South Sudan rebels attack & partly capture Malakal Town


Rebel forces launch attack on army forces in Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile state, despite ceasefire.

Fighting has resumed in South Sudan after rebel forces attacked a key oil town in the state of Upper Nile, a South Sudanese military official said.

A government official confirmed that the rebels have reached the town and could have taken over more than half of Malakal.

The UN says there is heavy fighting around the UNMISS compound which is next to the airport and crossfire is landing in the compound.

South Sudanese military spokesman Philip Aguer told the Associated Press news agency that fighting broke out early on Tuesday in Malakal, which once was in rebel hands but is now controlled by government troops.

“The fighting is very heavy. There is fighting on the outskirts of the town. It’s a very big coordinated attack,” a witness told the AFP news agency.

Although the country’s warring factions signed a ceasefire on January 23, both sides have repeatedly accused each other of violating that agreement.

Toby Lanzer, the United Nation’s top humanitarian official in South Sudan, tweeted on Tuesday that all groups “engaged in the violence must uphold people’s rights and protect non-combatants”.

The UN said both sides had committed rights violations, and on Monday South Sudan’s military announced that more than 20 government soldiers had been charged over civilian killings.

UN compound surrounded

Grace Cahill, a spokeswoman for Oxfam in South Sudan, said armed groups had gathered outside the UN compound in Malakal, where 27,000 people were seeking shelter.

“The presence of armed groups outside the compound has made those inside very scared,” she said.

Ceasefire violations
Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told the BBC that the rebel attack had begun at 07:50 local time (04:50 GMT).

“The rebels are using assault rifles – AK-47. And they have some RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades] and a number of other machine-guns. They are well-equipped,” he told World Update on the BBC World Service.

But the rebels’ military spokesman, Brig Gen Lul Ruai, accused the government forces, with the support of the Ugandan army, of attacking their positions south and east of the oil town.

He told the BBC that the Ugandan forces had bombed their positions from air and that the rebels had repulsed the attack.

Uganda has denied involvement and says it is withdrawing some of its troops, which are aligned to South Sudan President Salva Kiir, from the country.

Upper Nile administration spokesman Philip Jiben told Reuters news agency the fighting was continuing, but government forces were “still in control of Malakal”.

Thousands of people have been killed and more than 800,000 displaced by violence since mid-December, when a fight broke out among presidential guards in the capital, Juba, before spreading out across the country.

Ugandan forces are fighting alongside the South Sudanese military as it tries to stop a rebellion led by former Vice President Riek Machar, an influential politician whose dismissal last year sparked ethnic tension in a country with a history of divided military loyalties.

Machar is Nuer, the ethnic group of most of the soldiers who defected and joined his rebellion late last year.

Most of the loyalist forces are from the Dinka ethnic group of President Salva Kiir, whose government insists that unrest in the country was sparked by a failed military coup mounted by soldiers loyal to Machar.

Machar denies the coup allegation but says his goal is to have Kiir removed from power.


  1. Thiang Gekä says:

    Bravo Freedom Fighters. We would like to see a free and democratic South Sudan.

  2. kololo says:

    I still think that the loss of civilian lives is a very bad idea. We need to stop this war and M7 needs to pack and go back to Uganda. Our children and women are the innocent people dying without any reason

    • Thank you Kololo. I agree with you. Because it is South Sudanese citizens dying from both sides which I disagree with. But it is because of Kiir’s silly, greedy evil deeds to be blamed. He wants to be a dictator for ever in South Sudan. Though it is unacceptable for the people to die, I tend to agree with the notion which says that for our liberty, we should pay a price for it. You can not get LIBERTY for free.

      The Nuer Nation have accepted to pay that dear price to liberate South Sudanese from dinka bondage. For example, Jesus paid a dear price which is his blood for the liberation of mankind from the yoke of sin. Similarly, the Nuer believed that unless a dear blood is tipped, South Sudan will not taste true liberty from Kiir-dinka’s sinful policies of tribalism, nepotism, and corruption.

      May God bless the Nuer Nation

  3. Simon G Riak says:

    We done Democratic Fighter, without you there no South Sudan Nation, but Kiir miss calculated this war against Nuer Warriors, I already believed last two week ago when Gen in charge of Upper Nile State Gathoth was announced the refusal of to be slave by own slavery,

    because Dinkas Naturally they were the Nuer slavery, that why when Dinkas were in power they wants to frees themselves by cleansing Nuerlineage societies

    Dinkas thinks negatively about Nuer while Nuer thinks positively about them, the foolish Majority Dinka were always thinking for how to finish Nuer Community to let themselves free forever, because the Dinka problem is Nuer without Nuer Dinka could do anything possible for their own interest,

    According to the theory Dinka don’t like Nuer, because Nuer corrected their falsely,basically the violation of human rights against others Minority within the Country, believe me or not without Nuer the opportunities minority could face the severely humiliation against them by Dinka, but Nuer prevented, and will show to Dinka of Bhar al Gazal and free donation of Museveni

  4. Pan says:

    Meanwhile over at Hotel & Resort Ethiopia…the Coco Chanel Comrades are enjoying their girlfriends, sipping champagne, posing for the cameras, checking their bank accounts and eating lobster bisque….
    God Bless our comrades.

  5. Abiel says:

    Brother Nuer you just like your name Nuer and Nuer by jieng word it means(cures)and that why you looted .burned where ever you go just because you are Nuer .the things you need to know you have to change your logas the word freedom fighters it not consistent with you action coz you burned down schools .Hospitals . Churches .killed elderly coz you are a Nuer ever one in Soth Sudan have seen what you did to innocent people and how do you destroyed your own look like you are celebrated for recapture the head of Upper Nile but the questions is how many time you entered in Malakal? But Now Malakal is free from rebels.

  6. Beek says:

    Government should allow them to Malakal and then close all routes and let them suffer.

    • john says:

      Well, Uganda’s troops are leaving South Sudan so Kiir will cry like a little bitch who lost her boyfriend. Oh, I remember her boyfiend Museveni is breaking up with Nyakiir. She will suffer in the of Freedom Fighters when they catch her in palace. Poor Nyakiir you missed your man already? You will see with your own red eyes and cry though. I am very confident that this table will turn aganist you soon. We never want you and We never will so stop calling yourself a president of South Sudan for God sake you cheated that election in 2010 it was illegal that you are the president now but We will to you out by all meants necessary or step down willingly then We may have a changing heart to foregive you and let you off with some fewer charges for the mass murder of citizens in Juba,malakal, Benitu and Jonglei. Think about it well or We will come for you. The choice is yours.

  7. Beek says:

    I never heard of HACKING and PHONES listening since Machar left,he will never ever become president of South Sudan never.

  8. Warrap state is under attack as i write the city is burned down by rebels under command by president Reik Machar.

    It will be fallen soon.

  9. Kidepo says:

    Dr Riek should Lobby Ethiopia to come in and wipe out the Uganda forces so that we can resolve our intrenal problem alone without others

  10. Hurry Robert says:

    Museveni is in Juba with Kiir right now and as I am wrting this comment he is still here.I am telling the truth because I am in Juba right now.I think the opposition must also seek a direct help of a friendly neighbouring country to combine force and chase Museveni away from South Sudan.Kiir seems to be a vice president now and museven is the president of both Uganda and South Sudan.
    Ateny Wek Ateny who does not know his role and terms of employment must stop his arrogancy and misleading information.Ateny is the presidentail spoke person and not the official government spokeman either is he SPLA spokeman so he cannot speak on behalf of the government.He is just a massager of Kiir to address the press not to talk about the state of affairs of the nation on behalf of the government.

  11. Dinka elder’s of warrap state should advice Kiir immediately to step-down, or else they will be elder’s of Uganda soon!!!! Breaking News!!!! Warrap State is under heavy attack by democratic forces of Dr Machar, and in matter of hours it will be clear from kiir crooks…. Stay tune for more news comes!!!!

  12. Mc says:

    It’s not true that Warap is under heavy attack, but rather elements of Riek’s rebels have attacked Tonj North and Tonj East Counties for the purpose of looting and raiding cattle. They killed seven men who were defending their cattle camp. They were pursed by the youth and the police in the area. All the cattle have been recovered and scores of them killed.

    This war will be nasty if rebels are trying to impose it on Dinka people as war between them and Nuer. Confine it to the government and SPLM where it originates.

  13. AW joseph says:

    All along Dinka had been telling the whole world that they are the ones that liberated all the people of South Sudan. That Nuer are traitors or Nyagaat and are food lovers. That the Equatorians are Ugandans, Women and cowards. That they brought independence on silver plate to the rest of all the tribes of South Sudan…
    One wonders what happened to the liberators of South Sudan, The brave Dinka men and the conquerors of Greater Equatoria?
    What happened to the likes of LGG, Johnson and many others who were defending King Salva of the Dinka KINGDOM with their filthy mouths?
    Why are the mighty Gellweng no where to be seen in the sustained and relentless Nuer attack? Why run away from Malakal with your pants down and dirty underwares…
    Come on Jienge……!!! Stand up, face the battle as real men. Where you not the one that said you have ant-bullet bodies? That when shot in a battle your bodies spills out water not blood like the rest of the humans. YOU COWARDS……NEVER EVER AGAIN CALL EQUATORIANS COWARDS…..
    Why run to Uganda for help? Why use our countries resources for paying Ugandan mercenaries? Why not fight your war on your own since you Dinka think you are the brave liberators (Anina yau hariru intum ya nusuwan pita ishitawaia).
    Thank you Riek for taking the Risk. Thank you the Nuer people for your sacrifice with your blood and life. We in Equatoria had had enough of Dinka arrogance and greed. We are proud and grateful of all your efforts. I end by saying a Pojulu parable from Central Equatoria that it takes one farmer to plant the groundnuts but the harvest from it is enjoyed by the whole clan.
    In this context its mainly our brothers the Nuer people who are shouldering and paying the premiums with their sweats, blood and lives for the responsibility of bringing democracy and freedom to our baby nation but the peace dividends will be enjoyed by all.

    • gorya lui says:

      you people from unity nuer need to stop talking because they are in shelter camp already.the need to understand themself than talking to websit,are leading yourself in your family before became leader to other communities.this is not about tribe like every one keep said.let asked you ,if community who camplain about leadership become leader today tomorrow we will become unity with north sudan with out agenda why we go back to be one country again.this neverly happened to be sell rice in a store.people need to look back word.what happened and why it had happend.some community the knew how the surrender easily to the north and they keep talking like they know anything but history never been rise away from everybody.please go and sign another peace with north keep doing and will married you all, Good luck keep speaking to whom you want,

  14. Pan says:

    The Cain and Abel story is getting old, AW Joseph, for everybody. You don’t have to gloat and fuel it from your spectator seat as though you are watching a movie. Be the change. Real men don’t make war. Those fighting are on one side: the side of death and destruction. Contrary to facile propaganda , there are not two sides in this. THERE IS ONE SIDE. Carnage, self-annihilation, transgression and immorality.

  15. Joseph Deng says:

    These so called SPLM-IN OPOSSTION, is useless movement, even Jalaba who were our enemy they never killed our civilians in hospitals and churchs, Nuner White armay has created big enemy for themslef.i do not know Nuer in Malakal, where will they go after the peace in fact Upper Nile, will be divid in two states and do not Shilluk, will stay together with upper nile Nuer. about SHOLLO, about 400 Shollo civillian are dead now, killed Nuer with no reason. it is a matter of time how Shollo will react. Dr Riek case and movment has been distoyed by his tribe. no one was happy when Nuer were killed in Juba, insteat they should go to Warrap state for those who had killed them, but they went in to wrong direction and easy traget.. the real movment will never ever distoryed properties, looting, killing civilians. they alway advising civilian not to be in the war zone. i am telling you that ever one in south sudan is against Danka because bad behovoirs and their stiupity leadship style , therefore no one like someone like SALVA Kiir again and Dr Riek will never rule southsudan, he commite crimes against humanity, and SLVA Kirr, as well, had crimes against humenty. in fact Nuer and Dinka, are no different in their behovious. Now Dr Riek and Dr Kiir, ICC Waiting for them.

    • Abiel says:

      Joesph – you suppose to talk about who killed innocent civilian in Malakal instead of talking against the Dinka if you want to talk against the Dinka behavior what bout the Sholo behavior coz it well known to ever one in South Sudan that Sholo were a first people started a tribalism war against Dinka when Dr Lam Akol with his cousin Joneson Uleny killed Dinka chief Thon . Sholo are apart of failed government because spla SG Pagan Amum and Uyay Deng Ajak are Sholo and many other ministers from Sholo why you blame Dinka only at same times there are Amany ministers in failed govt and I did not heard one day that minister was resigned because of failed govt you guys stop your propaganda.

  16. Joseph Deng says:

    Abiel, so called thief Thon, was killed because he claimed Shollo land as their land, and no one told them stayed in bush before, so please talk your Dinka in Upper Nile to stay away from Shollo Land and they should go back to where they were before the war or they will be kill like a dog, shollo youth are ready depend their land, I am from Atar, our land will never be taken by any savage as long as I am still a live, we know that Dinka in general particularly Upper Nile Dinka are being back-up or support by government in Juba, brother, it is a matter of time. Remember, Hero Gen Johnson Oliny, said clearly that if you do not want problem please go back to your home land whether it is in bush or not it’s your home land and let Shollo come and take from you, now we will right fight Shollo tribe. And do not attempt to take other people land and then you think that it is cool. Shollo tribe, is a peace lover tribe never ever take any other people things, if president of South Sudan, was a Shollo man or other tribes ( not a Dinka or Nuer) we will not have this problems, such as massive killing, in great Upper Nile (Malakal shollo home city, Jonglei, Unity State). Taken people land, is crime, I and shollo tribe do not have problem with Dinka even Nuer but at moment both have missed the points and they are not qualify to rule south sudan, in fact both are power thirsty they want power to steal, taken people land, killing, and I can tell you that as long as Dinka and Nuer thinking that they want to rule south Sudan, then south Sudan will never be stable, both tribes agreed not disagreed. Just can you see, Kiir want kill many as he can in order rule and he does want step down like Ukraine president on othe hand Riek want to kill as many people as he can in order rule , both men are greedy and are not fit to rule us. Believe I am not against them as person but I am against their behaviours. please publish my replied to Abiel

    • Abiel says:

      You should go back to your grandmother and ask her which side are you belong to East Nile (lag Jieng ) or West Nile (lag shollo)then come back and claim. the second question is this did your heroes got back their land when they came back and begging like dogs for forgiveness. again Joseph you should stop your propaganda otherwise you will not able to solve its consequences.

  17. Joseph Deng says:

    Abiel, it’s you who should ask your grandfather/mother which areas they belonging too before the war broke-out, in other word from 01/01/1956. And how do they end-up in Shollo Land in eastern Nile. and why they should not go back the area when the war is over, bear in your mind that I am not doing propaganda. I am talking on the real issues which is a land and it’s apart of a mankind life so be careful with it. south Sudan needs a real president who can not say I am belonging to any tribe regardless where s/he coming from and then s/he will solve or address the all reals cause of our problem in our country otherwise will be like Somalia, DRC, RCA. because we started with tribalism president and corrupt like President Kiir, and we do not want tribalism corrupt Like Dr Riek, and we don’t want too weak president like vice president Wani. we have a lots of problems such as land issues in Great equatoria, Great Upper Nile and some others, who cause them is Dinka, did our brothers and sisters whom are Dinka, believe or realize that are the roots cause of some south Sudan problem, I believe that they are full aware of that. I am not against a Dinka or any other tribes in south Sudan, I am a part of a new generation whom love a peace in every corner of south Sudan, and please lets us build a very strong country in Africa, like Dr John Garang, said. believe me will not achieve it unless your some bad elements from tribe have changed they behaviours. then we will do like what Dr John Garang said before. so please from now you should telling them to leave Equatoria lands and Upper Nile Land peacefully.

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