South Sudan: Kiir’s intransigent government on peace

BY: Yien Lam, SOUTH SUDAN, FEB/28/2014, SSN;

To begin with, does anyone think South Sudan government wants a viable peace in the country? The answer of this question as of my view point is a big NO. It does not want peace to be in the country. The government has been and continues to be uncompromising in all grounds that would lead to the peace settlement in the nation we all love.

This has been the case since the IGAD signed the cessation of hostility with it and the rebels on 23rd of January this year. This agreement was thought and intended to subdue the South Sudan crises.

It was viewed as the good sign for the problem to be resolved. This was the hope in the mind of many if not most in South Sudan as well as all peace loving nations around the world.

Despite the effort being putted on this issue by IGAD, the government and its ally were able to sneak out its troops in order to violate the cessation of hostility signed in Addis Ababa in above mentioned date by attacking rebels’ positions in Leer, Gatdiang and countless others in greater Upper Nile including those who fled from Juba via lake state in February.

These were the clear violations of cessation of hostility by the government. In all of these cases, however, the rebels responded as self-defense until recently when they see the ceasefire as the toothless child who has nobody taking care of and answering the call accordingly.

When you come to the judgment, who do you blame?

To me, I blame the government because it was the one that intensely chose the war than the peace in order to recapture the places that were held by the rebels. This was the intention of the government to violate the cease fire.

If that happens as it had, what kind of peace should be achieved while the government weighs ferocious attack against the rebels held territories?

Should a sane person think for the peace while the government that supposed to respect cessation of hostility does not? Probably not!

This government does not need peace as proven by its activities above. There is no doubt about it as people should have thought. It does not respect whatsoever to other jurisdiction like IGAD.

It does not revere the law of any kind. That was why it violated the ceasefire. It judges other rules as its own in which the government power solely based on one person.

If Kiir’s government was aware about outside world, it should have done what is best for the people of South Sudan than choosing what is worse for them.

Due to heedless thought, his sycophants decided to violate the cessation of hostility because they knew that it is a toothless one and they have a backing of Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

In addition, the release of the detainees has been a top issue to achieve the peace in which the government persistently refuses to do so, while it has been a hope in everybody minds that the political detainees will be released by Juba without precondition attacked to it because there was no coup.

This has been the expectation for so many people. But Juba refuses and remains defiant to listen to international community rather than Yoweri Museveni songs of war.

Because Juba chose to value Yoweri Museveni of Uganda than the international community, it hung on its gun not to let detainees go as world reacted on behalf of their release.

If that is so as world sees it, how would it be possible for the peace to survive in such situation? In the view of many, Peace cannot survive because it was the government intention not to set the detainees free as it has been the case for so long.

In this scenario, should South Sudan achieve peace without discharging those detainees? In my view, it should not because there was no coup as it has been widely known around the world.

If that is so, what should be the reason for the government to hold them while the case is no longer a coup as it erroneously said it is? This would be ridiculous to continue as such right!

In addition, this government needs not to be trusted in any ground because it is always talking peace that does not translate into reality. There will never be peace in south Sudan as long as Yoweri is still kiir’s helper.

It is mere propaganda and rhetoric that it always uses to bluff the public view. This has been seen often in South Sudan. It is not new to South Sudanese at all.

However, keeping detainees in prison in juba for the crime that they did not commit is a tactic that will never yield fruits of peace for the days to come if not months.

You cannot keep people in Jail because they are having different opinions with you as it has been the case in this situation. As the matter of facts, the issue of not releasing the detainees has been engineered outside the country in pretext of coup by the kiir’s mentor yoweri Museveni.

This has been and continues to be a factor that will interrupt peace process in south Sudan because the country is being run by foreign president and the country’s president acts as the vice president as we speak.

If the careful look is not being taken, the IGAD peace will remain as toothless as it is for the months to come. Pressuring the man who has nothing with peace will not work. That is why everything that was done in term of negotiation has not been implemented in juba.

Likewise, it would be better for the IGAD to console kiir’s boss in Uganda to intervene. Otherwise, kiir’s team has no way to achieve peace in the country without Yoweri Museveni.

This is an advice that I can offer to IGAD. Other than that, there will be no way to achieve peace in South Sudan while leaving the real president of the country behind.

Moreover, peace cannot be achieved in the country without withdrawal of UPDF in the land of South Sudanese. UPDF factor is a issue that contributed greatly to the problem of the nation because kiir and his likes do not want Uganda troops withdrawal in the country.

If that is so as IGAD knows it, how would peace be achieved in the country governed by foreign leader? Believe it or not, kiir and his president yoweri are not aligning to bring peace in South Sudan.

Their intransigence to make peace is being seen clearly. In this scenario, kiir is being viewed as the incompetent leader whose job is to bring yoweri to do the job that he does not know how to do.

This has been seen and only adds fuel to the fire for peace to survive. This in a fact, makes the matter worse in the country than ceasing it.

Not only that, kiir has shown his inability of being the leader of the country. He does not care for the people of South Sudan than his dictatorial position that he holds. That was why he brought in Mercenaries intentionally to kill his own people indiscriminately by using cluster bombs.

If he is the president of all people in the country not his own kin, he should not have used Cluster bombs on one ethnic group because he should have thought wisely as the leader of the country not a leader of his own kin and position.

If you are out there hoping for the peace in Kiir’s South Sudan, drop it. The man who got advice and military help from the dictator cannot make peace in the country.

It would be better for you to have second thought about your future. This man has been advised to the maximum by his mentor to use whatever necessary to subdue individuals. This was why they intentional used a banned weapon.

He has no problem and he will continue to bluff the IGAD for the days to come if not months.

Finally, peace cannot come and will never be in South Sudan till kiir and his likes completely abandon their intransigence along with their ally Uganda president Yoweri museveni who made the Country of South Sudan to be his own.

Peace negotiation with kiir only without his boss in Uganda will be like a food without salt. If an IGAD is really serious about the peace and wants to achieve it in South Sudan, it must involve kiir’s boss in order for the peace to come.

Otherwise, it will be a waste of time negotiating with Kiir without his boss being informed.

The author is concerned South Sudanese and can be reached by


  1. wololo Mayoyo says:

    You are correct my dear. This government is a loose one without clear vision of its own. That is why Uganda is doing any thing in this country as they so wish because they know the weakness of the leader.

    As I interact with some Ugandans, I found out that they like Mr. Kirr and the Dinka led government because they are left free to exploit the country as they want. And it is through this government that Uganda has managed to find place for her criminals to dwell and repatriate wealth back to the country by building bangaloes for south Sudanese to rent. What are pity!

    But you know what, the time is nearing for this country of ours to get organize by an organize person who will put every thing right by knowledge and wisdom that only comes from the fear of the Lord which the Bible say, is the beginning of Wisdom.

    • You Guys, shame on you to hide behind fake identities, Mr. Riek or say Dr. Riek could have waited for the election to be conducted come 2015 and try his luck whether through SPLM flag or even as an independent candidate, why resort to violence using his own tribesmen if he is a real democratic man?, Dinka people have a legacy of (konkoc) wait and investigate the matter before fighting but the Nuers don,t , do the same, they would just fight unnecessarily, then who is culturally violent now? Dr. Riek was part and parcel of the Government of South Sudan since inception in 2005, what can make him better than Salva Kiir so that he becomes the alternative, the politicians you are saying not released from the detention in response to what you term as the international community, independent Countries are govern through constitutions and the legal justice of the Country, but not at the command of the international community, the international community is not the one governing south Sudan, again coup or no coup it is a question left for the investigation committee to determine, why there was death in the first place, who is going to be answerable for the atrocities committed in this crisis? why Dr. Riek and his group designed a new flag in the first place if there no plan in the making? why immediately Dr. Riek had to claim leadership of the rebellion if this was not a well plan take over of power by force? was it a coincidence to Gen. Gadet, Gen, James Koang, Hussien Mar Nyuot and Advisor Gathoth declaring allegiance to Riek Machar? hypocrisy will not help in this crisis, we need to mind what we write and what we say, because after all south Sudan belongs to all, no south Sudan without Dinka and Nuer as well as the other 62 tribes, therefore the blame game will not work at this time, we just focus in our discussions on how we can bring peace to the Country and how we can reconcile the remaining social fabric of our societies but not to emotionally support our leaders whether they are wrong or wright.

  2. Dear Yien Lam,

    Our country has been led by prone violent tribe as so saying, we can not shy for many occations. Who are these violent people? Dinka are proof beyond reasonable doubt that they are violence creatures in the face of the earth. We should not let ourselves to be led by these people if we need to be peaceful people in South Sudan. We need to ask 63 tribes to choose our destiny as peaceful people and vote out our violence element tribe by all mean possible.


  3. Simon Peter says:

    Yes Gatlam, peace will not come as you mention although, many people cry about it, Because Salva evildeors will not accept peace due to theirs addiction to money and leadership, the only way forword is to get rid of them by force that is only solution, However, they thinks “that is ours mind” no body can take it from us,that is why they mass murdering Nuer because Riek Machar, challenge theirs Damn Lies policies, which target only Nuer, Salva was lying I never batray my Dinka tribe since 1962, I thinks he batray them because what they did will be remember for thausond years to come, he was misled by Buay Malek who preach hatred between Nuer and Dinka, for year, while he thought Buay love him he doesn’t know what he doing at night/

  4. mindra says:

    yes mr lam,it’s indeed a waste of time without kiir’s boss to talk peace unless president museveni agrees otherwise people are wasting public money in adissa-ababa-ethiopia,
    your article reminds me when president museveni has given Dr Rieck machar four days to surrenders and lay down his arms otherwise he will be forced to intervene militarily in southsudan that means museveeni is kiir’s boss.
    kiir is only a pretender not a leader whose mind is very narrow and be-Little by president museveni,

    mindra from loa Local pageri payam-madi corridor

  5. Alier Gai says:

    Not the first time we have foreign troops in the south. During the years of our struggle, taban deng, lado gore, lam akol kuenyin bol, arok thon, matip nhial, nyuon beny, and reik macher himself brought in Khartoum to fight south after they couldn’t contain john garang against their useless vision of self-interest. Did they mean peace when they acted naively to sabotage southern liberation? No. Everyone wanted then to be a leader before we even secure that piece of land. The same thing is still with the remaining few who yearning for power, albeit incapable of ruling south. And by larger contrast, the same ugandan government had been fighting islamic regime together with spla. Did uganda mean freedom and peace for the people of south sudan? Yes. This country is for peace in south sudan. Uganda cojoled macher to switch sides, and macher did acept their presuasion and joint the moment. It is a waste of writing this nonesense peace.

  6. Yeah, you guys write your opinions on who to judge and give yourself answers you had in your minds. If you need peace then you need to tell your people to stop fighting tribal war. And it will be simple as that. It is easy to be rebel and people don’t know its consequences as everyone feels pain. It is not government troops who are targeting civilians every where but rebels are. You should all blame Kiir and Riek equally instead of you blaming Kiir alone. Also, blame Riek for him being a tribal leader who beliefs in superstition practices. Thanks.

  7. President Kiir, love his country to be in peace that’s why he support international intervention militarily to combate with terrorism and detatorship including tribilism which Riek Machar exploiting in the country.

  8. kikisik says:

    My brother Lam,
    As long as Uganda troops continues to occupy our land, there will not be peace in South sudan period. As a matter of fact, Kiir (Innu) president days are numbered.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain for ever”

  9. Monyjang says:

    I am tired of Nuer propaganda on this website. If you want peace, stop the damn rebellion and come back. Nobody asked you to rebel. All you are capable of is looting and killing innocent civilians even in clinics where you are treated. The Nuer will never realize the leadership they are looking for in South Sudan. I applaud the few Nuers who don’t see any sense in this senseless war waged by a historically power-hungry Riek Machar who will stop at nothing to be ‘president’ of South Sudan. South Sudan will be a better place the day that man is no more.

    • Kidepo says:


      Just like you I am too tired of jaang propaganda on websites, intimidations of people, killing of innocent blood of South Sudanese, rape on women and all human right abuses committed by them.

      Nuer rebelled after the jaang drugged them to do so to allow jaang continue looting the resources of this country and stay forever in power while under the expense of minorities in the country

      Nuer together with other 62 communities minus dinka community of course can rule this country far and much better as we had enough from dinka propaganda and defending of kingdom of liars

      The Nuer who did not join their brothers are still under jaang target in Juba and many parts of the country that includes those Nuer officers staying in jaang houses for protections. This showed how jaang can execute people on day broad light without even differentiating their supporters from other non dinka communities because for them they can only spare jaangs like them

      Actually, South Sudan can be a much better respected country that value the rule of law without Kiir and dinkas like what Dr Hassan Al Turabi said severally that “there will never be peace for peace loving South Sudanese like Equatorians as much as dinka continue to be in power control in South Sudan because dinkas are categories of people used to slavery treatment as they are culturally very indiscipline to be humans”

  10. Taban Mawa says:

    South SUdan is a country not just a at cross road but on life support. Our Leaders have absolutely no vision for the long term prospect but rather are willing to maintain the status quo for as long as they can to fulfil their personal ambitions rather than that of the country.

    President Kiir not only lacks the vision but the wisdom a young nation like ours needs most. He sorroud himself with Boys who have nothing to offer for our country but are determined to erode the not only our social fabrice but to destroy the little we have obtained since gaining Independence. This is very clearly shown throughout the phase of the negotiation in Eithopia. The same old folks who preached for unity are not willing to practice what they have been preaching since we became a country. All the current Ministers including the President are in denial that the ground beneath them have shifted. Their hold on power no longer echoed the aspiration of the innocent Women and children longing for a better life in their country. They have been in power for good damn 8 years and failed to live up to the expectation they themselves have set for this country. They failed to united the country, to deal with corruption, to deliver basic services, allow freedom of speech/press and open political space for all to participate.

    If a government can do so much damage in 8 years with little progress, how much can they destroy in another 8 years? The VP Wani Igga is not different to his boss, so is the Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister. They should give peace a chance which is the only way to end this blood flowing.

    Dr Riek as we all know have tried to pull his SPLM collegues towards delivering result for the better but he too failed to show the most needed judgement required of a political leader. Riek understands the ideal that SPLM must change to gurantee the party a long term political shot. Business as usual could damage the image of the party and could result to electoral defeat.

    This however didn’t prevent Dr Riek from exercising caution with his party collegues who don’t have the same knowledge and political ideal as him. He found himself in a Island within his own party fighting alone or with few to transform the party for the future. He, Riek ideals appeals to the young people because he is perhaps the only one in the SPLM party who understands that grassroot politics is the only way to build their base to avoid lossing SPLM dominance to young and up-coming political parties. This in reality was the right balance but he failed to use proper level of diplomacy to convience his own party.

    This two prominent political faces our country came to know since the death of Dr Garang are unconvincing both at home and abroad because of their lack of putting the interest of the people first. Am not a political analyst but what the two have shown is clear sense of what this country will expereince long as they are in power. Do we have an answer to this? YES we do. The one and only way forward is for the two to be permanently isolated from any future governance of the country. A new dawn of leadership is the only way forward to building the trust and hope of a better country for all that will be based on true reconcilliation and Nationalism.

    Now the question that we have to ask ourselves is, who is/are capable of leading us out of this mess? Perhaps the Joshua/s of our Generation. I dare not to mention names but I have to eliminate few and these includes: Wani Igga, Deng Nhel, Barnaba, Taban Deng, Kuol Manyang, Lado Gore among others. So in my oppinion this leaves us with the former SPLM General Secretary Pagan Amum, the current Governor of West Equatoria Bakasoro are the likely candidates and the reason is because the two at least have the understanding of the fact that things needs to change both within the rulling SPLM Party and the country.

    What troubles me very much since the crisis begain in mid December 3013 is the fact that war drums are sounding instead from young people who in my believe understands the notion of peace and security. We all support one side or another and that’s a good thing because it shows we care about this country but this should perhaps unite us to put pressure on the leaders to agree to stop and allow us, the young people to decide the future of the country we long to have. We have tools within our reach to hold them to account that could force them to accept the fact that things have changed. We could set up social network websites like facebook, twiter or others to campiagn jointly without putting our tribal interest first. I know many may say their relatives have been killed in this crisis and wants to repay back. Well, I say to you, the family you lost are our lost as a country and we need to find away to come together and hold to account those responsible.

    Any Nuer that got killed in Juba is a lost to this country so are the Dinkas killed in Bor, Malakal etc. They are not only your relatives, they are our brother, sisters, mothers fathers and sons and daughters that got murdered in cold blood. We all share the same flag and blood. Lets unite and lead this country to a better future because if we don’t these current leaders won’t. We have demand it not to ask them to but ‘DEMAND’ for our future.Till then we don’t have a future.

  11. john says:

    I hope to say goodbye to Mr.Kiir,Marial, Makuei, Kok Ruac and the rest of his government officials very, very soon. And wish the Freedom Fighters the best in the formation of new interim government. Museveni is supporting unwanted to president now. It is just like What happening in Ukraine that Putin supporting a wrong man in Ukraine and sending troops to ukraine which create a lot of attentions between countries. The world can not stand still and allow these two warlover torn these countries down. My message to Muveseni and Putin is please leave South Sudan, Ukraine and let the solve their internal conflicts through dialogue without your aggregation harming the peace deals they had work on or are working on it now. Please leave them only if you want peace to pevaile in those to countries, then quit getting involve military.

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