“South Sudan president regrets secession from Khartoum”

BY: Toria, NOV/05/2017, SSN;

Isn’t this the moment that Khartoum was waiting for? People of South Sudan, please judge it for yourselves and just take a moment to imagine what this means. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article63903.

Since 1955, when the first ever rebellion movement was started by mutiny in Torit. It was first lead by an ex-Catholic Priest by name Saturnino Ohure.

Today in their tombs our Founding Fathers are turning and twisting and boiling with anger that a worthless and lazy son of the nation that they dreamt of is kneeling down on his skinny knees to beg the Jellaba for forgiveness?

Pres. Kirr actually apologized for our Independence? Yes, he did. This is not a matter of jokes people; these idiots in Juba think they can play with millions of lives that perished in search of freedom and independence of South Sudan just like this?

Shame, shame, and shame, Salva Kirr brought the biggest shame upon us.

Salva Kirr and his groups with the crapulous advice from his Jieng Council of Elders have abandoned the people of Abyei right in front of our eyes, Kirr actually refused to discuss about the fate of Abyei because he was so scared that Beshir will not shake his hands?

Just because he wanted Omer al Bashir’s help to extradite his rivals and so “he washed his hands” from helping our Black African brothers and sisters whose blood poured on the soil of South Sudan just as much as South Sudanese with the hope that they too will one day live as free people in the lands of their ancestors.

The Nuba, the Blue Nile people, Ingasana and now Darfurians are originally African inhabitants just like us, but now Salva Kirr turned his back on them including our brothers in Abyei.

Nothing ever in our history like this has happened before, and so we must be very careful what is coming next.

I for one am under the impression that Salva Kirr actually might have sold us out already, and we should not be surprise in the near future if we see Sudanese Army marching back into South Sudan.

Because Salva Kirr has given up hope, he wants to go into grave with everyone.

GREAT PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE AND BE AWARE OF WHAT IS COMING. Pres. Salva Kirr is a traitor and he committed an unpardonable sin call TREASON. Only one option is left for Salva Kirr, to flee or perish.



  1. Beek says:

    South Sudan is now better off with out CRYING north.

  2. Beek says:

    Wow, wow and very good to say that ,may I cry or may I laugh.

  3. Bala says:


    President Kiir doesn’t regret the independence of South Sudan from the modern day, Sudan. It is his critics who said he regretted the session of his country. Their goal is to tarnish his good image to achieve political scores. As for Saturnino who started Anya Anya one, Salva Kiir became one of his soldiers, voluntarily.Saturnino and Kiir were in the battle fields against the very same enemy that Saturnino waged the war against. Saturnino could never turn and twist in the grave against Kiir, since Kiir has never betrayed Saturnino, Joseph Lagu, John Garang and every person of the Southern Sudan in every struggle against Khartoum’s regimes. Saturnino and rests knew that Kiir was never worthless and lazy, otherwise he couldn’t have joined them as their soldier and their junior officer afterwards.

  4. Bala says:

    Kiir’s trip to Khartoum was good. He stood up against Bashir in pointing out that he doesn’t harbour Sudanese’ rebels and if there is anyone who can accuse Sudan, it should have been him, because he could count names South Sudanese rebel leaders who now reside in Khartoum, compare to none presence of Sudanese rebel groups on South Sudanese’soil. Khartoum has always been the source weapons which such rebels always use to destabilise South Sudan. That was great a constructive talking to call spade a spade. The President should have always talked likewise when it comes to asserting the truth.

  5. Bala says:

    It is true that people from Nuba and some Sudanese are of African descents. This was the reason why Dr John Garang created a movement that made every Sudanese who wasn’t happy with the regimes felt at home with us. The independence of South Sudan was no priority. The indepedence came because we are geographically plausible to break away if the regimes refused the unity of all Sudanese based on democracy and secularism failed. We broke away because the regimes of Sudan gave us no choice. The geographical locations of Nuba and Darfur fall outside of South Sudan based on 1956’s borders. Should the regimes had excepted democracy and secularism, Southern Sudan would never opted for the independence. Though the Nubians and some Sudanese are no Arabs, it doesn’t mean they should be supported militarily. There isn’t such a policy if you want to live in peace with neighbors worldwide.
    The best we can do is to live with Sudan in peace. We can not give them Abyei, that is for sure, it is inside borderline but we can allow Nubians or Sudanese fleeing violent wars to live peacefully as refugees and friends with us in South Sudan. Just like refugees live in peace with people in most countries around the world that take asylum seekers. Dr Garang created a broad based movement that had the support of all marginalised Sudanese and had sympathies of regional and international community. He was not a red – neck who tried to break apart the country because he was an African who racially didn’t want to get along with Arab Sudanese as a justification for wanting to be independent. He got a strategy that could keep the country either one or divided.

  6. Eli says:

    You seem like a reasonable and fairly educated person judging from your grammar and arts of language. You said many things, and among them is giving credits to Pres. Kirr for joining the movement of Anya nya I, yes he was a junior officer who never learned political skills and the arts of diplomacy.

  7. Eli says:

    Kirr should have stayed a commander of foot soldiers or even a general in the army but not a politician. Your praising of Kirr and claiming that; “Their goal is to tarnish his good image to achieve political scores” (referring to the oppositions) is nothing but a bogus statement and from that, I can only group you in the ranks of JCE if you are not already one of them.

  8. Eli says:

    Another point that I would like to correct you about is when you contradicted yourself by saying; “We can not give them Abyei, that is for sure, it is inside borderline”. If Nubians and the Blue Nile people geographically falls inside Sudan then why is it different from Abyei? You need to admit that Kirr went to Khartoum to beg for money because Bashir vowed that if Kirr brought up the issue of Abyei then he must as well forget about money.

  9. Eli says:

    Last but not least, you also said; “The best we can do is to live in Sudan in peace. Really? ” I don’t mean to offend you but you sounded immature politically. It looks like you have never learned anything about Arabs. Ask the Israelis and they will tell you that; “the best Arab friend you can have is a dead Arab”. You can never make friendship with an Arab, the only time they are your friend is when they need something from you.

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