Igad accepts Riek Machar’s ouster as South Sudan vice president

By KEVIN J. KELLEY, New York, TheEastAfrican, AUG/27/2016, SSN;

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) said on Friday that it is up to the South Sudanese government to decide whether Dr Riek Machar should be reinstated as the country’s first vice president.

That decision would be “naturally accommodated by Igad,” Sharon Kuku, a spokeswoman for the eight-nation grouping of East African states, said in an email message.

Ms Kuku noted that Taban Deng Gai, appointed by President Salva Kiir as Dr Machar’s replacement, had pledged at Igad’s August 5 summit to abide by the South Sudan government’s decision on the first vice presidency.

“Igad did not stop Gen Deng from attending the summit nor speaking for the South Sudan government,” Ms Kuku pointed out.

Friday’s comment by Igad follows the group’s call on August 5 for Machar to be reinstalled as first vice president.

His removal was not consistent with the terms of last year’s peace agreement between South Sudan’s warring parties, Igad said three weeks ago.

In the interim, however, the United States had expressed its acceptance of Machar’s replacement by Mr Deng.


Secretary of State John Kerry said in Nairobi on August 22 that “it’s quite clear that legally, under the agreement, there is allowance for the replacement, in a transition of personnel, and that has been effected with the appointment of a new vice president.”

The US position was reaffirmed on Thursday by State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau.

“The peace agreement contains procedures and requirements that govern transitions and changes within the transitional government,” Ms Trudeau said at a press briefing in Washington.

“Specifically, the agreement provides the top leadership of the armed opposition the power to nominate a new first vice president if that position is vacant.”

A faction of the armed opposition declared last month that it had chosen Mr Deng to replace Machar, who was then in hiding inside South Sudan following bloody clashes in Juba.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir subsequently named Mr Deng as first vice president.

Dr Machar’s followers charged that the moves violated last year’s peace agreement and vowed to oppose Mr Deng’s appointment.

State Department spokeswoman Trudeau on Thursday repeated US calls for an end to armed conflict in South Sudan.

“We do expect the transitional government and all parties, including all leaders of the opposition in South Sudan, to take every step possible to avoid fighting and to reach a peaceful resolution of their differences,” she said.

“The way forward is not through violence or military action but through implementation of the agreement and through peaceful resolution of differences.”

South Sudan’s future uncertain as Machar plans pull back from peace deal


SUMMARY: Dr Machar’s allies say he planned a review of the Sudanese Peoples’ Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO) involvement in the transition government once he recovered from injuries sustained last month.
Sources close to him —who arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday afternoon from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for treatment — told The EastAfrican that the rebel leader was consulting Igad before making his decision known.

Former first vice president of South Sudan, Dr Riek Machar has thrown prospects of stability in the country into further uncertainty after his allies said they were rethinking their role under the August 2015 peace agreement.

The allies said Dr Machar planned a review of the Sudanese Peoples’ Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO) involvement in the transition government once he recovered from injuries sustained last month.

Sources close to Dr Machar — who arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday afternoon from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for treatment — told The EastAfrican that the rebel leader was consulting Igad before making his decision known.

SPLM-IO representative in Kenya, Lam Jok, said that recent attacks by President Salva Kiir’s forces demanded a fresh approach to the implementation of the August 2015 peace agreement.

“Since July 8, our mission was to secure the life of our leader but now that he is safe, we are diplomatically and politically engaging Igad on the way forward because President Kiir has killed the agreement by attacking our official cantonment areas and changing the leadership structure contrary to the agreement,” said Mr Jok.

He continued, “What we know is that the current status quo is not acceptable because the president and the new first vice-president, Taban Deng Gai, have defied the agreement which the region worked very hard to realise.”

The presence of Dr Machar in Khartoum is likely to raise concerns in Juba, especially after the new first vice-president, Mr Gai, held discussions with the Sudan leadership over outstanding issues between the two countries including security, border demarcation and oil exportation.

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But in a statement to the Sudan News Agency (Suna), Sudan’s Minister of Information Ahmed Belal Osman said Khartoum has simply received Dr Machar for medical treatment since he arrived in a critical condition and needed immediate care.

”The health condition of Dr Riek Machar is now stable and he will stay in the country under full medical supervision until he leaves the country for a destination of his choice to complete his medical treatment” the statement read in a part. Mr Osman said that Khartoum has notified the government of South Sudan about Dr Machar’s arrival.

Mr Jok confirmed that Dr Machar needed specialised treatment because of swollen legs after walking for 200km under aerial bombardment at an advanced age.

The recent Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) summit had declared the replacement of Dr Machar as illegal and against the agreement and approved the deployment of 4,000 regional protection force in Juba.

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With Khartoum likely to face pressure from Juba to let go of Dr Machar, there are ongoing consultations on his next destination since earlier preference for Addis Ababa could compromise the neutrality of Ethiopia that is supposed to provide the bulk of the regional protection force. Kenya and Rwanda are also expected to provide troops to act as a buffer in Juba.


  1. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Jok,
    Machar mission has already ended in sickness so never dream him to be vice president of the living but may be dead one.But the dead one can also rejected him.Let him go to Scotland where his son marry a white woman.United States has already recognized Gai as the vice president so the deal is already done.Or let him follow his weak guys Pagan Amoum,Fake Dr.Majak Agot,Lam Akol, Adowk Nyaba and etc to rest with them.

    • Kokora II says:

      Yien Mathew
      What happened this time that you failed to mentioned any Equatorian on your list above not even Lado Gore and Martin Kenyi the people that you hate with passion? What a coward and hypocrite you are?

  2. False Millionnaire says:

    Who are his credible parteners than the yankees?
    If Kiir wasn’t foolish,he has a card to play to pull the americans away from his back and he Will fall into a lagoon like a brick.

  3. Ishakho says:

    A lot of things have happened while Dr Riek was with mingling with gorillas in the Equatoria forest:

    1. There is a crisis in Ethiopia, and therefore his base and support is not guaranteed

    2. Think of what John Kerry said, it is up to South Sudanese and particularly the IOs to choose or dismiss their leader

    3.Khartoum is tired of always giving him support which he fails to use optimally, and always coming back defeated only to waste more resources on his medication.

    4. The Nuer people have eventually found their long desired leaders in the person of Taban Deng Gai, this is a relief from the death mission always enforced on them by Riek Machar.

  4. To:Yien Mathew:

    Taban Deng Gai,is not legitmate Vice President.His Vice President is a fake! Kirr will remove him sometime like he the way he romved him from the governor in decree.Watch out!

    • Eli says:

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang!
      As much as I agree with you but I also would like to think from “out of the box”; that sometimes if you can’t break your opponents from outside try it from inside. “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. If you know what I mean.

  5. Toria says:

    False Millionnaire
    Unless you are living in your own world to think that Kirr has fooled everyone; then keep believing in your hallucinations. Machar is not the only enemy of Salva Kirr and SPLA IG and Jenge. After all only 1300 IO fighters were dispatched to Juba. If I were you I will be asking the some questions like:
    Where are the rest of the IO fighters?
    Where are the Equatotian, the Fertit, the Nuer and rest of freedom fighters?
    Have they all surrendered with those traitors in Juba or still in bush?
    checkout the following:
    If you think Americans are so stupid to be friend of Kirr then after this video you will realize who are the real stupid people, SPLA IG. In US no crimes go unpunished and I bet you this will neither.
    The war is far from over.

  6. GatNor says:

    The Americans gov, Juba gov, Uganda gov and the Egyptian gov cannot possibly bring peace to South Sudan without the inclusion of other major political parties or the exclusion of the armed groups and one of the main armed groups happens to be the SPLM/A-In-Opposition. Taban has no political support nor armed forces that would qualify him as a partner of the sort. Taban and Kiir cannot even take the Americans and the ARCISS monitors to the SPLM/A-In-Oppositions controlled and liberated areas to implement anything. I mean even if Machar leaves the scenes as many wishes things could possibly get worst should a war ready leader gets endorsement from Oppositions HQ in Pagaak.

  7. bismark says:

    The best thing South Sudan can do is to invoke a national constitutional conference in which all the leaders of the country work out a formula that will steer the country to peace, justice, security and freedom. Right now people are getting the sense that country is owned by Salva Kiir and Riek Machar is working to get it from the present leader through their followers. South Sudan is bigger than sectarianism.

  8. Diplo Guest says:

    Dr. Riek has already taken the leadership of this country. It is only the matter of time before he could assume the leadership. Salva kiir regime has failed completely and don’t expect any resurrection. All the villages of South Sudan are supporting Dr. Riek for his Wise ideas.

  9. Comrade Yien Mathews says:

    HI Chief,
    Ask Riek Machar a simple question where is Pagan Amuom,Fake Dr.Majak Agot,Oyai Deng who mislead and deceive him and at the end they did not go to bush with him.Riek is a type of a person who can simply be deceived like a small kid.Where is Martin Kenyi an Eqn man do u know where he is? he follow Riek Machar lonely like Lado Gore and now Martin Kenyi has already been sent to London by Sharp knifed u will not see him any more barking or in the forest of Equatoria deal or no deal,deal.

  10. J A C Ramba says:

    My dear compatriots

    The name of the game is , ” Give a fool a rope and he’ll hang himself”. The bottom-line is that, the US admin. and the IGAD regional body, both want the J.C.E Pariah Regime in Juba to endorse the deployment of the 4,000 regional protection troops under UNMSS with he extra-ordinary mandate to practically have the final say in Juba in order to guarantee the full ARCSS implemented to the letter and spirit .

    According to Kiir Mayardit he has just found the right peace partner in the renegade SPLM-IO Gen. Taban Deng and together they will deliver on all the provisions of the ARCSS including the Hybrid Court for South Sudan, all the Reforms, Federalism, and National inclusivity away from Kiir’s previously held 16 reservations.

    So far, so good and its for this reason that the US admin and IGAD have both expressed their readiness to work with Kiir & Taban, and are both willing to give the duo the benefit of the doubt but not before the 4,000 boots are deployed in Juba !

    On the other hand Dr. Riek and the other opposition groups are left with no option but to continue with the popular struggle to completely rid the country of this regime that they are no longer a party to.

    While all these are all happening, Kiir and Taban have the immediate task of either allowing the deployment of the 4,000 foreign boots in Juba and win the US approval.


    They continue opposing the deployment of these forces, in which case, then it will be the SPLM-IO and the other newly formed military opposition groups who will win the support of the international community, making the work of toppling he J.C.E pariah regime in Juba even the more easier.

    • johnjerry says:

      If President Kiir and FVP Taban Deng have good working relations and are there to carry and grantee the implementation of of the August Agreement of 2015 including the delivery of the ARCSS which includes ,Federalism,the controversial 28 States and all reforms that triggered the on going senseless war without making any change to the August Agreement letter by letter then it is OK as both IGAD and the US are there to see the full implementation of the Agreement without reservations as there is an atmosphere of good breathing air in the relationships in the presidency.

      To bring peace and security to normal disband Mathiang Anyoor send the Army back to the Barracks,cantoned all the rebel Army belonging to former FVP Dr. Machar from all the states across the country intergrate them into one Army under the name to be agreed upon but at all time NOT the notorious SPLA/M that being said the SPLM should change its name and call for the general election ASAP,but remember not to question the UN 4000 strong protection Force as their mandate dictates.Give 3 months of campaign to all parties that want to contest in the elections. Give the time for the election before the 30 months of TGONU.If you leave out the SPLM-IO loyal to Dr.Machar and only intergrate those loyal only to Taban Deng then you have done nothing.Free and Fair election will pave the way for permanent peace without the interference of the Army.There should be no excuse now as the working relations in the presidency is now good.Let the Parliament lead not the JCE.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        I just wanted to take up your comment that “there should be no excuse now as the working relations in the presidency is now good. Let the parliament lead not the JCE.”
        With the characteristic ‘MIS’-management of the country since Kiir came to Juba in 2005, it’s very obvious that the country is being insidiously manipulated for and by the JCE as the whole world now knows. If you do get the latest book of Hilda Johnson, “South Sudan. The Untold Story,” everything has now being exposed sorrowfully attesting to the reality that the hopeless Kiir is tightly under the armpit of the JCE.
        It might just be as well for many of us to accept that fact that our nation now is nothing but a ‘jiengnation’……. sometime down the road, we could be helplessly losing our very nation……

  11. Lualdit says:

    It becomes very clear that IGAD and the American are either not interested in peace in South Sudan or they’re really not aware of the reality on the ground. What peace can they obtain with jaang and Taban in exclusive of IO military support? Even if they force Gatmchar out, another leader with more determination will take over and the blood bath they’re trying to prevent will really happened. Gatmchar been the one that been containing the opposition to escalate the war further. The curse oil won’t be flowing right now if Gatmchar never opposed the idea of destroying the country resources. Without him, be prepared for it destruction because it has been the source of Jaang strength. It needed to be destroyed to prevent more killing. Gatnor, your understanding is on point. Gatmchar need to address his supporter instead of talking to IGAD first. The man, need to man up and careless about pleasing international community. Our interest should come first.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Admit that the US imposed the peace and compelled Dr Riek to come to Juba.
    That the events of J1 weren’t unexpected,the great surprise was the lack of participation of those u call citizens of the 62 tribes on the side of nuer against what u see as a jieng government lead by Kiir.That’s pricisely why Kiir’s goverment didn’t fall and that’s the same reason why it will not fall in any near future.

    The americans getting appalled by the disappointment from your part,they reacted by sendng 200 comandos to Juba and forced the world into voting the 4000 additional UN’s force to be deployed in Juba with a manadate to use force if necessary.That’s a suggar coaded intention to overthrow the government and concoct a way to put Dr Riek in power.
    There are so many ways to fool people around in global politics and one of them was hiding Dr Riek in the UNIMISS’ camp in Juba with Kiir’s forces beating the bushes in hunt to get him.
    A friend of mine in Khartoum told me that Dr Riek is suffering from a severe case of daibetise and that’s the illness that affected him without any possibility of treating him in Juba.So the UN was obliged to smuggle him out of Juba and gave a false declaration that he had walked to Congo by foot.

    After Taban Deng Gai took Dr Riek’s place,the americans had a hesitating attitude.But when Dr Riek was taken to Khartoum for treatment,they drop their objection.There is a need of a small intelligence to understand that americans’ attitude is motivated by Dr Riek’s clinical bulletin.It isn’t so unwise to say that his health is too unwell for the americans to count on him any more.
    Yes I admit you have intentions to fight but I believe the americans will never trust u any more after failing to show up during the events of J1.So stay tuned and never expect it to be a surprise if the americans struck business deals with Kiir soon and end up giving him sticks to beat u.That’s the invisible bitter point u need to make an effort to digest.
    As for the half backed internet rhetorics,they are worthless rubbish that you are forcing to occupy the space unduly in the forum.

  13. Eli says:

    Fellow Compatriots;

    It turns out that IGAD still stands by it’s initial position; http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article60060

    I agree with IGAD not to allow being pushed around by USA. Sec. John Kerry’s unthoughtful rush comments to discredit Dr. Machar is unacceptable.
    Why should we listen to USA anyway; after all they have already failed South Sudan by giving everything to this corrupt terrorist organization call SPLA.
    How stupid are the Americans to allow their women be raped in Juba and American Citizens being mishandled by SPLA undisciplined army and still allow them to brag and get away with crimes of women abuse and Human Rights violations over and over? https://www.facebook.com/Facts256/videos/939411206170817/

    For the first time I agree with Donald Trump to say “Make America Great Again”, because the Democrats are too weak and chickens to oppose even weakest dictators like Salva Kirr?

    Shame on Secretary Kerry and he need to smarten up and be an American leader or resign, he is weak and incompetent.

    Salva Kirr and JCE don’t own South Sudan to think they can just play games. Kirr is illegally occupying the position of presidency that should have been contested two years ago. That is exactly what SPLA IG is doing is to play the delay tactics so they can stay in power as long as they keep confusing the South Sudanese. They are liars, they failed miserably and must be replaced by any means.
    Eli Wani

  14. abai okwahu says:

    folks, it seems machar is being isolated and abandoned both by the international community and some members of his spla-io. do not let the 4000 plus augmentation of united nations troops to juba fool you, kiir and friends would frustrate their deployment by creating new demands and conditions. look at the united nations peacekeeping forces in darfur, they did not bring any end to hostilities there, no peace whatsoever. machar can copy a page from jonas savimbi of angola (unita), fight the regime in juba and force it to agree to terms without igad, troika, or au help. a low level and low tech guerilla war against juba maybe the alternative to numerous fruitless meetings for peace in addis ababa or elsewhere.

  15. Mr Eli stop dreaming during day time. War does not help us and you need to admit Riack is not a good politician or may be he is carried by his own pride. Riack had problems with Garang, Lam Akol, Omer el Bashir, Gadet, and Kirr and now with his own group in Juba.. Riack want to fool the S. Sudanese people that, he got the support of all the tribes in the country whivh was a total cheap lies.
    For you to claim that Kirr is not an elected president, you are wasting time. Secondly, revisit what you wrote when president Kiir wanted to call for Elections in 2015. You are people with no vision and do not know what to do in life. Kirr will remind a president until a just peace comes to the country where a free and fair elections ate conducted. We S. Sudanese will never Riack to fool us by appointing his wife as a national security head while he is a c in c of the spla in opposition because this is a nepotism and currption. Secondly , in Juba if you want to go and see Riack the security officers who will take you to see Riack is an Arab and this makes one to question what Riack want to do with our country. So time has come for you to face the judiciary to clear your names.

  16. Toria says:

    False M
    I was away on a special mission as usual, your nonsensical heap of garbage above here is not new to me. You can only lye to those who don’t know jenge idiocy, I am your worst nightmare I know you MTNs because I fought in SPLA before I became their enemy number one. The war is far from over, don’t dream of peace yet.

  17. Toria says:

    False M.
    Hahahaha looks like you are chickening out, why are so quiet? The real chicken is coming to roost, look at your bubbler KKK aka jenge’s king killer kirr giving into UN deployment. This is the beginning of war tribunal, you can run but you will never hide. Soon you and your illiterate rapist and murders will be smelling me eating kisra and mula kudra from behind the bars. I told you following Kirr and JCE was the worst idea you have ever made. What you need to do now is to go and confess of your crimes and your relatives before we tie strings to your nuts.
    It lhttp://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article60124ooks

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