South Sudan is too deformed a Nation to be Reformed

By: Daniel Amum Odwel, MAY/19/2014, SSN;

The intuitive expression here came as result of statements and reports given by the leaders of government of South Sudan as if there was nothing that happened in the nation.

Irreparable damage and atrocities committed are being denied by the system. Irreconcilable attitude of the government of South Sudan is a stumbling block to any progress in achieving a just peace.

You could observe this in the speech of the minister of information and broadcast, Mr. Makuei Lueth in Nairobi, when he says, “even if some people say that he (Kiir) mismanaged the affairs of South Sudan, he was democratically elected.”

Critical analyses suggested that Mr. Makuei is saying that President Kiir has absolute immunity and had full rights to kill his subjects without question, and nobody should temper with his removal and citizens must not think in this the way to remove a democratically elected government.

Whether the nation is in a hemorrhaging condition or not, Kiir is still the legitimate President, and even if all people are finished in South South, Kiir will remain legal president.

Yes, he will remain a president of heartless and criminal people and animals in bushes that have no qualified leader to lead them except the master of jungle.

Irresponsible behavior of minister Makuei exposed his immaturity in politics and discreditably to be the spokesman of the government of South Sudan.

No one is above the law and the President is not an angel that cannot be reproached and be accountable for crimes committed under his leadership.

The president Kiir massacred his subjects in sight of parliamentarians because they are toothless, for they were supposed to impeach him immediately.

How come the Legislative Assembly allowed Kiir to train special guards from one ethnic group without question, and these guards were the people who caused the genocide in Juba.

Noticeable up this moment no condemnation was made by the Legislative Assembly to challenge what happened in Juba.

The public must know that the folks they elected to represent them in parliament were there in passive and dormant position to protect only their selfish interests, even though the masses who voted them are being slaughtered like chicken.

Look to the statement uttered by vice president Wani Iga that, “no Transitional Government without Kiir,” what does this childish position imply?

It shows that Wani cannot manage the affairs of the nation without his God-angel Kiir. In other words, he wants Kiir to complete the elimination of the Nuer together with Riek so that he may not surface again to claim his leadership position within SPLM party if the worse comes.

This is the argument of a low esteem person who cannot stand alone.

President Kiir shouts from the bottom of his heart that, “I’m still president of South Sudan.” What is a jock without shame from a big man like Kiir who knows the tribulation and agony of war he imposed on people?

Sensible person will know that Kiir is a warlord who trundled to create his empire in South Sudan.

The President should know that South Sudan is in a constitutional vacuum and a State of Emergency that need quick solution before the nation totally collapses that will be counted on his bad records.

The SPLM party does not want Kiir to leave leadership for the sake of peace and tranquility and brotherhood living, despite their belief that the president Kiir had destroy the image of the party world-wide by his poor performances and weak style of leadership.

Painfully, the South Sudan has becomes a dustbin for many dead bodies are rotten in sight of the government. SPLM government is fanatic even if they saw people famished, they never take courageous decision to rescue the situation because the inflicted pain is not experienced by their children.

Another dilemma, some Dinkas seem to see that if President Kiir lost the leadership to someone else, it meant Dinka have lost. This phobia is unrealistic because before Kiir became president, Dinka enjoyed the status quo in the South Sudan.

The deceptive decision made by the government of South Sudan, in which they announced to blind the public that the war is not between Dinka and Nuer, it was the only thing that kept the government to remain in power to this end.

In case if other communities were clear that the war is between the two rivaling communities, they would have quit the front-lines, arguing that why do they die for sake of one particular tribe and the situation would have been different today.

For the South Sudan to surmount the deformation, the leadership within the government, opposition parties, SPLM party, and renegade groups must admit that their problem that need to be addressed by all for the welfare of entire nation, and people must avoid resistance position that said we are liberators.

What I know all southerners had participated in liberation, and no one has a right to blackmail others. The pit some of us are trying to dig by now, all of us will fall into it. Let every organization in South Sudan transform itself into a national entity rather than ethnic entity.

The South Sudan is a deformed nation to be reformed because no ethnic group that will accept constructive criticism from a member of other communities and no single tribe that will challenge its members who committed heinous mistakes.

Let me illustrate this point with few examples, some years back in Juba, one minister was accused of corruption and was put into custody for investigation, but his tribal mob stormed the police station and took the man out by force, and that was the end of the case.

Again, in Wau, a lawyer sentenced a criminal to prison and the family of the criminal had threatened the lawyer by death and he had to escape the place for his life.

This is clear indication that the law is in the hands of powerful people in the South Sudan, and it is only applicable to weak people, for the powerful people are above the law.

Irreversible mentality of gangsters within the government of South Sudan is clear indication that people were massacred intentionally to let them remain in their positions. Indeed, the initiated killers must be protected so that they may continue governing the masses deceptively.

Ibrahim Wani, director of Human Rights in South Sudan, exclaimed that Southerners must rethink that “there is something larger than the individual, something larger than ethnic group and that together they can actually build South Sudan where everybody’s aspiration and dream can be realized so that the younger generation in South Sudan will not again face the kind of catastrophe that today’s generation had faced.”

I think what Wani exclaimed will be attained if nationalism spirit control our daily life in all governmental institutions, because most of departments in Juba and all states are families, clans, and tribe entities that never portrayed the image of the nation or state that should encompassed all citizens.

Sorry to argue that these younger generations were already infected by a virus that is killing this generation unless they discover that fathers are the cause of downfall of South Sudan and they refused to consume the bloody money earned by their fathers.

For most of the offspring are enjoying stolen funds from South Sudan abroad.

The South Sudan nation is too deformed to be reformed because the behaviors of its leaders are off-put and moronic in character.

To reform the South Sudan into a viable state, we must deal with those giants diseases called corruption, nepotism, favoritism, segregation, tribalism, disunity, inter-tribal conflicts and insecurity.

In case if those giants are not addressed thoroughly we will remain deformed for the rest of our life until Jesus come back. END


  1. Dear Daniel Amum Odwel:

    You have said all man. Dinka leadership’s vision is to steal money and kill people in cold blood. Dinka people do not have words of unity in their daily conversation. Dinka community is a community compounded with double blinded politicians, liars, confused primitive animals with no reasoning ability and critical thinking. Dinka like to lead people but they do not know how to lead them. Dinka leaders treat other people like if they are their own sheep, goat, and cows. Salva Kiir’s people are brainless, shameless, greedy, selfish, and cowards community with goopy and drunkard president who knows only how to put his black hat on his head, nothing else.

    My cousins communities brought shame to this beloved country. They are power greedy useless community. The Cousins started a war and when Nuer responded to their tribal and greediness war, they (Dinka) rush to other countries and beg them to fight the war for them (Dinka) and then the Dinka claim the mercenaries victories as their own victory over rebels and Nuer. My cousins are selfish unethical human being.

    The nutcase cousins’ community is full of fools, bunch of liars, with foolish, and lunatic president. Dinka declared war on 15th Dec 2013 by massacring innocent Nuer shamelessly in Juba in the watchful of whole world. When Nuer answered to their shameful war, their (Dinka) coward president brought Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, and Buruidi fighters to fight against Nuer and my cousins still beg Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania to join the war while the 63 tribes of South Sudan are still fighting in Dinka’s side too but their have not defeated Nuer yet. In Dinka mind, I do not know how many more countries do Dinka need and how many more tribes do Dinka want to defeat Nuer?

    I remember that Daughter of Equatoria advised Dinka, that “If you are brave and man enough face your rival alone” she means that if you Dinka are strong enough like you claim all the times that you are the strongest community in South Sudan face Nuer by yourself without bringing in other countries and other tribes in the war.

    Cousins: your kingdom must come to an end this time. You are confused wild animals. Although your drunkard president and his witchcrafts advisors brought Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Buruidi, JEM, and SPLA-N armies to fight Nuer tribe only, the war will not end unless these mercenaries move out from South Sudan, Kiir step aside, democratic principles have been applied, and federalism has taken position.

    • akolf says:

      Dinka was defeated Nuer of Riek Machar in 1991 and defeated Nuer now day,that is why you militia was return to Khartoum begs for help and come back to Dinka Kingdom and we will give amnnsety to return back.

    • Loguca says:

      Dinkas should be banned from politics just like Muslim brothers in Egypt. The current regime is only wiping the face of South sudanese from the earth. Kirr is clinking on power for he understands it is be beginning of the end. All marginalized tribes of South Sudan should unite and form a neutral democratic and federal system of governance in south south. Warloads who committed atrocities should be taken to ICC, and neither Pagan Amoum and the like, released political prisoners be given chance to serve for they misused public funds and were involved in corruption. All these are indications that these people are incompetent to rule the country.

  2. Bol says:

    Mr Amum,
    If SS is too Deformed to be Reform , then what is the way out ? Could Self determination for Upper Nile and Equatoria regions reform the SS ? Can explosion of Dinka for SS fix the Deformity ? What is the gist of this article anyway ? Is it a personal attack on President Kiir for recruiting presidential guards ?. This article didn’t deliver any useful information.

  3. Dengin Aw says:

    now, Dinka are fighting with Nuer mr Bentiu, what can you do now…

  4. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    Brother Bol,
    Let be open minded people who tried to uproot evil practices done before our own eyes without compromise the truth with unfounded truth.
    South Sudan is too deformed because you just support member of your clan wrongly, even if they are criminals you still stand with them and refused to admit the fact.
    Please be objective in your judgment, I had never uttered the explosion of Dinka in South Sudan in order to reform the South.
    Personal these are my countrymen I had no intention to eliminate them and I’m against any person who wishes to eliminate their brothers because of personal disagreement.
    I term such person as narrow minded and law esteem who had no creditability and ability to challenge his brother with facts rather than killing him. This imply weakness in politic, why done we learn from other nations around the world.
    The weakness you have brother, is that you just react violently when you hear something said about Dinka. In this article I never made generalization assertion again my fellow Jieng but I said that some Jieng didn’t want Kiir to quit the leadership to give chance for peace to prevail
    Brother Bol, do you want to deny that Kiir is not masterminded of what happened in this nation. Please if you done live with truth, than be informed that you will remain in backward status.
    Bol I’m not for cheap claim of what you mentioned in related to ”Self Determination of Upper and Equatoria” which I never mentioned in my article
    . Yah ,may be some folks from Upper Nile and Equatorial may have felt that they cannot continue living with you because you never appreciate them. This may be their position which we need to address.
    Recruitment of presidential guards from one ethnic group it seem to be a good thing for you. But for me is bad especially when is was done by the father of nation, Kiir
    What kind of country that have such mentality except the one Bol is look for to be established in South Sudan.
    To me the recruitment of special guards from you own ethnic group explained a lot to entire world.
    By admitting the wrong practice initiated by Kiir is a clear indication that you want to institute Jieng kingdom under leadership of Kiir.
    Jieng as leading community in South Sudan should correct it ambition and destructive slogan ”born to rule”
    If you continuing in this derogatory culture the South Sudan will not taste peace and stability, because any sins committed by member of your community should not be exposed.
    Strongly I condemn the heinous mistake committed by the president Kiir, and if he is courageous president he must come out publicly to apologize to the people of the South Sudan in regard to Juba massacred which personally he initiated with his special guards. Whether you like it or not this is a reality which you need to admit and noway you can hide it.

    • Bol says:

      Mr Amum,
      My short commentary was about delivery of useful information. I didn’t support President Kiir, promoted “Born to Rule Ideology” nor did I deny any crime allegedly committed by Kiir himself or some of his subordinates. The title of your article implies impossibility of reforming whatever deformity in SS system, and anything that cannot be reformed is demolished! Self Determination is a useful demotion tools, getting rid of the bad race is another way in old Germany and Rwanda. Where did I reacted violently or wrote anything personal about you? How did you discovered my weakness in this few sentences?

  5. Majongdit says:

    One of the most confused and not-well-researched articles I read

  6. Dear Cousin: Dengin Aw,

    I would say no, Dinka are not fighting with Nuer at the moment. However, it is Nuer who are fighting foreigners, such as Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, SPLA-N, and JEM. If the war was between Dinka and Nuer, then it would have been over like 3 months ago. If you want the war to be between Dinka and Nuer, then let the foreign mercenaries leave South Sudan right now and then we can twist our arms.

  7. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:


    You may be right in sense that the article shed the light on the weakness of master of jungle, who still maintain claiming that he is still president without shame even after gross extermination he committed in Juba.
    I think you never value human lives that is why you continue support murderer Jieng king.
    You want him to continue in leadership, so that you may exploited his weakness to embezzle national resources for your community benefit in the expense of rest of other communities.
    By this mentality you disgrace yourself and made it known to the world that you are too deformed community to reform.

  8. Omang Rollo says:

    Kiir will be our president for 10 more years, we love him for his cool demeanor, since corruption is stopped, our admiration of our dear leader will skyrocket.


  9. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:


    Thanks for your response, sorry if I hurt your feeling. For the transformation of our beloved country we need to express the truth and challenge devious and malicious practice imposed on people by any member of our society.
    Personally I have no problem if this country is governance by qualified people who could provide services to entire nation without discrimination even all are from one ethnic group.
    But today you find unqualified people championed the affairs of nation and capable and knowledgeable people are sidelined because they are not members of ruling party or not members of clan of minister in particular ministry. This is why you see messing up in our nation.
    Since the initiation of Anti- Corruption Commission in South Sudan have you heard any government officials put on trial for misappropriation of public funds despite the fact that corruption is on high rate.
    Think of 75 persons the President Kiir announced publicly of being involved in corruption and he asked them to bring back the money which they had taken wrongly and. he question of Durra scandal is unresolved up to this moment.
    The former ministry of finance Costi had tried to make transformation within his ministry but he was released from his position with unfounded accusation of being corrupter, despite he was trying to catch true corrupted people within finance. Our nation is too deformed to be reformed because the most corrupted people are protected by the system.
    Again, the minister Adut had fallen victim when she tried to reform Ministry Labour by deleting ghost names in pay sheet and replacing unqualified people with qualified, she was fired.
    The normal transferred are not welcome in many institutions in the South Sudan, In case the Director General tried to do that he will miss his position, because those unqualified people are relatives of the minister. With these few examples you will come into term with realities in our nation.

    • Bol says:

      Mr Amum,
      I am not crying, so please leave alone my feeling and lets focus on issues. Your apology would have been more valuable if it was directed towards the issue of “your response to my criticism depicting me as a weak person who resort to violence when Dinka are criticised” and that I will personally remain in backward status if I don’t admit the truth of Kiir masterminding what happened in SS. All these words are verbal violence that came out of your pen because I wrote “This article didn’t deliver any useful information”. Why do you try to criticised others if can’t tolerate criticism ? How aggressive would your response be, if I harassed your good person or exposed your tribe’s part in SS mal-administration, corruption, thuggery, tribalism ? Do you know the number of your tribesmen in the infamous 75 list ?
      SS failure is a collective responsibility of SPLM leadership. They elected their leaders, they design their rules, they organised their Armed Forces, they disagreed among themselves and fight among themselves. the sensible way out of this mess is getting the right rhetoric that will bring along most of SS people to force changes in SPLM or kick them out power. I wish you next response will be about issues not feelings and less ambiguous.

  10. Loguca says:

    The so called president of RSS does not understand that the IGAD countries have strong leaders, and can play with his mind the way they want. Although South Sudan claim to be part one of the East African Countries I think is only a dream by the president Kirr. After South Sudan separated from North people had hope that their will be peace and bring an end to our many years suffering, but it turned out sour. What happened in Dinkacrat regime will never be forgothen by South Sudanese. People live in fear, land grabbing, corruption, looting, tribalism, nepotism are the characters to describ this evil regime. The African leaders could have stopped this useless tribal war, but they let the dump president kill his own people and instead provided him with foreign troops to help the killing of Nuer. The government of Kirr don’t have credibility and I dont see anything to qualify them to lead us.

  11. D. Pal Benykeer says:

    I wonder why some Dinka became emotional when Kiir name is mentioned for being abusive president. It would have been understandable if the reaction occur from illiterate group of Dinka. But surprisingly, even the most educated one react the same way as illiterate.The question is . Do the Dinka understand the president is a national figure ? As a consequence is eligible to every one criticism. And it should be ultimate wright of every citizen to do so.

  12. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    Omang Rollo,

    Brother it seems that you are in delusion position. which never represent the authentic leader of tomorrow. When the public denounced that the President Kiir had lost leadership creditability this is not out of envy but out of reality on the ground in the South South.
    If his leadership never rocket to sky in eight years ago, how will it rockets by now. Does it means killing the people will give him more value credits? I done understand who will admire at him, will the families he grievance do that, may be it will be you alone who enjoyed killing of innocent precious loved brothers.
    You need to be challenge that Kiir will not stopped the corruption because he is part of mess. These are some of statements uttered by Kiir, I’m on chair to enrich ”Dinka” but for me not all Dinka who benefits from this embezzlement but only his own clan and some canny ones.
    Again,previously he pardoned one minister who stolen 75 millions SSP, arguing that let him taste oil money. Look could such corrupted leader bring to an end the corruption? Blindness support will not do good for us all. Tell the truth and the truth will set you free, Jesus says that to his disciples.

    • Omang Rollo says:

      His replacements will not be Riek , Lam , Sule and Tombe, because these black sheep actually cried tears of joy when peace for food agreement was signed in 1997.

  13. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    Omang Rollo,

    Let all southerners decided about who will lead them incoming year. Decision is in the hand of all communities, in case they chose wrongly they will continue crying bitterly in future. My personal position is this I can be governed by dog who has effective programs that benefit entire citizens of South Sudan, rather than brother who have no clear plans for my people, South Sudan.

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