South Sudanese community in UK says SPLM must step aside

Radio Tamazug, LONDON (27/Jul/2015), SSN;

The South Sudanese community in Britain said the ruling SPLM party must step aside and allow for new leadership in a transitional period.

The community made its decision at a peace, reconciliation and national unity conference in London on 18 July.

“The SPLM led government has violated the interim constitution, it plunged the country into serious political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis and therefore should accept out of ‘Love and compassion’ handing over the power during the transition back to the people,” read a statement from Benjamin Taban Avelino, Chairman of the South Sudanese Community in UK.

The UK community recommended that the African Union and the United Nations should help the people of South Sudan to enact an alternate interim administration.

“The patience of our people has run out and the majority have lost trust and confidence in the political system that has gone out of touch,” the conference decided.

“The government no longer serves the people equitably nor does it protect the interest of all its citizens, while the self-inflicted war destroys us. The SPLM/A led government and opposition should not scramble over power, but to know that it is the right and responsibility of the citizens to either withdraw or grant power to the government, power must not be grabbed by the barrel of the gun.”

They added that the regional bloc IGAD which is mediating a peace process in Addis Ababa cannot impose a transitional government onto the people of South Sudan as has been proposed. The group said peace must come from the people.

“The 30 month transitional period is for a long time, without the agreement of South Sudanese people,” the group said. “The IGAD imposed government would never be owned by the people. We must have the right to entrust a government that would be desired, supported and honoured by the people.”

“South Sudanese people should have the sovereignly superior power over the land, state and the government, they should be honoured to rectify and validate the peace agreement,” they added.

The conference said South Sudanese people and the diaspora must be included in the Addis Ababa talks to come up with “homegrown solutions that can truly deal with the problems created by the SPLM.”

The principle guests at the meeting were Bishop Paride Taban of South Sudan, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rt. Revd. Dr Rowan Williams, and former Ambassador of UK and EU representative to Sudan Dame Rosalind Marsden.

Radio Tamazuj photo: South Sudanese women protest for peace in Juba


  1. AGUMUT says:

    They are worst than SPLM in Juba.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    The naive nature of RSS community in UK is a subject of a chocking surprise.The english climate of intellectual and political excellence that’s unequal to any other on earth:how so unfortunate it has no bearing in their thinking?!
    Where in RSS has the cow owner ever told the lion to vomit the meat of a cow it had kilt and eaten and seen the lion complying?
    Certain facts are very abuse.The meeting ought to have been organized and financed by none RSS citizens.That RSS citizens were invited to sugar coat foreign organizers and make them appear like concerned RSS citizens.
    So without any sign implying prior well prepared agenda,it could have been for drinking,eating,socializing and past timing that ought to have been the sole motive that took RSS citizens there.
    That’s why they had no better declaration to make than the wishful thinking of saying the live long entrenched SPLM,”must step aside”.

    Let’s be serious.There are three ways to force the SPLM to,”step aside”.
    1 Military coup;
    2 Popular upperising;
    3 Ballot in democratic elections.

    Dr John Garang de Mabior was an RSS citizen.It’s better to be understood he wasn’t foolish to have chosen bullet against Khartoum for RSS independence!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      This so called False Millionaire is the most ignorant of Dinkocrats who thinks and believes he is confusing people through the social media.
      False Millionaire, please be informed that some people here already know who you are. You are one of the Jieng murders killing South Sudan to promote your doomed Jieng Kingdom. You are fooling nobody except yourself. Your machine of murder, the SPLM/A of which you are a member is doomed and I assure you it will be crashed like the Ba’ath party of Iraq. The Green Movement of Libya, the communist party of Ethiopia and the Berlin Wall of the then divided Germany. Mark my words the declaration of UK will go a long way towards destroying your barbaric movement.
      SPLM has no future in South Sudan and we will bury it.

  3. Toria says:

    Just look at the from picture it says everything. How could any reasonable man with right mind not feel sad for these praying women? Only SPLA’s gutless men wouldn’t. So shameful.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    What pleasure do u get in projecting yourself as an internet Rambo?
    Please come down to earth and start applying comment sense.
    Yes,”the ba’ath party of Iraq”,was exploded by the american military hell fire.But was it with out heavy cost to pay and has Iraq become a better country today?
    The down fall of,” communist party of Ethiopia”,under president Manguisto was the work of constructive forces of ethiopian citizens.The CIA assisted them with arms and logistics but they had the vision of what had to be Ethiopia and the ethiopian citizens.
    U would never regret spending your savings if u ever visted Ethiopia today.No.It isn’t a Paradise like England is for a genuinely working man.But it’s no longer hell as it once was under Manguisto.

    Elhag,aren’t u aware of the inevitable agreement in Addis Ababa in the name of peace and government of national unity?
    That will be nothing more than uniting the SPLM/A factions to loot,kill and live wonderfully for another very long time at the expense of RSS and the citizens.
    But what are u going to do about it?Do u have magic powers to crash them from a distance with a remote control while sitting in front of a computer screen in England or are u counting to fight them with the hungry ground-net tribal rebel forces like those of REMNASA?
    That’s rediculous sir.Either way u are a loser.

    But do yourself a great favor.Seek medical attention for your apparent paranoia maladie.It’s doing u more harm than good.Your intellectual value appears sacrificed and that’s why when people debate with u,u no longer have the capacity to reason beyond such narrow vocabularies as,”dinkocracy,jieng and jieng kingdom”.

    In reality you are burying yourself without knowing but instead proceed to naively say,”SPLM…we will bury it”.
    U would have a shot to do so ofcourse.But that’s only if u apply the three steps I listed in the dispatch to which u have responded.Never by way of daylight dream!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      What would we expect as a response from the destroyers of South Sudan. Hypocrites who promote vicious tribalism yet you project it on your victims. You promote mass violence and yet you cry foul and victimhood. You abuse the state and yet want to distance yourselves from your constructed horror. The latest is your hypocrisy projected on AU and the international community via your lying foreign affairs minister. The world already knows you and your useless murderous system. Remember Susan Rice’s YouTube message, the exclusion of your Lord of Death Salva kiir from meeting with Obama and the emphasise of the international community for accountability in South Sudan – ‘There is no hiding place for gold fish’ (James Hadley Chase). Your arrogance, criminality and foolery is going to make you really regret. You have said “you (I) are (am) a loser”. Politely I disagree. You are the loser and you are already feeling it Mr Troll. Change is coming and there is nothing you are going to do about it. SPLM/A is destined to the bin of history. Ciao!!!!!!

  5. upiu says:

    i am no expert in world history but i have no recollection of any political organization in the world that has voluntarily given up power, and i’m not convinced SPLM will be the first in history books for such a move. even if SPLM was to ‘step aside’ as demanded by the London group, who or what will take its place? will it be the anti-jiengism of Elhag and co.?

  6. Guet Athina Guet says:

    This radio (Radio Tamazug) is scam in humble opinion … No peace with the butcher (Machar) of south Sudan he is the problem but not elected government by the people. Machar pulled the same crap Coup D’eta in 1991 against Dr. Garang and went he failed he went on rampage killing women, children and the old most of them were Dinkas 30.000 plus … get your facts right you buffoon idiot.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    But did u understand why,”the exclusion of…Salva Kiir from meeting Obama”,was for?
    The game is over.His fate is sealed with two ways to eject him:
    1 By the trap agreement schedualed for 18th August giving Riak Machar the greater Upper Nile;
    2 But as he will never sign it in the face of opposition from the SPLM/A-Juba members and the none nuer ethnic masses,Riak will be sacrificed with plan B bagging up the two of them for the international criminal court of justice most probably in the Haag for the atrocities committed throughout the course of the war.

    As for what will happen without Riak and Kiir on political scene,u can no longer rule out UN trusteeship taking over RSS.
    The end of the year may not come before this eventuality.There is a strong backround of american economic interest for RSS resources motivating this.That appears to be strongly an american affaire d’etat.That’s exactly what brought Obama to Africa to achieve.
    Now where is my place among the SPLM/A elites to write to u about such eventuality?

    But if u are really a tribalist as your intellectual conducts imply,better keep your machet at distance.
    The SPLM/A downfall will never give u the right to cut a dinka’s toe.
    Else u will be dragged in the mud without mercy if u ever appear as an agitator becouse peace will be the precondition for success in exploiting the resources in question!!!

  8. Eli says:

    False and Elhaj
    Pardon me for interjection, I think there is something here we need to clarify. To my understanding due to lack of proper terms whenever references are made about Dinkocracy or Jiengs they are referring to the system as opposed to individuals, it’s like SPLA-Juba, white army, G10, Jienge Council of Elders or JCE etc. But I find it ridiculously puzzling especially when many people who come from that section get offended and most jump to defensive mode instead of standing on the right side of history. In particular those I would like to refer to as “SPLA-diehards”. Likewise the mentioning of Kokora and Federalism does touch nerves on both sides of the aisles. But references such as; “we colorize you”, “born to rule”, “we liberate you”, “we can live anywhere we choose”, “we are majority”, etc are very clear forms of dirogation mostly used by the dinkocracy elements, no one else say them but only the Jiengs culprits. So, although it may sound as though I am taking side here, that’s not the case. The issue at the stage is; whoever is on offense doesn’t deserve any sympathy, just like the apartheid regime is SA, the Nazis in Germany, the KKK and white supremacists in Southern State of US, in the past they did not get any sympathy of the peace loving societies until they got defeated, today they are history, only their shadows are lingering in the minority far-rightwing peripherals. And so why should the jiengs get sympathy? They are not special or unique, they are only black Africans.
    As of now dinkocracy and it’s jiengs (JCE) supporters are the perpetrators of ALL the conflicts in the world’s youngest nation, hence they are deemed as the Nazis, KKKs, and apartheid regime and the trouble causers in South Sudan. But like all those evil doers of the past, “everything has an end”. The question is; Are you ready when the ocean tides reverses directions?

  9. False Millionaire says:

    I thank u profoundly for the dispatch and I owe to say that your contribution to the debate is not unconstructive.
    But far from any conduct in the context of an ordinary dinka citizen,the universal value of English language can be viewed as reduced to nothing if it isn’t applied to it’s correct communicational effects in cases of public debates like ours.
    Accordingly,the use of such terms as,”SPLA-Juba,white army,G10 and jieng council of elders among others”,can never produce confusion provoking any negative reaction from the part of sincere readers.That’s to say,each term doesn’t generalise but designates a group of people responsible for certain well known conducts.
    But there is a need to be sincere with observations.
    Is it really your sincere observation in correct use of English language to say that,”dinkocracy or jiengs…are referring to the system as opposed to individuals”?
    You are free to make your interpretation.
    But as far as I am concerned,dinkocracy as much as jiengs,if the users meant to designate the government of the day,they have run the sweet english language against the brick and ended up generalizing to mean that the government in place and the dinka ordinary citizens are one single entity.
    The question is,do u also believe in this generalization?
    But this is the grave mistake that is in urgent need of correction before expecting any ordinay dinka citizen of good conscience feeling convinced of having good reasons to defend,”the right side of history”,in the messed up RSS political affaires.

    Eli,I hope we will agree that we are products of lessons of global human history and that’s why you are able to substantiate your points of view in the debate by inciting such examples as,”aparatied regime in south Africa,the Nazis in Germany and the KKK white supremacists in southern states of US”.
    I am interested to further my point on the,”aparathied and KKK”.
    The ANC represented a movement of resistence by blacks against aparathied.Do u think that exclusive black resistance would have defeated aparathied without the participation of other ethenic masses?May be.
    But that might never have been possible without heavy human cost to pay.
    I praise the ANC leadership of those days for applying sincere universal human political principles in it’s struggle.
    That made the struggle to be the fight between good and evil.
    Aparathied driven by it’s makers was the evil to be defeated.
    That didn’t mean fighting ordinary white people who had nothing to do with it.
    That’s why such great revolutionaries as Joe Slavo,a white jew,and Ahmed Katherada,a south african of indian origin,fought side by side with Nelson Mandela.
    Those were the elements that assured the victory over aparathied.

    As for the case of the KKK and slavery in the US,it was still in the dimension of the struggle between good and evil.
    Yet it were forces of good consciene symbolized by Abraham Linkoln that put them to an end one good time for all by waging the bloodiest american civil war against their fellow white KKK members and slave keepers of the,”southern US states”.

    “Everything has an end”.That’s more than a valid assertion.
    I am among those who are more than ready to see,”the ocean tides reverse directions”,on the ill political climate in RSS.
    But it’s irresponsible to be naive.
    By nature,the tides reverse directions as a result of being forced to do so by opposing actionary forces.
    Such will also be the case with the ill political climate in RSS.
    It’s the struggle of the popular masses that will reverse it.
    But how could this be a valid argument when we have reactionaries who dare to divide the masses with the generalizing tribalistic vocabularies as,”dinkocracy and jiengs”,to designate the misruling government in total disregard to the grave fact that in doing so they commit the mistake of making the misruling government and the ordinary dinka masses to be one entity?What makes the two to be one enemy to fight?!!!

  10. Eli says:

    False M
    I don’t want to steal the showdown between you and Elhaj, however you seems to keep amalgamating and driving the nails deeper. As your assertions did reminded us of Apartheid regimes, the Nazis and KKK, no other words are needed to explain about these butchers above here, everytime they are mentioned they are synonymous to Racism, Holocaust, Haters respectively. Now, let’s contrast these three entities to SPLA in Juba, they are killing everyone regardless, their
    first targets are unarmed civilians, the innocent, women, children as young as 9 years old was thrown into jail suspected to be rebels? This happened in Nimule just eight weeks ago. Their other victims are tribal political opponents, as the case always politicians use their ethnic people to pursue their undefined agendas, so that creates more victims and the cycles goes on and on. Just for example lets say, you False M and I may disagree in some issues as we each individually do have varying point of views of how to bring progress, but that doesn’t mean we disagree on everything, and mustn’t run to our individual villages to recruit supporters, the best option is acually to make our cases known to the public and convince the masses by making our agendas welldefined and open for every citizen to scrutinize especially if it deals with nationl affairs.
    Eg, We all agree when it comes to national sovereignty we all voted 99% for independence, I haven’t heard that Kirr traveled to his village to mobilize people to vote for separation. So why he did that to campaign against Riek Machar just before December 15, 2013, wasn’t the cuop allegations premeditated? Also I think we do agree that the newest nation do need development, we all understand that educational institutions need empowerment among others. It’s only the implementation that got us all confused.
    So now that, these implementations are being hijacked by the regime, because the regime is ran by individuals who want to impliment their own egos, particularly the tribally based system a.k.a “Dinkocracy” that says ” I am the leader and even the national television must promote my tradition and brainwash the masses, my unschooled relatives from the villages can come to me and request for positions to be directors or ministers and I am obligated to grand their wishes, just because they participated in the struggles by carrying AK47 and pulling triggers to fire shots?” It doesn’t matter if they are capable or not to pick up a pen or push of keyboards to correspond with national institutions or addressing the international diplomats?
    False, Just like you do agree with me that Apartheid, Nazis, KKK, SPLA Juba all represent suppressions and repression and there are some of us who are not intimidated by brutalities, we are ready to put our own lives on the line to die so that the future will bring the systems that work for all not just the few. Revolutionaries come in many colors as long as we struggle for common goals victory is imminent. My advise to you is don’t dissociate yourself from those who seek true liberty and rule of law that works for everyone. Don’t get intimidated by the usages of some mere terminologies and avoid being easily offended when debates don’t favor you at one point, because losing a debate only reinforces and enlarges our mental capacity to strive for a better and prepared comebacks. But the truth must be spoken, there is no doubt that the government in Juba is a tribal government dictated by no one else but by Dinkas, you can disput me but deep down you know that fact. Whether being it Dinkocracy or Jiengs or JCE or SPLA Juba, these are synonymous. The only thing you need to do is to counter these culprits, defending yourself on SSN as a different type of a Jieng yields nothing, you need to do this on a grassroot levels.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    I must not move one step ahead before acknowledging the sincere fact that your dispatch is an excellant one.
    But I hope every RSS citizen including u should forgive dinka ordinary citizens for any suffering the SPLM/A misruling elites have inflicted upon them.
    The truth is,the SPLM/A elites are a handful minority acting to achieve their interests well opposed to the interests of dinka masses.
    Things could still go well if we have the courage to make it clear that fighting those elites dosen’t mean fighting the ordinary citizens also.
    In fact,I have never come across a single citizen on earth who is an enemy of peace.
    But it’s all too natural to say that peace is preconditioned by the notion of justice for all.
    Such justice which the SPLM/A elites have failed to apply among citizens is the sacred cause one hopes we should have the good will to unite our ranks to fight to achieve in RSS in much the same way as the opponents of aparathied did in South Africa.

    Eli,did u read the pending compromise agreement text?if u didn’t,I encourage u to sacrifice your time to read it.
    It’s my conviction that,in conjunction with Obama’s visit to East Africa under the banner of trade and economy,your asserion that,”the ocaen tides reverse directions”,is in the move.
    The copromise agreement is nothing more than the UN trusteeship taking over RSS.
    Juding from the circumstances of Libya and Ivory Coast,it’s a decision already taken and will be irreversible no matter how hard the SPLM/A elites may try to spoil it.
    From this context,I find it most urgent to prepare ourselves for the things that will follow.

    I am only able to observe that dangerous mistakes have been made.Among them is allowing Riak and Kiir to play any role in the transitional government.
    They will have nothing new to do to help RSS and the citizens that they didn’t do in the course of the long years they spent governing RSS.
    They will constitute negative elements that will never contribute to neither reconciliation among our comunities nor encourage the chance for application of justice and development.
    Such mistake will cost many more human lives becouse the followers of the two camps will never stop violence among them as long as the two protagonists are at the helm of power.

    It’s already a tragedy that,if the objective was to make UN trusteeship taking over RSS,there shouldn’t have been any need to play the citizens against each other in keeping the two protagonists at the helm of power than arresting and taking them to the international criminal court of justice for charges of crime against humanity.
    So as such and have the UN trusteeship feeling the vacuume without further bloodshed.

    Wishing u a very good day,thank u.

  12. Eli says:

    False M.
    I think we have come to terms at this juncture, I myself had said on this site over and over that we are one big family who disagreed on principles and policy implementations but on the ground levels our hearts are one. We have all seen this after the prematured death of Dr. John, the whole nation mourn in open for the whole world to see, there was nothing called this or that tribe, again we saw it during 99% vote for independence, and then the whole nation gave our blessings by electing Salva Kirr as the first democratic president unanimously, the signs of togetherness are there in the hearts of the masses. Yes I agree with you that there are only few bad elements with misconstrued and misguided selfish ambitious egoistics ideologies. These individuals are taking advantage of our innocent citizens and they come from all ethnic groups, they are exploiting one of the best gifts we have, “our diversities”, to me there is nothing wrong with calling myself who I am, the same applies to you, no one should be ashame of your tribe. The country is too big, the land is vast and very rich in every corner of South Sudan nothing is missing. Greeds will take us nowhere.

    However, one thing that remains as a thorn within our midst is how do we call apples as apples and orages as oranges?
    False, let me try and enumerate some of these points;

    1) There have been collateral damages during the years of struggles i.e we have stepped on each others toes, it is a given thing even in a family it happens, since as early as immemorial times. But we as a nation have never reconciled, no apologies, no truth and reconciliation, no forgiveness, no healing of wounds, in the past our grandfathers would slaughter animals and traditional matured elders will set the past errors straight and life goes on normal.

    2) In the recent times as soon as we taste a brief peaceful moments we as a nation seem to forget everything at first and we dive into short term luxuries of fattening our bellies with ill gotten national treasures until it runs out another disagreement shows up then we all go back to square one.

    3)This time we MUST not forget to rush, NATIONAL RECONCILIATION MUST BE THE THEME, we all need to face our fears and sincerely apologize to one another.

    (For example, Equatorians need to apologize about kokora, Dinkas need to apologize about the terrors they committed to others during bush eras up until December 15 2013 massacre in Juba, Nuers need to apologize about 1991 and after Dec. 15 2013 about killings of innocent Dinkas, etc, and even within communities people need to all apologize to one another, there should be a civic holiday of “DAY OF MOURNING”,)

    Notice I put this in brackets because it is the toughest thing but if we ALL have guts we can do them.

    Just like there is something call “A D-day” in the western world, the date when the Allied forces landed on the beach of Normandy in Fracne to liberate Europe from Hitlers brutalities.

    4) We must all be responsible and not point fingers at one other but we must stand up and publicly denounced tribalism once and for all.
    My motto for this is ” tribalism=racism=apartheid=discriminations=division=EVIL.

    5) Finally, equality is the sign of respect and it is the base of peaceful coexistence, the day when intermarriage becomes nationalized, religious groups respect each other, men and women are treated equally well, education becomes our priority, then South Sudanese shall embrace each other.

    But still let us not get tired of pursuing good deeds.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    U expose the most important universal ideas that bind the societies of many different ethnic groups like ours into feeling of belonging among each other.
    Your comments coincide with an article written by a certain Malith Kur under the title:IGAD-Plus compromise agreement is a failure,5th August,2015,arguing that peace in RSS can only be brought through dialogue among our communities.
    The manner of thinking by the two of u correspond well to the context of ideas expressed by dinka paramount chiefs interviewed by Dr Francis Mading Deng right after the 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement as published in the book titled,”The Dinka Speaks”.
    Please try to cosult that book if your working timetable may permit.

    In brief,priciples of civilization are well contained in the thinking of the majority of our ordinary masses.
    The problem is,it’s only the handful minority misguided by the power of Ak-47 but never by the force of conscience and conviction who are set to mislead the society.Just see how they have run it against the brick wall?
    But by the way,as with your assertion,”everything has an and”.
    Some times it’s said that,”the darkest hour is before dwan”.
    We will certainly have our bright hour.I hope constructive forces guided by conscience and conviction will be available to pick up the pieces and put them togather for the better.

    As for now,we are only obliged to stay safe for as long as efforts and good luck may permit!!!

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