South Sudan: Why Ambassador Francis Mading Deng Is Naked!

By: Tongun Lo Loyuong, Germany, MAY/17/2014, SSN;

When Ambassador Francis Mading Deng was appointed as the permanent representative of South Sudan to the United Nations (UN) by the end of August, 2012, I was thrilled. When he accepted the offer and took oath to represent the people of South Sudan at the world body, I was beaming with hope and was convinced that South Sudan is finally entrusted in safe and able hands of a brilliant, experienced and probably even principled diplomat.

The future of South Sudan foreign relations, particularly in relation to how international relations are conceived of and articulated at the global center of power in New York seemed bright. Abyei was probably on course to rejoining South Sudan from its nativity in Sudan, so I thought.

Ambassador Deng’s glittering diplomatic career needs no introduction. Since the early 60s Dr. Deng has been in and around the United Nations corridors of power, serving on various capacities and scope. He rose to the highest level of humanitarian and peace policymaking positions at this global institution.

Deng laboriously toiled and climbed the UN ladder from humble beginnings serving as a mere human rights officer between 1967 and 1972 to the under-secretary level, representing the Secretary General on issues of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by 1992.

He then served as a special advisor of the current UN Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide from 2007 until his appointment as South Sudan’s special representative to the UN.

Successive Khartoum regimes have recognized Deng’s brilliance and diplomatic prowess as early back as mid-70s. He was one of the few Southerners cherry-picked on merits (he is a Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) by Jallaba ruling elites to preside over Sudan’s foreign relations.

He served as Sudan State’s Minister for Foreign Affairs between 1976 until his resignation following the abrogation of the 1972 Addis Ababa Peace Accord and declaration of Islamic Sharia as the supreme law of the land by president Nimeri in 1982, which is one of the factors that triggered the second liberation struggle.

Ambassador Deng claims he tabled his resignation from Sudan’s Foreign Service then in protest to the central government’s conspicuous relapse to Islamist policies.

But by 1992, Professor Deng was back working for Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Office and serving the more ruthless Bashir’s Islamist government in Khartoum. He was assigned as Sudan’s Ambassador to several Western countries, including the United States, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Canada.

Dr. Francis Deng is also an international public figure by virtue of his articulate scholarship and seminal academic contributions in international law, global politics and international relations and conflict management and resolution.

He is one of the architects of the moral humanitarian intervention principle now commonly referred to as responsibility to protect (R2P) or responsibility to act (R2A).

In this moral humanitarian intervention principle Deng and his colleagues shifted the burden of normative conception of state sovereignty from above to below and from territorial integrity to the dignity of the people.

The state sovereignty Deng and cohort pioneered dispensed with more than 340 years of established state sovereignty tradition in legal and political theory. Sovereignty up until Deng’s intervention as articulated in their book, Sovereignty As Responsibility: Conflict Management in Africa, published in 1996, was a geographic and regime friendly concept, where territorial integrity of states are sacrosanct and states may not interfere in internal matters of other states, even when totalitarian regimes brutalize their subjects.

The R2P moral principle came to refine the traditional sovereignty norm and articulates three factors that guide modern international relations and the moral obligations of a state.

These moral principles delineate that: a state has a responsibility to protect its citizens from human rights violations and mass atrocities; that the international community has a responsibility to aid the state that is unable or unwilling to protect its citizens to overcome this failure; and finally that in seeking to halt human rights violations and mass atrocities and enforce peace and security, the international community has a responsibility to use force as a last resort when all other avenues have failed.

R2P has now evolved into a soft law in international law and serves as a fundamental principle in humanitarian interventions around the world.

The ouster and lynching of the draconian Mouamar Khadafi of Libya following his iron-fist and violent repression of the Libyan revolution was pretext on the R2P moral and legal principle discourse coined and championed by Professor Deng and company.

On the national level, few have written so expressively and voluminously on the South Sudanese societies, particularly about the Dinka ethnic group as does Professor Deng.

He has written much on Dinka cosmology and worldview, from which Dinka cultural values on peace, social justice and the importance of dignity are derived and around which Dinka social organization, folktales and folk songs revolve.

The gist of Deng’s exposé on his ethnic group, the Dinka, is to lay bare Dinka egalitarianism, and the centrality of peace, justice and dignity values in the Dinka culture so as to dispel any lingering negative perceptions and stereotypes that reduce the community to some unprovoked proneness to violence.

This message is a persistent pattern of Deng’s Dinka writings traceable in his discussions of Dinka worldview, cosmology and religion all the way down to social organization and the role of elders and women in inculcating these integral cultural values in children through the use of folktales and folk songs for example.

“Cieng,” which is a Dinka term that captures the importance of peace, permeates the society’s linguistic expression, including in folktales and folksongs, as Deng argues.

In a book chapter entitled “The World of the Dinka: A Portrait of the Threatened Culture,” Deng writes: “Despite the warlike profile of the Dinka, their moral values emphasize the ideals of peace, unity, harmony, persuasiveness, and mutual cooperation. These values are highly institutionalized and expressed in a concept known as cieng (pronounced “cheng”)…. The contradiction between the requirements of cieng and the violent reputation of the Dinka can be explained in terms of the gap between the ideal and the real, institutionally manifest in the difference between generational roles. While elders strive to live by the ideals, the young warriors find self-fulfillment, social recognition, and dignity in their valor, fighting ability, and defensive solidarity…. Nevertheless, frequent and pervasive as it is, warfare reflects a negation of the ideals, an alternative that should only be resorted to when peaceful methods have failed.”

Elsewhere in a book entitled, Tradition and Modernization: A Challenge for Law among the Dinka of the Sudan, Deng argues: “Cieng does not merely advocate unity and harmony through attuning individual interests to the interests of others; it requires assisting one’s fellowmen. Despite the violent nature of Dinka society, good cieng is opposed to coercion and violence: for solidarity, harmony, and mutual cooperation are more fittingly achieved voluntarily and by persuasion. Cieng has the sanctity of a moral order not only inherited from the ancestors who had in turn received it from God, but also fortified and policed by them. Failure to adhere to its principles is not only disapproved of as an antisocial act warranting temporal punishment; but more important, it is a violation of the moral order which may invite a spiritual curse—illness or death according to the gravity of the violation. Conversely, a distinguished adherence to the ideals of cieng receives temporal and spiritual rewards.”

In short, Professor Deng is an accomplished public figure and a diplomat, a scholar and a peace advocate whose reputation transcends our local South Sudanese borders and the African continent into the world at large.

Deng’s presentations of the Dinka society are not only breathtaking but also leave the impression that he (Deng) is what he is today because he was probably nurtured and driven by these same Dinka cultural peace and justice values and egalitarianism.

However, following the litmus test of the violent outbreak in South Sudan mid-December last year, it is conspicuously noticeable that many a Dinka intellectual who hitherto could be identified as peace activists, have recoiled and thrown their weight behind president Kiir and his violent and destructive policies.

This holds particularly true for those Dinka members who hail from the Greater or to use a more politically correct expression, the larger Bahr El-Ghazal geographic region, which includes Abyei, and which was part of this region before it was annexed.

Could this be the “defensive solidarity” that Professor Deng describes above? If so, how far can a defensive solidarity of a president who has declared a war on his people go?

Should it go as far as undoing all the peace principles and values that one stood for, dedicated one’s entire life advocating and built a global let alone local reputation as a man of principles and the defender of rights, dignity and values?

During his last Security Council address, diplomat Francis Deng did not fail to invoke the viability of raising such questions.

By ardently defending a regime that the whole world is aware has instigated a war on its people and massacred thousands of a segment of its citizens on the basis of sheer identity difference, Dr. Deng like several other doctors from the region have needlessly undressed themselves.

There is no justification for the reaction in kind and the atrocities committed by the other side against those sympathetic with Kiir’s regime or identified with the president’s tribal belonging.

But Deng of all others should not explain away the targeting of IDPs in a UN protection of civilians (PoC) site as happened in Bor and as defended by Deng to have been provoked by the IDPs celebrations of the fall of Bentiu and the gunshots fired by their UN peacekeeping custodians.

There is nowhere in the world where those engaged in a peaceful protest arm themselves. No such thing as armed peaceful protest.

Professor Deng’s last Security Council address was shameful and is antithetical to all that he stood for, including representing IDPs before the world body and the international community and advising the UN’s Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide.

Importantly, that speech negates your groundbreaking contribution and redefinition of sovereignty as state moral and legal responsibility to protect its citizens.

Diplomat Deng, you should condemn the violent madness in South Sudan and resign from representing Kiir’s regime at the UN, before you further risk tainting your hands with innocent blood, tarnishing your national and global image and reputation and undoing your impressive and rich resume and contributions to make the world more peaceful and just. Peacebuilding begins at home.

Tongun Lo Loyuong is a freelance policy analyst from South Sudan. He holds two Master’s Degrees with honors and academic excellence from the United States. The last of his two MAs is in International Peace Studies and Policy Analysis for Political Change, from the University of Notre Dame – Indiana. His research interest is in South Sudan’s governance and peace and conflict issues. He is reachable at: For South Sudan news feed, follow him on tweeter @TongunLoLoyuong; and for more commentaries visit his blog at:


  1. Beek says:

    United Sudan was not for us at all,it is the same with SPLM.Francis Mading Deng (MANY WIVES) was a pseudonym of both Khartoum and John Garang.Question must be ask about John Garang and Misseriya!

    • Lavina Lual says:

      My dear cousin or rather uncle-

      Good article but too much spices can always spoiled the best preferably dish.

      This is to inform you the jieng are never egalitarian in the way you frame it because what you stated is the opposite and if my brother Ambassador Dr Francis said saw then he is another jieng liar like others that could be the reason why he chose to join the bandwagon camp.

      As an Equatorian of your caliber you should by now made enough research about these jieng people or animals as portrayed by some Equatorians because the jieng are never smart the way you put as they always failed to live in harmony with others in one country, proof is our history from 1955 up to now 2014.

      No southerners ever shoot at his brothers/sisters/mothers or intimidate any southerners other than jiengers; eg are Nuer recent massacre carried by Juba jiengs, Wau massacre carried by Wau Jiengs, Yambio extra judicial killings, Yei killings, Chuhudum massacre, Juba/Nimule/Yei wild land grabbing and all these have happened and done by the jieng.

      Now where is the so called egalitarianism…..”de kalam ta sunu Tongun”

      Please try to recall the history of jieng in South Sudan and call a spade a spade in its right form if it has been a peaceful era living with the jieng or disastrous. It is up absolutely up to you people from other communities to either tame us the wild animals or leave them finish you up-

      • Beek says:

        Dear Lavina Lual- Please Denial is a kind of disease because equatorians are Southerners,the really sickness that killing Nuer now is a denial and it is the same illness in the North.
        N.B.I have no DEGREE or a job TITLE,but i am still a human being.

  2. Defender says:

    An excellent expose of the “tribal solidarity” that the some people from Bahr El Ghazal region, especially, of Dinka Origin. It is sad as you eloquently shown that a person of Deng’s stature, fail to see the greater moral dilemma our nation is in but decided to follow his blood instead of his conscience. They say, blood is thicker than water for a reason. If not, he can still rescue this reputation and resign. Otherwise, he will just confirm to the rest of us that what is happening in South Sudan is a tribal war that anyone can call it by any other name, and it won’t matter.

  3. the Jieng South Sudan says:

    mony door piath. who are you to write to globally professor Mading Deng Majok. All what he wrote in his books are true ya tongue. the jieng people do practice what have been written by Uncle Mading. your question why educated Jieng failed to condemn the massacra of Nuer in Juba? to reply honestly why did educated Nuer failed to condemn the killing of Bor jieng in 1991 and finally why did they failed to advice themselves to never attempt the socalled coup. our cousin nuer believes and thought they would have capture Juba within 2 hours or four hours if it is a worse war but they mind that there is no one and will be no onw to overthrow the government led by Jieng son. it will never until the world ends unless the Jieng divide themselves into two or more categories. thanks.

    • Long Ranger says:

      The Jieng South Sudan,

      You are ugly cowards, NUERs along send up running all over like women, mind ur mothers, kids eating grass begging for food in Uganda. what if the other tribes in Equatoria, Upper Nile and the Fertit would have joint. Within no time you are running allover the place begging for help .

      You are Shameless, ugly, idiots fit to be in the zoo

    • Lavina Lual says:

      I think door piath have many porffessional writers among them are Tongun that are rarely found in Jieng community. Taban, Tongun and many door have entered world class writers and soon will bejoined by women like Joana, Daughter of Equatoria and others.

      The way they reason here should be enough evidence except for for blind and deaf people alike

  4. Elhag Paul says:

    Francis Mading Deng, the intellectual guru of the ‘born to rule’ is naked. Tongun has undressed him properly. Well done Lo loyuong.

    • Majongdit says:

      El Paul,

      Please don’t talk…You are a man with no face!

    • Lavina Lual says:


      Jieng aslan arianin an they will die naked for sure after all people are born naked without clothes and later dressed after birth.


  5. Beek says:

    Actually who is his real father? Mading Deng was born to marriage only beautiful women. I feel sorry when they still naming children after mading Dengdit.

  6. General South says:

    The Jieng South Sudan,

    Please you need to thinks UPDF(Uganda People Defence Force) for protecting you Jieng in Juba and South Sudan in general, we in Juba have witness you Jiengs who run through Juba to Uganda and up to now you are there in Arua, Ajumany in Uganda in Thousands, leave alone does in Nimule and Kaya in border towns, Shame on you People.

  7. jijury says:

    My name is Salva Kiir Mayardit De Dinka my Minister of Defense is Kuol Manyang de Dinka, my Interior Minister is Aleu De Dinka, My Head Security is Maj. Gen. Marial Nuor de Dinka (AKA) Nuor who used to penetrate pistol in Equatorian girls private parts during the bush days if they refused to be raped. As you could see, I threated & forced most Equatorians and their leaders to accept my rules and sing a song call “coup attempt” everyday on SSTV Dinka television. Especially my stooge Wani Igga who keep calling me my father everyday forgetting that he is older than me. Only some Equatorian intellectuals like this author who live diaspora disobey my rules and that’s because they are not in Juba otherwise I would cut their necks off. I declared and executed Nuer massacre in Juba South Sudan because we Dinka are born to rule & not to be rule by anyone leave alone Nuer. Since I took office in 2005 after my father Museveni and I finished killing Dr. John Garang you know I was in charge of his security don’t be fool. I looted oil money for the betterment of myself and my tribe. I gave 4 billions dollars to my father Museveni to come and fight for me. I also gave him 500 million dollars to bribe any rebels or regional leaders out there in the region to come and fight for me. I convinced all Dinka intellectuals not to talk about Nuer massacre in Juba needless to write about it except for Edward Lino whom I sold his land Abyei to Bashir and that little boy call Kuir Garang de Dinka who doesn’t listen to nobody. I gave a great sum of money to Darfur Rebels, Nuba Rebel and Blue Nile Rebels. I persuaded them that after we finished erasing Nuer tribe from South Sudan; my Father Museveni and I will support you militarily to get rid of president Bashir and his likes. Hell we could even unite Sudan again pick one of you to be a leader for the whole Sudan. They were all happy and abandoned their causes to fight for me. You see that’s the way in which people can be rule. Finally, I would to take this opportunity personally to congratulate my brother Francis Mading Deng de Dinka for his promotion of Jiengism not only at United Nations, but also in those universities that he used to teach as Dinka intellectual.. Thank you all for reading this persuasive comment..

    • Beek says:

      @JIJURY: I blamed Kiir why he didn’t kill Dr.Riek Machar.Riek should got kill because he is a waste of space and waste of money.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Beek
        I am disgusted by your lust for blood. How on earth could the killing of Riek be a solution? It is people like you who are a disgrace and a curse to our country. The day is fast coming when South Sudan will have to address your barbarism. Idiot!

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        The so-called Joshua is too weak to kill Dr. Riek Machar. You should blame Museveni for no doing the job instead of Kiir. You miss the correct beast to blame for killing Dr. Riek Machar. Anyway, Paul Malong Awan promised you and Kiir to kill Riek in 30 days. Have faith in Malong as he has only 3 days to kill Dr. Riek Machar and finish up the remaining Nuer people.

        God bless you and Malong Awan for you do not know what you are doing.

        • Beek says:

          President Kiir can’t kill a weak.I dream like Our brother in-Law Dr.Riek Machar is in a Jail,but he lies to himself and STUPIDS Nuer.

          • Lavina Lual says:

            Aha….what I know is Jieng are no better than the so called people you refered to as stupids either

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Powerful and impressive satire. Kudos to Jijury

  8. Talagu says:

    Coward little nonentities clamouring for attention with their usual negative campaign against Muonyjang and their sons!

  9. the Jieng South Sudan says:

    genera South.
    hahahahahahahahaha. the foreign forces in South Sudan are not doing enough like the jieng sons Mathiang Anyuor who nakedly shown how the worst the war is . the people you said to be in mentioned places are young and woment ya boy. iam even sorry to reply your weak message.

  10. Tongun Lo Loyuong,

    You said it all man. You are well educated, critical thinker, and a good writer. All South Sudanese citizens know very well that Dinka community in general is a community of violence that is congested with wild animals, full of fools, and bunch of liars.

    The vision of “born to rule” that has been carried out by this primitive donkeys tribe will never bring South Sudanese together at all. For example, in 1972, after Anyanya I signed Addis-Ababa peace agreement, the Dinka politicians allied themselves with Sudan government and betrayed general Lago administration because they wanted to take the leadership from Lago. Eventually, Lago give-up and went exile for his safety.

    In 1975, a man called Kuany Latjor Tutjiok, declared war on Arabs government in Akobo and killed the head of Akobo. Then, Mr. Kuany left Akobo with his militia for Ethiopia. Mr. Kuany LatJor found a protective place on the border of Ethiopia and South Sudan on the Ethiopian side and named that place “Bilpam” and named his Movement “Anyanya II”. Bilpam is a Nuer language means raised area with rocks. Mr. Kuany Latjor Made Bilpam a training camp for all South Sudanese who sought military training.

    To make along story short, when Keribino Kuanyin Bol came to Bilpam, in May 16 of 1983, he (Keribino) refused to join Anyanya II in Bilpam. So Keribino created his own military camp in a place called “Itang” near Bilpam that was the beginning of division among South Sudanese. When John Garang, Salva Kiir, Arok thon Arok and many Dinka came to Bilpam and Itang, they went to where Keribino was and named their Movement “SPLA” While Nuer and other South Sudanese would go to Bilpam where AnyanyII was. Dinka would go to Itang where Keribino was. Nuer and others would go to Bilpam.

    In 1983, the Dinka sabotaged “Anyanya II” movement like they did to Lago government in Khartoum. The Dinka allied themselves with Ethiopian government and betrayed Anyanya II which welcome them to both Bilpam and Itang. In mid 1984, the combined forces of Dinka and Ethiopia attacked Anyanya II in both Itang and Bilpam. The SPLA first bullet was shot at Anyanya II which was largely dominated by Nuer. The Ethiopian government Killed Anyanya II like winter flies in favor of John Garang.

    After the Ethiopia government defeated Anyanya II from Bilpam for John Garang. Then John Garang officially became the movement’s leader. Afterward, the Dinka leaders who dominated the SPLA changed the history of movement from 1975 to May 16, 1983 which is the year that Dinka joined the movement that was created by Anyanya II.

    Now so many South Sudanese who had not joined the movement in 1980s thought that the movement was created in 1983. They did not know that John Garang and the like hijacked the movement that was formed by Nuer and other South Sudanese minus Dinka. As John Garang became the leader of movement, Dinka joined the movement more than ever in large number and began to preach “Born to rule” vision.

  11. Awomdit says:

    At least Tongun has done that academically how about you the tribal-minded beast who claims to be an intellectual. Tell me, did you get double masters too in writing genocidal articles?
    Tongun, I very much appreciate your arguments and stand with you in condemning men of high caliber like Dr. Francis who stooped so low into supporting South Sudanese leaders who have forgotten the main reasons millions died for an independent South Sudan. Kiir and Riek have failed South Sudan and any Dinka, Nuer or other South Sudanese who stands by them hates this nation. They got nothing more to offer.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Where did I claim to be an intellectual? For your information if you are desperate to know my academic qualification and you are trying to coax from me that is fine. I happily divulge it here to put your anxiety at rest. I graduated from Kalua in Bahr El Ghazal.


      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear editor
        Your question is in place. I hope Awomdit will respond to it.

        • Deng says:

          You could have been at Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT or any other prestigious university; but you would still be a disgrace to those institutions! I am 100% sure you’ve never been to those institution; because those with privileges to be there would never by your kind!

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Am I hearing Deng breathing his envy toxic on El Paul? The man is way smarter than all your Ph.D holders. Jealousy will never forgive you; it will kill you ruthelessly.

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Dear Deng
            Who told you that the institutions you listed are the best? You see, you are programmed by propaganda to believe that these institutions are the best. Can you prove to me their excellence by mentioning some of the worldly successful leaders they produced like Mandela, Gandi, Einstein etc who attended institutions not given weight like those you tend to believe in. Let me shine some light on your ignorance – Germany does not have a university of high praise like those you mentioned yet it is the best country in the advanced world in technology, does this make any sense to you? Again, South Sudan has a simpleton for a president, does this mean Kiir is the most intelligent the Jieng can produce. Please use your brain properly.

        • Elhag Paul,

          Your qualification need not to be questioned because you are not seeking any position in South Sudan government. A qualification is questioned only if the person is applying for a job so the employer can match a candidate’s qualification and experience with the job description. Every participant on this web site should expect that you must be a college graduate through the way you write articles because you are an excellence writer.

          • Deng says:

            First of all I would have agreed with you; if you would have said; president Kiir is not the best South sudan can have; but with your clogged brain with tribalism; you ends up making it as a JIENG issue; given the fact that; those who voted for Kiir were not only Jieng; but your own people as well including you! Second of all; my response to you wasn’t about president Kirr but something else you were very well aware of.

            Coming to the question of whether or not the institutions I mentioned earlier were the best; I don’t have to be told that those institutions were the best because the whole world knows they are! On the other hand; you’ve challenged me to mention world leaders that were the product of those Ivy league schools. Well; President Obama and Koffi Annan are the products of those schools and those are the only two you would be very well aware of. So; just because you never have the privileges or the brain to be in those Ivy league schools; doesn’t necessarily mean you must pretend to have no knowledge of their values!

        • J.Chin Jacob says:

          Elhag Paul,
          The spirit of traitorous and hatred towards your countrymates has drive you crazy to the extent of undermining South Sudan recognised Institutions for higher learning.
          Fyi, no body seems to be cared much about where, when and how you ‘ve graduated but all we need and care of is how you can socialise and trade you civility in a fair and inclusive manner coz you might be gradutated in any pretigious University in this world and yet it won’t earns or grants you any respect or recognition at all simply because you believe in tribalism, sectionism and Regionalism or the EQUATOCRATISATION according to your believes and wishful thinking which always appears in your daily songs for change and good governance.
          I am happy that you guys ‘re sending a clear message to some of the sleeping Dinkas who ‘re more civilise and partriotic than your whistle-blowers in Greater Equatoria, all i want to tell you is that, you ‘ve exactly did what i was suppose to do such that our sleeping intellectuals should wake up and reponds positively to your negative media campaign against the Mighty Tribe in South Sudan.
          Thank you so much Paul for being a graduate of KALWA in Bahr el Ghazal Region and I believe that is why you ‘re been posting series of articles that are full of complaints and hatreds, it is becoz you ‘ve learn somehow about your rights but still you have another chance to come and attend other studies @LUAK here in the same Bahr el Ghazal Region so that you can also learn about partriotism, independency, spirit of nationalism, spirit of obedience and respects towards other tribes’ elders, spirit to accept facts and historical records, spirit to avoid forgery & denials of the truth about South Sudan archived information, spirit to recognise your true identity as a first class citizen, spirit of being free from slavery, the spirit to refrains from inciting other tribes against a certain tribe, spirit of showing up in doing things by yourself and to enjoy the fruits of your sweat instead of telling others to do the job for you while hidding in a foreign land and above all the spirit of loving your country and its/her people.



          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            J.Chin Jacob:

            What mighty tribe you are talking about? There is nothing mighty about Dinka; if anything, the opposite is proper description of your tribe.

            How is feet licking coming with you? You must not be doing it correctly; otherwise Museveni you would not have rediculed you. Aren’t you ashamed that Museveni has insulted your stupidity? What a disgrace to Dinka community! You thought Museveni was God, now he turns out to be a mere human being.

        • Deng says:

          By the way Paul; I am from BOR in case you had any wrong ideas of where I might be from!

      • Awomdit says:

        Hehehehe…Buddy, at least you prove your naivety so clearly. Elhag and Mr. Editor tell me what is ‘KALUA’ – another tribal terminology from the Precious University of Tribalism where Elhag is it’s first graduate with first class honors?
        Do you know some deaths in this conflict can be counted on you buddy…You fan this war long ago before it broke out.
        Mr. Editor, I thought you were a moderator or (disguised hypocrite?), stay out of this and let me handle this Web tribal warlord.


        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Awomdit
          “Mr. Editor, I thought you were a moderator or (disguised hypocrite?), stay out of this and let me handle this Web tribal warlord.” I cherish the challenge and please bring it on. As with regards to Kalua, I am giving you an assignment to research it so that you enlighten yourself. Ciao!!!!!!!!!

  12. Choromke Jas says:

    I always have thought, and this has been confirmed by this highly professional expose by L Luyong, that Francis Deng was over rated. His earlier books which attracted attention to him were nothing but works plagiarized from the Bible and other sources. He championed the “United Sudan” ideology which was faithfully followed by Dr Garang. He was the High Priest of “United Sudan”. I would have thought, once the South had gained independence, a thing which he railed against throughput his life, he would turn down the appointment as the RSS Ambassador to the UN. To my consternation, he sucked to it and accepted. What a hypocrite! From now on, no one will take him seriously after vomiting his own thesis on the protection of citizen. Shame on you, Francis.

  13. john jerry says:

    Shame on you South Sudanese interlectuals or not you are doomed and a white Elephant. The Arabs were right that these people(south Sudanese) can not rule themselves because they are seen as weak and divided on tribal line and I agree with them as this is the truth nothing but the truth. If we do not change our mentality of belonging to a tribe South Sudan will be a failed state and it is already on the way to graduate as one. Put South Sudan before your tribe as that is the name by which we are known beyond our borders.

  14. Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

    Here’s how Ambassador Francis Deng responded to this article in a private email, which is very humbling indeed, which I decided to publically share in fairness to him:
    “Dear Tongun Lo Loyuong,
    I want to thank you most sincerely for your very thoughtful, well documented, and well written piece: “South Sudan: Why Ambassador Francis Mading Deng is Naked.” As a general comment, having clothed me so well with your very kind compliments, I wondered how I suddenly got stripped naked.
    Let me make one minor, yet very significant correction, in your account of my professional life. You say that I joined Bashir’s foreign service in 1992, the same year you correctly note that I was appointed Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Internally Displaced Persons, a position I held for 12 years. The fact is that I never served in Bashir’s Government. Quite the contrary, when I was appointed Ambassador during the Interim Period on the recommendation of the then First Vice President of Sudan, Salva Kiir, I excused myself because I could not see how I could, in good conscience, represent a foreign policy shaped by the Islamists in Khartoum. I accepted appointment by President Salva Kiir as Ambassador to the UN only after the independence of South Sudan, which you so graciously commented on.
    On the issue of whether I should resign in view of the ethnic atrocities being committed in our country, views are divided even within my family, and, of course, among my friends and colleagues. The critical question is whether or not I am playing a constructive role in the service of our country and people. I believe that I am using my position at the UN to try to serve my country of South Sudan and my area of Abyei, to the best of my ability.
    Let me assure you that the moment I come to the conclusion that I am not making a useful contribution in the service of our country and people, the decision to leave will be a very easy one to make.
    Once again, thank you very much for your thoughtful piece and for your very kind comments on my professional work and national service.
    With warmest regards and best wishes.
    Francis M Deng”


    • Andrew Jenge says:

      Firstly, I would like to thank you Mr Loyuong for this well elaboration of the facts about Dinkocrats and more specifically their Prof. Deng. Sadly enough, you and the rest fail to see the big picture. In your article, you raised good points about these Dinkocrats abusing public office to promote their agenda. Yet the cunning Professor was able to smooth you down without refuting any of the pressing allegations that he needs to address such as the killing of Nuer in Juba. It does not matter now if he has accepted Bashir’s job or not, for Kiir is more worse than Bashir.

      It is high time for this professor to come out publicly, apologise and resign from representing this nation or standby by his president Kiir. An email to Tongun can not do the trick, and to the editor Stop praising and promoting such type of people as this Professor for we all know that he is out doing us no good but promoting his tribe agenda.


      • Andrew Jenge says:

        Well the Editor, I respect your opinion, however. I do not believe Kiir, the professor and others who massacred at will deserve our cultural respect instead they ought to be exposed to the world. Dinkocrats, for a very long time have got away with crimes against other tribes because of such people as this professor, who are entrusted with public office to promote this country instead choose this opportunity to dominate others. I have watched some of his heart-recking interviews. Please do not let them mistake your respect for cowardliness because this is what we have been getting all along from them, peace!

  15. Bol says:

    Mr. Tongun,
    The outbreak of violence in 15th of December last year and subsequent loss of lives is a regrettable event and was preventable, but do you , or does anyone knows who did what for sure? I mean do know for sure that president Kiir fire or order the firing of the first bullet? Secondly, if President Kiir did start the killing, do you or some of your “disciples” know how did the other party react to KiIr’s killing in Juba?
    Let us accept your hastily judgment at its face value that President Kiir has committed genocide on 15th of December 2013, and that South Sudanese intellectuals should hand in their resignation to save their reputation. Why did you single out Dr. Deng as an intellectual who is torn apart between his declared principles and tribal interests? What about intellectuals and PhD holders from other tribes, especially your own tribe? Don’t they have a “Reputation” worth saving?
    Mr. Tongun, the killing of Nuer men in Juba has outraged you like any other sane South Sudanese, but what do you thing about the killing of Dinka tribe’s members in Nuer control areas? Are you really showing sympathy with Dinka victims or denouncing their killing when you write “There is no justification for the reaction in kind and the atrocities committed by the other side against those sympathetic with Kiir’s regime or identified with the president’s tribal belonging” ? What do you think about “intellectuals” who support such movement? Do you call such “intellectuals” naked? Or is that term coin only for Dinka?
    Finally, could employment of people like yourself as Policy Analyst in the US be the reason behind its rapid decline as the quality of advice in offer is far less than what we can locally get from a “korofo trader” in “Rujal Mafi” marketplace?

  16. Talagu says:

    It’s called crab mentality folks, these bunches of nobodies will always bicker,, envy anything and everything about Jieeng! Matter of fact, Jieeng has and will continue to be the face of South Sudan. You either live with that fact or move to Congo, Uganda, or Ethiopia (Nuer), or dangle or climb and dangle on trees like monkeys you little, nonentities.

    • Long Ranger says:

      Your are right by saying you guys are the face of SS, some of us have defficulties convincing the world that we are South Sudanses coz they though all S.Sudanese are Dinkas and the name Dinka is synonymous with; violence, backwardness, not goodlooking, dirty/clumsy, I wonder where u derive ur pride?

  17. Beek says:

    COWS and marriages. My father got six wives which was very stranged and Mading Deng was very Worst.I have no future,i missed my MAM.

  18. John Yugu says:


    Have you watched your useless Silva Kirr being interviewed on BBC HardTalk ,oh my God what a shame! The guy can’t defend himself!
    I felt sorry watching the interview! This tribalist has nothing it takes to be a statesman his right place is a cattle camp what a crab president……

  19. Alier Gai says:

    Dear tongun,
    I do respect your opinion but not agree with you. Dr. Deng has remained nuetral throughout this war regardless of his orgin. But going against his career had not met your judgement about who is right or wrong, from dr. Deng. Death is equal cause and pain, and the southern representative is on the side of humanity as an equalizer to assuage agony and pain from the suffering many. This article is serving stupendous achievement of delivery from the low side to the upper chamber opposition of macher and gore (paul and ramba) who are undiscovered characters and tale ironies in the article. Deng or un is a branch of trust and the tale itself enjoys its early childhood growth and becomes victim of crimes committed in the absence of justice from another village. This is just a version of the same dinka from tombe or tongun to mading deng, telling him that any dinka is unfit for the job.

  20. Thomas B. says:

    To those of you defending the action taken on baseless ground by Salva Kiir in December 2013 was not excusable. The good thing was that Salva Kiir himself said when addressing the SPLA on May 16, that those of you who committed atrocities that you were supporting me and the government you were liars. Salva Kiir on that was in military uniforms, that he was the one commanding all SPLA forces in Juba. Could Kiir put blame on others while he was addressing the nation on television that everything was under control. What Kiir was claiming to be under his control? Was it not the entire nation? How could he to day blame other people to be the killers not directed by him. It is very clear that either Kiir ordered massacred or a failed president?

  21. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    My thank goes to Dr. Deng for courageous and humble spirit he shows in respond to Tongun whether private is good one for most people never admit their weakness. In fact as human being you may do something thinking it is worthy in your own eye but in the sight of others is useless. Indeed, when certain person criticize you constructively, you need to appreciate that person, for that person is real brother who wishes to shape you for better status. Differences in opinions does not means enmity, but it is the way I or you look at the things in your own perspective. Let us be better commentators to improve our image world-wide, instead of writing childish and senseless commands which the world will look at us as fools and non-socialized people,. Let tried to be better objective and critical analysts without partial judgment.

  22. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Some people do not know anything but write without analysis ideological driven by desire to destroy. Kiir as some think has not declare a war on his people but Riek is the person drunk and obsessed with power to the extend of the fact that he is blinded by the same power. Greed for power without tactics and reasoning is the dead one. Many people continuously blame Kiir and officials like Mading Deng but do not see the negative aspect on Riek side. Riek is the disaster of South Sudan. South Sudan will never be at peace unless he has gone or done away with.

  23. Eli says:

    Dear readers,
    Although we the South Sudanese individually are doing well in getting degrees and doctorates, or however you want to call them, I personally think we all failed to understand that degrees and doctorates or masters, PhDs etc are nothing without the God given wisdom. How do you explain that, in a family one person is highly educated while the rest of the siblings cannot even write their names or read? This is truely decay in family unity.

  24. Paul Deng says:

    It is an inspiring piece of writing by a courageous son of mighty south Sudan. Dr.Fracis Deng’s books are all about his tribal supremacy.He has defined his tribe as “Husband of men” .As a matter of fact,his literature have indoctrinated many politicians, ministers,and leaders running Dinka led-government in Juba today.He is a tribal ideologue who strongly believes in politics of born to rule through domination,marginalization,and suppression of other south Sudanese tribes. Mr.Tongun you have proven that education is a light and powerful weapon against dark forces .Let us stand up against the new Jellaba who is creating second class citizens in the Republic of south Sudan.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Deng
      As always, you hardly understand and no wonder people refer to you as, “kiilo fahiimba ghoo” I thought Mr Jas has shown light on the Arabist Dr Francis Deng. As it seems that you failed to read it, I am pasting here below for you to read.

      “Choromke Jas
      May 19, 2014 at 10:00 am
      I always have thought, and this has been confirmed by this highly professional expose by L Luyong, that Francis Deng was over rated. His earlier books which attracted attention to him were nothing but works plagiarized from the Bible and other sources. He championed the “United Sudan” ideology which was faithfully followed by Dr Garang. He was the High Priest of “United Sudan”. I would have thought, once the South had gained independence, a thing which he railed against throughout his life, he would turn down the appointment as the RSS Ambassador to the UN. To my consternation, he sucked to it and accepted. What a hypocrite! From now on, no one will take him seriously after vomiting his own thesis on the protection of citizen. Shame on you, Francis.”
      Now my dear Deng, forget your delusions about “husband of men”. Jieng Kingdom is already collapsing at a fast rate. Believe you me, sooner or later you will be brought to your knees by the realities of South Sudan

      • Eastern says:

        Elhag Paul,

        This is exactly what Paul Deng is saying; the professor’s books are only glorifying the Dinka people.

        Please reread Paul Deng’s comment.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Easter and Deng
          Please accept my apology for misunderstanding. I have re-read Deng’s comment and I must take responsibility for misunderstanding him. So I unreservedly apologise to Deng. I take back all that I have written.

  25. Andrew Jenge says:

    Elhag, I think you should take Deng’s writing as the one that the words need to be rearranged. From his two last sentences, I believe you Elhag, Jas and Deng are on the same page! If Deng is a Dinkocrat, I will say he is a cleaned man now because he has acknowledged in his last two sentences the evil deeds of Dinkocrats. Therefore, he has been cleansed from his sins, peace!

  26. john jerry says:

    Has the referendum in Abyei been recognized by sudan and the world?. If abyei is now officially part of RSS then let Francis Deng say something,but if Abyei is still a disputed region leave Francis Deng alone as he still sees himself as a Sudanese since his family moved North in 1905.When sudan became independent in 1956 they were Notherners why bother him.

  27. Bol says:

    I wonder how long is this marriage of convenient between Bari, especially the Malekyia Juba boys, and Nuer is going to last ! Is this Marriage really based on mere love ? Since when does the two get along ? It’s getting weird how these guys gang-up, day and night, on facts and lies, to do their best in liberating themselves from some “imagery Dinka evil” . They don’t know that their real enemy is this tsunami of hatred, which has put their brains on overdrive, leaving no time to reason, initiate, prioritize, strategize the next move, while keeping an eye on the big picture which is the wellbeing of the nation and its citizens.
    This gang is delusional and paralysed at the station of hatred. No matter what ever is done, they will remain there, talking about 170;000 person massacred by Kiir in Juba ….one million hectare of Equatorian land grabbed by Dinka….The civilised people of Malekyia Juba should be given Presidency of SS…..It was the right of the civilised people of Juba not to joint the war because they are too precious to die ….Dinka should remain in Cattle camps and leave the work of running the Government to those who know the modern world …. If one of the gang members failed to answer the call of nature, at any given time, there must be Dinka behind his or her constipation ! Is there anyone with some ability that could update this kind of software embedding the brains of the gang ?
    The gang obvious hatred is turning them into enemies of anybody who does not share their goal, be that their siblings, parents of neighbours.
    Well, Napoleon Bonaparte once said ” Never interfere with the enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself” . Yes the hatred, not Kiir thugs, is destroying them. That is the only good thing about this gang.

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