South Sudanese Community in the Diaspora Rally at Trump Tower in New York, Dec. 15th, to remember 2013 Genocide victims

December 11, 2016: PRESS RELEASE

South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights, Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan, alliance for South Sudan in Diaspora, South Sudanese Civil Societies, and the Faith-Based Organizations in Diaspora will host a peaceful rally in New York City at the Trump Tower on December,15 2016 to memorialize victims of the Juba Genocide that took place in 2013 and of the ongoing violence in the country.

This is a concerted effort to alert the incoming Trump administration that crimes on the scale of genocide have been committed in South Sudan by the current regime in Juba. The prospect of the worst case scenario is transpiring as the government is still targeting certain ethnic groups in all three regions of South Sudan.

Given the known trends of violence, the South Sudanese along with informed American citizens are deeply disturbed seeing innocent civilians burned alive and women gang raped by the regime forces. To our shock and dismay, the world is quiet.

Violence around the country and particularly the July incident in Juba has claimed the lives of hundreds and displaced tens of thousands of civilians.

In Juba, the U.N. Protection of Civilian compound was attacked, killing civilians and U.N. workers. The World Food Program storage was looted by regime soldiers in uniform, denying thousands of displaced civilians the much needed humanitarian relief.

The recent killings and burning civilians alive in the town of Yei by regime troops signifies a prospect for a massive humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan.

In light of visible intention of the South Sudanese government to carry a scorched-earth policy of destroying civilians, we the South Sudanese American community and the other well-informed American citizens are asking the incoming administration to take action in South Sudan to save the victimized civil population in a timely manner.

The Rally will take place in front of Trump Tower 56th & 67th Fifth Avenue at 11:00am to 2:30pm followed by a Memorial Prayer Service candle light at the Church, from 3pm-4pm.
For more information, please contact the rally organizers:

South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSIAHR) – Peter Gatkuoth W. Kuel – or 206-393-2164
Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan (GaPPSS) – Theresa Samuel – or 408-712-0009
Human Rights Activists – Simon Deng – or 917-698-5440
Alliance for Sudan in Diaspora -Dr George Phillip Imuro. 915 217-5124

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  1. mading says:

    Peter Gatkuoth, and the rest not all South Sudanese in the diaspora are supporters of the rebels as you put it. Don’t confuse members of the incoming USA government.

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