South Sudanese Leaders must rise above egoism

By: Ater Garang Ariath, JUBA, JAN/30/2015, SSN;

South Sudanese leaders must rise above their egoisms and collectively work together to return our country back to stability and peace after meaningless war that ravaged nation apart.

Political struggle influenced by armed conflict will never be the best therapy to enormous challenges facing our people; therefore, leaders should rise above their political ambitions and reminded themselves on what South Sudanese innocent men and women needed most.

It is time for the two principal warring parties led by President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar to reconcile their political differences by revisited where these people called (South Sudanese) whom they desperately deserved to lead came from?

I am among million South Sudanese that expressed dissatisfaction with the way in which rebels have pursued quest for political transformation in our country, we are not in the past we are in modern era where we can resist any attempt to thwart national agenda as one owned project within by non-violent mean.

Let our brothers and sisters who took up arms against this nation and its people revised their political motives. The road that they seemed to have undertaken tarnishes their political characters, values and attitudes among South Sudanese non-violent community sections.

It was unsuccessful attempt of regime change that South Sudanese should forget and rubbish into dustbin, otherwise they(rebels) should reformulate their ambitions for political power by put their guns down and come among us for peaceful pursue of regime change through ballot rather than bullet.

Due to poor political and security analysis the original estimates for armed movement cost and duration seemed to have been overoptimistic, they rebels should defined clearly what they really wanted? Why they took arms before elections are organized? Why they killed innocent people in some parts of Greater Upper Nile that have nothing to do with power held by President Salva Kiir.

However, taking arms to fight South Sudanese for quest of power possession was premature step taken by comrade Riek Machar and his heavy –weight blindfolded supporters.

Machar and his group have created the greatest danger in their political mission to rule this country, especially upon blindly taking up arms; most of their core-hard supporters that believe in peaceful transfer of power were discouraged.

Machar as an engineer, his political mechanical design, shop work and laboratory studies were not preceded by adequate systems planning, the present conflict in the country is probably complicated to the point of impracticality, largely as a result of haphazard piecemeal procedures.

Forestalling measures should supposed to be taken by former Vice President to avoid unnecessary bloodshed in the country, but due to lack of moral capital among most of our leaders, the ongoing conflict was initiated by them, because of their political egoisms rather than national agenda that focus on nationhood building after attaining hard-won independence.

The reform agenda in all sectors both public and private need us not to take up arms against our nation and its people, it need resistance within by following adult methods to pressurize the presence government to accept radical change demanded by the voices of many.

The arbitrary assumption on which the political projects are working should be stated first, I think these objectives should supposed to be worked out by the political engineers like of Machar and his accomplice rather than provided by Western and regional sponsors.

This meant that the project personnel (Riek Machar) besides allies needed to have sufficient time to acquire greater familiarity with the problems facing by South Sudanese people, which need no armed resistance.

We need critical judgment as South Sudanese toward complexities of our diversity that others want to use it as scapegoat to commit crime in pretext that his or her tribe has been marginalized.

Therefore, we need political system that comes through vote; I think most South Sudanese united at up to this point, youth as majority must take full charge of the project and do it on their own way that will not endanger their brighter future ahead.

This movement headed by Riek and his group is very ridiculous, according to my own perspectives, considering that these are bad fruits that fallout under President Salva Kiir regime after been dropped from cabinet Ministers and other pertinent senior positions, they declared uncalled for war of their own political interest and further misguided ignorant youth from cattle camps to fought on their behalf.

This war will be a mirror for South Sudanese informative societies to scrutiny who among these leaders lack “moral capital”, in regard to the love of this nation and its beautiful people that God created as resilient by nature.

The youth must stood firmly on their own and challenge this continuing meaningless s war that left vulnerable people as the most victims of this unscrupulous attitude enforced on us by our leaders.

They have gone far, far and far and they should be reminded altogether, because this nation belong to younger generations that need progress, peace and sustainable development then keeping them in ugly wars.

The road taken by rebel fighters against regime in Juba is bad road that needs fundamental judgment, however, Western and regional hands are behind this scene and they should stop fueling this meaningless war, because South Sudanese need non-violent resistance toward transformative agenda in our country.

As young people, we need to be authors of our own destiny, at this time in moment, we get to decide what is the next chapter, because ultimate freedom can come within us by pursuing peaceful and non-violent dialogue with the current regime, so that pertinent issues such as lack of services delivery and democratized institutions are address neatly then locking ourselves once again in useless war after independence.

South Sudanese politicians should learn from their own messes and rise above their political interests and think twice to return the nation back to normalcy, we are tied of unnecessary killings because of power wrangling, we need peace otherwise, youth will reverse this mess up against you if they come into their genuine senses later.

The writer is South Sudanese journalist living in Juba, Republic of South Sudan.

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  1. united 63 says:

    they have to rise against DINKA not egoism, please be realistic…

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