South Sudan: The nation ran from outside its borders

By: Yien Lam, SOUTH SUDAN, SEP/20/2014, SSN;

As the matter of fact, I still see some people that are dubious and question the legitimacy of the foreigners in South Sudan affairs, specifically the Uganda role. Those individuals who are still thinking as such may have missed the point in my view. Uganda has been allowed to do whatever it can in South Sudan.

If it was not because this is a rogue government, there should be no inconsistency between president who invited the Ugandans and his minister of labour. Their message should be consistent in my view if not in the views of many.

These two leaders are expected by others to have enough knowledge about what to say on the media and what is not if it was not the government that lost its legitimacy.

As I know if not you, South Sudan has been ran outside its border by Uganda to be specific. Would anyone be able to deny that rather than Kiir and his likes? Of course not! Kiir and his sympathizers would have been ditched if south Sudan was not ran by foreigners.

This is simple and nobody would have missed it in terms of rationality. If that is so as many know, what would prevent the foreigners to be the most employed people in the country? People, let as give sincerity a chance in our country’s affair.

In this case, however, even if it is being ran outside its borders. Kiir and his likes already dug their holes in which they will be buried because there is no country’s president that can systematically killed one ethnic group within his own country.

Never in the world! This is the first and will be the last. In addition, Kiir Mayar and his government ran out of options. It is now a matter of time for them to pack their belongings and go.

In this case as the saying goes, “what presents you to sleep at night is created by you,” this is exactly what is happening now with Kiir Mayar. Believe it for certain, Kiir Mayar is not sleeping as normal as he used to be before his fake coup attempt.

As the theme goes, South Sudan became what I term as “a state in Uganda.” This was and still so because Uganda has more interest in south sudan than anyone else in terms of foreign employment.

For example, all peddlers who are running everything in Juba markets now are Ugandans. In addtion, military deployment in south sudan is paramount and is the key of all that keeps the kiir’s government in life support and I don’t know for certain how long it’s going to be for the regime to govern as such. Be the judge as I said in my article in March this year title below.

“Can tranquility be brought back to South Sudan by IGAD without UN?”

Well, as the question needs thorough answer, mind is no. IGAD cannot and will never bring a tangible peace in South Sudan because some of its member states are deeply involved in South Sudan crises.

As a concerned citizen of this great Nation, I sincerely believe that peace will not yield any fruits because of member states of this organization — Uganda in particular.

Without Uganda backing kiir, peace could have been achieved long ago. For that matter, I truly believe an IGAD in which Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is the member of, cannot bring peace. The Uganda is preoccupied by interest in the country and the hatred of what would be democratic system.

For that reason, the Uganda leader sees it as the threat to his leadership. That was why the cessation of hostility signed on January 23th of this year was violated by him and kiir’s government repeatedly.

This is a pure and clandestine plan for them that the others know not about it. It was done so by that a leader to ruin South Sudan in pretext of protecting the infrastructures of the country.

They have seen IGAD of doing nothing in terms of keeping its commitment. This is the one reason why the fighting still dragging on for nearly three months now. When you look at this, how in the world peace could be achieved with Kiir’s government while Yoweri Museveni is already playing his game?

In other word, how can you deal with snake without taking its venom out? Should that be possible? To me, I honestly doubt the ability of that organization to produce the tangible result in terms of peace with the absence of the UN.

Kiir could have not insisted to refuse peace repeatedly as he did ever because he does not have any Army of his own that he can count on rather than Museveni’s. In this regard, if we know it as such, how does an organization like this could make peace while its member states are deeply assisting other side than another?

Realistically, Peace cannot be negotiated with organization that lacks neutrality in my view. This would be like fighting a hand-cuffed individual. Nonetheless, fighting with two dictators whose common interest is to crash anyone who happens to come through their ways is tough if not complicated.

But truth cannot be bought but time can. It is always hard for the truth to be heard. But never perish as the lies may have been. Time for the truth to be revealed will come. This will only be a matter of time. Truth may be skinny. But will never die. Kiir and Yoweri Museveni of IGAD may do whatever they can in order to dictate the truth. But will emerge at the end.

However, The United Nations needs to be careful though. It should not allow its staffs to be abused as such with no actions taken. This will not be good for its integrity in the world. It must know that, all dictators are being deterred by action. Without action as it seems to be the case in South Sudan crises, will only influence the abusers to do more in the days, months and years to come.

On the contrary, UN must be the only mediator that could bring a viable peace in South Sudan because it has no interest of any kind whatsoever. Its interest always is to save lives of human beings which is not the case now in South Sudan since the cessation of hostility was signed.

If that is the reason or the meaning of the United Nations as I know, it will be good for the organization to speed its effort of resolving the South Sudan crisis than delegating its powers to an untrusted organization.

The toothless organization known as IGAD has been conquered by some of its leaders’ interest whose aims is for self-seeking rather than bringing peace in South Sudan. For this purpose, I urge the international community to act as quickly as possible because IGAD has shown its colors as not only bias also inactive organization whose member states have already interfered in the country’s affairs.

Due to that, it cannot be trusted to bring peace in the Country. This is a very urgent message to the world’s body to act as soon as possible. Otherwise, South Sudan will be football field for anybody.

UN needs to work collectively as fast as it possibly could. It could not wait to none other than itself. This would be so because Uganda’s attitude will never change.

As the matter of fact, this was the reason why it defied the world condemnation of its troop’s withdrawal. If Uganda defied Norway, United States, European Union and so forth as all know. Who else does the world think Uganda will respect? IGAD! NO! This does not make any sense at all.

In my view, that would only be the collective of all, that is the reason why I suggested United Nations as the right body to put its feet on this issue. There is no other organization that I can think off would fit to that category to solve and bring back calmness into South Sudan ever.

Nonetheless, if United Nations does not act as it should, this will be worse and its comparison will not be found because President Kiir and his mercenaries will continue whatever they initiated in Juba on December 15th last year.

The world needs not to continue watching remotely as it has been for the last three months, otherwise the consequences of its inaction will have ripple effect on South Sudanese. Therefore, I urge UN to intervene sooner than later.

In short, Kiir, M7 and the IGAD cannot and will never bring peace in South Sudan crisis. They are instead fueling it in order to keep the game running. If United Nations wants to save lives in South Sudan as it always does around the world, it must step in for peace to be achieved in the country.

Otherwise, peace will never be seen in that country as long as the Country is being led outside its borders.



  1. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Only Kiir Mayar and the company would disagree with your argument. You hit the nail right on the head.

  2. Mayomdit says:

    Even if Riek Machar come to power it will be still the same,as is been suppoprt by Foreigners including East Africa Countries.

  3. Tuto. Ojuk says:

    When two dictators are working together, and there is no room for peace at all. That is the reason why South Sudan will not getting peace when kiir join together with Uganda president. A person who is a dictator can not be adviser of president. I don’t think igad bring peace in South Sudan if Uganda still in this country. If they want to bring peace to this country, let Uganda leave the South Sudan first. The peace will be successful.

  4. jok lual says:

    to mr Tuto why you call a elect president to been dictator?I think your supporting rebel if you do that you have to take gun now we have a 2 ways Riek machar and spla you have to choose one or keep quiet it si not a time for talking

  5. Tuto. Ojuk says:

    I do support peace in South Sudan. If you support the war, I think you do not know the outcome of war. My friend, if you support war go for it. Do not support something that you don’t do. I am a peace lover, and people who lost from this war both sides are my country men. I am not happy a bout it because war is bringing destruction of property as well as human life.

  6. Emanuel Jada says:

    Kirr is not a leader. South Sudan is been rule primarily by Museveni, other foreign leaders play the secondary role. Weakness of Kirr ‘s cannot be measure. South Sudan independent became unfortunate. Kirr is so weak that after independent, the people who contributed nothing in the struggle for independent of South Sudan surrounded him and it is their ideas which is killing our people and our country today. The suffering Kirr impost in Equatoria was planned by Able Alier the killer and destroyer of Equtaorian people. The foreign leader like Museveni are in South Sudan just for embezzlement of our resources. Able Alier leader us down before, now Kirr is doing the worst. We need to get rid of Kirr who is not a leader but puppet of Museveni. Museveni is a man who have deadly hands in all the atrocities happening in the neighbouring country. Like Rwanda’s genocide, Killing of Kabila in DR Congo. Death of Garang and Geroge Attore and more others. These include atrocities withinh Uganda.

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