Spare us from further humiliation & put the damn expat expulsion circular on the shelf


The minister of labour Mr Ngor Kolong Ngor in the government of South Sudan issued a circular last week demanding that NGOs and other private businesses in the country must expel those expatriates who are doing jobs that can easily be done by the host country’S nationals (HCNs) by 15 October 2014 and fill those vacant positions with South Sudanese nationals.

This sparked an overly malicious outcry from our neighbours particularly Kenyans and Ugandans with some media outlets in those countries going as far as calling South Sudan a “kid who doesn’t know how to appreciate” and or a “person who bites the hand that feed him.”

In addition, some individuals in social media from the aforementioned countries called South Sudanese as primitives and monkeys.

However, by looking at the current Kenyan president, his vice president and two former presidents and not to mention the influential opposition leader, Mr Raila Odinga, I see myself (black South Sudanese) not so different from Kenyans in term of colour. Thus the monkey-like insult is simply misplaced and phony.

Calling us “people who don’t appreciate” is also hypocritical, because if I sit down and try to reflect on what Kenyan people have done to South Sudanese during our 21 years civil war, I will not come up with a single good experience.

Kenyans have never been hospitable to South Sudanese despite the fact that the exponential growth of their economy in the last decade or so can be directly or indirectly attributed to South Sudanese.

In 1990’s UNHCR opened up a refugee camp in the middle of the most inhospitable part of Kenya (Kakuma) for South Sudanese refugees. Kakuma became the largest refugee camp in the world which created thousands of jobs for Kenyans.

The same UN turned Lokichoggio (a remote town in northern Kenya) into a coordination centre for South Sudan relief. Again thousands of Kenyans were employed, many small businesses including brothels were booming and Lokichoggio became a thriving major economic centre in Turkana district overtaking Lodwar.

Furthermore other better-off South Sudanese flocked to “down country” including Nairobi, Eldoret, Kitale…etc. and rented thousands of houses, they also took their kids to schools and paid schools fees.

Nevertheless, without appreciating the fortune which South Sudanese brought to Kenya, South Sudanese were openly subjected to some despicable harassments and police brutality.

For South Sudanese, walking down on a street in Nairobi became a warrant for a kidnap-like arrest and to be released one must pay ransom/bribe to the police, it became a way of life for South Sudanese living in Kenya.

It was only after the signing of the CPA in 2005 when Kenyans began to treat us like brothers and sisters. The change of behaviour came about because Kenyans saw the opportunity to exploit South Sudanese, it works.

The exodus to South Sudan has begun, vendors, “professionals” with faked certificates, thieves, prostitutes, you name it, flocked to South Sudan in search for wealth. You could hear them saying, “look at these stupid South Sudanese, we are sucking them up, kabitha, and they don’t see it,” “Hahah” and they laughed.

But can we blame them? We led ourselves down in the last nine years of combined autonomy and independence.

Had we built at least three major cross-country highways, had we built at least one major dam for both water and electricity, had we upgraded at least two major universities to the level of modern universities, had we at least laid down a foundation for modern farming, had we at least built one major food processing centre.

More importantly, if we had been loving and treating ourselves with respect, Kenyans would have at least showed us some respect.

However, at the moment they don’t see themselves in equal terms with us, our government may think there exists bilateral relation between Kenya and South Sudan based on mutual respect but in real sense there is nothing like that.

Kenyans know whatever we import from them including goods, health, education, and holidays is a result of desperation and not that we prefer them over other countries. This perception will continue until the time they see us producing 50% of the things we normally import.

We must, however, give credit where it is due, Ugandans were the only people who treated us with respect when we had nothing. No one was ever arrested on the street in Kampala because he/she was a South Sudanese, we were given the same right that Ugandan citizens have.

Therefore, they are the only people who have a very right to get angry with us if they feel they are being targeted or mistreated in South Sudan.

Back to the circular, the intention of the minister of labour was good, South Sudanese are loitering in Juba doing nothing while all the jobs are taken up by the foreigners.

No government in any country in any continent that would tolerate what is happening in South Sudan where the percentage of expatriates in the entire workforce is higher than that of the HCNs.

However as usual, the minister of labour like many of his colleagues in ROSS just woke up in the morning and begun issuing the circular without thinking it through. The circular was poorly planned and badly written which subjected it to multiple interpretations, assumptions and misconceptions.

Firstly, jobs that the minister would want to be reserved or vacated for South Sudanese should have been precisely defined. The continuous attempt by the foreign minister to clarify the circular make it even more confusing.

For example, the foreign minister in his effort to clarify the circular explained that “by executive directors, we mean executive secretaries and secretaries, and by public relations positions, the circular meant receptionists and other front desk workers, as well as protocol officers” (

This is embarrassing, where on earth can EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR mean EXECUTIVE SECRETARY? Yes English language is not our language and nobody expects us to speak it like the English people do but in writing, the errors we are expected to make would be grammatical but not writing different words with entirely different meanings and expect people to know what you mean which is totally different.

Executive director is the very top person who is responsible for steering the company, he/she is the one who makes decisions. Executive Secretary on the other hand is a person who keep the executive director’s briefcase (office manager).

Mixing or confusing the two positions indicates the lack of deliberation on the circular and that should be enough to discontinue it.

Secondly, the circular should have never been retrospective, that is, it needs not to apply to those foreigners who are already employed. The process of employing a new employee and training him/her takes a minimum of six months before he/she can do the job independently with confidence.

Thus giving businesses and NGOs one month to terminate their existing workers and hire new workers is dreadful. It will send a very bad message to businesses and that can simply scare away potential businesses from investing in South Sudan.

If the labour minister and the government led by president Kiir is genuinely caring about the rampant unemployment among South Sudanese and they want to tackle it retrospectively, here is what needs to happen:

— the government needs to introduce graduate program. To eliminate the chronic nepotism, the government can hire internationally renowned companies like Deloitte which is already in Juba to run the graduate program; or if the money is an issue, they can also ask UN or its affiliate like USAID to help in running the graduate program.

— The government will need to enter an agreement with all NGOs and private businesses in regard to how the graduate will be employed. In the agreement, businesses and NGOs will have to give the government the list of the positions which are currently occupied by expatriates’ employees, the government will then take the list to the graduate program coordinator.

— The graduate program coordinator who must not be South Sudanese will then advertise the positions and conduct all the employment process. The only graduate needed to apply will be South Sudanese, both at home and in diaspora.

— These graduates will then be taken by NGOs and private businesses and assigned the very person (expatriate) who is holding the position to train and make the transition as smooth as possible. This apprenticeship like training will need to continue for one year and after that the expatriate will need to be redundant and get his/her payout.

— While in training with the business or NGO, the government needs to pay this graduate for one year until he/she takes over from the expatriate. Businesses or NGOs must not be compelled to pay the wages of South Sudanese graduates while in training because the whole thing is not their initiative.

— To prevent private businesses and NGOs from exploiting such a system, any position that has become vacant must be advertised separately, it needs not be included into graduate program although it must as well be given to South Sudanese nationals.

— The aim of the graduate program would be to find competent South Sudanese who would replace expatriates in private businesses and NGOs, it would continue until there are no more expatriates holding common positions (positions other executive director) in those private businesses and NGOs which are operating in South Sudan.

— As with other expatriates who are holding nonprofessional positions, the government can just sit back and wait for each one of those expatriates to have his/her work permit expire and then refuse to renew it again.

Disclaimer: views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author. Agok Takpiny is a concerned South Sudanese in Melbourne Australia. He can be reached on


  1. AGUMUT says:

    Mr Ngor Kolong NGOR is like ARABISM and STUPIDS (OBESE and BELLY).

  2. galdino. sebit says:

    Mr. Takping, you have furnished a concise argument of compare and contrast analysis, of how our labor laws and human resources are projected together with necessary skills,to resolve unemployment problems of our citizens, particularly that of our youth in the country. Our foreign neighbors do recognize the loop holes in our labor laws. These are mistakes we should not have allowed in the first place. Addressing such problems in the way it surfaced in the circular,is not right.

  3. AGUMUT says:

    Big SPLM is big SPLM and also DAMNED so-called SPLM IN-OPPOSITION, those who cleaned their Homes and cooks at that time were Kenyans and Ugandans women.

  4. Chier says:

    This is very important article that the South Sudanese government has to put in front. We expect the government of South Sudan to work for its young generations but not for the foreigners. We see foreigners in luxuries when we are groaning in pain. Wake up South Sudan’s government!

    • info@southsudannation says:


      • AGUMUT says:

        I am sorry,i never see the LABOUR Minister who is fat in the NECK,he should be very care about his Health because food itself is a killer,( MIND A WHEELCHAIR).

  5. Itikwili says:

    Don’t worry, this is a dinka government of republican degrees, where everybody issue what they ‘call republican degree’, including director general , ‘degree conferred upon me, i the director general of tv’, where is this fashion coming from? all the best South Sudan.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Agok:

    You are a very honest wise guy:stoning the correct objects.Meaning the stupid kenyans,the minister of labour n his government.South Sudan needs the best vision of young intellectuals like you.Go mobilise with your colleaques,campaign n cry out loud.Our problems are our making.Those in power must b made to understand that they are the cause of our lack of progress.In reality there should never be lack of employment for our countrymen in our country.We have everything God could give to succeed.But we have the most stupid brains to fail.That is the origin of our problems.

    Go to Yerol area,the fish rot there.But the demand for fish is so great in bahar el ghazal n western equatotoria.In western equatoria,fresh fruits waste away.But there is a great demand for fruits every where in the country.In bahar el ghazal n upper nile,the stock of cattle is overwhelming n much of it is lost to the ravage of diseases that come out of over crowding n intoxications.But there is a great demand for meat n milk in greater equatoria.In equatoria,there is high production of maize,cassava n sorghum.But there is a great demand for these products in bahar el ghazal.Think about the oil in mass beneath our earth.But we import fuel in gold’s prices from Kenya.Observe these fantastic resources:are our problems the natural lack of desire to work?No.

    What is missing are the most important elements that determine economic n professional dynamism and they are only provided by the government.These elements are good road network and money circulation.We must have best road network linking every village to village,town to town,city to city n state to state,from extreme south to extreme north and from extreme west to extreme east.This will guarantee distribution of nationally produced goods in the markets throughout the country.This problem solved,good circulation of money is another most important issue.The salaries must be paid every month every where in the country.No single village should ever witness people working there not recieving their salaries.Now with the money at hand,those who have the money will go buy the goods in the markets.For the owners of the goods business becomes their work.The farmers,fishermen,cattle keepers n the likes become producers and those automatically become their professions.Transports becomes the profession of those transporting the goods n passingers between places of production and the markets.Many other professions will create themselves from within these mechanisms.And the fuel:the government must build fuel refineries in upper nile,bahar el ghazal n equatoria.The objectives should b such that,after satisfying our fuel needs,we would export the rest to the neighbouring countries.That would rain down from the sky the awesome clean good money to our coffers without headache.This is the sleeping face of our bright future.Every one would b able to do what he knows to do by nature.It would only be the unfortunate citizens who do not like to work by nature that would do without jobs.But that would no longer be blamed on the conducive conditions than on their own natural lack of good will to work.

    With things functioning like this,we will be interdependent throughout the country.This will immediately improve our living standard,consolidate our love of peace and of unity among us.There is no single human being on earth who does not like prosperity.Even better if it comes with principles of justice n equality.Infrostructure,health care n education are also part of the package.

    But See hotel,restaurant n all likewise jobs:since when have south sudanese developed the nature of liking to work in such places?We must be very frank,honest n sincere when debating and so there would b some professions that would b done by foreign labour with the possibility of our fellow citizens developing habits of liking to do them in the long run.The foundation of the future rests on the begining as I have explained.But in reality,those in power seem to b either totally ignorant of such reality or just too selfish to help the needs of the citizens n of the country.Our suffering will never change if we refuse to start from such begining.So decreeing a motion to kick out foreign workers from the country is far less a priority than creating the proper conditions that will professionalize the jobs like farming,fishing,cattle keeping n all the likes that we already do for pure subsistence.This is where the government n the minister of labour look foolish.

    • Agok Takpiny says:


      There is a yearly advertisement aim at improving roads here in Australia which says: “WITHOUT TRUCKS, Australia stops”. Indeed roads, better road network is the only main backbone of any economy. Modern economy moves on roads and at sea but not in the air. As we speak there is shortage of everything in Rumbek including washing soap (the very basic stuffs), this is because roads are completely neglected. From Juba to Yirol can be only three hours drive if the road is good but at the moment you can only fly to Yirol from Juba and vice versa. The economy has absolutely stop moving, thanks to Gier Chuang and those of his colleagues who pocketed the infrastructure funds since 2005.

      No one expects South Sudan to certainly jump to the level of countries like Kenya which have been stable for most part of the last five decades but that doesn’t mean that we should absolutely be doing nothing like what we have been doing since 2005. It doesn’t take ten years to construct major highways (say from Numile to Wau via Yirol, from Kaya to Rumbek via Maridi, and from Maridi to Tonj via Yambio through Tumburra, from Tonj to Kuajok, from Kuajok to Aweil, from Juba to Bor, and from Rumbek to Bentiu etc.). Although all these mentioned roads may have not finish, everyone would have a hope that our government is on the right track and we will get there eventually. Unfortunately, fighting is now the main priority, the future of our country have never been more gloomier. Some of us keep writing just for the sake of it but not that anybody out there is willing to listen.

  7. Mr. Agok,

    The situation in Juba deserve some steps to be taken to see that south Sudanese are working. The honorable minister of labor had good intention because the number of foreign workers in south Sudan is more than the number of the citizens. Our neigbors emptied themselve in south Sudan in uprecedented manner, and they occupied all the jobs even cleaning toilets. Our qualified south Sudanese from the diaspora when they go home, they can not get jobs. If we are rewarding those who helped us during the liberation movement, then this is not the way, our country is being occuppied in the name codial realtionship. If Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia helped us what about Somali what did they do for our liberate? Steps needs to be taken. If the minister of labor did not consult in his circular letter, I think this time he should do the right thing. Some of those foreiners needs to be shown the way to the boarder because south Sudanese should run their business they shoulf learn to work.

    • Charles says:

      Mr. Oyet,
      Your first sentence is in place. Indeed South Sudanese must be given job priorities in all sectors. However the reality on the ground is that we had allowed all sorts of foreign workers to come and work in the country without any regulations whatsoever. The NGOs, companies, and foreign workers just took advantage of the situation. Besides we also had porous boarders which they took advantage of. We very much stand to blame because of our weak institutions. Now to correct the situation, we have to think carefully and take the correct measures. We cannot just wake up one day and tell people to leave or be terminated from their jobs within one month! This can cause chaos and panic, creating serious disruption in those companies and NGOs that will be affected. In addition we do not expect the countries of those affected not to raise a complaint. We do not live in isolation. For every action there is a reaction. Hence we should not be surprised by the reactions from the governments of the neighbouring countries that would have been affected.Put in their shoes, we would have reacted in equal measure.

      The Government of South Sudan must work in a coordinated manner thorugh the ministries of Labour, Immigration and Education in a phased manner so as not to disrupt the relationship with its neighbours, or the companies or NGOs that have employed these foreign workers. The Ministry of Labour can for instance identify certain job categories that will have to be occupied by nationals only, and make sure that no new labour cards are issued to new recruits from outside and not to renew the labour crads of those whose terms have expired. Secondly, it should hike the fees for labour cards that will serve as disincentive for companies to bring in foreign workers. This will force companies to recruit and train locals. Such fees can be used to provide vocational training to locals in areas where locals are not well represented. There are other incentives that the government can put in place to make employing locals attractive to the NGOs and foreign investors. We also have to invest and make reforms in our educational system to produce the kind of graduates that meet the labour market demands. Current amount in the budget being spent on education or roads is peanuts, compared to the actual needs. There are many ways to skin a goat.

  8. AGUMUT says:

    Who say Southern Sudanese are blacks or Monkeys.They are blue like that Guy,Minister of Labour mr.Ngor Kolong Ngor.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    AGOK from Melbourne Austrialia is not a member of the APES and Monkeys.

  10. Guys,

    I do not know what are you crying for. This is the exact government all of you want with the right president that do everything right at the right time. I believe Kiir is the president of your dream no doubt but I do not know why are you crying and singing un understandable songs.

    A president that ordered the killing of 30,000 Nuer in the Capital Juba, a president that invited foreign troops to help him kill citizens who voted him in power, a present that does not want any election taking place anywhere in the country, and a president that can dissolves his government any time with out any question is a great and powerful president.

    A presidents that pay foreign troops $400 a day each, a president that borrows $100 million every three months, between July and August 2014 South Sudan had borrowed $261million, a president that has been accumulating mountains of debt that would take South Sudan 300 years to payback is a wonderful president.

    A president that hires foreigners instead of citizens, a president that has Nigerian religious chief advisor, a president that has invited foreign troops to drop cluster bomb in Jamez, Bor, Gadiang, Malakal, Miwut, and Nasir is an exceptional president.

    A president that can dismiss vice president, member of judicial, member of parliament, governors, and military commanders either with reason or without reason, a president that has power to kill whoever attempt to campaign to be president, a president that can arrest or kill anyone that try to reform the government and it constitutions is an admirable president.

    • Mayomdit says:

      Dear Bentiu Ramaran,

      you are always talk about killing of Nuer,Nuer eveywhere and your godfather,Tribal President Riek Machar has been killed millions people in Bor,Bentiu,Malakal,Balit and Akop.please go head with your dream.

      • Dear Cousin Mayomdit:

        I thought I had praised your wonderful president in the same way you have been praising him for the good job he has been doing in our country. Did I said Kiir is a bad president this time in comments? Now you are upset because I said kiir is good person. What if I said Kiir is a bad person would you not be a noise too?

        • Ayuen Apiu says:

          Bentiu Ramaran
          You did not answer the question post to you by Mayomdit! To rephrase what he mean; if you Ramaran want to be the righteous man who want to point out what’s wrong with our leader; then why are you mentioning the only Nuer killed in Juba and not what the other side did as well?
          Did you mention the massacre of Dinka in Bor, Akobo, Malakal, even the killing of your own people Nuer in Bentiu? The Nuer killing Nuer in Bentiu because their only guilt or crime is that they support the government! Did you mention Nuer killing Nuer? Let alone Nuer massacring Dinka in churches and in hospital’s beds in Bor, Akobo, Malakal and in remote villages as well! You don’t have any moral ground here to be righteous!

          • Ayuen Apiu,

            The massacre that occurred in other areas you mentioned are all the packages of the Juba Massacred. If the Dinka president did not massacred Nuer in Juba, then killing that occurred in Bentiu, Malakal, Bor, and so forth would not have happened.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Ayuen Apiu:

            Please understand that there is no smoke without fire. Prior to genocide of Nuer in Juba, where Dinka people murdered in Bentiu, Malakal, Akobo, and other places? Ask yourself this question first. The whole thing boils down to the root cause of the conflict. Unless you are bent to live in denial, Salva Kiir is to blame and you miss the right person for your grievance. Please direct your questions to Salva Kiir. If Nuer are the problem, they should have murdered Dinka in various places before Juba genocide. I hope I have not complicated the situation any further.

        • Mayomdit says:

          Dear Bentiu Ramaran,

          I did not support any each of Warring Leaders as you miss understoond,we the South Sudanese are not happy with a way those Leaders behaved.because of killing of innocent civilians,displacement,looting and destruction i can say President is fall to protect his people.the same thing to Rebell leader should protect innocent people like what happened in Malakal,Bentiu and Balit,people were been killed in Churches,Mosques,Hospitals and the people who been killed are not Dinka,Nuer alone ,we have to be fair for what you say and we must condemn what happened in Juba,Bor,Bentiu Malakal and so on

          • Ayuen Apiu says:

            Bentiu Ramaran;
            For God sake, you have massacred your own Nuer civilians in Bentiu; do they have anything to do with the Nuer rebels killed in Juba? No! Do they benefits from anyone in the government in Juba? No! The reason is; the families of those in charge in Juba are all overseas! Now; when you go and killed poor civilians in the villages that has nothing to do with politics in Juba; that’s shows the difference between your idiocy and being sound-minded!
            If that’s the case that you know that you have taken revenge that include your own people; then go or stay in Ethiopia with your riek. What’s your protest here! What’s giving you any moral ground to point fingers to anybody who is wrong whatsoever?

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            We have Kiir to blame for the whole mess. Had he not initiated the Genocide against Nuer tribe in Juba, my Dinka people in Bentiu, Akobo, Bor, Malakal, and other places wouldn’t have perished.

            Why don’t you ask yourself this question: Where Dinka people killed in Bentiu, Malakal, Balit, Akobo and others before December Juba genocide? This should be your basis before you blame Bentiu Ramaran or Rebels (Nuer) who are fighting the whole East Africa in form of Mecernaries. Nuer are defending themselves otherwise Kiir would have wiped them out had it not been for their God’s given ability to fight.

            The root cause is to blame and the root cause is Salva Kiir. Please point your finger in the correct direction. Point it to Juba government of Salva Kiir who initiated this mess.

          • Dear Cousins Ayuen Apiu and Mayomdit:

            I assume that all of you come from big family or if not I assume that you have brothers, sisters, and surely you have mother and father. For example, in our conventional families not only Dinka families, but also in our Nuer traditional way of managing the communities, when a child is bully to his or her brothers and sisters all the times, the father or mother would step in by disciplining that child so next time he or she will not be bully to his or her brothers and sisters again.

            You know that very well from experience that parents do not just step in and beat up all the children who involved in fight. Before our parents punish the particular child, they always find what triggered the fight. The parents do not just punish the child who causes the bruises, but discipline the child who caused the fight that how we solve families and communities issues traditionally.

            When it comes to our South Sudan problem, Salva Kiir rejected the SPLM party convention 9 times, which aimed on choosing party chairmanship and discuss preparation for 2015 election. Dinka community did not ask why the president refused to SPLM convention to take place. Salva Kiir invited Ugandan troops to Juba in June 2013, but Dinka cousins did not ask why the president invited foreign troops.

            Again, Salva recruited 17,000 young men from Dinka Bar-El-Gale only and trained them in Juba, but the Dinka society did not ask the president why he recruited soldiers from his homeland community. After graduating those young men, Salva went a head and ordered the disbarment of Nuer in the presidential guards, but Dinka did not ask the president why he disarmed Nuer in the army.

            Eventually, the president ordered the killing of Nuer in Juba. However, you my cousins fail to condemn this evil act of the president. You fail miserably to condemn the causes of the war, but you always condemn the revenge and the bruises caused to you particularly by the war.

            You see my cousins, the wars Dinka and Nuer engaged in since 1983 are all caused by you “Gaat Nyerubdeng”, but Nuer would take revenge. Surely Nuer never caused you pain from scratch since the beginning of the movement, but ours is always revenge.

          • Majok Deng says:

            Bentiu Ramaran;
            You’re saying president Kiir massacred Nuer in Juba and therefore you have to take revenge in Upper Nile Region to justify what Kirr did? Well, do you know where kiir from? If you don’t know the region where Kiir came from, did you ask anyone who knows?
            Why were your generals afraid to go to his region? Were there any reasons why you were afraid to go there?
            Now here is $ 1,000,000.00 question to you Mr. Bentiu Ramaran: What make you think president Kirr is going change anything about you Nuer; when you’re afraid to go and take revenge at president Kiir home State or Region?
            Don’t you think now that president Kiir is laughing at you Nuer; because you claim that president Kiir killed your people in Juba and you ends up killing your own Nuer in Bentiu and let alone the Dinka you killed! That show how smart you people are; if you can read between the lines!

          • Ayuen Apiu says:

            Bentiu Ramaran;
            Your point or analogy of penalizing a person responsible of bullying is 100% true and I agree with it; but that’s not what you and your people did; because you went punish those who have nothing to do with either bullying or killing as your example asserted.
            Those innocent people ends up dying and saying their last words as “what have I done? What are you killing me for; because they don’t have any idea why you’re killing them in their remote areas minding their own businesses!
            If you went and punished those responsible; you revenge would have been justified but you went and killed wrong people that has nothing to do with either people in the government or politics.

            If you and I are fathers and have children of our own for examplel and I Ayuen Apiu had a fight with you and you end up beating me and lost the fight against you; I as a reasonable person would not go and killed Bentiu Ramaran’s children because their guilt or crime is that their father fought with me and defeated me; that would be wrong and idiotic me!

  11. Yanga says:

    Good article – Mr Agok should be employed as the Advisor to the Minister of Labour. I hear there are many advisors in the government yet the products of our ministries are embarrassing to say the least. Mind you, such an important circular should have been first discussed at the cabinet meetings so that other ministers get to provide their inputs as well. And any document discussed and passed by the government should not be retracted as easily as that.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran:

    You are a respected figure n no one wants to get into quarrel with you.But you are going on a rampage n that will help nothing at all.Why do you generalize things implying every one to b a pro Salva Kiir n the government?You see my dear brother,we are having this war that has become dinka vs nuer.Presumably you are on the side of nuer.But it’s important to understand that,if some body is not supporting you,he is not necessarily against you.If the same person is not supporting Kiir n the government,he is neither a pro Kiir nor a supporter of the government.But he goes on with his life without supporting you nor going against you.The majority of south sudanese belong to this zone becouse neither you in the rebellion nor Kiir n the government hold the key to the bright future of south sudan.In fact the fight you are in was provoked by power struggle within the SPLM/SPLA with the control of oil money at stake.What evil have’nt both of you done to south sudan n the citizens:corruption,nepotism,incompetence n finally the violence that has turned too sore so that you are now face to face against each other without mercy.Why do you go astray from your war n dare to throw stone on us who are just washing you on the side line?Pro Kiir n the government are here in this forum n are easy to detect.It’s at this point that you look foolish by not addressing your war rehetorics against them than against those of us who have nothing to do with your war.We regret so much the lost of innocent lives n the undue suffering.But we would not b unhappy if God punishes both of you.No punishment can b too severe for your inhumane evil deeds.

    • False Millionaire,

      You said “We regret so much the lost of innocent lives n the undue suffering. But we would not b unhappy if God punishes both of you. No punishment can b too severe for your inhumane evil deeds”. You and who would not be unhappy if God punishes Dinka and Nuer? If God Punishes Dinka and Nuer, then the name South Sudan would have been a wishful dream. During struggle, William took Kopota, Ithoky, and all the other small towns near Kapota. William Koang Tut captured Kiala, and Kuol Manyang forces took Torit, Lornya, Lopid, Lofon, Lirya, Jameza. Jame Hoth took Yei and Kejkeje. John Kong captured Maridi, Yambio and all surrounding small towns. Salva Kiir was charged with Pochala but lost. Arok Thon Arok forces took Pibor and Bomba. Keribino Kuany was charged with BlueNile but lost, eventually James Hoth captured BlueNile, William Nyuon took Kurmok. Riek Machar captured all the towns in Maban areas.

      All the above cities and towns were captured by Dinka and Nuer, but they are not Dinka or Nuer towns. If God get ride of Dinka and Nuer as you wish, then the above mentioned towns would not have been captured. And if they were not taken, the peace talk which resulted in CPA, would not have taken place because Blah Blah only would not give you Independent. Sudan government would not have accepted negotiation with Blah Blah politicians without military intervention.

      Mr. False Millionaire, if you are not a Salva Kiir supporter like you mention in your comments, then why are you got hurt by my comments? If South Sudan problem is a Dinka and Nuer problem like you said, then why everyone from other tribes want to attend peace talk in Addis Ababa?

      Let me advise you today, when any country on earth not only our country is in chaos, all the citizens of that country must take side either stand with the government or stand with those who want to change the government politically and militarily. The only people remain neutral during war time are deaf and dead citizens. Anyway we do not want you to be unhappy when we die. Instead I want you to celebrate our death because in the end our blood will bring peace, stability, prosperity, freedom of speech, and genuine democratic government that will not give jobs to foreigners.

  13. Ori Bollo says:

    Dear Mr Agok, your analysis sound very good, though it put the current graduate under dock. The issues is not that the HCNs have no capacity to do the jobs done by the expatriates by the way, I know in Australia you guys thinks people here have low capacity to do the jobs done by the so call expatriate. Most of this expatriate hove gone to the same University we went to and have attained the same degree. For instance in my organization today an expatriate is brought to head as logistic manager from Canada who have degree in business administration and Commerce. How many south Sudanese have degree in BBA who can take up the position actually she become the lowest read fella in department of logistic because some of us have Post graduate after our degree but because we are South Sudanese we no seem have that trust on us this therefore mean the issues is not capacity but social colonizations and lack of trust which started by the Government.

    • Agok Takpiny says:

      Dear Ori Bollo, I have never and will never justify whatsoever that South Sudanese who are currently inside the country have no capacity to do any job. However, I know 100% that having masters degrees or PhD does not mean that one can just pass the interview and assumed the office without serving a minimum of 6 months probation period so that he/she familiarize himself with the routines, learn the culture, learn the company’s computerized system and so on. Here in Australia, it is a requirement that a newly employed managing director or CEO has to come through the ranks or if he/she is from outside, the he/she has to be appointed 6 or more months before the outgoing director or CEO can leave. in short there is a big difference between a theory which is what we learn at college and practicals which is what is required at workplace, sometimes even here, you can find a certificate IV holder who have been doing the job for 10 or more years training a graduate how to do the job.

      so my brother/sister don’t get me wrong, what I am saying is that even those South Sudanese holing higher degrees need to go through a probation period. That’s how it work. Thus demanding businesses to recruit and put the recruits to work straightaway without training is simply wrong.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Charles:

    Your voice is fantastic.What you say to Oyet is exactly the major part of the music we want to see coming to being in RSS n we are one hundred percent down to earth behind your leadership…

  15. Agok Takpiny says:

    False Milionaires

    I don’t know why wouldn’t you want to use your real names, I mean your understanding and analysis is of high standard, no belittling or bigotry at all in your analysis and I don’t know what you are fearing. Great mind bro/sis.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran:

    I don’t drink whisky or any alchool n I don’t smoke dope either.I am with my best mental capacity.The enemies of south sudan are neither the ordinary nuer nor the dinka.The enemies are those of you in the government,the G-11 n the SPLA-IO.If something gathered you in a pit n a thunder strikes a blow to crush you to ashes,pease,happiness n prosperity will come to south sudan.You are the ones I meant:no punish can b too severe for your evil deeds.

    You know sir,I read your comments n respect you.It’s a due human obligation to respect some one else’s opinion.We have observed you for a very long time.We know you now inside out.You are standing naked n we can speak about you in most clear details.We have understood your intentions.As a nuer you want to wipe out the dinka from the face of the earth so that at the end you would govern south sudan as a nuer kingdom with the rest of the ethnic groups assuming the place of women under you.Kiir’s intention is to wipe out the nuers from the face of the earth so that at the end south sudan becomes a dinka kingdom with the other ethnic groups taking the place of women under dinka.The G-11 are watching you n to take over south sudan when you n the dinka should have liquidated yourselves to the last man.But what can we expect from any one of you when you have all governed the country from the day of the CPA to the Independence n failed miserably?You dare to talk of federalism,restructuring the country’s economy,good governance n ngoundeng said this n that,what to worship,what’s not to believe,what’s to become n what’s not to become.All this rubbish does not bother us to hear.You forget that we are human beings just like you.It’s natural to get used to disturbing circumstances.A dog coming back to feed upon it’s vomit is not too terrible a case that can force us to lose hopes about a wonderful south sudan in the future.But that will b a south sudan without you.The vomitting dog deserves to be kept away inorder to preserve good conditions of hygiene for human health.We hope nothing would bring you back again to preside over south sudan.

    We presume some of you went to schools up to higher studies n others to middle levels.But all this is effort of a contribution to human civilisation that obliges all of us to distinguish ourselves as rational beings from savage animals.Reasoning n understanding are the corner stones of human value.The concept of a republic is one country that belongs to different ethnic groups.In our case it is this south sudan n we are the 64 tribes.What makes nuer n dinka more important than others?Nothing.We are all equal under one law n constitution.But with you it is never the case.It’s no to reasoning,no to understanding,no equality n no to constitution n Law.Brute force is the only tool you have.No conviction.It means your years of education have been a waste of time,efforts n means my friend.As such a good hunting dog can be more useful to human needs in south sudan than any one of you.

    What is interesting to you is sterile power n oil money.Nothing else.You have divided yourselves becouse of this.You are now fighting among yourselves becouse of this.The violence you have provoked has wiped out countless innocent families who had lived on earth rooting to infinite generations.And you are not satisfied yet as you have desperately taken to malicious propoganda on this forum becouse you think that we are as stupid as you to believe you.If you are mobilizing for more killings?go ahead.Alone.It’s not our problem.Go weep out whomever you want.Hitler did it to jews in Germany.So did Joseph stellin to Russians.That is without forgetting the horrors of Rwanda.But those places are still populated today by the descendants of the victims.South Sudan will not constitute a different example from those examples after the horrors from your madness.If you are too stupid not to b aware of this fact,we are aware.

    We are rehabilitating ourselves already now n you can take notice of this from the great articles n reaction comments on this forum.The page has turned on you for good.There will b south sudan of the 64 tribes all equal under the law n constitution.The topics of debates include federalism by consensus,roads,schools,health care,education,employment,economy n great issues of national interests like questions of justice where injustice is committed in such places like in madi n acholi lands.If we stick togather to dialoque like this we will quickly grow in strength to defeat you one day without a gun shot.That day will come n we will b very happy to teach you n your likes about national principles of a country.The leaders of RSS in our time may come from smaller tribes with those from big tribes swearing allegiance to them.Leadership is never a privilege but a simple merit.So good luck to you with your ill tribal principles of a village.Watch out you may burn up yourselves with your own hell fire.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dear False Millionaire,
      You ‘ve real reveals the truth about Ramran’s ill intentions in every single comment he made on this forum, but I am not quite sure of your impossible demands or ill wishes where you wants the two tribes to be demolish in South Sudan and shamelessly claims to ‘ve national principles in heart and fogeting that you can first have a Nation before your so called national principles and I don’t think whether you will be able to defend a national territory which was brought to on a golden plate by the precious blood of the two tribes you hate most in your life should God responds to your ill wishes positively to wipe out two patriotic tribes in South Sudan.
      I don’t even know when are you going to stop your sickness and misperceptions towards two tribes in South Sudan, I ‘ve never heard of someone who knows how to cultivates, weeds, harvests and cooks while the same person do not know how to eat the food of his/her crops, what a pathetic persumptions?
      I will be waiting to see your so called National Principles that may excludes patriotism, Unity, Love & Respects to one another, honesty, Inclusivity, fairness, Integrity and affirmative action and so forth.
      Make sure that your (Neutral or opportunistic Region) is well taken this time as 90% of your likes chose to side with Arabs during the liberation struggles and the same scenaries is likely to repeats itself now.
      I am tired of you or every quack in your group who claims to ‘ve known everything about National Business better than others South Sudanese even the cooks and guards claims to be the best of I know well, I know all, I know better, you turns to be a laughable societies because of your mindset like one way traffic, can you wake up guys and accepts that there are Dinka and Nuer in Europe, US, Asia, Australia, South America and other parts of African countries and that the EDUCATION doesn’t take 21 years to be a graduate in any chosen field of specialisation, may be in your equatorians’ way of thinking.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        J. Chin Jacob:

        Beside belittling Bentiu Ramaran for telling the truth, you have placed False Millionaire in his rightful place. I have respect for 50% of Equatorians especially Joana Adams, Chromke Jas, and the silent majority out their in the villages of Equatoria, but the rest of 50% which False Millionaire is part of are waste of space. False Millionaire is the right name for him or her since his opportunistic view line up with those who want to get rich quick at the expenses of innocent Nuer and Dinka. Let him rejoice over the suffering of innocent Nuer and Dinka whie he is unaware of what await him and his like in store. His Education is only good for laughing at Nuer and Dinka but useless for effecting a change.

        Mr. J. Chin Jacob, what Bentiu Ramaran narrated is your true medicine since you don’t like to hear the truth. When Nuer said Salva Kiir is no good for our nation, you went haywire and call us all sort of names. When we say Salva Kiir is God, you go the opposite way. What is it you want, my cousins? Now that he praises your God, you are unhappy; when he said Kiir is illegitimate, you threw your tantrum like little baby. What do you want him to say?

  17. False Millionaire,

    You said “Go weep out whomever you want.Hitler did it to jews in Germany.So did Joseph stellin to Russians.That is without forgetting the horrors of Rwanda.But those places are still populated today by the descendants of the victims”.
    Don’t you know that you and your communities are the most devil people in South Sudan. You have tried it several times during struggle to clear out Dinka and Nuer from Equatoria but you had fail miserably. Now you are praying to God every morning and night to remove Dinka and Nuer on the face of the earth, but God will never ever listen to you because you are the big Satan who had killed several Dinka and Nuer Equatoria.

    You the devils who killed women, children, and unarmed men in big number in Magos in 1992, today you are now claiming to be peace lovers. You the Devils who shot civilians or refugees frequently in Kampoata during struggle, you are now claiming to be peace lovers. You Satan who killed 30 people unarmed boys, girls, children, and women in Kor-ramala on their way to Lotinga in 1993, today you are claiming to be peace lovers because you see the doors of wars opened wide. The Kor-ramala that you murdered these civilians was the SPLA outpost located east of Ikotos, West of Chukudum, and North of Lotombe.

    In December 1994, when the SPLA attempted to retake Kampoata from Arabs, but the SPLA lost and suffered heavy casualties. 193 wounded SPLA soldiers were killed in their hideout while waiting for the Lorries to pick them up and take them to Nairus. The enormous Satan who killed those warriors is now pretending to be peace lovers. While we were busy attacking Yei in 1994, the devils that claim today to be peacemakers and well educated attacked us from behind and killed 11 SPLA soldiers. The Satan who killed the SPLA general on his way to Torit from Juba is today pretends to be peace lovers because they see the door of fire is widely opened with heavy smoke moving above the sky.

    Between 1980 and 2005 the Sudan Government soldiers who were in juba registered all young Equatorian women between the Age of 15 and 40 in every village and surrounding areas. In the evening around 6pm all these young women would report themselves to military barracks and had suck with Arabs soldiers and would return to their villages in the morning. If the lady did not show up one night, the soldiers would come in the morning and beat up her parents. The Equatorian men did not react to that problems because they were peace lovers. While at the same these young men who were peaceful to Arabs would go out and shot at SPLA soldiers either to take their guns or just for the fun of it. They were so peaceful to Arabs who raped their girls and their cousins female, but they were not peaceful to SPLA soldiers who did not raped their women but rescued them.

    What kind of peace do you have in mind when you saw your daughters, sisters, and young female cousins were going to have suck with the men they did not agree with? What is the role of men in Equatoria communities? Today you hate Dinka and Nuer more than Arabs while we did not do what Arabs had done to you. Mr. False Millionair, if God did not remove Arabs who had suck with your mother and sisters, why do you think God should get ride of Nuer and Dinka who did not raped your female relatives? If the Arabs had done these things to our females relatives, we would have speared them with our spears.

    Mr. False Millionaire, every time when there is peace you would become brave and act like fighters, shooting any SPLA soldiers happen to go to latrine, get firewood, and fetch water and ran away their guns. You would shoot any commercial vehicle happened to pass by and loot the goods. However, when the real war come all of you would become Archbishop, Canal Bishop, priest, choirs, and peacemakers and peace lovers. You foolish, hopeless, and helpless keep your wishful prayers on your mouth, but Dinka and Nuer will never be perished from the Earth. I am so sorry if my comments to this useless so called False Millionaire will hurt other Equatorians feelings.

  18. To the writer, under which influence are u writing this piece of article? Why should this policy be dumped to shelf ? R u happy with thousand of unemployed youth that roam the street of juba? Do not get drunk and begin to write on matters that you are having pragmatic experience of ‘ take your wine and leave the minister alone. For your information ‘ the policy will not be dumped as per your wishful thinking but it is going to be effect on 15th Oct next month.keep your nonsensical views to yourself

  19. False Millionaire says:

    j.chin jacop:

    please read the dispatch over again.That will help you understand that the ordinary nuers n the dinkas are not the enemies of south sudan.The enemies of south sudan are those of the SPLA-IO,the G-11 n the SPLM/SPLA elite in the government.We will not b unhappy if God punishes them.No punishment can b too severe for their evil deeds.Just try to understand this context before going so blindly making it out so wrongly as If I had wished that God punishes innocent nuers n dinkas.Comprehension is the backbone of communication in a written English language.Watch out.You look misplaced in this leaque!!!

  20. GatCharwearbol says:

    Rajil Banat Helwa:

    For your information, your policy has gone to waste basket long ago. October 15th deadline has been withdrawn for fear of Museveni of withdrawing his UPDF.

    In fact, the writer has done an excellent job. If the writer have read your comment, he probably ignored you since you seem to have been hanging around Makuei Lueth and Salva Kiir too much.

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