SPLA-IO will only negotiate with Pakistan Govt. for release of Pakistani captured oil worker

PR: On Sunday March 19, 2017, and despite ranting, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Division Five (5) under command of CDR Major General Khor Chuol Giet came under heavy and excessive attack by the Mathiang Anyor government forces in and around Adar Yiel.

During the intense fighting that lasted for some two (2) hours, the gallant SPLA-IO forces managed to fight back and repulse the Juba regime aggression, killing fifteen (15) of them on spot against two (2) SPLA-IO fatalities.

While running for their dear lives and retreating in total disarray into the bushes of Adar, the defeated and visibly exhausted Mathiang Anyor government forces abandoned one (1) Pakistani oil worker namely Ayaz Hussein Jamali whom we captured alive and have since relocated to our Pagak HQRS.

In the afternoon of the same Sunday March 19, 2017, our gallant SPLA-IO of Sector Two (2) under the command by CDR Lt. General Maguek Gai Majak intercepted another movement and aggression of Mathiang Anyor government forces towards our bases in and around Lapapam and Lalob.

In the ambush our gallant SPLA-IO forces carried out on this movement and aggression, some eight Mathiang Anyor government forces were killed and one (1) ZY loaded with ration was captured in good condition.

No doubt, the continuous provocation and aggression by the brutal and ruthless Juba regime against the SPLA-IO positions and bases once again sends a clear message to the people of South Sudan, the region, the United Nations and indeed the international community that the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) regime in Juba means war by the true meaning of the word.

The SPLA-IO would like to one more time remind all national and international oil workers to immediately leave and evacuate from all the oil fields in South Sudan, since the brutal and ruthless JCE regime in Juba is using billions of US dollars generated from the oil production and sale for purchasing more lethal arms; prolonging this war; intimidating and killing non-Dinka South Sudanese; burning, destroying and erasing non-Dinka homes and villages; displacing, depopulating and worse still exterminating non-Dinka communities; starving South Sudan to death; and consolidating and maintaining itself in power.

As for the above-mentioned Pakistani oil worker captured during the fighting with the Juba regime aggression this past Sunday, the SPLA-IO will only negotiate his release with his national government.
Press release
By Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for SPLA-IO

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