South Sudan Election 2015, One-man’s Ideology!

By: Peter Gai Manyuon, South Sudan, JAN/18/2015, SSN;

South Sudan Government said on 16th January 2015, it has fully prepared to go ahead with planned elections despite the United States and other foreign countries refusing to support the ballot. South Sudan’s foreign affairs minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, called on the international community to work with South Sudan, describing the decision as disappointing.

On the other hand, the electoral commission head, Abednego Akok Kacuol vowed that the elections would go ahead as planned in accordance with the country’s Transitional Constitution.

He assured that the polls would be free and fair, despite criticisms from some political parties and civil society organizations who want peace prioritized before the elections.

The question, which is clicking in people’s minds, is, what is the reason for government of South Sudan claiming to follow the constitution when it was the violation of the constitution that has taken South Sudan to zero level internationally and regionally as per now?

How can one-man interest destroy the demand of all South Sudanese people?

In reality, South Sudanese sometimes are comedians by nature. They sometimes said controversial things that they don’t contextualize/conceptualize first on what might affect people in the Country in the near future.

Most of South Sudanese leaders don’t think for peaceful co-existence of society but rather advocating for the disintegration of society into disarray!

More interestingly, if South Sudanese leaders especially the opposition and government have sense of togetherness and patriotism about their country, why should they unite first before elections?

Very disappointing that most of South Sudanese leaders only think about their stomachs not general public!

Ideally, agenda related to the elections in South Sudan needs proper analytical thinking from all the people because it is not easy to carry out general elections when there are very many burning issues that need re-settlement at first before anything.

Logically, what kind of election could be carried out when thousands of civilians have been displaced? What election is Juba government talking about when half of the population has been massacred in Juba in 2013?

What will help South Sudanese in the election process when Greater Upper Nile region is destroyed by two warring parties?

Who will participate in the election when thousands are under United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) protection? What kind of shamelessness and hopelessness is with Juba government?

Does President Kiir Mayardit and his cabinet have sense of humanity or their senses are lost? Is President and his Parliamentarians good mentally, psychologically or they want serious diagnosis from specialized medical doctors?

Truly speaking, if people have sense of humanity, what kind of election could be held when the entire Nation is in mess from National government to the states level? Do South Sudanese who are in the Electoral Commission have mental disorder or they are forced by something else?

The Chairperson of Electoral Commission of South Sudan is advocating for elections to be carried out soon in the Republic of South Sudan, when he is aware that there is civil war that has been going on and still going on in the Greater Upper Nile Region and some parts in
Bhar-Elgazal and Equatoria respectively.

Possibly, elections are supposed to come when two parties answer the reason of killings innocent civilians in South Sudan especially from Bentiu, Malakal, Bor and Juba where thousands have been massacred based on ethnicity by both sides.

President Kiir and his group MUST answer the killing of civilians at the International Criminal Court (ICC) first unless otherwise the world is happy with the genocide carried out in Juba by (Gelweng) of Kiir Mayardit and Malong Awan who is the current Chief of General Staff of the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA)-Juba in South Sudan.

Obviously, the people who are supposed to face charges for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in South Sudan are only seven individuals, the rests will come afterward.

But don’t ask the author about the names and titles of the seven individuals!

Besides, if elections are going to be carried out in all ten states of the Republic of South Sudan, will elections be free and fair or the 2010 malpractices will happen again, where Taban Deng Gai of Unity State, Kuol Manyang of Jonglei, Wani Konga of Central Equotoria, Malong Awan of Northern Bhar-Elgazal were imposed on the Citizens/public by the SPLM government of South Sudan?

Hence, if elections are to be held in South Sudan this year as some people who are not informed upstairs are advocating for, will the elections be free and fair from the National Government to the states Governments or will insurgencies increase and take over the government by force?

In summary, no one globally, regionally and nationally is of the view of carrying out elections in the Republic of South Sudan in 2015 except some few people who run the affairs of the country as tribal, family agenda/manner to fulfill the interest of consumption of country
resources in one way or the other. Very shameful scenario to be advocated for!

Conclusively; I wish Government of South Sudan should adopt evaluation mechanism to resolve the conflict with the rebels first before any agenda to do with election in June 2015.

Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization Processes and Human Rights in South Sudan. Follow him on

Peter Gai Manyuon,
Chief Editor/Nyamilepedia


  1. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    If Mr. Kiir will accept to go and campaign in Lou Nuer and Nasir, fine. We have to wait. The election commission which is supposed to advise the government on what to do is dancing Kiir’s tune. How possible is it that this elections will be inclusive leave alone free and fair.

  2. Teach-The-Fools says:

    You should sit and chill! Although the questions you raised are really concerning, I don’t think giving peace a chance is something that is going to materialize soon. How long did the parties involved in conflict been engaged in bringing peace back to the country? Did they stop fighting? Absolutely no! People of your likes including the rebels are buying time such that the power vacuum is created in Juba just to cause more havocs. Holding election doesn’t stop peace in any way if indeed the parties involved have the will to bring peace.

    Also people should forget this idea that if the United States does not support an election process going on in a sovereign state like South Sudan, may mean that it won’t happen. If there are resources and electoral committee to do the process, why would people put so much trust on other nations who have their own agenda to begin with?

  3. Terketh says:

    Peter Gai Manyuon, your article is some how but you are not a neutral South Sudanese nationalist figure, you stated thousands people have been massacred in South Sudan towns of Bentiu, Malakal, Bor, and Juba based on ethnicity by both sides that is correct, but you turned and blamed one side of government and put a responsibility to President Kiir and army chief of staff Gen. Malong that is means you are not fair you suppose to blame both sides because they are from one party (SPLM).

  4. Gai ,

    Thank you for the excellent article .However,this elections are only for Dinkas (Jiengs) from greater Bhar-El Ghazal State i.e Jieng of Warrap state ,Jieng of Northern Bhar El ghazal state and Jiengs of Lakes.state Sincerely how can a reasonable person celebrate a Birth day ,when he/she is in serious body pain only Jiengs can do!!!!!!!!!. What i mean here is how can Salva Kirr impose his un confirmed elections by the South Sudanese and the international community at large ?Is it going to be for the Jiengs only? and how does it solve the question of power vacuum the way the Dinkas are calling it????????? For us in Equatoria we see no reasons why only a half of the population only Dinkas will vote and leaving other 75% of the population Nuer and Equatorians out .As an Equatorian am very! very! ashamed to see a a useless Nuer son like Benjamin Marial calling for elections yet almost 95% of the Nuer are either in the Bushes fighting the tyrant in Juba or Civilians in the UN camps please Marial been a Minister is not more important than your tribe the Nuer .As Equatorians no need to vote for useless Leaders like salva Kirr and Wani Igga although he comes from the same state like me in C.E.S we know our greater Leaders in the Greater Equatoria are Major General Wani Konga and Col Joseph Bakosoro not rates like Wani Igga and Elia Lomoro. Dinkas you need to seriously to figure out for selves what my Great Governor Wani Konga said during his Inauguration of our Minsters in C.E.S and What one of great Governor of Western Equatoria said recently in Mundri West about all the Jiengs if you real have supporters in Equatoria region.

  5. Kong Puok Tongluot - SS says:

    @peter Gach Manuon

    Let me to apprehend you my brother in my first time due your editorial analysis. There no South Sudanese an elections, that will take place on June 30, 2015, under Gokrial gangs. Therefore, just fake, merely propaganda confusions, running by Warrap, awiel warmongers, as the routine and tactics to acquire more financial aid from United States of America and west in particular, fraud and exploiting name of democracy.

    However. they are impure thoughts just to try blindfold the world of whose Slava Kiir regime quo democratic, gain financial aid on parallel of their deadlock. Let’s be very careful with these so called Dinkas in warrap and Awiel. we know them as well known of named Gaatlonjiok in western Nuer peoples, which meant rampant thieves in Khartoum. Those groups could have to fructuaried even humans as goods. So they don’t mean an election any how, just to rob in the name of an election. Thanks, may God bless you ! !

  6. Deng Deng says:

    Respect of constitution! In the first place is there constitution in RSS to be respected and abided to where the president himself does not respect it and rules by the presidential degree? Where is constitution where our legislators are simply made or by default are rubber stamps.. they can not impeach the president? Where is constitution where people are massively murdered in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and Malakal with impunity? What is this rush for election where the environment in RSS is not conducive at all? Where is constitution in RSS where there is military dictatorship and security personnel can arrest and kill innocent civilians with impunity? RSS is really becoming a failed state. Please for God’s sake, can we to sort our mess before elections

    • Deng Deng,

      I concur with you that Kiir does not respect South Sudan constitutions. Instead Salva Kiir is playing with South Sudanese mind. Kiir treats South Sudan citizens like his own wives and his own children. On the other hand, Kiir is one of the most foolish and terrible dictator in East Africa. Imagine, when Dr. Majak Agoot, Dr. Riek Machar, Mrs. Nyandeng Mabior, Mr. Wani Igga, and Mr. Pagan Amum expressed their interest to run for presidency position in 2015 election, Kiir strongly rejected election completely.

      Salva Kiir addressed crown in Kuacjok on Sept 23, 2013 that the 2015 election will not be held because there is no funds to the conduct census before election and if the census is not conducted, then the election will be held in 2015.

      On Sept 13 , the Chief Electoral officer, Mac Micah Deng told Sudan tribute that the SPLM is not ready for election in 2015 because there is not money to fund the 2015 election.
      On Sept 11, Isaiah Chol Aruai told Sudan tribute that the 2015 election will not be held because South Sudan has no enough funds to conduct the census.

      On March 11, the SPLM ruling party said “South Sudan seeks financial assistance for census and elections” from western nations in order for the election 2015 to be held other wise the SPLM has no money for the 2015 election.

      However, because Kiir could not convince the presidential candidates for 2015 election to postpone the lection that is why he made up “coup” against the potential candidates to avoid election. Kiir thought the coup he invented would kill only Riek and Nuer, but did not realized that his coup would affect Dinka physically and Psychologicaly too. Salva Kiir made all these excuses because he was so afraid that he would loose the election. Today, when Kiir realized that there is no candidate that can run against him, he keeps on pushing for election to take place.

      Did SPLM conduct census? Where the SPLM got fund to run the election now? Why the SPLM did not have money for election when there was peace and got a lot of money for election when there is no peace in the country?

    • Kondokoro says:

      what are you talking about so you believed there is no constitution
      degrees are part of the constitution do you know that?
      it is a previllege given to president to make quick changes
      if you are not a patriot then you will not have faith on the constitution buy the way president is the result of a constitution

  7. Bol says:

    Hi SSN readers
    It Is A Story Time
    Once upon a time, there was a man travelling with his little son and a donkey. He and his son were walking behind the donkey when they came across a group of travellers who started talking loudly among themselves: Look at this stupid man…He should have let the little boy ride the donkey. The man overheard what they say and told his son to jump on donkey’s back and off they continue their journey. A little while later, the man and his son met another group who made a loud comment; why on earth would a man walk and the little boy get a ride? The man overheard what they say and he decides to take his son place and off they continue their journey. A while later, the man and his son met a third group who started laughing at them and saying: look at these two fools ….why don’t they both ride this well-fed and strong donkey? The man heard what they say and he told his son to join him. Not long after the two started riding their donkey a forth group of travellers bumped onto the man and his son. The group began to hurl abusive comments at the pair: Look at this insensitive individuals …are you trying to kill the poor animal ….How could two overweight people like you sit on the back of this little donkey…. You should carry this little donkey instead of sitting on its back. The man and his son got off the donkey’s back and did what they were ask to do, so they carry the donkey. A while later, the man and his son met a fifth group. The group was laughing at them and saying; these two must be mad…. We never saw humans carrying donkeys …..Exhausted and confused, the man decides to confront the group and said: what do you want me to do as everything I did is not good enough to satisfy you? Sleep well, wherever you are, and dream BIG.

  8. Ogalam says:

    How can you have free and fair election without freedom of expression? Media houses are being threatening with closure whenever they publish any materials the government thinks is not supportive of their position. How can you have free and fair election when leaders of the opposition political parties are under house arrest and not allow to travel out side of Juba? How can you have free and fair election when some leaders of the political party are on the run for their life? Let us pause and ask ourselves, where is Peter Sule? Of course all of us are aware of the devil that has befallen the son of Ajawin. The man has become dorobarahuu. Kiir and company is slowly trying by all means to kill the dreams of our forefathers of a free and democratic RSS. However the good news is that their days are numbered and they will not put off our hope and aspiration for a free and democratic South Sudan. Soon we will all raise up and sing the National Anthem. We are almost there.

  9. jok lual says:

    election will go head if you like or not south sudanse people are patience Nuer for long time so now we are the independent country if Nuer run to Khartoum they can not been well come like befor when Polino Matip well come in Khartoum to distort Paan Ruu and Ruweng contis include Tuic in Gogrial no one forget that so now if you go to Khartoum you will be a refugees not citizen like befor

  10. Look KONDOKORO, Degrees has never been part of any constitution in the world but rather ,Dictatorship and Autocratic rule due to the illiteracy of the Dinka king called salva Kirr. Please stop blaming the Nuer tribe as most of us writing on this website are Equatrians including some few Jiengs like you

    I have an assignment for you Mrs Kondokoro to go and research more books although most of you Dinkas are born never to understand any scripture forever.There is no abuse of power in the 21st century called degrees in any constitution in the world apart from the Jiengs /Dinkas by laws called constitution in South Sudan. Ask your selves we have member states in the region are they issuing an necessary Degrees like your illiterate village chief called Kirr on their TVs only Salva Kirr.Please Dinkas time has came for you to speak the truth as all the tribes in South Sudan including the outside world have come to know that,the problem of this country is all caused by the Jiengs,Today in South Sudan all the followings are done by Dinkas:

    1-Stealing in Juba and other towns all by Jiengs.
    2-All corrupt officials in the Government offices are Jiengs including the Head Master Kirr.
    3-Land grabbing in the whole Country also by the Jiengs.
    3-Cattle raiding in the republic of South Sudan is been championed by the Jiengs example is lakes state.
    4 -Lawlessness in the republic of South Sudan is also encouraged by the Dinkas since they are not law abiding people in their societies.
    5-Dependence on others as Dinkas are known to be lovers of free food, by useless when it comes to producing food for themselves for example Jiengs are still been fed by UN-WFP for at least one hundred years to come.

  11. James Sudan says:

    Regardless of what you said, we are the rulers. You are our servants

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