South Sudan under UN Protection: Is Pagan Amum Truly a Patriot & a Nationalist?

By: Tong Kot Kuocnin, LL.M. Univ. of Nairobi, Kenya, AUG/06/2016, SSN;

It came though as a surprise to see that South Sudan is eating its own tail. Its tail is being eaten by the very same people who brought these sufferings and hardships. On Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2016 at 18:30 UTC (i.e. 9:30 South Sudan Local Time) on the VOA (Voice of America Radio Program, “Straight Talk Africa), one Pagan Amum, known to all South Sudanese people, vomited nastily and lashed out angrily against the leadership of South Sudan.

Not only did he vomit nastily and lashed angrily against the leadership, Pagan went further by suggesting the abandoned 20th century idea of placing a region (or country) under the protectorate of the most powerful country to be controlled and protected by that particular superpower state.

He suggested putting or placing South Sudan under direct control and protection of the United Nations if their call for a regional or international force that is equipped to the teeth to come dethrone the current leadership failed.

These two suggestions by Pagan, the third force and the placement of South Sudan under direct control and protection of the UN clearly indicate how unpatriotic Mr. Pagan Amum is, who strongly displayed an unnationalistic behavior.

He suggested the invasion of his own country by a foreign power. Pagan categorically betrayed the cause of the people of South Sudan as well as the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of South Sudan.

He has shown to be a materialistic leader and not a patriot and nationalist anymore and many of us who gave him the respect and veneration of a leader have withdrawn our confidence in him forthwith.

He has deeply betrayed us as a people and a country by calling for the deployment of a third brutal force which is coming into the country with hidden agenda as well as calling for direct placement of the country under direct UN control and protection.

This third force is coming for nothing but invasion of the country and looting of its resources by the foreign power that is collaborating with Pagan and the likes of Dr. Majak D’ Agot.

These are all unhealthy calls, suggestions and procedures by somebody who is interested in material welfare and riches like Pagan Amum and not somebody presumed to be a future leader of a sovereign and independent nation like South Sudan.

We have had enough of these selfish leaders who speak out critically of the government only when they’re no longer serving in the government.

Pagan failed miserably as Secretary General of SPLM with a lot of finger-pointing at him for unprecedented squandering and embezzlement of the party’s funds leaving SPLM in squalid condition and shape.

As Secretary General, he was the chief administrator of the party tasked to draw up party programs which are ultimately supposed to be translated into government programs since SPLM is the ruling party.

This, he absolutely failed to do relegating most of the SPLM Ministers redundant and confused of the programs to implement or execute and hence resulted into lack of service delivery to the people.

Now here we have Pagan again vomiting out nastily against the government he worked tireless to fail and suggest the country he immersed into the toilet to be placed under direct control and protection of a foreign power.

What does Pagan really understand of the intervention force into South Sudan? Or what exactly comes into his mind when he talks about placement of South Sudan under the UN? I may agree sincerely when people say limited knowledge is a disease.

Pagan hasn’t read enough to know exactly what it means to put a sovereign and an independent country under the protection of foreign power, and if he does, then Pagan must see things beyond his nose.

He must not be blinded by his hatred toward the leadership and suggest such terrible and detestable abandoned idea. To dethrone the current government is not a solution for the future of this country and its people.

It is not at all a detox to treating all political ills and shortcomings but it’s a detriment to the future of the country and its people, therefore, Pagan Amum is a devil’s advocate. Pagan must know that a leader comes and goes but the country remains and his jealousy, envy and hatred toward the government and the leader he has once served and adored must not make him become blind both in the eye and in the heart.

This country doesn’t belong to Salva Kiir but to the people of South Sudan, as the saying goes that, “a devil you know is better than an angel you don’t know.”

Pagan must not sell South Sudan to angels he doesn’t know, he better keep it under the control and protection of the devil he knows.

The writer is a Master of Laws (LLM) candidate at the School of Law, University of Nairobi specializing in Law, Governance & Democracy. He can be reached via:


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Pagan’s suggestion of putting the country under the UN trusteeship is patriotic and nationalistic. Unless, one is the beneficiary of killer nyankiir’s kleplocratic regime, there is absolutely nothing wrong with such a suggestion—after all, killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges council of evils have invited foreigners-mercenaries—UPDF, SPLA-N, and Darfur rebels in South Sudan since December 2013 to the present.

    • GatNor says:

      Gatdarwich, I agree with you indeed. The foreign mercenaries you mention above that were invited by Jaang regime were given orders to shoot to kill Southern Sudanese but to protect Jaang properties, villages, state and towns like Born Town. In all this nobody related these acts of unpatroitic by Jaang against other citizens of South Sudan as to questioningquestion their patriotism and nationalism. Why is it that all of a sudden endorsing or suggesting that foreign protection forces are an alternative to protecting all civilian population or Unsupervised trusteeship is view as unpatriotic. Jaang think only their will and only their will must be done in South Sudan as they see fit. They Jaang should be prepare to fight the rest of South Sudanese tribes for a long while. And must be ready to fight their own wars because Uganda will not fight for them forever.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Jenges–Jaang–Slaves-hearted Dinka have indelitable records of treacheries in South Sudan. They treasonously sold Abiey to Khartoum, collaborated with Arabs against Anya Anya 1 movement, killed the patriot Gai Tut in order to permanently prevent South Sudan from becoming independent from the North. Dinka in general devilishly engineered the current carnage in Jinub—the Nuer Genocide in Juba(2013), Lou Nuer killing (2006), Gajaak Nuer massacre (1987), Toposa Massacred (1987), mercilessly executed the Massacred of Murle (2012),Chollo(2010), Balanda–Jur(2016). The treasonous Dinka have traceable records of unpatriotism and UNnationalistic deeds. They (Dinka) are most traitorous and unpatriotic individuals in South Sudan full stop

        • GatNor says:

          I vividly remember the GNM of ’80th. Kiir was the head of security/intelligence then, Nyuon Bany was use effectively against Nuers during those years until Karma caught up with him and his deeds against Gaajaaks and Nuers in particular. GaaJaak taught Jaang a lesson that makes Jaang curses Nhialic upto date. Upto today Gaajaak was the first to tell SPLM/A of Garang to come and explain what he is liberating if he is busy murdering and torching villages with Gaajaaks in them and at the same time Gaajaak sons and daughters have join splm/a by the thousands. At one incident My father in a conversation said ” kume emo, mi gor spla emo ce wida gai, kume emo ci kene bi jek mi we ken nak Nueri kuokthin baang” To tell you the truth kume e nak ken Nueri ke je ni wal manientame, kan kene jek. In transilation SPLM/A never achieve the very objective they were massacring Gaajaak for which was the United Secular Sudan.

  2. bismark says:

    Because Pagan Amum has been in SPLM/A for a long time, he has studied this organisation and come out to this conclusion. Pagan is might not wrong. He could be right. When a nation state is formed comprising of people of different ethnicities, the government should be for all its citizens and its primary responsibility is to provide security to the citizens and their property. The institutions of the government then is supposed to reflect regional balance and form a true face of South Sudan nationalities. No citizen is supposed to feel he or she is out of political decision processes by voting in democratically elected representatives in the parliament without intimidation. Decrees of President should not even be there because as it is the case, it reflects dictatorship, a thing South Sudanese do not shy away to fight against. When it come to army, police and security services and most important government institutions bodies most of senior officers and officials are from a single ethnic background. Their troops too are mainly from that tribe from which the president hails. Their misconduct and atrocities caused to civil population all over South Sudan is silently ignored. It is therefore why I think the leaders of South Sudan has failed to lead the people and an external help should is necessary. In order this to take place the instruments of brutality that is existing in the country needs to be dismantled and a new one formed that is a true reflection of South Sudan nation and not of a dominant tribal nation. This can only be done when the force that comes in is superior and numerous. We need a balanced army, police and security service whereby a thing called unknown gunman becomes a thing of the past so that reconciliation can take off. EQUAL NUMBER of senior officers of those forces should come from Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria and Greater Bahr el Ghazal regions. It is then when a people’s constitution is created and a free and fair elections are conducted under the supervision of foreign experts and then a true South Sudan government is formed that the common man in the village of South Sudan support. We do not need to have people who rape women, plunder citizen’s property and kill innocent people in our security and defence forces as it is in advertised the media these days.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    The tragedy is,apart from the rare few like Nhial Deng Nhial,the rest of Garang’s boys like Yasir Arman,Deng Alor,Oyei Deng Ajak and Pagan Amum are all victims of intellectual deficiency.
    In consequence,as Deng Alor will never weigh one single gram of the value of what Dr Luka Biong is,Pagan Amum will never fit an inch among the ranks of Dr Nyaba’s disciples.
    That as RSS is under extreme difficulties with Nyaba in opposition to the government of the day,he isn’t calling for a UN trusteeship but for an internal popular revolution to over throw the bad government and to replace it with a leadership issue of RSS masses.That conviction isn’t out of nothing.
    As the global order of things dictats,such wretched states as Libya and Iraq that have witnessed UN’s interventions will never recover to be what they were before.Dr Nyaba,a dieheart supporter of Shilluk’s kingdom:that’s the terrifying eventuality that he sees coming to RSS.But that’s exactly what the likes of Pagan Amum have no intellectual eyes to see.The CIA and the yankees understand Pagan Amum perfectly well and so they are set to exploit that vice along with the fact of his having been an SPLM secretary general in the hope that foolish RSS masses will accept his sell out drive without any effort.

  4. Ping says:

    Mr. Tong the law you thing your are mastering now in Nairobi is at question if this is how it is going to make you reason.. Do you still see that there is law and order in this country called the Republic of south Sudan to make somebody write in the way you have done now? Sorry if anything it is justTRIBALISM that has blind folded you not to see the reality and think rationally like what Amum is now suggesting. It is the bad manners being perpatrated in the country by tribalist like you that is inviting the foreigners but not the words of Pagan. The international community can not stand by watching devils killing their own innocent citizens and subjecting them to poverty to allow only few like you enjoying with somebody saying this is a sovereign nation. Who are you to Question Pagans position. The truth is that People with the type of your mentalities of not respecting others and always think negatively about others are the ones destroying the country and inviting outsiders to our domestic issues NOT the other way round. Do good to your people and your sovereignty will be respected

  5. Simba says:


    You accuse pagan of inviting foreign forces into a sovereign country but you ignore the fact that all the leaders of south sudan have lost their entitlement to sovereignty when they started massacring their own. If the government failed to protect its own civilians, then foreign forces are most welcome.

  6. GatNor says:

    The question should be how patriotic are these tribal writers, the likes of this author who seems to attack efforts of personalities in combination with those tribal thugs(Jaang) driving the country to the ditch and yet have frustrated all efforts for peace in an attempt to maintaining a tribal hegemony; respectively in comparison to those who are in search for a solution, I mean any solution to avoid the long suffering of the people of South Sudan. Had pagan not made any efforts in search for peace then his patriotism might be in question. Again who really determines who is patriotic and who is not and how and which criteria should one jump up and down to question the other’s patriotic stance on South Sudan issue. Jaang cia lac. Cam yien South Sudan ketak ka gaat yien wec keeliw, ka nak yien na bang, ngote, ca yei jioki you are not patriotic.

  7. Sossa patriot says:

    That is the problem with you the Jieng, especially those who pose around with their empty educational titles/qualifications. You are supposedly studying for your masters degree in law but unfortunately have not demonstrated any competence in that (or sense of scholarship) in your writing. Education is supposed to impart on you or improve your ability in critical analysis and objectivity (especially for someone at postgraduate level). But your writing above shows no sign of that. You launch into an unsubstantiated attack on the person of Pagan Amum (including his patriotism and love for his country) without asking the basic question of why this issue of UN trusteeship has come up (if you did a bit of research, you would notice that Pagan Amum is not the only one to have put forward such a suggestion, a number of other South Sudanese have done so even before the civil war that started in 2013).

    Why is it that people are now actively talking about UN trusteeship for South Sudan? Is it not because of the barbarity and complete disregard for humanity that is being displayed and exercised by the JCE-led government in Juba? Is it not because the very army supposed to protect the people and defend the country is killing unarmed innocent citizens, raping defenceless women & young girls, burning & suffocating innocent citizens in containers and looting food (donated by your so-called foreigners) destined for destitute and famine-stricken ordinary people? Is it not because the leadership and army are targeting certain (if not all, apart from Jieng) ethnic groups in the country? And why do you think these tribal and ill-trained soldiers loot food and other items from citizens? Isn’t it because they have been neglected, unpaid and generally used as pawns and fodder to prop up a greedy, corrupt, kleptocratic and uncaring leadership in Juba – a regime that has ruined the country, brought it to the brink of economic collapse and sown deep ethnic divisions and hatred all over the country? You rightfully say that UN trusteeship is “the abandoned 20th century idea of placing a region (or country) under the protectorate…” But this might be exactly what South Sudan needs to save it from oblivion given the current state of dysfunction. And if things continue spiralling downwards as it has been, 19th century colonisation/colonialism might even need to be considered in order to save the country.

    South Sudan is not yet a nation, it is currently a (barely functioning) political entity; it is not even a functioning state (as Princeton Lyman put it, “South Sudan ceased to perform even the minimal functions and responsibilities of a sovereign state long ago”). The post-independence government should have focused on building unity, peaceful co-existence, a sense of nationalism, equitable distribution of resources and collective sense of belonging, responsibility and shared destiny, in order to forge a true nation – united in its diversity. Instead, the leadership focused on looting, patronage, land grabbing, nepotism and the worst case of corruption (looting public resources with impunity). They were busy propagating ethnic domination and intimidation, state-sanctioned murder, genocide and criminality. If the leadership continues on this trend, it will not be long before South Sudan ceases to exist as a country because several communities will be calling for separate states and total fragmentation.

    You launch into a tirade about Pagan Amum’s failure as a secretary general. Is it the party secretary general’s job to provide leadership for the SPLM and government (made up of various political parties)? Or is it just a weak and lame attempt to shift blame for the country’s ills from the current JCE-led government to other people? Even if we assume that it is the secretary general’s job to provide the vision and leadership for the party instead of the chairman (ludicrous and ridiculous though that sounds), have things got better over the 3 years that Pagan Amum has been suspended, imprisoned and then exiled? Is the problem really Pagan or the inept JCE-led system and government in Juba? Surely Pagan Amum, Majak D’Agoot and others have their weaknesses but you cannot in any way blame them for the predicament the country is in. Neither can you put the blame squarely on Riek Machar. It is time that the JCE-led government and military in Juba accept responsibility for their actions and catastrophic leadership. They have failed South Sudanese and should give an opportunity for others with better ideas to lead.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Sossa Patriot,
      You have said it all, it’s the “JCE-led government’ that is the problem, that has led to this impending intervention from the UN and IGAD.

      My problem, however, is those of Pagan, Majak, Lado Gore, Dr. Peter Nyaba and the brilliant SPLM luminaries now on the run, in hiding or still serving Kiir under duress. Why don’t they clear their consciences by quitting this failed monstrosity called the SPLM and form a new party. Surely, there must be hundreds of thousands of disgruntled, dismayed and frustrated SPLM members ready to quit the now dysfunctional and murderous SPLM of Kiir and JCE.

      Many African liberation parties and movements that brought independence to their nations have practically vanished, e.g. Obote’s UPC, Jomo Kenyatta’s KANU, Nyerere’s TANU, and even today’s Mandela’s ANC under the inept Jacob Zuma is on the way out. The question for South Sudanese now, must our people keep supporting this already proven murderous and failed SPLM of Garang?

    • Force_1 says:


      You guys can write as many articles or book as much as you want to show that you have an education you actually don’t have based on your reasoning. If you guys don’t even have any clue about the meaning of these words “Patriotism and treason” then it’s laughable for you to say someone else education is meaningless! Seriously; if you guys truly believe that selling or giving your country to foreign powers is patriotism; then the education lost its true meaning! You see; I made my point; I couldn’t be clearer with less than 100 words.

    • Eastern says:

      Sossa patriot,

      Incidentally, most Dinka people in the country and region want to “study law”. This should have been a good urge to correct the state of the rampant lawlessness in their villages but alas!!!!!!!!

  8. mading says:

    To bunch of jalousies and your thief called Pagan Amum who looted South Sudan so bad when he was part of the government will not get your UN wish to rule South Sudan.

  9. Elias Yongo says:

    Pagan has opened up a genuine debate. South Sudanese leaders have failed time and time again, miserably. We are indeed a failed state. Even if there will be implementation of ARCISS, it will still be the same recycled leaders who have failed us many times. The same old looters and killers! Why not try something different that shall give us hope of being a people. What is there to protect about the cursed resources which is used by selected few to be stolen and used to maim its own population. Why can’t we try UN trusteeship with the hope that we shall be Detribalise, Demilitarised, Decorruptionised, write unbiased constitution that will favour the rulers and the ruled, set up proper institutions, start up proper development, recruit manpower techocrats on merits and set up a level playing ground for a genuine election where by that time, (10 years), we shall be able to indentify true leaders without coercion, during a free and fair election. That way, South Sudan can call itself a nation among nations NOT this one which is an enemy unto itself.

  10. Tong Kot says:

    I can’t imagine how a bunch of vagabonds can open their mouths and vomit nastily on an innocent person like myself. I know how envious are you all against a person with an intellect none of you can possess. Why are you guys insulting people who voice out their opinions on issues affecting this country. can one of you write as satisfactorily as you claimed, I challenge all of you who are blinded both in the hearts and the eyes to come out and write as a patriot and a nationalist not people who are sick of tribalism and tribal sentiments. I know all of you are not in South Sudan soil and if you do, that soil alone will curse you.

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