South Sudan’s Fundamental Problems: A New Year’s Perspective

By: Nguen Nyol. Critic and Advocate, DEC/29/2018, SSN;

I write this piece to help project a narrative of peace, stability and good citizenship. It’s my New Year GIFT to the nation I spent my childhood, my youth and now my prime life fighting for it to be a free nation from war but developed and prosperous.

It’s my hope that this article shall not be censored. It’s an uncensored opinion about peace, stability and war in a country that we all fought for, for over 192 years to be a nation among nations.

The point therein is to go beyond mediocrity and understand our country’s fundamental problems – South Sudan’s problems.

Many people have projected false narratives as our country’s fundamental problems. These false narratives are still being projected today to advance hell bent false agendas of misconstrued representation of facts. Therefore, this can’t be allowed!

Amateurs or not, many emerging political analysts, veteran politicians and educated men and women, made some attempts and identified leadership failure and corruption as our fundamental problems in South Sudan.a 

Through my observations, leadership failure and corruption are not our fundamental problems in this country. Leadership failure and corruption can’t be our fundamental problems that have killed half million people, sent 4 million South Sudanese to refugee camps in the neighboring countries and 2.3 million to IDPs in the last five years.

It’s my understanding that greed, insincerity, tribal mindset and faulty old-man-know-how mentality are our problems.

Leadership failure and corruption are misplaced labels, positioned to conceal the truth in the name of preventing the nation’s decay. These are wrong means to allow South Sudan to free itself from abyss and its man-made disasters.

That being said, these attempts are good for general characteristics of our consequential problems, but failed to capture the essence and gist of South Sudan’s fundamental problems.

At this juncture, it’s imperative to stress that the problems we have in this country aren’t the old Sudan’s problems, but the new South Sudan’s fundamental problems, which include greed, insincerity, tribal mindset and old wise man syndrome of faulty know how.

For your information, these days in South Sudan, old age does not equate to wisdom. It doesn’t any longer reflect real meaning of African proverb which says, “what an old man can see while sitting can seen by a young man while standing.”

After having returned to South Sudan for the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS), I have observed our people’s behaviors and actions with keen interest. Surprisingly, I was taken aback by the mediocrity – sheer idiocy and lust for money in our people.

Most of the problems of our old age folks, learned men and women, veteran politicians and political leaders of different political strips are indifference and succumbing to the reality of the day.

They are far removed from our country’s situational problems. Indeed, their actions and behaviors showcased a pathetic approach to nation building and a new political dispensation in this country.

As such, I came to terms with this sad reality that our people have lost focus. They deviated from managing our crises in order to make this country a viable state among nations.

These issues of greed, insincerity, tribal mindset and old wise man mentality, solely rooted on a faulty “know-how” have destroyed our social fabrics. As a matter of fact, these items are strategically deployed to enhance ill-conceived quest and accumulation of wealth and power.

While I familiarize myself with these realities, I am also mindful that few individuals might argue otherwise.

Settled for the fact that our fundamental problems are nothing but anchored on leadership failure, absence of law and order and rampant corruption, which I respectfully disagree.

However, I gave these positions marginal respect and precautionary understanding in the name of personal opinions.

An essence, this is the beauty of having a diverse political view, opinion and school of thoughts in a country that’s supposed to prosper and develop on a solid foundation, cemented by one people’s blood and sweat.

My fundamental disagreement in this regard is not to deny the fact that we have no leadership problems or law and order and rampant corruption challenges, but rather to point out that these are signs and symptoms of the biggest problems.

These biggest problems in this context are centered on products of greed, insincerity, tribal mindset and entitlement, which I correctly put as an old wise man syndrome. In my best judgment, these are South Sudan fundamental problems. They must be correctly identified, named and address amicably.


Surprisingly, everyone in South Sudan want to be insanely rich, insanely powerful, and overnight becomes supreme king of all bosses with unquestionably power and wealth but with zero deeds and little education or at times none.

This insane quest of richness and power grab out of thin air and in the midst of abject poverty took root, and few have succeeded.  As a result, it has emboldened and created leadership failure and corruption argument simply because our people have lost moral compass but set a stage for crooks to thrives and kill in earnest.

Our big men and women in position power, centre of power if you will, educated or not, are after uncontrolled search for richness and power without deeds involved. This is solely based on my observation for the last two months in Juba.

Our people are in desperate quest to be rich and wealthy for no good reasons and deeds. But simply because they were in the bush during the war liberation or were in Khartoum making their living in the name of those who were in the bush-fighting or that they are simply from a certain tribe(s). These are the sad realities we have in this country.

Another sad thing is, these issues aren’t rhetorics and politicking anymore. They are the gist of a nation’s dynamic and misplaced development ideals.

As a matter of fact, these people would kill in the name of getting rich and becoming powerful. They have done so even to the maximum and with lethal consequences against those whom they wrongly think have crossed their lines and would hinder their speeds of accumulating wealth and rise to fame.

As these crooks bulldoze their ways through to richness and fame, few learned men and women in this country who still possess some moral compass cowardly refused to say no even for the sake of illiterate innocent and voiceless majority in the village. We are doomed! This country is doomed if nothing changes.

For this reason, it’s fitting to state that there is no more logic and no more good ideals, old days, which sanctioned moral duty for nation’s prosperity and empowerment. Instead, an uncontrollable quest for wealth and fame leads but often patched up by fake lip service.

This is to say that our good old days of moral ideals and nationalism, which were often duty driven by national agendas have died and were buried six feet deep down with our forefathers.

Our people’s nationalism and patriotic zeal died without autopsy. Today’s politics and country national interest in South Sudan are driven by perpetual self interest and tribal agenda.

Almost everyone in South Sudan now is after money, wealth and fame. No political agenda for common man and woman on the street and the next generations.

Few individuals who have consolidated richness and power through faulty schemes are often showing off wealth and richness daily. Sadly for wealth, richness and power they did not sow or sweat for.

When one asked how they could have managed to acquire such a massive wealth in such a short time? Instead of answering the question, they often revert to tribal bigotry and even would want to chop off one’s neck for asking a question just to conceal their ill-gotten wealth.

This is a fact and applies to anyone irrespective of their tribes in this country. Everyone has been and can be a victim.

This is the saddest and paradoxical reality in our country. A country we all fought for with our sweat and blood in order for us to find everlasting peace and stability. It’s sad but true, that any assigned portfolio in South Sudan is deemed a project to gain instant wealth.

This is true across this country, which is the reason why I agreed with president Salva Kiir Mayardit of late. When he stated that all along, all supposed good comrades, men and women whom he has deployed and entrusted to lead in various portfolios in this country turned looters.

To my readers, this is the sadistic state of affairs our country is in. To make the matter was worse, few cadres can thump their chests in agreement but no action.

Vast majority of our people chose insincere route and mistook it for unshakable loyalty, which is wrong. Unshakable loyalty for nation’s prosperity and development isn’t about faulty sincerity but genuine honesty.


Most learned South Sudanese in position of power in South Sudan particularly are amazingly insincere to the core. There are particularly insincere on matters that required nothing but genuine honesty and frankness. The fact of the matter is, our political leadership has not been honest to us – the populace.

For instance, our people were kept in the dark even when South Sudan was becoming independent. We became a nation prematurely with no plans for development, good governance, prosperous and principled frameworks for stable nation.

To put it bluntly, the instruments meant to ensure lasting peace and nation’s viability were not set forth.

Our records have revealed that machinery for nationhood with respect to institutions were left to chances. No prior preparations to prevent internal contradictions after independence.

Especially, internal contradictions such as tribal politic, greed and tribal hegemony which eventually cause civil war in 2013. Our country has no proactive plans then, after independence, and even now.

South Sudan then and currently is operating on the emergency basis, which is often based on tribal undertone. In a layman’s term, we react to events and expect miracles and positive outcomes when in fact failures are proven outcomes in such scenarios.

On a similar note, most of our political leaders and academia have outrightly lost sincerity, intellectualism and moral ideals of revealing nothing but truth about our nation’s decay and misdeeds that caused nation’s decay.

This is the sad state of affairs our country find itself in now and possibly for unforeseeable future if nothing change.

To that effect, few morally conscious political pundits and academia are sadly cowardly to hiding by opportunists and illiterate majority. Especially those who controlled our country’s political stage through gossip, intimidation and threat.

As a result, the nation is paralyzed. Nothing moves and no progress. Yet, up to this point in time, no one dares to tell the ugliest truth.

In the face of these gruesome mistakes, our people still meticulously expected things to change for better, when zero efforts, zero sincerity and zero accountability  prevail. This is the overall situation and behavior of our men and women in this big village, called Juba.

To be honest and for these things to change, and for South Sudan to be peaceful and stable, we must be honest to ourselves and correct our wrongs. We must be proactive; we must plan things ahead. And above all, we must accept the fact that our lack of sincerity is one of our country’s fundamental problems.

Tribal mindset

The question of tribal mindset is huge in South Sudan. To be specific, the Dinka and the Nuer are battling this out in an open. In the field of AK47 where thinking and power of the brain is limited. This is what caused the Juba Nuer massacre and the war of December 15th, 2013.

This tribal mindset is an issue and it’s one of our fundamental problems in South Sudan. To be precise, it’s more prevalent among and mostly pronounced by our elders, who are politicians and military leaders.

For example, these elderly politicians and military men and women have gone as far as labeling tribes with certain names. This is wrong, dangerous and it must be challenged and stopped in earnest.

These false narratives and narrow perceptions of tribes are concocted political realities with selfish end gains. By and large, such concocted political realities have tarnished South Sudan’s good image and reputations aboard.

South Sudan and South Sudanese aboard are nobody but no one business. If anything, we are considered failed state and savages of tall order. Our elders don’t see and hear things because they don’t venture out of  South Sudan. They think everything is good for South Sudan and its people aboard, which is quite the opposite.

It’s time to change course without forgetting that those who’ve committed heinous crimes against innocent South Sudanese, for the last five years of war, and in the pursuit of selfish end gains of wealth and fame, must be held to account on both sides.

Old wise-man syndrome

In South Sudan, old wise-man syndrome is an issue and real. Imagine, in South Sudan, 80 years old men and women are still politically active. They still consider themselves relevant, wise and are heading liquidative portfolios, yet, they cannot think or are physically able. They seem to forgot the fact that they have impaired abstract thinking and level consciousness due to old age.

Because of these impaired abstract thinking and level consciousness, in the line of duty, they nap, sip tea in hotel boardrooms with zero papers, play cards under trees, get married day-in and day- out, and more importantly glorify tribal politics as nation’s agenda.

Thus, as a good citizen, it’s my honest opinion that these veterans, these old men and women have done their part. The time is now for them to transition to glorifying retirement with good legacy intact.

Our elders can no longer pretend and claim to know better, and growing younger yearly without considering natural human’s biological clock kicking in.

It is time for our elders to lay back, take a back seat and allow our young, energetic and educated South Sudanese men and women to take the lead. To stop this nation’s decay, tribal conflict and war but allow development to reach a new height in South Sudan.

Our country is in crisis, and in times like these, we must not allow tribal mindset mentality. It’s a backward thinking and it’s no longer relevant. So much so, it’s an outdated – old age tribal strategy meant to pit tribes, brothers or sisters against each other. We are better than this; South Sudan is better than that considering our long walk to independence.

Thus I asked our elders men and women, to let go of old tribal thinking but pave ways for our young and energetic men and women to challenge themselves intellectually and politically on how to develop South Sudan.

How to mature South Sudan socially, economically and politically among other nations without a single drop of blood.

In closing, I must reinstate that our fundamental problems in this country are not leadership failure and corruption but greed, insincerity, tribal mindset and old wise-man syndrome crowned by faulty know-how.

It’s time to do way with these devious attitudes and correct ourselves for the betterment of this country. We got no time left for wheels spinning or merry-go-around.

Finally, I must remind our people that sincerity, cemented by law and order is key. No nation has thrived and reached a new height based on tribal mindset. So much so, there is nowhere in the world where old men and women died politicking with never-ending political brightness or un-diminishing talents. We are not an exception; South Sudan cannot be an exception.

This is my New Year GIFT to our nation and its people. Happy Holidays! Let’s embrace peace and stability as we celebrates Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.

  1. Nguen is a South Sudanese political analyst, commentator and advocate. He can be reached at


  1. false Millionaire says:

    Mr Nguen,
    You deserve a million wishes for a happy New Year.It’s impossible to shorten to ask one’s self if it’ isn’t God who has sent you from the sky and if you aren’t nguon Deng in disquise of a human being to surprise us with such sincere diagnose which is the most simple reality that is the evil befalling us and the country.
    Apart from blood ties already,the majority of us no longer recognize our selves as part of our kins,friends and countrymen in general in the context of south sudan’s urban life that is well characterized and polluted by the evils you have narrated.Your most sincere conclusions were long coming but as it’s said,”better late than never”.
    I am one of those who no longer believe in any future for our country and masses.But your position gives the impression of a ralying point where countstructive forces may take refuge as a launching board in a movement for change.

  2. Tyson says:


    This is nauseating and unfit to be called NEW YEAR gift. This is a miscarriage of the truth in South Sudan.
    Call SIN with its proper name in South Sudan.
    The issue of South Sudan is failed leadership right from John Garang by building the JIENG hegemony leading to state failure, looting, killing, raping, land grabbing, lawlessness, etc, etc.
    South Sudan is the only country in this planet led by tribal acolytes of criminal gangs (JCE), clueless mafia driving a blind regime with no vision.
    Get these jiggers out of power because there are many talented South Sudanese who will stir this country to development and prosperity. JIENG are the problem in South Sudan!!!
    All the false tycoons, looters, land grabbers, illiterate generals, mad Ministers, etc are JIENG. The mad and awkward decisions in South Sudan are planned, fermented, implemented and monitored by JIENG.
    Forget fooling yourselves because the days of reckoning are getting closer.

    Happy New Year to all peace loving South Sudanese. Let the light of Christmas continue to give you the courage to say, “NO” in the face of Dinkrocracy in South Sudan. The precious blood of our innocent citizens killed by these gangs will never remain in vain. May God forgive them because they are indeed blind and slaves of the SATAN.

  3. Raga Commander says:

    Mr Nguen Nyol.

    Peace and stability with the same people who caused the war remaining in power?! Are you kidding us? The fake peace is already crumbling. Without instituting federalism, inclusive security sector and full accountability, South Sudan would be worst than Somalia.

  4. Force_1 says:


    Define the term “Hierarchy” if you think people ends up on the top of the hierarchy are incompetent; then you’re dreadfully misinformed! You don’t end up on the top of your class to graduate if you’re incompetent. I don’t think you’ve ever been anywhere near the top of your class if you have that kind of thinking.

    People with true intelligence don’t complain about the people on top of the hierarchy; but they use their brains to climb to the top to possess that same power and dominant.The power of “JIENG/DINKA” on the top of the hierarch in Sudan was never underestimated by Arabs. So, what make you think; you’re going to be any closer with that mediocrity!

    • Tyson says:

      So called Force_1
      This is exactly the myopic and misplaced JIENG reasoning
      It is God who appoints leaders not by human standards or struggles.
      God destined that killer Kiir will be a leader of this blessed land. Unfortunately, Kiir is not different from Goliath, Hitler and worst leaders that humanity has recorded including King Herod who killed the innocent children in Bethlehem because of POWER. Unfortunately, Kiir is surrounded and led by the camp of thugs and blood suckers who continue to bleed this country with impunity.
      The rot and mess in South Sudan is squarely on heels of Jieng. Without Jieng in power, there will be human development and progress in South Sudan.
      Whatever takes, God knows and He will never allow the satanic Jieng to continue killing innocent people. Pharaoh of Egypt received it and at the back yard, the Tutsi were able to chase the Hutus in Rwanda. Watch out!!!!!

  5. J. Malooma says:

    Mr Nguen,
    Your observation and analysis of the situation is correct. But, I completely disagreed with the notion that the “fudamental problem” of this mess is not a leadership failure…….! I don’t know how did you came up with this conclusion? This is a great error of judgment from you. By the way, who hired these tribalistic, illiterates, dishonest, old etc individuals to occupies those government positions, to begin with?
    According to my judgment perhaps, I may be wrong; I see it this way, as long as the SPLA and Kirr are still the residents of Bilipam & J1, be prepared for the worse to come.
    Let me refresh your memories, SPLA/M from 1983 today, have had nothing to do with unity, development and human rights for the people and state of SS. But, their ultimate goal is on how to eliminate their opponents and that’s what Salva Kirr and co. been doing since then! Watch this space……..!
    I’m not against peace whatsoever!

  6. Hoiloom says:


    Happy New Year! May God bless you abundantly for telling the truth. Indeed with Dinka in power expect the worse to come. Three years ago some Equatorians thought this was a Nuer war, likewise Dinka believe that the war will never reach Bargazal. 2019 will be interesting…with no further comments.


    • J. Malooma says:

      I would have rather put it this way;
      Kirr-Jieng have never thought about the danger of killing Nuer in Juba will consume both resources and manpower and eventually reach Mr Kirr’s skin! Likewise, chasing Dr Riek and his lieutenants out of Juba will only cost them a small fortune and then the job is done!
      How many Jieng’s generals have been killed compared to non-jieng Generals in this war; leave alone the human shields (Mathieng Agnors) and others?
      Kirr-Jieng will do whatever it takes to eliminate Dr Riek out of the equation, but I can assure you that they will be seriously disappointed.

  7. false Millionaire says:

    Why are you lying by talking about,”war reaching Bargazal in 2019″,instead of planning what to do about the sky that’s bound to come down on you in Juba 3 match?

  8. LM says:

    False Millionaire aka Dr Majak D’ajoot

    You have just committed crime in Wunduruba and you want to continue killing Equatorians.
    My friend, be prepared for the worse. We are not going to let it go this time around like Nuers.

  9. Thon Anyaar says:

    Which war are you going to win in 2019? You couldn’t even win the war when you ambushed unarmed men, women and children and murdered them all in the highways of Yei-Juba and Juba-Nimule roads. What makes you think you’re going to win a war when you face someone who is equally armed as well as you are in the battlefields of South Sudan?
    You can only win your own imaginary wars with empty prides and bluffing here on this site; don’t take it somewhere else.

  10. Hoiloom says:

    Evil Millionaire,

    Your Evil empire will eventually collapse whether you like it or not. If leadership’s failure is not the cause of all misery in South Sudan then what else? JCE intellectuals try to shift blame from here to there but in vain because you cannot possibly escape from your evil deeds against non-Jieng.
    Truth hurts but also liberates as Elhag Paul used to say. Yes, until this war touches every corner of South Sudan only will your JCE thugs understand the pain your evil empire has caused to others.


  11. Hoiloom says:

    J. Malooma,

    Yeah, you can look at it from that angle as well. A former Dinka colleague of mine told me exactly what you’re saying, “those who started the war in 2013 had no idea it could cause such a destruction”.
    JCE thought by murdering Nuer in Juba the rest would just coil their tails between their legs and forget about it.
    Indeed the evil empire is planning for the next move should Teny Dhurgon set foot in Juba but unlike 2016 we’ll be ready this time around.
    “Jaang raar(Bargazal) mi wa tä kuel cia bi kään bä ke kam wea”(Ngundeng Bong). Ejen kuel eme tä kon thine.


  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Hoiloom and Editor,
    Happy new year!
    The consequences of Dr. Machar’s wise decision to retaliate or to fight a war of attrition against Kiir and the JCE is finally yielding the fruits. The kingdom of Dinka we loathed has already fallen apart.
    According a reliable source of information, Bull Nuer are not only planning to abandon Salva Kiir regime but also will apologize to the Naath nation and non-Dinka tribes for their action of betraying Nuer.
    The question is, who will protect the kingdom of Dinka in Juba if Bull Nuer’s militia are no longer supporting Salva Kirr’s regime?

  13. mading says:

    I told you guys before that your internet war will start on this web and end here, it will never go anywhere. You internet warriors talk like you are going to take over South Sudan today, just to feel good and that is all.
    To J. MALLOMA, it is not about how many Jieng Generals you rebels killed, it is about who is the winner and you know the answer. Internet warriors like so called Raga Cdr, Hoiloom, and Tyson are jealous of Muonyjaang success in everything we do that is why they hate us so much.
    If that is not the case, why Riek Machar and Lam Akol SPLM/SPLA Nasir failed to the point they ended up coming back to John Garang they used to call everything under the sun.

    • Tyson says:

      First, may the New Year offer you the opportunity to reflect and thank God for keeping you alive. Ask pardon from God Almighty and from South Sudanese who bleed merciless in your hands. Save yourselves rather than remaining like Lucifer. Lucifer the prince of darkness remains Lucifer, a curse and disgrace. This is synonymous to the Jieng mafia.
      The JCE gang of thugs and vampire dinkacrocy led by killer Kiir should know the following: Power is given by God and it can be taken at any time. You don’t need permission when the time comes.
      You may call us internet warriors, Equatorians (though we are not), cowards, etc but we are preaching to you the gospel of repentance. Your tribal gang of thugs do not have the minimum requirements or values to serve in highest public office in South Sudan. Your tsunami is coming!!!!!!

  14. Hoiloom says:

    Mad Ding,

    Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of victory. If the JCE thugs won the war there would be anything called R-ARCISS, right? Was it not your illiterate president who swore never to work with Machar again, what has changed?
    Oh…. I almost forgot, “we are implementing peace agreement with Taban Deng Gai.” What a bunch of hopeless fools. Our country will only experience peace and prosperity when a non-Dinka leads if not we’ll be in a cycle of violence for a long time because your savagery behavior does not cope with peaceful co-existence.
    Keep your Jaang empty pride to yourself.


  15. Deary ,Mading

    People do not hate your people in the tribe known as Dinka period.Some people like Dinka most in the mainstream of South Sudanese people on society bear in mind firm! Well,what some people do not like them is that because of bad GOVERNMENT POLITICAL SYSTEM PROBLEM ON THE COUNTRY!!!!!! Take for example,in my home town based in Eastern Bank Province,in Torit, The Chief Police,the Late Mr Daniel Ring. Deng, he was from Dinka Bor,Again,Chief Justice from Dinka El Bahar El Ghazal.Well,what are they know on people problems of Eastern Bank Province in Torit in general??????!!!!!

    The so called Jieng Elders Council,known as (JEC),they are wrong because they are misleading President Salva Kirr,because they are fanning fire onto people in the country at the beginning,

  16. Deng Hanbol says:

    Shame on you ya Jang slave. What you have said is irrelevant.The region and the rest of the world know that the Dinka president is still in power because of Yoweri Museveni and Barak Obama unconditional support.
    The Nuer white army and the SPLA-IO were actually capturing Juba if Ugandan’s president did not send troops to Juba and Bor.
    In general, Naath warriors estimated Dinka inferior to Nuer. In fact, they are not capable of gathering a satisfactory army and of combating a battle against Nuer fighters that are always superior to you.
    The bunches of mercenary troops are loaned to your president by M7- will one day leave south Sudan.
    Mading, as you’re well aware that your ancestors never won a war against my ancestors, similarly the current Dinka army will never defeat Nuer troops in any battle field.

    • Chol J. Alier says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      When is the last time you were on the top of the “Hierarchy” against Jieng or Dinka in the history of Sudan and then South Sudan? Let that sink in and think about it! Now can you tell non-Dinka and non-Nuer when was that date and time in history?
      Which tribe is known in the history of South Sudan for their “Rebellion against Dinka”? Can I give you a “hint” well the letter of that tribe’s name begins with the letter “N” Nuer! Ops I just said it! Now the question is; do you rebelled against someone who is inferiors or superior? You see; when you say something like that; it must make sense or else you would just look like a fool in the public and you’re now.

      Smart people say things that can be corroborated by others to be true; see, those are called facts and learn them from now on wards so that next time you can speak or write like someone with functioning brain.

  17. J. Malooma says:

    Chol J. Alier etc,

    It’s abundantly clear that the comments from Deng Hanbol, Hoiloom, J. Malooma etc have had hurts you to the core. Let me responds to your question and terms “inferior/superior, and hierarchy” which I believe you don’t literally know where they dues. Yes, it’s true and no one can denied that Jang/Dinkas are the heads of SPLA and governments of SS from (Abel Alier to Kirr); and you know what, this is the very reason why the Nuer/Naath people have been calling you cowards, corrupts and slave in nature. There’s no doubt that Jang/Dinka are injust and an incompetent human beings whose wisdom are of deception, stealing, murdering, lying, etc…..!
    Listen to this; and I want everyone in this forum to take notice of its: When Nuer were aloof in their villages expanding their their territories and defending their loved ones during slavery perviod, with zero education and zero political awareness as well as zero official/military officers in British/Egypt and eventually Sudan governments, Jange/Dinkas were in their hundreds in the British/Egypt colonial regime, and in their thousand plus in the Sudan government. They were servicing both regimes in different capacities in both military and political against the will of the people of South Sudan.
    Now come the question, what have they (jange/Dinka) done to lebrates the people of SS from both brutal regimes? The answer is zero!
    Again, why the A1 & A2 rebellions of 1955, 1975 respectively against Khartoum regimes started in Torit Equatoria, and Aboba Nuer Upper Nile; and why not in the Jange/Dinka towns and territories when they already had what its takes to starte a rebellion and lebrated the people of SS from slavery in the 1920s, 1930s 1940s 1950s…….? The answer is yours!
    Mr Chol J. Alier, I’m sure you have now learned the notion of who could be called inferior vs superior…….!
    For your information, Nuer are not seeking independent from Dinka, but, they are only seeking the change of leadership which they (Nuer) and others believed that Jang/Dinka as tribe has had failed for 47 years and counting……..!

  18. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Alier, can you deny that your Bor Dinka are at the mercy of Lou Nuer? Do you know Ngok Dinka of Balit are in the control of Gajok Nuer? And are you aware that the Dinka Elliab and Rol clans in Atar are vulnerable to the Laak Nuer of Fangak? I strongly believe that you know the situation of Dinka clans in Upper Nile is similar to the Palestinian in West Bank and Gaza who are under Israeli occupation.
    By the way, I’d like to encourage Mr. Alier and his Dinka tribe men to read the below brief history of the Nuer and the Dinka which was written by the former Professor Evan Pilchards.

    As far as history go back and in the vistas of myth beyond their farthest reach, there has been enmity between the two peoples. Almost always the Nuer have been the aggressors, and raiding of the Dinka is conceived by them to be a normal state of affairs and a duty, for they have a myth, like that of Esau and Jacob, which explains it and justifies it. Nuer and Dinka are represented in this myth as two sons of God who promised his old cow to Dinka and its young calf to Nuer. Dinka came by night to God’s byre and, imitating the voice of Nuer, obtained the calf. When God found out that he had been tricked he was angry and charged Nuer to avenge the injury by raiding Dinka’s cattle to the end of time. This story , familiar to every Nuer, is not only a reflection of the political relations between the two peoples but is also a commentary on their characters. Nuer raid for cattle and seize them openly and by force of arms. Dinka steal them or take then by treachery. All Nuer regard them and rightly so as thieves and even the Dinka seem to admit the reproach, if we attribute correct signifance to the statement made to Mr.K.C.P. Struve in 1908 by the Dinka keeper of the shrine of Deng dit at Luang Deng. After recounting the myth of the cow and calf, he added, ‘And to this day the Dinka has always lived by robbery, and the Nuer by war.

    The earliest travelers record that Nuer held both banks of the Nile, but it is probable that the entire Zeraf Island was at one time occupied by Dinka and it is certain that the whole of the country from the Zeraf to the Pibor and, to the north of the country, from the confines of Shillukland to the Ethiopian scarp was, with the exception of riverain settlements of Anuak, still in their hands as late as the middle of last century, when it was seized by the Nuer in two lines of expansion, to the north of the Sobat and to the south of it. This is known from the statements of both Nuer and Dinka, the evidence of genealogies and age-sets, and the records of travelers, who frequently refer to the struggle between the two peoples, the dominant position of the Nuer among their neighbours, the awe they inspired in them, and their bravery and bours, the awe they inspired in them, and their bravery and chivalry. The conquest, which seems to have resulted in absorption and miscegenation rather than extermination, was so rapid and successful that the whole of this vast area is to day occupied by Nuer, except for a few pockets of Dinka on the Sobat, Filus, and Atar. Apart from these independent units there are many local communities in Eastern Nuerland of Nuer who acknowledge that they are of Dinka descent, and small lineages of Dinka origin are found in every village and camp.

    The Arab slavers and Ivory traders, who caused so much misery and destruction among the peoples of the Southern Sudan after the conquest of the Northern Sudan by Muhammad Ali in 1821, very little inconvenienced the Nuer….
    I do not believe that anywhere weer the Nuer deeply affected by the Arab contact. The Egyptian Government and, later, the Mahdist Government, which were supposed to be in control of Sudan from 1821 to the end of the century, in no way administered the Nuer or exercised control over them from the riverside posts they established on the fringes of their country.

    This book called The Nuer was written by E. E. Evans-Pritchard PH.D(London).

    Mr. Alier, once again, after this brief history, who is now telling the truth, Deng Hanbol or Chol. J. Alier? Why are you denied Naath superiority? And do you know the war between the Dinka VS. the Nuer is similar to the Arab -Israeli war?. The Israeli- occupied territories refers to the territories occupied by Israel during the Six day- war, and sometime also known as the June war, 1967. In the aforementioned war, Israeli army had captured West Bank from Jordanian forces, Golan from Syria, South Lebanon from Lebanese army as well as Sinai from Egypt. It is now called the Arabs occupied Lands . Like wise, the three Eastern Jikany Nuer under the command of Latjor occupied Mauit, Nasir, Woulang and Malual Gawhoth from Dinka Ngok, Lou and Gaawar Nuer captured Fangak, Auot, Pibor and the north of the Sobat from Jaang Dongual. In Western Nuer, Ngueng Nuer took Ador by force from Dinka Atwot, Kouei Nuer of Mayiandit occupied Madol and Mapiar from Dinka Agar. Likewise, Naath called those captured lands from cowards Jaang the Dinka occupied lands.

  19. Hoiloom says:

    Deng Hanbol and J.Malooma,

    Leave this poor Alier alone as South Sudan history doesn’t favor his tribe. We fought Turkish, Egyptians and the fake Arabs in North when our Jaang neighbors we being enslaved by the said invaders or were collaborating with the enemy. I stand by my words, as long as these greedy and lazy fools occupy the top seat in our country forget about stability and prosperity.


  20. mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. Who is in the mercy of the other Nuer or Muonyjangdit? You Deng, J. Malooma, and Hoiloom are very bitter because you the lost the war. Uganda troops are just lame excuse, your white army militias who their mission all the time is to go and loot and destroy what other people have built.
    Look at Bor town, Malakal and Bentiu town, NYAGAT DENG HANBOL. Nuer like you Deng, talk about win, win, win, and it is not there, and it will never be there.

  21. False Millionnaire says:

    Your comments appear interesting Mr JM.
    But It’s more than strange on another hand to speak about the change of leadership and then turn around and say that jieng have failed the masses on the account of Alier,Garang and Kiir.That’s a far cry from Mr Nguen’s position whose observations are based on conclusions from the misconducts of the elites in power without regards to tribes from which every one of them come.
    The context of généralisation from your part as from the part of the rest of your likes is a fatest evil that your eyes will never see and is the same thunder that will bring down the sky to crush against the earth so that nothing will be called south sudan at the end.
    So go seek psychological help.After that you may come back and be able to understand that individuals like Alier,Garang and Kiir are not the unique représentation of jieng’s mindsets.There are many others out there whose brains function differently but whom are disarmed into inaction by your mean conducts of généralisation.
    Dr Riek seems to have understood something as he is now trying very hard to make himself appear like a honest leader by dishing what many nuers think to be nuer land into Jongli in the name of 21 fédéral states.You better get your act togather before it’s too late.
    Unlike Dr Riek who was very Lucky to have had his taile cut and got away alife during hot events so that he is still around today,that luck may never workout for the fools like Hoiloom who are here ranting without any clue that they are building the road that will take them to hell.

  22. Hoiloom says:

    Mad Ding,

    Nuer would never be jealous of a fail Jaang leadership. Even if you are given 200 years to rule our nation it would still be a shithole. Look at Jiengestans that has never seen war yet your people are flocking to Khartoum, Kakuma and Uganda for free UN handouts. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch..nothing is over yet ya lazy thieves.


  23. mading says:

    Bitterness and that is all, accept defeat and come home like General Gathoth Gatkuoth and many others ngagaats who saw the light and in the white army camp, and came to Juba where he was made a minister of labour for a while by president Kiir.

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