of misleading the public and pour more gasoline on an already explosive situation. You need to exercise some caution in your misreading of situation. Again, if you look closely; and by this I mean. If you were to read some of the articles written. You would learn that vast majority of Dinka are against the policies of this regime. You would also learn that Dinka are also suffering like every Southern Sudanese.
    Furthermore; you would learn that Kiir’s regimes is an eye sore to all of us. And instead of throwing everyone under one turf. Be specific your criticism. Use some of the knowledge you have to illuminate the masses; teach our young and uneducated about governance, about nation building and about the historical trends and finally, bring forth positive solution to solve the problems we are facing. And maybe, you will find allies and brothers in arms in those you have myopically identified as the culprits.
    What is truly needed is to build bridge rather than creation of barriers. And this article is a barrier. Only the fool and the emotionally volatile will find it to be of substance.

  14. survior says:

    Mr Editor, I am intrigued to see your take on the latest article by Elhag Paul!

  15. Beek says:

    Forgiveness about what in South Sudan even i don’t want South Sudanese passport because i have no interest in two citizenship,why should i ask for pardon while i did nothing wrong or harm anybody and i don’t even want to work for nobody. South Sudan is my mother country and i can go there when i want.Very easy for me to go anywhere without applying for visa.

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