South Sudanese Lose Fighting for Leaders

BY: Gabrial Pager Ajang, USA, DEC/28/2013, SSN;

In just eight days, we have destroyed what have built for eight years. We have killed hundreds of innocent people. We have destroyed Juba and Bor Towns infrastructures. Today, divisions 1, 6, 7 and newly integrated militias have repelled rebels from Malakal, and hundreds of innocent lives have been lost. The government continues to escalate its military operations in the richest oilfields of Unity State.

Why are we why killings ourselves? The really losers in this conflict are South Sudanese citizens, and soldiers who follow retarded leaders.

Soldiers in South Sudan are more loyal to leaders, and have stronger ethnic ties to them than to the nation, in other words, we have weak institutions and strong ethnic ties.

Our ethnic groups are more well organized than our government’s institutions.

Concurrently, we are led by dangerously wild leaders, who are merciless and perilous enough to accept sitting on bloody chairs after each factional wars.

The most deficient, corrupt, and heartless leaders to their cores, unfortunately, preside over South Sudan. As a result, innocent lives are being lost.

If South Sudanese do not wake up and depose their ruling garbage, we will always be in a precarious environment.

The people of South Sudan are not enemies; they are friends and good citizens. Leaders are the enemies of South Sudan.

The investors left South Sudan, and our economy suffered immensely. We have lost trust around the world, and strongly affirmed with unanimity that we cannot definitely govern ourselves.

The effects of war are both physical and psychological. Human societies are deeply affected by wars.

The public infrastructure, hospitals and the very basis of human existence are destroyed in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity States, and Juba.

South Sudan experienced war when it was once fought with Khartoum and people faced many hardships and challenges to meet their basis needs.

The War of Liberation Struggles took millions of lives and maimed as well as crippled thousands of people that were severely wounded.

Wars bring untold miseries as well as political and economic instability. People’s lives and daily existence come under threat.

Very soon, it would be difficult to find jobs or live our normal day-to-day existence.

Populations are displaced and have to constantly move about for security. What is happening now in South Sudan is dire reflection of the tragedy war brings. Some are scarred emotionally and physically for life.

Thus, humans must avoid wars at all cost. The only way we can protect our lives and ensure stability in our country is to practice tolerance and respect for each otter. Or else, we too would become extinct like the dinosaurs.

Peace talks will not bring peace to South Sudan, but educating citizens, and leaders on moral ethics and values of human being can bring peace.

Furthermore, educating people on the importance of ethnic diversities and its richness could transform strong ethnic ties and ease ethnic tension.

The people of South Sudan do not need foods, shelter and clothes, they are yearning for freedom, justice and healing, they need to heal from a long war.

Gabrial Pager Ajang, Political Science and History Instructor at Wright Career College. He can be reached at


  1. Bentiu today says:

    good article.

  2. Coldit says:

    Thanks Gabriel,
    This war has two dimensions as we all know. The political one of which the govt is trying to silence its opponents thru and the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer by the govt.

    Now the money lover nuers (Buay Rolnyang, Kun pouch, Gony Beliu and others money lovers bought with their oil money) leaders are helping govt to kill their Nuer people. How can we stop it.

    The East African countries have got their side in this fight e.g. Ugandan is fighting for president to kill more Nuer. Who gonna bring peace. You may heard Ugandan president briefed East African leaders about what his country did to secure South Sudan infrastructure and Dr. Riek confirmed that Ugandan jets bombed their location. None of East African leaders think about interference in internal affairs of other sovereign states is done by Uganda. So the solution is let kill the Nuer with help of Uganda, if we can but let not forget what the Nuer are capable of!

    Why killing the Nuer in Juba in the first place if that’s a coup? The Nuer children, old, woman and ordinary men didn’t make a coup if it was a coup.

  3. Junubi says:

    my brother, that is all i want. those who died in this recent crisis are innocent civilians who just do not care about the politic or the power. they wake up every morning to fend for their family to eat. tribes not tribes is just stupid thing. why we do not fight here in the the u.s or Canada along tribal line? forget those leaders and stand for the country.

  4. DengDeng says:

    Mr. Jang,
    Why you are beating around the bush? Why you don’t just say President Kiir is the one who started it and must step down if he want people’s of south sudan to live in harmony and peace again. what do do think; the same soldiers who are defending Kirr in Bilpam, then, when they went to check their loved ones at new site residential area, all of them gone! dead. killed by president kiir militias.
    Again, who is going to stop white army who want to revenge for the killing of their loved ones in Juba by presidential guards formed by president kiir as his white Army?
    My friend. for your knowledge, Riek Machar is not a Nuer leader, but a leader of the whole nation who happen to be from Nuer tribe. So, he doesn’t have any power to stop Nuer, but president Kiir can stop them, if he is wise enough.
    Therefore, this war has nothing to do with Riek who is just running for his life. Let’s face it. it’s ugly, but, nobody to blame but Salvatore Kiir Mayar himself.

  5. David Wisdom says:

    President Kiir is responsible for the mass killing of innocent people of South Sudan in the cities. Mr. President was reluctant to accept dialogue to resolve SPLM internal crisis, and to reform the SPLM party within. President act against democratic principles by leaning toward dictatorship tendencies, in which he has been wrongly advised by the dictators around him for example, Uganda president, and Bashir of Sudan to stay in power together with them for their own political interests.
    The solution is very simple, Mr President Kiir should resign immediately to give a chance to peace, and the interim government should be formed to organize the election. Kiir is done and he should be charged in ICC, and Dr. Machar should be answerable to atrocities in Jonglei State, Bor, Unity Bentiu, and Akobo killings because he didn’t condemn the killings of innocent civilians. The truth is that there was no coup attempted. The plot was to arrest all political opponents to silence the critics.

  6. Joluak says:

    Dear Ajang,

    You have written a great article. I like your frankness in tackling the ongoing crisis in our country. Our biggest problem are the leaders who power greedy and thirsty. Salva Kiir is to be held responsible for the merciless and brutal killings in Juba and elsewhere of Nuer men and women. The history will remember him for this dark event.

    Riek Mahcar is equally guilty for being power greedy. He should have waited for the elections to come and contest for presidency. His chance of winning would have been high. Alternatively, he would have, together with the other dissatisfied guys, formed their political party and run for the election. The disagreement within the party of SPLM is known widely and this party may disintegrate due to internal wrangling. Both Kiir and Riek are a shame to South Sudan.

    Otherwises, thanks for this wonderful article, for which you deserve appreciation.

  7. Chester Camp says:

    Thank you for your insight. Do you think it is time for the younger generation to take over the reins of leadership through the ballet box? New ideas can bring and lead the people of the southern Sudan to the great potential that they have.

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