BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan Peace deal signed today…. A Return to Full-scale War sooner!!

SEPT/12/2018, SSN;

Breaking News: South Sudan Peace Deal Signed Today – but Fails to Address Federalism, Corruption and other important issues pended in Khartoum that are the root causes of the perpetual conflict and division among South Sudanese politico-military groups.

September 12, 2018 will be remembered as a day the people of South Sudan have again been betrayed…yet again by fellow Africans (IGAD) and the World. Cynically, it must be recalled that in 1972, the Addis Ababa Agreement between the South Sudan and Arab Khartoum was signed in the same venue but it was finally abrogated by the Arabs.

The peace deal signed today in Addis Ababa between the government of South Sudan and armed opposition groups has significant flaws. In fact, just before the peace was signed today, it was reported the Kiir’s government forces attacked Machar’s SPLA-IO forces in Yei River State of Central Equatoria Region near the borders of Uganda.

Disappointingly, those of Riek Machar of the SPLM/A-IO and the Lam Akol’s and Changson’s of the so-called South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) have clearly in broad daylight proven that they are simply spineless and mindless of their unforgivable betrayal of the people of South Sudan.

Bravo to those of Dr. Dario Hakim of the PDM and General Thomas Cirillo of the NAS and others who steadfastly and rightly objected to the fake and dangerous peace deal that is an impending and delayed disaster in waiting.

Furthermore, this new peace deal will be monitored by Arab Sudan and Museveni’s Uganda, both of whom are great beneficiaries of this peace deal (more than the people of South Sudan), as well as the being the main benefactors and supporters of president Kiir of South Sudan.

They are all complicit with killer president Salva Kiir in their participation and destruction of the nation and they all will be made to account on the day of reckoning.

Most importantly, the IGAD Council of Ministers in its meeting in Addis Ababa this afternoon nullified the five reservations expressed previously by the warring parties and instead adopted the peace document initialled in Khartoum.

This agreement failed to address the looting done by South Sudan leaders of state resources and revenues.

The five reservations pended in the Agreement are the following:
1- Federalism… which is the preferred system of governance in the country.
2- Number of States… that would be established in the country, that’s a drastic reduction in the current unsustainable number of states established by dictator Kiir.
3- Referendum demand by others that must be carried out before the pre-interim period.
4- Establishment of a Commission to look into the number of states that are to be established.
5- Accountability for war crimes committed etc….

Inevitably, these shortcomings by these capricious and selfish so-called ‘leaders’ could easily lead the country right back to yet another full-scale war.

John Prendergast, Founding Director of the Enough Project and Co-Founder of The Sentry, said: “Today’s peace deal lacks meaningful checks and balances on a presidency that already wields immense powers, which are primarily used to loot the country’s resources and deploy extreme violence against opponents. South Sudan’s vast oil revenues have been pocketed by high-level politicians and their families and carted out of the country.

This new peace deal fails to undo the theft of government revenue by entrusting the same corrupt politicians without any meaningful checks and balances.”

Brian Adeba, Deputy Director of Policy at the Enough Project, said: “This peace deal is simply a division of the spoils between the rival factions with the biggest guns.

The signed agreement reinforces the status quo and increases the odds of a full-fledged return to war, in its failure to address state capture by these politicians or reform in hijacked institutions.

The U.S. and other willing nations should impose sanctions and anti-money laundering measures on the networks of South Sudanese officials and their commercial collaborators who continue to loot the country’s resources and to deny them access to the international banking system.”

Nonetheless, the new Kiir-Machar & SSOA Agreement apparently resolved these four outstanding issues as follows:–

1- On the issue of the States, Annex D was reinstated.

2- The Quorum in the Council of Ministers shall continue as 23 provided that at least six (6) of them are from the Opposition.

3- Permanent Constitution making process: Articles 6.7 – 6.9 are deleted and replaced with the following provisions:
6-7. During the 4th month of the Transitional Period, a Workshop shall be convened for the
Parties to agree on the details of conducting the constitution process.
6.8. The Workshop shall be moderated and facilitated by an institute renowned
internationally for constitution making.

4- The issue of deployment of the RPF shall be handled through the engagement of IGAD and the UN Security Council.

(More updates, details and fallouts coming soon on the signed Addis Ababa peace deal coming………….)


  1. Peter Ajak says:

    Can someone tell these fools JOHN and Brian to take off their dirty noses from our issues?

  2. mading says:

    For who ever wrote this rubbish, the war has been going on for almost five years, and you did not do anything. Please find something else to do. Let peace come to our country.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Please don’t conclude or rule out someone’s idea as rubbish without critically analysis. We all need peace, our people have suffered enough; however, real commitment is required from warring parties for us to realise peace. Otherwise it would be meaningless, do you know why implementation of 2015 peace agreement failed. If you understand the genesis of why it failed you would know why citizens are not confident that this agreement would end the war in South Sudan.
      The genesis of South Sudan’s war was not federalism neither number of states, the war in 2013 started as power struggle within SPLM political party between the president and other leadership contenders. After the Juba incident, leaders of SPLM who found themselves dismissed organise oppositions parties known as SPLM IO and SPLM FD and they took different policy direction, where federalism was proposed as system of governance. However, as our people love power and leadership, SPLM IO split into more than three parties. The current agreement is not about citizens of South Sudan but between comrades of SPLM, remember history of Reik, it may repeat itself don’t be blindfold believing that this group are converted on their rout to Damascus.

      • Dear: Taban Almasi

        Dr.Riak Machar,needs power! There is nothing else! According to what he said in the peace overtures with the government of President Salva Kirr Mayardit,they are CHAFFS.There are no grain being attached at all!

        Why he fails to talk abou the cause of the roots at SPLM/SPLA PARTY in the year 2013 in the government ??????????!!!!!!!????? He thinks THIS BOGUS PEACE HE HAS SIGNED WITH PRESENT SALVA KIRR IN ETHIOPIA IS GOING BRING EVER LASTING PEACE IN THE SOUTH SUDAN IN THE COUNTRY.NONSENSE! Let us wait and see what will happen??????!!!

  3. BOSO says:

    If you are not a politician, you should at least start praying in anyway you know so that the same greedy South Sudanese politician’s hearts be changed for the better and that the same mistakes not be repeated. That is the only way to obtain a just and lasting peace for our suffering innocent people. But if you are still engage in bitterness and resentment against others, then you’re proving to us that your either siding with the governments or with opposition. Siding with either side mean to me that you tribalist.

  4. Lokosang says:

    For some of us who have been following the negotiations in Addis Abba and Khartoum closely it is not a surprise to see that the so call Khartoum agreement is finally signed in Addis Abba based on its original form as initialled in Khartoum.
    I don’t know what will Riek Machar and SSOA group who signed this fake agreement say to the people of South Sudan knowing that their reservations were nullified by IGAD council of ministers!
    Real politicians and negotiators agree on aspects of disagreement before signing the final peace which is contrary with the current power sharing agreement.
    This agreement by all measures is the distribution of powers and positions and has nothing to do with reform agenda that would yield to real democracy, social justice, equality and freedom for all the people of South Sudan. It is just a timing bomb that will explode at any time when the rivals fray over positions and resources.
    I strongly believe that this agreement will collapse before reaching implementation phase.
    With this, one would conclude that Dr Riek and Dr Lam Akol are failed politicians. They have failed us in 1991, 1997 and 2018. They don’t deserve any chance to represent the suffering people of South Sudan. They should retire or go and teach in the universities if they still preserve engineering knowledge.

    • J. Malooma says:

      Instead of pointing fingers at someone who have the courage to take the situation to next level, you should have better tells your supporters the cost of action that your organization/movement will take to encountered the Khartoum/Addis Ababa’s bad peace. As we speak, the games of signing or not signing the peace has been officially overdue.
      Again, you must to know that peace is not about the contents or how to share power on an equal footing or the lack of its, but rather, it’s more less about leadership on both sides of the conflict to respect and implement such a peace. This peace is not that bad as you think. Nonetheless, because we have been dealing with a Kirr-jce leadership whose culture and strengths are to steal on state’s resources and instigated terror; while implementing the the jieng things in process, would be hard to believe this peace will last any longer otherwise…….! But make no mistake, Kirr-jce will pay heave prides if again introduced their terror.
      Remember, John Garang/SPLA/M, has had signed the CPA, 2005 with a long list of reservations. But luckily enough, the SPLA/M of 2005-2011 had two outstanding advantages. Firstly, unlike Kirr-jieng government, SPLA/M were dealing with a government which have been managed by an educated, organized, non-tribalistic and intelligence individuals with a vast intellectual reasoning. Secondly, the “war on terror” that has brought too much pressure on any Islamic military regimes including Sudan…….! Those two important factors were what gave us the “Republic of South Sudan”.

  5. Stanley onek says:

    What we need as south Sudanese is ever lasting peace in south Sudan.

  6. Bala says:

    The root causes of the conflict was Riek Machar trying to overthrow a democratically elected president Kiir after colluding with pagan Amuom and others. Au’s report is rubbish. After all Machar tried it in 1990s against Kiir’ camp but failed.

  7. Bala says:

    NAS and PDM were the same members of the SPLM. The two are a Machiavellianism’s opportunists. Patriotism is what they lack. If you don’t have patriotism itself towards to your own name of the country but regionalism, you are representing your Idolity.
    Federalism is not what makes the United States of America great. It is peace, great thinking and being pioneers are what make the country great in the entire World.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      First just live with the reality that this archiac SPLM is dead, non-existent, extinct and done with. It severed its purpose and done with. Just like KANU of Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya or TANU of Nyerere in Tanzania.
      President Uhuru the son of Kenyatta never talks of his father’s KANU ever. There is now only ‘Dinkocracy or jiengocracy’ in the South Sudan.
      You’re talking of great ideas but that isn’t the reality on the ground in South Sudan. To the ardent supporters of federalism in South Sudan like the two groups, NAS and PDM, this is a serious proposition. There will never be peace in South Sudan unless power is devolved through ‘federalism.’
      America and Germany are great nations today because of federalism in the constitution. Why are you scared of that?
      Every South Sudanese has the inalienable right to choose his/her preferred system of governance that is suitable.
      You people should be proud of running your own affairs in your locality just as NAS and PDM rightfully demand to run their own separate affairs in their own neighborhood.
      That’s their God-given right.

      • Bala says:

        I don’t care if the SPLM is dead or alive. Most people would rather prefer no government interference in their lives at all, though this is a mistaken belief. For once you need the government to regulate the trades interstates and internationally. If that isn’t done,it is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In this Case, NAS and PDM might get richer while the rest get poorer without you the editor not included. In other words, a son of a famous got have all over none famous.

  8. Bala says:

    Juba is the capital of South Sudan. It has somehow developed as a result of NGOs presence and heads of foreign governments presence. The new development people see is not because the Equatorians did it. it is the presence of the government that it was done. when the government of Sudan occupied the place, there was nothing in Juba. The current leader of NAS Knew it before he revolted.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dr. John Garang envisioned Ramciel as the future capital of his liberated nation. Neither NAS nor PDM ever envied the grandiosity of development of Ramciel in the swamps of Lakes State. Look beyond your inherent and tormenting narrow-mindedness.

      • Bala says:

        Dr John Garang might have envisioned Ramciel as the capital city, though not developed yet, his dream is still alive. Juba is not as great as Ramciel with its development. Dr Garang pictured and chose the place not because it is in Dinka land of the Lakes but because the capital city would look great against the waters of Ramciel.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        This was a measured response. SPLA cannot hold the whole country hostage. Let the Balas of this world should know that this uncalled for belittlement of Equatorians speaking their minds will not go unchallenged. We liberated you, we developed Juba and Equatoria, blah, blah…!

        The writing has been on the wall for long!

  9. Tyson says:

    Those who think there is peace to cherish in absence of addressing the root causes of grievances in South Sudan are just fooling themselves. There is no peace at all.
    Kiir will lure his comrades in crime to Juba and slaughter them. That is the trademark of the rotten SPLA/M

  10. taban lowani says:

    I am so sad for the innocent south Sudanese who had died in this war of conflict of interest. Now in this fake peace pacts. Where is the justice for the crime that these people so called south Sudanese leaders have committed. I hope one day, one compatriots military officer can make a cop to clean up the mass and return country back on right direction.

  11. Bala says:

    You have forgotten democracy. We are not going to throw away democracy. This peace is signed to return the IDPs home. They can decide that federalism wanted, not by self-serving individuals like NAS or PDM through a referendum with other fellow South Sudanese. If there is anything South Sudanese don’t like,it is the individuality and that must be overcome by peaceful means if possible. A state of Equatoria gets its darn powers in the Republic of South Sudan and not outside.

  12. Bala says:

    Professor Editor
    You have forgotten democracy. We are not going to throw away democracy. This peace is signed to return the IDPs home. They can decide that federalism wanted, not by self-serving individuals like NAS or PDM through a referendum with other fellow South Sudanese. If there is anything South Sudanese don’t like,it is the individuality and that must be overcome by peaceful means if possible. A state of Equatoria gets its darn powers in the Republic of South Sudan,not outside in the future and that the central government powers overide its Powers. The same to other states. We don’t want Thomas Cirillo, Akim Dario or Joseph Bakassario to create their own hegemony over there.

    • Eastern says:


      Government means COERSCION it means the monopoly to force and its appendices…..The regime in Juba us barely a government. When you lump together what Kiir and cohorts lead and what a democratically electected government means, you get steeped in where you are.

      You are loudly calling for IDPs to return home, have talked to the refugees spread out in the neighbouring countries, outnumbering your IDPs trapped within the country? Returning home these traumatised folks won’t translate into automatic peace!

      Dare walk down that path, we will decampaign the shame peace talks in Khartoum to the detriment of you and likes.,.

      • Bala says:


        Not all governments are coercion and monopoly. The order in South Sudan isn’t a coersion or monopoly. It is a transitional government by the people and for the people. You might dislike Kiir Mayardit but the facts remains that he did not usurp the chairmanship after the untimely death of great Dr John Garang. The entire leadership of the SPLM appointed Kiir. When Sudan held nationwide elections for presidency, Kiir avoided it, because the referendum didn’t require him to do so. He instead chose to run against Dr Lam Akol for the seat of then Southern Sudan. Mayardit won that contest instantly. That makes him legit. New elections would have seen him won or lost but that stage didn’t materialise. Blame opportunists like Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom who made the elections not happened in the new country of South Sudan. The guys are selfish. They didn’t know their own roles. Roles of the vice president are not as the same as the duties of the president and the same is true of the secretary general,Amuom.

        By the way Eastern, since you think that the government is about coercion and monopoly, doesn’t that notion suggest that you are an anarchist which should have no place in the country? Anarchism and rebellion are seditious to any country worldwide. Steer away from them. A time will come when people of South Sudan won’t care about that individuality of loyality to Kiir, Riek, Thomas Cirrillo or Lam Akol and be hunted down to answer to their actions of treason in a competent Court of law.

        As for the refugees both within and across borders,the countries funding their programs are fed up of the chaos in our country. The refugees are not a burden which the funders can sustain. It is the very reason they have been urging us to stop violence.Refugees want self sufficiency in terms of needs. Their international carers cannot satisfy those wants. The refugees must go home to meet their needs. It is obscure that the international community wants one to have a military victory here and then call on the refugees to go home. The language from outside is simple, stop the war and have peace. This is a demand that cannot be held hostage.

        • Eastern says:


          You have completely missed what I was saying. A government is COERCION; a government that doesn’t coerce its citizens to its directive is not a government! A government that doesn’t have the LEGITEMACY to coerce its citizen leave guns to the organised forces, pay taxes, etc. Kiir’s regime doesn’t have that monopoly of force and COERSCION because it’s not legitimate.

          Now you know why the regime cannot govern. Stop the stale and redundant tale of ‘from outside’. I am frustrating Kiir from within!

          • Bala says:


            I never misconstrued what you said. If the citizens are coerced and being monopolized in terms of using forces to tell them the right things they should do,then you don’t have a capitalist democracy people aspire.Take the USA an example. It is the greatest country ever. It is developed, with the best economy and military power ever on earth. Its citizens are well educated and carry guns, causing.problems among themselves. Usually the insane ones are versus the innocents. Though the government is the mightest ever, it doesn’t scrap the law of citizens carrying
            guns ,becaude It is enshrined in their fifth amendment they carry guns. To change this law, the government can’t use organise forces to get rid of the guns., although it has monopoly of the forces over citizens. As for your struggle within to frustrate Kiir, There is no you within. Kiir is not a tribalist and won’t get rid Equatorian like his vice president Wanni Igga.

  13. Lokosang says:

    I wonder who is Bala! Where were you during liberation struggle and What do you know about SPLM/A?
    Some of us spent all our time during the liberation war to proclaim the vision and objectives of the SPLM/A to ensure and restore social justice, equality and freedom for all the people of South Sudan regardless of their tribes.
    What is very frustrating and painful is that the very SPLM/A which was fighting Khartoum regimes since 1983 because of injustice, discrimination and human rights violation is the very one doing what Khartoum was doing to us.
    We who were in SPLM/A say categorically no to injustice. This is not what we fought for.
    Bilal I understand in such situations the wicked guys always seek for quick route to obtain position. Please do so without abusing or saying nonsense to those who dedicated their life for just cause.

    • Bala says:


      I was one of the SPLM/A and still I am today. We never seen future enemies within Southern Sudan then.I followed directives from above. No suspicions, whatever. We captured most parts in the quatorias, except Juba but went to the Lakes States, left Yirol behind and captured Rumbek, After the capture of Rumbek, the rests fled without a fight. Gogrial was where we were stopped but came back and captured Yirol in the spring of 1997.

      As for social justice, the SPLM/A have always had a don’t force and don’t loot policies. We had women battalion and we still have them now. We were already a society where both men and women were equally represented. The the SPLM/A led young men and women to have education. Nothing have changed. Rapes were punishable by firing squads. What more you want from the SPLM/A?. Salva Kiir should give that SPLM /A manifesto to both the regional and international communities. The reason is to separate an agitprop from the reality. What the SPLM/A should be disproved of is the firing squads of robbers, murderers, looters and rapists . Rules against are outlined in the manesto of the SPLM/A.

      The United States have lethal injection for such crimes. Tell the people that the SPLM/A isn’t examplary and following that master.

  14. mading says:

    Tyson. The root caused of our war is power, it is those who were put out of the government by president Kiir who fought him, so that they can get back to be part of enjoyment. Where are you going to find root cause ? Not federalism, not bad governed, Riek was vice president for eight years and things were good, until he was fired did government be came corrupt over night.

  15. J. Malooma says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like your argument; but you aren’t a good observation, perhaps, you were one of the then SPLA/M syndicate and cover-ups member. Don’t forget that majority of SPLA/M critics including myself were grown up in the SPLA/M era, and knows what had happened firsthand. Your own words: “We who were in SPLA say categorically no to injustice”. That’s not true. SPLA has been on record of cruelty and injustice, the behaviors which have never changed. Mistreatment of innocents and those of no big guys within the SPLA ranks and files were introduced from 1983 to date; and I wouldn’t waste time to tell you how and why………, because you know what I means here!

  16. Lokosang says:

    Brother J. Malooma,
    You have to make clear distinction between a liberation movement and a political party. Also you have to understand that SPLM/A was composed of group of volunteers who joined freely and with different objectives not necessarily the vision and the objective of the SPLM/A that you and I and people of SS believed in.
    Some people went to the bush with genuine cause. Others went to get guns for animal raiding, some where dissatisfied with KOKORA, some because issue of Arab murahilin and so many reasons.
    That is why despite the cruelties and injustice that you mentioned about, our people stood with SPLM/A hoping that when we get our independence things may change, but that is not the case.
    What happened within SPLM/A is precisely what happened in animal farm story.
    Without elaboration, if you read that book, refresh your mind and compare. If not I advise you to seek and read it and compare.
    The reason why I pointed finger to these leaders is because they have capacity to sign a durable and sustainable agreement that will bring everlasting peace rather than signing a fake peace that will be abrogated sooner than later.
    You just wait and watch what will happen prior to the start of the interim period in 8 months to come.

  17. J. Malooma says:

    Thank Mr Lokosang,
    Of course, I do read this fairy story, the scientific fiction of Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell on his works. Yes, it’s incumbent to read the Animal farm fiction if you want to know the dark side of human nature. It’s also true that the animal farm narratives do reflect the true nature of brutal dictatorship and cult of personalities of Kerr-JCE leadership and beyond.
    For Bala, we have to leave it to “editor(s)” to deal with. This guy spread out like a virus. Even thouth I’m not against his freedom of expression, but, I do believed that if not sort it out sooner than later, then, the guy is going to contaminate this beautiful platform/forum! Prove me wrong, if this is not the same guy who have been commenting under so many different names in ST (Sudan Tribune); and can posted more than 30 – comments in one article, even if no one responding to his?
    I’m not a member of ST, but I do see those who participate on its.

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