South Sudan in a state of war with itself: Killing the Didinga tribe

From: LOKONYEN A. IKKO, Canada, OCT/20/2014, SSN;

The government of South Sudan (GoSS), is at it again in a war with Didinga ethnic group of Eastern Equatoria State and only this time to settle out outstanding debts of pogrom; in which there seems to be some leftover of wrath from the wars of 1980s and 1990s. But it is only this time that they has found the willing partners, who pay an attention and who are ready to play a dirty game.

These partners are: 1- Morris Kaunda Merisiya, the commissioner of Budi county, is a proselyte member of Sudan Arab National Congress Party and, 2- the governor of Eastern Equatoria state, Louis Lobong Lojore (Lojore, by the way, and literally means, a trouble maker), who’s also himself a recent convert from the same party as Mr. Commissioner Merisiya.

Well, here, these are the two sticky wickets of Budi and as well as they’re also the liabilities: to government and as well as to the state in general, and they are not serving anyone’s meaningful interest, but they are just upsetting the apple cart and are making the situation worse – rather than making it better.

However, the reaction of this article is to make an analysis and to unclothe the physical substance, which bothered Budi- the county; in all aspects of life and things- markedly the security.

So, the evidence, recently, from the governor Louis (Lobong) and commissioner, Merisiya, on their fact finding trip, shows their invidious and envious tendencies and tough talks and the blames that are worth of nothing, but a typical sign of the fat’s in the fire.

Approximately on the 10th, October 2014, a governor and with him was the commissioner and together were on the salvation mission in an attempt to jolt off, or halt and detoxify the worsening situation to normality.

But instead, they took a far-fetched direction, denigrated and displayed only a tribal colour. This shows a clear zero empathy and a lack thereof, the problem-solving skills.

In reality, though, who is to deceive whom, with this government, which only favours and employs hare-brained individuals to eye after the people’s security and above all, governance?

So let us now pick up an affair that is currently taking the place in Chukudum or Budi County, unfortunately, the governor and his commissioner are turning the state resources as their private business.

And to illustrate on this, they have made the army into their impresarios, just a drama for killing everybody including the innocent.

In Budi county, there is a gap and lack of leadership and too generally, in the entire state of Eastern Equatoria.

Nevertheless, these are some of the ancient making sense political thought, Chanakya c.350-c 275 BCE, which I have just read:

“A ruler is responsible for the welfare, security, and discipline of his people.
He needs to have a wide range of knowledge, skills, and personal qualities.
He must be trained in self-discipline and statecraft before taking office.
While in office, he must be advised by able and experience ministers.
Government is possible only with assistance. A single wheel does not move…”

So, one must here, ask a genuine question, is the governor of Eastern Equatoria and the commissioner of Budi county, virtuously possess these genus?

It has been understood, with the worst recorded bloodshed, is that, Governor Lobong and his fingerprints were found in every single case. Some examples of well-documented massacres: were the killing in Lauro and one of two-to-three years ago; the Lorema and so many others.

But, we’ll never ever also not to forget the one of Camp Fifteen and now, the last straw is in Chukudum-Budi headquarters. So for that reason alone, Lobong’s feet have to be held into the fire because of everything.

And also Morris (Merisiya), the commissioner has to be charged and the government of South Sudan is to be blamed and very strongly; for being passive on all the cases.

Nonetheless, and as it is the matter of fact, thereafter, following every case we had had written a good number of documents with some valid recommendations for the government to do something about them. But, nothing seems to be coming serious and filtered through it, but who are we to lie to, because all answers given to us are obvious and also too clear to us and it is that…, we are not bothered, so far, but deal with it.

Because of that attitude from Juba, governor and commissioner were let loose and allowed to run amok-on steroid and whisky as it has been the case, and they continue to kill as they desire, their sworn enemies, per chance.

In conclusion, with the governor Lobong and commissioner Merisiya in authority, our views will still remain that the government is fighting with the people, but a decent thing that the government should do is to do away with these two people, these are: the governor and commissioner.


  1. Aj says:

    Lokonyen & the BUDIAN people,
    Lojore and Kaunda will one day vanish with their tails between the legs particularly Lojore who at one point got feed (nyehimuch) by Didinga people. Kaunda on the other hand is just anaconda who live to survive on his own people blood and soon time will come for them to pay back what they saw.

    Lojore has been pleasing killer kiir packing trucks with goats and cows to be given to Killer Kiir to eat in Juba in return he maintain governorship role. That’s how fool lojore and kaunda are and their brains are no solid like others.


  2. Martin L says:

    This is out of topic, but I’ve to ask! Would someone please tell me where Mr. Kaunda hails from? Is he from Didiga or Buya community?

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