South Sudan is greater than stock of tribal interests!

By Lok Franco Kok, South Sudan, JUL/22?2013, SSN;

In just two years from our country’s independence, the political atmosphere has been soured by the cheer weight of the political acrimony that has taken some advancement and greatly worsened by the fake tribal politics. The real concept of politics has been discarded and the actual sense of political affiliation is no longer trailed. If we become regionally or tribally affiliated, then what is the benefit of systematizing the political parties in South Sudan? It is crystal clear that the political landscape has been more polluted by an atmosphere of incivility that stretched from acrimonious leadership conflict between our country’s two top pillars.

The current and potential future of our generations is in dilemma if we keep pursuing the much devastating culture of wars that we regarded as “immortality.” The legacy of wars and animosity is what our generation will inherit from us.

The experience that had the most lasting impact on South Sudan’s political scene was witnessing a general strike on the Nation’s political stability. Nevertheless, the concept of national interests as fundamental building block of our nation’s policy should have been introduced into the current system.

The unfortunate history of our beloved nation is littered with wars and injustice and advancing contrary major civilization that ensure that all humanity’s needs can be met at an acceptable level to situation in politics prevents that from happening. The political climate has hastily worsened and doomed as the political affiliation turned tribal.

There are those who fill their stomachs with poisonous anger and measure things according to the length and breadth of their shadows at mid-day! Crimes have been committed and accumulated and so should our government handle them in a balanced way?

Many people were killed and killers got pardoned for their political crimes. Our best journalists are being tortured and even killed on daily basis by the security agents of the very system that is ruling our beloved nation. Could we term the support of those specific guys to the president for another term in office as fair to the public interest? Betrayal for personal interest and killing for personal interest are the two things that our nation is practising as a policy.

Like many others out there, I know and strongly believed that South Sudan citizens are wise enough to decide who should lead them during this tough period where basic services are scarce, uncontrollable tribal conflicts and lack of decent negotiation with the rebels who are threatening our national security.

The widespread tribal and ethnic conflicts in most states across South Sudan are really the consequences of bad leadership. Government do not care to put concrete strategies to control and bring to an end the random killing of innocent women and children in Lakes, Jonglei and Unity States.

Government itself has involved in killing, torture, rape and harassment that occasionally faced our innocent civilians. For instance, in 2011 hundreds of civilians were intentionally murdered in a clash between SPLA and Gabriel Tanginya’s forces at Kaldak near Malakal. Many innocent lives were lost including women and children. The same scenario was witnessed at nearly all corners of South Sudan.

These have left our civil society with no hope of prosperity in their own land. In reality, goals emerge from the rough and tumble of policy development were our country is too low to address.

What do we think is the highest enjoyment for men living in a state of war in a country, where existence of which is continually threatened? We are pretending to have everything a man could have to enjoy himself. The cross-border raid usually carried out by Sudanese militias against our unarmed civilians is a great threat to our nation.

Whereas, the repeated air strike of Sudanese jet fighter inside our territory is a sign of weakness and a clear lack of powers, showing that our government is not capable enough to protect the lives and properties of Civilians.

Our gallant army does all they could to guarantee the safety of our people to the maximum standard should they have enough operation equipment’s they supposed to have. If things are alright in the government their task could have been well achieved. Could it give sense for a man to leaves his family dying and went to protect another man’s properties?

South Sudan is the only thing we have inherited from our ancestors! Leaders are being born while South Sudan is not renewable. Whereas, the tribal values that we are now praising will one day diminish and the people will realize that tribal affiliation does nothing positive to the nation.

Tribal diversity in a broader sense meant strength to the nation, but on contrary a threat to South Sudan. Why does a person plan to bring destruction to his own family in order to protect another man’s wealth? The immature support that we give to wrong people is actually undermining the internal safety of our families, friends and relatives. May be we were taught to take guns against our enemies, but on contrary, not to judging first whether it is beneficial or against our interest.

The enjoyment of cruelty that becomes our normal way of living has killed one-third of our population, just as in such spirits and such circumstances people couldn’t wish something better to prevail within our communities.

I exchanged some views once with people on the existing political scenario. The outcomes of our conversations were regrettable to someone like me who regard national interest more than tribal or individual greed. It seems like people just wants a tribesman to leads South Sudan, without deliberating on his leadership capabilities.

I don’t see a reason why our people could believe risking themselves to protect other people’s wealth. The key to getting the most value from the mistakes is to learn from the mistake and move on. Repeating the same mistake twice means we failed to learn the lesson the first time around. “The problem is the mind drops out the word ‘never’ and we’re picturing exactly what we don’t want.”

Delineating the existing political mess-up in South Sudan, innocent civilians come the first victims of what we regard now as a democratic way of leadership competition. There is a tendency to focus on the problem at hand and to neglect the impact of actions being implemented to achieve the private interest which could sabotage the normal lives of our people.

The means believed necessary in one case may not be compatible with the interests and means in the other. Because of that, one should have gathered his/herself to think on the consequences of what he/she going to support. A piece of bread that you will have all your life is better than a bowl of delicious food or a huge sum of money given only once in life.

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