SPLA-IO Equatoria Region Forces repulse Kiir’s Genocidal Mathiang Anyoor militia in Yei County

Date: 04/02/2017, PRESS RELEASE;

Yesterday on Friday 3rd February 2017 at 7:35 am, the SPLA-IO position at Ombasi in Yei River County came under intense provocative attack by Kiir’s atrocious militia.

Responding in defense, the SPLA-I.O gallant forces of Divisions 2A and 2B of Sector Eight (8) under the command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron overpowered and repulsed the genocidal Mathiang Anyoor militia, and eventually captured the whole of Ombasi.

Now the SPLA-I.O heroic forces are in full control of Ombasi and all of its surrounding territories.

Thirty Two (32) dead bodies of the regime militiamen were found at the battle scene following the deadly fight.

Some of them are scattered into the forests while others ran and are being pursued towards Yei Town by the gallant SPLA-I.O forces.

Seven (07) PKMs, Thirty Five (35) AK-47, Three (03) RPGs and a good number of ammunitions in good condition were captured by the SPLA-I.O victor forces after the combat.


Wayi Godwill Edward,
SPLA-I.O Spokesperson of the 2nd GHQs, Equatoria Region.
Tel: +211 956 096 988

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  1. Alex says:

    People should not allow themselves to be fooled by lairs. Read what is happening now

    Kiir visits Yei
    Staff Writer | February 6, 2017 | 11:09 am
    President Salva Kiir arrived in Yei this morning for celebration of the 100 years of existence of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan.

    The church was established in the area by missionaries in 1917. President Kiir is reportedly using the occasion to try and restore peace in the troubled state.

    He is accompanied by senior government officials, including Defense Minister Kuol Manyang, Cabinet Affairs Minister Dr Martin Elia, Information Minister Michael Makuei, and SPLA Chief of General Staff Paul Malong.

    Some church officials, who spoke at the opening of the occasion, said they hoped the visit would restore confidence about security and peace in the area.

    Yei has been plagued by insecurity which reportedly followed a gun battle between forces of the former First Vice President, Dr Riek Machar, and the army in Juba in July 2016.

    The series of clashes between the army and various anti-Juba groups have led to displacement of tens of thousands of civilians from Yei River State in general, according to the UN and humanitarian groups.

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