South Sudan opposition Machar’s forces sexually abused women, girls in latest violence: UN

WARNING: This story contains disturbing and graphic details
The Associated Press, Oct/18/2018, SSN;

While the UN has previously detailed abuses by the South Sudanese government, Thursday’s report focused on troops loyal to Machar. (Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters)

South Sudan’s armed opposition abducted women and girls as young as 12 and lined them up so commanders could choose “wives,” and those not selected were left to be raped repeatedly by other fighters, a new UN report said Thursday.

The report, based on victim and witness accounts, gives new details on the surge in violence and abuses that occurred even as South Sudan’s rivals negotiated the latest agreement to end a five-year civil war.

“Most of the abducted civilians are, as far as we know, still being held captive,” new UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said in a statement.

South Sudan civil war has caused 400,000 ‘excess deaths,’ report says
South Sudan reaches peace deal with rebels.

The report focuses on the Western Equatoria region between April and August, saying 900 people were abducted and some 24,000 people forced to flee their homes as fighting surged after months of relative calm.

It says opposition forces attacked at least 28 villages and a refugee camp, and abducted young men and boys were made to be fighters or porters.

One survivor said she was “tied to a tree and raped by two fighters until she passed out due to pain and bleeding. When she regained consciousness, she was threatened with rape again.”

Hundreds of thousands killed:

While the report also notes “harm to civilians” by South Sudanese troops, it focuses on the armed opposition led by Riek Machar.

It notes that the human rights division of the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has identified three opposition commanders “who allegedly had effective command and control of the forces committing these abuses, which may amount to war crimes.” The report does not name them.

The armed opposition “doesn’t have a policy of harassment towards civilians,” spokesperson Lam Paul Gabriel told The Associated Press. “Our duty as a movement is to protect civilians and their properties at all times.”

This is just the latest in a series of reports by the UN and others that have described civilians being raped, shot, hung, tortured and burned.

Often the reports say South Sudanese government troops are largely to blame but opposition forces also have been accused.

More recently, the UN says at least 900 people were abducted between April and August.

South Sudan’s latest attempt at a peace deal returns Machar once again to his post as deputy to President Salva Kiir, an arrangement that more than once has led to deadly violence.

The civil war erupted in late 2013, just two years after the world’s youngest country won independence from Sudan, when fighting broke out between supporters of Kiir and Machar largely along ethnic lines.

A report last month estimated that the civil war has caused more than 380,000 deaths either through violence or disease as humanitarian efforts struggle in what has been called the world’s most dangerous country for aid workers.

“The abuses in the UN report are horrendous and stress the devastating impact that the continued impunity by forces has had on civilians, especially women and girls,” Nyagoah Pur, a researcher in the Africa division of Human Rights Watch, told the AP, calling for the speedy establishment of a long-promised hybrid court in South Sudan to prosecute abuses. END


  1. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Tyson,
    Are those opposition forces loyal to Riak who committed rape, killing, attacking 28 villages and camps in the report be now called Nuer or Equatorian or again Jieng?
    Please answer! Because when you hear such reports from UN against government forces, you quickly say Jieng are the rapists, killers…….etc.
    Who are now these rapists in opposition forces? I know your answer, for sure, you will say this UN report is bias.

    Hooilom, Deng Handbol, Editor and the rest of rebels, who are these opposition forces? Please check with UN to confirm, maybe the report was meaning Jieng oppositions forces loyal to Riak in Western Equatoria who did raping.
    The only way forward is peace, we come together as southerners (Junubiin), impose law and order across the country. That is the only way to minimize criminality such as unknown gunman, raping, killing, displacement…..etc

    • Tyson says:


      I still stand by my judgement of the Jieng as: rapists, looters, thieves. criminals, blood suckers, idiots, etc.
      When the SPLM was formed, rape was used as a weapon by the Jieng against non-Jieng. There are records and living testimonies. I reserve this for the Hague when I will get most of your warlords to answer in a proper court of civility not the rotten system lead by the Jieng in South Sudan. We have kraal courts in South Sudan where there is no semblance justice. Since the SPLM-IO is a child or brother of the SPLM, there is no doubt that after graduating from the SPLM school of notoriety, they behave the same. Like the father like the son!

      First I don’t dispute the UN reports …. even insects know that the SPLM is a machinery of violence and rape. The Jieng believe in raping and accumulating 0-30 wives and over 50 concubines is their pride. This is the reasoning of these senseless thieves and war mongers.

      There is no word in the Jieng vocabulary called “peace”. So don’t pretend to preach peace. Everyday, the Jieng machinery in the form of JCE is abusing the government resources to rack havoc on the innocent people of South Sudan. As long as the Killer Kiir government is led by the JCE, forget about peace. I was hoping that your kraal chief could dismiss the Parliament because the criminal JCE is performing this function of Jieng parliament and kitchen cabinet.
      .For peace to come to South Sudan or for the people of South Sudan to sympathize with your lousy leader, he should undertake the following:
      1. Return all the monies he looted from South Sudan Coffers and collect the same from the fellow Jieng thieves
      2. Publicly apologize to all the women that he rapid, compensate the victims and likewise bring the other Jieng to justice
      3. Dismiss the JCE and those fending for war to face justice
      4. Release all prisoners of war. These people have committed no crime. Speaking against the Jieng evil is not crime but bringing civil to this badly deformed people.
      5. Compensate all the families whose relatives were recklessly killed by the Jieng since Dec 2013 to date.
      6. Stop the war and ensure all lands grabbed are handed over to the original owners
      7. Reach out to all South Sudanese with peace, justice and equality. If Kiir doesn’t know how to do it, he can ask for advice from the current Ethiopian Prime Minister. The Ethiopian Prime Minister is the only leader to consult for wise words but not the mafias of Museveni, Uhuru and Bashir. This is another club of demagogues
      8. Disband the various militias, fake institutions created to siphon money as well as persecute all criminals causing havoc in South Sudan including those bathing with South Sudan money in the neighbouring countries
      9. The list is long —— This is meaning of peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice and equality.

  2. Beek says:

    This is not NEWS. They are REBELS, they did that for years. At the time of John Garang, there was a young Captain I know who was younger than me got 15 young wives, but now they he can’t feed those women.
    UN is aware that any Rebels in this world are lawless, but time will tell. John Garang and his Cronies thought that South Sudan was going to be RULED by Families.

  3. Mor-Amook says:

    My problem with idiot Tyson, Editor and Hoiloom and the likes is one thing. I want you to confirm if organization is to be called by its leader ethnicity as you always do. If you are courageous, please confirm these opposition forces loyal to Riak who committed such horrific human rights and war crimes such as rape, killing, burning villages and IDPs camp, abducting 900 persons still in captive ….etc according to report are equatorians sons or Nuer sons loyal to Riak? Or are they Jieng or foreigners forces loyal to Riak?

    The question is, can these rebels commanders and Riak Machar accused of such crimes be brought to book or not? Will they go to ICC as well? or should they be pardon? These questions need answers from the above persons.

    Please don’t keep quiet, otherwise don’t make noise again in future in this website. Shame on you!! For your information, in any war, no side is clean. Even so many wars Americans are waging in many countries around the world there are horrific account against civilians committed by American forces. But only they are being covered up because America is superpower, not because they are always clean.

    So, from today onward, South Sudanese are aware that you are in bush to enrich yourselves with teek illegal logging with Uganda (Radio Tamazuj 18 Oct 2018 report), many wives..etc. This report depicts the real behaviors of rebels. Hence, you don’t have agenda for the nation as whole, but your own interest. As such, you do not have different with the same government you have rebelled against it. From now on, no sound mind and free South Sudanese citizen will again accept your bullshit in whatever you are claiming.

  4. Taban Alimasi says:

    Mr Mor-AMook,
    Are you happy that this allege crime have been exposed or you are happy because this allegation is brought against opposition, which is positing the government you support. In real world, if investigations are done and prove there’s case to be answered, for sure those commanders should be answerable. For the warlord both in government and oppositions are alike, they killed, loot individual’s property unlawfully and when you oppose them they will crucify you in the name state, today many human right activists languishing in the detention.
    The opposition advocating for good governance, but what is happening in their control area is precisely the same with government.
    Mr Mor- Amook, I understand you are mocking Tyson, as you think he might be a supporter of opposition, but the truth is none of these group are fit to govern. They have failed as team, they should give change for sound mind, not corrupted by tribalism to collect the paces and unify South Sudanese.

  5. GatCharwearbol says:


    UN is bias and has been bias since the eruption of this war. Where in the world can two persons involved in a case can be guilty? Whether the report is authentic or partial, whoever ignites the war in 2013 is to blame hence Kiir Mayar. Before the war erupted, there was never such things. Hence, we blame your Jieng government for everything that this civil war brought to us.

    This petty accusation is a result of something that he had been started by you. So, enjoy your cocoon.

  6. mading says:

    Brother Mor Amook.
    These rebels are worse then ever, but they have advantage of having loud mouths and webs like which is their propaganda machine. Look now where are they ?
    If you remember, I said it before here that talking very much doesn’t men you are right all the time, It means you have a big loud mouth.
    Now Editor, Deng H., Eastern, Steve John, Gatdarwich, and Toria are quiet like they never exist. Because this report came from their master UN.

    • info@southsudannation says:


  7. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    First of all, I want to categorically say at the bottom of my heart that, I don’t like at all what had happened in western Equatoria. The civilians who have been killed and raped by rebels are innocent South Sudanese. They are victims of what they don’t deserve to. Secondly, I am not a supporter of the current regime, I said it many time. I am liberal minded south Sudanese looking at our problem generally like the way you always comment.

    We can hold our current leaders whether in government or in opposition accountable as leaders of entities or organization, but not on the account of their ethnicity. This is my problem with those idiots (Tyson, Editor….etc), they don’t differentiate. Nevertheless, even if I were to support the government, it is not because of Kiir being Jieng. How many Nuer, Equatorians and other tribes in this government from local government, state and to the national level? Are they not supporters of Kiir? Can they be called Jieng because they are in the government led by jieng?

    Look at how GatChanwearbol commented! the comment doesn’t demonstrate intellectuality and nationalism. Instead of condemning it, he says, Salva Kiir is to be blamed for starting the war not the commanders controlling those thugs. He also says where on earth the two sides, government and rebels can be accused of the same crime. Does that really sound logic? If you start the war as he says, does it immune the other side and allow it to commit whatever he could, and not to be blame or held accountable because he was not the one who started the war. Does it mean that when we (Southerners) rebelled in 1983, Sudanese government those days could not be blame or accused of atrocities committed by SAF by then because we started the war in the South?

    For Tyson, Editor, Deng Han,,,,,,etc, I respect and acknowledge their rights to support whoever they want to support. But at the same time, I want them to understand that when the government is accused by UN or whoever, they should criticize it as government and not a tribe. For example, last week, when similar accusations appeared in the same UN report against government forces, these guys pointed at Jieng as the perpetuators, rapist, killers….etc. But the report did not say Jieng rape or kill civilians, it was government forces accused.

    Now, the same UN accused rebels forces of the same abuses, this is why I want to know from them. Are these Nuer rebels or Equatorians rebels or Jieng rebels forces loyal to Riak? I want them to be specific as they always do. But since they are quite because they are now shy, I therefore, advise them to treat government forces as government force, and rebels as rebels not Equatorians or Nuer or Jieng. Otherwise if they fail to understand this, the rebels forces will definitely called Nuer forces in Equatoria not just rebels. At the same time, I will regard them as foolish, idiot, and will never regard them as intellectual, but just simple shortsighted tribal politicians, and I regret the years they spent in schools.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thanks for giving us the label of ‘idiots’ but no reciprocation in kind from our side. Have a nice day and thank you.

    • Tyson says:


      Crime is crime and has no room for diversion. The principal criminals are within the SPLA/M institution either under Kiir or Machar. If you know what constitutes a crime, don’t ask these wicked questions. Your questions is a mockery to the victims of your crime.
      It will be great if the chief criminal, killer Kiir and his cabinet in crime, JCE can VOLUNTARILY take the liberty to seek FORGIVENESS from the South Sudanese, RESIGN from power, DISMANTLE Jieng machinery of crime, SURRENDER all the looted funds and grabbed land, DISMANTLE the mushrooming militia and SURRENDER himself and his agents of crime to JUSTICE. When will JIENG metamorphose from this old age attitude?
      Please conevy this HUMBLE message to your kraal chief.

  8. Mimithayip says:

    God will help south sudan

  9. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear brother Tyson, unfortunately you don’t know Dinka language to say there is no word peace in vocabulary. Secondly, you need to know, no crime is categories as minor and there is bigger. Thirdly, you need to also know anybody accuse or allege to have committed crime during civil war must not be backed by describing one crime to be more than the other. Even a suspect accused to have killed one person or rape one girl or woman, must be left to answer the chargers in free and fair court whether in your Neo-colonial court in Netherlands or anywhere on earth you prefer.

    However, it is unfortunate that you are boldy one sided. You are too fast to downplay allege human rights abuses committed by the rebels. Both the government and rebels must be allowed to carry their own cross. Please learn from how Taban comments! Just few days ago, media outlets reported that rebels loyal to Cirillo clash with those loyal to Riak in Yei river state causing massive displacement. Why did you not condemn that if you are for peace? You were quite!

    • Eastern says:

      Now that you seemed to love Taban’s rebuttals/comments, South Sudan is where it is, thanks to another Taban in Juba!

      How Taban Deng became SPLA-IO leader in Juba after Dr. Machar was violently sent out of Juba leaves only El Tabani Deng and Tut Kew with the answers….

      This BROTHERING, for lack of good word, leaves this esteemed forum of filled with ACCOMPLICES to WAR CRIMES & crimes against humanity being given a forum to propagate their lies – I am not asking for the editor to block these miscreants at this stage but WATCH them CLOSELY…!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Absolutely, you’re right we don’t block their comments, specially at this critical time when we eagerly anticipate some calamities taking place sooner in the country.

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