SPLA Chief of Staff, Malong, orders ‘shoot to kill’ in Yambio

YAMBIO – JUL/01/2015, SSN;

A deadly clash erupted yesterday morning between local youths of Western Equatoria State and SPLA army identified as recent trainees of the Dinka-only militia Mathiang Anyor in Birisi Boma of WES.

This came after South Sudanese army (SPLA) chief of general staff, General Paul Malong Awan, had given orders, instructing government soldiers in Western Equatoria state to shoot anyone resisting his directives.

“You must deploy to stop this and if they refuse, shoot them. It is not up to them. You must stop it,” General Paul Malong told government soldiers predominantly members of the ethnic Dinka on a visit to Yambio town, scene of fighting, over the weekend.

It’s now revealed that the mainly ethnically dominated Dinka militia, the same as the militia that allegedly committed the December 15, 2013, killings of the Nuer tribesmen in Juba, has a newly established base in Western Equatoria State for training more Dinka militia associated directly to the chief of staff of the SPLA.

The fighting happened when the SPLA units (mostly Dinka) went on a purge and attempted to arrest local youths in Birisi village. The youths refused the arrest considering it as tribally charged.

Reportedly, in a period of two days, the SPLA opened fire on the crowd of youths killing dozens of the local Azande youth. The local youths responded in kind with few rifles in hand killing two militias and wounding one. The militas were advised to return to the barracks by the local unit commander.

Late afternoon yesterday, the militias and SPLA officers came back and retaliated randomly shooting at Boda Boda riders. Two Boda Boda riders died in the scene with another sustaining serious injuries(pic).


  1. Log says:

    Equatorians should know that orders by Malong to shot and will esclate into more violence and insecurity in Equatoria region. As usual there will even be more intimidation of innocent civilians, and especially targeting youth, by Dinka Talaban soldiers. Let us not wait untill it is late. Make even more arrows and bows and start killing this people

  2. that is very clear now dinka are the one killing south Sudanese, what south Sudanese has to do with dinka? we in the level of federal democratic front are very concern about the situation now and in the future in connection to dinka and south Sudanese. please understand our worry people must unite and do something about this.FDF FOUNDER

  3. Malouda says:

    Let us understand the root cause first in the recent clashing in Yambio rather than generalizing the blame to the certain side. I am really surprise this days every one is talking about Dinka tribe, so I do not understand what mistake or crime do Dinka tribe did, being a majority or in power is not a crime to targeting a poor Dinka tribe innocent and kill him in cool blood as happened in many places as travelling buses are been stopped from roads from Juba to outside by some armed youth seemed to be from Equatorians and searched if Dinka found his fade should be death these acts will not take us a head in this country that we claim our selves as Christians then our going to the churches every Sundays is nonsenses and I considered South Sudan is Zero of Christianity its populations are not believe in God.

  4. Rajab says:

    This is a very sad turnoff event.I condemned it in the most strongest terms.
    It is very clear that the SPLA force which is suppose to protect people is now turned against them.
    I call upon the Government to condem this and investigate the matter and bring the culprits to the book.
    I feel very sad to here THE GENERAL CHIEF OF STAFF odering his soldiers to shoot and kill the civilians
    instead of invesitigating the matter.

  5. Joana Adams says:

    When there is rebellion in Northern Bahar el Ghazal or Warrap, Malong does not give orders to shoot to kill because the tribal army cannot kill its own people. When unarmed civilians attempt to protect their land and crops from marauding invaders and colonisers duped a national army, they are ordered to kill to shoot. The Dinka led illegitimate terrorist government in Jubà, may continue to bully our governors and intimidate our beloved people of Equatoria but this won’t be for much longer.

    Just as the Jallaba regretted, the Dinkocrats will soon regret their madness. In more than 20 years, Malong and Kiir never fired any bullet in Khartoum or killed any Jallaba. What is this hatred against unarmed fellow South Sudanese civilians? In today’s civilised world, you can not shoot to kill a dog or any animal for that matter, let alone a human being. What has emboldened the Dinkocrats to believe they can shoot to kill Equatorians without consequence? Whose land is it anyway? Kiir must forget the colonial language he has adopted. No one is a minority on their land.

    Even President Museveni in his rare wisdom said, you fight with a brother to correct him and not to destroy him. Is Malong and his kith and kins the new foe for the people of Equatoria? Let us be ware because any misdiagnosis could cost us ver dearly.

    May the souls of those cruelly murdered by Malong’s tribal soldiers rest in eternal peace and May God Almighty comfort their loved ones.

    Joana Adams

    • Force_1 says:

      Joana Adams;
      Unarmed people don’t killed armed soldiers; you see; you can’t even help yourself to avoid being bias as usual. I personally endorse “shoot to killed” because that’s a great policy! Those who are arrogant are going to hunt-down by the book until everyone else get down to their knee and respect the authorities!
      You remember when Jalabas were in control of South Sudan; were you given governorship of your states? Did you complain of the land being settled by Arabs? I thought you would be thankful to Dinka who gave you the free to be governors of your own states. What did you do to Arabs who were occupying your lands? You people are so highly irrational! Shoot to killed is the options to teach the stubborn pinheads!

      • Joana Adams says:

        You see that’s the problem-authority! What authority? Have you forgotten that the undeserved power given to your Jieng government expired onJuly 9th 2015? Apart from the Dinkocrats who have resorted to the use of an unconstututional Council, the whole world knows that the government in Jubà is now an illegitimate government. Even your former friends are abandoning you because they are ashamed of being associated with you. How many regional presidents attended your miserable independence celebrations? Those who are responsible for this fraudulent Independence will pay for it. Just go on killing since it is not just your culture but also imprinted in your DNA. Kill until you get drowned in the blood of your victims.


  6. Choromke Jas says:

    I am waiting for the reactions of our military leaders. Being frozen with caution will not protect you, our Generals. Some of us personally did advise Dr Riek to take a preemptive strike against Kiir when the latter was recruiting and training a tribal militia, the militia which later committed a pogrom against the Nuer. He ignored us as civilian busybodies but he had to escape with the skin of his teeth when the fire later engulfed him and his body guards. So, the Equatorian Generals might one day find themselves victims of this new militia. For Torit 18 August Uprising’s sake, DO SOMETHING about the situation in Yambio!

  7. Nan Malo ni. says:

    Equatoria wake up! The so called Paul Malong is a terrorist in South Sudan. Now they are planning more massacres and genocides like what they did to Nuer in Juba on 15 December 2013.

  8. AGUMUT says:

    Kokora itself originated to Western Equatoria State,now they get their own State and still not good.

  9. Deng says:

    I have never never seen any kind kind of system on this planet supporting one tribe to order the army and take other tribes lands, simply because of having power in their hands. We always hear what they say “accept our system or you die”. South Sudan nations fought Jellaba for independence for 50 years to be free from them, our Dinka brother have different calculation against all tribes in the South. They have the so called Council of jieng elders working as a parliament of South Sudan. This system had been created by Alier and Bona Malwal in 1972 (We are born to Rule and not to be Ruled). If that’s true you are born to rule and not to be ruled, show us the good system. Where will you go tomorrow?

  10. Where are Nikalongo and False Millionaires? Dinka are born to rule while Nikalongo and False Millionaires are born to be ruled, born to be idiots, born to be slaves, born to be visionless, and born to be clueless.

  11. Dear Malouda:

    I thank you so much for your comment!Dinka people are part of our people in the South Sudan in the homeland. Southerners politicians,should preach peace,harmony and love to people in general.Singling out Dinka tribe the problem maker among others,is not good because it will ruin South Sudan UNITY IRREPAIRABLY.Let us live in peace! Killing ourselves,is not good at all! Living in hate among ourselves simply because of politics,is a bad idea!

    The situation in Western Equatoria state in Yambio,could have been dealt by police.The army have no right to shoot people those who have no problems to themselves before. If a civiliansare gone astray in the military areas,they must be approach first to know what led them to go astray in the army areas.They should not be gundown for being gone astray in the military areas.The Military bases should not be around within local populations.They should be far away.Soldiers coming in civilian places,causing problems,they should be arrested by police immediately.If found military uniforms,the state governor,must call commanding officer in charge.After being found guilty,they must be discharge from the service in the army with no payment until the cases has cleared administratively! But unfortunate people like Paul Malong Awan, wants make things worse to people in the country in the South Sudan. He should not encourage his tribe Dinka in army in SPLA to do bad things! He should admonish them from making problem! He should not put in mind Dinka people in SPLM can fight whole people in the South Sudan!!!

    Remember that commander Aguang problem from Bor in Didinga people in the village. Didinga people were not well armed. But the soldiers from Dinka in SPLA were well armed Dr.John Garang gave ordered to fight them for the death of Commander Aguang.They resisted them from beginning to end with no winner! It was solved by agreement on words on mouths without using a force through barrel of guns.! He should clear his words before speaking them out from his mouth!

    Religion issue in South Sudan.South Sudan is not for Christians kingdom.Government problems in the country in the South Sudan Republic,has nothing to do with the ongoing crisis.Sir,there is no true peace for Christians! Christianity is part of the DESTRUCTION!! It is part of GOD POLITICS! Thank you once again!
    Jackson County,MO.USA

  12. John Abass says:

    Paul Malong didn’t know his duty, he is right from a cattle camp that is why he didn’t know the use of gun, that is why he is giving blind order to his mindless to fight civilians. he did the same in Mundri West, Maridi and in Yambio. but one day the right factor will reveal.

  13. Force_1 says:

    John Abass;
    Tell me any country where unruly armed youths ambushed the country’s armed and killed some of their members and all you do is blame the army’s chief? Remember; idiots don’t use their ears to listen but their eyes to see the consequences and understand! In the coming weeks and months in Western Equatoria State; you would either leave the country or obey the laws!

    • Holo Kor says:

      I cannot understand how can one just lie to himself to begin here with, and to the whole world, and for the world to believe in him and that he is a well shape and human-being, but when he always is lacking sharpness in reasoning out his thought(s). Always, absolutely I bemused by this poor man who lack a sense of euphemism, but a wild Chihuahua at his best. Only his finesse is a hollow gloating and intimidation, he is somebody who shows up a behaviour of effeminacy and he is, Force_1.

      And I’ve to tell you everybody, with these people in South Sudan, Force_1, JCE and the rest, we’re going in into South Sudan for a long ride before we could see a peaceful, and stable nation and that we all dream of, but, with these people, these are the real people who are the albatross around our necks-now.

  14. Eli says:


  15. Toria says:

    Is this the independence we yarn for? This makes the Jalabas look like angels.

  16. FDF FOUNDER says:

    people don’t understand,these acts are dinka programmes in order to make others minority and for them to be majority for life so that to make sure they rule(not to govern) and what is going on is not SPLA this is mathing anyoor special militia loyal to the president salva kiir and not the ministry of diffence,this militia(mathinag anyoor are together with dinka jeing cunceil of elders are doing one thing for the benefit of dinka kindom(dinka intrest only) but not south Sudan country which compose other tribes,IF south Sudanese did not care for this they will be finished by this tow group.dinka jeing council of elders and mathing anyoor and they are playing roles of political wing and military wing. People must stop cooperation with dinka(and no dinka is good dinka all of them are one) people must stop giving their daughters to dinkas people must stop selling houses to dinka,even renting it must stop.other tribes must allied and form a militia that can defend their land and freedom, if not then you are finished. And see you in mass graves. This must be told to every one.

  17. FDF FOUNDER says:

    john abass
    I don’t agree with you that poul malong did’t understand his duty,he understand, you are the one who don’t understand, let me tell you malong is one of the dinka jeing council of elders and this council is divided into department (visionaries,(bona malual exactives, malong awan, and kual manuang, fillip agueer and politicians)

  18. Thon Giei says:

    Dear, all:
    Who is charge of security in any country? in UK, USA, Canada or any other country, are the youth allowed to have weapons and use them against others and the army of the land? What was expected from General Malong?? to keep silent and ignore his responsibilities or order the army to stop the developing anarchy in WES? A common knowledge that something is brewing in Equatoria disguise as the armed youth or call it arrow boys. Passengers buses are being ambushed on Yei-Juba , Kajo keji-Juba roads. Recall the incidents of Maridi, Mundri and now Yambio and piece them together. Always the target are Dinka travellers. Outcry will not save us. let us pass the message of peace or the danger is engulfing us. Remember Juba 2013 fight between the top two, started long time in the internet and the illiterate victims mobilized. Any war is begun with the war of words, as insults and slurring, then emotions are charged and the other side is demonized and sentence to death before the final assault. our netters have just done that. The problem is that the innocents now in Yambio and before that in Mundri and Maridi, are suffering and the internet agitators are living , eating and enjoying wiskies. What a shame. See what actions to come your actions and agitations.

  19. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    Remember the last time you have been praying to God for help. Still God of South Sudan is listening to your voice, but you should also have to listen His voice. The God voices come through human. God creates human through His image. So God communicates through people and if you ignore and do not listen to God messages it would be very difficult to success in South Sudan.

    Isaiah 25:4 says “God you are a refuge from the storm and a shelter from the heat.” Let us not forget how powerful God is. God can ends the war in South Sudan in one day if you listen and love one another. If you listen to His voice and commands. God has right to keep you killing one another forever without peace if you always hate one another.

    It seems that many of you think the last peace in South Sudan was achieved without God helps, but you are mistaking because God is powerful to build and destroy South Sudan forever if you do not have peace in your hearts. Who created the land of South Sudan? It is God who created it and put you there to live in it as brothers and sisters, but many of you turn against His kingdom and think that you are powerful to destroy His land. God cannot allow demons and evils killers to continue destroying His land.

    In Isaiah 25:11 says “God will end people pride and all their evil works.” Same in South Sudan God will end the pride of those who are trying to destroy the country and their evil works. They would perish and South Sudan will remain under His powerful lead no matter how much innocents are suffering still the time will come. The time the killers would be judge.

    Again in Isaiah 25:12 says that “the high walls of Moab will be demolish and those who are against me will be brought down into the dust.” In South Sudan those who plan to destroy the future of South Sudan will be brought down into dust and South Sudan will be remain as the land of God. God bless South Sudan.

  20. Dear Chromke Jas:

    Torit state will stay in peace forever! People in Torit State,they do not kill their own people.They always know their real enemies of ancestors. Any politician in Torit,bring a wrong message to people,in Torit State,he or she will come without any tangible result at all! I do not want our people to suffer in the bush when the ultimate goal for the independence has been achieved at last moment of long time struggle!

    If there are people who are looking for powers in office of the president,they must get there through ballot on vote! But not on bloodbathe! Let democracy take its course!Thank you.No blood in Torit State for good!

    Jackson County,Missouri,USA

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang,

      Save your breathe. Nikalongo used to say that Equatoria will be in peace forever. Not too long, he woke up to the reality of the situation. Yambio resident are now under UN protection, southern part of the state is now under Museveni. So sad indeed, uh! Do not be so sure about Torit peacefulness. Nothing is immutable; the table could turn abruptly. Watch what you say my brother.

  21. Bia Juron says:

    God rest their soul in peace because they were innocent, but its time for Equarians to wake up. Let us take what had happened when Dinka kill Uncle Micheal during Anya anya 1

  22. Beny Mabeny says:

    Dear Equatorians,

    It is better for you to declare war like the Nuer who have seen their fate, their population was significantly reduced, women rape and killed and many other things happened to them but you who just want to cause havoc here will finish one by one. Remain women as we Dinkas know you since the creation of South Sudan do not be misled by your coward politicians like Bokosoro who is just saying unrealistical words in Juba but not rebelling to see if he would survive. The Dinkas in BarhElgazal have not accepted your propaganda war and when they do you will be wiped out in Equatoria within a week believe it or not.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaman,
    After killing,looting,raping,destroying and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in Upper Nile,what are u ruling today?Is that what it means to be born intelligent with claws but not idiotic without vision?!!!

  24. Joana Adams,
    I thought that you and your likes who ‘ve been badly campaigning for dislodging of Dinka from Your Greater Equatoria Region will also be ready to step in with your power so that you can destroys your enemy ones and for all but unfortunately you are just using the innocent civilians of Equatoria while you are enjoying yourselves in Western world.
    Let me tell you this fact about Dinka and their friends, it is clear that no one is going to abandone us (Dinka) coz we are the super power in South Sudan and no one in his/her right mind would attempts to abandones the patriotics and nationalists and substitute them with cowards and betrayers like you and Nuer, even Equatorians girls will not agree with you because they are well informed about Dinka and the changes had happened in their life as a result they considered Dinka as true liberators who ‘ve willingly liberated them from sorts of slavery and humiliation, let your men abandone us but i am very sure that 99% of Equatorians ladies will not do that and instead they will excommunicates their coward traitors men.
    Believe me as i am talking out of experience.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Chin Jacob,
      There is only one super power in our modern world. When the leader of that country refused to invite your cowboy to a meeting of gentlemen and real statesmen in Adis in July, the lot of you went into deep coma. For your information, I don’t talk about personal private matters. What. Iam concerned about is good governance, democracy, respect for people’s rights, equality and equal opportunities. Don’t be envious about me being in the West, if I am in the West that is. There are more Jiengs in the West than are people’s of other Southern Nationalities. Even our Ambassodor to the United States who is a Jieng, lives in the US, is a Sudanese national who has never lived in the South! Grand corruption and nepotism isnt it?
      If that is okay why does it hurt you when other people apparently critical of government policies, live in the West. You cannot want everything good for yourselves in and outside of South Sudan to the exclusion of others.
      I know a lot of Dinka men who are bad husbands and very bad fathers. I also know a lot of bad Equatorian husbands as well as bad fathers. That is not the issue.
      However, I do not agree with your claim that Equayorian men are cowards. When you talk of Equatoian men as cowards, you are generalising that my father, my husband, my brothers and cousins and my uncles are all cowards! You couldn’t be further from the truth.
      Let me tell you this I have lost several members of my immediate male relatives in the liberation of South Sudan since 1955 to the present time. You don’t know if I have lost my father, husband, brother or uncles or not! But you must wonder why I am passionate about the crises in my country.
      I will also tell you this. When there was no government being headed by a Jieng to give you priviledges and to buy guns and give you illegal trainings, the Jieng were not so brave. Even when you are in control of a supposedly sovereign country to stop your government being overrun by a simple ill equip and poorly trained white army, you called in a neighbouring army to hault the rebel advance and to protect your coward president to this minute.

      So don’t talk to me about nonsence. Having no arms or weapons to fight with doesn’t mean that Equatorian men are cowards. You have only been in power for 10 years so don’t be deluded that Equatorians will have no arms o fight with forever. Even if thy don’t for the time being, the arrows can do.

      See you around.


  25. Simba says:

    A case should be filed against this thug Malong in the criminal court. Are there any lawyers to corroborate the evidence?

  26. Buoyar Apuk says:

    Joanna Adams, Choromke Jas,
    To disturb a hornet’s nest or a bee hive is to send a swarm of those insects upon the disturber! you and your likes are mobilizing good arrow boyz to kill every Dinka passenger along the roads of South Sudan and when the chief of staff tries to quell the unrest you complain of the army, mind you if these Dinka brothers take the law into their hands later you should not wail and no regret and grinding of teeth, continue and you will reap the consequences- Some of you will be chased to Ethiopia ,some to Central Africa and Congo and some to Uganda where most of you originated, please don’t play with fire.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Whom do you think you are warning? In Dec 2013, you sparked fire by ethnically cleansing the Nuer in the land of the Bari in Jubà. When the white army hit you hard, you accused former Nuer chief of staff of collaborating and changed him for barbaric Malong, the architect of the Kony beny militia and the rest is history. What did Malong say when he was appointed, that he would annihilate Riek’s forces in in 3 days! Oh was that 3 months ago? Even Kiir’s mentor M7 with all his superior air power has eaten his words and told his speechless friend in the presence of other heads of states in Adis that there was no coup d’état in Jubà. Do I need to go on?
      You complain that we are Ugandans yet you worship Uganda and Ugandans and have voluntarily sold our sovereignty to them in cheap exchange of UPDF protecting scared Kiir and other so called Nationl installations. How on earth can a national president supposedly hailing from a war like tribe be protected by a foreign army? It’s you who should watch out because soon you may be unwelcomed guests of Beshir in your land of origin which you have now abandoned to the Arabs.
      And so before attempting to warn others, you put out the fire you started in Dec 2013. Why did Kiir tried to run out after M7 walked out and left him to it on 17th August? It’s there for the whole world to see! It’s you who should stop starting fires you cannot extinguish. You even fled fom Panthou, who are you spineless cowards trying to intimidate? Don’t give us this crap of number game or bravery myth. And remember getting support from a foreign country to oppress and misrule your citizens is not the monopoly of the Jieng. What have the Nuers just done? Don’t kid yourselves that just because you have bribed M7 with millions of dollars, Equatorians will forever be at your mercy. That was what Beshir thought of Southerners and he was wrong. What makes you to think that you will be right?
      Watch your careless language!


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