SPLM, a curse to South Sudan

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, JUL/06/2014, SSN;

This thing called the SPLM is a curse to South Sudan. Built on contradictions in 1983, it frequently implodes violently and morphs into different SPLM factions. In doing so the off shoots hog the mother organisation’s name defensively but differentiates themselves with mini adjectives without any clear identity in terms of what they stand for.

Now the SPLM has given birth to four SPLM factions namely: SPLM Oyee, SPLM-in-Opposition, SPLM DC and SPLM G11. Previously, in early 1990s there were other two which have now died out. These were SPLM Nasir faction and SPLM United. At least the latter two had a clear vision of what they wanted for South Sudan which was self determination contrary to what Dr John Garang wanted.

It is important to highlight here that the idea of self determination was neither the creation of Dr Riek Machar nor Dr Lam Akol. This was a vision laid down by the leaders of Anyanya One in early 1960s when both Riek and Lam were perhaps in primary school at the time.

So Dr Machar and Dr Akol picked up the idea and asserted the wish of the people of South Sudan against Dr John Garang’s clearly stated objective of a united Sudan.

As for the four SPLM factions now combining both groups with their opposing ideologies, no one knows what they really stand for since South Sudan is now an independent country. The issues of secession and unity are largely irrelevant now.

The crucial issue now facing South Sudan is how it can be managed for the well being of its citizens and the reality is that all these SPLM factions have no idea of what to do.

Now the SPLM and its off shoots are to all intent and purpose confused without any identity of what they stand for. This confusion reflects the minds of the so called leaders of these various SPLM groups. It manifests itself in the lack of clarity in these groups.

They do not know why they maintain the name SPLM which does not rhyme with the name of the new country they have violently imposed themselves to chaotically lead.

It also manifests the clouded mind of their leaders who can not see that they are confusing their organisation with the country, South Sudan. For instance, the flag of the SPLM/A has been imposed without consultation with the people of South Sudan as a national flag.

By default, this imposition assumes everybody in South Sudan is an SPLM/A. This fusion of organisation and country creates a detrimental enmeshment in the country.

Another off shoot in the Sudan (the country north of South Sudan) calling itself SPLM North also uses this very flag in their country. The rebels there wear the SPLM flag on their uniforms which also is the flag of South Sudan posing potential risks for a mistaken identity that could flare up in a conflict between the two countries since the army of South Sudan wear similar uniforms.

Another anomaly also lies in the fact that the army of South Sudan continues to be called SPLA. What is really going on here? Do these people not know that South Sudan is a different independent country and bigger than their party?

Until this confusion in SPLM/A and its mini groups is cleared out of South Sudan, our country will always remain unstable and confused.

As South Sudanese descended into Addis Ababa for the dialogue, it was hoped that the participation of the stakeholders would be able to deal with these serious issues.

Unfortunately, the symposium held in Addis Ababa at the beginning of June 2014 turned out to be a total farce. The reality was that the government in Juba violated the 9th May 2014 agreement. President Kiir’s security unconstitutionally denied the opposition travel to attend the meeting in Addis Ababa.

Unbelievably, neither the IGAD, nor the African Union, nor the Troika intervened to correct the oppressive action. IGAD by not intervening ended up colluding with the government of South Sudan and in the process it violated the very agreement it helped to broker.

Had the talks been inclusive, the stakeholders would be able to speak on behalf of the oppressed people of South Sudan thereby injecting a varied perspective that might help in reaching a positive outcome for the country.

As it is now the talks are actually between the SPLM factions while the real victims (the people) of this crisis are excluded.

SPLM G11 call themselves SPLM leaders. On which grounds are they leaders? President Kiir, the SPLM chairman stripped them from their positions in the SPLM party which means they no longer hold any positions of influence.

This further means they have lost authority and influence in the party. How then can they insist to call themselves leaders? By which authority are they calling themselves leaders?

It is about time they accepted their predicament which is that they are now ordinary members only like any other members.

A good number among them must also know that they were appointed by their tormentor President Kiir to the parliament and positions of influence against the wishes of the people.

Most of them failed to win any seats in parliament during the general election of April 2010 in the Sudan. The best they can do is to form their own party under a different name. They should forget the madness of hogging ‘SPLM’ because apparently “it is a historical party that brought independence.”

SPLM whether it brought independence or not is a party rotten to the core. Its name is tarnished beyond retrieval. The earlier they get this point the better for them and South Sudan.

As for their claim to being leaders – this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Leaders are people who care about the masses. They spearhead useful programmes of developments in society. Manage public resources prudently and frugally for the benefit of all.

Do these so called “leaders” have any characteristics of leadership? Have any of them displayed such qualities? The evidence point to the contrary. For full understanding please see:

1-Tear down the SPLM http://allafrica.com/stories/201209030002.html
2-Power struggle in the SPLM http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/editorials/power-struggle-in-the-splm
3-Cattle camp” imperialism in RSS http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/editorials/cattle-camp-imperialism-in-rss
4-Corruption saga: The SPLM five big guns or quintet squirrels http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/articles/corruption-saga-the-splm-five-big-guns-or-the-quintet-squirrels

If and when you have read the articles referred to above, would you still take the claim of SPLM G11 of leadership seriously? Think about it and you be the judge.

Having been rescued by Dr Machar from the jaws of the shark, the SPLM G11 disgracefully kicked their saviour in the teeth. Opportunistically, they distanced themselves from him in the hope of grabbing power with the help of IGAD countries.

This is another point that discredits IGAD as mediators in the South Sudan crisis. Please see, ‘Former detainees discuss South Sudan crisis with mediators ‘ http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article51021

Pagan Amum said, “As SPLM leaders, we are going to participate and engage first and foremost the two parties to stop this war and the conflict, so that we proceed with the negotiation to develop and agree on programmes to urge South Sudan into a transition to peace and democracy.”

Pagan goes on, “His team will fully participate with both parties in restoring peace and democracy in South Sudan as well as in shaping in every future of the country.”

Was South Sudan in peace and democracy before this crisis? If so, does Pagan remember what he said in December 2013 prior to the implosion of the SPLM? Was Pagan not the very person who shouted loud that President Kiir was becoming a dictator and South Sudan a dictatorship? Memories seem short.

What future of South Sudan does Pagan and his group want to shape? Where is their Blue Print? Have they told the masses what they intend to do differently for the country than what they have been doing for the last nine years?

Is the current mess not of their own collective making? And above all, how do they intend to shape the country? Under what ideology and programmes do they want to shape the country? Why did they not do so in the last 9 years?

Since coming out of their incarceration, have the SPLM G11 spoken about the suffering of the people? Have they spoken about their failures collectively in mismanaging the country?

Have they spoken about SPLM’s massive neglect of the country since 2005? These people are not serious. They are only interested in their stomachs. They lie to the people and themselves with speeches like, “The G11 have decided not to side to either party arguing no role in the ongoing conflict.” Really?

These are not leaders. Leaders must have “the capacity to care because this is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” These are the words of Pablo Casals, the gifted musician.

So far in the context of South Sudan such virtues are possessed by the silent leaders of South Sudan and in my view it is these leaders who can rescue the country. They may enable South Sudan to experience what it means to be governed appropriately and fairly based on the rule of law.

Presently, the shoddy transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan is a redundant document. It means nothing at all to the people of South Sudan. The president and the SPLM refer to it when it suits them.

Otherwise, overall everything done in the country is based on the advice and recommendations of the Council of Jieng Elders.

SPLM regularly commits crimes against humanity with impunity. For example, the ethnic cleansing of the Uduk people of Upper Nile in late 1980s, the fratricide of the Nuer/Jieng of early 1990s, the massacres of the Didinga in late 1990s, the massacre of the Chollo from 2008 to the present, and the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer from mid December 2013 to the present.

In all these horrendous cases there have never been any enquiries or accountability.

As I write, President Kiir and the SPLM are seriously planning to commit another pre-meditated ethnic cleansing. This time the targets are Equatorians because of their legitimate call for federalism.

An extensive hit list reportedly signed by the president lists the governors of Equatoria, Equatorian party leaders, Equatorian officers of the various organised forces, Equatorian intellectuals and businessmen.

At the moment the Chief of the Army, General Paul Malong Awan is busy deploying army units predominantly composed of President Kiir’s tribesmen to the three states of Equatoria in preparation for this evil culling plan.

Although this information is now in the public domain, some naive people in Equatoria (together with the sell-outs) minimise its seriousness. The recent publicity of this vile plan of ethnic cleansing may save the lives of the governors but people like Peter Sule remain highly vulnerable in Juba.

The planned targeting of Equatorian leaders is a deliberate thing to decapitate the Equatorian body politic. It has a far reaching ramification in terms of the future identity of Equatoria, but also for South Sudan.

The Equatorians must now seriously think about this very real threat to their own existence in South Sudan. They need to devise a plan to confront and respond to this threat appropriately. Those planning this criminal act should know that they will not get away with it and that they will be brought to book.

The troika and Human Rights Watch have already been alerted and should anything happen the responsibility lies squarely with President Kiir and the Council of Jieng Elders formulating and supervising these evil culling plans.

With the coming of peace in 2005 up to now South Sudan has been under the rule of predatory sharks. SPLM/A does not care about the country and the people. It does not believe in the common good but rather in advancement of its elite members only.

If these so called leaders (including President Kiir and Riek) had “the capacity to care”, South Sudanese would not be dying like flies in their hands.

They would have humanely managed the country with services adequately provided to the people in the pivotal sectors of health, education, housing, employment, and security.

But what have South Sudanese got on their hands? Ethnic cleansing, entrenched tribalism, orgiastic corruption and continuous empty rhetoric.

The contest over the name SPLM/A irrational as it is, is itself a fight against Jieng tribalism as well as a fight for power.

The multiple factions of SPLM in different forms and shapes hogging this name do so because they believe SPLM is the centre of unassailable power and also it is associated with the glory of liberation. They apparently want the timelessness of liberation and heroism associated with them.

The Jieng in their endeavour to wholly accumulate the glory of liberation have falsely convinced themselves that they own the SPLM. To them, since the formation of SPLM is attributed to Dr John Garang and Garang having hailed from Bor, SPLM to them is a Jieng property.

Hence, the declaration of the Jieng in a document of meeting in Ark hotel in Kampala, Uganda in 2009 stating’ “‘The Dinka are the SPLM/A and the SPLM/A are the Dinka’ The two are the two faces of the same coin”. Their motto is that ‘He who wins can not be in the wrong’. www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/articles/benign-intervention-is-the-way-forward-for-republic-of-south-sudan

Now that SPLM is the centre of power associated with the liberation of South Sudan, according to them the Jieng are the liberators of South Sudan and the glory is theirs.

This anomaly makes the Jieng to crow “We liberated you.” “We are born to rule” hurting the feeling of others. They commit heinous crimes with impunity freely as with the case of the Nuer in December 2013. Unfortunately, they appear to draw pleasure and satisfaction from this barbarity.

This of course is not true for the following reasons. First Dr John Garang did not form the SPLM. He simply is an appointee of the Ethiopians into the SPLM/A. Please see ‘Dr John Garang was an appointee of the Ethiopian to the SPLM’ http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/articles/dr-john-garang-was-an-appointee-of-the-ethiopians-to-the-splm

On this fact alone the Jieng claim to ownership of the name SPLM falters.

Secondly, although the Jieng through Dr Garang dominated the organisation, many South Sudanese from other tribes played a very crucial role in SPLM’s success. For example, in mid 1990s SPLM/A was practically defeated by the Arabs. The forces of President Omar Bashir captured most of South Sudan from the SPLM with it (the SPLM) pushed to the extreme periphery in Nimule.

If it was not for the Equatorians, SPLM/A would have been smashed by the Arabs and there would not have been an independent South Sudan now.

From this alone, the independence of South Sudan without argument is an outcome of contribution of all the tribes of South Sudan and the Diaspora. So the puerile nonsense of “We liberated you” the Jieng brag about is at best garbage and at worst utterance of lunatics.

But the foregoing should make South Sudanese question the basis of SPLM’s power. This is important to know if the people are to liberate themselves from this monstrous organisation.

SPLM is not the true centre of power in South Sudan. The real power lies with the people of South Sudan. If only the people can grasp this crucial point and its psychological dynamics, SPLM could easily be discarded.

The people just need to withdraw allegiance and membership and the SPLM would be nothing. The power they crow about would evaporate in an instance.

So the intimidation that President Kiir metes out to the supporters of federalism is sustained by the Equatorian allegiance and membership to the SPLM which indirectly gives the Jieng power.

The irony is Equatorians are fighting themselves. They empower SPLM and the Jieng and then they fight what the SPLM and the Jieng impose on them. This is madness. Just quit the SPLM and begin to organise to build a new centre of power to realise your objectives and interests.

Any South Sudanese who wants federalism should quit the SPLM today. Dr Riek Machar’s maintenance of the SPLM name psychologically gives credence to SPLM Oyee granting it higher status which feeds the psychological image of Jieng being invincible.

This is turn makes President Kiir to feel unbeatable and thus make irrational demands. For example, admonishing Equatorians not to talk about Federalism.

Thomas Schilling in his book, ‘The strategy of conflict’ tells us that when certain parties adopt an irrational position and fiercely guard it, it is because they have a reason. Often when this is seen from their perspective it makes sense in that it actually serves their intrinsic interest.

So, the hogging of SPLM’s name irrational as it is for the country, it actually perpetuates and massively promotes the interest of the Jieng.

This is why President Kiir preferred to plunge the country into chaos than to transfer power to Dr Riek Machar which to him would by default mean ceding power to the Nuer.

Thus if President Kiir were to change the name SPLM the only people who stand to lose are the Jieng. So, all the other SPLM groups follow this logic.

At the heart of this hogging of the name SPLM lies a false glory and an imagined fixed absolute power in SPLM. Every one of them wants this supposed power.

This belieF in the invincibility of the SPLM has nurtured a culture of abuse and impunity over the years with the members becoming disempowered to the influence and working of the organisation itself.

For example the unfortunate events of mid December 2013 mostly affected the SPLM (the organisation and the members), yet the victims like Dr Machar still fights tooth and nail to identify himself with an organisation that decimated his own identity.

Do you see the pathology griping the SPLM and its members? After what has happened, why should anybody desperately want to associate with such a dysfunctional organisation?

Dr Machar now is in a better position to ditch the name SPLM because South Sudanese joining him are doing so on principle of ousting the murderous regime of President Kiir and not because of the glory of SPLM.

Further Dr Machar would help the Nuer to heal psychologically faster by ostracising the organisation responsible for their ethnic cleansing. If Machar did that he would eventually emerge clean from the cyclical mess of SPLM with a new organisation formed by him lifting his stature and image.

SPLM is so dysfunctional an organisation that it is no longer good for anybody and the country.

When an organisation has an entrenched destructive culture that can not be influenced by its members for better, the best thing to do is either to overhaul it or to dismantle it and form a brand new one with a new name.

This is what the SPLM members need to do if the destructive culture of SPLM is to be gotten rid of.

Therefore to remove the confusion in South Sudan politics, and for the members of SPLM to liberate themselves from their mental enslavement to an organisation that only benefits a section of one ethnic group and allows this group to abuse the others, they need to throw their membership away and find something else.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul
Disclaimer: views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author. Agok Takpiny is a concerned South Sudanese in Melbourne Australia. He can be reached on agoktakpiny@ymail.com


  1. AGUMUT says:

    SPLM is a joke and a SHAMED.

  2. Monyetet Amankeret says:

    A party can never be a curse nor blessing mr Elphag . Y was it not a curse when Dr Garang was its leader. The curse if i may use your phrase are personalities in charge now,it is a greed for power and tendency to have it at all cost.

    • Makuei says:

      well said Monyete @ a group’s name is not the problem but those who make decisions and those in the Country who understand nothing than their tribal and regional names.

  3. wanilosake says:

    What are you talking about and where are you from mr paul ?
    you talk for the sake of talking but it shed blood back home you guys are pushing south sudan to become a dictotorial nation for the sake of safe guarding our hard earn independent, for the first time high rise and factories coming up in south sudan splm will break your head either you support it or continue backing have constructive oposion

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      wanilosake, you’re nothing but a Dinka slave and a sellout who has been conditioned to serve them. Elhag is raising awareness and must be commended. Not all of us sold our sisters to the Dinkas like you in return for “privileges”.

  4. riek says:

    And why is a Congolese so concerned about SPLM?

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Aren’t you going to call him Ugandan, Kenyan, and Congolese. Oh, I forgot, you are have displaced Paul from Uganda and Kenya which are now your countries. Is it ok now for Paul to call you Ugandan or Kenyan since these two countries become yours?

  5. monychol says:

    You are a persona non granteur and a foreigner
    Go fix your Congo issues.

    • Eli says:

      Whether they call you names or criticize you, you are one of a kind, I am proud of you.
      Indeed you are more patriotic than these few individuals saying nonsense in reply, namely; Wanilosake who is a Jenge pretending to be Equatorian, riek and monychol. These are the few rotten onions who make the whole bag smell.

      I agree with your analyses and I for one had spoken about the motives behind maintaining this name call SPLA/M.

      It is a terrorist organization, ran by criminals, all their hands are marred in innocent blood.

      I don’t understand why a PhD holder like Dr Riek still call its fresh rebellion SPLA/IO, perhaps thats another reason why Riek is not attracting Equatorians because we in Equatoria without doubt hate SPLA/M from its inception,
      its main objective was to retaliate the Kokora.

      So why are there so many Equatorians still pledging allegiance to this corrupt inhumane and terrorist organization full of toothless scar faces of lunatics?
      First, Equatorians wanted to breakaway from united Sudan and yes we used it to get our objective of 1955 rebellion started in Torit.
      Second to survive, some Equatorians found themselves associated with SPLA/M to avoid being labelled as supporters of Jalaba, by then the jalabas have very visible presence in Equatoria infact I myself was irritated and would like to get rid of their controls over us, so any opportunity to rid them was admired.

      Third; some Equatorians got positions that they wouldn’t have got like VP Igga, Gov. Bakasoro who had to join the organization after being elected as governor of W. Equatoria, he ran as an independent, that alone should have shown him that the people of Western Equatoria elected him for not being an SPLA/M member, but yet he suck in the rubbish of this terrorists and today people of W. Equatoria are suffering just as much as the rest of Equatoria and yet he came out everyday saying everything is all fine, these are the kind of people who don’t see any future without SPLA/M.

      Time has changed and we need to move forward. TIME TO QUIT SPLA/M, Gov. Bakasoro, you need to be proud of your people not the rotten SPLA/M and go back to being INDEPENDENT.
      And you need to stop your nonsense that you are a hero, asking them to come and kill you where you are, standing for the rights of your people like Dr Riek did made a hero out of Dr Riek.
      Eventhoug, you people keep dishing Dr Riek but look what he is doing, meeting with heads of states and walking on RED CARPETS, something not even done for your chief Salvatore Kirr, Dr Riek is a master planner, the only reason some dinkas hate him is for being a Nuer.
      Truth be told, Riek is a smart man, his standard is way above Salvatore Kirr in hundredfolds but he is lowering his standard just to promote the rule of law and ethics and to keep sanity in that rotten bloody SPLA/M. Salvatore and his cohorts are scared to death of him.
      Dr Riek Machar shall be the President of South Sudan soon or later, I do wish him good luck, not because I support him but because he knows his games, his is even smarter than Dr. Garang for asking for seccession of SS and fighting for it, and plus he was smart enough to refuse invitation by Museveni to come to Kampala, that’s how you avoid being assassinated by that another bloodthirsty CIA Agent. Riek actually proved Museveni a liar front of IGAD, and he Musevenifinally admitted there was no coup attempted by Riek, the people who were attempting coup were those Garang Boy, so called SPLM G11 if you people were following the event., however we leave that for later.

      My advise to you Equatorians is; time is up for supporting this Dinka let terroristic cultic SPLA/M of Salva Kirr, we gave them chance and they screwed it up, let Nuers take over and then our time is next when everybody has seen all the worse then we are in as always we Equatorians are the backbone and holding South Sudan together.
      Nuers have sacrificed a lot and they deserve a shot, as long as they don’t repeat what the dinkas are doing, we shall not fall for the fear mongering tactics the jenges are trying to portrayed that the Nuers are bad people.
      Do you still remember when he Arabs told us over and over that dinkas will screw up everthing? But yet we allowed and gave the dinkas the privilege to lead us, just because we wanted independent SOUTH SUDAN. Well now are shedding crocodile tears, it’s not late yet. As someone said: “you will know a person better only when you give them power”. For sure now we all know how ruthless the dinkas are, these people love cows more than human beings, they are Animists, they worship cows, and Kirr is the leader of thar cultism of animism, why not try someone else a none dinka for a change?

      We Equatorians are like sleeping bears, you poke us we wake up and you are gone, end of story.
      I myself am a founder of a new grassroots movement, called: South Sudan National Liberation Front, or SSNLF, please keep watching as our objectives and directions for the brighter future rest in my heart and it shall be availed in the near future. I am gathering all the best facts and also I will bring to justice all those SPLA/M and their affiliates to justice bead or alive.
      May God bless and protect our people and sovereign Nation.
      My name is Eli Wani and I am not above the LAWS OF THE STATE.
      I stand for Freedom, Justice, Liberty in Pursuit of True Happiness.

  6. Joana Adams says:

    Well done bro El Hag for a well thought out, articulate if poignant article. Events that are unfolding in this sick country through the hands of blood thirsty lunatic Kiir and his unconstitutional council of Jieng elders will decisively determine the future of this deformed country.
    Without resolving the ongoing crisis created as a result of his wilful malicious agenda to consolidate Jieng supremacy, by exterminating Nuers from the face of South Sudan, Kiir and his murderous cohorts are busy loosing sleep over the quest to brutally silence Equatorian call for federalism as a system of governance that would usher the era of peace reconciliation and sustainable unity of purpose in South Sudan. That a government can deliberate the extermination of a section of its citizens, this time Equatorian leadership in the various sectors is truly vile.
    For a long time, South Sudanese have deluded themselves that Southerners are brothers or one people! Southerners have never been one people and some are busy destroying the prospect of ever realising this. What united Southerners from 1947 onwards was the common desire against the then Arab domination and oppression. Southerners have never lived together under common self-government except from 1972- 1982 and from 2005-2013 each time with disastrous outcomes.
    The romanticism against the Arabs that bonded us together has been truly buried by Kiir and his infamous Jieng elders. They bear responsibility for disintegration of South Sudan. Kiir and his cohorts have declared a war against Equatorians. As far as they are concerned Equatorians who have been silently marginalised from 2005 to this date, are worst enemy than Riek Machar. Let us be clear, Salva Kiir only declared a war against Riek as an individual and of ofcourse the Nuer civilians became the victims as they are seen to be the power base behind Riek’s bid for power. With respect to Equatorians, Kiir has declared war against the entire Equatoria region and is ready for regional ethnic cleansing. With the case of Riek Machar, Kiir only wants to stop Riek from attaining leadership but with the case of Equatorians, Kiir and his people wants the land of Equatoria from Tambura to Kapoeta and from Djameza to Nimule devoid of the people. For Equatorians to be able to defend and protect themselves their lands, cultures and identities, thy need to understand the real problem they are faced with. There can be no sustainable solution without accurate diagnosis.
    No country can exist without existence of shared history, shared identity and shared unity of purpose. We have not had a credible shared history nor do we have a shared culture or identity. Clearly the impetus to brutally establish Dinka hegemony is far from civil desire for coexistence in a country where every ethnicity would enjoy ownership of the country instead of being forced to accept second or third class citizenship in the case of Equatorians. Let us be ware, Dinka intellectuals are mocking that decentralisation and federalism are faces of the same coin, or that the glory of Equatorians is over, by implication and practice, it is now time to misrule Equatorians!
    There is no shared purpose or shared vision and objectives of establishing a country where every ethnicity or region will experience equitable liberty and prosperity. Instead what we have brewing is the struggle between oppression and a fresh quest for liberation from Dinka misrule. Throughout the history of mankind, the profound God given quest for freedom has always triumph over oppression however deadly. When God created Adam, he instructed him to rule over animals on land and in the sea. No where did he tell Adam to rule over fellow men. human beings are by nature autonomous beings and there is no way any decent man or woman will surrender their God given freedom no matter what it might cost. Will oppression prevail over liberty this time around? Time will tell.

    The struggle surely continues!

    • Bol says:

      ” When God created Adam, he instructed him to rule over animals on land and in the sea. No where did he tell Adam to rule over fellow men”
      In your diaspora adopted home … Are you rule by God or human ? Does the US has shared History as some were and in are still in some form of Slavery ? Are you old enough to rememberer that Lagu and Tombura were democratically elected to rule Southern Sudan ? Who do you think have elected these guys to rule the South Sudan ? Please keep away your personal misfortune with the Dinka and don’t bring into public arena.

  7. J. Nguen says:

    Once again, I give Mr. Paul a salute of solidarity in this campaign. I agreed that the name SPLM is irrelevance and practically useless at this point. It doesn’t bear an iota meaning for South Sudan and its people. I disagreed with him (Paul) though that changing the name SPLM by Dr. Riek would help Nuer heal faster. This is far from truth. Nuer were not killed by the SPLM but Dinka who were mobilized and trained by Kiir and cronies to ensure Dinka’s hegemony prevail. It’s a good piece Paul, I enjoyed reading it. Calling a Congolese is cheap and useless

  8. Malual Alier says:

    Allow me to rephrase one of your statements in your waste of time article and here it goes; “If it wasn’t for equatorian land; Arabs would have smash SPLM/A in the 1990s”! Explain it to the people here who don’t know that a vacant land can repel the enemy without any human being it?! Even the drunk humans can reason better than you.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Malual Alier,
      You Dinkas are even stupider than your cows. Without Equatoria there will be no South Sudan? Where was all the wars fought? Did Dinkas liberate any of their areas? You’re all talks and no spine. You claim to have liberated others but you couldn’t even liberate yourselves… You’re all jokers. That is why you’d to go and bring in the Ugandans to save you from the Nuers because you’re all cowardly and run away at the first sign of trouble.

  9. Tyson says:


    Keeping on with the good work! All South Sudanese should know the madness with this terror machinery of Kiir and his cohorts.
    But I am warning this ugly regime not to temper with Equatorians. Sound Equatorians cannot be meddled into this failed regime to support a dying PIG- KIIR.
    Disturbing Equatorians because of their interest in Federalism is a clear violation of their HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. This MUST stop henceforth!!!!!!
    We will not only resort to the cheap propaganda of use of arms but deal with them intellectually. Let us keep engaging the civilized world to keep an eye on them. These are just idiots as Museveni classified them!!!!!

  10. Chul Mi Bor says:

    “SPLM is so dysfunctional. It is an organisation that no longer good for anybody and the country.” Truer words were never spoken. The SPM/A is simply a “club of embezzlers.” Many Thanks brother E. Paul.

  11. Ogalam says:

    Hi ElHag,
    Many thanks for this brilliant article. Actually SPLM is on the path to dustbin of history as the first liberation movement that collapsed before reaching 10 years in power. The party has lost vision and has been infected with a new kind of rabies viruses. That is why it is on journey of self-destruction killing its own members. It has taken the country to the dogs and has made the Jallaba prophecy to be fulfilled ” South Sudanese will never rule themselves and it will disintegrate once it achieved independence”. Another Yugoslavia of Africa.

    Last week when the president community heard the rumour going around in Juba town that the Mudari white army are matching towards Juba, the government imposed curfew. This was to allow them distribute ammunition under the cover of darkness to the Dinka community in Gumbo, Mia Saba and Gudele. And during the today they ferry all their women and children to Uganda. The President militias under the command of Paul Malong, Marial Chuinong and Marial Nour are now ready again to massacre Equatorians the same way they did to Nuer last December

  12. simba says:

    To those who keep abusing the author: the first reading did HURT you. Read again, it will LIBERATE you from this criminal enterprise that has become the SPLM, a movement of stupid thugs bent on thievery and corruption.

    • Omang Rollo says:

      SPLM is developing the nation slowly because we lack means of transporting heavy machineries that will bolster the speed of growth that people are demading . you can also confirm this statement from Dr Ann Ito recent comment. she is not a Jenge, so she is not lying. SPM is doing terrific, you people are the one who like complaints and spew whole lots of garbage without doing anything to better your own lives.

  13. John Kijana says:


    SPLM=South Sudan=Jieng seems a very simple arithmetic that most jienges seem to uphold. If then the South Sudan is a failed state worse than Somalia, then implicitly SPLM is failed Party and so are the jienges. I for one never thought of the cognitive and analytical skills of the jienges to be smart enough to think. perhaps it is even easier to teach a monkey to speak the Bari language than teach a jieng to be critical enough. As for a Show down, we have no Problems with that. t is not about numbers, it is about tactics and strategies. We know them very well and when to hit. Just wait.

    • AGUMUT says:

      @John Kijana: Please don’t try to shot yourself in the foot because Equatorians in general are the one who BENEFITS from SPLM than your so called JIENGES/ DINKAS.You gain everything,but you and your people still press their BEAKS (MOUTHS)like the BIRDS,eat and deny is a kind of sickness.Your people got the best opportunities in Juba,but they still abusing and insulting Dinka for no reason. Greediest and Egotism are the kind of diseases.
      There is nobody who will allow you to do what you want,find a job instead of LINGERING in the GOVERNMENT money,you will end up in prison very soon.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        No Equatorian asked for those “opportunities”. In fact, we’ll be ecstatic if you’re to relocate the whole capital to your area. Whatever happened to that plan to make Rumbek the headquarters? Didn’t pan out, right? Because you guys are all greedy and lazy like the sloth. You like to reap where you don’t sow. You all congregated to Juba even going as far as forgetting to build your own states. Equatoria must really be the land of milk and honey that you all run to, isn’t it?

    • Bol says:

      Mr Kijana,
      “I for one never thought of the cognitive and analytical skills of the jienges to be smart enough to think. perhaps it is even easier to teach a monkey to speak the Bari language than teach a jieng to be critical enough”. based on such derogatory statement lets do some finger-pointing here:- if you really believed in this statement, then how come (the very stupid ) are controlling RSS ? Your cognitive and analytical skills must far lower than what Jieng have ! You “Equatorians” started the war in 1955 and it didn’t last long ! may be for “lack of cognitive and analytical skills” . You “Equatorians” opposed the SPLA at its inception in 1983 for “lack of cognitive and analytical skills” , yet you are desperate to be awarded the presidency of RSS by same movement that you were almost 85% against ! Equatorians cognitive and analytical skills were recently well-displayed by your beloved son (Peter A. Sule) during the show down with the government of RSS. Do you remember how did the show down ended ?
      There is a saying in Jeing which goes “War I deny your presence, but I know your whereabouts”. Keep disseminating hatred messages and we will all have a taste of it sooner rather than later.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Hahaha! Funny, Bol. Imagine if you can’t handle the Nuer, what makes you think that you can handle Equatorians? For all your bravado, you’re nothing more than a cowardly people who like others to do their fighting for them. Guess what? Equatoria has wised up and soon will be coming for you. Even Uganda will not be safe for you…..

  14. Deng says:

    how should SPLM be a curse after liberating you!!!!

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Equatoria like the KINDERGARTENS,very stupid indeed.They repeat the same.

  16. wanilosake says:

    Joana Adams as you called your self first of all these name is not from the 63 tribes of south sudan i dont know why you sooo interested in talking about Kiir and his murderous what?
    you dont have respect to our independent which is the will of the people of south sudan i believed you are a jalaba agent disguised your self as from south sudan . mine your business we are not going to sacume to your cyber war in which we are setting up a cyber security in south sudan to monitor those disguised writters on internet with their names and the states they are in North America or in europe
    have a constructive oposition but not creating tribilism by the way Dinka and Nuer are cousins one day they will come after you


  17. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Paul Alhag:

    What you said,you got right! Before I was SPLM/SPLA staunch supporter! I was blind! But I came to realize that I was wandering in the wrong desert! I found out the movement was not having a good foundation at all! I left on my own discretion! I just forcing myself to participating in this forum. I would not bothering myself anymore on SUDAN POLITICS AT ALL!

    To bring a better peace to people in the whole Sudan,it needs both parties in the peace agreement SPLM/NCP,have to be DISMANTLE COMPLETELYIN SUDAN!!! If these two parties,stay in powers in Sudan,they will finish Sudanese people lives totally!!!! Thank you.Sudan will be fine one day! Time will tell! Back to you to the audience! Missouri-USA

    In the north,it is most worst!

  18. Eli says:

    Chief Abiko,
    Sorry we went on the wrong start there earlier on, but I congratulate your decision to quit SPLA/M. SPLA/M don’t deserve our or anybody’s support and respect anymore. I hope there are more people like yourself who will follow your example and desert that evil and anti-civilization, anti-progress, wicked, cultic demons full of murderers, the group that is call SPLA/M are all empty minded people.
    I just want to encourage you brother, that never give up hope. When it looks like there is no hope in your own people, there is still hope in God. He is the author and finisher of our faith. May God protect and bless South Sudanese people with abundance of wisdom.

  19. monychol says:

    The likes of El Hag Paul and Equatorians who listen to his idiocies are children who are full of self hatred.Hating everyone for doing to them what they are not able to do to themselves.Instead of saying thanks, they became bitter and are behaving like an insane man who shoot his foot and expect another person to feel the pain.When you sprays poison into your room, the is nothing that can spare you from poisoning.People like El Hag Paul will set themselves on fire with their junk knowledge and junkyard bodies.Surely empty vessels make most noise.You will really die bitter and in obseurity
    Chasing fogs mists and shadows and fleeing from your own shadows.
    We speak what we can practically do as adults.

    • Bol says:

      Welcome back to our cattle camp brother !. When you love others more than you love yourself you are simply killing yourself and your family. Now you know that the issue is not simply Jieng Bhar el Ghazal conspiracy destroying RSS, but there are some people out there who are heavily investing in government mistake and want to commit act of genocide against the Dinka, followed by Nuer.

  20. AGUMUT says:

    Federalism is now a new discrimination like a KOKORA / COCKEREL.

  21. Leader says:

    Traitors who worked with Jalaba tirelessly in the ’80s and 90’s to defeat the SPLM and the Dinka Struggle are now regretting their stands. Now that the SPLM and the Dinka who helped the SPLM achieved victories and independence enjoy much of that glory is a cause of anxiety and jealousy to the those traitors. Keep on whining buddy until you cry no more.
    The only way you can be happy is to join the SPLM and join us in celebrating our successes in the face of Jalaba and their collaborators.

    Can you explain to the audience how Ethiopia appointed Garang to lead the SPLM? Who then formed the SPLM.
    For your information no party is formed by one person. Garang happened to be a leader of SPLM 7 founding members.

    • wanilosake says:

      Dont mixed things Dinka are not enjoying alone everybody enjoying but i can say Equatorians are enjoying more because development is taking roots in the capital and i also want to tell the enemies of Equatoria and Juba in particular that the Capital will never be move anywhere we dont have enough money to do that for now


      • Bol says:

        removing Capitol to Wau town should be seriously on the table because it will reduce the presence of non Bari in Juba and shift development elsewhere.

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest honorable Elhag Paul:

    Readinjg ur article,I am disturbed by what u termed as:hit list to decapitate equatorian leadership.This evil intention by the power in place will never stop the will of the people.Federalism in our country we say:must be given the chance to b debated n then approved by consensus.It can b very true that those who refuse the debate r those who will have something to lose becouse it will bring the power to the people.Meaning leaving them with nothing.U could say they have lost allready.Knowing the desperate reactions of dying lions,we r obliged to devise certain security precautions that will not put us in head long collisions with them.But feel free to do it ur way.

    Ur article is a very good national article.It cuts a clear line between the SPLM/SPLA leadershiop n ordinary citizens.With the SPLM/SPLA leadership,our country n the society is distened to doom.This fact must b recognised day n night.But true future will still rely on the invisible leaders as u mentioned n ofcourse in unity with our ordinary citizens.We must b very mindful:our struggle is national.The precondition of our success is unity.Monychol called u a congolese but he is joking.U r just a beloved fellow citizen as he is himself.The brothers in the SPLM/SPLA leadership whom we condemn is becouse of failing us with our country.Full stop.We would never tolerate undue acts of witch-hunt against them when they should no longer b in the possession of power to destroy.In fact our national spirit would b such that childern born of foreign n south sudanese parents will b automatically south sudanses.

    False millionaire

    • Bol says:

      False Millionaire,
      You might be a false millionaire in monetary terms, but you are still a real millionaire in wisdom and vision. your cousins or brothers “Equatorians” lost the plot of opposing malpractices of the RSS government by shifting the debate into a tribal one ! It will not be acceptable to disseminate messages articles that portray Bari or any other Equatorian tribe as bad people especially when writers of such messages and articles are well educated elite. we all know that there is a line between Freedom of Expression and Incitement of Racial Hatred, the first is welcome and the second is a recipe for social dome . No government in the world is perfect, but the best and cheapest way to correct mistake of malpractice is always peaceful opposition not war. Yes lives and personal freedom are still at risk of being lost in peaceful opposition as well as in armed opposition, but ultimate result is still attainable in both oppositions. This happened in South Africa, USA and India, and it can happen in South Sudan. Wars lead to radicalization where everybody is an enemy of everybody and in the end No one will get anything.No Federalism No Country, No Equatoria as Bari will be fighting other tribes. for example, I used to have many friends from Nuer community, but my friendship has suffered a lot from Juba killings subsequent reprisal killings across the country. Hard work of building consensuses will take us out of this dark days not creation of more divisions among our selves. Keep this good work and you will remain a true millionaire of RSS.

      • AGUMUT says:

        @Bol: Bari are the real Subhuman of Africa since thier TEETH looks or shave like those of CROCODILE OR HYENA.Capital should go,but not now.

  23. Makoi Mayen says:

    South Sudan is a failed state indeed!
    Even Congolese and Ugandans like Elhag and Joana are meddling with our affairs. I thought you were Equatorians but I came to realise that no Equatorian could be as stupid as you’re. Have you got nothing to discuss in Congo and Uganda? The only problem with Equatorians is that they are food lovers and cowards but they reason like Dinka/Jieng. Equatorians are YES men and that’s why they always say yes to anything a Jieng or Nuer propose. For instance, this issue of federalism. Why didn’t your governors call for it when Riek was silent? Why didn’t Elhag and Joana talk about it before? Because they thought it would be risky for their security and jobs, the governors waited for their husband Riek to mention it first and they jumped into the bandwagon. Cowards!

    • wanilosake says:

      South sudan is not a fail state but a faster growing nation on earth those guys are medeling on internet but they are jobless guys in Canada and US specting some jobs from Riak Machar but the damage they did might not get them


    • Diktor Agarab says:

      You’re obviously more stupid than your much revered cows. I can excuse your ignorance if you’re in your luak during the Equatorian calls for federalism which predated Dr. Riek Machar’s. Federalism is nothing new in Equatoria. In fact, reason why Dr. Machar adopted it now is the same as that of self-determination which he adopted to entice Equatorians to his side. Previously, we shunned him because we didn’t know the Dinkas but now we now that the Dinkas are no better than roaches.

      • Joana Adams says:

        Makoi and the nameless who ever. Since you are intellectually bankrup, you can please yourself by name calling. Actually it is a demonstration that you don’t know any better. And before your security agents gets their hands on me if they ever will, If I want, I would have done considerable damage.
        You see some of us have realised that there is no need to waste time reasoning with people who have defficient cognitive functioning. For your information only sick people will want to be associated with a country that is listed as a failed state; whose president has gone on the record deemed to be stupid; whose government is nothing but rotten to the core organisation. As far as I am concerned, Kiir whom I have long lost respect for has crossed the red line for human decency and is therefore unfit to govern. He did this by admitting that he has recruited and unleashed a private tribal militia to massacre his defenseless civilian electorates in Dec 2013 and beyond. Killing innocent people is a curse and gets addictive, that’s why some of us think Kiir is a blood thirsty lunatic. Otherwise how can you justify the recent madness of kill-to -shoot policy being shamelessly promoted by that lunatic Mr of Interior called Mr who? Which constitution has authorised cabinet to pass a shoot to kill order? This is a very sick joke?
        Our Equatorian boys who are wounded in battle in defense of Kiir’s mad regime are denied treatment and condemned to death without even simple pain killers, while their compatriots are airlifted to neighbouring countries for life saving medical care, what sort of morons are these? And you shamelessly call yourself a democratically elected government? You see in South Sudan some people are taught from childhood how to kill, steal and be aggressive. It becomes a part of their life and a part of their culture- an acceptable way of life. How ever some communities in geographical South Sudan have moved on from barbarism to embracing modern civilised ethos and values of life and governance. Give me one good reason as to why you would would the different ethnic groups in the South to accept living together in one country?
        Like it or not, it is time to get back to basics. It is time to re- negotiate the social contract between the various etnicities(nations) and state, on which our nation should be founded. As far as I and many other non Jieng’s are concerned, it is the responsibility of the Jiengs to make unity of the South Sudan attractive. Why do we have to live together if we hate each other so much and only wish to kill each other? do we want to live together because it is the right thing to do or do we want to live together regardless so tht we can exercise powers over others and therefore make us ferl good and glorify ourselves. The answer may be what you and your blind president are violently opposing.
        And oh just in case I happened to be a non Southerner, a Ugandan or a Congolese, I have this to tell you. Is it a crime? Secondly, will it make your self-inflicted madness in destruction of a country disappear into thin air? On the contrary, count yourself lucky to have such good Samaritans as neighbours who care profoundly about the well being of your people whom you are exterminating day and night instead of protecting. While you are free to please yourself with your self created madness, you are going to have to work very hard to get rid of me. Iam a full-blooded daughter of Equatoria, and I am going no where.

  24. jijury says:

    Brilliant of piece advise Mr. Paul, the SPLM with its vision United Secular Sudan has killed many lives and will do so in the near future. I COMPLETELY concurred with you but changing it at this time will cause more problems to our people.

  25. wanilosake says:

    Dictators get angry quickly they like to crictist others but not them you will never have a country and we will never give up our freedom for your tribalistic mentality go to SSTV and see what is going on we are marching forward no return Machaar will never ever be a president by force good luck with your propaganda which hurts your people more look at Bor Bentiu malakal
    Long live south sudan

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Dr. Riek Machar will be president one of these days even if he has to march through your eye. Do you think that you can divide the combine forces of Equatoria and Nuer. Look at how the Nuers are beating you like the dogs you’re that you’ve to run all the way to Uganda to borrow UDF.

  26. info@southsudannation says:

    Elhag Paul,

    Indeed, the Biggest Joke of 21st Century is the so called SPLM/A (in Opposition) as they love to name it. The irrationality of Dr. Riek Machar’s rebellion against the state lies predominantly in this destructive contradiction of naming. Can a sane politician continue to attach and associate himself with the very organization (SPLM/A) that tried to eliminate him politically, and even physically?

    Except in the IGAD negotiations rooms/documents and perhaps in the media, Dr. Riek calls himself the Chairman of the SPLM/A and the Committees he has formed are named SPLM/A Committees. He uses the same SPLM Chairman’s headed paper as the one used by Salva Kiir. He does not like the name ‘opposition’ or ‘rebel’ for his resistance movement. He only allows the use of “opposition” under strict conditions, otherwise he claims the originality of the SPLM/A without a subtraction or addition adjective to it. Does Dr. Riek want to rewind the History so that South Sudan goes back inside the Sudan for it to be liberated under the name Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army?

    At the same time Salva Kiir is still the Chairman of SPLM/A. But the funny thing is that Dr. Ann Itto, the SPLM Secretary-General and some other SPLM members still think that the SPLM is and can still be a one monstrous party while it has already two declared Chairman (i.e., Salva Kiir in the city and Dr. Riek in the bush). Is there a curse we are looking for in South Sudan than this very pathetic confusion called SPLM/A in its current mess?

    Please Elhag Paul, can you advise Dr. Riek to liberate himself from the cursed SPLM/A instead of burning down towns, churches, mosques and hospitals with innocent civilians in them? Can he comes back to his senses and rationality and name his resistance movement ‘South Sudan People’s Federalism Movement/Army (SSPFM/A )’ so that it might look relevant to the pressing political reality of the Republic of South Sudan at the moment? Let him and his supporters not waste their time with the deception and nightmare called SPLM/SPLA. Let them not continue to be the 21st Century’s Joke and Laughing Stock. Let them embrace peace through IGAD mediation within the remaining 30 days or else their international life will become a headache soon. Dr. JAMES OKUK, Lecturer, Juba University

  27. wanilosake says:

    Dear Junubin
    when i said E Paul is a jalaba paid deceptived jalaba agent no one believed instead many were drawn to his tribalistic hatred of Dinka and Nuer no one believed but now look he carries jalaba characteristics of hating all junubin whether you riak or Kiir to them all are same but let me tell you paul we are all one what we dont accept is military confrontation look like in south sudan autonomous goverment in juba in 1972 people argued democratically and go to elections not go to the bush

  28. Diktor Agarab says:

    James Okuk,
    You’re the joker. Do you think that your petty ambition to have Lam Akol join Salva Kiir in a coalition government will thwart the will of the people of South Sudan? You’re very transparent in your selfish attempts at self-promotion. You and Lam Akol are on the wrong side of history. Soon federation is going to eat you all up and then Malakal will be too small for both you and Nuers to coexist.

  29. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All:

    Were Dr. James Okuk and Dr. Lam Akol insane when they formed SPLM-DC? Isn’t SPLM-DC an attachment of the SPLM mainstream? Did Dr. James refuse to join SPLM-DC because it is attach to SPLM mainstream? I do not think so. What is Dr. James trying to tell us here?

    Is he telling us that he was insane when he joins SPLM-DC? Per his logic, if he wasn’t insane, he wouldn’t have joined SPLM-DC. This is really pathetic. Instead of Dr. James Okuk abusing Dr. Machar, he should first evaluate himself. Just because he was intimidated and gave in doesn’t mean everybody is going to be like him.

    Unlike Chollo, Nuers can’t be intimidated. Even if you hire mercenaries from America or rush to Jupiter to find better mercenaries there, you will merely be faltering yourself.

    Ugandans and Egyptians are trying their best to eliminate the very Nuer, but they are failing miserably. They resorted to using ban and chemical weapons to restrain us. What did Chollo do when their people were murdered by the same Salva Kiir he is in bed with today?

    Everybody is celebrating for the killing of Nuer, not knowing that the very Nuers are going to be their worst nightmare. Just wait and see. I hope Museveni set aside a place for each of them in Uganda.

  30. Gat says:

    Just continue barking.As I told before, the Mighty SPLM will continue to dominate the political stage in South Sudan for the coming five decades. Time and events will prove me right Ya Mr. Doom seeker.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      To this idiot calling himself Gat, do not force yourself on us. Nowadays everybody wants to be Nuer. I do not know what happen to their so-called Mighty Jienge names. If you are ashame of your name or tribe, at least have a decency by calling yourself Museveni.

      Ugandan names should be good enough since they came to your rescue. Please cease using this prefix immediately. We do not want other people to think we are as stupid as Kiir and his tribe. Stop of using our names, cowards!

      • Gat says:

        Nuer Gat Israel ,cool down brother. Preaching hatred along tribal lines does not reflect Illuminati
        . pick some brains an d think positively The world is too big for narrow tribal mindset ideas

  31. Gat says:

    so he is a Congolese!! That is why he has no sense of belonging to the bright side of live.

  32. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    Makoi Mayen

    Shut up your nasty idiocies which base on self pity of naming Equatoria intellectual Ugandan, Congolese or Kenyan. The coexistence value which Euatorian built among themselves that made South Sudan. If it is not Museveni of Uganda your step father, Riak Machar would have chased out your mother call Kiir Mayardit. Dinka are nothing and will remain nothing. History will be the witness. You ran to stayed in camps in Kakuma and Moyo, Ajumani. When did you got a time to liberate Equatoria land? It is Equatorian who liberated most of the places including your areas. Sell out your cheap info to your thugs dinka.

  33. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    Wani Lo Sake is a dinka decedent hiding on Bari name. Your colour is known and you re a son of a slave.

  34. jijury says:

    Make Lam Akol happy James Okuk will definitely be happy isn’t the best song nowadays? Meanwhile, In Upper Nile state Chollo people busy are killing Nuer sons that their daughters gave birth to claiming that they don’t want any Nuer in Malakal. Additionally, if you a Shilluk woman who mothered Nuer kids and only had one brother your life is in danger because Chollo will come to kill your children and your one brother cannot afford to defend them. Now plenty of Chollo women who mothered Nuer children are at UNIMISS camps because of that. So if James Okuk and his mentor Dr. Akol are really serious about Chollo people and Chollo wellbeing they should stop feeding their bellies in Juba hotel and advise their people not to kill Nuer sons and daughters for after all they are their children too.

  35. False Millionaire says:

    dearest bol:

    Thanking u so much for ur comments,if u recognise the importance of our unity,u will b very helpful in our struggle if u give constructive comments.The equatorians u say as my brothers n cousins,there must b never any thing in our comments that should ever make them feel forced out of debate on such important national causes as federalism.Our country that is the mother of the mathers for all of us will never exist with us as it’s citizens if we r not willing to come togather as one unite.If u r in america,europe,australia or in africa,u r never home.The God’s given paradise for all of us is this south sudan.Our problems r due to bad leadership n our sense of arrogance that prevents us from following the way of reconciliation,peace n unity.But following this way does not give the judgement of being too much a sacrifice to make.So let us make it.

  36. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    South Sudanese Generals begin listening to Elhag Paul’s hatred.
    No doubt. Below is Major Gen. David Manyok (the SPLA 5th Infantry commander in Western Bhar El Ghazel State) reacting to Paul’s article.

    “Maj. Gen. Manyok also decried social media reports which described South Sudan’s ruling SPLM party and SPLA, as a curse to the people of the country.”

    Follow this link to Gurtong.Net.


    Daniel British, Political Activist, USA.

  37. Lofu Lo Loku says:


    PAMPERS is for CITY BOY not you blood Suckers who grew up naked and been covered up by BULLS ASSES. BARI is the tribe who educate DINKA how to dress. Your claim that BARI are not men but children is baseless and it hold no truce. If there is no men how could your unty survives until this time in Juba land of brave. DINKA has failed to protect KIIR that is why he asked MUSEVENI to come and rescue him. We are not afraid of anybody no matter the situation. Let you narrate your childish history to DINKA PRESCHOOL.

  38. Makoi Mayen says:

    Infact SPLM is a curse to South Sudan for the following reasons;
    1. SPLM brought the indepence of South Sudan.
    2. SPLM fought for twenty one years.
    3. SPLM made the once no man’s land -Equatoria- an inhabitable place.
    4. SPLM and Dinka liberated Equatorians, the biggest mistake they have ever made. Equatorians love being slaves only.
    5. SPLM Made the current infrastructure in the country.
    6. SPLM changed Equatorians from wearing animals’ skins and barks of trees to wearing immaculate three piece suits. SPLM should have not done all these things. Where were these Equatorians when we liberated this Equatoria they are so proud of today?

  39. Lofu Lo Loku says:



  40. Moorgueec says:

    The call for federalism by Equatorians has hidden agenda. They need it in order to have time to build a strong secessionist institutions in equatoria then opt for independence. Frankness is needed here.


    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Moorgueec
      Equatoria has no hidden agenda. Equatoria is calling for federalism because they want to put to an end the rampant lawlessness and barbarity ragging in their territory. Let Kiir, Telar, Aleu, Ateny Wek and their supporters go and mismanage their areas. Equatorians simply want peace and it is federalism that will give it to them. No hard feelings, you are violent and barbaric and Equatoria can not tolerate barbarism. Whether you like it or not federalism will be implemented in RSS.

  41. Gat says:

    Mr. Elhag
    who told you that Federalism means each tribe must live in its place of origin? Are Americans, Ethiopians and the the rest of the nations that have adopted Federal system of rule divided themselves as you South Sudanese to do? What a short sighted Illuminati!! Yes, Federalism will be implemented but nobody will be denied freedom of movement and residence in any part of the Federal Nation.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Gat
      You definitely don’t know anything about federalism. So. it would be good if you shut your mouth and remain quiet. The likes of you are the cause of problems in South Sudan. I am not going to waste time arguing with you for the world would know the difference.

  42. Dear Mr.Paul Alhag:

    Can you tell me honestly speaking if you can! The reason why you think federalism will prevent rampant,lawleness,and barbarity in Equartoria????

    My Dear: You know to know anything more about POLITICISM!!!!! Federalism is politics itself which comes from POLITICISM POLITICALLY!!!!

    If I am not mistaken,you must know the principles of BASIC POLITICS FROM POLITICISM how politics playing its importance in life to people!

    Rampant,lawlessnes,barbarity and many more as well in general,they are part of nature! They are always UNSTOPPEABLE IN FROM OF GOD! Bear in your mind! No a single human being is totally ever born PERFECT! The great philosophers,they had come in agreement that there had been no perfection in life to people. Forget about the books. What have been written on the books such the bibles,korans,and others as well, They have been written by people.What is written on them,they are human beings issues came fromGod! God never wrote the books at all in front of God.

    What you said,you thought Dinka people,they are rampant,lawlessness,and barbaric by nature! While lauding on Equatorians in the Equatoria territories,they are well CULTURE in them??? Thank you.Good luck on your great attempt on your great effort of federalism!!! Do not a bad witness of your FEDERALISM SYSTEM FOR GOVERNANCE in the South Sudan! back to you to the audience!

  43. Dear Mr.Moorgueec:

    The movement that was fought in 1983,it was fought by Dr.John Garang De Mabior vision for the United Sudan for the NEW SUDAN.He killed the separatists for the name of unity of one Sudan.He did not hide his agenda at all.His fought he fought in the movement,has petered totally!The country of Sudan,until today,it has not yet benefitted the fruits of New Sudan.Sudan right now,still bleeding profusely! No any enjoyment for the New Sudan he had talked about in the war.
    Do not think Equatorian politicians,they are hidding a blue color on federalism issue! May be they are right!Do not feel fear before a hen will hatch eggs! Wait and see!Thank you.back to you to the audience in the discussion board South Sudan Nation Website

  44. alex says:

    Dear Mr.Paul Alhag:

    I think you need to be matured in your writing. Careless writing can create misunderstandings. I did not know why you think federalism can bring lasting peace to South Sudan. As much advantages federalism have, it has the same number of disadvantages. That is why I argue that, we should first discuss the issue and send people to research how federalism works in the countries which are govern by this system. Avoid pushing equatorians to have problems with the other South Sudanese brothers. We like federal system but it needs proper explanation and how it should be implemented and put into practise. We know why the rebels hijacked the federal system of government system. It is simply to get support from equatorians. So do not speak on behave of equatorians but you speak as an individual. We all love federalism but not in the way it is portrayed in this net. This net is a mouth piece for the rebels in which the beloved people of equatorians are not part of. Federalism is expensive to maintain and careful planning in implanting it in community like ours where most people are not educated. It mighty even create inequality for citizens who are not able to know where to go to get their rights. Federalism is not good for people who does not have heart of unity. It is even problematic when you come to marriage laws because each state has its own laws. So for people who did not own cattle, it become a problem if they marry from a state where people are blessed with cattle. It make it only possible for people who are able to afford to pay dowry to marry from other states and this can create DISCONTENT. There are a lot of things which we did not take into consideration and we just rush yes federalism. So let us stop just being short sighted people. We should look far into the future because the foundation we are laying is for our children. We do not want our children to go to fight again. We need to end this suffering for good. To summarise we need to know way there is big inequalities in USA , conflict in Nigeria while they use federal system of governance. Let us not look for short term solutions in our journey of building peaceful democratic and prosperous South Sudan.


    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Alex
      Go away with your puerile argument. I have no time for such nonsensical talk and charlatans like you. Equatorians will continue to fight for federalism and that is all. Whether you like it or not federalism will be implemented in South Sudan.

      • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

        “Whether you like it or not”
        I thought you were a pro-democratic intellectual,
        surprisingly, you used dictatorial terms, without giving space to different opinionated people.

        Daniel British, Political Activist, USA

      • alex says:

        Dear Elhag Paul

        Whether you argue brother, you have no power to impose federalism. It is we people of South Sudan to decide whether this system is good or not. If we want federal system we would first do research but not just adopt it blindly. We are people with a philosophy unlike you who will rush to adopt anything without consulting the people. I have always said you talk a lot about democracy but you are the worse dictator if given the chance to lead South Sudanese but thanks to God you will only continue to show your ignorance in the net. We are civilised people and we will continue to educate you until you learn the rules of democracy. whether you like or not you have to respect the opinion of the majority which call for South Sudanese to sit down as brothers and decide which type of governance they like. So rest assured that your writing will not have anything on the issue of the federalism.
        This is the reason I call you a child politician . We south Sudanese know where we are heading and can not be booked down with people like you who just argue to win a debate. So do not be surprised that we may even not choose to accept federal system of governance because we choose the type that best fit our situation. Another thing for you to know is that not all people writing here are Dinka. You may be arguing with fellow equatorian who is aware of the difficulties faced in federal system of government. Your argument is a cheap political gamble. So nobody will buy cheap politics. We need matured civilised politicians who have vision for this country. If your profession is journalism better remain there if you do not know building a nation. Some of you were by then thinking a nation is easy to build that is why they become complainers. You were used to receiving things and enjoy things you never sweated for so this is the time for us to rebuild this country so that tomorrow we will be able to tell the history to our children. There are people in the SPLM whom have taken the position of Ezra when he was rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem. There were some defending the city while others were building the wall. There were complains of some communities being marginalised and instead all those challenges made them more determine to address them and continue with their mission of rebuilding. So SPLM has the same philosophy. We know some of you were used to play domino and Cards and wait to be called to eat when food is ready on the table but this time we want to teach you that, that time has passed and there are millions of heroes and heroines willing to pour their blood in the process of putting the foundation and building prosperous South Sudan.
        The battle continues and victory is certain long live SPLM long live SPLA and the people of South Sudan. Truth is our guiding star and the truth will set us free. Those who want short cuts let them go ahead but we are determine to accomplish SPLM vision of peace, development, equal opportunities, respect for human rights, rule of law, protecting the constitution, territorial integrity of our nation, uphold the unity of our people and building genuine democracy.



    • Diktor Agarab says:

      alex is a disillusion Dinka living in dreamland. He fails to understand that everybody has adopted federalism except for Dinkas and their lackeys. I don’t think one tribe constitutes a majority. If a referendum is held today federalism will pass unanimously. alex and his ilks are in the minority now that is why they’re panicking.

  45. GatCharwearbol says:

    Bankrupt as usual. Just like you thought self-determination wouldn’t bring independence. Federal system is the ticket here. Sorry if you do not understand how it will solve or curb our problem. Whatever benefits of yours being threatened by call for federalism is indeed at great risk.

    The root cause of this war is the decree ruling. Removing elected people without following the due legal process isn’t acceptable. With federalism, we will elect our Governors, Mayors, Chiefs, and be removed by us, the citizens of that particular constituent if we feel he or she is not performing his or her function satisfactorily. President can’t be given too much power, which is why federalism is needed to take away some of this unnecessary power from your President.
    Because we the citizens will be in charge, this will result into reducing the anger build up due to the unnecessary removal of our elected officials just because they disagree with President. This is what prompts many to call for federalism. And this is especially to us the Nuer who always challenge people who aren’t right even if they all the power to destroy us. We tell things like they are and if you do not like, sorry it is what it is. We would rather live poor than slave to a human like us. This will never happen.

    We understand very well that you are mentally handicapped. But please take the time to think through what federalism is all about. It is not about giving your built houses in Juba to Equatorians or transporting you back to your unwanted locations.

  46. Chief Abiko! says:

    Mr.Paul Alhag:

    Thank you! I talk to you all when I come to London some time!We can talk in important place well secured publicly Only for southerners in partiular for long time! We can include Sudan residents in London,if there are going be a themes include a national politics! Have a nice day! I give to you a buzz sometime later in London! So can be able to chat! Keep your torch on! do not put it off!

    This forum is for you and others important ones like the late of Isaiah Abraham! We miss him terribly! I am not so happy with President Kirr at all in front of God! Why his killers have not been tried in the court of law?His former minister of information Dr.Barnaba Marial Benjamin.had said the suspects for his killing were apprehended.They are in custoday.Since then,there had been any court hearing for them at all till date!

  47. Col. Konybaai says:

    Mr. Elhag,

    “The Equatorians must now seriously think about this very real threat to their own existence in South Sudan. They need to devise a plan to confront and respond to this threat appropriately. Those planning this criminal act should know that they will not get away with it and that they will be brought to book.”
    Indeed, a notion harbored by a paranoid and self-styled liberator which is deep rooted in Dinka-phobia!

    Well Paul, you seem to be trudging on well with your propaganda campaign against Jieng as you are clearly obsessed with it , however you’re missing out one important character,quintessentially of a really liberator as you claim to be one: THE TRANSLATION OF WORDS INTO ACTION, otherwise all you say remain as mere rhetorics by a lunatic in a self-imposed exile , intended to mislead your own brothers and sisters down here in South Sudan if at you have one! I find it Paul so craven of you to bark at such a far distance.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Col. Konybaai
      I hear you loud and clear like a thunder. Does it bother me? Absolutely not. Why? Because action will always come after enlightenment of the masses and we are getting there. In the Arab countries that saw the Arab Spring Revolutions, enlightenment took hold after nearly two to four decades for action to occur. In South Sudan, surprise surprise it has taken less that 36 months to show signs of success. So, do not hurry to see the action. Certainly it is coming and you will experience it exactly like it has happened in those countries where revolutions have taken place. You can go on ranting and abusing but this will not help you. What will help you is a total change in your attitude and behaviour and this applies to all the Jieng and your tribal government of President Kiir. The Ugandans are seriously planning to call it quit. What will you do when they return home? Will your rank of Col. save you from Gen. Gadet? That should your home work and not venting your nonsense on me. Hasta luego!

      Dear editor this is the correctly edited version. Ignore and delete the other one. Thank you in advance.

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