South Sudan War of Choice: It’s only a dispute of leadership

BY: Santino Aniek, NEW YORK, USA, OCT/25/2014, SSN;

We became fascinated by the stories of brutality of the war, realizing that suffering is the only tangible price to get jobs in South Sudan. War has become the most accessible and continuous leading alternative in finding jobs in the government sector in Africa especially in South Sudan, to personally engage and demonize citizens through violence.

The best illustration in the head of every South Sudanese people is the tribal war, Yau Yau war and the war of choice which is now killing our citizens in hundreds of thousands. Now a day in South Sudan, war has replaced tolerance, understanding, dialogue and compromise and it is the most habitually used throughout the regions.

The champions of the war of choice has influenced their tribesmen to sustain their ruthless ideology of division as well as mobilizing them to fight an endless war on South Sudanese people, by engaging their supporters with deceptive information.

Indeed, one of the many galvanizing preaching information was the genocide and coup in Juba, and has been the point of struggle to establish a national public mobilization involvement of young people and their tribesmen to help them fight this war of choice.

From the higher military commands to the youths leaders are now campaigning to fight the free South Sudanese people, and are now trying to build a fashionable struggle philosophy of discriminatory killing and the endless destruction against innocent people has been a central issue in this war of choice.

As is always the case, the future of a country is a shared responsibility between the government and its citizens and as common sense tells us, nations cannot survive if the citizens are divided internally.

In other words, an individual alone cannot survive the future of a nation, but it is a collective responsibility of the citizens and the government. The crux of the debate is therefore argued that the government may have reinforced and deeper propelling force pushing the country into conflict.

However, South Sudanese people solely believe that the government has full responsibility and is mandated to provide services, and maintain law and order for its all citizens across the country.

In fact before the war, the citizens were extremely worried that the country was declining so profoundly that it will become vulnerable to future attacks within and outside by its traditional enemy in Khartoum.

The government was very aware of the risks they were assuming, and they choose the war only with a great reluctance knowing that the civilians are going to be pretentious.

In the end, the government has chosen the war for one simple reason; they believed without a war they would not maintain their day job because the public were fed up with government policies toward human services and development services in the new nation.

In those days, the reaction and the outcry by many citizens to the government was proceeding unanimously that it was practically possible to hold the government accountable for the setback that has been facing the nation for the last eight years.

In addition, the role of local communities to participate and contribute in maintaining security and peace as a paramount priority was also declining, because there was no good relationship between the government and the local communities.

Nevertheless, it is truly that there is no way that the government alone can provide and sustain security or law and order in the country without the help of the local communities at large.

Meanwhile, it was the hope of each and every South Sudanese people prior to independence that the government is going to create a partnership with the local communities to address the current challenges and the conflicting wounds of the civil war.

Sadly, the government was happy to accept the gospel of the war without wanting to address the issues. More generally, it is widely known that there is a very disturbing trend occurring in the new nation in which our people’s lives are being threatened by this war of choice from those who want to raise their families through bloody job, and it is a gloomy side from which our history is being reanimated.

Furthermore, it is tremendously despondent that regular people get caught up in this conflict for subjugation by a very few avaricious individuals who have been advocating for conflict in South Sudan.

Oftentimes, the popular culture identity of us against them whereby popular politician forms a group of armed men and provides them with false platform of information exhibition of intricacies and powers them to annihilate innocent people’s lives is now gaining a countrywide support among the South Sudanese society.

In fact, the philosophy of war has become a part of politics identity since the country has been engaging in so many wars and now has an opportunity to link this philosophy directly to their experiences they had in the 21 years of civil war.

Similarly, this link between tribes and politicians is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and has been attracting the public inquiry in recent years that is triggering critical instability and uncertainty in the country.

In this situation, it is increasingly signifying both in national government and local government as well as individuals and communities are now striving of joining this war of choice, and this new politics identities of a largely exclusive in the country has achieved so much support among the South Sudanese communities.

It is in the view of this, my article would like to bring to the forefront of modality in the ways of informing the citizens of South Sudan to accept peace, tolerance, compromise, forgiveness, dialogue and negotiation for “everlasting peace”, because the country has reached a limitation, and we need to change course to overcome this crisis with more thoughtful and compassionate responding to this tragic war of choice.

The inscription of politics identities of inclusive of all the tribes of South Sudan has to be a part of the government’s responsibility and power sharing in the next government is instantaneously fundamental.

Subsequently, the election of 2010 has encouraged opposition politicians and civil society activists and now has an opportunity to compete with the Ruling Party to get their message across in part, because of the availability of political risk and lesson learnt during the civil war.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the public also has an opportunity to realize that the government has lack responsibility and accountability that empowers the public to direct their concerns and views point to the government as a result of rewarding those who kill innocent people.

Sadly enough, the government is frequently attacking those who happen to disagree with the militias, while they are rewarding militias with a higher position and building a conducive relationship between the two.

There is another aspect to this story, and that is the government is denying many South Sudanese people who are qualify to hold these positions in the government, but tragically these ruthless pathetic criminal, and unwanted human beings in the South Sudanese society are given these important position.

This practice appears to be conflicting or contradictory to the laws of any nation, unless the government succeeded in implementing laws and orders, the country may have to accept this madness brought forth by the narrowed-mined war custodian.

Nevertheless, my article is trying to highlight the war of choice within the category of public discourses and the deliberations of this conflict, which aids the advancement of participatory of these militias that are now dragging the country into a civil war.

These so-call leaders uses the communities with a deliberately simple message to turn the communities against each other and try to make sense to these actors who truly believe in a destructive articulation with the intention of participation in the government workforce, and they always signal the distribution of disadvantage in fashionable society of new nation.

In the view of this, my article adopts a theoretical approach that uses the experience of two wars, and the take away in these wars is obviously, the vital resources needed to fight the war and the human suffering is tremendously heartbreaking.

More importantly, the predicament and hardship our citizens have been facing and the mentality of rewarding criminals has encouraged a sizable number of people to join the war of choice.

As a result, many people are extremely suffering and lost their lives in the name of positions or jobs in the government substantially, especially in the Greater Upper Nile of the World.

Meanwhile, keeping the likelihood of early mobilizing our people especially in the loop of all communities to embrace “everlasting peace”, my article however, uses relevant information from the episodes of the two conflicts that has been going on for quite some time.

Nonetheless, the quaintest mechanism is that South Sudanese self-proclaimed-politicians and so called leaders in the new nation have lost the ethics and values of leadership to the extent of reaching borderline of intimidation of its own citizens, and so it is becoming a struggle.

In terms of politics, in South Sudan in this day and age, war has replaced political philosophy and has become role player in promoting a false debate and creating conflict among the South Sudanese society.

The enablement of the prevention of inclusive participation of all South Sudanese citizens in the government has gone a long way of no meaning and seem to form a dictatorship process that raises in attempting to make the war of choice a pillar upon which societal politics rest on.

However, accountability and transparency are the normal demand by the citizens from their government and most of the times in South Sudan, it is not possible to operate and function freely and normally without interference and intimidation by the government.

Equally enough, reform is not only necessary but urgent considering what has been proceeding in the new nation has been extremely troubling and all the South Sudanese communities including international communities are becoming exceptionally concerned.

In fact, what happened has shown the absence of law and order in the country and it is a clear failure of the leadership, which needs to be addressed with urgency, and has to be on the top of the agenda of the next government.

Nevertheless, the new nation has totally failed to reach a democratic transition as a breakthrough improvements meant to be pursued during the country’s civil war with regime in Khartoum. Even though, few communities who are supporting the war of choice think that the current war will look like an improvement than the past civil war, it is totally misleading the public because we are killing future generations and it is only a dispute of leadership.

Furthermore, this war of choice remains the number one sources of acquiring wealth and an employment to those who have nothing but to kill innocent people in order to get jobs in the government.

Though, war in South Sudan also encourages few individuals to own wealth through the enhancement of creating conflict by giving preference to those who support their causes, and this practice is believed to be against the norms and the values of the South Sudanese people.

More importantly, war has become a key player among the South Sudanese communities. Today it is transforming to a field of an employment and offers people with new belongings, fame and self-identification. Obviously, given the fact that the majority of our citizens still have no access to their daily news, war is becoming the window of misleading.

Therefore, while trying to adopt the model of public rights for the citizens to know what the government is embodying, South Sudan departs from other nations where the right of the citizens are being manipulated by the government and tried to make nonsense accuses to covered up the dishonest burden.

The importance of these claims during struggle mention that the country will be moving toward a democratic approach to emphasize the need of the citizens is now proven to be an empty promise.

Studies indicated though, issues of politics of division and politics of isolationism are the main dominants in fairly politicized fashion and other broad issues like tribalism is part of the factors that caused this war of choice, and therefore can be categorized into issues of crime, corruption, service delivery, poverty, economy, education, political party dominance or proportional representation and the need for political reform in the new nation.

Yet the sweeping changes of eight years ago in South Sudan have now shifted from animated to worst despite the tremendous experience of 21 years of civil war, which was the hope to build a unifying country. In addition, the establishment of the politics of division, politics of isolationism and its subsequent undemocratic initiatives is clearly represent a worst foundation for future extensions of equal access and opportunity to all citizens in South Sudan.

The aim of my article is to examine the war of choice and how self-representation and the expressions of selfhood emerging from these individuals that are seeking an employment through war and has not constituted a mediated public sphere, which is not creating avenues for public discourse in South Sudan.

The aim should be understood against the background of the government and the social political realities in which the new nation define relations among different classes of people in South Sudanese society.

What we are observing now however, is the dynamics of power rocking that is playing itself out in the way certain attitudes and personalities seek to become dominant while others may be relegated or silenced in the course of political structure taking place in South Sudanese politics.

Nowadays such a regime of anti-freedom and equality, encourages individuals and groups to bring their own experiences and opinions into public debates leading to new understandings of the political structure in the society.

In addition, my article present an exemplary of intervention in which a government and rebel may bargain in order to avoid falling into a civil war and however, the two parties may adopt the mentality of forgiveness, tolerance, compromise, dialogue, and peace to reach an agreement.

If they want the fighting to continue, the government and the rebels have to decide what level of atrocities they want to commit, and a third party may intervene to halt atrocities. By including a number of different parameters, the exemplary underscores how complex the intervention conundrum actually is.

Therefore, this work critically examines the potential of war of choice as a means of reinventing politics through mediation and intervention. War of choice has consequently become a channel through which different interest groups in South Sudanese society seeks an employment especially in the government sector using different kinds of messages and ideologies.

However, in this regard to the debates of war of choice in the South Sudan context, conclude that such a war has become a lens through which few people may begin to organize themselves and commit atrocities to get a position in the government.

Equally, people of South Sudan are now able to grasp the dynamics of an evolving political of division and politics of isolationism with several attempts of individual and group interest in particular ways in order to either remain important or kill their opponent.

While demonstrating the impact of the struggle for freedom and equality access to free its own citizen, the idea of “right to live” needs to be implemented in South Sudan now or else.

Nevertheless, the war of choice advertising remains an affordable in South Sudan. It is however, remain to be effective that targeting the vast majority of audiences in the country. The principle of reconciliation, tolerance, dialogue, compromise, and peace among the South Sudanese communities is immediately needed.

Despite the dominance or popularity of the war of choice, our citizens must abandon this recklessness practice once and for all and adopt peace and unity.

The overall interpretation from the perspective of war in general, continue to tell us that war is extremely horrific, and therefore, our undertaking has to create a way forward strategy of a collective compromise, because we need to change the culture of war and the mindset of these ruthless politicians who are always dragging us into conflict.

As a final thought, our citizens need to think only about their future and the future of the country they liberated some years ago. They have duty not to support any politicians who moralizes violence against innocents people, and they also have responsibility to reject the validity of any form of division once and for all.

We must continue to appeal to a system of tolerance, compromise, forgiveness, dialogue, and peace that is designed to empower all the citizens and build successful politics of understanding and put our differences aside. We must embrace peace and unity, because those cold-blooded leaders will never be defeated by the use of this war of choice.

Santino Aniek is a concerned South Sudanese in Upstate New York, U.S.A. He can be reached and find me on Facebook, on Skype and on twitter @saniek.


  1. monychol says:

    Exactly Santino the war was an intentional choice by the regime in Juba aimed at distracting the rightful demand of the citizens for services. Remember that elections werrre due next year and very few among the current leaders if any were going to return to offices.Instead of these thugish leaders to wait for their predicament peacefully and to be punish by the citizens, they created the nightmares for the vulnerable unsuspecting citizens.
    Now after seeing the writtings on the wall that escape route have reduced drastically, they haave launched a serious campaign against peace from within.
    Those of Paul Malong, Michael Makuei, Aleu Ayeny, James Wani and Kuol Manyang are seriousl campaigning against peace and confusing president Kiir and urging him not to accept peace as propsed by the Igad leaders.It has become a question of life and death for them to keep their jobs at all cost even if it means overthrowing Kiir, they will do it to prollongs their stay in disregards to the suffering of tthe citizens.
    When regional leaders proposed a solution that does not prolongs their stays, they accused them of ignoring similar problems in their home countries while paying attention to the conflict of South Sudan.A very poor argument to be presented by responsible adults indeed.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Leave Wani out and alone. He is no warmonger. He has no blood of innocent Nuer and Dinka civilians on his hands. Those advocating for more war, revenge killings and emptying villages in the hills and valleys of Greater Upper Nile are Dinka and Nuer Generals and politicians. Let us put blames where they rightly belong.

      • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

        Who are you trying to fool? Wani is as guilty as his boss. He participate fully in Nuer massacre. If he didn’t, he condone it and his action and silent as the second most powerful man speaks volume.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          FROM EDITOR:

          • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

            Absolutely. All of them in government no matter what tribe, region, or clan they from have participated fully in our massacre. Even Nikalongo had done is part and his writing is clear evidence of his participation. That is why he is trying cover up wani’s role in this mess.

        • Nikalongo says:

          Another Nuer,
          How many Nuer and Dinka did Wani kill? We all know that Dinka kiir and Nuer Riak recruited and armed militia soldiers from their regions to kill without mercy their own people. Wani recruited no soul from Lobonok to kill any citizen of South Sudan. In West Africa they say “monkey di werk, baboon di chop”. Gelbeny and the White army were drafted in to batlle it out so that Dinka and Nuer elites can loot your oil money in peace. The other day Taban Deng and Nhial Deng were sported exchanging jokes in a secluded joint in Adis and inquiring about each other’s family. Where do u think their families are mr. Another Nuer? In Mayom? This war will not end as long as people like u condone and support the atrocities of your leaders. It is o.k. for the rest of us as long as you keep the war in your backyards, away from tranquil Lobonok, Rajaf, Yei, Maridi, Loa, Magwi, Lirya, Ngangala, Gemeiza, Rokon, Imehejek, Bira, Source Yubu, Nabiapai and Equatoria.

          • Madol Akoon says:

            NIKALONGO; the war will be in your backyard if you keep inciting your people to disturb Dinka living in those areas you mention. I believe you’re wise enough to keep the noise online here and not on the ground otherwise the situation would have been utterly different.

          • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

            What a compulsive liar! By his act, given a chance, he would do the very same Kiir had done. What is the function of a government? I do not know your language, but Editor might know. Please help him help you by asking him to tell you the function of a government in your dialect. If you know what government is, you won’t doubt Wani’s participation in Nuer massacre. As a national figure, Wani is entrusted to protect all citizens of South Sudan, unless if you are claiming that Nuer aren’t South Sudanese. I hope you have some grey matter left upstairs. By denying this simple fact, I seriously doubt your mental state at this point.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Another Nuer,
            Wani will never be allowed to hire any citizen from Lobonok or any other place in Equatoria to kill any innocent citizen South Sudan. Wani knows that and that is why he has no militia soldiers of his own. Kiir and Riak have unlimited say in Dinka and Nuerland. Their words are bibles. Look at the results Another Nuer. Kabooong all over the place. Is that what ur people want. I doubt.

            The last of the grey matter upstairs if you wish, tells me that supporting atrocities by your leaders will never bring you peace and tranquillity as it is in Lobonok and those other places in Equatoria. Be bold and reject the actions of Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak. Reject them in Dinka and Nuerland before going after Wani and what Equatoria should do or not do.

    • monychol,

      I concur with you Kiir and those whom you mentioned their names minus Wanni Igga, came up with the word “coup” to interrupt the upcoming election. Kiir used Eritreans’ president strategies to avoid upcoming presidential election in 2015. I said this long before Kiir dismissed his entire cabinets back in July last year.

      When the Eritrea gained independent in 1991, the president of Eritrea was given 8 years to rule Eritrea as a special consideration for him because he was one of the rebels commanders during Eritreans struggle for independent. However, as Eritrean prepared themselves for upcoming presidential election in 1999, the president of Eritrea declared war on Ethiopia government in 1998 to distract the attention of Eritreans from election. Consequently, the Eritreans president suspended the Eritrea presidential elections indefinitely.

      Kirr’s strategies for instigating fake coup was to kill Riek with the purpose that South Sudanese presidential election would be postponed indefinitely. Kiir sees Riek as a threat person to his presidency because Riek was pushing for SPLM convention which aim on reforming SPLM party and select SPLM party chairmanship so the whole SPLM party could get prepare for upcoming presidential election in 2015. Neverthless, Salva Kiir was quiet confidence that he would win upcoming election over Wani Igga and Pagan Amum if election had to take effect, but had no confidence of winning election over Nyadeng and Riek.

      As a result, Salva kept on postponing SPLM convention while training his tribal militias recruited from Northern Bar-El-Gal and Warrap mainly to kill Riek when they graduated. To Salva, Makuei Lueth, Salva Mathok, Aleu Ayeny, just to name a few killing of Riek would have been a huge victory so that South Sudan presidential elections would have been postponed indefinitely that is why Kiir came up with the fail coup strategies to elongate his bully presidency.

      • survivor says:

        my brother, your analysis are always near spot on, this article was an indictment against not only Kiir Mayar, but also on Riek Machar. you need to admit that these two fellows are one in the same. none is better than the other. whether that is in this on going conflict or in past failure. Riek and Kiir are equally as liable. the government failure of the past eight years, the massive corruption which ensued under their watch and finally the out break of a tribal civil war over teh power. the sooner we learn this the better. the problem isn’t the Dinkas or the Nuer. it is Riekd Machar and Kiir Mayardit.
        here are the fact, Kiir is the commander of the gelbeny, the unite that massacred Nuer civilian in Juba and Riek Machar is the commander of Jesh Mabor, the marauding Nuer Malitia the ransacked Bor, Malakal, Bentieu; killing countless number of civilians.
        the bottom line is these two fellows are bad for south Sudan, non is an acceptable leader. the onus is on us, if we to get out of the current predicament; we really need to learn to be objective in our evaluation and in our criticism. we need to apportion the blame equally on the shoulders responsible parties.

  2. santino aniek says:


    An excellent analysis Monychol! We, the South Sudanese people that have been living during the two wars, the 17 years of struggle and the 21 years of struggle, have seen a lot. We witnessed our innocent people being slaughtered by our own people in the name of something you and I cannot pronounce it. Those who survived these two wars are the one dying now in this war of choice and one could wonder when is this pathetic madness will come to an end.

    This is a time start to discuss this conflicting wound without killing innocent people and I hope there is an immediate noticeable progress with the warring parties in Addis Ababa. I’m very interesting in forgiveness, tolerance, compromise, reconciliation and peace and not to allow these thoughtless unwanted politicians to mislead our citizens. If the goal is to get jobs, the statistics are very clear; South Sudan has more resources than any nation on earth and if those resources are divided equally among our citizens, we will be the riches people in the world.

    As someone with extensive experience in war stories, I approached this business (war) with my unique skill set in an attempt to assist our citizens with their equal opportunity to embrace peace and forgiveness and abandon the culture of war, because war is extremely awful. However, if we want to continue with the culture of war, our communities will be subjected to institutionalized suffering and death. In addition, I often ponder the level of suffering would have been different if our leaders have taken their responsibility seriously, but they take this road the only goal of selves interest. Now we are continuing to appeal to a system that’s not designed to kill, but to keep our innocent people safe.

  3. Line George says:

    Mr aniek,it look like you are person seeing the thing in right angle rather squaring the blame to some one who was running for his life .when the juba incident happen, I was there and what I have seen is not something related to coup .if there is coup in the country always men in uniform are the one carrying out the operation and if there is security check up ,it deal only with those who are in uniform and it does not target one single tribe among because the coup leader is from that tribe.I think what happen was not coup but it was plan by the people who does want south Sudan people leave like bro like the rest of the world who does not know about tribes.

  4. Kondokoro says:

    Excellent topic,
    This is just a marathon for leadership but i better call it a marathon for robery or for money
    Kiir is very lucky these marathoners would had wait for election which is at the corner but now they gave kiir more time to be in office which might be 2 years by democracy they would had got it but a thief dont wait.i agree there are weaknesses of president when he didnt take action on the marathoners who had stolent millions of dollars and when he resufles them they turn against him and back riak who already had a military take over plan, he call his plan plan B and gave his supporters
    plan A plan A was a political plan in SPLM but plan B was a military plan run by the Nuer Spla commanders head by Taban gai ,since 70% of Republican guards were Nuer Riak thought he can take over power easy by support from Gadet in Jongolei and James Koang will control Oil fields but it back fired when riak mobolised Nuer civilians to go to the military warehouses to take guns , indeed riak took over Republican guards head quarters but were defeated and many civilians were killed ,why riak has to do this? he tried to go to Kondokoro to grab land their for his militias on eastern Bank of the nile it was to settled some of his militias there but locals demonstrated against his plan.
    this guy is hungry for power but is more than power he actually want to turn south sudan into a dictotorship nation rule by him in Omer Beshir style where by one tribe rule all the 63 tribes of south sudan

    • Kondokoro,

      It looks like you do not know what you are talking about at all. It would be a waste of valuable time for someone to recommend on your post. Don’t you feel a shame still selling that fake “coup” of your tribal chief. Please read the following speech from Dr. Majak De Agoot from the following link to satisfy your self about the coup that you are still preaching.

      • Kondokoro says:

        I know what im talking about you want to hand over a democratic elected goverment to a group who abused our president openly on TV President is a head of state he represent our sovereignity and people to abuse him is an insult to all of us including dont know what a coup is,those guys were harashing the president openlly ,they are trying to mobolysed civilians against the goverment openly, i tell you they were very lucky because of the kindness of thePresident other wise they would had been kill, look the drums they are beating abroad?they are willing to return south to jalaba again against the will of our people, going far to apologised for saperation

        • AW Joseph says:

          Next joke Mr Kondokoro. I have never voted for SPLM and I will not vote for the SPLM. So King Salvatore Kiir of the BANANA REPUBLIC is never my president.

          • bol akuol says:

            AW Joseph:

            You don’t have to vote for the president in order to be your president. You never voted for president Omar El Bashir who ruled you for many years. Anyhow, voted or not voted, president Kiir Mayardit is our legitimate president whether you love him or hate him. You stuck with him just for now until you vote in your regional or tribal president next time.

          • J.Chin Jacob says:

            AW Joseph,
            Who cares?
            Nobody was/is in need of your espionage and treacherous vote, none of us (LIBERATORS) can not and will never be bothered by your stupid comment whether you have voted or not since you and your likes did not contributed in the liberation of this country in the first place and that is why you will remains a slave and a casual workers in foreign countries.
            Lets wait and see your cowardice regime coming to oust SPLM out of power as appears in your pathetic and a daylight dream.
            Rats and mice are not considered as threats by a cat in its territory, only a rat does!

          • Joseph says:

            J.Chin Jacob
            Liberators..!! What Liberators…..?? I can confidently tell you 99.99% of South Sudanese wished now they have not voted for the separation from Sudan.
            Anyway we will liberate ourselves from the fake, greedy and incompetent rotten to the core liberators. Just wait for the mighty NUER warriors and when the war reaches EQUATORIA that will be the end of DINKA KINGDOM.

          • Warrior says:

            AW Joseph,
            well I believe you got yourself confused whether you have voted for him or not he’s your president regardless, it doesn’t mean if you didn’t voted for him, then he will not be your president….I think your mind is kind twisted when you are lacking to differentiate between elected president by people and for the people.

        • Kondokoro,

          I hope you are not abnormal and out of mind. Salva Kiir is the most empty head leader in East Africa although he has good experience in wearing hats. Salva Kiir abuse his powers too much. Kiir should earn the same treatment he gives to other people. Kiir has no respect at all for the people he leads. All South Sudanese should stop respecting Kiir any more.

          Kiir is so goofy, power hungry wild wolves, and visionless creature. He treats citizens of South Sudan like his own dogs, wives and his own children. Kiir divided South Sudanese along ethnic line like if they are his own sheep, goats, and cows. Only Baranaba Marial and Wanni IGGA are comfortable with Kiir’s presidency and accept this unwanted behavior of Kiir because these two leaders are jobs seekers they do not have any visions for South Sudan at all. South Sudanese must stop these negative behaviors of president Kiir by all means.

          Kondokoro, you stated that those detainees are so lucky Kiir should have killed them all. For your information, Kiir released those detainees under severe pressure if he killed them, Kiir himself would have been dead by now. Second, Kiir released those detainees because they did not commit the crimes Kiir rested them for. Salva Kiir himself is lucky because South Sudan is a lawless nation. If South Sudan had strong lawmakers with strong constitutions defenders, Salva would have been arrested impeached and sentenced to death like Saddam Husen of Iraq.

  5. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    Mr. Aniek has squarely said it more louder than any of us. The ruling thugs in Juba headed by President Kiir have then no choice other than creating a condition inevitable to conflict and termed it as a coup so as to earn international sympathy, This is actually a state of a blind wanted everyone to be blind. There is no way a country can be led only on depending of evil powers (Beny-Bith) yet expect citizens to dwell in peace. These thugs must stop using Dinka as a blanket to continue earning support when this very Dinka is not even benefiting.

    • info@southsudannation says:


      • Editor,

        I agree with you that the war is not over yet as long as Kiir and Riek are alive. However, Riek is not and he will never be threat to Kiir’s life, but Kiir is a big threat to Riek’s life. Kiir want to kill Riek by all means so he (Kiir) can stay in power for life. December 15, 2013 was not the first time kiir attempted to kill Riek. Kiir attempted twice to Kill Riek in “Iteng” refugees camp in Ethiopia in 1989 and 1990, but William Nyuon safe Riek ‘s life.

        Hence, if for some reason Riek do return to the government and Kiir is still the president, Riek chances to stay alive in Juba will be limited. If there is no accountability for what happened in December 15, 2013, then the only option that will safe our country is term limit. Election is not the solution either because Kiir’ thugs will wring out the election no doubt. What we need is term limit. If South Sudanese law makers do not pass term limit, the war will never leave us alone.

  6. As written by the author that, South Sudan war of choice. It is somehow debatable simply because it wasn’t everybody choice but few political opportunist whose their plans was to create a regional war as a means for them to stay in power. Given that and according to one of the master engineering or the an architectural of the 15/12/2014 conflict in which many media outlets claimed to have been ethnic motivated war wasn’t the real intention of an architecture but his plan but his devilish plans were to create a war between sons and daughters of the greater Bar el ghazal and the greater upper Nile to extent president Kiir term of ruling and for those blood suckers to fulfil their under-covering activities against Upper Nile politicians and the it’s citizens. Here the author forget to mentioned some individuals who were badly engaging president Kiir to consider their Satanic plan.The prime planner was his legal advisor Telar Ring Deng and many Warrap boys. This was a long plans against sons and daughters of greater Upper Nile politicians but due to the fact that our brothers Nuer are always in hurry instead of being patient they choice impatience by eracted very emotionally until the big shark saw their collective emotional and firing them before they could started. For the morale booster James Wani and the current defence minister were out of the groups but later considered because of loyalty to Kiir’s government. Unlike Wani Kuol was consider because of his boldest courageous in which he had denied the most prominent political rival to the then late Dr. John Garang leadership, that Dr. Riek Machar and his former deputy of the Nasir faction Dr Lam Akol. In order to eradicate the so called ethnicity political campaign as the mean of winning public interest, South Sudanese citizens needs to think twice and choose their future leaders wisely otherwise this crazy idea of tribal campaigns will cause us nothing but hatred.

  7. monychol says:

    I totally agreed with you in all dimensions and the points that you mentioned that the Bhar el Ghazel have a regional conspiracy against other regions and Upper Nile was the first target followed by Equatoria.The Nuer were not the only target it against everybody outside the Bhar el Ghazel region including the Dinkas outside Bhar el Ghazel region.They were intended to be the collateral damage.Remember when the two elephants fights the grass suffer.The two elephants were the Bhar el Ghazel Dinkas against all tribes in South Sudan while the grass where going to be Dinkas outside Bhar el Ghazel.The Dinkas in Bhar el Ghazel were meant to be protected by the government headed by their son.
    Now we have a region not a country let alone a nation yet and if want to have both a country and a nation we must learn to. be honest and tell the truth.

    • bol akuol says:


      Oops! The dog is licking the self inflicted wound. The people of Bhar El Ghazal did not start the coup of 1991 and the coup of 2013. They were both started by someone from the Upper Nile region and now you are attempting to blame it to the people of Bhar el ghazal. Do you know what i disovered from you twic east people, you just want to rule and have the people of bhar el ghazal protect your leadership as it was the case in 1991. Please let me tell you this simple fact that you will neve rule south sudan without the suppot from the people of bhar el ghazal. Your native son late Dr.John Garang would not have lasted for 21 years if it was not the people of bhar el ghazal. It was the same kiir mayardit who kept the people of bhar el ghszal fighting for his leadership in 1991 otherwise riek machar would have chased him with Rebecca Nyadeng and Dr. Majak D’Agoot. Would you resist Nuer without the muonyjang of bhar el ghazal? Would Dr.Majak D’Agoot be another john garang in south sudan without the people of bhar el ghazal? Well, the recent political crisis in our country has profoundly exposed your weakness and disloyalty to the people of bhar el ghazal and you will consequencely pay for it politically. You foolishly acted like prostitutes between kiir mayardit and riek machar. You have betrayed the bor and the people of bhar el ghazal and you will ripe the result of your blunders.

      • monychol says:

        Bol, When I wrote I wrote as an individual not a county or a tribe.But if you are more interesting in tribal politics rather then truthfull honest politics that can take the nation forwards, go ahead with it.
        Greater Twic people never stands with government or tribes.Itis your begging business.I was in Juba in December last year and there was no coup.It as Bor thugs plus some thugs from Bhar el ghazel who threw the country into chaos.My friend you are talking of paying for your conspiracy I gurantee that you are already paying for it.Where is your county? What happened to Bor county and its Payams.Now those Warrap and Aweil boys called Mathiang Anyoor are paying the price of conspiracy in Unity state.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      What are you trying to insinuate with your folly comments?
      What type of Honesty and Truth are you talking about here?
      Where were you when the so called Greater Upper Nile splits when SPLM Organization was still under the care of your Dr. John Garang where some of you in the same Greater Upper Nile accused Garang of running the Movement as his personal property and not only that, the same Greater Upper Nile Bogus have deeply resorted into the killing or massacring of innocent civilians and looting of civilians’ properties which had eventually led to the death of tens of thousands civilians in Greater Upper Nile until your recent enemy in Greater Bahr el Ghazal came in as rescue mission to serve and protect you with your Garang from the Same Greater Upper Nile whom you are referring to as your siblings and friends today.
      I know the issue of Chairmanship being hosted by Greater Bahr el Ghazal Region has madly drives some Dinka to the extent of denying their true identity because they wrongly took SPLM to be their personal organization in the geographical area, especially some DINKA-BOR extremist like you.
      The time will come when Bahr el Ghazal Region will say enough is enough and let take our sticks and start beating dogs and donkeys so that we can truly deserves a high respect just like how Dr. Riek did it to you in 1990s and that is why he is enjoying this kind of respect from Bor including Garang’s family.

  8. Defender says:

    Hello Santino,

    This excerpt is taken from Radio Tamazuj news report on the meeting of “Nuer Loyalists” to president Kiir. Read for yourself and you will see what you have said is written all over…

    “South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir met top loyalist Nuer politicians over the last few days in Juba where the politicians expressed concern over their positions if peace is reached with the rebels.

    Ateny Wek Ateny, the president’s press secretary, told Radio Tamazuj that the Nuer politicians wanted assurance from the president that their positions would not be affected in any transitional government of national unity.

    The officials include Manassah Magok Rundial, Riek Gai Kok, John Gai Yoah, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Kuong Danhier Gatluak, and various members of parliament. Former army chief of staff James Hoth Mai was also present.

    Ateny said that Kiir reassured them that their positions will not be affected by the peace talks, but pointed out that members of the next government will be based on merit.

    “A Nuer official will not be removed because there is another Nuer in opposition coming in to take over, thus all the Nuer who are in opposition faction will get chances in a transitional government,” he said.”

    This quote, though long, exposes the reality of the political situation in South Sudan. As you indicated the War is a war of choice and the choice is survival or staying in power by all means. This is the tragedy that South Sudanese will continue to suffer if justice and accountability is not included in the peace agreement.

    Our hope to see a different reality our of the current situation is bleak and the potential for another blood bath happening, whether soon after the transitional government or at the end of it is likely to create much worst calamity that what the world has witnessed.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t think Riek Machar will go back to Juba again,government should allow him to stay in exile after peace agreement have being sign.Post of Prime Minister is not the solution to Riek problems.Pay him and let him stay away.

    • santino aniek says:

      Line George, Kondokoro, Aluong Deng Bul, info@southsudannation, Defender, and Philip Tolewut:

      Dear concern brothers and sisters in this struggle, a debate has existed about the effects of creating forgiveness, compromise, dialogue and peace to prevent atrocities. We as advocates of intervention argue that a credible threat to intervene should deter perpetrators and stop atrocities when deterrence fails. However, I have nothing but respect for each and everyone who have devoted and always take time to expressed their opinion on these burning issues of our time. Unfortunately in the process, we can agree to disagree that is the nature of discussion sometimes. Nevertheless, this suffering of course takes far more then a physical toll on us, and mentally, most of us get extremely discourage hearing the same issues everyday. Imagine being separated from everything and everyone you love, imagine that feeling when you are not going to see him or her again. It make of all us feel physically ill at the madness brought forth by the narrowed-mined that doesn’t think first before action and it also makes us irresponsible in the face of all nations, because we are one people and we will continue to be one people all the way to the gate of hell. In fact, Philip Tolewut for the point that you have levitated, we are examining the facts and all the allegations regarding infringements of this war of choice and we are going to concluded it in the near future. However, we are watching it closely, and in accordance with a decision originally taken by the Government, the complaints against the government will be examined and submitted in the first instance to the right concern groups for preliminary examination.

      At the theoretical level, the arguments presented by each side (government and rebel) are incomplete and fail to fully grasp the strategic dynamics of intervention peace and reconciliation in the new nation. Our citizens now have reasons to reject this pathetic thoughtless ideology and embrace peace as the model yields the following finding solution for “everlasting peace” in our nation. It doesn’t matter what Juba is saying, the fact of the matter is whether there was a coup or genocide or not, however, that doesn’t give anybody permission or license to kill innocents people. More importantly, South Sudan is sovereignty country with laws that can be applying to anyone if the law is believed to be broken. With that being said, what happened in Juba should not dragged the country into a civil war, if so call-leaders have understanding, Juba should be held accountable and those who were responsible for these messes should have taken to international court period. Likewise, people are free to do whatever they want to do, but killing innocents people and misleading the public is an acceptable. I find this kind of human behavior and thinking is extraordinarily heartbreaking and troubling.

      However, the question of how this war should be call is not debatable. Call it a war of choice or whatever it is, but calling it nothing is disturbing, because Dinka and Nuer seem to agree to help their thoughtless leaders to finish what has started in Juba. Empirically, we all know that wars are divided into two: those of necessity and those of choice. This was not the war of regime change, nor was it a humanitarian intervention, none of those, and then however, it is the war of choice. Though, it is a damn shame how people are saying it is okay to continue with this war of choice, because the coup had taken place or genocide took place in juba, think the gods or Nhalic of South Sudan is unhappy with it and we will all be going to hell if we continue with mentality of us against them. Do we really need the gods or Nhalic of South Sudan or our magical sky friend to save our innocent citizens? It sounds pathetic coming from a grown up man like me right, it is the reality folks, let face it.

      I’m appalling at the lack of compassion, and understanding in South Sudan, what is so depressing is, our citizens are being used as tools that always dismantle our God given lives and create a tremendous hardship for our innocent people. With all the war we fought, I can tell you right now, we have reached a limitation and we need to change course, overwhelmed with more kindhearted and compassionate responding to this tragic war of choice. It is easy to say those who are suffering and dying are not my children, not my mothers, not my relatives, and are not my families I don’t care whether everything is going well for you for the last eight years, we need to care for our innocent fellow citizens period. Nonetheless, looking at this war of choice isn’t the answered; it is just selfish and disgusting to be on the sideline during this grave rebellious time. I care not only about these children and women in South Sudan, but also about all children and women who are equally suffering atrocities in the rest of the world. However, one-day life will teach us how to look at other with different eyes, lets hope it is not your children who will be suffering and dying.

      In deed, war never been the solution, it wasn’t the solution during the 21 years of struggle when we fought the regime in Khartoum, it aren’t the solution now, and it will never be the solution for South Sudanese people crisis. More importantly, this war of choice is so remarkable and profound to few individuals, and I was thrown to the side, when I watched the suffering of our innocent people. It is moving and I hope more people watched this, because folks South Sudan lost 2.5 millions people in order to be free and now we are killing ourselves, for what.

      Consequently, we will engage in extensive discussion in the days ahead with the current state of suffering of our citizens, we will swap the horror stories of the war of choice, but fail to acknowledge that we choose this war, is exceedingly disturbing. However, we always use phrases like you cannot place the blame on just one side, though we are comfortable giving so call-leaders all the blame while we take the glory, and forget that we are fighting this war on these ruthless’ behave, think about that. The use of the word I’m not tribalism becomes our only recourse when we refuse to look at ourselves, and knowing that we are fighting a long side of our tribal leaders, and as a result, our citizens are the victims of their bad tribal leaders. These so call-leaders do not think of the future of their children and grand children or are not aware of the magnitude of their actions, but we need to care.

      Talking to them is like talking to a lost cause, and they stick to these narrowed-mined and thoughtless advisors who have never achieved anything in their whole lives. Though, for these men like this to exist, they must be well trained from a very young age to create conflict and death. It is a never-ending cycle of stupidity and full lack of recognition and not acceptance of high responsibility among the so call-leaders in South Sudan. Theoretically they are all children having children. Perhaps the only one in South Sudan that had the choice, and possibly that option is really empty. Either way, when confronted with that option, these men didn’t have the strength to resist it, and there isn’t any honor in that, which is why I feel they deserve to lose society’s respect. For fighting this violence extremism requires a broad coalition of communities willing to stand up for their citizens, and unite against those who seek to divide us among fault lines of tribes or sections or race. Defeating these extremism politicians means defeating its false promise, instead embracing the real promise we see in our citizens, investing in civil society and in the groups and people who are rejecting hate and division in favor of peace and tolerance is instantaneously needed.

  10. monychol says:

    All of us including you, me the rests and Riek Machar are coming to Juba armed to the teeth.We all of us including Riek Machar are the government.I don’t know what do you means by the government and Riek Machar. Riek Machar is the government and the government is Riek Machar.
    If Riek Machar does not come to Juba, there will be no peace and no government.

    • bol akuol says:


      That is a lie! The government of south sudan has been effectively functioning without Riek Machar for a year or so and it would continue to function even if riek machar doesn’t come to juba. Please wake up and get your facts straight.

  11. Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

    Dream on…

  12. santino aniek,

    I respect your opinion although it is debatable. The war is a war of choice for Kiir and his supporters but it is not a war of choice for those who fight back in self defense. Those who were massacred in Juba did not choose to be massacre and did not declare war on Kiir. Consequently, you stated that “what happened in Juba should not dragged the country into a civil war, if so call-leaders have understanding, Juba should be held accountable and those who were responsible for these messes should have taken to international court period”. Who is going to hold the government accountable? Salva has been planning for Nuer massacre for a long time until he achieved in goal in December 2013. If Salva wanted to kill only Riek Machar like many Dinka encourage him to so, he could have done so without massacring unarmed Nuer civilians in thousands in Juba.

    Understand that we South Sudanese we learn through our eyes not our ears. We do not want to prevent the problem before they occurred, but we prefer to solve the problem when they are already happened and see the damaging results. We are so good at deceiving people with good words that do not hold water inside us. Salva Kiir has been breaking the laws since 2005 and no one hold him accountable for all the crimes he had committed.

    Beginning with the crimes Salva committed in 2010, Dr. Lam Akol had been attacked in his hotel in Juba many times and many of his body guard were killed until he fled Juba, but no one held Kiir accountable. In 2010 election, Dau Aturjong, won the election in Northern Bar El Gazal, but he did not become governor. Angelina Teny won election in Unity State, but she did not become governor. In Jongeli State, George Athor won the election, but he did not become governor. However, no one held Kiir accountable for those crimes. In 2011, 500 Nuer were killed in training camp in Mapel, but the government was not held accountable. Several people have been killed in Juba by security guard including Isaiah Abraham, but the government was not held accountable. Kiir dismissed elected governors to promote his own self interest and install his loyalist, but no one hold him accountable.

    In June 2013, president Kiir invited thousands of Ugandan troops into South Sudan and deployed them around Juba airport, but no one question the president Kiir’s decision. In November 2013, Kiir trained 1700 soldiers recruited from Northern Bar-El-Gal and Warrap in Juba purposely to massacre Nuer when they graduated, but no laws question Kiir’s action. Who do you think will hold Kiir accountable this time for massacring Nuer in Juba? It is up to Nuer whether to choose to die like sleeping dog inside the house or run away and fight back in self defense for their survivable. I believe the few Nuer who are still alive now would have been killed if they did not fight back. However, I am glad that the Nuer response to fight back grasps the attention of many South Sudanese and international community.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Santino:

    I am most tempted to show appreciation to your excellent article n comments to reaction comments.You said every thing that a wise man should say very correctly to the gravity of our situation.Unfortunately those,among us,who could do things according to suggestions in your thinking are not so many.Under such context,inaction would likely impose it’s self.This is the most dangerous point that would produce circumstances that would keep the bad order of things the way it is n compel our suffering to last for a very long time if not forever.But ofcourse human life is made for struggle.So the only way to change things in RSS is struggle.I should’nt give myself the right to repeat what you have said alreay.But I must not shorten to thank you so much for your most brilliant contribution.

  14. monychol says:

    The war business is now coming to its rightful place and that is between Warrap and Unity states.At the borders of these two states, is the rightful place where this Kiir and Riek business must be kept at using their youth and men a fire wood.It is a business that tribal patriots such as Paul Malong and Peter Gatdet loves most and they must be given more chances to enjoy as much as they have appetite forcit.

  15. BILL KUCH says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Here is what I am thinking, people have to choose between war and peace for there is no reason to follow both at the same time. It is an opinion, but that would be the right thing to do. So, the government should full out of peace talks in order to be concentrating only on front line because it is meaningless after all since rebels are still interested in fighting. Thanks.

  16. monychol says:

    What government? Those few old men who have chosen to be tribal patriots will they gioto frontline too.I know many youth here in Juba who will not go .I will not go will you go and so do I have to expect you to separate from your computer tommorrow and be at the frontline?
    You are joking only poorly and illiterate sons from Warrap and Aweil are fighting with the Nuer tribe everybody is here.
    Malong Awan is killing Malualgiernyang’ s children while Kiir is sacrificing his Warrap boys for leadership.
    Where are Kuol’s bor county boys to dend his tribal hatewar?
    Bill Kuch is still commenting and not joing Kuol tribal army?

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      The muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal have lost more soldiers, protecting the leadership of your hometown boy late John Garang and they will continue to lose in the protection of their hometown boy, president Kiir Mayardit. Just relax and watch the real heroes and heroines squaring it off with Riek Machar’s mad men. The gallant warriors of Bhar El Ghazal will never lay down and spread their legs for Riek Machar’s mad men as you did in Twic East. They will fight them until they know their true name, “MUONYJANG”

      Please check the latest news about the fighting in Bentiu and Robkhona on the social media. President Kiir has just pulled out from the peace negotiations in Addiss Ababa due to Riek Maschar’s lack of commitment in the peaceful resolution. Riek will soon return to Kiir and ask for the forgiveness as he did in 2002 after 8 years of fighting. Riek Machar’s hometown is adjacent to Warrap, he never start any war in Unity State because he knows who are his neighbours.

      The Nuer soldiers used to be 70% percent in the SPLA army when they started their stupid Coup. However, the Muonyjang is now 1000% in the SPLA army. General Malong Awam, General Ajonga Mawut, Santino Deng Wol and General Garang Mabiel have now recruited more soldiers from Bhar El Ghazal than ever. All the Muonyjang who quit the SPLA army after the independence have now been called back to return to the army due to recent crisis in the Country. Just give it few months since the government has pulled out of the peace talks. There will be no Riek Machar rebels carrying guns in South Sudam very soon. They will either run to Khartoum or Gambella, Ethiopia. Riek Machar is dealing with the real Muonyjang and not the Jang of Twic East. Some of Riek Machar’s rebels will soon fight with you over the cup of Marissa in Juba after being smoked out of the greater Upper Nile Region. Please don’t rely on the information of the rebel’s spokeman Lul Koang because he lives in Kenya, Nairobi and does not precisely what is happening in the battle field. He just sits and propagates lies in the Hotel in Nairobi as he just did about the fall of Bentiu and Robkhona in the Unity State.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Bol AKuol,
        Thank you for the truthful writing and let them believe it or not, it will be up to them. We are not playing war game here as some people claiming it to be between Dinka and Nuer, but what if it is, then they are not going to win nothing. As you mentioned that more Dinka joins the army now than it was before. And that is correct as it is the fact. I hope Nuers will correct themselves by calling it governing problem in the party system and not Dinka or Nuer problem. There would be no change since they want to fight Dinka instead of government and that would force some Nuers to be in their Gambela land. Thanks!

  17. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    One thing i ‘ve learned from you is that, you don’t ‘ve a heart to appreciate your saviour, President Kiir is a great saviour to you (Nuer) and other traitors like Equatorians, Murle and Shilluk.
    How many millitias, triators, backstabbers and food lovers ‘ve been integrated in the Army and Civil Service by this Joshua?

  18. BILL KUCH says:

    I don’t used only my mouth and website to support the government for I am not like some of you who misleads Dr. Riek and hide behind him without giving him the supports he needed. Believe me it or not, I would be better to Dr. Riek than you at the end because I did not fake any support to him. And as you might heard that, honesty is good policy. So, my advice to you is, leave alone general Kuol tribal army you are claiming and go to Dr. Riek militias. You want to fight now and that sounds good to me! I will be with Kuol and you be with Riek then we shall meet down the range.

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