SPLM: A Party that’s awaiting Horrible & Clumsy Political Burial!

By: Dengdit Ayok, JUBA, JUL/31/2014, SSN;

When the greatest soldiers of our nation launched the second glorious revolution for the emancipation of our people from the yoke of Khartoum’s slavery and marginalization in May 1983, which resulted into the inception of the SPLM/SPLA in July of the same year, the masses of this vicinity responded massively and joined the people’s liberation army, when the SPLM declared clear rational political objectives in its first manifesto.

Those objectives were very sound and had magical magnitude that attracted our people from every corner of our vast territory. The struggle for freedom and dignity continued long.

The war raged in the southern part of the country and reached the north partially. Peace was achieved before raging long there. We struggled for freedom, justice, equality and prosperity. We paid the ultimate price of the struggle. More than 2.5 million offered their precious lives as martyrs for liberty and independence.

When we hoisted our flag in July 2011, everybody jubilated in pride for the birth of our nation, but the SPLM wolves in sheep’s skin were planning to fail the nation and turn the developmental aspirations of our people into a nightmare.

The political differences that were postponed during the 2008 SPLM second national convention resurfaced in March 2013 and finally culminated into the current chaotic situation in the country last December. The result of those differences is now death of more than fifteen thousand and displacement of more than twenty thousand civilian population.

The result is the current game of feed dragging being played by the both sides of the conflict and on the mediators in achieving a lasting peace for the suffering people of South Sudan.

The result of this war is has put our country top on the list of the fragile states. The phrase ‘fragile states’ is a decent wording for ‘failed states’.

The parties to the conflict have clearly rejected giving up delivering hate speeches and war propaganda in order to give room for peace. The result of this now is that the nation is going to loss bigger number of its innocent sons and daughters than those it had lost in the last seven months of the strife.

The SPLM has failed to run itself and run the nation. Though Dr. Garang de Mabior was a great eye opener and a visionary African and world leader, his disciples who had been with him for more than 21 years, didn’t learn anything from his ideological unique political school.

They became like the 12 disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who didn’t understood him though they had been with him for 3 years and half before his crucifixion, until they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Comparatively speaking, Jesus’ disciples were a little bit better then the SPLM and Garang’s boys, because Simon Peter had correctly answered Christ’s question: ‘who do you think the Son of Man is?’ on behalf the eleven.

They have drastically failed their party and divided it into SPLM-Juba, SPLM-HL (SPLM-historical leaders), SPLM-IO, SPLM-G11, SPLM-DECENTRALISATION, SPLM-FEDERALISM and before all these factions, SPLM-DC.

The worst part of the scenario is that they have failed the nation and plunged it into abyss and oven a terrible war! Acts of killings continues on day after day regardless of the apparent IGAD-led peace efforts to halt the war.

The SPLM has given credibility to Khartoum analysts’ views that had claimed that, “South Sudanese cannot rule themselves; they will divide themselves along tribal lines and butcher themselves as soon as they get the independence”. It should have proved them wrong.

Those who could have been the anointed Messiahs of South Sudan a source of blessing to their people have become a source of curse to them! This is a disturbing fact to many of them, but it must be said. It must be courageously said.

The only hope for the people of South Sudan is getting rid of this party called SPLM and sending it to the dustbin of history. It isn’t impossible. It is possible because the people of this nation have a power and they are the source of sovereignty. They have a giant power that can conquer a political party produces death than delivering services.

A party that has stolen the resources of the nation and now engaged in killing the nation with impunity must go to the dustbin of history.

A party that gives credibility to prophets of doom and enemies of the nation and prove them right, though they are wrong, and continue to kill its people on day after day; is approaching horrible and clumsy political burial!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article represents the opinions of the writer.
Mr. Ayok lives in Juba and he is reachable at dengdit_a@yahoo.com


  1. Bol Khan says:

    SPLM was founded a destructive Movement, in 1983 it begun to cancel a clear objective of Southern Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM/A), that was a total SEPARATION. Eight years later, in 1991 the SPLM corrected itself from within and begun to pressurized itself until the Unionists inside convinced to push for total SEPARATION as demand by SSLM/A and those of 1991. From 2005-2013 they forgot everything South Sudanese fought for, i.e Justice, Equality, Democracy, Federalism and Equitable sharing of resources. Will this SPLM internal PRESSURE of 2013 come again South Sudanese people interest as it had happened in 1991? Let’s wait and see. However, SPLM by blood as they use to say, was founded to kill and destroy South Sudanese’s interest.

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Dengdit
    You are a South Sudanese with deep love for our country. Your diagnosis and prescription is on the spot. God bless you.

  3. Tyson says:


    Wiell done!
    The SPLM should be dismantled by the will of the South Sudanese people. The killers, looters and mercenaries should face justice. All recycling and dead minded politicians who continue to roam the corridors of power from the time of Abel Alier to date should be nailed to the coffin of abyss. South Sudan has bled enough from these mafia.
    It is time to send these criminals to account for their actions.

  4. Tyson and the like,
    If you were

    not among the group of opportunatenees, and Arab agent,splm/A have scarf iced millions of its people for the freedom of people of south Sudanese.but stooge of your kind will never get chance to influence any one here to accept your ego. Splm/A shall always be there whether you like or not.

  5. cos says:

    Congs for what you have pinned.indeed SPLM was born to kill our sons and daughters since 1983 up to date.
    we must rise and make it a history but not a party no more.
    But my worry is,some one may ask or tell you that Your are either a Nuer or defected Dinka from Barel gazel or Bor or any concern citizen in south Sudan because they don’t want the truth to be told.
    Dengdit,I don’t know your tribe because I am a south Sudanse.If you are real in Juba continue writing the truth and never care of any tribe to take us to write direction but be informed that,take care of your life now in Juba because we don’t want you to be assassinated like our brother Isiah Abraham who was killed on the facts he writes.

  6. Bol says:

    Brother Dengdid,
    What you wrote is true, but some times people have to choose between bad and worse and in our case, change could be the worse. Imagine you self living under the mercy of “White Army” rule and its sisters ! I thing you will kiss the Cowboy despite your personal issues with him.

  7. Jor Wol Jor says:

    I think brother Dengit Ayok went too far in calling South Sudanese masses to dump the mighty Splm. If Splm has to be easily dump and trash into dust bin as you claim, we would have witness that through Khartoum regime tactics. I think your frustrations with Splm is something we should debate to find solutions, but to conclude that it must be distracted is a huge mistake that will lead our country to Somaliaficaton that we can not afford. Let us Dinka and Nuer kill ourselves for now and leave the rest of the nation in peace till peace prevail.

  8. DengDit Ayok says:

    Mr. Bol,
    The SPLM and its elites, be they in the government or in opposition, are equally and fully responsible for the current situation in the country. My personal view in this article is clear. The SPLM and all its factions: SPLM-goverment in Juba, SPLM-HL (historical leaders), SPLM-G11 in exile, SPLM-descentralisation, SPLM-federalism and any type of SPLM must go. This piece has no connection with favoring any of the two warring SPLMs (SPLM-Kiir and SPLM-Riek) at the expense of one of them. The name SPLM must be made a thing of the past for stealing our national resources, for lack of rule of law, for providing protection to criminals and allowing them to kill and loot property with impunity, for failing the nation and plunging it into the hell of this war. SPLM –in government and in opposition— has become a tragedy to the people of South Sudan, and therefore, it ought go whether you like or not, so that the people of South Sudan get development and leave in a lasting peace.

  9. Bol says:

    Hi Dengdit,
    First thing I am not a beneficiary of the SPLM and its offspring and I don’t intend to gain any thing. Second, my apology, if I offended you in one way or another. Third, the favoritism is “implied” in your article because:-
    a) Nobody can oust the ruling party without installing another, and:
    b) Using local resources, it is almost impossible to get rid of both SPLM IG and SPLM IO at the same, and :
    c) Dumping SPLM “IG” right now will create power vacuum and the only political body capable of filling the vacuum is SPLM “IO” .
    Mr Dengdit, please don’t worry about what “I like” but how, if I may ask, will you make the SPLM and its children go away? What is your estimate cost {in humane, time, and financial terms} of vanishing all SPLM factions in the RSS political arena ? I wish that your wishes become realities of today ! Until then, maintaining the status quo, with a hope of, and work for improvement our deformed system could be the way to go.

  10. upiu says:

    your authentic intellectual reasoning sets you apart from the bunch of ‘prolific’ writers/commentators who keeps flooding the web space with dishonest opinions. your assertion that SPLM is the mother of all ruins in nation is well placed. i can take it to another level and claim that it is not the SPLM as a party which is the problem, but those running it.
    those “leaders” know no better than to work really hard for their selfish ends by fooling our ignorant and innocent citizens. none of the leaders from those warring factions shows any remorse for the atrocities they have caused to our citizens, and that’s troubling.
    if they are not stupid as allegedly attributed to an IGAD executive secretary, then they would have discerned that SPLM is not descriptive of our national identity anymore, and they should not just add/subtract prefixes and suffixes to identify themselves. we are South Sudanese, not Sudanese!
    the million pound question is: how do SPLM and/or its leaders go to the historical dustbin?
    a simple answer is through the power of electorates. but that answer is only more theoretical than pragmatic. our masses do not have the right education to discern how they are being taken advantage of. those who are dying to keep Kiir in power have been suffering under his reign, and those who are dying to install Riek into presidency will never gain anything from his rule should he ascend to the top office. in essence it is the masses who are aligning themselves behind these useless leaders, are the ones who are doing their dirty jobs and end up being victims. most of our citizens’ whose world ends at the borders of their counties are the ones who are getting abused and misled by these selfish leaders and if anyone can find a way to pluck them away from blindly following their ‘stupid messiahs’, then they would save our nation.
    that’s why i feel it is the SPLM leaders, not the party per se, that is to blame for the problems facing our nation. these stupid leaders have built some kind of cult personalities so much so that even if they go by a party with a different name, they will take their following with them and still wreak havoc to bring our nation down. shame on them!

  11. jay johnson says:

    I wrote an article two years ago, titled, Dr. Riek Machar is not the alternative to Salva Kiir. I was aware and is still aware of the gross failures and mismanagement of Salva Kiir regime. But history have prove me right that the alternative , Riek Machar have turn out worst than Kiir as I have correctly predicted.

    Riek second and last rebellion have been characterize by Ethnic cleansing, looting and destruction of property, widespread human rights abuse, lack of vision and direction, polarization of ethnic relation and his inability to militarily overthrow the Salva Kiir regime just as he failed to unseated the late Garang from then the SPLM/A rebels movement.

    We are exactly where we were 22 years ago when Riek failed to liberated a single town under the Khartoum regime.
    The different this time is that the Khartoum regime is busy with her own domestics issues and is therefore unable to land Riek a helping hand he received in the 1990s

    Dr. Riek is a fool who ignored historical lessons. The Nuer community have suffered more than any other community in the nation. More Nuer, mostly white army combatants have died in the ensuing wars of upper nile region than they did in Juba. It is a dead end rebellion. All major towns and counties, especially in the Nuer territory are under the control of the government.

    In the end, Riek will lick his vomit just as he did in 2002 and the Nuer civilians he sacrificed for meaningless war will have died in vain!!!!. what a pity!!!!. The march to Juba to topple Kiir will remain a fairy tale and fantasy the great ever mad dog of south sudan will never fulfill.

    Better to stick with the devil I know than to follow the devil whose future actions and policies will prove disastrous.

  12. Congratulation brother dengdit for the well written piece, you have really written what is truly in my mind. this bloodthirsty and hooligan party must be shown the exit door from now and on. the really freedom fighters have sacrificed their life without any reservation but these current idiots are the bunch of demagogues who contributed tirelessly in prolonging the suffering of our people during the liberation war. enough is enough, we have already given them the liberation benefits since 2005 up to now, they have eaten a lot. time to go into the dustbin of history by the umma party in sudan and biafra in Nigeria.

  13. Duop Nhial says:

    Dengit Ayok
    I appreciated your piece of writing, bearing in mind that any thing connected with SPLM/A is connected with with the devil

  14. Deng says:

    Dear Dengdit Ayok,

    I was going to comment on your piece of article however, since you are still in hospital recovering as a result of that barbaric attack which may have been designed to silence you by whoever behind it. I would rather wish you a quick recovery from those wounds and may response to your article next time when it is appropriate for me to do so. All the best and May God gives you strength & courage to overcome that.

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