South Sudanese in crossfire of Political Ideologies

By: Ater Garang Ariath, JUBA, DEC/03/2014, SSN;

South Sudanese innocent people were caught in crossfire of political ideologies when unnecessary political wrangling erupted within the country’s ruling party, Sudan’s People liberation Movement (SPLM), a party that fought bitterly for independence of the nation, but later abandoned the best models that supposed to steer this nation forward for national cohesion.

Young people which constituted 70% of country’s vast population were cripplingly marginalized in decision making process in the country, no greater attentions that were paid by existing government to address challenges facing them, such as lack of employment, good education and better services toward youth empowerment.

The government has seemed to ignore “young people as future of South Sudan”, with poor public policy toward availing universal education for all, the existing five universities are ill-equipped to contribute in manufacturing able South Sudanese future leaders, which is supposed to be the starting point for emerging nation like South Sudan.

However, the government plugged itself in widespread malpractices, especially the cabinet Ministers who have been in government for consecutive eight years, didn’t delivered and still backtracking the same government that gave them freedom to involve in widespread corruption practices by looting almost half of country wealth.

Hunger for political power lures South Sudanese men and women from the comfort of their homes and jobs in the private sector and government and drives them to spend months, even a year now, leading unsuccessful rebellion against government and people, whom they want to lead.

Therefore, I am one among South Sudanese people who have never been happy on how the country has been run and most of influential figures that have been leading rebellion after being dropped in the current cabinet, were part and parcel of those wrong policies that they are claiming now to be bad.

However, they need to be reminded that “you reap what you sow”; they are now enjoying the fruits of their labour, of which they have been planted for eight consecutive years of being in cabinet without propagating practical and radical transformation within the government and ruling party alike.

Nevertheless, only innocent South Sudanese people bear heavily the consequences of visionless leaders, who unscrupulously think for themselves first, before putting the interest of nation and its civil population.

This is a problem of power, it’s is a magician’s bargain : give up our souls , get power in return. But once souls, that is ourselves have given up , the power thus conferred will not belong to us. We shall in fact be slaves and puppets of that to which we have given our souls.

Therefore , we as South Sudanese should be careful about the ongoing political upheaval in our nation and stop supporting anything that endanger our political sovereignty and national integrity of our nation.

Why I say this based on what I have seen for last one year now in our nation, where my closest friends, relatives and families were killed on both sides of the warring parties.

And I have to reiterate my stance as South Sudanese citizen that a “significant movement”, begins from the bottom up not top down. Absolutely important changes in any political arena begin not from officials or celebrities, but through ordinary people, one of the living proof was the Tunisia.

The little platoons. Every South Sudanese person can and should seek to make a difference in his or her corner of the world by personally helping those in need, rather than mobilizing resources to fought brothers war.

Beyond this, there are some fanatic and wrongheaded leaders among South Sudanese societies that are calling themselves to work through government structures and by political means to bring their own influence into South Sudanese politics .

Nevertheless, these are the same wrong elements who poorly laid a sordid foundation of our nation since the inception of South Sudanese self-government after the signature of Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) .

South Sudanese peasants were caught in the “crossfire of political ideologies”, once against after they have squarely decided to vote in referendum for an independence country, Republic of South Sudan, hoping to create viable nation in Africa continent with help of natural resources that God endowed.

My fellows South Sudanese were murdered by their own leaders and hard-liner supporters, over half of our population lives under the ultimate fear of their safety. Millions in this country have been condemned to live bound , gagged and tortured and die in the gulag.

In my opinion a prudent leader foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions, while the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Any wise leader envisage step taken and its ramifications, but this is not the case in our context as South Sudanese, our leaders never care for our stability, unity , prosperity and the list is extensive.

South Sudanese and the aspirant leaders should be challenge at least to ensure that a “just leader cares for stability of his or her nation”,. Therefore I am calling for political stability in our nation , because it will play important role in national balanced development countrywide.

Let us be astuteness in whatever we do , let us stop spreading hatred among our people on different social media outlets , let’s work hard at living in peace with others.

Personally I will and never contribute to the rise of gangster leaders in our nation and I will do what I can to ensure that South Sudanese fellow men and women realize peace, unity and stability.

Those who worked for that, however , need to be forewarned: everyday business of politics is power and that is all, and power as I know so well from the bottom of my own experience can be perilous for anyone .

My purpose here is not to deal exhaustively with the complex issue of power nor could I.

But I want to at least examine the dynamics of power , particularly as it affect the political arena and those who enter it.

As to remind you my dear fellow beloved citizens, man’s desire to control his own destiny and impose his will on others is the most basic human motivation that we should approach with our potential subconscious.

Certainly as to concluded by argument here , in every generation , there are statesmen motivated by a genuine noblesse oblige a sense of high calling to serve humanity, in fact South Sudanese people have late hero Dr. John Garang De Mabior and hope in years to come few leaders will be reborn by not at this moment.

Young people matter, they matter because they are potential tools use by politicians to fought war of their own interest, if this is the case, South Sudanese youth on both sides of the two warring parties should come into their senses and denounce these politicians that use them.

Together as youth, we have brighter future that we should shape to meet our interest of building prosperous and vibrant South Sudan, rather than allow ourselves to be drag back by unscrupulous leaders who never hold future for themselves.

South Sudan should supposed to be model example in Africa continent, however the wrong path taken by our nation must be reserve, if youth grow into their senses that they are no longer politicians tools , but responsible human-being and potential future leaders, I think South Sudan will be better place that one appreciate to live.

“Enough is enough”, youth have paid heavy price for their ignorance in the ongoing conflict and they should learn from it, otherwise experience is the best teacher.

The Author is South Sudanese journalist, living in Juba, South Sudan, for any inquiry email me at


  1. Ater Garang Ariath

    Idiot who are you trying to fools with your no make sense article? What kind of crossfire killed only one tribe in the capital for almost a year?

    • Majongdit says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      You are the only intellectual that post a comment before you read the article. Ater Garang has absolutely fooled w
      You with his Title of this article.

  2. Clement says:

    Thanks Brother,
    Wise advise if all South Sudanese youth read that,then we need not to follow the wrong path!

  3. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Mr. Ater,
    you have a point to argue. At this point in time you live in Juba, and I think you are not humiliated because your third name is Garang. So to us those who bear third name like Teny and Gatluak it is a dangerous precedent. Mind you my friend, we have been divided to the core by our President and his cronies. Minsters like Hon. Kuol Manyang Marial Billual and the Chief of General Staff are talking about defending the constitution of the country and the protection of the civilians properties, in my point of view that is a joke. Well you can not say you are defending the constitution when you sold some it to the neighbouring countries. You can not say you are protecting civilians and their properties, while there are many people in every state capitals who are there sheltering and hidding in UNIMISS compounds. I wouldn’t disagree with them if they said they are protecting Dinka civilians and their properties.
    Your article has a few facts in it but it wouldn’t convince the public because our President has chosen a tribal path that is a dangerous precedent.
    The government troops captured Pangak a few days ago, did they leave civilians’ houses? No they set them on the blaze. How can youth bring change to South Sudan when they have been intimidated before this war occured? Some body like John Pen de ngong was beaten to death because he was criticising the current government. The current chairman of Information of SPLM IO was beaten to death for unknown reasons. Isaiah Abraham was killed because he was vocal to the regime. Jesus Deng Wal Atem also known as Deng Mading Chuai has nearly died in the hands of the regime. the list can go on.
    It is going to be difficult for the future generations. What happen in Juba this year, it is a bad precendent and it is unforgettable in Nuer community at large.
    In my point of view the problem is South Sudanese, it is South Sudanese because, people who know better are keeping quite in name of not being called Nyagat or rebel. Or in the name they will be called killers. Youth are fighting because their relatives have been killed with unknown reasons. People who are now with the govt know that, the regime is rotten from the top to the bottom as one professor said one time.

    Bringing foreign insugents to South Sudan, is an insult to the country transition constitution, bringing JEM to fight other South Sudanese is a grave concern in it own form. Bribing other community members so they can go and destroy their village is a potential risk.
    Ater brother, no body is against peace no body is against Dinka but Dinka brothers are against Nuer brothers, and I can tell you South Sudan doesn’t belong to both Nuer and Dinka alone.

    If the leadership in Juba is happy to eradicate Nuer out from South Sudan, that is a wishful thinking. And if Nuer think they are going to eradicate Dinka from South Sudan it is also a wishful thinking. But you Dinka brothers have gone as far as bringing foreigners to kill us, you Dinka brothers have mobilised country resources and planned this to kill us but you will fail. If Yau Yau can terrorise the entire Jonglei for three years whatabout Nuer who have hearts to fight if need be? If Kuol thinks he is going to crash rebels in the next two months, whatabout if the plan fails?
    I love peace but if someone has gone as far as killing innocent relatives or my people for unknown reasons, in that junction, I want to know why he kills my people before the call reconcilliation takes place.

  4. Itikwili says:

    “Crossfire of political ideologies”? Do they have any ideology in the sense of the term? just a cattle camp phenomenon!

  5. SABON says:


  6. jok lual says:

    Ehy you stupid call them self Equatorins where are you during the war?
    i think you will play with fire this time no jalaba to help you brothers keep quite and eat your monkey

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Jok lual-you are one of the most stupid dinkas. Who do you think never contribute to the liberation of South Sudan? When Dr. Riek breakout from Dr.Garang, what happened? Dr.Riek bravely term his faction “Nasir faction.” Why didn’t you term your faction Bor,Awiel or Rumbek? Why did you term it “Torit faction.”? Because you wanted Equatorians to protect you from the Nuer soldiers. You dinkas left Bor to Equatoria Region because you were looking for protection.

  7. Terketh says:

    Ater Garang, your article hit the point in the most of the south Sudanese citizens hearts who beloved this nation, but our main challenge is implementation, you plan but no implementation ,so your article is like a say ” the dog bark and the camel is going”.

  8. Ater Garang you put it right youth are dying for their ignorance about their future.Many people like criticizing other even though they have nothing to contributed to the discussion . The problem here in South Sudan youth abandoned their role of nation building and choose destabilizing their own nation. We youth , we are majority in population of South Sudan if we decide not to support the war automatically the war will stop without delay. You talk about 70% youth being excluded from decision making but what I know rights are not given but taken either by democracy mean or other suitable way not violence alone can solve any problem. Somebody known as Yiey W . Teny talk about the Nuer being killed in Juba and failed to mentioned single Dinka being killed in greater Upper Nile and that is were problem start some people think that theirs soul are more important then other people , s soul which mistake .let us agree that everybody was killed regardless to their ethics . this war must stop because it is destroying our people our population is only 8 million we will not be able to defense this country from enemy coming from neighbours nation if we continue fighting ourselves alone for sake seat .God bless well wistful people .BY SANTINO AKOON.

    • Akoon Chimiir,

      Dinka were killed by Nuer else where because they were the attackers and Nuer killed them in self-defense. Dinka attacked Nuer first in Juba and Bor. Ultimately, Nuer acted in Self-defense and the killing happened else where in South Sudan are all packages of Juba Massacred and negative behavior of Dinka toward various tribes in South Sudan no question about that even God knows. Dinka love to lead the nation but they do not know how to lead people. Wild and goofy animals.

  9. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Chimiir, I haven’t denied the fact that, Dinka weren’t killed in various places.If they were killed, they were according to the reactions. If you are aware Juba massacre was the starting point brother. I haven’t mentioned how important Nuer souls are either. In fact if there were no Nuer killed in Juba, I think the current situation will not be bad as it is my friend. Sensible person will agree with me on this point.

  10. Yanga says:

    What a misleading tittle! There has never been any political ideology in South Sudan and if any, that definitely wasn’t the cause of the war. The SPLM party wanted to democratize so that those aspiring for the party chairmanship and by extension the presidency, could do so without fear or hindrance. Three people apart from the incumbent expressed their interest to contest for the leadership post. The litmus test was to allow for this right to contest which unfortunately the party failed miserably leading to the unfortunate event – what ideologies is the writer talking about?

  11. Loguca says:

    It is worth mentioning that, the government of S. Sudan should be held accountable for the current detoriating security situation in the country. Instead of constructing schools, hospitals, and roads in the country, so that youth can go to school, they choose to fight for leadership, corruption and tribal affiliation, leaving youth with no option but to join rebel movement of military force in South Sudan. God have mercy on this excutive fool, Kir, for he does not know what he is doing.

  12. Warrior says:

    you have forgotten to mention that both government and rebel will be held accountable for the deteriorating insecurity in the country, there’s no way you can finger pointing to one direction rather than blaming both parties for the mess.

  13. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Please stop insulting our intelligent. Who have the power to protect citizens no matter what tribe they hail from? Of course the government! Did your government live up to this task? Absolutely not! Therefore, rebels were just reacting to failure of government to protect the citizens especially of one specific tribe, the Nuer. This is how war began. What kind of government invite other countries to help kill its own citizens? Nowhere but in South Sudan. There was civil war in America and it was between the citizens of the same country, did one side brought in British or other countries to help kill the other side? Of course not..

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Ater:

    I owe you appreciation for your great work.But you make me laugh becouse you finished making yourself fit for a conceptual figure of a bishop,in complet anxiety,who leaves his church n go to safe a lost flock in alchool consumption like places as deer akok neighbourhood in Wau.There he preaches what is sinful n what isn’t;which ways are straight n which others that aren’t;what’s leadership n what isn’t;who are one’s friends n who are one’s enemies;which ways take to the future n which ones that take to hell n so on n so on.But that by nature,as old bad habits die hard,that the bishop’s preaching wouldn’t change them,with the bishop preaching on as an obligation,the flock finds a loop hole to pretend to listen fooling the bishop into believing them n the bishop buys them beer.It’s for beer at the end that the flock dare to listen to the bishop n never for the words of good God that should change them for better.I find it so unfortrunate that you represent a best bishop but whose good preaching may never change the old bad habits of our too deformed elites.I could only wish you best luck!!!

  15. liberator says:

    it is hard for south sudanese as people to differentiated the tribal interest from the national interest. there is two camps now those who are supporting the rebel and those who are supporting the killer president’s government and it is very important to notice that some other sixty two tribes are the victims of all this mess. it is the very tactic the they did in the south-north war which the Dinka claimed the independent of south sudan as their effort that led to victory without involvement of all what they called small tribes. Splm party is other clan of Dinka not ideological political party. there is countless examples to proof this point like so-called Dinkaan elders constantly advising Salva Kir given fact that splm political party with well written documents. this is tell you that they own presidency and all the movement institutions. i personally see that the so-called small tribes shouldn’t send their children to dead for this Dinka-Nuer war. President should send his own warap people to face off with Nuer like Nuer is doing now because there is no institutions that have as collectively as nation to defend it. i rather dead in Abyie or any disputed territories because that is very meaningful way to defend your interest.

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