South Sudan’s Vice President, James Wani Igga: A problem rather than a conscientious leader

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, JUN/01/2014, SSN;

Throughout the history of South Sudan, the tribes in the three Southern states of South Sudan have always seen themselves as more amiable and ‘civilized’ compared to their Nilotic brothers, Jieeng and Naath people.

While there are cases in which one can, at minimal, accept that to be true, history and a close look at the actual geopolitical realities in these three states and their inter-tribal relations, tell a different story.

So, one comes to realize that this vacuous sentiment is maintained by intellectuals and politicians in these states rather than by the average citizenry in the villages.

A look at historical leaders and freedom fighters like Aggrey Jaden, Joseph Oduho, Father Saturnino, Joseph Lagu, Emedio Teffeng, Wani Igga among others, proves that South Sudanese leaders, no matter their tribes, can just be as tribalist as Jieeng and Naath people, the largest two tribes.

I’ve not seen a single case in which leaders in the three Southern states of South Sudan have acted as better leaders than the leaders from the western and eastern South Sudan.

All the governors in South Sudan suck up to the president in equal measure with no exception. Even when they know the president is wrong and that a given decision is detrimental to the future of the country, these governors would rather see the nation burn than to correctly advise the president.

But what’s my point?
After December 15, 2013 mutiny in Juba and the subsequent tribal fight that soon after turned tribal and genocidal, one would assume South Sudan could have unleashed the wisdom of their best brains to contain the situation.

When it became clear that SPLM internal leadership wrangle turned into, largely, Jieeng vs. Naath, people like me assumed other tribes in Equatoria led by the funny and always playful South Sudanese VP, James Wani Igga, would mobilize other tribes to bring Jieeng and Naath together and end the bloodshed.

But no! Wani actually became part of the problem and his speeches became increasingly divisive, opportunistic and bizarre.

Instead of helping the President make sound decisions, the funny man went along with the filth fed to the president by the opportunists around the president.

Instead of peace he started mobilization for war! With oxymoronic touch, he uttered peace but called the ‘Equatorians’ to mobilize for war!

However, we need to remember that the flame that lit and obliterated South Sudan was started by VP James Wani Igga through his December 8, 2013 press conference, which he convened as a response to December 6, 2013 press conference by Dr. Riek Machar and his so-called ‘reformist’ group.

Instead of showing leadership, Wani further inflamed the situation by using childish and inflammatory language.

Bizarrely, he denied that there were leadership problems in the SPLM when the press conference he was responding to was one example of the leadership problems.

Besides, the postponement of the Political Bureau meeting in March of 2013, the president’s side-stepping of the Political Bureau, the president’s dissolution of the party structures and the postponement of National Liberation Council meeting on the 9th, were all glaring indications of the problems the funny man was denying.

A good leader would have waited for the president to discuss the grievances raised by the group in order to present a sound, informed and appropriate response to the group.

Wani’s response misled the president.

The good old President Kiir followed exactly the attitude Wani had ignited on December 8, 2013 by calling the ‘reformist’ group ‘disgruntled’.

It’s true, and we all know, that the ‘reformist’ group of December 6, 2013 press conference are corrupt too. They were in the government for years with little development to show for it.

However, a sound leadership, a leadership that governs the people and whose national fate lies in its hands, would have acted with greater understanding and precociousness.

But no, Wani acted like a teenager and President Kiir followed suit on December 14, 2013 with that infamous, pointless and disastrous speech, and his response to the mutiny on December 16… clad in non-SPLA military fatigue.

Why can’t Wani, an educated man, guide President Kiir in a way that can get the nation out of this political and tribal abyss? Is telling the president the truth about the fate of the country very dangerous?

If so then what the hell are you doing in such a government?

Riek Machar was South Sudan’s VP for 8 years. However, he did little to nothing to help the president make the right decisions.

Wani is doing the same thing or even worse by ‘sucking up’ to the president in what Ugandan playwright, John Ruganda, called ‘Bootlicking’ in his play, ‘The Burdens.’

The VP now yaps about Riek Machar in every event forgetting the fact that it’s the same failed system he’s part of that produces the likes of Riek Machar: over ambitious, callous and clueless!

Without any fundamental systemic reforms in South Sudan, South Sudan will never be peaceful.

Wani is therefore becoming a big eye-sour for South Sudan and letting the president and South Sudanese down.

He let South Sudan down by showing grotesque failure of leadership on December 8, 2013 in SPLM leadership office in Juba. Admittedly, he continues to express nothing but political filth that serves nothing but to further aggravate the problem.

Wani needs to know or do the following:
• He can’t yap about South Sudan and the current administration being ‘democratic’ when they are building a nation of single opinion where any different point of view is seen as subversive or treasonous. He’s educated so he can tell us… what kind of democracy is that?

• South Sudan TV is used as a voice for filthy and divisive politics. The VP and the President are always giving speeches on SSTV in their Nigerian national dresses. You sometimes wonder as to whether it’s Abuja or Juba.

• Let President Kiir know that nations are not built by encouraging them to develop as timid nations of single-opinions. Informed and diverse opinions shape decision-making and encourage inter-tribal understanding.

• Veteran journalists, Nhial Bol and Alfred Taban, now face the same needless censorship they faced under the brutal, stone-age theocracy of Khartoum. What happened to the values you fought for, Mr. Vice President? Journalists are being intimidated with you as the VP of the nation. How different are you from the likes of Nafie Ali Nafie or Mustafa Osman?

• When will he ever be serious and stop being a comedian all the time? Nations are not built by comedies!

• He’s done nothing to alleviate tribal tension as he continues to yap about peace while calling for war. Classic oxymoron!

• He initiated the mockery that eventually led to the bloodshed. Instead of showing level-headedness and the less belligerent attitude intellectuals in the three southern states of South Sudan keep boasting about, Wani came out as a childish, militant and heartless stooge of the president not interested in any amicable solution. So the VP also has BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!

• The ‘reformists’ publicly aired their grievances to South Sudanese. That’s what sane people do in a democracy. Well, until some of them became insane after December 15. They gave the president a chance to respond and even postpone a planned rally to allow room for dialogue as advised by church leaders.

But what did the good old comedian do on December 8, 2013 and the President on December 14? Instead of offering a chance for an amicable solution or responding as national leaders, who should be part of solution-seeking in South Sudan, Mr. Igga and Mr. Mayardit did the unthinkable! They mocked the ‘reformists’ group like, as I wrote last year, ‘school boys in the school playground.’ “Step on my feet and I’ll step on yours and let’s all go to hell!”

• Don’t worry, Mr. Igga, you’ll not be pushed back ‘twice.’

• Show that you’re educated, you have the interest of the country at heart, and that you are not a mindless ‘bootlicker.’

• In June 2011, Wani Igga, then the Speaker of National Assembly, called for the implementation of the ‘Federal System’ but in May 2014, Mr. Igga rejected the ‘Federal System’ he was advocating for in 2011. The only reason is that he’d be seen as siding with the-always-rebelling Riek Machar if he embraces ‘Federalism’ now!

What a leader, Wani is!

He has no political stance but what his superiors hold dear! ‘Equatorians’ still maintain the same stance Igga wanted in 2011. So the VP is left alone and in the cold!

• The South bled and is still bleeding and Mr. Igga is in the centre as part of the causal factors; the major ones.

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese living in Canada. For contact, visit


  1. Kuir e Garang deserves gratitude and appreciation for this article. Well done! However it is utterly clear that you have miss the mark by saying that “freedom fighters like Agrey Jaden, Joseph Oduhu, Father Saturlino Ohore, Joseph Lagu, Emidio Taffeng, proves that South Sudanese leaders, no matter their tribes, can just be as tribalists as Jengge and Nuer, the two largest tribes.” My friend what you have said is true with Wani Igga, the yesman, but these veterans you mentioned are nationalists who sacrificed their lives for all South Sudanese. Check the history very well.

    You mentioned that Wani Igga has failed to advise Kiir (Kiirler) to avoid plunging the country into this tribal abyss just as Dr Riek, the then vice president.Wani Igga encouraged war rather than peace by recruiting Equatorians to fight against Dr Riek Machar. So, Igga has also killed innocent civilians just as Kiirler Kiir did. This is absolutely corret and I agree with you, but you are wrong to generalise this appalling personality of Mr yesman (Igga) to other dignified South Sudanese leaders like Agrey Jaden, Joseph Lagu, Joseph Oduhu, Taffeng … etc

    Even within the Nuer culture, those of Samuel Gai Tut, William Nyoun Bany and Latjore, the prominent leaders of South Sudan had devoted themselves to the liberation of South Sudan regardless of who is in the leadership. But they are betrayed because of their national tendencies. Willian Nyoun Bany for example was exploited by a jengge to kill his own people without understanding the notion of tribalism being used against his tribesman. I don’t recall a personality from the jengge tribe who placed south Sudan first.
    On one occasion, A jengge man in a leadership postion called Abdoun Agau said that if you want to do something to the people, you have to do it first to your closest people: your family, tribesman then to the country. This is bizarre!

    My friend do you remember that Kiir accused Dr Riek Machar of running a separate constitution when Dr Riek Machar advised Kiir of the weaknesses included in the current transitional constitution and the importance of adopting a federal system? Do you remember that church leaders on the 14/12/2013 advised Kiir to act like a president rather than using agressive language? There are a lot incidents where Kiir was advised whether by national South Sudanese, or foreigners. Do you remember that the parliament advised Kiirler Kiir not appoint Tilar Ring in the position of justice minister as well as legal advisor to the president, but Sulatan Kiirler Kiir did not care. The recent advise given to Kiirler Kiir by Museveni was that “People have lost confidence in Kiirler Kiir’s government, so to regain people’s trust in the government, Kiirler Kiir should penelise any criminal who committs crimes against humanity.” Based on this advise, what did Kiirler Kiir do?

    I am not defending Igga but my point is that Kiirler Kiir is an arogant and tribalist leader who has nothing to offer other than killing citizens who are not jengge. Look in Western Bahr Elgazeil, Riziq used life bullets to kill innocent civilians who demonstrated peacefully against government’s policies in Wau. Kiirler Kiir on his visit to Wau did not condemned Riziq’s barbaric act but he supported his criminal acts. Kiirler Kiir never cares when civilians are being killed so long as it is not his jengge tribesmen.
    Igga will never say no to Kiirler Kiir even if the latter started killing Equatorians because Igga, the yesman, has not been elected by the people and hence he is the vice president for himself and not a representative of the people of Equatoria. Gbendi, Lomoro, and other Equatorians in the current government are not representatives of the people otherwise they should have stood up and say no to Kiirler Kiir and resign from this tribal genocidal government. Two days ago, 21 civilians were beheaded by the security apparatus of Kiir and these Equatorians are still in the government, what a shame?!!!!!!!

    So, jengge tribalism can not be lashed on other South Sudanese leaders. Wani Igga is a product of jengge spla/m, a corrupt and dirty personality who inherited racial attitudes from jengge people. But we still have hope. The hope of South Sudan is Dr Riek Machar. This gentlment has sacrificed for the liberation of South Sudan in 1991 revolution for self determination. In 2013 he faced a challenged of democratising South Sudan but On 15/12/2013 he was forced to resist Kiirler Kiir gencidal government when Nuer were targetted undiscriminately in Juba. Even today they are being killed. But the spla/m in opposition leadership is tall and will win sooner than later.

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    Typical Jieng mentality that fuels the chaos in the country. Attempts to exonerate the Ogreish Kiir and blame Equatorians for their mismanagement and abuse of the country. Don’t they know that JWI is a naturalised Jieng. Here is a comment to note from an article titled ‘Kiir’s legal advisor wants VP Igga appointed chief negotiator’ in the Sudan Tribune:
    “It will not suprise us if Wani Iga is once again appointed as the chief negotiator coz this old man is just used by the Dinkas as a condom for protection purpose and once the game is over, he will be dropped and forgotten as usual.Cheer idiot.”
    Jieng need to take responsibility for the mess they created. Don’t skirt around. Ciao!!!!!!!

  3. Talagu says:

    ”Throughout the history of South Sudan, the tribes in the three Southern states of South Sudan have always seen themselves as more amiable and ‘civilized’ compared to their Nilotic brothers, Jieeng and Naath people.”

    Before I take on this condescending hypocrite

    1) Equatorians are Nilotics too ( bar Azande)
    2) Equatorians should be rightly offended with this infanticizing, patronising writing
    3) No matter how you try to twist, tweak South Sudan, ONE FACT REMAINS:that the contribution by blood to LIBERATE South Sudan was NOT event….. Dinka paid the most price and it is this reason that the political structure is dominated by the Dinka….and it is this reason the liberation songs are predominantly in Dinka!

    Where did this misguided, uncivilized idiot get his information? Is siding with Mundukuru during the most critical time of the liberation a civilized behavior? Was Kokora a civilizing project? Was the atrocities meted out by Equatoria Defense Force on SPLM/A & IDPs an enlightened campaign?

  4. Choromke Jas says:


    I am in full agreement with South Sudan-iam (the first comment). So, I will be very brief. Joseph Lagu (Rtd General) once told me that Israelis count you as a good leader based on who you develop to be your successor. And because of this, leadership in Israel has never failed their people. But, the Jieng leadership in the SPLA/M, for some bizarre reason, and may be to ape the Sudanese Arabs, elect/elected to choose the most hated people among their communities (including Jieng communities) as their political partners. Dr Garang deliberately chose to mentor Wani, and now you guys complain about his leadership quality. An Israeli would say, blame the first Captain. You make your bed, you sleep on it. During the last election, you Jieng abetted killing of SPLM opponents who were actually loved by their own people and chose to stand. Remember the effort to bring Nunu as Governor? How many people died because of this? Do you remember George Athor? How about Angelina Teny? So, you Jieng still continue to support the Nunus, the Itos, the Gbendis, the Tulios, the Lomuros, the Wondus etc and then you have the temerity to insult our historical leaders for causing your failures. Would a Dinka have allowed an Equatorian to lead a post Addis Ababa peace agreement like Lagu did to Abel Alier? Be serious Kuir! Do not insult our intelligence by cheap sophistry. Just continue feeding minions like Wani, and you will harvest the whirlwind that you are sowing. Serve you right when Wani now meddles up with your plan. Who knows, the Comedian might actually achieve an unintended consequence through blunders. Peace be to you.

  5. Dear Paul Alhag:

    Talk intellectually!You talk always as though someone who is ignorant! I am always reading your written articles in the forum South Sudan Nation discussion board,they are good,But sometime not good at all! I do not see at all any important reason for Dinka to be a problem to people in particular at this point! You cannot just generalize the whole mangoes inside the basket,they are being rotten! It is very wrong!

    I do not like the way some of you as Southerners talking like that! If there are some of you people in the South Sudan,are going to continue criticising themselves according to the tribes,honestly speaking,the South will not change from being bad to good at this point!

    The way you attacking the Vice President James Wani Igga,is not good! He is not a puppet of Dinka in tribe. Please,watch your words from your tongue from your mouth! It is the same person which is you,who is advocating for the interim government and the federal system in the country which createdd by the rebel leader Riak Machar in the peace talk on the agreement.The interim government,and federal system,they are,part of violence! Believe me! He Riak Machar the rebel leader,in the war,he will not bring any good to people in the South at all in front of God!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Hmm really who else will bring positive changes to SS including this popular demand for Federalism chief,can you be more practical here? Apparently no political party is seriously fighting by tongue for this demand not even this “rotten”splm but individual politicians and as well as Dr.Riek who is fighting both by tongue and bullets!

      Igga practically does not deserve a decent language to be addressed to him he deserve this from Mr.Elhag why?Because Igga similarly uses obscene language in public gathering unless chief you have not being seeing him (Igga) on stage.
      Good luck!

    • cos says:

      Hi,you have missed the point.

  6. Kuir’e ,

    Your blame for the Vice President does not make any sense. Correcting the president has never been a cup of tea not only for Kiir but also for Dinka community in general. President Kiir translates criticism and correction as a rejection and disloyalty that is why he (Kiir) surrounded himself with loyal and uncritical leaders that can pass out what Kiir wants but not what the country want. Wani is doing a good jobs by doing exactly what Kiir wants him to do, but not what the country wants. If Kiir has been listening to those who correct and criticize him, then the country would have not been chaos at the moment. And to avoid another chaos, the vice president (Igga) must continue doing what the president wants but not what the public want.

  7. Alier Gai says:

    How are u gonna win, by gun or vote?

  8. Eli says:

    Mr Kuir
    I was going to buy one of your books titled ” Is black really beautiful? or something like that” to promote our African writers like yourself, however after reading several commentaries you made I have decided not to. A figure like yourself writing many articles could use your talent to promote the battered image of a beligered nation like South Sudan to the rest of the world who new if not nothing but least about the plight of South Sudanese.I mean even if you love your tribesmen as such, is it possible that you value humanity as a whole and be a figure the future generation of Africans not only Dinkas could look upto? Perhaps with your talent if you dedicate some time on promotion of basic humanity you could be nominated for a Nobel price. However if you continue with this narrow path you could actually downgrade other distinguished individuals whom you championed, such as Dr. John Garang, a man who died with honor for the sake of his nation, not just for his tribesmen alone. Dr Garang was a PanAfricanist above all things and he deserved our respect.
    Please re-examine your logics and use your skills to unite not divide.
    I believe that above all things we are Africans, whatever comes after follows.
    Eli Wani

  9. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Wani Igga is an idiot, foolish, pinhead & naïve. He does not apply himself as a countryman. Shame on him.

  10. Bol says:

    Igga is too weak to held the position of Vice President. Anyone who saw or heard the manner this man was running the parliament knows that he is too weak to make simple decision of passing laws in the National Assembly. but President Kiir doesn’t wants strong people in key positions. SS is in real crisis, we have incompetent President, who does nothing and not willing to leave. the main opposition is lead by a ruthless, mass-murderer man playing all tricks in the book in order to jump into leadership position. The second row of leadership is tarnished by corruptions allegations. its hard to envisage the way out of this dilemma. Lets find someone, in the SPLM, not corrupted, didn’t murder people of SS and build some consensus around him of her as a solution to the leadership issue.


    • Bol says:

      Mr Editor,
      The reason is simple: They have the power, meaning they controlled the Armed Forces, Money, Parliament, Judiciary and are more organised than any other forces in the Country. The cheapest way to bring Political Change is to Create the Change within this Party. Governments as such one we have can only be change either by foreign forces or within itself “Mikhail Gorbachev example”. Look at Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, where rebel movements turn government, they have been running the show ever since. Oppressive governments in Iraq and Libya where only brought down by foreign troops. Reik rebellion is on the back foot unless someone is blind to see it.

    • Yanga says:

      Dear Editor,
      In your comment to Bol, you sound like it is up to South Sudanese to choose their leaders. Is it really the case? I doubt that South Sudanese can “… look for someone outside …” because leaders, at least in SS, impose themselves through the barrel of the gun. The stronger (meaning the biggest killer) gets the job and the next is his deputy – no questions asked!


    • Bidazism says:

      I wonder Igga is just a stupid idiot and a useless comedian , he is not fit to be a VP , he has wrong advice and always in any gathering people know him just b’se of his funny things of comdian” when comes to leadership, he is very poor indeed’ truely he is a yesman no body can blame him. This is the time to people to seee who is the right leader, and wht type of govt we wanted. SPLA/M lost thier support from the people b’se they turned to be killers, I fear and never wanted even to hear the name SPLA/M in my life. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWAY !!!

  11. Leader says:

    El Hag,
    You have proved a childish, tribalist and ignorant man.
    You attack Kuir E Garang just because he wrote that Wani, like Kiir and Riek, has his share of the blame. You usually write bad against Jieng politicians and Jieng as a tribe and believe it is okay to do so but when one of your own or your tribe is touched you jumped in to defend them. You are a typical ‘dor’ with that woman – like behaviour.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Leader
      Believe me, I have a very, very soft spot for women and from experience I know that women are highly intelligent. So if you are comparing me to women, I sincerely say to you many thanks. Ciao!!!!

    • Kuot says:

      leader, be informed from today that El Hag Paul is not an Equatorian. He is just a coward Nuer who does not like to face Dinka political dominance with his true identity of Nuer. In addition, he just wants to create an impression that there are Equatorians who are uncivilized and hate Dinka like himself. Plse, respect Equatorians and dont insult them because of El Hag Paul. I have been making research to verify El Hag Paul as an Equatorian but no person with such names abroad or inside S. Sudan. I only discovered that this El Hag Paul who disturbs South Sudanese with his tribalism rants is David de Chan from Nasir.


      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Wow!! When facts are put into their correct pigeonholes by non-Nuer man, he automatically becomes member of Nuer tribe. How could I put this into their shallow brains that Nuers do not hide their identity? They tell things like they are which is what got us into this mess. Isn’t it because Dr. Riek Machar, the Nuer’s son came into the open criticising the sacred cow of Kuot and the company? If El hag Paul is Nuer, he would declare it publicly without fear. Purest Equatorian he is.

        • Shamga says:


          You are narcissist!
          I have noticed a tendency for nuer to have a different attitude, where they see themselves as a bit above everyone else. And there is a reason for this thinking. You think there is special something about you that make you superior to other people. You think you’re smarter, deeper, different, or that you have more evolved beliefs and priorities than others. The other side is seeing everyone else as having a bunch of negative traits, that they are generally shallow.
          The consequence is that you feel like you can not relate to other people and you are cut off from them as you are not understood. And if you impose your ‘not understood attitudes’ on the rests you are forced to walk your own path as you are currently experiencing in the bushes and jungles of ethiopia.
          Thinking you are better than everyone is a good for your ego as it helps it defend itself from being damaged by the shame of not succeeding with any initiatives or at anything.
          It is very easy to get discouraged when you reach a point at which nothing you do seems to advance you toward your goal. You have as nuer tried so many things and nothing has ever materialized. It would eat you up inside your gut to think about the possibility that you have never done well at anything because you have weak spots, or that you have been going about things the wrong way, or that your thinking could be the most rudimentary and backward type still walking the world. And it feels better to tell your thick skull to resort to illusory superiority and you regard yourself as generally better than others, no matter what the facts are manifesting about you.
          You as nuer are generally insecure, and it is a known fact that insecure people will often look for reasons to reject others, as pre-emptive technique to protect themselves from the pain of showing up to the history as failures of all times, which your low self-esteem makes certainly inevitable to think of.
          Being the ones to initiates complains and rebellions allow you to save face in a way. Your nuer behaviour of troubles making makes you console your wasted time on trivialities by making you feel like fighters for a cause, rather than sour losers of history in every front of war of living and success against which every come is standing and succeeding. So continue with delusions bro.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            I unreservedly comprehend where you come from. Truth be told, there is no term for truth in your dialect. This is why I do not blame you a bit.

            If we are suffering from whatever you would like to assign us, so be it. Those whose language accommodates the term truth will know and appreciate the Nuer. But for you, you can remain in your cocoon and look the other way as if you do not see the real thing, but deep inside you know who these people are – The Naath.

            We are who we are and we thank God for create us as such. We stand independently as God created us independently. Although some of our commanders cave in into money fishing business, there will always be one within us who will stand tall in the face of mounting measures.

            We did it in 1991 when you choose to rather be slave to Jallaba, we also did it centuries ago when you were sympathetic to British, we have done it again when Addis Ababa peace agreement was dishonored (Vincent Kuany Latjor and Samuel Gai Tut shining moments) – you remember them really well.
            After the Nuer sat everything up for South Sudan to separate from Jallaba, you came and hijacked it in 1983 with your vision of Secular United Sudan which you are distancing yourself from now. You killed our leader, Samuel Gai Tut. But we gave you the benefit of the doubt until 1991 when nothing was working in your favor. You need us to give you valuable and long lasting ideas.

            We understand really well that you can’t stand independently like the Nuer. We do not blame you for it because those engulf with inferiority complex needs some shoulder to cry on when they blunder. We will cut your horns and pitch them in the garbage can.

            Have a wonderful life, my countryman!

      • Kuot says:

        Mr. Editor, I dont believe you because you have no evidences to prove that El Hag Paul is from Equatoria. I know why he proves to be a Nuer. You are also biased by calling this tribalist and hate-monger a prolific contributor. How does this guy proves to be a prolific contributor when all he writes are full of hatred and insults against the whole Dinka. For your information, the gov’t in Juba is the gov’t of Salva Kiir, Wani Igga, Elia Lomoru, Former V. President Riek Machar, Koryom Mayik, Telar Deng, Aggrey Sabuni and the list goes on across South Sudan. I know South Sudanese deserve a better gov’t than the current one. The Ordinary Dinka men and women are yearning for better government like the rest of South Sudanese. Calling the current gov’t as Dinka government is actually helping Salva Kiir and his clique to oppress South Sudanese longer. The ordinary men and women from Dinka will help in removing the current gov’t by voting out Salva Kiir and his regime. However, seeing no difference between Dinka and current gov’t is a big mistake that will encourage Dinka population to continue its support to Salva Kiir regime for a while. Every time a Dinka person thinks of an alternative candidate you find that you are not being differentiated from the gov’t of Salva Kiir. You guys are not nationalistic as you claim. You are worse tribalist who make it so difficult for voters from Dinka to choose an alternative candidate over the current one. Your hatred toward Dinka will bear no fruits of change. It will take a long time to realize the change we need if you dont confine your criticisms and insults on the bourgeoisie who are beneficiaries of the system.


  12. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    The literate jienge reasons like the illiterate and the reverse is true.jienge will never grow up, what an animal? hahaha
    Learn to carry your own burden ya jienge.Be responsible!

  13. talagu says:

    To Equatorian whiners,

    You little Equatorian midgets bit.ching for attending yet again!

  14. Kuir although i really recognises the weakness of the VP but i still pity him because i understand his current situation.He is in the middle of people who listens to nor but other than to themselves. Ajieng does not have sorry and thanks in their dictionary, they are alway right in whatever situation.Kiir is adamant and arrogant jieng chief who surround himself with feeble jieng politicians plus the jieng chiefs in his house in juba, who alway presser him on dinkanizing the entire country and to promote jieng kingdom in south sudan.Kuir what do you expect VP wani to do? in a situation were you are either with us or with our enemy, the jieng gangs have decided to change some of the VP office staff and also his personal bodyguards in to jieng. federalism is the only solution of these mad animals call jieng.

  15. Loguca says:

    I’m proud to be Equatorian, but have a mix filling about VP Wani Igga who have turned his back to Equatorians and siding with Dinkas. The on going war is not a power struggle, it is tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer. Why do you stick your nose and want to bring the fight to our door steps, Wani ? A month ago 20 children from Madi community were killed in front line for unjust course, and many more will die. We don’t see you as one of ours now. When the time come, you will go with Kirr. We want federal system of government, where there will be no land crabbing, tribalism, corruption, looting, killing of innocent unarmed civilians, or rape. Kirr’s government have torn South Sudanese apart for ever. Things will never be the same again.

  16. John says:

    Equatorians as always doing what they do best: b.itching!

  17. Thomas Loku JP says:

    My dear great Equatorians, don’t mind about James Wani Igga, if he has gone not means that all the Greater Equatoria will go behind the bad governance base on ethnic dimension, the only way to stop all these kind of bad governance is what was known by Dinka politicians as an Atomic bomb, is the demand of Greater Equatoria for Federal System of governance.

    Long liv.

  18. Makoi Mayen says:

    Equatorians versus Dinka? Why is it not bari, madi or boya v Dinka? Is equatoria a tribe or a region?

  19. Joana Adams says:

    Suddenly Equatorians have come under ferocious attack. Why? The answer is simple. It is a combination of frustration, deep seated resentment and ofcourse the latest declaration and support for federalism which might reduce centralised control of power by dinkocrats. Some people just don’t want to be on the receiving end.
    As for the role and character of Wani Igga, this is not an authentic piece but a recycled ideas harvested from others even on this site. Wani may have his weaknesses but thinking for the President cannot be one of them. If the president cannot make sound judgements and decisions which impact on national issues, he does not deserve to be in that seat. Period. We cannot wilfully dismental all the constitutional and institutional checks and balances against despotism only to turn around to blame one of the ideological victims.
    Kiir chucked out his competent co-elected Vice President turned rebel, who (today 12th June on graduation of police officers in Juba on SSTV,) he struggled almost with tears dropping from his eyes, to call” brother Riek”. Experience is the best teacher, let Killer Kiir carry his own big cross.

  20. Charlie Lopiring says:

    A fool will always remain a fool. That is what in Dinka blood

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