South Sudan’s 3rd Independence Anniversary: Re-imagining Peace?

By: Tongun Lo Loyuong, UK, JUL/09/2014, SSN;

After three years of independence, South Sudan has drastically dashed the widespread hope, expectations and optimism not only of the people of South Sudan but also the well-wishers and contributors amongst the members of the international community to its independence, which was first celebrated on July 9th, 2011.

No sooner did our dream of freedom and independence came true than these same global actors who assisted in the birth of South Sudan watched as South Sudan turned into a nightmare.

With the country now wallowing in blood, rampant death and abject suffering of the masses, South Sudan has exceeded even negative expectations and predictions, thanks to sorry political leadership.

We are ranked number one failed state in the world. Tens of thousands have died and sanctity of human life has been rendered meaningless in a senseless and brutal civil war of greed for political power that has left more than a million and a half displaced.

Famine looms within weeks as political and humanitarian crisis reaches a nadir, subjecting a third of South Sudan’s population to the risk of dying from hunger while yet again reducing our people to the undignified, shameful and dishonorable state of having to beg for humanitarian assistance that remains elusive to prevent further loss of life.

Water borne diseases and malnutrition are acute and in the past couple of months have claimed more than two hundred lives of mostly children in Unity State alone.

Our daughters have been reduced to harlotry and prostitution as an alternative means to secure livelihood and survive. Wanton human rights violations, rape of women, war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed and are well documented.

Requiems have been written about us and South Sudan has already been dismissed as the death of a dream to create a viable state. The list of failures is endless and arguably justifies the prevailing skepticism and awe.

Indeed, the current poor political leadership has ill-advisedly demonstrated as predicted that South Sudanese cannot govern themselves. They have fulfilled the predictions that we cannot create a viable state or forge a cohesive nation in the new country.

It can now be confirmed that the country’s independence has caused more evil than good, is more of a curse than a blessing and has contributed to more suffering of our people like never before. As such our future looks bleak, we remain hapless and only God can have mercy.

In this regard and as I wrote during the second independence anniversary and the one before it, there is nothing worth celebrating in the first three years of South Sudan’s independence.

This remains true today as several analysts have already poignantly opined, and will remain true as long as the status quo continue to prevail or the one before the July government reshuffle is reinstated.

Question then is: can we re-imagine peace in South Sudan under the current grim state of affairs? Or is this the death of a dream and of South Sudan?

The pessimist in me has resigned to South Sudan being the death of a dream to live as a united, viable state and a cohesive nation. It is only a matter of time before South Sudan disintegrates into independent tribal enclaves forever locked up in the logic of war, animosity and cross-border inter-communal violent carnage.

But the optimist in me believes against all the prevailing odds, dismissals and resignations that a viable and prosperous state will emerge from the present wreckage of violent mayhem and a cohesive, peaceful and just nation that will become the envy of many can still be forged in South Sudan once the present generation of leadership has passed on.

Nonetheless, in the meantime in order for current pessimism and despair to be overcome by renewed hope and optimism, we will have to re-imagine peace in South Sudan and collectively work to set its foundation, along with the foundation of justice, national reconciliation, healing and forgiveness.

Re-imagining peace in South Sudan as such pertains to soberly raising and addressing new set of questions at the center of which is the question of how exactly did we get it wrong in the first place?

There are several angles to examine South Sudan’s failure, which I have articulated on many previous occasions, most notably in “Why South Sudan Liberation is Gone Awry,” and “Reloaded.” I have also extensively discussed numerous causes that brewed the current civil war in “Cry the Beloved South Sudan in its Second Independence Anniversary,” “What are they Waiting for in South Sudan?,” “the Dinka Problem in South Sudan: I & II” and in the “Absurdity of Peace-building in South Sudan: I, II & III,” among others.

While it is true that it takes approximately the same amount of time it took for a violent conflict to fester to redress the underlying causes of the conflict and effect lasting peace after the signing of a peace agreement, the main problem in South Sudan’s current crisis is leadership deficiency exacerbated by misguided foreign and humanitarian policies of our regional and international stakeholders and the humanitarian community.

On more than one occasion leadership as a catalyst for South Sudan’s problems have been identified and acknowledged by the same international actors who have partnered or as some prefer to describe them were bedfellows of the myopic and draconian Juba regime.

Most recently the departing Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) in South Sudan, Madam Hilde F. Johnson has acknowledged this fact.

In a strongly worded farewell message before boarding her plane to her safe haven, Madam Johnson is cited as squarely holding South Sudan’s political leadership responsible for the current abysmal plight of the South Sudanese.

“The leadership, across all factions of the SPLM, whether they are inside or out of government, released from detention or in the bush, are responsible for this,” reiterated Madam Johnson emotionally.

Our leaders are “self-serving elite,” on whose behave development in South Sudan has been “set back [by] decades.” They are single-handedly accountable for causing the impending “man-made famine,” and are sick with the “cancer of corruption,” Madam Johnson is further reported as venting her frustration.

Madam Johnson’s remarks are spot on. But the bitter irony is that the political leadership under president Kiir would not have thrived in their policies of South Sudan destruction without feeding off the poor policies of Madam Johnson’s United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), together with the humanitarian policies of other organizations and the foreign policies of South Sudan’s regional and international stakeholders.

As Alex De Waal has recently rightly observed, South Sudan’s “[mal]functioning cannot be separated from those global forces and how they incentivize and facilitate certain kinds of elite behavior.” In effect De Waal is stating that our crisis has been nurtured perhaps deliberately so in a globally self-serving elitist, naïve or perhaps even ignorant and apathetic environment to the real plight of our people.

If this true, the involvement and intervention (or the lack thereof) of these actors in South Sudan has equally contributed to our downfall.

This is amply evident in their foreign policies in South Sudan as elsewhere which continue to be shaped by the exigencies of realpolitik or “interest but friendship,” and which have sadly also influenced the humanitarian policies of international “non-governmental” organizations (INGOs).

In lieu of these national interest driven considerations a more pro-active preventive policies and approach would have been pursued to pre-empt the conflict and prevent the needless loss of lives when all indications suggested all was not well in South Sudan.

Instead business as usual and politics continued to dominate policymaking pertaining to South Sudan globally, regionally and locally.

Within South Sudan, the government benefited from this global political trend of promoting self-interest by scaling up patronage politics for instance, to determine the reshuffling of the government in July, 2013 and to decide the firing and hiring of civil servants, including the assigning of religious and spiritual related state and national functions to the clergy. Even the much needed national healing, peace and reconciliation came to be politicized.

Obstructionist and derailing tactics were used to stall the smooth functioning and democratization of the ruling party leading to frustrations within its leadership that ultimately triggered the violent outbreak.

Of course, while all this is unraveling the international actors turned the other way or tried to explain things away as normal part and parcel of challenges associated with building a new nation and state, keeping with the government corruption and nepotism cover up tune of “starting from scratch.”

As an example, when South Sudan was ranked fourth failed state last year, a number of these global actors, including the American Ambassador to South Sudan, refuted this ranking and asserted that South Sudan was not a failed but a “fragile state.” Sure enough when South Sudan finally assumed the number one status of a failed state in this year’s index the name has been altered to “fragile states” as opposed to the long standing “failed states” description when Somalia was scooping the prize. How convenient?! Simply no one wants to be associated with failure!

The apologetic international politicking related to South Sudan is equally expressed by other international actors in South Sudan. For instance, on numerous South Sudan Security Council briefings, instead of stating the facts as they are, Madam Johnson regularly expressed what she called “cautious optimism,” despite a visibly alarming evolution and deterioration of the political, economic, social and even humanitarian terrain in South Sudan.

At time “cautious optimism” was expressed while the government in Juba was increasingly iron-fisting and strongly licking its lips to create a police state in South Sudan, through widespread human rights abuses, including of international humanitarian workers who were often manhandled by security agents and arbitrarily detained or even expelled from South Sudan.

In fact Madam Johnson continued to hold on to her imagined “cautious optimism.” This is until the civil war broke out and the government began to embark on what New York previously described as negative campaign against UNMISS for allegedly supporting the opposition forces.

Ultimately she threw her hands up and declared that she did not see the violent eruption coming, just days after the investment conference was held in Juba last December, a view she held well into her last Security Council briefing while speaking to the media. What a shame.

Up until the civil war erupted the role of regional countries in South Sudan’s brewing conflict largely went unnoticed but was thrust into the limelight with Ugandan military involvement in the civil war to protect its interests, and the mediating efforts of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in the peace process aimed at ending the violent conflict.

Despite IGAD’s tireless and constructive efforts to bring the conflict to a swift end, the peace process continue to derail in part due what has been described as the “stupidity” of the warring parties, but more significantly because of the self-serving politics of “national interests” of all the conflict stakeholders, including of the IGAD member states.

But we will examine the various “national interests” calculations of the IGAD member states in the South Sudan’s civil war on another occasion.

However, clearly what is needed from all conflict stakeholders in South Sudan moving forward, particularly from our regional and international actors is their robust collective stance to purely geared toward ending the civil war in South Sudan.

Surely this can be aided by re-orienting the demands of dictated by their political realism considerations or their politics of national interests. Essentially our interlocutors need to grasp that in fact their long term genuine national interests in South Sudan are better served by bringing the civil war to a swift conclusion.

All South Sudan’s stakeholders must therefore, collectively re-imagine peace in South Sudan anew and work to realize it through robust punitive measures and holding accountable the parties who have instigated the conflict and are derailing and spoiling the peace process to end it.

It is as simple as that come the warring partied to the negotiation table or not. They will still need to be held accountable and the longer they continue political bickering and exhibit lack of political will to end the war, the lesser leverage they will have to negotiate their way out.

The current peace process must be re-convened to end the crisis immediately. And it must be held on IGAD’s terms not the terms of those who have massacred civilians and compromised regional and international peace and security.

Else a peace process dictated by the terms and conditions set by the belligerents to the conflict is not a genuine peace. It will wound up incentivizing violence by leaving the impression that picking up arms and meddling with national, regional and international peace and security can be rewarded with a place in a peace negotiation table rather than be punished in a place behind bars in The Hague.

There are several punitive measures that can be used to induce a swift signing of a peace agreement to end the conflict in South Sudan and restore normalcy in the event that political intransigence of the warring parties persists.

These include regionally and internationally enforced targeted sanctions, asset freezes and traveling ban of the lead conflict belligerents and their associates.

Regional and international institutional actors will equally do well to expedite Security Council referrals of potential perpetrators of the well-documented human rights abuses and the mass atrocities to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for further investigation and prosecution.

Threat of punitive measures is the only way to expedite a peace agreement in South Sudan but has for far too long been discussed and by now ring hollow. This goes to show that there is little political will overall and regional and global politics of interest continue to dictate the fate of our people despite their unspeakable suffering, thereby entrenching the culture of global impunity. This must stop.

Lastly, as South Sudan commemorates its third independence anniversary, perhaps we should all take this opportunity to mourn our dead rather than celebrate our independence. We should take this opportunity to soul-search and contemplate on how it all went wrong for us in South Sudan in order to make it right.

When we collectively reflect and acknowledge our different roles and responsibilities in contributing to where we are three years on after South Sudan’s independence, we may begin to grasp the scope of the tragedy and the suffering of the people of South Sudan as it is.

This way we may begin to make real progress to ending the violence, re-imagining peace and working to realize it in earnest in spite of self-serving politics of national interest or what not.

May the souls of all fellow South Sudanese, who have lost their lives in this civil war and the souls of those who died since South Sudan’s independence was achieved and first celebrated on July, 9th 2011 as well as those who departed after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in January 9th, 2005, rest in peace.

Tongun Lo Loyuong is a PhD student in the U.K. beginning from September, 2014. His research interest is on the role of civil society in transitional justice and reconciliation in South Sudan. He holds two Master’s Degrees with honors and academic excellence from the United States. The last of his MAs is in International Peace Studies and Policy Analysis for Political Change, from the University of Notre Dame – Indiana. He is reachable at:
Disclaimer: views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author. Agok Takpiny is a concerned South Sudanese in Melbourne Australia. He can be reached on


  1. Omang Rollo says:

    We used to celebrated our successes and nursed our failures alone during the war, It will not affect our moods if the rest of the food lovers refused to attend the independent jubilation. they are none factors to us as they chose to be roaming in the bushes for more money. death to them.

  2. wanilosake says:

    Tongun PHD
    same thing putting us down you doing it .dont do same thing which always study nothing than destroying your people
    you get knowlegde to develop us not crictising us we didnt study PhD you did it mean you have more knowlegde go home and help the president not go above him but work with him
    there is no fail state it is us make it


    • Taban Mawa says:


      4 your info. the Presidet is the servant of the people and therefore he is not above the people who elected him but rather the people are above him.

      It’s up to us to decide his political destiny not him to decide our destiny.

      Reading the article, I have not seen where the aurthor tried to put us down. The aurthor in fact tried to shine light into facts. I know some of you are used to not liking facts but the reality is ‘facts often relieves one from misery of knowledge’.

      The current government is not the type of government that likes to be helped. They hate those with the skills and knowledge because they feel threaten from power. Those able to help are either torture, abuse or even killed. You know how many this has happened in Juba since 2005. Unless they begin to acknowledge their weakness and stop the staus quo, those with knowledge can’t join to help.

  3. Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

    Dear Tongun,
    Thank you for the well written article. Indeed the problem is poor leadership. The leadership promoted tribalism, nepotism, corruption, anarchy and dictatorship. Alternative views are not tolerated in South Sudan, it is a death sentence and that is why you see Dr. Riek was almost kill and he has to run for his life like just how mama Rebecca Nyandeng put it. She said why should we blame him for 1991 and this issue is not related to 91. Garang forgive him and blaming him for past is just a way of not wanting to face the problems infront of the leadership.
    In order for south sudan to move forward, we must focus on the causes of the current and see what can be done instead of scratching the wounds of the past. Is anyone of us innocent? or Perfect.

    The solution to the problem is to remove this current leadership period. If this leadership is not remove, south sudan will be at war with itself for good. That is why arabs say, south sudanese hates themselves more than they hate arabs.

  4. Choromke Jas says:

    I am convinced that UNMISS and other stakeholders have access to this site. Why? because whenever UNMISS was the subject of articles here, we used to get robust responses. Thus, I am very surprised that Ms Johnson and other stakeholders keep on repeating that they did not see what hit South Sudan when the war started yet some of us staked our necks and predicted what did happen. You are at you best, brother, congratulations. The White people think Africans have different sense of justice. How come, they are trying to play even-handedness even when South Sudanese know that its Kiir who is now the man to blame? He started the war, accused his colleagues of a coup, which has now been proven to be false. Could the Whites have played around the role of Hitler if it were to happen today? The US bombed Japan with atmoic bomb when they attacked Pearl habor unprovoked. That was justice. The people of South Sudan are not convinced that the internatioi\nal system is working anymore. What is wrong if Kiir is punished?Riek is not an angel but at this juncture he was a victim. Why does the White fear to be intuitive when Africans are involved in a matter of justice. Be fair and remove Kiir, and your interest in South Sudan will remain safe.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Choromke
      Could not agree more. The double standards is astounding. But let us think outside the box and this is just my silly self. Could the blind eye cast on President Kiir (in spite of the indisputable grave crimes against humanity) be some form of compensation for the unexplained demise of Dr John Garang???

    • Nikalongo says:

      Blaming foreign powers or individual foreigners for our won failures to govern ourselves will not bring peace. The mass killings and displacement of the Dinka and Nuer will not end unless politicians, elders and the youths from the two communities agree to amicably resolve their cycle of violence. I understand the will to sit down is still lacking because the deities in Nuer and Dinkeland that feeds of blood of youths in Dinka and Nuerland is yet to get satisfied. That explains why instead of making peace, Nuer and Dinka leaders are running around like idiots drumming support from Equatoria in the name of federalism to sustain their war efforts. Those charm offensives will fail. Equatoria will remain a no go zone for warmongers and their admirers hiding in Equatoria or in the capitals of the world.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Nikalongo
        Nobody is blaming foreign powers or individuals for our own failures. Get this right. What we are asking is equal treatment of all the people of the world according to the provisions of the world body and its institutions. You must understand that South Sudan is not functioning outside the global structures that govern the 193 countries of the world. For South Sudan to attain statehood it had to be recognised by the United Nations and it had to become a member. By becoming a member state it signed up to behave in line with the laws of the world body. Therefore, things like the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer and rampant killings by the government of Kiir is not acceptable and this should have triggered an intervention like in former Yugoslavia. President Kiir and company should have been indicted like Slobadan Milosezic, Radovan Karadzic, General Rtako Mladic etc. So what we are talking about is the rights of South Sudanese people to be protected like the other people of the world as stipulated in the instruments of the global bodies of which South Sudan is a member. Do not just sit there yapping about Dinka and Nuer killing themselves as if these two tribes are from the Mars.
        Nikalongo, I have been carefully following your comments and I must say that you may be a paid agent of the government planted to cause confusion by diverting the attention of the people away from the real problems afflicting South Sudan.
        Nikalongo, for your information, your argument that Equatoria “will remain a no go zone of warmongers and their admirers hiding in Equatoria” shows that you are not really in tune with the problems of South Sudan. For your information, the war started in Equatoria (Juba Nuer killings) and then it spread to Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity state. Equatoria is already affected and eventually it will be the theatre of the operations whether you like it or not. UPDF is already tired and demoralised and they will not be able to protect Equatoria as you naively think. Grow up man.

        • Nikalongo says:


          Are you not aware of the over 5000 blue helmet soldiers in South Sudan? UN resolutions, UN peace enforcement mission (Chapter 7) and sanctions will never bring us peace nor stop Dinka from killing Nuer as in Juba and Nuer killing Dinka as in Bor and Bentui. An indicted Kiir or Riak will simply be replaced by other Dinka and Nuer warmongers. Unlike u Paul, I recognise that Dinka killed Nuer and Nuer killed. That is the reality Paul. Who started what, where or even whether there was a coup is not important. There is a cycle of violence between the two communities and that is what drives that conflict. It is them who will in the end have to take active initiative to redeem themselves from further destructions and a prolonged suffering of their people. There are people, you included Paul who think that unpacking more UN troops to South Sudan or indicting Kiir will bring peace. It won’t. I will tell u why.

          Paul, contrary to ur perception of peace in former Yugoslavia, the combine forces of UN resolutions, NATO and their war machines, indictments of all the warlords and OSCE (organisation of security and cooperation in Europe) is a failure. The three communities in Bosnia remains technically at war. They have nothing in common. Serbians from Krajina in Croatia are still languishing in exile and camps Paul. Muslims from Pale in Bosnia are still waiting it out in Sarajevo and other Muslim towns. When will they go home? Kosovo is unable to assert sovereignty in Metrovitca and other Serbs dominated areas. Do u know why? The Key to peace in former Yugoslavia is in the hands of Serbs, Croats and Muslims. Other forces of peace can do nothing but wait. That for now is also our situation Paul.

          Paul, the real problem of South Sudan is war and corruption perpetrated by the Dinka and Nuer dominated government. Go to Universities and towns in East Africa to prove me wrong. Those of u who want to take sides are only fuelling the conflict by emboldening the parties. Dinka and Nuer leaders have to understand that the course of action they are pursuing leads to only death and destructions. Equatoria will not in any way contribute to sweeping South Sudan clean of Dinka and Nuer. If u and other admirers of war and destruction have influence (there is indication u do) over the warring factions, tell them to sue for peace instead of calling for more revenge attacks and bloodshed. Since when have tribal conflicts become national. Does having Wani Igga and Lado Gore as Vice Presidents to the warlords or the cosmetic appointments of Drs. Francise and Mulla make it national.

          Paul, I am aware that those opposed to you must be paid agents. It is fine with me, but regardless of your wish Paul, that war will be confined to where it really belongs. Equatoria will remain a no go zone for warmongers. I am not a Museveni admirer but I appreciate the role played by the UPDF at a time when Equatoria is not in position to defend her borders from marauding militia army from Gogrial and Akobo. The call to recruitment and arms by the governors in Equatoria is a defensive one. It is naïve to think that troublemakers will be allowed to run riots in Torit, Yambio, Kajokeji, Nzara, Nabiapai, Yei, Maridi, Gondokoro or any other settlements in Equatoria. U are invited to a weekend Akoningo dance in Mupoi Paul where Bangara will be served to all by Nabikiria. A Well built Otuhoman from Labalwa is blowing his trumpet after a festive day with Abalu at hai lotuko. My friend Eli, a water engineer who deals with international consignment is able to conduct his transaction in peace. Naponi in Gondokoro is busy tending her vegetable garden. All this is possible Paul because Equatoria is a no go zone for senseless warmongers. We will preserve that peace for our people.

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Dear Nikalongo
            Sorry, I beg to disagree. There is always cause and effect and because of this it is important to hold those responsible for this chaos to account. So Kiir and company must be held responsible for all the mess going on. I do not support Riek but I can not ethically hold him responsible when he is a victim who narrowly escaped death. If South Sudan is to redeem itself, fairness must be at the heart of it.
            Now I am a believer that the Jieng and Nuer are like all the other 61 tribes of South Sudan and the state has a duty to protect them from any harm – whether that be from each other or from the other tribes. The Nuer and Jieng should not be allowed to slaughter themselves because they are citizens and very vital human resources of South Sudan. You need to think dynamically.
            As with regards to Equatoria being a no go area, this is simply a fallacy that holds no water. Remember in early 1980s the Equatorians sung this story about SPLM/SPLA in denial of our own advice and the rest is history as you well know. You are now repeating it in the face of overwhelming evidence. So it may be prudent to stop deluding yourself that Equatoria is cushioned.
            UPDF is no longer effective and this is being evidenced by Museveni toning down his rhetoric. He no longer shouts “he ‘Riek’ will be defeated in 4 days” as in the beginning of the crisis. Further, Uganda is undergoing serious economical, social and military difficulties.
            The writing is on the wall and I strongly suggest you reflect and reassess your political position.
            To close, thank you for inviting me to share the Bangara.

      • Nikalongo,

        I know you always been critical to Dinka and Nuer for the war, but you mostly criticize Nuer for the war. I never want to make any comment at your posts, but today I want to assure you that although the war is intense between Dinka and Nuer, it is not the war between Dinka and Nuer alone, but it is a war for change that everyone in South Sudan should take part.

        If you do not care because you have not been affected by this war personally, then that is okay. Even the war for independent that took 21 years did not affect everyone in South Sudan. In fact some tribes did not event lost a toe finger in the war for Independent while others were affected so badly by the war for Independent.

        My friend, South Sudan problem is not a Nuer’s problem only. Before the current war broke out in December 2013, several Equatorians’ men had disappeared in Juba including one of the Pastors. Do you see this as Nuer problem? Over 350 Equatorians had been killed in Jail between 2005 and December 2013. Was that a Nuer problem?

        In March 2013, a Dinka general who just came to Juba for vocation was shot dead by Equatorians militants around the University of Juba in the broad day light. Was that a Nuer problem? Eight months before the war broke out in December 2013, a Dinka general was killed on his way to Torit by Equatorians. Was that a Nuer problem? In 2012, 25 men from Balanda tribe were sentenced to death for killing Dinka who looted their properties. Do you see that as Nuer problem?

        Nowadays, there is a massive disarmament of Equatorian militants, police, and security personal in Greater Equatoria. Is that a Nuer problem? In April 2013, 23 Equatorians militants including brigadier were Killed in Bentiu fighting along with South Sudan army against rebels. Were those Killed not Equatorians sons? Are Equatorians isolated them because they were killed. Recently, three Equatorian men were Killed in Maridi only of one them was reported dead. Was that a Nuer problem?

        We Nuer we like to live in peace with others when there is peace, but we do not pretend to be peacemakers when there is war. We do not generate the words of war by mouth when there is peace and we do not pretend to be priests, pastors, bishops, and peacemakers during war time. We prefer to be poor and free rather than living in slavery and rich.

        • Lavina Lual says:

          I agree with all that you wrote but disagree with portion of it when you said some tribes did not even lost a toe finger during the 21 years’ civil strife that almost make you to qualify arian jienge attitude to me I say God forbid Nuer from behaving like dinka because I know them and they much better and different form dinka experiences.
          To the best of my knowledge everyone lost relatives whether directly in the war zone as SPLA or jalaba fighter or indirectly through cross bullets as civilians in various war areas.
          For instances the war that was heavily fought and warned in my mother land-Equatoria had mysteriously caused lives to many Equatorians SPLA foot soldiers together with their civilians during battles then how come can we think some tribes did not even lost a finger or toe?.
          Once again there are many Equatorians whom I personally know are defecting to the Dr Riek Rebels on daily bases and more are still defection to join the Dr Riek’s rebels specially after listening to Salva kiir’s typical and wreck less jieng independent speech refusing the majority crying for state federations called by many Equatorians and Upper Niles’s even.

          • Lavina Lual says:

            Please let us learn to be soba to defeat kiir on internet as well battle lines when making judgment. I too know this Nakilongo man and understand from many writings that he is Ugandan that is why I always ignore his writings. Maybe he is a UPDF of kiir who are luxuriously being kept in Juba hotels and paid $ petrodollar money siphoned from Nuer oil rich areas meant for development. Note that the UPDF soldiers are heavily paid the money they have never got in Uganda such as $300 per day for a mere soldier!. If Nikalongo is from Uganada as I read sometime back then he is strictly here for hard currency. There is no hard currency in RSS right now when the oil is pumping $700,000,000-900,000,000 every month yet there is no $ in RSS nor developmental projects taking place.
            Kiir is going and many of us are seeing the beginning of his end already whether by force or voluntary stepping down which many jiengs are objecting to retain the jieng kingdom statuesque he will be forced like Robert Tailor, Gaddafi, Husni or any other over thrown leader because RSS is not Uganda of M7

          • Nikalongo says:


            I am a Dor, Ugandan, Congolese or whatever you Nuer and Dinka generally refer to me and people from my region. That is fine with me. To me, Kiir is as bloodthirsty as Riak. They enjoy that status because the majority of the Nuer and Dinka population support them, That blind support is the reason for hundreds war dead and many more displaced in Nuer and Dinkaland. They can keep heir wars to their backyards. We will never be involved no matter how hard they try to sell it. That war has nothing to do with federalism, how South Sudan should be governed or democracy. Tell your people to sue for peace instead of killing each other. Your people (Dinka and Nuer) deserve better.

            Yes! Kiir is keeping hundreds in hotels just as Riak does. Many more (Dinka and Nuer) are in East Africa, living good and studying. I am not jealous. It is your oil money.

        • AGUMUT says:

          Riek Machar has open his NEW CONFUCIANISM school again for people of Nuer.John Garang had try that for more than 20 years,but he didn’t success and Machar took over like that of HACKING.He is travelling everywhere and Nuer should understand.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            Salva Kiir was everwhere and still running around like a chicken with its head cut off asking for Mecernaries all over the world to come stop the Nuer. He has been to Russian asking for military intervention; he has been to China asking for military intervention, he has been in South Africa asking for military intervention, he is now running to USA asking Presidet Obama for military support while Dr. Machar is only touring East Africa countries enlightening them that there was never Coup in Juba. What took place was a ploy by Kiir to eliminate his opponents and nothing beyond that. Do not whine kid. Nuer will handle it by themselves and will reverse the dictatorship tendency of yours in due time.

            You hear me, Jena Kalep….

          • AGUMUT says:

            @Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa, Please i am not apart of SPLM or Kiir’s Cabinet nor i have interest in politics either.I am against discrimination,what is going on now is about positions and GOVERNMENT MONEY.

  5. Taban Mawa says:

    Hope in the face of difficulties is the greatest moral give to mankind.

    South Sudan is at war with itself and will continue to be unless the leadership starts to put the peoples’ interest ahead of their fake political ambitions.

    There is nothing worth celebrating in the country. The last 3 years have brought more pain than the last 50 years of our struggle in comparision.

    The resources wasted to stage the clebration would have been well spent on war veterans, widows and orphans that the government has failed to pay attention to all these times. Misallocation of resources and wide spread corruption has spoiled the souls of our politicians. Their economic advisors are like them as well.

    A government that kills its own citizens automatically losses legitimacy and should have resigned long before this turned as they are now. Its very unfortunate that some still find excuse to give credit to the same leadership that has brought this misery upon us.

    Independence without freedom, liberty, justice and opportunity is unworthy and does not need to be celebrated. The people should use this day to remember the innocent lives lost. The government unfortunately in their independence speech either mentioned the mothers sitting in the villiages mourning the loss of their only child due to the war; a widow with no hope for her children as her husband got murdered innocently or the ophans who loss their fathers’ and now having to live without a mentor or a someone to call a father.

    They don’t imagine for a second the pains the powerless are going through all across this country. Arrogance, hate speeches and blaming the same population they’re suppose to protect for their misjudgements. From false coup; a coup that never existed in the first place to killing innocent civilians.

    Is there hope left for the vulnarables in our society? will the young rise up and demand for their rights or sit back and allow the OLD politicians to destroy what belongs to us and the furture generation? These are question for us as young people to deal with. We can all choose to protect a government that does nothing but kill innocent citizens or rise up and force them to leave power. The choice is clear for all of us.

    Tribal mentality is not an ideological theory but rather a distructive force against prosperity and mutual agenda. We need to put our tribal differences aside and show moral authority for the sake of a peaceful country.

  6. Ambago Ramba says:

    So-called Wanilosake

    By the way until you and your oblivious president both begin to appreciate criticisms, you are surely taking the country into abyss.
    When did your friend the president ever listened to advice from anyone. South Sudan is awash with highly learned people. Unfortunately everything else is being led by those who can hardly read and write.
    Anyway it wont take long before all these illegal sources dry out. Then we shall see the pathetic end of this vision-less and power greedy individuals !

  7. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Choromke Jas:

    I read your comment to Mr.Tangun Lo Lolyoung: Ms.Hilde Johnson herself,she was the one and other people in the west in the country,who have killed the movement of SPLM/SPLA.They forced Dr.John Garang De Mabior to a sign a peace with the government of Sudan based in central government in north in Khartoum.They threatened him if you did not sign a peace with the Sudan government in north in Khartoum in central in Khartoum,they would cut economic package.I knew very well their double talk on their double standard politics! in the west! I do not bother myself to talk with them at all! It is a wasting of important time for me! I had quiettened a U.S.Senator Sam Brownback before he became a governor in the conference during dioceses conference in double tree in Overland.

    Remember that what she said on fighting in the South when she said what hit the South?She knew very well that what hit the South! I read her statement on her departure from the South.It was not good.She was talking with Mockery Language! She made fun of South Sudan government.She was chided the leadership in the country President Salva Kirr with sarcasm! Thank you. Back to you to the audience.

  8. Dear citizens of the Republic of South Sudan. So much has been said about the current civil war in the country. We have attacked and torn the fabric of our people as a nation as if we shall never live together again,when peace is restored on the land. The song composed by the gifted musician Emmaneul Kembe”Salam Jaat ana mabi kore tani” was a warning to all south Sudanese, to protect our Liberty with absolute Care.
    We as a people, should from now on, propergate love and unity to those who are unfortunate to realise the meanings of such sentiments. Hate and abusive language will never unite us as a sovereign nation. Our tribe should be south Sudan.Our country shall remain forever but we shall as a people pass on. New generations shall continue to come. Our immediate responsibility is to pass on the torch of our struggle given to us by our forefathers, who passed it on to us.
    l remember as a child, my father told me, that if didn’t win this war, the next generation will win this war and take our land back. His last words before the Arabs executed him by hanging, were “we shall win this war and take our land back,”
    Let us therefore, fight for love and unity as South Sudanese. Our tribe is south Sudan.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    dearest honorable professor dr Lolyuong:

    It’s a great pleasure to manage this exchange with u.But ur article brings me n my friends to tears.We r workers from birth.Every day is a difficult day for us.But our everyday’s fear is never a concern to sacrifice.We r allways concerned never to waste the fruits of our struggles.It’s needless to mention the heavy human cost our society has paid for the independance.But viewing that this independence has been thrown up the air,that the degree of pessimism now is such that our society n the country would collapse therefore we would b without a country forever breaks our hearts in thousand pieces.Our grieve is too great n we r unconsoled.But we r not naive with regards to the true reality of the order of things.I do not doubt what brother Elhaj Paul says in his comments that equatoria would b a theatre of military operations.That is to say more killings of innocent people n generalised destructions r to come.

    But I am among the men who have struggled n toiled in life to b able to survive up to this very day.The priority in our social,political n economic consciousness at a national level was to understand the strategic place of our country in Africa n in the World.That as it is:our massive natural resources,fresh waters,the good rain forest n savanah environments put us in the most central economic,social n political place in Africa if not in the world.But due to our heavy human loses during the civil wars n the war consequences that limited our population’s growth,we r very few in numbers.One would have hoped that after the last war ended in 2005,our preoccupation would be how to develop our economic n human resources with a national plan to increase our population.This country named south sudan,I will die death saying that God was too generous to have choosen it for our country.It’s vast n rich.The eyes of the world r on our wealth.Our fresh waters r Egypt’s long life lifeline.Our old Sudan will never exist without our country’s economic resources.But forgive me if I am dishing rubbish.

    Considering human states of mind as in psychology,we human beings r difficult n unpredictable.Among us r those who love good life to the sacrifice of principles n progress.Among us there r allso those who love principles n progress to the sacrifice of good life.But to achieve good life one must necessarily manage economic means.In fact those who love good life in any society r the poor workers.But the easiest way to obtain means for good life without working is to have power.In the process of seeking power,appearing as thieves or a dishonest does not affect them since they r people of low moral values.One day brother Nikalongo says in his comments on the editorial article:Kiir is stupid,that thieves will go any length to achieve what they want.He refers to our leaders negotiating peace in Adis Ababa as failed politicians who r there to recycle themselves with the chance to come back to govern south sudan again n again.He is not wrong.

    The smallest porportion of our oil that is being exploited n the millions of dollars it brings to our country’s bank account as commented under many articles constituted the basis of the power struggle that led to the events of 15 December 2013 n the situation our country is in today.This is the prove that our present leadership in opposition as in the government:if they struggle for power,it is to have access to money that will facilitate thier good life.There is no love of principles n progress for our country n society in thier hrearts in truth.So it’s good to never count on trusting them to lead south sudan n the society in any capacity.Full stop.But this opens up a new situation.Brother Elhaj Paul has become a heavyweight in this forum.In his article:SPLM is a curse to South Sudan,he mentions invisible leaders.I gree with him.There must b invisible leaders every where in our society.It means those who love principles n progress to the sacrifice of undesrved good life.If there could b any hope of saving our country n our society,these invisble leaders r the hope.

    But we r too divided now.Some few weeks back,following the heated tensions provoked by the debate on federalism,I had believed that the war brother Elhaj Paul predicts to spread in equatoria would break out at any time allready.To b sincere to the context of this eventuality,my friends,me n the rest of south sudan’s well wishers,I hope:our stance now as it will b forever is against any violence.If we exchange such dispatches as this one in this forum,it means that we r in dialoque.This in a long run,I believe, will vehicle us into a situation of discovering the invisible leaders to whom our good God will give the keys to lead our country n the society out of this catastophy.Viewing things from this angle,it becomes imperative to promote this line of dialoque to involve every member of our 64 tribes.It’s my conviction that doing this,even if it fails us to save our country n the society at he end,we would have tried the best that we could.

    False Millionaire

    • Taban Mawa says:

      False Millionaire

      4 your info. a professor is not an Hounarable unless otherwise he or she is an elected government official. Learn to use the correct tittle. Stop the idea where every educated person is suppose to be call either a Hounrable or Excellency. BTW, this only happens in South Sudan

  10. riek says:

    Many naives chickens on this site. I find it rather amusing that some folks can beg / demand / call a system of governance without working for it. Matter of fact, you are deeply misguided. Freedom is not similar to the Biblical creation of the universe, where God demanded light (and such) and came the day!

    In the same vein, you will have to be as thick as a box of rocks to think that Khartoum gave the gave the southerners the right to self-determination, just because a gullible, backstabbing, superstitious, brain-dead Nuer Opportunist called Riek Machar begged Khartoum. No. No. No. No. Matter of fact, you fight it out. SPLA fought Arabs and captured Equatoria backyards (eg., Kapoeta, Torit, Yei, Maridi) and other areas, forcing Mundukuri to treat to Naivasha and Machakos. Is anyone surprised that John Garang, Wani, Kiir, Pagan, have their indelible signatures in the CPA? Is it a wonder that Riek Machar didn’t signed any CPA protocol? In the same vein, only coward midgets would think that federalism is realizable by begging Salva Kiir.


  11. Riek,

    Bashir, president of Sudan did not sign the document for Sudan Independent and now he is a president. In addition, there is no law says when you CPA you can be a dictator, thief, and killer. No matter how much you bark like dog at writers and editors, democracy and federalism that all of us fought for will still come to South Sudan no matter how strong you oppose it.

  12. Joak says:

    @Bentiu Nyagat, there is something called track record in the governance of any institution. Since the times of Turks in Sudan, Nuer have always sided with Southerners’ enemies, but they have always marauded as victims. And while they are at it, they will have to be nice and kind to Dinka if they want to rule South Sudan!

  13. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Bentiu Ramaran:

    No.President Omer El Beshir,he had signed the documents in the peace talk agreement during in CPA on self determination.There was no need for him to sign on independence.And yet by himself,he had recognized the independence of the South from Sudan government in central in north in Khartoum. The same thing he did on cooperation agreement with Juba government! He deserves for split of South from Sudan society to the South in the land!

  14. Chief Abiko,

    I don’t think you understood my comments very well. Please read it again. What I said was Did Omer El Beshir, signed documents for Sudan Independent? Not South Sudan Independent. I was referring to those who say Riek should not run for president post because he did not signed CPA. Is it possible only those who signed CPA should run for president post in South Sudan? Do you support this? Were those signed CPA the only who fought for South Sudan independent?

  15. Lokang says:


    ”What I said was Did Omer El Beshir, signed documents for Sudan Independent? Not South Sudan Independent.”

    Bentiu do you enjoy being irrelevant all the time? When Omer Bashir signed documents in the peace talk and came out to acknowledge legally the separation of South Sudan, does that imply Omer Bashir ceded, through signatures, the secession of South Sudan?

    ”Is it possible only those who signed CPA should run for president post in South Sudan?”

    In a word, not necessarily, but Riek citizenship like that of other Nuer Nyagat was through accommodation and affirmative action. A matter of reminder, when CPA peace talks where happening in Kenya, Riek Machar was comfortable with Omer Bashir in Khartoum, so Riek Machar was not a force to Khartoum, and neither was he at the forefront of Southerners’ interest when he embarrassingly returned. Put differently, Riek is illegible to run for South Sudan Presidency!

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Where you there when peace was negotiated? What was the first step? Remember, the pressure was from George W. Bush, the then President of the United State of America. Since you are as dumb and naïve as Salva Kiir, the first step was to ensure BOTH Dr. John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar come to agreement if peace is to be negotiated. This is from George W. Bush. This is where Dr. Riek Machar came in. Had Dr. Machar refused to agree with Dr. Garang, you wouldn’t have seen CPA. Thus, you need to rethink and go back to drawing board if your invalid argument can hold any water. Further, President bush wants South Sudan to separate from Sudan, which is the sole reason why Dr. Machar defected from your visionless SPLM. Hence, Dr. Machar’s idea was favored over your Secular United Sudan that was going nowhere. if you didn’t know, please shut your filthy mouth up from henceforth.

      Lokang, this is Equatorian name, why are you hiding from using your Dinka name. Are you ashamed of it? Nuers are you protectors and guiders, you need them to give you valuable ideas and they back their idea up as well. Just as now, the permanent peace will be brought to you in golden plate by Nuer’s blood. Who would have questioned Salva Kiir apart from Nuer? The only people with balls in South Sudan are us, the Nuer. You need to start worshiping us from today. Peace be to you!

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Taban Mawa:

    It’s very kind of u.Thank u for the correction.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    But brother Taban Mawa:

    Do u really know this guy named professor dr lolyuong:I hope u do.But if u don’t,watch out brother.He is a human mountain that represents a weight of one thousand elephants put togather.U read his articles here but consider his ideas with great importance.We r most lucky to b his countrymen.He is the founder of the faculty of english literature at the East Africa University that is the prestigious University of Nairobi today.The kenyian intellectuals like Ali Missouri don’t look at him in the eyes.The white men don’t do either.But back at home some time back he was an MP in the regional parlimant at the days of Addis Ababa peace agreement.That’s why we feel obliged to call him hounorable to show him the highest sense of respect that is possible.

    • Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

      False Millionaire:

      You have mistaken my identity for Prof. Taban Lo Liyuong as opposed to Tongun Lo Loyuong. These are two different individuals!

  18. False Millionaire says:

    dearest Tongun Lo Loyuong:

    Thank u so much sir for the correction.But I still admire u as much as prof. Taban Lo Liyuong.

    Hoping no harm is done,False Millionaire

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